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Dec 17, 2013|

Obama care; Budget

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's failing upward again. Been running their health care and yeah it's not gonna have a great hearing. Only in the Obama administration when you -- god. Done it yourself. And yeah. Think -- popcorn. How many greetings and welcome salutation. Stay alive I think as we get under way our number one. On the plane electric radio program and in the air chair as always your genial host. Ravaged John John syllable appointed president. And at the end sensitivity university. Where our speciality. Is non politically correct -- -- -- -- in the hood again. I didn't encouraged and welcome. Here -- -- advantage to on line members who refuse to join me and be part of the show the game. Greeneville and vicinity 232. WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg. 57 Ford WE RT. Our attacks -- line number 71307. FaceBook and twitter.com. Slash news radio. WOR DSL. At twelve Republicans -- what. I think they needed aid to the members of the GOP and -- To advance the Ryan Murray budget compromise a boy -- gas and huge. Budget -- in -- there. Over the next ten years did say something like fifty billion dollar now 25 billion dollars. Which is any literal drop in the bucket. Of what they're spending anyway. Twelve Republicans voted along with 55 Democrats to begin debate. On the measure Republicans joining Democrats to invoke cloture. Include Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. Lamar Alexander. The guy whose chief of staff just resign. Because he's the target of a child porn investigation. I think that's a case. Out Roy Blunt from Missouri. Saxby Chambliss from Georgia Susan Collins of Maine who's not really or should not even a rhino. I'm Jeff flake of Arizona. I guess John McCain. Who was also one of the dirty dozen. Not twisted -- -- arm to vote for this like Orrin hatch from Utah John -- from North Dakota Johnny Isaacson from Georgia. Roy -- Ron Johnson from Wisconsin. Lisa Murkowski. From Alaska and Rob Portman of Ohio. The two year deal wool ease the mandatory spending caps the sequester. Imposed by congress and Tony eleven. This will allow a 63 billion dollar increase in the discretionary budget but it does nothing -- To reform entitlement programs. Which are the big big drivers of growing deficits and debt. The deal also raises certain fee it's. You know I -- are. The outright treason is another word for taxes. A simple majority is expected for is needed for passage and that's expected -- tomorrow or Thursday. So. You know. Kick the can down the road. One more time are to be -- the calendar pages we know without further -- due today. Happy birthday to you you're celebrating its seventeenth. And December right money -- -- You share your birthday -- actress Mila Jovovich. Who is 38 through and all those Resident Evil. -- she also played a lady do winter in the latest version of the three musketeers. She also was a really good infielder mark. Film made a number of years ago she played Saint John and that would warrant Holden actresses 44 she plays Andrea. I'm Walking Dead. -- bell is 27 season and Maria's dad's sister Amy. On the Walking Dead and she's also in the ground. In other news Dallas also celebrating today 35 Manny Pacman. -- you know. The end dazzling Filipino -- singer and competition. Manny Pacquiao 35 today. I Geovany releasing his 39 actor the amazing that a guy played the corporate loon who destroyed the home free and avatar. I was Nicholas -- brother in the remake of gone. Sixty seconds. And and now he's on Fox's dad's. Arab TV show. Chocolate -- former UFC light heavyweight champions 44 today country superstar Tracy bird -- Is. 47. Peter for roadway is 571 of -- film producing and writing for rally Brothers. Now there's something about Mary shallow Hal -- then dumb and dumber. Three stooges and on and on. Bill Pullman is sixty today he played the president in independents day. Also reportedly doing the Independence -- -- I didn't even know there were -- at the Independence Day sequel. -- Comedian and actor Eugene Levy is 67. He was one of the original guys and SE TVP ever have a chance to go back and then I guess they may be on Netflix or somewhere. The old SC TV. TV show episodes are really funny. There were kind of Avaya. Another round Saturday Night Live type show I Eugene Levy as -- was in. Best in show and of a bunch of other films. Getting a thrill up his leg today is Chris Matthews who has 6080 see the ratings by the way money for -- year end ratings. -- Fox news's ratings were higher. Than CNN. CNN headline news and BS NBC com but. No I happy birthday Chris. In that thrill up your leg actor Ernie Hudson here -- the black ghost buster he is 68. David Madden actor he played Rubin -- Kincaid. On the Partridge Family he is 82. Arthur Fiedler we remember in memorial he was born in the state and 1894 led the Boston Pops -- years and years. Eight days to go now until Christmas fifteen days until the new fifteen days. Fifteen days until -- Tony fourteen. 47 days until Super Bowl 4852. Days of the Winter Olympics and 1130. Days remaining of hopeless checked. Back in the day. 1903. Wilbur and or -- right proved -- could fly. Win or hold piloted their fly or one airplane. On a 122 flight over kitty hawk North Carolina. The entire distance they covered in the air where shorter than they wingspan of a 740 cents. But hey you know. They did now all the computers and area. 1933. In the first NFL championship game to Chicago Bears. Defeated the New York Giants 2321. And Wrigley Field. And 1944. In the US army declared the Japanese Americans. Who had been removed from the West Coast and held in detention camps. -- one of the old time liberals. Favorite presidents FDR. Blocked -- in detention camps but they were allowed to return to their homes on the state in 1944. 1955. Carl Perkins. Was having trouble sleeping. So we've got up and wrote down some lyrics to a song -- a brown paper -- Blue suede shoes hit number two on the pop and country charts and later became a huge hit for an unknown kid named Elvis Presley. And 1964. -- the Greek then they can -- this starring Anthony Quinn. Opened. 1969. Tiny Tim married seventeen year old miss Vicki on the Tonight Show huge audience like fifty million people. They divorced. Years later. 1975. Lynette squeaky for a home. Sentenced to life in prison for her attempted shooting of president Gerald Ford squeaky was released on parole in 2010. After 34 years behind bars and a startling allergies and -- and on the straight narrow ever since 1976. WT CG. TV in Atlanta. And been purchased by a guy that owned a billboard company. And not had part in person a couple of radio stations one of which I work for. WT CG TV Atlanta Georgia. Now owned by Ted Turner changed its call letters to WTBS. And was -- linked via satellite. To become the first commercial TV station to cover the entire US. People's another crazy idea. And they said the same thing about CNN CNN is gonna watch news 24 hours and 1989 the Simpsons debuted on fox now and its 25 season. 1994. Richie Sambora. Of Bon Jovi married Heather Locklear today would have been their nineteenth anniversary. It was on this date in 2005. President George W. Bush acknowledged he had authorized a secret. Eavesdropping. Program in the US. After the 9/11 attacks -- result bush as well -- -- Is that it. It was kind of anti climatic way just -- -- -- -- 17. After a 3 o'clock. They did it again and move that trashed. All the trauma and a -- the trash can I get it well if you want -- and you want something done right. -- -- Back to the not back to the Oscars is an enemy backfield we haven't gone to limit to the phones for the first time today. That's what he meant to say when our leadoff batter Roberts. On his cell phone hello Robert and welcome to the program. That article you saw Chris Wallace on Sunday bike you know. It's the same teacher saying it all comes down to gun control -- no other issue regarding school violence never it's never about. You know anything other than gun control. And you know it's so frustrating it's all -- like one dimensional thinking I mean I'll go out Serb Serb people in kinetic. Well did did Chris did Chris managed to mention how this shooting in the latest school shooting. And a wrap a hole high schools brought to a conclusion by an armed policeman who was stationed in the school. -- did did he mention. That the Denver Post in interviewing one of the kids' classmates said he was an avowed socialist and Obama supporter. Now not that either. A lot of annually oversight and important to. Note there's never report card -- laughter it's only further -- tickets -- report card but -- -- What what happened after we kicked prayer out of schools let you know quite only have a voucher system like you're a parent. -- young kids in Connecticut why can't they take their kids home and home schooled by elated because we care more about the unions and Connecticut. Or or what is it exactly everyone has -- a whole other dimension to this issue at all but just killed just getting guns out of there what about com. Yeah there's just so many other things to consider I mean we we we we have a president who voted four times -- can't decide. Right well I don't -- well at least three in the state of Illinois and their legislature right. What we're really saying there is that like this pretty inching you know it's like it is -- Yeah so I mean it was Chris Wallace I expect it to be ordered better than Bob Schieffer you know in life. Did did did did Chris mentioned. That shot gun was used in this latest -- shooting an analyst Joseph Biden who urged everybody. -- My person I guess they overlook that aspect of it as well probably. You know until until we really get today is considered the crux of this matter. -- shouldn't assume that they're just gonna stopper goal late and it's just. It's you know it's -- look at my heart really pleased for those people because what happens after doctor Todd -- is that what happened after all probably you know. Right well ask the people in New Jersey what happened after hurricane standard -- went Obama where are. Got the big hug from Chris Christie enough they still have homes that haven't been rebuilt and they can't get in IA other and obamacare and camera. And you know at all at all school that we thought we educate our kids very inexpensive way they're all well defined our kids they did excellent at school. They learned -- self managing everything like and yet I guess. -- know it might be considered. Yeah you're you're just now you're just a lucky in their country. It wasn't setting was Gary Player -- -- Gregg -- and the harder I work the luckier I again yeah. It's probably yelled at the you know they're they're tunnel vision and their thinking. They don't wanna be confused with actually they know what they know because in their heart of liberal hearts they know that they're doing the right thing. And that guy can never get it done nobody it was. The bad guy or know then it's against the law course so you'll never -- a -- yeah. I'm not on -- on the front well look at the way they locked up the classrooms at a record I feel so here's a kid who comes on the campus he's obviously deranged he's got a shotgun. And so a locked classroom door is that what he's gonna say all the -- want McCain to win there. About -- ascent we're all these things happening they're happening in liberal can advocate there happening it. In favor gun laws it's that gun laws in Illinois. They just -- a hold of new gun laws and content -- There's gun laws were announcement. Thanks for the call Robert -- You sufficiently confuse oh on a laugh now because. They actually have a few facts have to contend with 21 after three take a break here -- be right back with more. I'm a Mac show here on Tuesday why the local on WORD 106 there. Mentioned this is Arthur feeders -- yeah -- here's and here's the maestro and background I think Boston Pops Orchestra. Sounds of the season. 27 after 3 o'clock Connie Mac program and -- -- -- -- spring and Francis who joins us in Spartanburg hello Frances how is your chance now. -- loving man gets a pleasure to tout he will do as usual. Yeah every day you have excellent place for. Quite yet you don't sound like you're. Well look I mean you know it if you know about. It well let's try it I mean if that was the case in Baskin Robbins would only have to Salmonella wouldn't. Exactly. What I'm going to it's 61 years ago and the tribal. And how -- of income under 700 dollars a month. No it's not. That lack. Have been Republican -- my lie and a conservative. But the one thing I really have a yet. Their outlook and their philosophies. -- taking care of the truly cool. Yeah I'll argue it. 26 dollars and substantial -- I had neighbors collar around and laugh and they have ten people in the rhythm and hundreds of hours as they stand. It's -- yet and I guess Salomon. -- you just nailed the problem. You know people who abuse the system who had no right. To the that an -- that the truly needy should be received. Well instead of punishing everybody together. Why don't make it better screening. -- white -- That's a very fair question and and a reasonable question as well. The reason is. Other many politicians in Washington and analysts space and there are some in both parties but they are bound predominantly. Liberal Democrats who insist on buying votes by. As as Limbaugh has about playing Santa Claus and giving is a giving away as much as they possibly can't. To hit a criminal -- turning now. That well -- -- but I mean look you know now we we find ourselves in a situation where there handing out driver's licenses to. People who are not citizens we already know that. Undocumented. Immigrants that would be illegal aliens to you and me are are abusing the entitlement programs. -- -- -- -- They're very and and and though they're they are stealing that's the word for it there it is theft they are stealing. The tax dollars are intended for of the people who. Are deserving and really need them and and I can't tell us. Or exactly right and until some money. Does something about cleaning it all up. Will all continue to suffer and so are you find yourself in the position Francis and I. I will think yeah that kind of I'm a lot and I'm thankful not -- Well there you go on there you go and and but I'm I'm I'm sorry and I'm saddened that we have a system and allow us. This kinda lose the level of abuse. Where where people who were undeserving are receiving things that they shouldn't. This guy and I just wanted to get -- out and and you people something different about it and I'm just nailed it sounds that occur. -- -- until we demand that they do and hold their feet to the fire they're gonna continue to play the game the way it's always been quite Frank -- I'll that you have a Merry Christmas and thanks so much for listening in -- on that. Well thank you I love I love listening to you and you kind of Mary -- I will do my best thanks on you have a great -- -- and -- appreciate the call 331 his new show I'm right back on the other side here on the body Mac show why the local on WORD. 106 theory. Isn't happy home and you might send -- Christmas yeah. -- You you've got to be careful you know you you're. You're flirting with disaster. These days business for many people myself included. Prefer to hear. Did you hear about the Christina. Then the whole world. At Cristina than they go away is a is Salvation Army bell ring are not sure where what city. She isn't she all at Phoenix and she collects donations outside of a Wal-Mart. In Phoenix Arizona. Now recently. She. She had she -- a woman. By saying it happy holidays. Instead of Merry Christmas. And now the woman. Punched her in the arm. As you said -- woman answers you believe in god in the told her she's -- say Merry Christmas. And -- slugger. Fortunately. The Bobby -- show hidden microphones were on the scene can we roll that audio players. Happy holidays. I get deal punch out every time -- welcome back at 22 before four gone back to the full -- spring and Don. Who is on his cell phone hello Don and Merry Christmas T. Eric Christian cute once a -- Tucker -- work -- college. -- record you can. It's interesting to see the looks on the faces now when you do that and. Although I won't listen I'll publish your question sure. You were talking about -- they use. In the new budget bill that Ryan and Patty Murray put together. Okay you're living it can do so so well I don't you check -- agreeable Johnny. County council. Sure it -- -- city. City Council. The water -- undue control solid 8% of our paycheck. -- Check -- topic also they are outraged -- -- taxes they are charged in just extra fee -- Yeah I am pipes that each picture so I'm working a -- top job. Give away about half a lot to -- to my family right -- -- -- -- coast saw my son. And other members a lot Delhi has kept her salary cuts into the economic German opera mr. it'll. Always say now though they bought the economy was booming again here. It's somebody that knows somebody at about public I don't see any building going on and either. But there complain about what what don't get any ears every month spell or building stormed out. Little bit more a little bit old because all the sure -- east and all the so that deferred fees that are in there. But they are not raising your taxes. No no no that. There's no far from there there are rarely increasing on a fee structure. -- somebody somebody get better potential and because when the next election come up. I -- boat probably ever not an option. I I hate to tell you this -- and it's gonna get worse because of the EPA they now. Unconstitutionally. Nobody elected the EPA to anything the Environmental Protection Agency that water. Is it is their next target. Not that they wanna they want they already are flexing their muscles and telling people what they can do water on their own private property. Well. Out of control. Okay or will -- -- what if you got a -- take their property. They think about it not totally wish that -- -- actor and to get yourself to take and make you get on shady sources. They then that's that's just the there's a word for that and that there's an expression. On it comes to mind and that would be that's not right. If it if it's if it's your property. Let me just pose a hypothetical question here theoretically. -- the -- property shouldn't you be able to do what you want you wanna. -- not in today's world a big note because our politicians who we elected to or not and more than electorate. Official stats all they know they are not Superman or whatever they are pure human being shot we are there were elected to -- public office but he yet. They think that they had the right to tell us what we can do. -- that forum today. And now and -- don't and won't be happy until they control. Every aspect of our lives apparent. Well now that's product that's my next question now. And they -- they've already told us what kind of toilets we can have and our homes and how much water they can have -- -- for -- and how much more personal can you get them. Yes sir -- totally -- polished one question not doctors aren't sure why would Dick do you honestly -- -- -- your beliefs. Anti Democratic Party. Control I'll bomber or were you ever controlled my. Do you believe that they are trying to take over our nation yes. Because I at -- station and into the military push station isn't countries could have a one party government. It is not fun -- and there. You bet well you know -- bit. This it is they failed socialism as they failed philosophy and ideology. Everywhere it's been dry it. But but that's not gonna stop these guys. Where -- where is endemic -- that just -- -- we can get. I am afraid we are unless we want slam on the brakes and hurry and not turn this ship around. Or migrating down -- you have a right to you know they're the ones are gonna have to live under this kind of tyrannical. Federal government and sticking net octopus is tentacles into every aspect of our lives. Well I'll still -- Milwaukee now Kirk -- urged. And it got -- -- well programs but I'm more or wrote are you Wear uniform you know adult ticket don't patent should have brought angered about -- Yep sure to end -- out and end up. We thought that the Castro when he came to power you know is gonna bring democracy well so did the Cuban people how'd that work for. Now. -- Don thank you for the call I appreciate it and now. -- a Merry Christmas despite what's gonna answer. There you go that's and that's the way I would get it to you thank you down 34317. Now before four. And Merry Christmas yeah. And. It'll jazzy sound of season. Elton Carson and jingle bells. Well listen as the this is interesting I am I just got this news release from the GC SO that Greenville county sheriff's office. From my lieutenant time Miller who passes and remember the dog that was drag behind the truck. The other news release says on December 6 2013. -- animal control contacted the sheriff's office where the information in reference to an animal cruelty case on November 29. Several witnesses reported seeing the defendant Roger Dennis -- driving a pickup truck in northern Greenville county. Witnesses reported seeing a tan and white dog being dragged behind the vehicle. It reported that the dog now known as -- grace was attached to the -- by a short lead. While the vehicle was being driven erratically. Animal control conducted an initial investigation and Roger Owens was issued a citation. Under county ordinance -- -- nineteen cruelty to animals. After further investigation by animal control and the sheriff's office. And after consultation with the Greenville county solicitors office mister Owens has been charged under the state. Felony of ill treatment of animals that. Roger -- placed under arrest on December 17. 2013 today of course. And at the time of his arrest. Was caught driving under suspension. Why why am I am not surprised to hear that. Mr. Owens is currently -- in the count. At the graybar hotel also known as the Greenville county detention center where he awaits bond. Now let's see that's the female pit -- That went and it didn't wanna fight. -- that there were yeah. So merit Christmas mr. OS 35010 minutes now before four. Welcome back about four minutes away from -- this time top of the hour and a fourth. You never the other day when I was on with the rest castle and wonderful way. Can run by a check for a 5000 dollars. Because these salvation army's Angel tree drive and falling short this year. Thanks also to the folks at local fire and safety in Malden. That this this check -- went downstairs -- run up to me on the. They they wrote a check to the Salvation Army for 500 dollars. To help meet the goal for the Angel -- because it it's it's now. Closed so -- sure I'll make sure the district gets to them. Double quick. So they can go ahead and apply that toward the Angel tree fund thanks again the folks at -- fire and safety and -- I know that you have a Merry Christmas. For your generosity and thinking of others that was old Daryl hall and John Oates in the background there on the bumper music with private eyes. Kiss Nirvana Peter Gabriel and a Daryl hall and John notes are getting into the rock and roll hall of fame. I'm Gabriel already in the hall wants as a member of Genesis the class of 2014 also includes Linda Ronstadt. And Kent Stephens. That is no longer Cat Stevens named by the way he is now -- Muslim has been for a number of years changed his name to mullah. You Seth Abraham or something like that. Stephens and kids are the only inductees or not first time nominees the induction ceremony takes place in Brooklyn. And they Barkley center on April 10. And will air on HBO in May notable nominees passed over this year include Deep Purple what they left Deep Purple. Yes. And those zombies. All pretty deserve. In my humble opinion inductees were chosen by a secret ballot. Of over 600 voters one vote goes to fans who make their picks in an online poll this year the fans shows kids. With seventeen point 2% of the -- they were followed by Nirvana. With nearly 16% and Deep Purple with almost 12% -- a lot of people agree with me Deep -- should be in there. You can check out a chart showing how all the action did in the fan voting on Rolling Stones website there about a million and a half votes. That were submitted deal like. Incandescent lightbulbs. Yeah you know though the old fashioned -- the Thomas Edison invent it well. Better rush out and buy some because on January 1 it's lights out. January wanna become illegal to manufacture or import. Traditional. Sixty watt and forty want. Incandescent bulbs thanks to the 2007. Bill that set strict minimum efficiency standards and effectively outlawed. The ordinary bowl. And so like a politician on Election Day -- Home Depot amongst others is encouraging consumers to buy early on and get a why you still can't. The nation's largest bulb retailer urges on its website stock up on incandescent light bulbs before they're completely discontent it's not quite correct. The 2007 law doesn't mandate that manufacturers discontinue their -- just that they improve them. Forty watt -- have to be improved and Minnesota sixty models but in the meantime. Home Depot reports they have a six month stockpile. I'm gonna give them. I just you know it's like the the commode it's a I don't want the government that deeply entrenched in my light bulbs are -- a -- okay. New stuff for --