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Dec 23, 2013|

Tony sits in for Bob

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- together some. Rock and roll kind of driving home music. Always it's not very Christian -- isn't as good opening. Tony -- for Bob McClain and listen only got two lines are open you may grab wanna dog apple ever in the world you want to talk about and -- have to be. Whenever I'm talking about. 23296. Infantry -- 574 I six and three Spartanburg the text line 71307. Will get to some of those well. But I first want to go to the enormously patient -- in Greenville who has waited entirely too long but finally here you Parker. Well I'm gonna wish most of your audience is blessed Christmas and for those liberals what lessons well. Have no other choice but to say happy Kwanzaa. Anyway I I called I don't know how you communicate with. Was your produce miracles remember the title of -- Little discourse here is that folly of affirmative action. I you know we've heard Anthony call and you know not -- you I'm sure you'll on occasion listen to some of -- -- volley. -- come from meego looks so Juan Williams. Of course now we have Barack Obama is big I do I feel sorry for these guys. And one and one way outside your life. Is very they have been seduced by the affirmative action. Disappoint you article that. They are graduates are very delicate parts of affirmative action. And about the highest level of -- that could have intellectually it's adolescents as far as I'm concerned. I realize this spring speak to. The personal Herman Cain I'm sure you remember him she. Do you recall -- -- the 2012. A lot of heavy workload debate and vote Republican candidate debates. He one -- what the left wing journalists. -- castigated McCain because he was not the front lines. Of the US civil rights movement being beat the spectrum. I -- -- term change because CU was he lives I think he just part of what start I mean this. He just couldn't come back with -- already answered perhaps nobody you'd put your security issues but opponents say is where. I really thought about this as you know he hasn't had a very strong -- and I wish you'd been able to use it. And not a symbolic. That area to check this out. He would have gone too logical at Kansas State University Kansas. Any danger to any studied in an endeavor of logistics and I know -- system. Very. And if you wanna talk about endeavor where a black man has proven himself an area where are black people don't. Priscilla. Academic discipline at all for so deep -- if they -- He was on the front lines of the civil rights movement that matter. And what that he may be charged event go ahead and I am Priscilla. This discipline where would take him with regard to being a productive person -- not -- after not follow the folly of affirmative action. So that special I have decided. Let's have brilliant point and an NF I might just kind of following -- on your point which is that if you look at people like. Walter Williams would you raspberry. Cal Thomas sole. Am being Carson. These are people dead. Achieved what they achieved in their disciplines. Not because they think -- thing for -- easier for him through affirmative actions -- quite contrary. They've achieved and in spite of whatever was going -- Basis of challenges. That the challenges and and activate their pros themselves Charlotte and you're taught you to -- this -- you valued valued at YouTube Williamsport according. Here's the point this whole setup of our country isn't always has them. A meritocracy. You rise or fall relative to your own abilities and willingness to work hard. End this thing that has made this country great is that very. Worldview and everything about affirmative action. In everything about. Socialization. Of this country and humanism has taken us in the exact opposite direction and if he's been a horrific thing. To half of the population after he realized in the black community today. If you want to study and work hard and get good grades. With in the black community -- -- gonna have to overcome enormous prejudice for mother. Black people are gonna call you uncle Tom into you for be our car and Clarence Thomas yeah -- so so the point is your point is extremely well taken. And all you get from from the the black. Analysts liberal left are people just like you said Anthony won't wings in their did not did tons of them and they are the only ones -- never get. The dialogue there there there they are respected there are the ones that. Most them are arrested and are dead that they love to hold them up to shining -- -- -- and -- -- Thomas sole arguably is one of the was brilliant writers of our time. And in his an enormous conservative boy they -- him. Yeah you it's. What you thought this is these of the self -- movement that's a parent -- schools I guess after you and I left. Public education. And move -- our adult lives and it. You know I'm here therefore. You have to give me what I want. You know not like with the -- proper suggest that you. That is important that a young person worked at the bottom and rise to the top rub -- give everything. Like Serbia valor. It's amazing -- I had mentioned this fellow young guy I met the there was buying new phone Alex and he. Came from Belarus and we were gonna talk about that and in and you you talk to people who have come from other countries. And then grown up here and with opportunities and boy you -- and wanna go back to live there I promise -- And none of these people who live here. Do. But if if we allow. Obama and his minions in the left to continue down the road they're on now. We're gonna wake up in the world our children in the wake up in -- world they don't even recognized in all the opportunities that they might have had. Are going to be gone and it's ironic that they did our generation. All we checked every generation wants their children have a better life and they -- this is the first time in my life. That I can say that's in question and answer the question directly. Is the result of forty years. Of liberal. Fought in liberal action in politics academia the media in Hollywood and this is where we end up. You know one quick point primary you don't don't be so distressed at what the what he media appreciates. Look what sort purchasing. Crushed and conservative route thought. I have to deal with. Can't remember -- they're not coming after our story it's really are becoming active and as a person of Jews from my Bible tells me that. God told Moses that doc told Paul that dark torture a mark that. If not -- coming after you become an estimate. Yeah him Campbell great point -- I appreciate your point quick thing on him. Banning Anthony this goes to show who you sure are not a true contract. Don't run away from Democrats. We confront them with the listen. -- must be getting tired of losing. To that crazy live alone that excuse of one time we dismal -- now. Know. Sorry but that is not digital. I have I have taken these calls countless times and he calls daily. High. -- God it just last Friday he was just over the top rude bully list and I should. Have to take that his -- I'm -- -- -- got nothing to do with that I'd have been I've debated people so much brighter than Anthony. It just you know. I grew and -- my dad was one of the first talk show radio host in America I started doing talk radio and needs so I'm ahead of conversation in two with people who are on the other side of the aisle from me. Isn't dad is just. It's Christmas. I just. Let -- in the mood to deal with his staff today and frankly didn't want my audience they have to -- is nonsense for a -- will -- it's called Slater got no problem with doing that we're gonna get through Christmas. Without. A bag full cold for me and so. Hidden powers -- -- -- Hello hey did. You know -- -- -- -- Panama. This. It's Christmas Day at a party to have a topic that -- what could be an injury you've been recovering. Media hero. I don't know I actually pronounce it meteorologist. There are so many meteorologist at its. That your worries caused he says I'm meteorologist and the idea centimeters. I don't know. I noticed that. I was surfing to Canada although -- Malibu yesterday and I landed on dinosaur trying you may or may not be made sure that. Little children -- animated. And anyway it's for children and -- and I. And I had it on mute what not any different but they were decorating a tree. And it says this is the winter solstice tree outside -- A verdict followed holiday tree had just such in my interest and Matt. Would rather lose as a kid -- until mommy you know I want to sell the straight. Unbelievable. Yeah it's it's the it exactly and another prime example kid the a secular humanist nation of our culture and they there weren't -- give you another example this which I didn't know I have some some. Good friends of mine that have very young children -- -- we're talking about this somehow escaping she says -- seen Bugs Bunny. They should know. We know bugs is gain outright asset warped. She -- bugs and Daffy -- now live together she did this for three. And and it's obvious dead dead dead dead bugs is wearing kind of a floppy hat doing gardening and kind of just a little to do voices -- -- -- And and you know that's that's the world that our kids are growing up and end -- this is being done on purpose they are trying to. Create a world where hedonism. And homosexuality would be just the full flower -- Anything you are -- OK it just I just that it's you know it's whatever you wanted. I'm just given them the warning list and torture children are listening to it because they. Everything to him straight up to assert my agent. I don't question they'll just you know. And their media driven it it's scary parties television is a powerful medium in those keys -- being. Program and they get -- school. They get this whole global warming now since -- cotton -- day in school in the environments falling apart it is a complete and total lie. But it doesn't matter -- -- -- tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. Why haven't had near an acronym not a lightly for a low information voter. This -- -- willfully ignorant. -- and it propaganda chief. It is good. Save it again. Well fully ignorant or woefully ignorant are you also -- Let me which is our power. Propaganda she. -- just media propaganda sheep and you got its clever I'll try to I'm and they just need that went from the what thank you for your heads up about what's happening in the world of children's television not that any of us would be shocked by -- and there you go. -- -- have a Merry Christmas to anybody. I think he reviewed getting ready to having forced to instances that they're unlike -- when I'm seen at the window look in wins OK so I'm. I'm gonna take a whole group we have some who can comment on Bugs Bunny. Engage TV oh yes this could these these recent interest in -- -- all right so let me do this when we get to commercial break out of the way. And we will come back and find out what the heck it is you do wanna talk about I'm Tony -- sit in for Bob McClure. That districts. And welcome back to the Bob -- should -- any -- of sitting in for Bob let this go die radically to some telephone calls. Michael on a cell -- Michael thank you for your -- how are you. -- -- -- It does say that on court -- guy. -- that really becomes an appropriate -- -- -- -- -- -- The bottom -- another joke I -- go ahead. Yeah yeah. Just speaking from an advertising point of the even though we're at a point where he TV show more than five characters is required to have a anyone anymore. We are not really in trouble until advertising. Goes. Because the people in charge of party knew from your much needs are gonna do what they believe the majority of Americans launch. Would you see a commercial for example -- you know hold people to share whatever. You don't seem to propose into a big news. Because Jared knows that's not gonna get people at their door. Very few of them because they're just not that many people get married in that particular. That Wimbledon when the woman in terms of Betty Crocker makes it easier which Hamburger Helper for her to make her family's -- But certainly doesn't consist of another -- in addition to her. Because. -- people who are going to spend the money are going to be impressed with that now that we get to the point where that's Allman. Then we are really in trouble. That's a very good point you may get around you may cleverly. Now 11 last talk about the Bugs Bunny trying. They say the in the old forties and fifties but outskirts here and -- occasionally cross Dresser make jokes about whatever. But everybody understood -- That's part of what made funny was that it was ridiculous. So them trying to make him seriously gay is just. Just draw. I think one of the most -- their amazing things he's dead you can have 5% of the population. So dramatically. Alter. The media landscape I mean it is only because and I say this because I've worked in out in LA in the film and TV business and I've been around that community. A lot. But you you there are so many if you would I have had not seen a survey that I'll guarantee if you did a survey. On how many gay characters are are in sit coms and TV shows and so forth. -- it's going to be 1520. Men them it's 345. Times what the actual population is that you would think if you landed here from Mars. And watch television -- you thought that was a reflection of society. -- can't really close. Well it is my party slot on Bugs Bunny to paraphrase the -- paraphrase Florida. Sometimes the parents is just a -- And Obama -- Well then I don't know how far down that road and move into the home stretch it. Caleb Blake has a comment about Bugs Bunny cute in Spartanburg to Blake -- what if you wouldn't mind just because I made -- any robards term here. And now I'm gonna hold you through the news just hang on where you are in now will come back and start often see what your -- is on the so. Bugs Bunny phenomena cash would get done dynasty. Bugs Bunny. There are much Hamels was go and they were used here's a deeper pockets. It. My gash. Here's the text of the day -- with regard to two Bugs Bunny call. We -- that famous question what's up -- it proves the axiom that punctuation is important. They -- -- what's that doc or what's up -- a game anyway I had to ask coach. Boykin as partners aren't you break. Great solidarity. The are very -- Source global for march -- comment treacherous my statement -- Are in May or Christian follower crushed most in my life. I'm very very strong conservative Republican whatever you want say. I got sick up for my boy Bullock's. I grew up on borrowed money. I'll watch the show. That you are well. All the time with my daughters. And -- it is knocked it on the show. A lot -- a Cartoon Network -- on almost every produced Salt Lake region shows. And basically there aren't between bug and that you living together is. He has lost his job -- a bad economy in each sector output boats until -- -- back -- this week. They both have girlfriends. That -- they go on double dates it's a funny show and never once has. Christian or as a conservative. That I every remotely saw. Some legal on the. Well I -- if that I think we're -- I was going. On no the impression. Friend of mine who -- with her kids and that was asserted that. I will stand corrected if I'd I obviously don't watch the new -- bush. I am gonna make a terrible ordination I of people please don't think less -- -- bit. I watch so little television it is that. I mean I just don't would have blown my old girl was grown up or she would watch that we pay attention when she was watching it. That -- was Barney in his old but -- -- all I I hope I hope that advanced encouraging so I'm hoping -- right and it sounds much better to me. Yeah our order -- it all the time and so I'm sick and I'm very guilty of this just as much as anybody who would our. You know pursuing police -- as some symptoms I think it's easy for us to my tail is used to stated you fighting -- -- if you look hard. And sometimes it think it's easy first -- to dissect things and looked for something and make me take ourselves Lucas or Qatar. I think you're right on -- and I putted. Well that's a good call I appreciate it. OK so bugs is off the hook so to speak. About that are bitten in Greenville then how are you. Pretty good I -- I don't know you'll remember it for several wounds that. All of you to announces. That awful they construed as it's over who -- chrome arguments on either side of the issues and so what ever lose use them. And I was astonished that conservatives could -- potentially strong arguments -- you hardly ever hear about albeit refused. You -- hear about it about -- music will almost the physical and spiritual pollution is. You know -- from the gay community the global community to fully -- community. It's always still exists -- -- if you disagree with the animal species that you were owned homes. That history. Well I disagree. And I hit for only -- you can look at those sort of beat and we don't most successful BC's -- -- -- going to. No this BC you know what truly or technologically -- -- -- -- managing the smallest error when he should take you mention it will be approved. Unfortunately -- -- -- -- -- duration what is and what election period. And we got to where we are with. Owned had reached that you felt would -- successful species don't fully supported was strong it was sexuality not bode. Not only need not confident or is it not homosexual to. So why would snoopy you really won't know that we being a successful and we are. -- aren't they golf or nature where you want to look -- choose heterosexuality. -- Nature selected her sexuality course not homosexuality not -- so. In monkeys you liberals disagree with the liberals all of the role and so of natural history. Well sing -- that is exactly. -- eight. But you know this has nothing to do that I've heard that same tired argument to but the fact these -- -- -- this doesn't have anything to do. -- nature this has to do with hedonism and a desire for. Abandonment. To sexual appetites whatever and it's not just we were living in the most sex obsessed. Time in history this culture. Rapidly approaching I think what role must've been like in their lettered piece and they want license. To be less anxious. And they want. Acceptance from the broad society for whatever their behavior may be. And they want to be thought of as normal this needs to be -- normative behavior. You don't not it's and the rent it and it always has. Yeah exactly. And it always will be it is a pro version by the very definition of the word perversion of the natural way as you rightly pointed out. Things are supposed to work. Yes both do I have I'm -- no point. I'm I'm doughnut -- -- that the break but please call again very well made point here and have a Merry Christmas to be. We really needed a -- -- -- quick break and we will come back with more your calls and whatever else is happening right after this. They came into this perfect music for these sons that the district placed measure takes you please Tony look at the sense that -- -- is made by god. I will tell you something. -- Since I was a little kid that's one of the reasons aimed at being immediate heart just -- getting. I would sit outside my house course Texas has a much -- flatter -- and you could see the entire western sky from my announcement indicated. And I would sit and watch that sun go down and just it would it still -- some say it's semis is sometimes so. Beautifully literally bring tears. To my -- But it it was thank you for it it was it was beautiful. So let us take another call being in Spartanburg Howie day and thank you for your patience. Yeah thank you Merry Christmas -- you. Virtual hard. I -- my trip all the comments that Phil what. Ducked under pretty. Made and an all out here don't. I don't see anything that he says. They're really seem to be all that outrageous square garden true. We're like -- bring it up it is. But then when it comes to the homosexual agenda I mean when we conclude that. There really is under -- the term gay. Is going to be so inappropriate. But. When there is a stronger focus. And what the actual. Sexual behavior. And one -- is describe. I think if you have true homosexual men. And one message circulating. In another man. Oh yeah please let's go well yeah I know it's okay that is my point. It is soul pop noxious. And so disgusting. -- something that can't even be talked about on the radio. If it is such an -- are objectionable. Description. Don't compare it say something in there and hope itself. Yes it certainly doesn't if I might think you've wandered into this. Very interest in territory. Let me just tell you a story I I mentioned that I used to work in film and television so this was early eighties. Who's living in LA working on a soap opera called capital. Friend of mine brought a bunch of people over the house. Two of these guys they were gay couple. One of them owned a stream of gay publications. And in these gay pub any broad outline. I actually Britain's. In his gay publication war ads for. Behaviors. You you think what you started to say it was shocking. And if I had I mean I knew who should I thought I understood what goes on to know. In a given night it is not uncommon for these guys they're 678. Different sexual partner wonder aids is rampant in that community because they've -- they're running like a bunch of animals. And he's got nothing to do with love it's got nothing to do with relationships has got only a about pure sensuality. In -- injustice. Well and even -- your description. Upright career -- -- time you used the term gay. -- aren't really think there are vanity is. It is so inappropriate while we're talking about. Is part of me would cheers then. Look bite the mall for pole. Almost human report also authority. For Powell from the year yes it is being eight perversion. Sure there's if that none of that is even question that -- we've reached a point. We're we we being the vast majority of Americans are being told. You have to accept these this week is not just enough that your gonna turn your turn analysts believe that we do. Our in in just lit Levy alone you do whatever you we don't care know no. We have to embrace it and give and give it equal -- value with. A normal relationship and it isn't. It truly truly remarkable. Over the land. I don't know they over the last twenty years thirty years. It truly is remarkable. -- -- where we had ended and the culture you -- is really it really is there -- it is partnering. Bet that general life culture. And even more so where are you. Well the acceptance. Of perversion. As normal -- Well they've been they've been taught there's that this is how -- and cultural rated into believing it's more that stretch and that's how they got here. We had forty years of work and I went to this point. Well and it's. All I know everyone because we're both the -- everybody in god loves everybody. But I would also say -- maybe God's law. However god love. Him it. He -- all the people saw them in the more. What -- did god end up -- or should. The people outside of -- more yeah. Destroy out of course aren't they -- is down rate. Well I am I -- I don't I pray not but -- act I appreciate your call very much in and sadly your point is well taken to -- we reach we've we've reached a point where the most popular show on cable television. They take the star off only because. He quotes the Bible. Talking about this issue and it being. Wrong is being seen. And equates it with a new number remarks -- adultery. -- murder stealing. They're all equally season and got guys that thing. But no no no because it's this one issue. That's different -- when taken him off the air could have been talking about adultery going to be fine. But no it's got to be you can't say that no no there there are protected class now. Is it is if their forefathers had to go through slavery I mean I again. Like black people had to fight for. For this and white white Jersey -- real -- Discrimination -- they don't dare try to act like you're in the same class just because you choose particular behavior. Any quick break we'll be back after this. Welcome back to the Bob planes had -- -- sitting in for Bob. And and got this. Bearing false witness very few gays are like did you lose all credibility when you lie on Nightline and their minutes. -- was exposed to that world of enough to get it. If I am I not everybody is actually read the whole point is -- from that point. If Phil Robertson or anybody else wants to use the Bible as a rationale for saying -- -- and a whole bunch of the things or sin. He should be able to do that and I get fired -- the -- the overarching point I laughter I mean I have. -- know numerous gay friend of -- don't agree with what they do -- not nice people of god doesn't love and love them. But they're still. Senators just that I would save them it was in the dragon it would be that it's a little my brother died of alcoholism London. Would you give -- from those things Randy and easily how are you. -- Christmas about a great. Yeah I'd -- in the court of public priority order think the ball has been -- church and a preacher. And and not talk to multiple people or actual order that you think about it. He would call social agenda and myself out there were strict about it and so I think that's the problem this is so our churches. Is deafening the solid year from our churches and our -- Well says it in it is the owner account countervailing. Influence we're gonna have on our kids if you don't have it there and they're getting that they get it everywhere else in the culture. All the I promise you there yet the other side all the. Exactly. Same do you god bless. That is it good and just about do it for me today am I certainly. And Indian us for a family man because then and certainly we're talking Anthony -- Bob did Moscow rules and didn't talk in front -- -- -- and so. Anyway we'll take -- these phone calls later. I hope you have the best Christmas of your entire life god bless you -- you.