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Dec 16, 2013|

NSA; Olympics; Obama care

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- Finally some good news your -- Judge rules and then the NSA spying on everything you sail on the phone and -- Music everything you post on FaceBook. What you know we actually found a giant -- read the constitution. And center. Can't demand. Yeah. And even more amazing name. Judge agrees to a and I. Stranger things happening and will continue to happen and he greetings and welcome salutation. And night. Monday Monday can't trust that day aloha to you this weekend will be a great weekend. Saturday and no one -- yeah. Yesterday leases and came back again today -- -- -- and the aluminum -- -- and it is Monday and and we think it's gonna -- as the week goes well that's good. As always great to have you -- here on the Bob -- electric radio program with yours truly. Or genial host -- shock jock. Syllable pointed precedent. On them and insensitivity university. Where he specialized. In. Non politically correct studies and we always invite encouraging and welcome. Your participation. In the program whatever form that may take Courtney called winner send -- text message here the -- advantage shock on her short email. For that matter Ingles advantage hotline numbers -- 232. WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg. 574. -- WORD. Text line number 71307. My email address Bob on word. At Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and Twitter. Dot com slash news radio WORT thanks to all the folks that came by to see us on Friday. When we took the show on the road to to lose face outfitters. They're on now Butler Washington in downtown Greenville wonderful team honestly I was nice to see a lot of people twelfth some folks that have. Didn't with a program and followed the show for a long time came back by to say hello again and I wish me in my family Merry Christmas. And all of us here in WORD Americas was a number of folks that. And participated in the show went because what do you call in or not. I still consider you a participant in the show. A number of folks have fallen to that category. Came by to -- or just you know. Have a face to put with a voice and all that stuff that was nice and as I was a -- this was really cool. As I was leaving. I don't know 615 somewhere around there with these actually close to six and they've been closer for a little while. And we were wrapping up all the remote stuff and I was saying divide everybody there and walked outside. And young man came up to me probably and I know I'm -- guest map one X thirty some like that late twenties early thirties. And -- -- and says hi -- I'm glad I caught him. -- -- -- a little something he handed me this piece of paper that was folded up out went wives. And I didn't I didn't know what it was examining hand he had just chill a little girls went and one of them was navy. How does not want to say maybe three or four in night and a little girl that was. May be a year something like that that he was holding and the other little girls walking -- and so he -- -- made them an -- kind of that to the little girls and thank him for whatever was -- handed made a lot of people will bring me. Political tracks and and things like that -- and that's fine you know because I can't see and read everything. So it's nice when somebody brings something to my attention and I haven't seen before. So and I put my briefcase. And got home. And was attacked and I am Megan -- a little on Wednesday because I was home all that later than usual and when that happens she's always wait by the door you Boone did usual blue rose -- and added that it. So and then I'd I'd I pulled the other piece of paper. Out of my briefcase and it was just a piece of stationary that was folded up. A round something else. And the note said dear Bob just a little gift. So it to say thanks for all that you do I've been a listener since 2008. Keep up the great work exclamation point underlined sincerely. Joseph and I didn't catch his last name and -- -- and and I turned over what was wrapped up in the piece of paper it was a it was a bumper sticker. A Reagan. Bush bumper sticker from 1984. How cool was that. Made my day and and despite what do whatever -- Brenda make an arrogant. Give me for Christmas it'll it'll rank up there as one of the tough Christmas presents this year for sure and so I'm gonna take it animals have a frame. And I'm gonna put it up on the wall in the office right now it's just taped up. And -- -- -- shipment but I'm I'm gonna take it into one of the friend in places and different because that was really. What a treat. What a treat that -- as I've mentioned from time to time I have. A yeah a photo. In the office. Now about President Reagan and the autograph -- which has one of my treasured mementos so to have this. Bumpers we got a piece of history. Now it's a great piece of memorabilia. So thanks so much you know and it was a pleasure meeting you and your dollars aren't too via the always say it before get the calendar page one other quick note. I got this email today. -- Bob really enjoy your show -- -- in every day on the way home keep up the good fight. Now for the reason for the email I would like to spread a little Christmas cheer to all your listeners. I have a Christmas light show that may take over everybody's minds off the problems going on -- political system everybody is invited to come by to watch. I only ask that if they enjoy the show to please donate to their favorite charity. The show or run from six to 10 PM from now through Christmas and the address is 200. To notch that TWO two notch trail easily. 29642. I believe this is mr. money penny -- and analysis she is nodding sent there's also a web site with last year's shows. Easily cooks EA SLY. -- easily cooks dot com. I'll I'll pass this along to -- money for -- you can post that on our FaceBook page. The address because that's that's pretty cool thanks appreciate that very much right now to the. Calendar pages -- to. Happy birthday to you here celebrating. BC I was sixtieth. Again. You share your birthday with Miranda on the old actress. She is 46 she played he'll win in The Lord of the Rings trilogy she's the one that did in the weight -- The London and has that done no man can kill me I have no matter. Got killed in disguise as a man Benjamin Bratt actor is the Big Five oh today. Happy birthday to William the refrigerator Perry the -- he's 51. Billy Gibbons is easy job is 64. -- Anderson from Emma. Is 67 that's apparently the film simple enough talent don't feel the same forwards and backwards and well there's not a business. Stephen bochco is seven navy guy that created a bunch of TV shows Hill Street Blues LA law. Doogie Houser in YPD blue. Actress Liv -- is 75. Lesley Stahl and. Sixty minutes is 72 years old today we remember in the maori -- sir Arthur Clark would have been 96. Born in the state in 1970 and the author of course of 2001. A space Odyssey. Author Philip K. Dick brilliant writer whose work was the basis for movies like minority report. Blade runner and total recall he was born est 1928 and a look -- Von Beethoven. Born in this state 1770. Many of his greatest compositions were composed while they must. You talk about it Jean. -- camp. Nine days to go until Christmas sixteen days until the new year -- Only about. Two more weeks until Tony fourteen. 48 days until Super Bowl 48 we -- one of the teams playing in that stadium yesterday. I think the Seahawks are going to be in the super. This and and the other Seahawks shut out of the giants yesterday. Costly car dealerships in in Seattle 420000. Dollars. Well the insurance company anyway I'll tell you about that we roll along here today now 53 days to the Winter Olympics. And 1131. Days remaining a hopeless checked. Back in the day. In those 1773. Which congressmen think that. It enough 1773. In what became known as the Boston Tea Party. American colonists protesting British taxes on teeth and their monopoly of the ET trade. So they snuck on to ships docked in Boston Harbor disguised as Indians. Or a native Americans if you prefer and dumped more than 300 chest of English tea overboard. It was the Boston Tea Party. 1811 before the richter scale sized -- just rated earthquakes on a scale from one to twelve. On this date and 1811 the only twelfth. Earthquake ever recorded rocked Missouri. I think that was the New Madrid fault. Earthquake. It was so big they still talk about it enough that part of the country that earthquake was so big it rang the church -- in Boston. That's an earthquake. 1944. World war two's battle of the bulge began as German forces launched a surprise counter attack. Against allied forces in Belgium's. -- for us. And -- -- in here and number about. 1951 the first episode of dragnet. Aired on TV home on dumped on. Just the facts -- 1967. -- the other women pipers. Any other group from Ohio where's that to have that and there yet -- from Ohio released this song. -- Play group. -- -- And onto a -- -- a man can't. On this date in 19671971. Don McLean eight minute smash American pie. Was released. 1972 the Miami Dolphins the -- the first NFL team to go undefeated and on tied in the regular season fourteen and no. It was a fourteen game regular season -- -- beat the Baltimore colts sixteen and I think they went on to win both their playoff games and the Super Bowl. To complete a seventeen and oh season. One of -- -- oh -- and finally a 2010 Pink Panther director Blake Edwards passed away of pneumonia. At the age of 88 you of course married to Julie Andrews produced tons films in addition the inspector Clouseau. Stuff. To the -- Leo right away and narrow lead off batter for the day today and that is not Grady who was in -- high gradient happy Monday to. Commodity -- bought it from a gunshot sometime. Why do I I need to get death. A couple of extra clips. -- -- from -- 1911 so. Bill oh Lorena -- pop -- you mentioned in the Winter Olympics and not a the other gas trade. -- barrels but only got control that he. Girls that are gonna skate in buffalo. Here yeah and we got. -- ST Graham from they Olympics yeah there are. So that they're very well out there to understand there's strife. What -- non performing an Olympic standards are. You're there not been able I don't have any there's nothing won't. There's non conforming them both well. Technology that you're. Excite at -- everybody. Equal I may or are you cracker I. Well this this are pretty this actually should be good news for the guys Italian I'm gonna go because then they can turn around. And sell their system to every other Olympic by apple wanting this and think. Well it was director's dream because what I phrased it -- -- we cannot. He should we -- or they they did just overlooked but it did not care. -- any rule against but if they decided that it was an unfair advantage. That they would. Force them to give back their medal. A later -- -- If you start orchestrated. Yeah. We do not -- Here. A lot of this they can use this is a great marketing tool so good. That the the international Olympic federation. Said that he gave them an unfair advantage for the American -- not advertise at all they won't. Oh yeah yeah out very public answered there all the -- I want to have a little shot -- for the Winter Olympics start. -- where everybody each your own Atlanta Detroit or their. Longer real first you know. -- they liked America might actually -- it. Just girl each girl shot perfect score worse in -- -- Corrupt registry to qualify. Why not perfect scores. Shot score now -- they using my where were they using the straitjacket system when they shot that yeah. So they can use it in the in the qualifying trials but the Olympic committees is thinking isn't in the real games. Well I really haven't so they can't use it -- distribute you know -- -- to sabotage. Adam hunter ran -- the cult technology they're using that they'll likely get the rubble. So heavily and they decided yet whether they're gonna go ahead and and use the system or not. Yeah sure well and it if you're not familiar what we're talking about you can just a you can probably just Google. Straitjacket -- system that would bring it up when it. The RBI and you can you can learn all about iron shot with that myself. Over the -- on and it's and it's it's truly -- amazing technological development. And I could you thirteen Jordan on a user does it it is that good Grady thanks a lot of the information will be. Pulling for the Barnes a youngsters in the Olympics when they get government -- my pleasure thank you Grady. And that's how do we got to go by there and because Andy -- and I need a couple of -- back up clips from IN 1911 COLT 45 defender. Right here. I think 22 minutes after three take a quick break in the be right back with more Bobby -- show here on Monday why the local on WOR do you -- century. The sound of the -- in the background prominent Arthur Fiedler and we will. 47 after three -- night program. I mentioned this car dealership in. Washington. The state not the DC then it's gonna stand to be out 420000. Dollars after the Seahawks. Shot out New York yesterday. Story from -- -- news.com the holiday shopping season just got a little sweeter for twelve Seahawks fans. A Seattle man handle the New York Giants 23 nothing on Sunday at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey thanks in part. 25 interceptions thrown by Jan giants quarterback Eli Manning -- must never. But the real winners or twelve people set to receive 35000. Dollars apiece. Thanks to their participation in a Seattle shot out promotion at a Washington State car dealership as part of the promotion. Anyone was allowed a free entries in the contest by completing the form but. If somebody bought a new or used vehicle at the dealership they were given 100 entries. Each winner now stands to collect 35 grand jury total payout of 420000. Dollars Mike gates. General manager at jet Chevrolet. Said he was flooded with calls on Sunday I bet. Adding that he was waiting for four instructions. From not insurance and promotions companies. They haven't responded yet he told Como TV KO MO. Gates expects to have more details later today that said the promotion will be honored. I'm a man in my word he says. Jim Johnson one of the owners of the dealership in federal way Washington. That's about 25 miles south of Seattle told ESPN that he originally wanted to do the promotional last week. When the Seahawks were playing the 49ers -- -- finalizing the rules to make sure was illegal and in accordance with state regulations. Deal waited a week. Sound familiar. That he out there and there on the regulation to study it's it's a -- The dealership ran ads. As well as been taking and the local paper. When he people. -- vehicles during the -- day promotion between Wednesday and Saturday. Twelve people enter the drawing without buying a car so they each received one entry. Reached a late Sunday Johnson told ESPN exactly how the winners will be paid is still being ironed out. Where car dealership they said we're not used to do and some don't like while welcome to the world a promotion and marketing Jim. Oh it is there are companies out there that insure you. Now against these kinds of which one we do in -- from like our win Christmas cash on board contest. That's that's our money that we get boy and he's the insurance companies know that so. A happy shut -- victory by the Seahawks yesterday I think they they -- gonna have home field throughout the playoffs. And trying to play in that place. It is an absolute -- you can't hear yourself think. The last time they were there when they were working on setting that up volume record allowed us cheering and -- stadium. I'm one of the reporters. About a a fairly clever thing to do the sideline reporter. I turned to somebody next to me he handed them a microphone and and then turn it was right next deal couldn't hero were. Could not hear a word. Twelfth man in Seattle went that works. For them plus they get a good football people -- as -- 331. Time to bring up to speed on the news I'll have more on this a federal judge's ruling on the NSA. When we come back on the other side to it. Let's take a break for that then right back -- more here the body Mac show. Why then we'll go on this Monday. On WORG. One of sixty. -- that would be doctor John. They need. -- -- I -- goofy but it has in the right place and less -- the home and home. Then there done that -- group. So. Content in regard to this federal like court. They're ruling today and it's this judge. Ruling that the NSA program collects information on nearly all telephone calls made to from or within the United States. Is unconstitutional. I do. When I when I mention that of the -- the program almost immediately I got a text message to send well Bobbie you know even a broken watch -- Correct at least twice today that's true. You know but it's nice it's reassuring to know that there's at least at one judge in the US district court. Who recognizes. Them that if it walks like a -- and and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck that would be unconstitutional. The story from where's this from the this is from Fox News. A federal judge ruled today that the NSA program which collects information on nearly all telephone calls made to from or within the US is likely. Unconstitutional. US district court judge Richard we on can we replaced John Roberts who this guy today. US district court judge Richard Leon found that the program appears to violate the Fourth Amendment ban. On unreasonable searches and seizures. We're just one I've said from the beginning even though I'm not a constitutional attorney. But I can read the thing for myself. The founders' document some effort. He also said the Justice Department had failed to demonstrate that collecting the information had helped to head off terrorist attacks. Excellent point. Acting on a lawsuit brought by conservative legal activist Larry claimant. Who has been a guest on this program on multiple occasions we on issued a preliminary injunction barring the NSA from collecting so called metadata. Pertaining to the Verizon accounts of claimant and one of his clients however the judge stayed the order to allow for an appeal. Guys you know that. The DOJ is gonna and immediately appeal listening holder. Who's. Violated the constitution itself. Panel will will appeal it. I cannot imagine a more indiscriminate and arbitrary invasion. Then this systematic and high tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every single citizen. For purposes of querying it and analyzing it without judicial approval. -- judge to Leon an appointee of president George W. Bush while -- go left. Now the president is well just walk. The preliminary injunction the judge granted today does not requiring to make a definitive ruling on the constitutional questions in the case. But does take into account but does take account rather of which side he believes is more likely to prevail. We -- 68 page opinion is the first significant legal setback. For the NSA surveillance program since it was disclosed in June in new stories based on leaks from former NSA contractor Edwards -- For seven years they metadata program has been approved repeatedly by numerous judges on the fives accord that's them. Foreign intelligence surveillance court. And found constitutional by at least one judge sitting in a criminal case. The Justice Department persuaded those courts and the collection of information on the time and length -- calls as well as the numbers called. Did not amount to a search under the Fourth Amendment. Because that information is routinely available to telephone companies were billing purposes and he shared -- those firms voluntarily. Government lawyers and judges who found the NSA program legal. Pointed to a in 1979 Supreme Court ruling Smith will vs Maryland which found no search warrant was needed by police to install a device. Which recorded the numbers dialed on a particular phone line but. We unsaid that's the judge in this case Leon said the three decade old precedent. Was not applicable to a program like the NSA's. Because of its sophistication. And because telephone news has become far more intense. In recent years. Up at a hearing last month the judge that he knew that his decision would be far from the last word on the issue which is almost certain to wind up at the Supreme Court. However he added some flair to his opinion today. Referring and one point to The Beatles. And add another two Federalist papers author James Madison. Surely the judge wrote such a program infringes on that degree of privacy that the founders enshrined in the Fourth Amendment. Indeed I have little doubt. -- the author of our constitution James Madison who cautioned us to go where. The bridge -- of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power. Would be a guest. The judge -- You write your honor. Former president Madison would again. That sound you hear in fact -- in spinning in his grave all the the spending is slowing following the court decision today. 341 now it's nineteen minutes before four. It's. When. And and. It wrong preachers and -- like this when the little river band in the background the reminiscing. 34614. People and 4 o'clock and Johnson timing here for. During the holidays past. The comptroller of the memories to create this year as well. -- the back in the fall on this panel and we do on the line opened few right now -- advantage on my numbers Spartanburg 57 forward WORD. Green -- 232. W -- RD listen to a Boiling Springs right now and bring in now Williams here in the -- -- -- hi William how is your Monday. Oh yeah not too bad not bad for Monday you know. It what -- her last laugh although not an enormous. Here. I cannot believe a country of 300 million people -- -- you'd better. -- the apple battle whipped spot how to solve that problem wouldn't -- -- wears -- you wrote in an affair with a white steps. I hit the wall broke the -- -- for -- all of. I'll tell you -- one of -- is. But he's not wearing a suit of armor he would he would be a more appropriately dressed wearing a cowboy hat that's Ted Kreutz. Well what are you career. It's a good at all. Well. Maybe we're a -- just just because one battle. -- is a lawsuit does not mean the war is over. Hear what we're -- about the religion of historical. Gap apartment look -- about it or call Chris. -- Out if you're at war ever thought about it yeah yeah yeah -- Among other else but what a person -- yeah I went to Robert -- -- -- Purdue and. Well absolutely and and that's as one of the things in a -- about. You know the -- the electronic transfers of the government can do under obamacare there's so much in there that is just. Not excessive overreach even by these guys standards. Is excessive overreach not to mention unconstitutional. Well at least we -- one court ruling telling it. Well be I -- you know sadly. Via. The killing or -- How -- look. Cook for a lot of -- -- Well there's 100 senators and there's a few more representative -- but you're right we do you have an outnumbered. Now I I just. I hope that we do. Find some my Knight in shining RE they they did a poll I guess it was last week in the results were just released most influential people. And -- polled Americans on most influential people in America. The Pope was in the top three Obama was in the top three but so was. Ted -- so yeah even though as you correctly point out. What he attempted to do was unsuccessful. In as much the fault of the Republicans as it was the progressives and Liberal Democrats. If he is registered. On the radar of even those that are just you know give me a six pack and now let me watch a ballgame. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Appreciate that well I am not I hope I'll viewing your family do as well enough. But the war the war goes well the war goes out. It's a coming up on 35010 minutes before -- take a quick break here and then they -- back with more on the body Mac show Monday Monday edition. Why the local on WORD 106 theory. Steel drums we're. -- barge rhythm of the night. Now playing. About four minutes away from new downtown -- Early. Kind of it's painfully ironic. -- one of my all time favorite films is Lawrence of Arabia stirring up Peter -- and Omar Sharif and and that. -- I have -- -- recorded. I have the -- restored. Version recorded and I'll I'll go and just every so often you watch them on my favorite scenes from it. And -- there was. It was all well. -- action on a Saturday. And I decided to go in them and bring it up and wash and I watched two or three scenes. From Martha Maria which is an amazing film David Lean. Put together did bridge on the requirement the baton -- the house anyway. What shortly after that that the next day yesterday and Eleanor Peter O'Toole and passed away at the age of 81. And and it that they got me thinking about what -- and one amazing film. That is and what a tremendous job he did he was and tons of films of course Goodbye, Mr. Chips played a king Henry the second in Beckett and The Lion in Winter. They played he was great SAL larger than life film director in the stunt man if you've never seen that that's good. And he played the swashbuckling actor in my favor a year which is a great company. The 1962. Film the Lawrence of Arabia what's considered David -- masterpiece. Possibly the greatest debut -- performance by any screen actor in history. Given the young Peter O'Toole -- flax in Maine and sky blue eyes. No coward is said to have her march to -- Peter O'Toole if you did any prettier it would have been Florence -- But -- was that Peter -- is actually much taller than -- but. It just had a stellar career here's one of the -- of the one of the first scenes. Where we see the reaction between now to a panel characters in the film Peter O'Toole as audience. And Omar Sharif as sheriff -- That was and it did it and jumped and it would. -- My name is among them. None of my friends is a bit at a. So long as the act like fight against -- So Long Will they be a little people. -- Philly -- Greedy to bother us that true. -- -- -- As an amazing film. I saw an interview that Peter O'Toole did a year or so ago where he he talked about how difficult it was to make that film. And it is still if you if you had never seen Lawrence of Arabia you -- -- and -- and and watch it because it's it's a beautifully done. Film and Peter O'Toole is absolutely fabulous why he didn't win the Oscar. But he never won an Oscar for acting and all this great performances. So sorry to see them do that Peter O'Toole was gone he was he was that an acting legend. -- -- saint -- shameless. A tool. Irishman. Has it have you noticed how the shooting at the Colorado school it's kind of gone off the radar. Not a lot of discussion certainly not similar to what happened within the the a drum beating for gun control and we saw after the sandy hook shoot. Couple of reasons for that my baby don't Brenda actually get a little show prep forming and came across a story. That was in no one of the Colorado newspapers. And appeared briefly. And then the article reappeared with an interesting. Deletion. From the story there is a lot more we're learning. Amount this. Young man who did the shooting and interesting developments in the story that I'll share with you right after the news it's 4 o'clock.