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Dec 16, 2013|

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Welcome to maximize the live at the -- changing the way people view and manage your health. For the next hour we'll keep an alternative ways of getting healthy and that you know maximize life. Nigeria hold up to Jeremy Wilson and doctor Joshua Bell. Welcome everybody listen to maximize the. Help conduct. Number here. We -- -- forget this weekend where talking about health and healing. Also there were doing in our offices doctor Darren and myself we have two extremely large maximize living -- senators here in the upstate. Teaching people the alternative to actually getting healthy. Policy expert who constantly and it has to say is it's kind of interesting nowadays that we have to talk about the alternatives. To health because it. Of for so long we've been taking that the way that we get healthy is that we go to the doctor. We get diagnosed with whatever disease it is that we have whatever sickness is that we have to win a -- and -- take out all these different tests. Nixon you know were on a couple different medications. We take those for awhile -- those stop working we go in get tested to gain they were warming takes more medications. And they see you know you're just talking a rat rat we'll going around around team more more medications getting diagnosed with -- more and more things in getting sicker and sicker. And so we've developed this concept of payless or building health back into the body and set -- letting the body gets sicker and sicker and just trying to cover of the symptoms. Let's actually build health back into the body to help that's already inside your body let's open that remove the inner fears get the body healing and function the way -- god intended it to. And so what we do is we we teach people about the five essentials and maximize living. And that's our getting these amazing result of people coming off their medications. They're going to the doctor in the doctor's saying we've never seen lab -- get this much better. We can actually take you off so your medications we we see people. Losing weight during the holiday season which is is kind of a rare because most people heard -- -- are gaining weight throughout the holidays and we have people losing weight throughout the holidays and actually enjoying because they're actually eating healthier foods and and in the foods actually pays really well something just. Open your eyes open your ears and and may we have a pen and pad because we are some great information for him. In the sad reality is we have -- it's called a health care system but when you think about it SpaceX is sick care system our health care system does not get you healthy if you think about it. It is there to treat sickness and disease and is -- -- is in simply put when you get sick or doctor -- said you get sick you go to the doctor. They give you appeal for your disease like diabetes or heart disease or. Or arthritis or you know or indigestion or -- what do -- blood pressure of the cases. And the medications they give you never ever cure anything. You know this -- you have to take these appeals for the rest of your life so. That that the sick care system is not health care it's sick care -- does not get you healthy you still have the disease as soon as you stop taking the medications. And so like Doctorow said we've developed a system and maximize living called the five essentials. To show. Our community our patients how to get healthy and stay healthy. India is so sick and healthy no longer need your medications in the doctor that put you on your medication can now take you off those medications -- your blog works looking good. Your feeling great everything's going great in normal like he should be. Especially this time America's as we were saying earlier this time here everything falls apart as the holidays right we take. Three or four simple days I think it's what. Thanksgiving got a Christmas New Year's Day New Year's Eve. We turn into like 67 days over three months we call the holidays and we think is an excuse for us to behave badly. Eating we want neat. -- away we wanna gain and then come January awarded the first week in January were all scrambling trying to fight over the treadmill at the genome to lose the weight we -- -- the holidays so. We developed a system called the five -- -- -- maximize living in really quickly what those five essential are -- this excuse me. So it's number one is maximizing your mind understanding all healing comes from the inside out that is the way god -- The root word of healthy he'll HE a L it is not PRL and also healing comes from the inside not from the outside. The second essential essential number two is maximizing nerve supply this is a system that god gave you control all healing as you know the brain controls everything. And what the the great the way the brain controls everything is through this thing called the nervous system that runs down your spine your spinal cord announced to. Every so muscle organ tissue in your body. It's a -- the nervous system so you wanna maximize your nerve supply and that's what doctor Wilson I really really specializing in is looking at your nervous system. And then taken in removing the interference from that -- for your body can function in he'll Idaho and a simple way god designed that's essential number two. Pretty -- the power that made the body can heal the body right. In an essential number three is maximize quality nutrition sugar is the devil -- will spend a few minutes later on the show talk about how bad sugar isn't. The alternatives for sugar and sweeteners and artificial sweeteners and things like that what's good what's bad because especially a lot of times this year Donna Wilson. Everybody's trying to you don't ever buys either putting lots assuring their body or they're trying to use lots of alternatives to serve like these artificial sweeteners. And there are -- -- sometimes -- artificial sweeteners are just as bad if not worse for them in the regular sugar so he's serious Bernal and dollars in punitive. So we'll talk about that a little later on the show as well as an assistant or four is maximizing auction only muscle. Are we devote -- system where you can exercise for five to twelve minutes a day three times we can get in the best shape -- your life. And then we have a central number five which is minimizing the amount of toxicity putting your system especially this coming year. So your body can absorb the good foods and good nutrients because it yourself -- so clogged fully joked. You can't absorb -- and guess if you put in there to begin OS we have to minimize that toxicity. -- do anything. So you can imagine by doing these five essentials that. You're gonna get a lot different results and when you would do as if he went to the hospital and so I got a great example this a young lady came -- Tour office and she explained to me that she was actually going to a doctor on a regular basis for the last five years. Nominated and diagnose her with an autoimmune disease. And she unfortunately has taken Jackson's every three months so every three months she has to inject yourself with the steroid. To keep her body healing you -- and I should say -- me actually of functioning normally. And I ask stress and do you think that this this injection is helping and she said absolutely. Is that I'm not nearly as much pain as I normally am if I don't get the injection -- -- absolutely. Absolutely that injections helping you stay out of pain I understand that. But isn't fixing the problem. And you can just tell that the light bulb went off she realized that realizing them. Taking steroids every three months for five years is not fixing your problem because he still have a -- disparate as soon as you stop taking the steroid. Everything comes right back. And so I'll -- Israel as that is even though they you're taking a medication is still not fixing the problem you still have that sickness he still have that disease. And so our job is to find out what's causing the problem what's causing the the disease in the body and removing that interference. -- now I have done. These by the essential looked -- and give you grab your phone call this number the numbers a 643262909. Again it's 8643262909. Colin leader name itself on number. We'll call you back and scheduled unemployment word doctor -- or myself to sit down with you goal over the five essentials with you. We can check your spine nervous system see where interference is Emilio road map to health and healing it's really as simple as that. Now we have different location runs locations around Woodruff road back behind Mimi steakhouse where -- Butler -- in the Woodruff road. And other ones over insured unless the cherry -- cinema. So that you very easy locations a fine. So this is Greg your phone call us leave your name and telephone number will get back to as soon as possible again -- numbers 8643262909. In emulate that out completely clear for you guys so what would happen if you did talk -- 'cause we give callers a -- -- -- 10 what's all this about we know. What's involved on -- gonna do you know who must seeing the audio Arianna especially this time here. There -- seems to be so busy this Zamir -- I think it's going to be you know there were outside the box office for two hours away and so the first thing pops up as I don't have the time to do this so let me out. Really briefly go through won't happen if you do calling you would be scares an apology to doctor Wilson or myself. And it's -- -- one of our two locations like doctor -- said once in chair no one's own Woodruff road. Since people will simply be about fifteen or twenty minutes. And what would happen where you'd call in it's going to report made you would -- meet with doctor Bruce or myself we go through the five essentials with you go through. You're in your nervous system go through any complaints or concerns you have -- on exactly which -- looking for that a that a pull it from start to finish should be approximate fifteen or twenty minutes. As always you had your paper appeared to fit our prior to -- we would send you that he would email -- -- what not to make it's really fast efficient for you aren't. And and we would pretty much. -- -- game plain old what what's going forward so there and there's no there's nothing nothing hidden here. You know we we do is they were major insurance companies if you're curious about that. I mean you know this this -- the -- discover what we do our offices. And so we're simply a source sit down with you being you know it's Iraq exactly what's going -- and move forward in be completely up front about everything -- do with you before we ever do it's okay. That way there's there's no secrets here. And simply pro we -- the first visit we've won its first things checked your nervous system because as we said earlier essential number two maximizing your supply. We can tell you supplements we can you can say we can tell you had to lose weight. We can say had -- exercise we can say -- through cedar not he would do all these things for you. But if you don't first checked that nervous system which is a system that controls all other systems an entire body. Your locker rat running around oil find in the way we do as we take a picture. And your spinal -- you nervous system see how it's functioning. We take a picture of all those bones were neck -- all those bones that in case that nervous system so we can see if there's any infringement. Where it comes out of the spinal spinal cord. And by doing that we can see exactly what's going on. What organs what's what diseases. What health concerns you may have to look too because in those by the way your nervous system set up it's a best way to whole process looks like on the first visit -- it's about fifteen or twenty minute appointments so. If it's simply -- out of this you can either stay -- -- take in the same medications you're taking for the rest your life for you can give us a call. When you -- -- -- were actually can show you how to get off those medications. Indeed you on the of the road to health and healing and not have to deal with -- your disease for the rest your life so it's either left or right black or white. Greener read it doesn't matter. It's this is one thing or other you keep on wood down the -- going now if -- happy there stay there by all -- -- change that is the pick up the phone. In try something different verses which you've been doing the last 101520 years. Yeah and that's -- Luis we see allow their patience -- it's the people they get the really amazing results with their health. Are the people that are asking well how long is that gonna take in my gonna have to be here all day you know what is my insurance and -- cover. The people that they had seen amazing results say you know what I'm gonna do what ever it takes I -- do whatever it takes who it knew exactly I'm gonna do whatever it takes to get healthy again because I'm sick of being sick and tired. And so that and that's the biggest thing is is we want. We wanna find these committed people that that want to get healthy that they or their sick and tired of going to the doctors being on. On eleven different medications for their high blood pressure -- high blood sugar. They're sick of taking Matt Foreman every day they're sick of looking at their insulin pump making sure that the pump is actually functioning normally we just have this. Haven't with it -- and young man has his insulin pump stopped working on -- -- -- pleasure was all over the place so you can imagine what these people at the deal with on a regular basis when you're. When you're having to. I'll worry about medications. And so that's that then the biggest thing that we can offer Diaz is this hope that hey you don't have to be a prisoner. To your medications in your diagnoses. You can actually overcome these things as the that we we cannot lose that and in our society is that you can overcome. Whatever it is whatever it is that is challenging your life what are the diagnosis whatever the sickness is you can number overcome that. But it takes work it takes you putting in the effort you can't just sit there. Open praying and thinks something's gonna change. In a faith without action is that you're gonna have to actually step up and and make an action that's gonna actually improve your situation and so that's a doctor Darren myself. We pride ourselves on this the fact that we can actually give you a proven strategy proven tactics that tips that are actually getting kitchen in the right direction because. Good I'm sure you know. You taking your medication every single morning keeps making you take more more medication. But if you can actually change something to make a little changes soltys is just a little changed to what you're doing right now can make a huge difference to where you are six months a year five years from now. And that's what we wanna see we wanna see people in Greeneville. And upstate area. Being completely different six months to a year from now we don't wanna see more more people on medications we don't wanna see another 34 million people going into the hospitals. For another diagnosis I mean don't get me wrong there's a ton of plays for medicine but I mean when it comes to keeping people healthy we wanna see people getting off their medications. Getting reversing their diseases and that's always she timing timing in our office so if he has had many call a 643262. -- here. And I'm gonna take a quick break here you listen to maximize the radio fortunately people who manage your -- we'll be right. If you're in good learning more about the fact my putting doctors. Call now they did score 3262909564326. Do not do it on the -- to make the appointment with the help maximize that we can improve your bill. Good learning more about about my putting doctors called validate the sport -- 62909564326. Do not do all night debate before -- -- with the help maximize that we get into your hill. Welcome back everybody to listen to maximize living radio world. We'll see another doctor -- And really -- over the next. Is it is a patient and maximize having office and he asks us to share this on the radio in judges for privacy. Points ROC we're going to take his name out of it but but he wrote this long ride up -- -- in the next few minutes reading and about historian of what he's gone through with maximize living in Alice changed his life in the congress and its churches were focused. If you guzzle relies as my closet and also we also do church programs to you know we are faith based organization you know we love to come speak at churches and and I'm. Chair testimonies in and help the congregation you have happy and healthy as well so. This is this is historically Europe right here because but it -- this right here scope clearing things up. It says this is you know woke up 1 morning you realize my eyes are messed up I went to a doctor any put me through a few test. With my glasses on I was unable to read many of the letters on the chart. At the end of the implement the doctor told me that the nerves to my eyes were damaged -- I wouldn't be able to drive anymore. I've also been diabetic for years. It was always about to control my blood sugar I fell slowness all the time and with my sweet tooth it was really hard to five off their church for an occasional Snickers. Even worst. The left side of my body a coast compete consistently. A -- sister along with a patient at a nearby Max Muslim and clinic to see introduced me to the doctor in the five essentials. I decided to attend a community dinner. Back in June in a doctor spoke about -- we should care about our spines and are nervous systems. And it all made a great deal of sense he also talked about how we often depend too much on an outside medications this the natural healing power of the body. I chose to give Max Muslim I shot a schedule my first employment for the very next week. Over the first few visits they gave me a few base examinations and took a few X rays they showed me what was -- to must -- -- explained. How that. Was causing problems throughout the rest of my abiding I was excited to get started on my care plan. After my first two adjustments I went back to my doctor for a follow up appointment it was now July this time. I could read far more on the lines on the charts without my glasses my doctor was astonished so much progress after just two adjustments I thought. I started making other small changes in my lifestyle and now I can really tell a difference I get adjusted two or three times a week. And I'm definitely been changing my eating habits and I have used I have used some different -- Muslim breakfast recipes. I still -- to fight off cravings for Snickers bars now though I make a mix of blueberries raspberries strawberries in those -- take care must sweet tooth more naturally. The pain in my left side was going after just two months. I -- a ton of energy now so I've been walking a lot more too I'm working -- I'm working my way up towards the Max T three classes with some -- access program. It it amazes me how good I feel my blood pressure and cholesterol or normal. I'm also reduce my -- one C test which is a way that people monitor the butcher your diabetic. From a nine all the way down to a five and I have even lost a little bit of weight my diabetes is in remission under control. I'm amazed at how great I feel. Announcing improvements and other patients around me one woman was using a wheelchair -- sort of -- few months ago and now she's up -- walking around. I'm a pastor and I invited my -- my living doctors to hold an event for the people web but church. They really enjoyed it a friend of mine who was also passer attend the event and now she's working to hold him maximize looting event in her church. The body of Christ can be just as sick as the rest of the country so I'd definitely want to post another event one that focuses on diet. I told the -- -- duration that we need to change our eating habits and they and they're excited about it because they like the first maker were that we do in Mexico living so much. Now always tell people how good I feel I got results and I got them fast I'm so glad I looked into maximize living so we're gonna take a quick break that was a testimony from a pastor here in town. You or learn more about maximizing stay tuned for the number -- you listen to Max -- radio were changed the way people view in -- If you're devoting more about about my putting doctor. Called validate the port 3262909564326. Do dogs and I could make the point that -- -- help maximize that we can improve yourself. Good learning more about the back -- my putting doctors called validate the score 3262909564326. Do not do -- night to make an appointment with the help maximize putting it into your hill. Welcome back everybody listened to maximize the radio where we're changing the way people. And their health and doctor Wilson. Saddam -- at Arafat if you're just now joining us the last segment we ran out of time but we were giving a are written testimony of a lot pastor here that. Who has had maximize living knowing you changed his life but change the congress of his church as well and they see this guy. He he he was having vision problems his whole you know -- -- of his body was hurting full of pain and he came he was diabetic and how blood sugar high cholesterol. I mean how blood pressure you name it. And us through it to a friend he discovered maximize living he went through our program. Is now longer. No longer -- taking any medications diabetic free pain free. Cannot in -- his visions better I mean no no more diabetic nor have some blood pressure cholesterol. And he was so amazed he invited -- president to his church. And now where a our lord's will we call metro and maker that was done for the congregation. Where we simply come in and we volunteer time -- we teach the five essentials in these health principles to churches. In small groups and now the whole entire church is getting healthy as well as from there. It grew and -- another pastor was there are -- and now they want a succumb to their their church and do an event so. From one test -- like that it just spread. And now I'm only one man but on his whole entire -- racism benefiting from actually getting healthy losing weight. Getting off their medications and so the body of Christ can now enjoy life verses being. -- unhappy all the time on their knees praying for an answer when sometimes the answers right in front of you. You have to pickup the phone. And so we just encouraging guys it is that testimony change you were you're sick and tired of being sick and tired. And you want us to come speak to your congregation of volunteer time that is well and if your pastor or your. But you know an active memory your church and you have some -- can set that up please give us a call we would love to give you more information. Or you can go online lookup maximize living dot com and look at our different. Church programs we have in our health programs we can help our your congregation. And and you -- a -- healthy as well. You know we talk about this a lot with with patients in the beginning of of care is is with how important your health really is is because. Our priorities seem to get makes up nowadays you know all too often were worried about our family in and church in work in school and all these other things and unfortunately you know we very rarely ever look at her health only -- were to look at. What's going out with their health as well we actually lose our health and so. Which to get across of people right away is that hate your health as the number one priority and I'm sure a lot of you out there if you are going to church. You see it all the time and and then in the church world is that people are always praying for an answer there always. People that are sick there's -- that are suffering in its in -- all around us it's everywhere we look there's people are sick and suffering. -- a lot of do you listen to on the radio are are sick and suffering and and looking for answer and unfortunately. -- we're looking in the wrong place you know we're waiting for the next your dog had to come on the radio that tells us where we're supposed to go to get a medication to get better. -- men and and just sending Diaz inside and this I'm sure a lot of you have heard a lot of buzz about. On the whooping cough up there with Inkatha's is coming back it was getting worse and and is happening in and adults now and and then he might need a booster to get this whooping cough flu vaccination so you don't ever get the whooping cough as so. What's interesting is if you actually listen to these ads that they're putting on the radio. And then she's they they'll tell you at the end they had who's sponsoring the ad. And what they find out as the as the who's sponsoring they had as GlaxoSmithKline. Which is actually a pharmaceutical company that developed the vaccine that developed the vaccine so really they are the ones that are promoting is all business sales and marketing to you guys. And so they're not their best interest is -- in your health at their best interest is trying to sell as much better vaccination medication as possible. As -- realize that didn't you're not getting the right information they are they're selling you a lie they want you to think that. The -- top as the worst ever because at the more than you think that the more vaccinations are gonna sell. If this was such a bad problem we would be hearing it from the hospitals we would be hearing it from the CDC. As a -- that's the problem is that we're getting all this misinformation from the wrong people. And that's where we wanna step and we wanna step then. And be that people stand on say no you know what that's not correct that's not right it's in the it's not another medication that's gonna make you healthier. On the union actually need to remove the interference and so that's so we do and our offices we held a lead the way in hell we are leading the way in health care. On the you know sick care system the medical doctors they can have at the hospitals can have their their tremendous her amazing acting care people -- their second. But when it comes to getting people healthier there's no better place and what we do with maximize living in the five -- something I really encourage you guys if he had not grab the phone yeah. We have a handful of claimants left so grab your phone the numbers 864. 3262909. Again 864. 3262909. Colin leave your name in -- telephone number and we'll do is why she schedule that appoint him for use so we can actually sit down -- look at your health history you look at your health goals where do you wanna be in six months or a year where he wanted to. Do you wanna be on the beach running around with your grandkids you wanna be out of the nursing home and now looking at a bucket full tells. Where do you wanna -- And your future and we can she give you road map and tell you okay this is how you can. Make simple changes with your life so is it your nutrition. Is your exercise habits is your RET stresses that this is there something wrong with your nervous system that's blocking the healing in the body and and we can really narrow in exactly what kind of held that you need to get healthier. In the future something again the number to call 8643262909. Call when leave your name -- telephone number. On -- we'll get you scheduled for employment for either the winter for office or the Cherry Hill office so we can check your health. Yeah and expressing this some here I mean this people say well what awaits a January do something about my health -- hadn't been part of the rest of how this season in and -- do horrible bad things mom budding game ways so January wanted to wake up -- okay now warning get healthier now going you don't these medications and sometimes it's too late for people right in. Sometimes you need to start planning and in doing something now during the holidays. That way you're not stuck in a rat race or buyouts come January once and now with the time to get a plan together. And that's what doctoral -- myself would love to do for use get that plane together for you now so you're you're up and -- -- ready to go. Make -- point fourteen about achieving giving you healthy trying giving off those medications in losing weight room. This this coming year I mean this is -- were horrible horrible horrible warmer when it comes to suites in sugar. And all these other things that make -- the holidays is so don't do spend a few minutes going through exactly. The difference sweeteners out there 'cause we always get lots of questions and lots of phone calls and emails about. So -- what's better you know as a Stevie is is how tall is it pure sugar is this week lows should do you know NutraSweet or equal -- relaxed and lessons I mean -- -- mean there's a ton of this week is out there these days. And there -- alternatives to regular sugar. And because we've all been what you were finally realized -- -- very very bad for us. And that's one of the reasons we're so sick of our country it's not because we over eat -- mean that's part of it but. It's mainly because the Phillies we do arena through as we do leader so full of sugar you know -- -- I heard that sugars in the Enron reserved for obesity in this country exactly that's -- servers the double. And so a lot of people turning into a lot of people a lot of companies rather -- Our Kasten and on this sure alternative thing and are making all these artificial sweeteners so let me really quick go see what these artificial sweeteners. And so you know exactly what's good what's bad what color -- you should be eating in and we know what's so it's safe alternative to sugar -- Really quick one of the -- the populace has been around for awhile is a sweet lower equal rights -- This is the most common artificial sweetener out there but is also the most dangerous. People realize dispute because it contains methanol. Also known as methyl alcohol or what our call. Methanol is going to more than ninety's symptoms including memory problems. Headaches anxiety. Depression. Dizziness. Seizures and a number of others just to name a few so if you're taking new to sweeter or equal all the time and those packets. Again they're there's they're linked to over ninety symptoms including memory problems headaches anxiety depression dizziness and seizures so those are very very dangerous or not healthy discuss their artificial. The next one that's been around long time was in the OPEC which is -- And this is probably the sneaky is of all these artificial sweeteners because it sounds good it's kisser Carlos is where it is. It sounds close to normal -- which assume -- so people think I must be healthy. -- -- -- someone as soon it's natural but it actually not sucralose is manufactured mark coronation of sugar. It's not sure in is not even similar to sugar and any single -- -- -- nature -- which is very very bad to begin with you know Korean think about it. And that's what -- is exploring the would you put your pulled finger exactly a mimic a chlorinated sugar in the buy our product is -- It's a very rare harmful for you there enough another popular one is a sweet blow this is the one this -- most widely used in different products and artificial sweeteners. Including into form other next you know putting sweeten low in infant day before which is crazy. In a negative reactions of the sack early and or sweeten low had a report infants and children ranging from -- ability. Diarrhea in muscle dysfunction in many many more so they're putting the stuff in our kids formula nowadays and we wonder work -- developed. ADHD and all kinds of development problems and behave or she's because they have sweeten low if they've been fed sweet love from the time they're born and it's. It's a some healthy sugar substitutes that are RKR Steve yeah and solid talks. And so those are the two we always recommend personally my wife uses lots of -- which is a plan based it's sweetener from us from South America. And as being explain consumed in been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. And the FDA actually classifies it as grass GR -- S which is a generally recognized as safe so they FDA's even sang Stevie is the best one out there right now. And Denzel at all which is another. Substitutes have to sugar that's actually a low calorie sweetener this does not raise a blood sugar whatsoever. A lack sees there's some say is have been shown if you take a lot of south hall -- prevent cavities. In dry mouth that prevents ear infections and things like that -- results all stiffening good when you can get Stevie ins outs all from a pretty much any health food store rademan shopper -- or local food shop as well. Definitely if you're gonna pick two I would pick one out of all -- -- sixty results all the safest -- just make sure if you are doing Steve yet. It's pure Steve via not think something like true you that Coca-Cola Marcus or something like that is actually just has like a third of -- and it. And the rest is artificial sweep Lowe's and things like that so make sure it's pure steel or pure results on don't get tricked him -- something that says Stevie -- -- it doesn't have. Khamenei Stevie in his well. It's that's some great information right there is I mean if you think of how much sugar is actually consumed throughout the holidays through your -- kids in your drinks and all this other stuff. Just think if you were able to substitute half of what you eat that's normally -- her with somebody that's actually have healthier substitute. How much is the we -- you would actually lose if you think about it. What happens the sugars in your body when you don't consume -- if your body doesn't burn them up. Because everybody's worried about these high fat diets because it if you eat a lot of fat it's gonna make you fat. -- really if you eat a lot of sugar. If your body doesn't burn up to consume all that sugar that your body consumes it all it does is just confer converted straight in the fat. And so it doesn't matter you're gonna get fat either way. Might that find something that's substituted that's is just as sweet as sugar that hasn't no ill effects of the body. And introduce that into your meals and your baked goods and your sweet solace of and the and that's you can actually have a happier holidays thing about that how much happier with your holidays be if he didn't gain an extra five -- struck the holidays and you work stress all time dollar stuff so this is -- I mean this is as part of this is the tip of the iceberg of what we are teaching our patients. On a regular basis when you walk into our office. When you walk into our office is completely different and everything -- you're gonna see out there. Because what we're doing is completely different than everybody else we are getting people healthy we -- teaching people. The principles of health and healing through the five essentials. And so that's why when you walk in our office in looks different it sounds different it smells different everything's different about our office. And we're getting different results were getting people off their medications breathtaking people who. -- have been diabetic for years there and stuck and been told there at the take Matt Foreman and insulin the rest her life for getting people off those medications. Not there were telling them to get off the medication -- -- getting their body healing and functioning so well that the doctor says guess what your budget is good to go you don't need this medication. We're getting people off of blood pressure medications because. We're getting them so healthy but their cardiovascular system there and their nerve supply is so good -- their blood vessels are functioning normally. And that they don't need to be on blood pressure medications. You know I I tell my patients all the time the best pharmacies the best doctor in the US hospital has already inside of your body it was putting your brain when you were born. And they healing has been put there by god to run -- control every -- -- your body. If you interfere with that though. The body can't function normally so the key is to remove the interference and that's what we do every single day with their patients are helping remove more more interference from their body. Allowing on the human function better so if you ever had chance to grab your phones. Give us a call. The numbers 8643262909. Again a 64. 3262909. Call in only your name and telephone number we'll schedule you for an employment for either the Woodruff -- office. -- -- -- office or -- -- or myself we can sit down we can look at your nervous system we can see if there's any blockage of the nerves in your body I mean think of this. Those nerves got to every single organ in your body and if you had a block and her. Think even like a pinched -- -- that as the hose was -- that went out your garden your garden when you get as much water. Listen I your guard -- and he grow all the fruits and vegetables and and flowers that you want us to. And that's the same thing with any other organ in your body. If your pancreas is a function normally in your blood sugar goes high. Maybe there's a -- her bring her back in this not allowing your tankers to function in a 100%. It's really as simple as that if you remove that pressure you take your hand off the hose -- -- on keep on -- those if you clear the nervous system. The body will immediately start to heal and function better in that and that's -- we see with so many people this is. This then that's simple little adjustment late in the Indy came in. He had high blood pressure high cholesterol high triglycerides. On diabetes. On the asserting he had really bad neuropathy in his legs. And really all we -- doing is giving him more more medications and he said there has to be another option there has to be an alternative out there and so he's -- with us for just over two months. And he just had lab work done. And he's dropped his triglycerides by 74. Points. Can you imagine that two dropping your triglycerides by 74 points that's triglycerides actually a better determinant of whether -- you're gonna have heart disease. As he can you imagine that I mean he completely reduces risk of having heart disease the rest of his life so he can be there for his wife and kids. Simply by doing what we did in this is just over to -- period. He shot this -- -- -- when he points his blood pressure went down ten points -- completely -- has heart rate actually went -- was -- function better. And -- -- Holding steady to where knees and B it's a little high some days but he's doing better. As I mean he can you imagine in your body healing and flushing -- much more in nearly two months in two months getting off of happier medications. I mean really they're -- they're in if anything you know I watching Israel is there is hope there is an answer it's just a matter opening your eyes opening your. Your heart in your brain that he can change you can give better something. How we're into a quick commercial break you listen and maximizing radio where which instantly view of human medicine health and we'll be right. If you had to learning more about the maximize the doctors. Called validate the sport reduced 629095643262909. To make the appointment to -- -- maximize living given. New York -- If your interest in learning more about the fact my -- doctor. Call now they did score 3262909564326. Do not do or die debate before it could see how maximize living gonna -- your bill. Welcome back everybody listen to maximize the radio when -- changing the way people. We'll see another doctor and his lawyers say a quick thank you for all the listeners we have up there were close today segment with this what's. We're right here please call the in the holidays can 125 years off your life this is a story about little girl and she saw this exits resources wants a large truck was driving through one of the busiest tunnels in New York City. The truck was so large in fact that he got stuck in the tunnel and could not back up or move forward. Traffic eventually backed up for miles and miles dozens of traffic accident bridge road in truck experts were on the scene for hours trying to figure out what to do. To assess the situation in their frustration of the experts was beginning to get out of hand a ten year old girl poked her head out the window and said. Why don't you just let the error of the tires. In the limo assault something that's simple and easy so when something isn't working you have to reassess everything nest nest just the the reason behind -- little story there. It's -- even though the holidays make up no more than four days which is Thanksgiving Christmas. New Year's Eve in New Year's Day most people refer to all 68 days comprising November December in the first week of January as the holidays. Since it's the holidays you can throw all -- -- win. You can put all sorts of horrible holiday foods in your body stop exercising missed adjustments missed our performance spend too much money. It's put important things off because after all pay it's just the holidays. In all you end up with a six to ten week of reign of terror on your life -- if you add these two months all the other times you tend to abuse or ignore your health such as parties anniversaries birthdays weddings weekends. In his other hallways like secretary's day and things like that. You ended up being irresponsible for your health for three months out of every year best 45%. Of every year in other words by the time you're forty years old. You would have spent ten years doing serious policy -- -- irreparable harm to your body your finances in fact your whole life. This could be one major reason why people are supposed to live to -- hundred but we only average about 75 years which is 25% off. The -- they should be enjoys Tommy year there -- time designate to celebrate take a break and be with friends and family in in a moment is truly appreciate God's blessing. Make it five or ten days but don't. Not just make it sixty days. That his short in your lives your listen to maximize the radio were changed the people you meant -- health and we'll see you next week. Thank you for the state to maximize the movie but we're changing the way people view and manage their bill. -- did score 3262909. To make an appointment but you can start living up maximize life. Join us again next week for another edition of maximize the --