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Dec 23, 2013|

Tony sits in for Bob

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well Merry Christmas and welcome to the rob -- show how in the world are you so glad to be sitting and Bob share. I'm Tony of course I'm sitting in for -- during holiday show. For the next three hours that you need any. We're gonna have some fun and had to do this of course this is an inter active kind of deals so it's not just me doing -- talking them. You doing the listening it's vice Versa as well to participate in make this your show was well -- you gotta do. Is call 2329673. If you're in Greeneville. 57496. And three in Spartanburg and the text line 71307. -- admission I have. -- sitting here talking to my gassed and had not bothered to get the text line up yet but I'll do that during the commercial break and everything will be peachy keen now. There is all kind of stuff going on in of course you -- talk about any subject you wish him and there's plenty to talk about. But I have. Run up on and in usual kind of an opportunity. It's gonna take is in a direction very different -- the sort of the normal fodder that's being talked about on talk radio today which would be things like Obama care and Phil Robertson. In all the rest of that stuff. How am I have had a good fortune to meet. A very interesting and man by the name is you and you command and he is from South Africa. And he came over my partner Philip Allen. Went to Africa some months back -- to -- While game and in one of these guys. Was our guest today and has grown up in South Africa and it seems. Nelson Mandela past you just couple weeks ago when they were all these things about. Who he was -- wonderfully was and what he did in having a chance to spend some time with Evan. You like to pronounce it quickly given its way. I mean that's OK okay I'll get right here -- even though he -- is I -- okay. But anyway so having grown up in South Africa we get a chance to talk and I've actually done a bit restore from my own. Because I -- Historically allot about Nelson Mandela's backgrounds -- thought it would be interesting for you'd have insight from somebody who actually lives in South Africa. And has grown up there and watched all the things that have transpired since Mandela. Took over back in 94 so. I'm gonna start to show by just sharing some information. This is all from a piece called Mandela's legacy to free fall of South Africa by Alex Newman. And I thought it would be good for you have some perspective on who Nelson Mandela was and then we'll -- some anecdotal him firsthand information. For my Linear music. So here it is. This is from Walter Williams. What I think during my several visits to South Africa to South Africa during the Arab apartheid is that blacks work for personal liberty. Mostly they just wanted to change the color of their dictator. Today most government positions most cabinet positions -- the ultra left socialists and Communists. Of course is well known. That. Nelson Mandela and Walters -- -- -- most of the people in the ANC were in the Communist Party and -- come out now. So what exactly. Has happened since Mandela took over. How things change well we share some things we. Unemployment poverty aids murder corruption crime has surged. South Africa regularly tops the charts worldwide in terms of rape and murder is average life expectancies plummeted this year. President Jacob Zuma still Reagan releasing political struggle songs advocating mass murderer of whites in South Africa and genocide experts say. Planning and preparations to exterminate and drive out minorities in this case whites in South Africa are under way already. Why vicious hate crimes are beginning to escalate. Officially 25% south Africans are out of work. If you count those who or what we call discouraged workers we call over here the U six number it's close to 40%. And since apartheid ended nine before the real gross domestic product. Has risen by 30% which might sound like a lot until you compare whether emerging markets which have grown a 115%. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research average incomes for south African men and women have fallen 40%. -- from from 95 to 2000. There's been little improvement. South Africans are worse off than they were before the end point -- at least measured by real incomes. And considering the oversized influence of communism on the political scene South Africa is now among the most unequal distribution of wealth in the world. Mandela the first president of rainbow nation was a simple committee member of the South African Communist Party. Which remains a formal -- C alliance partner in the ruling south African society today. The UN human development index reveals bleak picture prior night before despite apartheid South Africa. -- rankings steadily. Among the higher developing nations and climbing upward. It was well above most of Asia in the air war far -- head of south Simpson -- Africa by 2001 South Africa's scorn fallen below the 1975. Level. Under anti Communist Party -- South Africa has fallen more than fifty places on this and it despite added emphasis. The worst. One of the worst place in South Africa. He's violent crime. It is a simple breakdown of the state government is just appallingly bad. And everything it does education health care infrastructure security and so forth and I could go on and I'm and I'm gonna leave one. Little bit here despite the dream will be rainbow nation polls and surveys suggest that racism. And de facto segregation remained widespread here doctor Gregory stand. Hitting genocide watch and a man who personally fought against apartheid. Warned last year in the South Africa was staged six out of -- on the road to genocide. The planning and preparation for days. This is a quote from Dallas. Strong circumstantial evidence of government support for campaign forced displacement and atrocities against white farmers and their families is possible. Direct evidence of government incitement to genocide. And there isn't much more in this article would go read the whole thing and just pulling quote from -- six page article more only daily but here's. Here's the reason I share this with you. I remember. Clearly. I didn't because it was working in talk radio at the time. What the mood was at that time about apartheid in the whole world was just completely you know this is the most horrible thing. The sporting teams like. The springbok rugby team. With access yet to get it here and get it close to my kids were all not allowed to compete I remember that clearly I was living in New Zealand at the time. And so. You're 25 years old you've grown up. -- you most of your. Two grown up life has been under. The agency's rules so so differently. You listen to everything I -- it. So let's start with -- give me. In your opinion the five things first that you think -- better. About South Africa since. Mandela took them. I'm about to be extremely -- of Christian Nichols thinking of -- things is almost impossible. And the transitions from the -- government of black government wasn't really successful. And I'm not fans have happened in real threats from the government. We'll put it in the transition stage as it was cooler. On. I was asked to say it is sound. The -- do watch some of that is coming to us to do with big -- it means for instance. The -- and recreational -- so people -- stalled. I'm going to the same masters and all that stuff on them it was frowned upon -- full Monty on -- So -- all left to say -- 51 of another thing salmon also. And accepting that I -- putting all of boss beyond us and I'm trying to make you bitter people in new South Africa and a bit of specialists. To the rest of the world if we we sort of him giving this given this impression that that he came into power. And everybody just sort of started to get along and everything got better and everybody accepted in racism sort of went away. In yet from some of the things that that I read for example. When it comes to who gets hired to work. Tell me -- can't tell me about that. That applicant based scaled reckless and the team is government -- The full Baines -- African National Congress saying onto constitute a drug most forgot who came with the bases it is in my -- -- had to base skills full adult he would have caught it. But all and the new government came into balloting on John's full so that's moved on as scheduled from bye see you being a the baseball's -- of give a job if you were a black man black women and going down ranks until -- bring down sued. -- I've like navy and being. At the very bottom of white man so -- Nelson Mandela was seen as the fall that are over it and solve all the nation. -- of transition and basically old. His followers and supporters of African National Congress expected to be just going straight into the jokes and stuff -- went. Basically is its strength -- under -- still -- to go and do that's that's about and they. I know that. Supposedly this was going to be a free market economy and yet as we've said most people who are now in power over there are Communists socialists. And yet it according to the latest resource that I read. Three quarters of the cabinet members have outside business or financial interest 60% of the regime's 400 members of parliament also. 74% government contracts go to companies owned by state officials or their family so it would appear that is a huge amount of cronyism going. This -- -- mocked and this -- -- counter move very government contest going to privately owned companies resolve. Basically from Amos from -- -- -- my brother is looking for one of us companies. As of today. So. If -- on and on I asked if I NC member a rule being participating in the actions being human get any government in this for interest until -- and stuff like that so month. Communism and them basically. Yeah senators it's not working right should be street there's a lot of fraud going on and corruption as well. Amongst all mean the peaceful -- and education supplements. One of my biggest concern is because I remember what took place when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe today as you well know is nothing but -- cesspool. It is just horrific what happened in Zimbabwe. And I mentioned. That this doctor -- standing his concerns about what is coming in I've read some. People warning that there could be. Of a bloodbath over there you're you're you're white south African. How. How -- white people who are a minority here feel about what's getting ready to happen after Mandela's pants. They did he shift of themselves pickles and as we can but go back to. Older. Basically hit squads going around and -- farmers or the property and Zimbabwe's basically. And this house well chasing dollars away from it -- owned properties. And we fear that vessel left and now in South Africa and is voted yes pickles -- Known as land claims on properties say if you fall men's assistant agent in the government opener land claim on the property. And then now and if so what if I need to get around the over need it's full another person's against all their culture. On the profits evening they can just turn up -- house knocking out -- basically descended from a property so. The other was a falcons all busy. And being fearful and living on the a lot of states and stuff like that. And it's a very good and another thing as well Obama and -- the British possible. And probably. Mighty sales -- things -- -- that I have a backup -- the article that's ever bought them by Steven goes down. Being on my able to flee the country if it gets bad so yeah. And most of them feel that they may have to go through Mugabe put -- in my -- so -- -- about it and results have -- -- And trying to get citizenship saying countries like Australia and the UK and New Zealand and even in America. Yeah I am I lived in New Zealand and had a number of people -- a number of people who would come to New Zealand. Because they saw with what was coming their and a number of people who left Zimbabwe. And I'll tell you a bit about when I was doing talk radio in the seventies. I interviewed a guy from what we still Rhodesia at the time. The very similar interview to the one that we're having and he said here's what's coming in this is what we're concerned about. And now I look back if if you wanna find out what can happen. Look at Zimbabwe -- 1000%. They have appropriated all the land of the people who owned it in it's it it it there economy is an absolute tatters. Have a musicals involving the big boss battles Africa because you can flaunt anything -- -- it's -- lots of minerals in it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then that's mingled down and then was not ready to select country and to send gonna happen now just -- Tonight there's stuff outskirts. Not that important. Okay let me take a break and listen I know this is different than in the kind of thing that you probably -- the imputed to him talk radio does not often you have a chance to actually get first hand. Information from someone who's living in South Africa and the reason is such a big deal I think is because Mandela was. Arguably. United to tell me what he thinks about this we come back from the break arguably the one thing standing between what could be anarchy. In South Africa. And what is still only workable society I'm Tony gale -- for Bob McClain will come back in continue talks about. The real South Africa after this. No it's not prove I'm sitting here at Darlington in Woodruff and I can tell you with certainty the Christmas rush is far from through. This madness after at least I'm not out in how -- Tony -- you back care with my friend I even from South Africa so we talked about. Some of the potential dangers and -- -- things might go from here that Mandela I was say in of course I take much of this from whatever it. Apparently had a dramatic change of heart like -- was a terrorist I mean he he he did a lot of theory behind this penal and trying to overthrow the government but he changed in prison camp. He did -- that I am also being got their stories here in years in. The -- gold -- and on and it's just off the coast of crackdown. And it does have a strange appalled because when he got released. Instead of acting. Mean they're very bad grade just isn't very sincere way and boy am accepting the people who imprison him anatomy to. He did sends out to be even bit a man of a situation -- so that was a very. Iconic moments full south Africans proposed rule dating a moment of his release and basically being around by your government. And then he despondent extremely well false attorneys -- -- years of imprisonment on -- open audience. I saw the movie in victories which I though it was a very good movie with Matt Damon about ruby you're no rugby player yourself how how confidence and knocked it on fox good. How yeah but there are they all blacks of course. Really. -- -- bolster their system was. Digital that's being good but the it's definitely. But that you saw -- recent tell me the how realistic do you think this movie it it's pretty decent movie and what happened the facts will happen in them that movie was true with the sports supplement. But I Austin and around a little bit but -- it's a good indication of what happens but not all of it it's. Understand it says -- good move to a. What movie is under present correct when he -- realities that somebody that's I guess the reason I ask you Christian -- -- is that. I studied it portrayed the forgiving. Nature and the maturity of of Mandela and how how he changed. Jason does it's a very good at this instead of from movies to show you what actually happened there are certain if you don't know they say about the -- -- -- -- go on what you. So the current president Zuma. Yes Jacob Jacob -- so here's here's the question of the moment interest -- where does it go from here since we since he has. You know and been quoted as singing these freedom songs and has he's part of the Communist Party he's he's a lot more -- militant extremists need them. I think this differently. Isabel is the president islands is elections next year so I'm -- then there's mixed but face as we had just one. I'm -- gold Judas money in my it was basically -- -- -- -- used to be and he even sang with songs. Benzene Evans who -- basically kill the fall -- -- meaning basically. Phil black -- days kills a white man and them is song was not -- he found that he's in. -- out cold yeah if if economical freedom fought this. Do what is an Elvis car and let them he's just basically. Turning the youth I'm into like. -- a little freedom fought destroying with a lot of I did the loss of white people of south lots we just as a stage we don't want that noise and you read. But I -- who the next president will be old news but you'll still be NC led so. If this will be fun to see what I. As a feature -- 25 years old and you get your whole life ahead of you and 25 -- already having to think about it can you might have to. Bailed from your own country. Mysteries -- isn't the last to say I'm missile serving our country as -- -- is out of his a lot of negatives about it that's anything people wool. Basically if I think about about the guys that should and being very big but racism and all that stuff but. -- go to a lot of other stuff as well make -- -- -- a bit of -- out of -- is. But I -- is we just we just trying to overcome this problem we have now so. Well I think you for coming on he was a different kind of thing -- -- clear Unita radio Guy -- you've done a good job of at least giving us some insight into. The real South Africa not the one portrayed by the mainstream press that did you would've thought that that it was saint Mandela from the end of it but so anyway. All right so -- -- gonna take a break out for the news will come back and we'll get back to some of the stories of the day and what's going on out there and anything you wanna bring up as well. I'm Tony -- and for Bob McClain back after this. The 130. Cents. Welcome back to Bob McClain showed Tony -- sitting in for Bob and I just. To load these tech review where you get to listen to him saying all these Christmas songs with a hoot. It was wonderful and churches they get the single least on the eleventh. OK and so. Another that South Africa I just thought that was an interesting thing in an opportunity to give you some insight into the underside of the story about what South Africa's ultimate. Tell you this be paying attention to what's to come because it could get pretty interest in news over here in the next few years. All right so now we're onto whatever else you wanna talk about and I do have the text line up now by the way if you want detects something 713 -- and you can call it 2329273. Greenville Spartanburg 5749673. And -- or harms of things to talk about. As you might have covered. Phil Robertson -- dynasty has come out and said I'm standing my ground not changing what I have to say I'm going where I'm going -- -- only. In my estimation could be one of the biggest corporate blunders. In history. Over the weekend but Friday they decide they're gonna take all of the stuff off of their shelves. And then they got such overwhelming negative response that. All of a sudden they put it all back on and they were saying oops sorry we shouldn't have done. And so that might be something you wanna come until. -- of course we're watching. Obamacare in complete and total freefall I think it's interesting. Their. Ted Cruz gets excoriated because he wants to repeal obamacare. Can win what were actually watching. Is Obama repealing obamacare. Just doing it bit by bit piece by piece incrementally but. You realize there have been fourteen changes so far. Which brings an interesting thing to light. This is a law we are a nation of laws and therefore. One has to ask how in the world is it possible for the president of the United States to essentially ignore the law here. And in this case but one. Korea. Well it's actually called the Affordable. Care Act which to -- could be one of the greatest ironies also. -- time. Because essentially what if you've never thought explained this in the simplest terms I came. Here's what the Affordable Care Act actually. Accomplish. Prior to this you can go ahead and you can get insurance. Any would be what -- insurance you need and it would be based on how much you wanted to pay for it so. You didn't need to get the camel -- with the Mercedes plant and if you all you needed was a Ford Escort then that's great that's all you needed in that's what you bought. What's happening here is is obamacare has now said no. You're gonna have to buy a Mercedes is gonna have to cover everything by the way including. Prenatal care. And birth control. And maternity. Even if you're a guy or even if you're a woman over fifty ever you're gonna pay for this -- pay for it and everything so. So the Affordable. Care Act is now so unaffordable that it as we see here they're similar to the tune of seven million people. Who have now lost their insurance and issue hasn't even fallen. What's going to happen mixture which is why of course we're seeing. A mass. Disruption in -- left in the Democratic Party so that's something that you might want to address and I have to take a break when I come back. We're seeing. What could be eat these did the first -- bit of a spine a -- -- being shown here by the Republican Party and again it's a guy from South Carolina so. We're gonna come back and in talk about that and by the way you may talk about -- thing you want to the lines are literally life open it's the during the holidays doing talk radio is challenge for anyone because. People are too busy call and so that's fine baby I'm prepared to offer 3 hours in the morning happy to do it but if you'd like to chant give me a ring. Tony -- the -- for Bob McClain back after this. Welcome to Bob -- show Merry Christmas Tony you're sitting in for Bob. Before YouTube John and Tony -- shares have -- at this is hopeful because. Consistently. When we talk on the on the radio about all of the things that are wrong in the direction of the country in the weight -- seems to have control politics over. There's always this this consistent thing of what. -- on our side -- we put -- what this what are these people doing well listen to this. After the fourteenth change in Obama. -- without requesting congressional action. We certainly have a move. Underway in the house who represented these two seal Obama and forced him to abide by constitutional restraints. The measure known to stop this overreaching presidency or stop act. Is sponsored by Tom price of south Carolina Republican. Article two section three requires the president to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Everybody is bound by the law including the president he's not exist says rice. If the president is allowed to pick and choose which laws he wishes to enforce it creates tremendous opportunities for wrongdoing. Police say the next president for example who came in decided he didn't like obamacare and he wasn't going to enforce any of it. What we do we say for president decided he wasn't going to enforce the maximum bracket on the income tax wasn't going to enforce the income tax on his. Political friends of course these things. Wouldn't be tolerated. We've got just this type of thing going on here. With the mandate for businesses that applying to individual mandate. It's not write the law has to be applied uniformly so. In the resolution we -- for specific things one is the waiver for work requirements under the welfare law. One is draining of legal legal work status to illegal immigrants in mass. One is the waiver of the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act in the fourth. Is the extension for one year of the ability of the insurance companies to sell what -- -- call sub standard policies. In this case substandard simply means interest policies people actually want to buy. I've spoken to camper about it he seems interest and so far there are 34 cosponsor so. This is a time to call up Tom rice. And say we or behind you 100%. Call up your represented as well. This is time to get behind. In this could be that is the kind of thing can really get some excitement going on on our site so. God bless him and isn't it nice -- somebody from South Carolina this new. Anyway let's step take our first phone call of the day John -- issue that you Merry Christmas. Christmas is certain you know getting. Want to comment on understood news restore at work. Very good is that -- -- here this week and brought it correctly yes. OK so we got a web site this platelet crashing because. There's carpet we got. People who are in the paperwork were loaded and go out look at the web site and sign that all in noting that you. Does that make exit. Well of course it John of course it makes kids. This is all about public relations and this is about. -- image and Barry has the power to do whatever Barry wants and so all he gets an all sit ups and he can go out there and make these. Symbolic gesture knowing full well he's never gonna use it and get it has no meaning whatsoever other than -- -- Eligible and would do. Like symptoms that certain what are -- He went out you know on this particular -- that they're not at all. Very very very droll and very true said this a that you know what as of today John. The approval rating for obamacare in this country in the latest poll today only 35%. Of Americans. Like it and wanted 35% in and who are they we already know. They are the ones that are on their Obama phones and using their snapped cards and already. In India entitlement society morning. Uncle sugar to feed them. In carry around like a little baby in her life and and that's essentially what's underway. But there are an awful lot of people out there John who voted for him in net income remaining 65%. Who hate it. A lot of them. And that's a good thing for the upcoming -- fourteen elections. Absolutely what you -- credit. He did god bless our quick break we got open line you can come in talk about every you wanna do. I'm Tony -- will be back with more after. -- Welcome back to the Bob McClain -- -- media sitting in for the boxer and -- let us take some phone calls and go to. Tony my -- How are you Tony. Can you hear me OK I. Let's not just couldn't turn down opportunities sit there aren't as many people calling this time a year -- -- largest government -- but. I was fascinated by that conversation -- the gentleman from South Africa. And I just wanted to add that are all but not remember. Back in the very early nineties. How how many courageous. Nelson Mandela was giving Fidel Castro. You know. And it it is -- been buried district court didn't bite my lip to over the past week or so all these praises given to let that. If -- artists -- Communists. How many people how many people. Flee to Communist countries you know how many people flee to Cuba probably people fled the Soviet Union you know. It's it's just as sad commentary on our culture that we that that the unimportant just. You know -- -- -- all this media stuff that we Lee -- -- on you know permanent. I remember so well because it was doing talk radio back in the did in the days when you when he was there. Still terrorist and he was at it and I -- well I honestly I pull Mike from them Ivan told -- story. Tell me a story about the -- that he burned them. -- -- that a billion dollars it is I'm a native in every city did do Italy and arranged but basically it happened on Sunday mean. Some people -- organization brings. And early morning and based news and and Megan writes in to full services on Sunday mornings and value. Well obviously you like to it is is stuff that happened on them. Well what people read him on bestsellers totally opposite so people would -- it they've been dating. A good government and so on and exceptional man and stuff which -- laws but I'm monitoring street and yeah honestly it's. Tonight and I am also ask the question I remember. Is sweet sweet wife and her body guards. The days of bringing ZTV Monday us is gonna fight and -- -- award they -- responsible. For killing people do. Mullen say -- confirmed that but -- yeah it's been at least. That I made that supplements. It could just. Just give a little more of mice and not for instance and people are now government. As unskilled and uneducated to be in now government for instance element of stalled health. Usual things he going to dollar issue is actually working in the hospital washing -- bands and stuff like that. And then off to the government to dovish he became minister of house house that's me. Well I'm just gonna end this -- ought to know our. Our -- Tony you know once famous person on merit and that actually led to the Soviet Union. One famous Americans yeah I'm trying to think yes. In 1959 or sixty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But there were if there was him and I mean there have been a couple of -- those who have done -- that. Well that the whole point here is Mandela the Communist. Have people all over the world are praising Communist and people need to open there aren't Smart appearance escaped from a Communist country in 1956. And and I just it just it's just there is very frustrating. To hear people so ignorant about. What's being posted this Obama here is basically that's the aim of the if you did he say about it it's government controlling everything it's just ask people who lives in Communist countries how happy they were when the government control if we. And not happy -- we appreciate your call. We got to take a break we'll be back right after the news.