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Jan 8, 2014|

Gvl text ban

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Thank you -- fabulous and production. And -- our number. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Program. Are they -- advantage chalk line numbers for years to join may be part of the show this afternoon by the way we do have. One or two lines open for you right now Greeneville and vicinity. 232 WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg. 574. -- WORT. Pat text -- number 71307. I had a bunch of this to share with. Here in the next humanness as well and my email address is bomb on word. At Yahoo.com. Our leadoff batter in this hour is -- in Greeneville and and I bet. I would bet the rent I know how Billy is gonna come down on this proposed ban not. On not distracted. Driving hello -- and welcome to the program. Hello about a market area again thank you so I'm -- for a little bit we have had a -- for about. Almost a week now you have the world challenge. Yeah I'm trying to keep up and everything but let's not gonna adjust automatically -- that that that hit three times recount about women talking on cell phone. But never in downtown grand on up and down -- -- remind -- sixty -- on our. And. I don't think it's I think they're grandstanding -- my biggest problem until really outside of the city where people drive an actress staged their intent. I mean you have a little bit more time to react much and it's a bit you know there I'm not saying they're complete Iran -- -- -- -- -- thanks to -- People throughout badly at it best. If there's some really terrible drivers out there anyway. Yeah well and you know we want more. How many how many illegals. Are driving in this country that have no conception. Of of American traffic laws against this story. Off the on CBS web site from a TV station in las Vegas Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles officials have advice for immigrants. That would be illegals. Seeking -- seeking a driver authorization card. The idea that what they've done isn't they passed the bill and -- then illegals can get this driver authorization card -- wanna get my driver's license. So they give -- this card instead they estimate 75%. Of the applicants have failed the written test. And never even got to the driving test so that that's another. Aspect of this whole world. I was going to war of course throw outside and bring the city limits I'm Manhattan I'm never have been a struggle here on actually. But outside the limits that -- I have more problems I've been hit. What in the short time and that many I don't drive it much anymore the last actually I had. Was once somebody ran me up -- road and I our report got -- sag members. It was allows illegal struggling and -- car was stolen -- and -- -- to sit -- -- I can't do anything about it. You know what will happen there's so just get another attack somewhere like he did it frustrates them as well. -- just think there are so many so many problems on the books right now don't -- any more burden to the police right now. Well that's an important so yup that's that's the other aspect and immediately occur to me how in the world I mean. Don't don't the police officers having enough enforcement's responsibility all real already without adding this on -- Maybe protecting people retro some of the -- perhaps the you know things like that that are very you know that's likely that situations well yeah so. But but I I -- -- chief -- all because she must do whatever not whatever they started to do whatever you sense that might force says it didn't she must do. And I guarantee you choose it and in this City Council people -- the mayor caught raping. Talk hotel on they won't touch and yet. You know -- that would be my guess is it selective enforcement of of these ball. Well you know it's I I usually I made an analogous to do obamacare. Or -- federal legislators you know where many of them have exempted their staffs from a northern getting subsidies to pay for so it's once set -- laws. Four for us out here in flyover country and it's another for the elected elites. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah thank you I hear you thank you Billy appreciate gonna what we're shocked humanity coming in late on this. I got an email today from other city of Greeneville that says after months of research and discussion their -- their. Have comprised a committee City Council members of city manager members of the PD a police department and the city attorney's office and others. They're proposing a ban. On the use of cell phones and other hand held devices. For texting talking emailing viewing web sites etc. while driving within the city limits of Greeneville the proposed ban. Includes exceptions for emergencies and first responders which means. The fire department the police department and EMTs would be exempt it also permits devices to be used. If they can be done so hands free carries fines ranging from a hundred dollars for a first offense up to 300 dollars they're gonna have a meeting on this. -- a public hearing. On their proposed distracted driving -- it's going to be on Monday at 530. In the City Council chambers there on the tenth floor. There at City Hall at 206 south main so if you if you have an opinion on this he wanted to express and that's the opportunity to do it. As well as here on the program this afternoon. Like Tom who's next Tuesday -- Hi Tom welcome. Q are you I'm good I'm doing good thank you. I'm not really calling them I'm not really. Opposed to a cellphone ban. And I think it's a good idea. I mean what's the difference between these seat belt usage mandatory. And the the out -- restricting use cellphone when you're driving. Well one caller earlier pointed out what might be. Construed as difference and that is if it's it's a personal decision to not use your seatbelt and if you're in an accident and -- injured as a result. You're the only one that suffers but if by your to your texting or talking on the cell phone and have an accident and kill somebody else. Then you've got an entirely -- of a different set of consequences. Well that that's possibly true but you're still gonna have it's kind of driving on the cell phone and someone's gonna get hurt. I'm you know there are times he uses cellphone are times not to an issue known to drive around you everyone on the cellphone and know that that everyone needs to be honest -- That's the other that's the other aspect of this question to me Tom it has has this. It hasn't been. Such -- you have we reached such a level of abuse. That's that's some sort of action is required and and if he answers yes then the next question is is this the appropriate step to take. Well I don't think he the other complaint about the trying to in the fine I think are too low because aren't they're supposed to be. A measure to keep people from using at all actually it's not looking good that's -- be much higher so people will think twice about using. If -- if you believe that this is the correct course of action to take then shouldn't the level of deterrence. Be painful enough that the law would actually have some effect. And I think the other problem isn't today is what do you find a pay phone to -- I can't remember the last time I saw one I'm sure there probably are on the left somewhere in America I guess maybe -- Anderson I'm sure. Donors. There's some children today don't even know papal looks like him or -- or 45 rpm record. That's. Thank you can't do it again I don't think it's a bad idea that something has to be done I just. You know there are states -- -- ban it completely well Clemson Clemson didn't a couple of years ago while the -- major city has a ban on cellphone use. Any type -- use has been cancer free only right. And I and I should point out that is what this proposed legislation this -- is calling for it would be hands free only so he wouldn't it wouldn't take cell phone use away from you. You know what you would not be able to hold in your hand. Yeah thank you Tom operation alcohol. -- -- that fourteen minutes after a 6 o'clock a spring in no ways and coming back to back -- actually this is Thomas. Who joins -- you know hi Thomas and welcome to the -- -- They've got married and today it's fine thank you. Just a couple question I guess he may have answered this earlier just you can listen passport on this side and right when I go to go work out -- listen to remind our pot and -- what that in my car and you know some people -- -- actually was there after a music I'm not sure. So you're like what the bird strike on -- power cuts to differentiate between its architecture good glass unit demand to last year I don't like your check here text question blogger how they can do that. A good question and because the enforcement aspect of this is is one that that. Carries -- that I think a lot of unintended consequences. Yeah it. There's just seems like there's if they see you looking insult -- how they don't know what exactly it is over. There and I don't know. Well I don't know whether as a -- speculated earlier. Are -- is this merely an attempt to be able. To pull you over to see if you've got you know. An ounce of marijuana in the car or you know -- I -- suddenly -- -- in other words and it did they have not. An ulterior motive in passing this is this is descent and entry level ought to be able to. The advanced two other faces. Didn't and it also critical about -- are gonna mention that you know it's it's. We when you're texting or calling on son you're endangering other people around you aren't without some extent particularly another completely different can of worms. He made the older drivers. That should not be on the record you know there are Stockard and interning searches were -- Bart -- stock up yeah. You know you you touch on something here that I had thought about mentioning earlier and I -- I didn't. Initially because I didn't wanna turn this into a generational thing but I think that in the real world. It probably is a factor and and that is it -- and mrs. purely speculation on. My part I don't I don't have any kind of evidence to back this up other than anecdotal but. I I would think it seems to me. That the people that are the most likely. To be. Using these kinds of devices whether it's in -- text messaging her or reading a text here. Reading an email or use in -- are. People that are younger and MMI a MI off base -- that. -- Well -- say easily -- looked at you all yeah and the Czech Republic problem fair about I mean. Popular -- my granddad and he's been that should not regret a red -- needs to start store and it's. You know. Now that it just weren't gonna stop in his decision is just speculation -- or. -- will occur that's that's that that does. Lead -- again into the unintended consequences far you know if we start with this then where we stop. And I and what a limit. Does the government no longer have a right to commandN and do whatever they pass legislation to do. -- our RP we ought to support the -- more the local level the local government -- -- to -- more -- without in the these state or federal government saying this is gonna be who brought -- law that no one can do it. You know this certain yeah and -- -- it's more like the city like Clinton did that -- student paired. With huge deal I mean -- -- you know whatever. -- -- people when you -- there because I haven't spoken with anybody that. Was there at that at that time. Was it effective for the constant pass that do you think. -- real normal college students. Don't really narrowed my question you know that it it it probably did fly under the category of what we would refer to as a rhetorical question no one -- one group and -- All -- -- that will never street and thank you -- as I appreciate very much you asked he's got a point. Now let's bring in Robert -- -- Ohio Robert and welcome to involving actual word is all bomb all the time. Yeah. And I just can't believe what people are thinking about via cellphone -- some I believe. -- I'm only thirty Warren -- how many empty in the state of South Carolina and down. I have been an ambulance -- you shoot you're supposed to be able to tears beyond sirens from an endless from 500 feet away. Yes I have been on -- board look at what just say of people or I mean I don't their tail. With my lights and divers go -- and blown their airport and -- on the cell ball and not even budget. I'll mullah bomb one lady one common I guess or husband or boyfriend -- -- went on certain own creature from the passenger side. That the stairwell and -- the car over to the the -- -- -- Yeah and if we don't know maybe about portrait. And have a car slowly start color just come over on the white line. Yeah -- -- yeah yeah and you look over and you got. The driver driving with their kneecap in both hands -- all seeing. Yeah that app that they think you're like three year old unlocked car for the people think that that's overreaching. They're not that bad. You know that is it's an issue with safety. -- know they're they're somebody can't -- they don't need to be driving into -- anything. You know we've been talking a lot about unintended consequences and and their and they fall on both sides of the equation here that -- the point you make. I think is a very valid when I mean you know if you have somebody in the back of your ambulance and you're trying to get him in the hospital. And it's a life threatening situation and you got some body in front of -- if the doesn't know what day of the week it is -- well aren't they can't even hear the airborne. When you're right behind a -- out then then we do have a problem. Guy and me so what if on the other competitors -- able -- government -- -- well what if I have your relative in the back -- -- got to get into the hospital what you -- if you don't -- -- -- won't learn about a mile away. -- your relatives you how let. Well that would be how you like. Well you know you know they'll saying Robert to -- it doesn't matter until the matter Steve. There a year ago Bob you -- -- on the head. I appreciate the call Robert card thanks for your service and -- nothing personal but I hope I don't see on a professional basis okay court. We ever did not appreciate your hero. Although -- -- isn't you know vanity -- before. I thank goodness there's one only about a three minutes away from announced 21 minutes after six -- -- up to speed on real time traffic in this afternoon any -- keep an NI on the Wednesday evening commute for high end. 26 after 3 o'clock obvious. Homelessness -- 426. After six yeah -- Sent back down catch up on the text messages in at 71307. About this a proposed ban on distracted driving. About eating and drinking while driving I think or more of a distraction and cellphone -- people need more personal responsibility. More laws more nanny state. I'm Bob I don't see the new law holding a lot of water with a growing rate. How are they -- the meaning the police get to enforce this one. Bob if you make a law and they fine for committing it to doesn't hurt it's nothing more than a money making initiative. I drive a tractor trailer with -- AC DL. US DOT passed a regulation against the use of wireless devices while operating a commercial vehicle the fine. 2750. Dollars for the first offense that. Is a heck of a -- serious. Bob the sidestepping the US constitution and so frequent of people are getting fed up coming up with any new law. Could be the very thing that to cause a patriot uprising -- good on I don't know that this is what's gonna do it. Bob -- -- they ban eating or putting on makeup and a cartoon those things are also. Very distracting and I got this email in India the last few minutes at that but where yet. I'm Bob CDC. Reports 23%. Of accidents are caused by driver distraction and you can be assured. That most are caused by cellphones some other data claims texting causes 27% of deaths. Which will soon pass drunk driving as the number one cause of death on the road South Carolina is one of the few states that refuse to do anything about it. Back to the phones Leo let's bring in Grady who's in Greenville high -- you welcome and what say you. About it I. -- good cop that pulled -- over currently operate it is. And LA gear. It's all alone and here laptop computer. I would not bet against it. How ordinary and there and -- and has a much bigger factor that once federal Rushmore or let you out. Although you can understand in the real world and why they would include exceptions as they do and the description and I got from the city. It says the proposed ban includes exceptions for emergencies. And first responders. What are -- gonna do what I gonna do businesses that run. Yeah. Well like charter charter on unstick all of palatial and I have to operate off so I don't get information. -- I'll look at it in court they're not matter how I function. How about -- what do you do what do you do if your pizza delivery guy. -- back some and you have to you have to stay in touch with place and you have to do our. Understand that you know that there are all going to -- you couldn't do. And you can operate cell phone and a dry out but. The problem here in South Carolina -- that we got a lot of people but I don't Duncan dropped start can you know -- there when you -- Operate cell -- you -- goes completely out there skill. Value you get no argument from beyond that grainy because I can't you know it it just the other day. -- baby doll Brenda says we should pay the light is green and I said yeah I know I'm waiting for the people that run the -- going the other way. -- can trigger a seriously I also there are 345 seconds just to give because I've seen people run around like ten seconds after the thing it's changed. You know I'm I'm sorry about that I don't like in my day by being Tebow you know. Yeah. The problem I have no regular beer it's gonna -- a -- but -- -- -- -- input from. Vote the you know businesses that are gonna have to -- you know a lot of people don't -- out as a base station. Radio network but -- they operate off yourself what. I thought I I guess I guess from what I gather looking at this -- there either gonna have to have face and hands free. Device or they're gonna have to take care of the the texting in the GPS looking and all the rest -- park. Well luckily the biggest thing they do there's there's struck when we have a November 24 during -- don't really get hurt the other blushed. Although it also government. And you know get some people and they're actually -- would have without political agenda or anything else could actually. You know our go back -- election statesman election people actually -- actually I'm concerned or creek. People that. Are trying to get -- their daily life and not you know and and not you all these big grandiose story and for how they're gonna create another. Utopia. Well as granddad Virgil used to say Jimmy if you wanted to clear up the water in the stream you first got to get the pigs. It would protect appreciate the whole legacy at 630 Jewish news time take a break that here than me right back with more. -- your goals are on the way to hear on the Bobby -- show in the bonus hour why the local on WORG. 106 there. Yeah. And then. It's. -- -- it's not while driving. Greg and I -- it's. Online order theme music in the background. 638 now twenty QB for 7 Wednesday evening edition of inaction is great to have you along. Thanks for waiting let's bring in John and he joins us from Greenville hi John -- welcomed the show. I get that number up. Destroy it happened in Pennsylvania the others here the other day I had the very same thing so much the same vehicle. Where this guy got shot to. What I'm I'm not familiar with what your -- well. I only have been to thank you turn back percent and they with a gas that was Israel and Lebanon and -- -- that chased him out the red. -- -- -- -- doctor yeah yeah the road rage thing I read I saw the headline on the web and I didn't have a chance to read the story. What happen again I think that somebody got cut off and the other guy pulled a gun and started shooting at him. Yeah all of a very sideline after the play at the intersection of -- eighty fabric flowers strategist about two days before they. Some with some money actually shooting took. Somebody pointed at Garnett but I -- -- so -- like it hit the brakes got out side the road. But they negotiate may get brought -- mam blows. The road rage thing flattened everything I don't want a guy wanted to do it let's see saw must stickers on the back in this car. This mom met minuteman guy you know. And I can't back -- -- -- turn and come -- -- -- and then got talent drove total in the Mike at the truck where the guy -- to each point that Garnett. And they drove me out the record I had to go one aside and -- to keep it from. He's so I didn't attack number I have heard a word from the Howard drove back. Then I would call Americans they -- -- -- in the sky. That said I don't ever report out. Yeah yeah that record design. I Hannawald when did today in a parking lot over bottle store. -- -- don't cell phone and -- that there -- to get a part complacent a huge bat right in the back at. She's -- I got out and not just that little mock guards security get away and I got a tag number and Eric thank. And the place cellmate that well she says my at all. Yeah they they broke it up that we -- we ever SAB radios for at all. Now since the mid seventy. I've still got one in my truck he's right and I am an accident that he ever heard of -- US AB radio. That houses and act. Gotta keep ever heard about Frank Gore yeah yeah thanks. Yeah while the other people -- just so figure it out there on the house ways and -- -- -- You know is this how much of about revenue to our latest truck number in tag number and everything. Matches -- one of this guy -- track cute it may be well below -- portrayal. You know your gridiron match just -- -- -- you know I can't get talent drove to let. Bonus as John Wayne now is alleged to have sent life is tough it's even tougher when -- you. -- thanks a dull brown and he's open -- -- doctor Graham what form -- I hear yeah yeah I'm going the other way also thank you John. 641 is nineteen now before sent. Welcome back. 16. Before 7 o'clock Casey Jackson in the background and it's all right. Let's not bring him then he is next up he's gone from my stomping grounds of Taylor's hello Ben and welcome Bobby -- show. It can't but that -- done. Lost in translation with the accent thank you -- Well I'm former delegates later in the stairwell that you located down in the South Carolina -- months ago and welcome our. Well thank -- and that the government program -- dramatically. And you welcome. These two very issues. In the war that they let this girl the legislature over loud and I had to stand at the so all built here at the -- a couple of days I'm sorry the org that's what. But nonetheless. The -- retrospect it's not a function of where I saw the first in what I what I would what I -- -- -- you know be a function of government to. Into -- every single aspect. That people -- The other thing it. That if you look at these bills all the money. There's more to connect with someone -- get a quick example. What we would debating in the primary seat belt what is -- secondary offense you know you have to get although -- -- -- We debated for a good 45 minute all the Crandall. Yeah not a personal liberty personal freedom are from the other side it was well we need to help field hospital on call predict or call and another look cool. Walk into that caught the play that. They're recognizing that under the senate bill without across my doubt that money connected to sum it all on the air TV are -- and I asked the speaker at the the speaker of Apollo. Want to the bill would you'll require that she did I thought not a representative how -- -- Any money it would cut that -- because I don't see anything here. Contained within the bill that would not elaborate here about. You really are often number in the millions. In the millions. In the millions we took quite a -- for the smallest state in the union you do that there certainly are. -- high unemployment rate -- except that lost the legal regulation you. So. My point calling it the the more I'm greatly disappointed. Effectively. All the cool little thing. -- have to -- happy proactive get tickled -- if you're opposed to a optical. Calling it state senator get elected representatives. -- hound them and make your voices loud and clear the air runway Toby and all you know because. I start first hand up on the blue data from the northeast and it would hurt Democrat stronghold right the same thing -- -- like yeah. Well and in this instance that would be a City Council members and now the office of the city manager and a city attorney because they're the ones and there were on this committee. That came up with this proposed legislation. Certainly -- you've seen the the effects. Of that the octopus like tentacles of government intruding into so many aspects. Of the citizens' lives and there's -- you touched on something else. That I I think strikes a familiar chord with a lot of people and that is the the and it can sexually. Government having the attitude that the people are just. Too darn dumb to do anything themselves and so it's up to the legislature to protect them from themselves. No absolutely it's not a perfunctory function -- not quote the anyway. Our government and the news. The penetrating -- up calculated. That government what not meant you protect. Ourselves from ourselves properly what are you confident this group on the button there ever get by disagree without it we will look at all of the period. But just look at the example in the 1980. Or so what do became law. Shoulder look you got to the public straight weeks. The you would -- behind what is that these children. They don't have that capacity to make an -- -- to protect the cell vehicle that bird market place on the adult I don't really helped all look pathetic creep along. You know the open wheel of the secondary -- that a primary that's what money. Often the photo on the field the -- -- got. -- it's with aids is amazing. On the point we've reached thank you and I appreciate it all very much and now men and welcome to the palmetto state I'm an inept under going to -- do it. I'd be curious as to got elected. And Rhode Island. -- take a break here and then be right back with more 649 it's eleven before seven let's check real time traffic 1 more time this -- and here's -- Fuel. In the background. Down. Around the corner now on this side discussions involving. Ban on distracted driving that would prohibit the use of cell phones and other hand held devices are texting talking emailing viewing web sites -- general while driving within city limits of Greeneville. If you want. Your voice to be heard. On this issue the the public hearing very first one is coming up on Monday. And that will be on the tenth floor. Of the US where the City Council chambers are located. Right there at City Hall 206. South main street. So if you you have an opinion pro or com. On this then now I would urge you to make an appearance. At that City Council meeting in on the text line 71307. I'm Bonnie -- -- to be easy to install a small GPS unit on the computers. Back to prevent the screen from coming on while the vehicle is in motion just a thought. From. A text messenger and a -- an email. Here to bump up. That's the wrong run screen Romania quickly here locally here it is said -- Bob but what about. Other people who have their small dogs on their lap. Or break across your steering wheel I see him when they're taking their kids to school do they think more of the dogs. -- they do the kids. Good question. As we outcome to the conclude -- conclusion of this evening's Bernie Mac show. I'm also I got a text message earlier in the program. Now texture -- suggested that since this is the other the birthday. Of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley. That we wrap up the show tonight with elvis' great live version of American trilogy. And although that was. -- -- a good suggestion. So tonight would use a little -- closing theme from the king of rock and roll Elvis Erin Presley. And from 1972. And American troops. Down. Score. Okay. You okay. And I. -- -- Lives. It's. Told him okay. Okay. Hey. Yeah. Okay. You've. -- okay. Did you. But okay. OK. I'd rather lose. How. I. -- Okay.