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Dec 17, 2013|

Government over reach; Obama care; Common core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it. -- play. Hey how you doing great Tuesday after. Afternoon -- Christmas. Do it here and -- remember choose. They need and collector radio program as always -- new -- is invited to encourage. Welcome here -- -- advantage hotline number. Spartanburg and -- 57 Ford WORD. -- seven point 9673 Greeneville 232 WORD. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. Got you covered there too weather kept the line that number 71307. My email address bombs on word at Yahoo.com. And FaceBook dot com twitter.com. Slash. News radio WOR minaret yesterday we told you about the idea. The ugly fight. In nine New York. Between the six drunken -- The way they had this thing in New York is Micah. Like a bar. To work. -- what are they call those things money anyway and they when they you know they go on the go from one bar to another there's when it. A bar drag are aware of the comments. A bar crawl unless you know bar crawl well it's that's an apt description and that's what they end up doing. By the end of your thought about cynical out right this is the other half a dozen senate knew you are there is why it happens every year in Greenville. Area. A bar crawl. Well there's several bar crawls each year but I was specifically comment about. Percent to close call there is one happens every year there were they get dressed up as Santa and the go from one bar the other yes sir well wish they haven't gotten into a drunken brawl. Like they did and or are they have it hasn't come to our attention. Anyway if you're gonna be dressed this season as they Will Ferrell character when you got busted for a DUY. This probably -- be on the bottom of the list. I mean now for Ron Burgundy. Frank the tank even a night at the Roxbury guy would make more sense anyway around 3 o'clock in the morning on Sunday 34 year old Brandon to Shea. Of club of Lafayette Louisiana. Was busted for drunk driving while dressed dad's. Buddy the -- The -- to be written somewhat. Embarrassing. The other cops. And I noticed. Buddy the -- speeding so they pulled him over smelled like alcohol he blew a point 124. On the breathalyzer and was charged with the DUI driving at an excessive speed and looking really silly. In that green. Buddy the -- After having been -- The idea. I got this email. In the last couple of hours here this afternoon so I wanted to mention. This as well. This I was sent to me by a Phillip bowers and it's about the school board meeting Pickens County tonight. -- his email says will be a special school board meeting tonight at 534. Executive session followed by a public discussion. On the sale of the old -- middle school to legacy public charter. He said he would not be able to attend that Michelle wiles. Will be there representing I guess and Tea Party folks and and not. Parents and education it would be extremely helpful if as many of you as possible could attend and encourage the board to sell. The old school encourage -- to put aside petty differences and fierce and vote for the good of children in our community. Some point you may wanna consider making our we have children in our community who need the charter school. On the structure of a charter school to succeed. Now when I guess he has a history of helping struggling children. We don't need the old building it's -- their vacant for months the offer for the old school is significantly more. Then was received for any other old building. Establishing a charter school will reduce further burdens on taxpayers by eliminating the need for a new school and easily. We have over one million dollars in maintenance needs that proceeds of the sale could be used for further reducing the burden on taxpayers they're -- an agenda. Attention and he says please contact the board chairman mr. -- Trotter. And ask him to allow citizens to speak. On this historic matter asking to use his discretion as chairman and permit public comment if they refused to allow the public to speak. At least two we can see and hear their actions. The board of trustees meeting tonight 530 for an executive session. On board meeting the purpose of the meeting to -- a student appeal. As granted by the board in November. Immediately following the a student hearing in executive session the board will enter into a special meeting. For the purpose of discussing the sale of the old -- middle school. Both meetings will be held in board room hit in the board room. Of the -- Curtis Sydney and administrative office -- at thirteen 48 Griffin mill road and his -- fill out so. There you go if that is an issue that is concern you since Maria. Apparently this board meeting on has been called on on either short notice or. Eight in -- set of circumstances were not a lot of people are aware of it. So why am I wanted to to make sure. D'antoni and you knew that any time we get favorable court rulings in this day and age it's up. Time for the trumpets to sound yesterday we had one of course when the a federal appeals court judge the district court judge. Ruled that the NSA was unconstitutional. And in their efforts to listen to him and and on your phone conversations and track your FaceBook and Twitter accounts and all the rest and so that was. That was a huge victory although it will wind up being appealed by the government and go to the Supreme Court almost certainly. But there was another. A ruling that -- should be aware of this story from my newest Macs dot com the Archdiocese of New York applauded a judge's decision yesterday. The so called non exempt religious groups are not bound by obamacare as a requirement to provide. In their health care insurance plans coverage for contraceptives. And other birth control options. In a statement. The spokesman for the archdiocese. Called Brooklyn federal court judge Brian -- ruling a thoughtful decision. And that non exempt Catholic health and educational organizations have. Religious freedom rights. -- barred the government from enforcing the mandate against Catholic healthcare system. Catholic health services of Long Island cardinal Spellman high school and monsignor Farrell high school. The Roman Catholic archdiocese of new York and the health and educational groups. Challenge the mandate on religious freedom grounds as they should. The US issued a rule exempting the archdiocese later. But schools and health care affiliates were still subject of -- law which -- effects on January 1 of next year. Kogan wrote the groups have demonstrated that the mandate despite accommodation. Compels them to perform acts that are contrary to their religion and there can be no doubt. That the coercive pressure here is substantial. Now groups that don't comply -- this mandate are subject to fines of a hundred dollars per day per affected beneficiary. Catholic health services and Long Island the largest of the group's. Overseas six hospitals three nursing homes and they hospice service and has a health plan covering almost 25000 people. The ACLU. Filed a brief in support of the government here they lost. You you have to take good news. Quinn and where you find it but the the overreach by federal government not just obamacare but all the other scandals that we've seen here -- This is it's so over the top -- done. Defies description speaking of Obama scandals. I ran across this from CNS news.com. Just in time for the holidays. The perfect present for the Obama supporter in your life. It's the Obama scandals collectible. Paper plate series. Each paper plate is -- lovingly crafted. To commemorate a classic scandal. From the Obama administration. By this wonderful just in time for Christmas from Ben Ghazi. To the IRS crackdown on conservatives. Each of the scandals of the administration. Is reproduced on a quality. Paper report. Treat each plate. The same way the administration treats the scandal. Sooners against -- Out ago. Order now. Supplies -- limited. -- The other story if you wanna follow that up a this is on -- on on CNS news.com. Money penny from yesterday. CN NS news.com by Eric shiner SE HT IN ER. And the headline on the story Obama commemorative scandal points if you want if somebody wants to somebody may -- why don't things. In fact somebody may be meet. The -- so those myself. And how about. Now President Obama who of course famously promised and 120 plus occasions. I don't -- it and give it period. They elected -- a you know -- the whole. Well this is certainly a relief because I had. I'd been concerned. With all the problems associated with healthcare dot gov the web site. That -- el presidente might have -- even even with this exalted position. Might have difficulty. And getting signed up for obamacare before he and and the family he and the whole brood. Take off. For they are out Hawaii and vacation. There in a seventeen day Wahoo. Christmas outing. And apparently my my fears are well founded the Obama administration according to Jay Carney barker. Official White House a liar not press spokesperson. For lack. The Obama administration is working overtime. To make sure that everyone who wants health insurance -- January 1 is able to get it said Jay Carney to reporters on Monday. However. What about the present himself. As he. Signed up for obamacare yet. A reporter Cleary. And yesterday's press briefing. Carney replied. He's the man. I have no updates on that the president will purchase insurance on the exchanges. He doesn't have to do it the reporter said. He doesn't -- great obviously it's. The enrollment -- march 31 so when we have an update on it will provided to the. Then asked if -- White House is reasonably confident. Let everyone who needs to get coverage by January 1 will be able to get it Carney said some. Uninsured Americans may not enroll until January or February or march. Crave more mayors I don't know and I know reverend. And I don't think the -- expectation was. That every uninsured Americans would have insurance on January 1 as welcome as that development would be said. People who want their coverage to begin on on January 1 must enroll by December 23. Carney said the administration is acting very aggressively. To ensure that those who -- older and communication with their insurers to make sure they know when their premiums or do. Like those people in Washington. This premiums aren't due until next week and already detonated their accounts right here before Christmas. Have you signed up for -- volunteer club course you haven't. Because it's still. A horrific mess and you never wanted to and anyway. I just in time for Christmas we decided to redo. One of the a traditional. Songs of the season camp we Kelly how row are obamacare Christmas on -- And and yeah. The -- okay. Besides us. -- -- Since those programs it's. -- Hello. Yeah. Who thinks this viewing than it was good news. Throw all the prescription he'd. -- Yeah. Yes there are incidents are raising since sliced bread. As swing of the center for let's check real time traffic for the first time this afternoon and robards is out sick today about the mr. Is -- is keep an eye on the commute for it and. Consider America's future and thank you. Sounds season in the background. Herb -- I mean she wanna rest. I am I saw this story last week and I and I went down hang onto it for a while. Waiting as they say further developments. And I. Founded just exactly the further development on selective -- here's a story on dateline December 15. My sandy FitzGerald. Where they have won this is it news Max. The headline Fox News neutralized. Soros backed group declares victory. The liberal media watchdog group. I should be attack -- group really backed by billionaire George Soros says its war on Fox News is over. Claiming it is neutralize the right leaning network and no longer sees it as a threat. It's not just that it's over but it was very successful. Media matters executive VP Angelo current Sony. Bragged to -- this week in the Huffington Post to a large extent we welcome. -- Then now we fast forward to today. Fox News Channel maintained its grip on the cable news network ratings prize in 2013. Drawing more viewers than they combined averages of CNN. BS NBC and headline news. According to Nielsen data through December -- Fox News Channel averaged one point 77 million viewers in prime time. Followed by BS NBC with 645. And so they've got what about a third. Of the audience. -- CNN with 578000. And headline news that a 403000. Among all basic cable networks and when he thirteen Fox News Channel ranked sixth in prime time. This among all including entertainment channels I. BS NBC was 29 and CNN was 31. And blunt the CNN and headline news wouldn't be there unless of course you know they've had to deal over there on -- every airport. -- all over the world. That certainly helps -- -- back to the iphone's -- -- Enron who has a sense of Ohio run and welcomed the Bobby match up. Yeah I've I just wanted to let you know that the into trees so up and open and I want -- second round pick up -- attired in. There's still quite a few there and are going to be there and tilt. Tomorrow at nine. Also they've extended the deadline I don't know because I thought it was the -- yesterday there's another one of -- mall correct -- That's that's good to know and this this 500 dollar check. That I have right here in my hand from the folks at -- fire and safety in -- Will be able to hopefully cover a bunch of those that are still on -- -- probably can't yeah I'm just sat there I could do one. I first I appreciate -- doing that run and then and thanks for the update. Appreciate that very much thank you sir for your generosity and hope you have a Merry Christmas. Thank you sir you know I'm I'm left to assume paid to do that as you know what happens when you -- but I'm left to assume that because they had been behind. Four up much of the fund raising season for the Angel tree this year than they extended the deadline which is a good thing. So I'll take this little check over to -- for the Salvation Army. At the conclusion of the show this evening and I know will be happy to receive that panel puts them some presents under the tree of of youngsters and otherwise would not have point. 430 in time for the news right back on the other side here on the -- Mac show. And scares me a lot of the local here on Tuesday on WORD. 106 there. You know. I'm a victim great to have you along -- -- -- -- -- The Nextel. Within weeks for me. And I explained. A couple of different occasions. I got my vacation days -- about. Back in September. I am I gonna check me HR. Did see how many. Vacation days ahead and they they said and had -- and I think it's been -- Saint -- where Christmas. Then nine. -- got another email sorry yeah -- on miscalculation here. You actually have him. On vacation days. And so I'm I'm I'm in the position them into cram all these in here at the end of the year and I apologize amendment. Tony dale as he has been so generous. In in doing generous with his time and his talent will be filling in for me a beginning on Thursday. And then not I'll be back on 9 January 2. And and when I am we'll have something kind of special to announce. As well captain can't divulge again because it's still my president. -- proprietary. Classified information. But. We we will have on some some nuisance. A little bit more on obamacare today it just -- I mean it every day. If something else and it's something worse. From national review online 45 states. It's. In Arkansas. It's up to 1404. Well on the way to the states -- 51000. Played enrollees by the end of march. In Delaware. Joseph Biden's own state shotgun Joseph. Their goal is 191000 boy there gain an -- they already have 15169. Chinese. So only another 171000. Ago. In West Virginia. It's up to 775. Enrollees and obamacare then I'll hit their goal of 24000. In no time. In Hawaii. The president's adopted home state they're all the way up to a 444. People enrolled. So their goal of 9000. Is saying certainly a reachable target in Colorado. They're up to 9980. When they go of 92000. I guess we can skip the scuffling over Oregon and Washington exchanges. As there. Ridiculously. Embarrassing failures have been extensively discussed Oregon. Now -- Oregon has a goal of signing up 237000. People initially for obamacare. Well on their way with 44 people enrolled. Washington is it 171700. Navy. With a goal of a mere 340 -- keep in mind true you know some of these people in Washington have already been dividend. For and and the information management passed on to the insurance companies and they pay for something Manning signed up for -- or or been insured under. A little lion the presidential stage surely they're ahead of the curve. In getting both enrolled in paid right. Out of a goal of -- 143000. They now have. 7043. Kentucky. Cited as one of obamacare shining success stories with 20951. Enroll. Even Bob Kentucky your nearly 10% of the way your goal of 220000. All of those in the states for their own exchanges ambitious democratic governors and deep blue state legislators surely. There are enrolling people at a better pace right. And now railway. Maryland where they go with a 150000. Enrollees. Is now at 3758. Massachusetts. Where the target of a quarter of a million. They've got 17100. Minnesota with a goal of 67000. Still trying to hit 10% and 4470. Goes on and on and off. -- In California. They're up to 159004. People and -- which sounds pretty good right. Do you realize they're aiming for one point three million. Things. Alaska. There enrollment gold 20000. They get 390 people. Let me make this simpler all right because I could go on like this ad nauseam the only states that have reached 10%. Of their enrollment goals. California Colorado Connecticut New York Rhode Island Kentucky is -- Congratulations. Oh by the way Kathleen Sebelius has some more news source not Obama character you're gonna love this. When we come right back for 41 it's nineteen minutes now before five. -- -- Zain recuperating from -- -- and you're rather -- yeah I think he's going to be back minister yeah. 446 now 14 before 5 o'clock payment program. I'm Barbara Walters on this connections in the background and everything. Barbara Walt. Ours puts together that's a year in special album the most fascinating people interviews that she does. This year she decided to do the -- dynasty. Family. Minus one. Story from Muncie and -- his many celebrities look forward to a Barbara Walters interview. Not so with -- dynasty star Phil Robertson. Robertson. Along with -- the rest of the family. Was scheduled to be. Shooting an interview with Barbara Walters last month for a ABC. Barbara Bob while. Talk with other members of the Robertson family and Phil's wife miss K. Who told Barbara Walters these 67 year old founder of duck commander couldn't be there because. He preferred to go duck -- -- Gotta love this guy. Walters says that she has never been superseded by a duck for first time for everything. Bob walk. Now back to the -- we all spring and now John -- who's in Pickens I don't know how are you today. I'm Aaron Gray box. Yeah thank you -- Christmas. Mary Christmas he would play -- without a Merry Christmas. Yet last night at the children -- there -- And South Carolina and yet people. That -- unanimously. To support direct relation to get common core I really. Expect it Canadians are. Well that is goodness so what are you get in no way above and here I mean. The F federal district court judge there ruled that what the NSA are doing spying on American citizens is unconstitutional. The court. Now or that the judge in Brooklyn. Ruling that it was an infringement on our religious freedoms. -- people that don't pay for a contraceptives. And the like in obamacare -- went to and now. Here's a here's another -- good the good things I -- happen in threes. You're good -- it softened. -- -- serial it's more and it does not not it I had pets now are quite a while. So what tell them what I'm going forward do we anticipate is gonna happen what -- the GOP. What is is urging legislators to back this when the session starts AM January. Yes we have to deal. In the L 300. And how the L thirty and 43 of them and ask. -- we're urging people to do it to contact especially when you're Republican leadership and down. It can make sure they understand even -- that the GOP -- at this respiration and -- that they should be standing back and aunt. If they don't then they'll have to answer to about Ers from. Stupid yeah zero rate. Let's let's hope that the voters actually do -- for China holder of the fire on this stuff. Because you know and until some of them are forced to pay the price. On being eliminated from the good old boys club in Colombia and they're they're -- they're not gonna get the message -- think they can cannot continue to do whatever they want to do with impunity this is good though because. This gives this'll get more ammunition for us you actually governor Haley. Who also opposes common core. And effort for for people that may not be aware of some of the stuff that's in common course some of the reading material and it is absolutely. The worst kind of pornographic stuff you can ever imagine and of them the math stuff the senate for instance. In common format that Q would you does not have to equal for. I'm not making this up. You're not you're not exactly like I'm re probably very standards which -- -- many -- our legislators and that should not let our electorate in the creek that ran -- -- wait there it was because you know when -- -- wanna get up. He got the right to. What is that may not be at all excellent and I came away. Started adding to it and it out and -- -- North Carolina public schoolteacher and very intimate and once every -- Black came out there was art and I actually trades that's what they're trying to teach children -- -- that everything at our little or nothing and didn't stand there and absolutely. And needless to say it may not equal sport is likely yet. -- really rational explanation or what they considered being a reasonable explanation for how you arrived at that your conclusion to would you give the 150. -- I mean it's it's it's insanity and action and it's the it's the dumbing down. Of the kids and -- do you do you hear general courses involved with the SE -- SC PI he. That the parents that organization that has stood in opposition to obamacare for some comfort to us to common core for some time do you hear from many teachers. -- -- We -- yeah which just informed the other day -- and Pickens County. At a teacher's meeting. Airwaves -- a lot of disgruntled teacher so he had a meeting with -- specifically. About common coordinate and it lets you heard. Price -- track at CNET. And change teachers thank you -- -- it is the -- hearing is it something may need to be ignoring not contacts South Carolina cat thank. Her teacher at -- that we're hearing we're hearing it's -- teachers to speak up epic as that that's for sure that it I don't teachers should. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And apple but I can play against teachers when they -- political right -- -- and lot. I admire the courage of those teachers who we do you have yeah and cannot -- gumption to speak up against and enough. All I can say and support them it's diva -- revolution hill. I thought they actually not thank you -- Matt. Thank you John Allan appreciate and -- and a Merry Christmas either of those sorts of SE fired doing great work. And and we'll get the common core dumped out here because it's a disaster for 537 minutes now before five let's check real time traffic again this afternoon. And day here's Jennifer Lewis filling in for Andy did it with real time traffic. It is our hands it's gone past as they are men subdued. -- minute away from Houston on top of the hour. -- on the other side. Yesterday we told you about -- -- from a judicial watch and I -- victorious lawsuit against the NSA and their. Spying program. Digging in everybody's phone calls for FaceBook. Knoller asked there is paid another revelation about does that piece today. From -- Jerry coursing there's been a frequent guest on this program as well from world net daily that is pretty astounding about and not only. At NSA spying. On Larry claim and others but the other -- other. Nefarious things they were up two no good -- tell you exactly what that was when we come back -- I'm right now it's 5 o'clock.