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Dec 26, 2013|

Tony sits in for Bob

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well yeah that. Is kind of the idea in that why we do talk radio and you are certainly -- big part of that equation. Give us a ring at 2329673. If you are in Greenville Spartanburg 57496. Inventory course there is the text line. And that 71307. You may talk about in anything you want to we've been talking about the economy in traffic and one thing or another and I promise that we start the hours Robby was kind enough to. Way to the news break there -- so -- appreciate your patience. I'm done. Is Cole yeah this winter. So yeah. Yet you talk about -- different. Primarily what it is these people were living in this area a lot of -- here here. And they get close to their job as a team. If you leave now angry when the morning you were angry when you lived here value. You know when woman but after 8 o'clock beauty he's gridlock here -- you get over near the polish up great beauty. He's total -- you don't have it would Fred except. No it is in fact Imus down it's it's it's almost comical. That every single day you can bet that there's going to be wrecked at Pelham and eighty fine I'm going to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that can track -- for a lot. For hours and coming if you got the base of war and -- some paramedics had to come through I don't know how that would differ are really go. It's pretty bad but coming this way it is. Yeah a bit -- and some of this is the guy who called earlier I think it was his name. Pointed out. Could have been avoided on the Woodruff road did the you're right it is a function of to a large degree of of of huge influx of people over the last twenty or thirty years certainly has grown. Forty years ago he could go downgrade of the which hole. I should over the last at its via its it's gonna have certainly in the last ten or fifteen years the but yeah I mean and I grew up in San Antonio Texas and it was a very similar situation there. Same kind of dynamic he was have been 350000. People line. When I was a kid and I watched that thing for -- to its core two million whatever it is now and and that that happens. It's what what concerns me -- have you ever thought about this justice from a terrorist standpoint do you realize. You could all you have to do is drop two or three bridges. On I 85 between Atlanta and Charlotte. I they would be dead people which is -- four days. Have no -- you have chaos. You would most certainly would. Because what what are people gonna do. That would know put to the mountain man how are littered -- look here it is -- and Yemen -- well. I'll let -- -- on your neighbor's -- go look. Yeah actually island open -- and yeah similar kind of situation a bit in this by the way why. I I made that choice back in about 94. I thought you know what. I don't believe in in the middle of the city when something -- comes. You can get out there is no way it's something that would that would happen. You'd just have to sister -- -- much. They when he felt -- talent that was Lou but I mean this is it the rocket science fiction flick -- coming. You give give -- give me something to think about here because I'm sitting here thinking about yeah and I am sitting down here Woodruff from -- and doing a radio show and -- House is actually a good look at me and can be a long long long -- Well if you can't. You're lucky that might elect slamming. Shut Villa here it. Grateful and other counties surrounding great raw whole lot if -- -- Anderson I've been green blob in the -- I've been you know I've been followed. Several portable notebook page Monica -- is somewhat different but let your outlook granted -- -- I. And I was just look at it. Whatever of the -- over and sort of -- put him -- now in Portland track. I am and it's like get over here -- Garland and he would prefer road is just. In India as our summit earlier bats before Cabela's opens in new. -- Who we. Let's that's a whole other thing I've I've lived in LA and -- And a lot Dallas and lot of big cities in and and that's not as bad. Yes no not if I had that they get bigger lines negative outlook twenty lines. Right in here you go into Atlanta Atlanta's like -- -- and let they got what eight -- Aside and the would I don't know -- into bunch. Yeah it's so reliant on the night. Too many coming on safety I'm around I'll play him -- I'm a musician by trade up for a missile it. I went to. What was -- on -- civil -- We'll -- over war and what message -- namely lifting crossed a bridge across the breach. Ask for all of the in her time was it was not in on this the bridge just let attractive when we know the pretty it was gridlock. I don't I don't know who work. Now we know what one thing we can say pressure lobbies. Even get me back yeah I don't know we'll keep our bacon and -- in her. How how we're talking this -- I appreciate chilly back on a personal listened to -- ready and publicize. Good which. -- -- I'm I'm a picker to use and I admire I spend my time on the road well. Shell -- and him both I hear ya got some good actions. Well thank you appreciate our catalyst. OK so let me if I can't take a run at this problem is caller earlier was talking about you know was that the government. Was greedy bankers. Out what caused. This big crash motion -- no way. The answer is all of the about. The Affordable Care Act which I think is day brought a little early years where this ugliness began. But it morphed. So if you go back and look in in you can put all of this all of it. At the foot of do the progressives and Democrats because this is now this thing got to go. The affordable. Affordable housing -- it was all about you know it's not failure. -- certain. Members of our society. Don't have high owners homeownership rates but all these other people who. So interest rates were being held artificially low. And loans were -- thanks to her Hud housing and urban development. And rules being cranked out by the Democrats in congress. All of a sudden. Freddie and Fannie and Freddie were making loans to. Anybody that showed up and why well thanks for being told you couldn't the word was red line. You couldn't ask people boy you don't have a job -- don't have the issue don't have that any they were minorities. You had to really watch it because you could have the -- in your bank in a heart beat anybody who was a banker during his time call you tell you some stories about this. So Barney Frank. And comes along and Christopher Dodd come along and they were some of the guys railroad -- spearheading this. So they set it up so Fannie and Freddie are loaning money like crazy creating what -- it. Here's where Wall Street and the bankers get involved they say okay so there's all this dead -- -- being backed by the faith and credit. The stupidly the United States government meaning it's safe right. So they start repackaging this death is what is called mortgage backed securities. How clever or these people suddenly they've created a new product and they're selling them like hotcakes. On Wall Street. They -- funds and pension funds and all my goodness and the rates of return are going up. And everybody's doing well and meanwhile. Houses are selling like crazy they're building houses everywhere you look. New subdivisions going up why people are buying. So this bubble is just bubbling in game behavior the balloon expanding bigger and bigger bigger cause anybody to get along that they -- interest only loans they were. No down payment loans they were well we all know that because we can look -- -- and see what was the result of this. But this was a few politically driven thing and it had a lot. In common. With this shame. Class envy and that I was talking about earlier the inequality. Argument that the lives always make. All its not fair that they are all these people make in this money in these people are making any when we find according to study had a share earlier. In fact when you start talking about transfer payments. Taxes not paid. Snapped cards Obama phones Medicare in the rest of that stuff. Poverty is gone from 46% to 16%. But it but it it's only happened because of redistribution. In taking from the peoples who people who are crew working in making incomes through income taxes. As I said hungry in 9% of all income taxes pay are paid by the top. 40%. While the bottom 40%. Have a net gain of 9%. They get paid 9% more. So since we're on the subject taxes has promised to let me share. Something with no one other thing after got to reduce taxes this is -- it. The guy was talking about housing earlier now everything looks really good DM gas prices and down who -- lot of traffic in that interest rates are down that's a good thing sure. And the results of the dollar price for a home grown up well the asking price for homes on. Selling prices are still below 2006 levels and that's refined that earlier and and in Greeneville is actually one of the better markets in the country. You start looking at a lot of these other markets may be any good. He. So here's what we have to look forward to. In the coming here in the way of taxes thanks to the most inappropriately named bill of our time the Affordable. Care Act. It's laughable but in this. Story from -- next. Millions of Americans are facing hidden tax surcharges on their insurance premiums under Obama's healthcare law as well as new health related taxes on income tax bills according to the New York Post. Some health insurance companies are not informing patients about the obamacare taxes instead deciding to quietly passed on to the customers. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has revealed the taxes on its bills and separate item that says. Affordable. Care Act fees and taxes. According to a Kaiser health news report. Surprised taxes on -- customer's bill was 43 dollars and fourteen month or 278. Dollars a year. Which increased monthly premium in his case from 32226. To 34540. Then there's -- 2%. Tax on customers. For every health plan it is expected to -- eight billion for the government -- fourteen. And increased to fourteen point three billion in 2018. There's also the two dollar fee per policy that goes into -- medical research trust called the patient centered outcomes research institute. As for insurers they have to pay a 3.5 percent user fee to sell medical plans on health care dot gov. And where do you think they're going to make that up. As with all businesses they will pass that cost on to the consumer won't think. According to the post obamacare supporters tried -- say this is okay is gonna help low income families well I'll. It's kind of the boy isn't -- here here's the other tax. If people don't know about Americans who have to buy medical devices. That would be pacemakers stents -- that -- limbs artificial hips you name it. Forking over another 2.3. Percent medical device tax. Another -- experience it's going to -- Americans. They left me out a large bid of their annual income for medical cost. Currently Americans are allowed to deduct medical expenses higher than seven and a half percent of their incomes that that is going to 10%. Next year. That's going to cost taxpayers another fifteen billion. For some Americans there'll also be an increase in the Medicare tax individuals earning more than 200000 families more than 250. Levy. Nine tenths of a percent surtax. Over the existing one point 45 they already pay. So -- will be one. Was almost almost two and a half percent. This is what's coming now. You have a president. He's going to make the case I'm I'm just telling you what's come. He is you're going to hear more about unfair and unequal pay and how here now what we've got to have to do. If you're going to have to increase the minimum wage because he's not fair. They want a 40% increase in the minimum wage. There are also going to you're gonna start hearing this it's not fair 'cause these unemployment benefits that have already been extended to nearly three years. -- -- The end of the night. So and so beginning next your first month -- you can see one point 33 million people run out of those unemployment benefits. Which means they're certainly going to be employed. So even here Wayne we're changing and moaning about all of that. But the fact of the matter is nothing is going to improve and our economy. Until we do something to create jobs and the government. Cannot will not never hey guys. Been able to create -- they can just take it and we distributed networks under -- I'm Joni is sitting in for Bob McClain and we have. Completely open phone line you're welcome to call and talk about anything else meanwhile got a -- -- their fiercest ground. I just have to say this because creative. Car commercial ever been very long time that's very clever. That the it -- this. All right Jenny you have sitting in for -- -- and just go to some phone calls your opinion hammering away so it's it's your turn -- you can him for a while I. They -- make -- aware of something that a lot of people don't know I have a plan the and my premium. Is 6% more. Or I should -- last in the penalty. 1% per month for every year I did not enroll. After Internet Medicare field. So usually push. Seven years here -- in native prescriptions sent decided to enroll and I got to play -- to older 1% per month for -- remarks but did not enroll shall not -- Amish country in this particular. Our group groups. 2220 but my penalty. Late enrollment now there's 2.2 eighty my eyes. And that's special and -- Warner have much. What's the total to help him out across this. Plan -- system. -- -- plant. Cannot play -- -- my last back. There here is what they had they are doing -- it it is so in cities. It's like dampened by a thousand cuts you know they they are nick cooling and dying in hiding these things. And -- -- Here's the thing that just I cannot believe -- -- I I understand that the press is biased I understand they've been in the tank for him from the get go. But at what point are people just going to stop and -- content vacancy if you lied to me about this. How true is true that -- the -- thing you replied to me would you keep continually lying and lying like and getting what you. And I guess that that the most exciting things happen for a while because you know we talk about this that you when he gets so I'm just like. Bummer man is -- there is anything ever gonna get better. I think I know what you heard and I cited as seen -- poll earlier today. That for the first time there's been just too much a 13%. Shift. Where people would generically vote for a Republican or Democrat before the Democrats were. 52%. Now they are 44 in the game and Republicans 49 that's in two months so. I don't know I don't know. That we surveyed our congressmen senators there wouldn't even be able to explain that democracy -- I can go to my pharmacy. And eight thanks so. One time maybe -- you can -- -- so we're a little bit I don't know. Well bless you appreciate you sharing had and I'm here in these kind of stories and -- listen here's the thing. There or going to be so many people who get it in the pocketbook and they didn't get it in the head before. They're gonna get in the pocketbook. In -- will be a wake up call. So. Let me do this Lewis Michael hang on I gotta get any here because. -- it's a price price -- Future problems on I 85 in Pelham road -- of things going on initially taken. But lovely and robards -- will combat -- more right after this. -- -- I Stevie grave aren't fellow Texan -- guitar player sadly passed away. Tony -- back with you sitting in for Bob in that we have been. Fortune to have -- -- -- time to talk and I appreciate your patience reference you. Aren't here. I said. Nobody is sort of sort Willard OK we she wrote loosen fearsome misunderstood the -- you -- Thank you -- yet to -- yeah I like no injury over why it on the the budget. Partial travel. If so -- them. Does that we're so -- is it limited level. Days -- it does a lot of experts in the -- videos. We'll do we have an export. All partial partial -- -- probably. I -- a big problem with it in his -- it's it's been going on since he got in here that walks whining about -- to. She Michelle and the girls off to Spain now I'm here in their -- and I think the last time they went to Hawaii was seven. Million dollars just for that little jaunt over here and back. And this one will be much the same. And I don't know how well yes it. Nobody. I've never seen such a bunch of gutless -- in my life. As the Republicans. In congress have been a bit since since he's been an office they have not he is openly broken the law. Count -- being the constitution. And it. Done an executive orders and now in this Obama that he should have been fourteen changes to the law he has no. No right he's a president who write the law not the executive branch but he's got and nobody well paid but you know what. Actually there is a bill -- out. I think there is a bill out this year. It's floating. Round leader is. It is called the your loved always. Well we're waiting years this is to make your whole day right here. Tom price of South Carolina represented freshman represented sponsoring group called stop this overreaching presidency. Act. -- article two section three pars president faithfully execute the laws of the US everybody's bound by the law including the president he's not exempt. Says rice if the president is allowed to pick and choose which laws he wishes to enforce it creates tremendous opportunities wrongdoing. He has 34 co sponsors to this bill also. Maybe there's maybe it was somebody over there's got to backbone is pretty cool well. It is you know what the next most probably you trot we will not spend some money that congress appropriated. And go to -- -- apple whether they had spent the epidemic go ahead instead of what they've devoted to order public. Yeah but that was because the -- -- left is in control of the media. And he's gotten away with what he's gotten away with to a large extent because. What exactly what what what we do. Quit watching I have. I I don't -- and and you know what -- -- I don't even watching the deterioration. Of of viewership. On CNN. NBC ABC. Washington Post and a New York Times. People are deserting meanwhile fox. Has doubled and tripled. Yeah. So. Maybe this sleeping giant is awakening I think this whole business with Phil Robertson -- dynasty. Could be a great example of that and that they -- great call I appreciate your your call. So let us see you -- count how good a La county council is Michael how are you thank you for your patience. A very well as the article order for people think about it it's their champions are -- Both what are records -- built there's not a lot of -- nobody clamoring if there ever got so let's turn lying. Well if somebody -- terminal. On the biblical side it will then they're they're bail out in the left lying and so try to -- their climate and instead they were like they go -- by. That will cut they have some congestion. But let there is there a -- of the very very. Are still out there. They'll play to have multiple sites studied to -- -- against somebody -- argued re what are -- urge you load some Indian. But I'm certain that their policy immoral -- that -- somebody. It's about -- about it simmered what are what -- that but it just -- leverage over them first flight from the end over the and we need to do that outside. Oh they do it all and our city does this end and I would tell you one of the most important. Things that we can do individuals. Is wrong for local seats in county council and City Council and school boards because that's where this stuff so much of the things that affect you. -- a local level. I wish I -- the time and it may appear under the white. So mergers it's impossible. Not everybody candidate I would just throw that out to people who have. A desire to to improve things in and get involved in in halftime. To do -- -- -- I highly. Urge conservatives. Tea Party people like that. -- to find run -- win seats in the local level because that's where he can really begin to have some some impact. So what are Kirk thank you so much for your call appreciate. Anything and -- great example and and I created this radio station rest Cassel was one of the guys that this led the charge Donald is that these these. Nonsense that took place. Few weeks -- with the City Council trying to sneak through. A road and highway bill that was really just the height hidden way to build a whole bunch of my claims for the 2% of people who were bike enthusiast and he seem that with the funny look and helmets and they're spandex. Asking you to share the road. Should I -- you don't get me started on the bicycle this -- Anyway -- Labor Day when we're talking about traffic problems. Wouldn't that be nice anybody driven down in Washington and church recently seen those -- -- downtown. -- does -- feel that losing one whole lane for automobiles people trying to get to work. So -- every so often. Some guy in spandex gets to its crews down there and you're supposed to get out of the way. It's amazing. All right quick break we'll come packed with more after days. Welcome back to Bob should Tony guessing until we get some text -- takes on 71307. Here's -- make Woodruff one way and make roper mountain road -- the opposite Helen what would you do -- and I am. I don't you forgot about the cost for bizarre and all their stance how much is that costing -- yes all of his stars and prevent them from. Don't there's a fantastic book that describes exactly how the housing crisis happened to entitled architects of ruined by Peter Schweitzer. My -- looking to thank you John employment index. Tony whole politicians accountable for decisions after they leave office the threat of prisons like change can be a -- wrong -- with. Q well. Tony and an interest in point Tony would they won't raise in the minimum wage allow the government to artificially added to the GDP. -- so this means. That they can tax us more and still maintain the same GDP. Tax percentage. Interest in thought here's and here's what the minimum wage and one of them the things you have to understand why this is a two bogus argument because the way the debates always framed his. All of these middle class families are having to live on all these people are trying to now. The vast majority of all people making minimum wage people 25 him. These are people starting in previous entry level jobs what's the definition. In tree let the starting their careers. Within a matter of a few years they're not they're they're doing some they move it up the last of the vast majority these people -- -- working to. Pay for college they're. Let -- get ready keys you're gonna hear this debate boy its going to be a big Ian aloud when it's all about who us vs them. Mike in -- how everybody. Each. Told. What they order for -- you -- that. -- and I didn't sell shares to whoever they -- well call it. Well I think our earlier -- made out of her call some very good call it kept -- bill I believe that he got called up and says that he didn't -- County council meetings for years and years and years. But long before everybody -- -- Woodruff road when all of these were still cow pastures and stuff and further what are. They would hire. Experts. In traffic engineering. Who would come until county council you guys need to broaden this road now you need to do this now and they would not do it. So so that is now we've gotten in this ran. Because all these good ol' boys and their own agendas and people they know when business and I'm real estate -- they -- gathering. Lord only knows what's going on behind closed doors but but that's kind of how we got in this next. Well restricted some -- probably hero -- RPG general live here. And -- certain technician it and restore what are those are also I don't rather. Yeah well and Lotta people like well you get a choice of where the -- notion that the thing I wonder. For me I know without a doubt it is a deterrent for me wanna go shopping and did these shops -- green -- somewhere on Woodruff I try to avoid we're acted today like I took Arlington. To come around to get to the right to station. Whenever it tonight more likely I'll take Arlington to get out of here just to avoid would. War activist -- where you can. You have don't have all. Or -- Orange County. They became. They. Ineffectual. And productive didn't make enough money malls actually. In the nation. There's trend away from malls and the number malls of her closing. I'll look busy well they don't -- You know and I don't doubt it hold -- road. Could -- or are there where -- is just yeah. Well so is able I don't I was driving in last. Whose day before crew for. Christmas -- Driving in Indy for graphic. What was bad debt just to get off the ramp to get on the he would get to that mall. How easy. I would say a half to three quarters of a mile. An and posting oh yeah that's what I wanna do is go shopping at the mall saw what rock and so I appreciate your call -- media. We take a quick break and we'll try to get some more he calls in Mora -- as well. After the race. -- It. I tell you percent to -- it just drives me crazy there's a story we disarmed. Fox a minute ago 74 people are trapped on a ship. In the ice in Antarctica. That's south of New Zealand. So they were down there were searching global warming. Only do get trapped in the ice and it isn't just Antarctica that his huge ice -- you might call them back in 07. The BBC was crying out the by the summer Tony thirteen the Arctic would be ice free this is real this was in the UK Daily Mail here's the truth. -- chilly Arctic summer has now left. 533000. More square miles of ocean covered with ice and at this time last year that is a 29%. Increase in one year. And days before the annual -- re freeze is due to -- and an unbroken sheet of ice more than half the size of Europe already stretches from the Canadian nine and to Russia's -- initial. And only point this out. Because it was a story. Just a little earlier that the powers is through the environmental strange twist their arm to build a solar power plant them here in South Carolina. At a time when -- is vastly more expensive natural gas. And natural gas we keep finding more and more of -- we're we're we're -- producers in the United States were exporting natural natural gas. So ask yourself what since does that make and they're all gonna say oh global warming. It ain't happening we -- seventeen years. Of no global warming. When these warmest when you give them Dan appreciate your patience sorry you're on here. I'm just -- your server ironic. That you brought up. The global warming him and I found them -- whole area of the only thing from my call is. I guess one of the areas of concern that I have that seems to be. More extreme now than ever. Is -- the manipulation. Information and news media. Great look look I don't care protesting Gaza here -- -- obamacare. -- in the insurance business I mean I can't believe the amount of misrepresentations. And lying that's been going on even by the news media would respect obamacare. But let's get the -- warming issue. Doesn't -- scientific. -- is sort lug nut and bold. Black and white. Issues to some degree. But look how difficult even the article that you just made reference to. It may be made reference to the fact that our defense increase. But there still was no -- for. Does the fact. That a few years ago everyone was saying. That this was supposed to there was going to be any -- there at all. I guess my concern is. With reliable all information. And media manipulation that scoring. -- such a dangerous. Thing. Just for the freedom. -- the United States. For there to be a constitutional republic for it to last. One of them the main things -- there has to be -- free press in the original intent of that. Back in the days of the framers. Was forbidden to be watchdogs on government now where they're just another arm of government -- the propaganda arm. Well it definitely is a propaganda machine that this time. And I don't know I wish -- say you're the intra party changed. Well I think part of the answer is happening. You're seeing viewership jumping it's it's fox. And declining dramatically scene in in in in me MSNBC. US fox has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC CNBC. Combined. End and that is all happened just in the last five years or so is it most of that growth. New York Times Washington Post mainstream publications losing readership. Huge numbers. So that there are a lot of people. Just like you -- -- just like me that are catching on in fact real quickly I would just tell you what I think I think for the other side I'll start to tell -- keep listening. It's a matter of time this. Section but on the chase I'm really gonna be heartening and it has had to do exactly what you're talking about -- -- -- thank you -- for your -- your insightful. Our viewpoint is you're right. There is a misinformation. Campaign likes of which we've never had before. The liar in chief. Gets away. So anyway I'm Tony -- -- for Bob McLean we get another hour this line to wide open Graham warned. Tell me what's on your mine we'll be back right after the news.