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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- is unbroken and boom fueled. The rock can -- smelly. 2001 Dave Williams Brice total horseshoe in Ohio. From Bernstein -- can do McKinley. From enrolling at the -- Happy valley where every -- those of goal post poll gives time for what all. Football is back. On WORD. And it's the scoreboard. With Alonso I. The only restriction. Is small cabin and match you know I don't know out. High school college. And the pros. Did your football big Sears posted consistent in those persons first. Good to some. The scoreboard. He's so. Everybody welcomed into another killer addition. Because they always are on the scoreboard I am on -- Across from me of course is -- broadcast partner Max have for the next hour we are gonna talk some football Olympic everybody. Opportunity and who was listening to the army navy game navy wins again 34 to seven and that's really the only -- that we have for yourself. We have more time to talk some football today and we wanna talk field. In green -- to -- to the purity 2329673. In Spartanburg 574 W 45 some 49673. The WORD Tex -- -- 1307. Also check us out on FaceBook. The scoreboard Alonso and that. And my personal FaceBook page is Alonso on word when the thought shot out first thought Michael who. Recognize me in the theater yesterday after when I watched them hop. Part two dissolution -- now. And it was an awesome movie guy tell if you haven't seen it go see it I would like -- give you some spoilers right now I'm not do without. -- try to put me up to -- I'm not gonna do it is now hasn't seen yet we just wanna ruin it for him because we like doing that. For the next hour we love ruining things for -- for the next hour we're gonna talk about ticket gate. If you or Clemson or Carolina fan you know what I'm talking about it's been. All the talk this entire week we're gonna talk about is our first chance to talk about that we're gonna talk about a little bit about the bulls were gonna get into it just a tad bit because we have. Let's face it about three weeks to really get into wouldn't talk about playoff projections for the NFL are NFL picks and of course are more -- of the week. And not my first question for you is did juicy. Wins now Mike did you see the videos did you watch both videos. Four words when they were pulled over first dig in and out sideways neither you Nvidia -- don't watch any video -- video well I need to give you recap. -- of what I saw. And of the worst part about a citizen intact to something in order to have you watches so you can. Debunk everything I'm gonna say would you say -- he'll do it anyway. But hopefully some listeners out there sought a watch that today. Wants to Carney video of course people mode to get his license and registration go back and sits in the car for about ten minutes the first thing he says we got cloudy here we've got -- here. And he's talking to someone and he says I just want to know we've got -- here. So then he gets out of the car he tells them he's you know worry can appear in court season ticket -- pulls away. Todd Boyd was it was totally different all right it pulls a guy over. He goes out and find out who it is. And then he talks to him for a while to stand out the window and he has ties to come back and sit in the car to tide goes back and that's in the garden since. It now for the bowl games like you know and constable who we got -- And he said that he had linebacker whose brother all that's good. The head down for a party yeah yeah we're we're not a party what I don't want you guys to be late so let me hurry up and take care of those two guys Kabila that won't be late. And then as he's leaving things like good luck in the bowl game and all that kind of stuff. To me there's difference there I I realized. Look how he did was much worse from a speed standpoint. But you would think a guy who a lot of people on the station since should be arrested would have at least been asked to -- out -- that the cruiser. They've they've got the guy who pulled Todd Boyd over the -- Obviously a fan boy. You know it's it's a little or -- I know I can understand dual star struck you -- He got a big time football player it's just pulled over and -- have come back to -- so you can say in Austin -- the Taj Boyd. But I just think. It's typical of what you see. With. Clemson fans Carolina fans and Harken back to a certain coach who also got out of the ticket. Almost a year ago right around this time. All I was saying here here's the thing. You know I admit that I haven't seen the videos but -- if -- description is accurate in what you're saying is actually the way they both went down. I still don't really see too much of what was through wholesale resale -- not an ability now my description is not accurate. No accidents or anything like that said I can tell you know I'm taking yours I'm taking your prescription for accurate and I still don't hear anything wrong with that and here's the thing I can if I think it did -- try to dig this way or -- that way. Or look at it from this angle that anyone try to find something here I think the the more -- look at the board here but I really still here enough in this is almost nothing to see here the cop was the Taj flamboyant. Todd Boyd they have and you know the other couples probably today being cloudy -- -- to want a home was a little more. Charismatic a little more open about it the other one wasn't I think you have a minor difference in the way that the cops spoke to him but there was never really need. You know -- anything other than that mean they -- yeah of course their fans. It's all right this is just basically to settle for a -- my question for you. It's doesn't hurt either one there's draft status or does it matter. The phones lit up all week about this on several of our local shows the -- -- show and the Bobby -- show that's all anyone wanna talk about a listen to some other shows. Pop up around the area sports shows and they were doing the same thing in everyone was talking about how one was worse than the other and scheme of things you know speed limit. It's -- speed -- 65 if you do half a mile over 65 you break in the law. And the other various degrees of of of that sort of thing but does it hurt their draft status Noah doesn't. It do you think the big crowd anything did make sports center. It did make you know a lot of people -- Tom I don't say anything about the time boy thing. Now all of a sudden you know he's. In -- responsible. And you know how to do draft this guy things like that which makes no sense at all. Everyone this but can you honestly yeah I don't know Mike I can say to you members you've never speed before you -- though. I don't know I guess I would never met anybody when -- called the situation take it day I almost think that that's kind of belittling any other gate type of event that may happen because. This yes both both these guys had tickets -- -- -- had one that was pretty high over the -- and he's a high profile player so I think that one may have made its way to sports and -- as a -- but that's just did this is just a blurb in the some blurb in the context of media and but more importantly is a -- in the context of getting drafted in the National Football -- these scouts are not going to raise anyone's stock or lower anyone's stock. For me either position from where was based on the speeding ticket having however. How I'll take it one step further to say that this borrowed a routine thing that the guidance of the guys can't speeding ticket price goes over then you may have a case but as it stands now there's the blur but nothing more nothing less so. Why do you think it was people make such a big deal was just because the rivalry is that why it was such a big deal of course that Monday we didn't know that Todd -- and actually. Been pulled over the day before. And I mean I think maybe -- there were a couple mornings where people were calling in about on the show but I still not sure it's as if there was is -- the deal as you look at today as I I think that maybe there are some anecdotal evidence of that and maybe maybe Alicia a I'll give you that. And it did make news but from you know the circles that I share I really don't know -- we'll talk about it wasn't a huge deal wasn't his -- big controversy as well you know not try to I I talked to Bob claim about -- he thought it was he thought it was a pretty big deal. Know anything that moves the phones we we like that sort of thing and people in the area they really cared about it -- our conversation with someone else that I do a show went. Early in the morning who was saying you know. I got all these things going on politics people don't want to talk about that all they wanna talk about. Is the fact that these two guys got it wasn't a bit silly to think -- there's really wears the controversy here they were drinking really so we know there's no drugs involved. You know this is a routine traffic stop I think that maybe you can point to dating cloudy and say OK he was going a hundred sold them. Whatever 120 I think hundreds and hundreds tens of -- on -- now. That's a little bit high but still available on it was like that's us -- -- -- but come on I mean I think there's there's something being made of nothing here. Then I really don't I do not see any NFL scouts. Pulling out their notebook and Johnny down in the -- thing are raising scores are low rates are high. I will bet you right now NFL come -- in the -- brought up. At least five to ten times today whenever. Whenever those defensive -- are out there running the two -- you know every single time. So I would bet you -- that happens -- TV during the come by and you'll bet that it gets mentioned how many times -- -- ten times -- within five to ten times yes. The speeding ticket the speeding ticket will be brought up five to ten times. I mean I you know would secular -- came out and that we can't follow that how we gonna follow that he actually watching all day. I do I can't fail or that does do -- how can you believe it or not it's actually repeated. Notre all during third and we just you know during that time were getting ready for NFL draft special which we've done our leaders around like six years and -- some flight that. And so I don't give isn't a flat number in your -- about -- launch. So that they tomorrow are you gonna go six that is if you are giving you said but it's in and out go -- generals and a low skilled and do Soros so and no high end restaurant here. So when I win -- you know I'll pick something that that you don't have to spend too much money on. And as we know you'll be spending more money than I would if I lost but that's just the -- the -- depositions and at the beginning it is business as shaky bet you don't loses then it. The most places. How many -- if you won lately I mean the last couple years you haven't done too well we've all made a couple little or tablet so and is in percentage wise. I would say no is that you and you'd use -- Bryan Adams and how much you love for us Cassell coming up here to go with a solid how many years ago it was less than you and NFL yes but don't know I think -- -- I say in a quota to develop but every year. Almost like you do not just unload on this year's bad on the last -- the stuff about your ambush bad about Clinton Carolina game last you know the video I know -- it -- it. W ordeal when -- 63. Dot com -- you know this hero's pretty close the bid departed in the -- on the score how loyal but does something is that Carol oh you're a four to 24 they were you actually predict the Carolina we all three did and you know you're right you know what we've got a phone we got someone on the funds has got to die and see what he wants to on my god I don't. I don't. Senator Joseph -- and it might affect. Boards recruit ability. Well we brought up the question Don but both of those kind of agreed that we don't -- LC are really making an impact. We'll say I don't think is regrettable anyway because. Any man that celebrated the Bangkok. Shouldn't be in the pros and learn. Together -- there's quite a few big guys in the NFL I mean bigger than today via. So yeah if you could hear footsteps technology deathly gonna -- and when you get to the browse. Well it does -- LeBron is does not recruit boy NFL has nothing to do than being afraid to South Carolina and and more to do with the does not do is get the quarterback compared -- the all the other ones coming up the draft so you admit to. I've always -- admitted that Zack I've never said that he was the best quarterback in the draft where -- so well I don't put words in my mouth like that. I didn't say he said dad I hope this -- MI out there I Don thank you for the call what we need to do right now we're gonna take a break. And we come back we'll talk bowl a little bit. And who's going where what did you do when -- get there -- that kind of stuff. And much much more take home. As we prepare to go to big gimmick -- -- party I'm dressed up -- portability I don't get it but you know. Concerns casual maybe this is casual for me you never know maybe that other stuff -- -- to work both on the T shirts and shorts. Maybe that's just my uniform you're listening to scoreboard when Alonso and -- This is the scoreboard with -- and Alonso. Or nearly a decade they've never lost an argument. It's law and so and match. Moving right back a long. With the most electric Sports Radio program on your dial this as the scoreboard I met here is Alonso inured to the right place February football fan vote we've off. Really got one scored -- report -- that's the army navy game navy winning 34 to seven. And I think the quarterback. -- Reynolds said he record for most rushing touchdowns from quarterback. Navy put up 353. Total yards today out of those 353. 343. Of them were running the football -- tough talk about a run heavy game and not do that but you know for a second week in a row Philadelphia snow I mean and a bunch of snow and I'd much his last week. Between Philadelphia and Detroit is still you know the plane and it's now it's hard to keep a hold out on us there's quite a few fumbles and everything but. And no it did when the way it does this really a rivalry game anymore you know but by virtue of who it is that I -- this is but navy wins against army 34 to seven so we've got a little bit below and actually college football here we're gonna use this time very wisely to get you guys up to speed -- the -- the college bowl games going on -- -- -- -- talk a little bit about attitude to speeding -- that -- -- -- and Taj -- -- the other week whether -- -- that's in -- they're dressed as we don't think -- But to be a part of the program it began going to be the phone numbers it's 2329673. If you're in -- 5749673. Appearance Spartanburg and of course you can send us a text. That's excellent it's 71307. And done you can check to settle FaceBook the scoreboard with bonds or -- now when there's a lot of ball games to go to all all all of them have been announced. And on the -- some surprises couple of things that we we saw coming a couple of things we didn't see coming and I guess we can just go ahead and kick it off with the video BCS national championship game that's on January 6. 8:30 PM kick off number one Florida State undefeated thirteen you know vs number two Auburn. Twelve and one this is the final BCS national championship. And it's gonna feature at best use of a menacing defense against Auburn's high octane offense how do you see this one happened months well. First -- let me ask you -- quick question do you really think always better than than Alabama. I really I really -- I realize that they beat him head to head but I still think Alabama's a better team I think Auburn goes. Because of those it's a fluke play but I'm SEC guy so of course somebody go with Auburn over Florida State. -- state hasn't played anybody really tough yet. No offense but they employ anybody really thought yet. This will be definitely test for them if they wind up for them I mean we're gonna a lot of things one -- between now and win the game happens. But right now I'm leaning towards all of whom when in the game. Well we'll partial answer your question yeah yeah make money off Auburn is better than Alabama not -- lot. But they beat them it wasn't that long ago and it wasn't like they did it by -- commanders they they have a very very tricky offense just miles on runs an incredible program over there. And I think this one of those games that can be -- also maybe Alabama would win four in Auburn wins six I don't nobody get away. Right now they deserved to be in the spot the therein and that's in the national championship against Florida State I'm with you that I think Florida State probably has an edge here is certainly on paper definitely like the way they look they've really haven't shown any weaknesses that I. Virtually no weaknesses that you can look at through the course of the season say -- -- Here's how we get them or here's where they're messing up you know has been front runner -- as Winston. It is just -- it up on the offense and have a defense that punishes you own all three levels I mean you have. Athletes just coming out of the -- of this team on all three levels. And honestly the first time they're playing for a title since 2000. So -- you know they want this and on their own fire right now they have momentum on their side and really like the way a player right now in the -- jump on -- -- -- -- Also look at the fact that you know James West it was a little bit nervous last week in the ACC. A championship game in the beginning he struggled a little bit I mean do occurring. I'm with them and the beginning of game the first half. And then then -- state pulled away. If he's nervous and he has a bad game against -- he may not be able to get back into the game a -- here Zacks opinion on this day. I'm gonna go Florida State for a lot of reasons Matt said Dodd just athletes on all three units that team. Janus is in put up points they had a killer defense that Auburn can put up points but I don't trust their defense so that's that's the big reason -- give an edge to Florida stale with. With Auburn you know it especially look at look at the fact that one year ago I believe probably today they were winless in the Southeastern Conference had not won a game in the Southeastern Conference this day a year ago but then also you have this perfect storm come together -- got a -- miles. As a coach got this unstoppable running game with Tre Mason in the in the quarterback nick Marshall is doing a heck of a job making that happen. I think they -- I think they may be topping the national charge it 335. Point seven rushing yards per game. That's a type a stat that you can win national -- -- -- Auburn and human deaths already has -- five wins over ranked teams so far this year so they've played some good competition that showed that they belong to be there and there's going to be a good day there's going to be a solid game on -- the other Florida State I think it is an album titled the they're not gonna make it look easy doesn't get this. Game is still pretty get it's it's quite a bit -- out so I mean you can get there could be some key injuries in practice. We just don't know what's gonna happen but I can tell you we will get into more detail as we get closer because -- -- will be going all the way to the Super Bowl. The reason why we're going through the super boy can actually say the Super Bowl on the air. Because you can hear the Super Bowl right here on the B or B 1063 the next bowl game that I would like to talk about. Will skip the other -- the last Fusco with South Carolina Wisconsin next. I don't know I I don't really think south Carolina's gonna struggle with Wisconsin and you know I thought same thing last year and they they've barely got by Michigan. You know one big hit by -- that's that's spurred everything on and they were able to defeat Michigan last year. But they're gonna have -- show all this is Connors last game play any college I think he's gonna wanna shell out yes Wisconsin has a killer running game. Because it's a Big Ten team and that's what they do in the Big Ten. But Wisconsin coach is Vincent Rose Bowl I think three years in a row and lost everything one on the hasn't won a ball game yet how he's going to this time. Up well you know this this is on the Capital One Bowl South Carolina Christmas counts in January 1 it's a 1 PM kick off happening in Orlando. And both teams have you know -- this game with a good record south Carolina's ten and two they finished second in the SEC east division. Still managed to end up top ten of the BCS rankings though -- point that out Wisconsin on the other hand nine and three. As he looks like kind of an outside BCS contender up until the loss to Penn State at home. But that definitely you know that definitely set -- back in good bid did not make them the Cuban. When they lost to Penn State let but I never really really strong. A running game remained Melvin Gordon. In james' wife both have an astonishing number of yards put together Melvin Goran has 14166. Yards on the ground James White has 1337. So -- -- running attack penetrate the South Carolina defense it's going to be a better game and I think you give and give it credit for actually think that. Wisconsin -- the victory here I'm -- gonna give an edge to Wisconsin a group of -- South Carolina. Passion that. Admittedly and a dad watched a lot of Wisconsin this year kept up -- them but you know what obviously that's what supports a Wisconsin. The -- I know we had two good running backs and they got a defense that did my homework the defense so far this year has allowing fourteen point eight points per game less than fifteen points again and again there are allowing so far. This season and and that's that's a good defense and number. I don't know I just think South Carolina was pretty good this year they lost a close one to a healthy Georgia team the Tennessee game was an aberration. Fluke loss column and this I don't know neighborhood car -- looks pretty good when he's out there I'm gonna I'm gonna take him to win his last. In you know the thing Connor is is he's also be played an all star game after that. He's really looking to try to get into the NFL and you know I'm sure we'll talk about this more later I think he can make a decent. Back up for now and work his way into a starting position eventually NFL. With the way offenses are going I mean these are kind of offenses that he runs I think you're going to be able to do it one thing Wisconsin does not want to do they don't want to get in the shoot out. Because South Carolina will be a -- shoot out. Move on how hopeless cause they IS -- first Wisconsin you know the -- policy division at the run the football too much but this is today being -- his last game college football most likely yeah. We're not not just average sharp the most likely a lot of players so councilman and Obama is merely stating that it was in a -- he became a household name. -- that was the 3328 win over Michigan with a hit heard -- the world was in the Outback Bowl does he have anything up his sleeve for Wisconsin is he gonna actually play hard to. Or or is she gonna play a little bit -- behind the scenes like we've seen him do this. You know again I I don't I don't subscribe to. What you're saying and what some people have said that he's not playing hard is double and triple team something it didn't happen a year before something that's not gonna happen in the NFL when teams don't double or triple team him he's in the back fill all the time -- -- be up to Wisconsin -- Wisconsin double or triple team them. He's not gonna do a whole lot. But that won't open it up protest the sudden especially -- -- who leads the team in sacks so it's going to be up to it. How well Wisconsin plate if they've decided they're gonna stop -- that they stop pioneer opens up some other. Players to have a good game and again we're gonna get more in depth into this as we get closer won more college game one of the we were a bowl game we -- to touch on. There we got to move on -- as usual times it seems to for now -- bias and of course. It's a rematch. Between. Clinton and Ohio then you're the go there already is doing to Alabama and Oklahoma we don't have time what Obama thought about we got more let's talk about that mr. Obama Clinton. And Ohio State's. A game that's really important to a couple people here and I can't wait to see this game because. I look at the edge and the edge. On defense goes to Clinton I think Clinton's defense is much better then Ohio State's defense but. Can Clinton's defense. Stop this running game they were able to stop South Carolina is running game but they couldn't stop the quarterback. If they think they're gonna leave Braxton Miller running Braxton -- a much better runner and probably a better thrower -- Dan Connor -- If they make the same mistakes that they made against South Carolina this could be an ugly game. What -- -- I think this game is a great one for a lot of reasons that big big big reason being a lot of college football fans step back look at these ball lineups and they say okay. There's one right there it's going to be fun to watch it's gonna be an offensive should showdown. Those who do between Ohio State and Clemson. And I disagree with you as you might guess I think once and probably has enough to edge -- the Buckeyes I think that we saw Buckeyes. Lose to Michigan State. In the Big Ten championship game 3424. A lot of things were revealed there and that's what a lot of this you know -- already suspected -- -- -- went -- and -- and -- -- if you let me -- -- -- -- -- that's not what we -- we expect -- -- did not. Play is good there -- thought they where they haven't played anyone has ranked really for a long time and yes they played against a good defense. Probably the only good defense they played against all year. And then it showed what happened so I think Ohio State got there balloon deflated a little bit I know you've been and that's fine you don't think so I think they did is going to be competitive match up I agreed to be an offensive battle. I see both of them having trouble stopping the offenses. Of Braxton Miller and Taj Boyd. But I pick I think clubs and -- this one out I think that Woody Hayes is punches still echoes throughout the upstate of South Carolina. And we're gonna make sure -- you know. You that you you buckeye fans don't get away with it again. Yeah and they didn't -- the -- -- while I know we want yeah punch him. We did a puzzle York calling for Clemson players to punch files -- -- now are you calling for. Clinton fan but I don't doubt it very clear here so that you so that you don't get a chance to twist up what I'm saying if it happens that just so happens that one of the coaching staff for one of the players -- stumbles in their -- is their -- falls into the face of one of the Ohio State players are not gonna lose and easily. You heard it I said it I don't care a model is his sleep -- days grabbed our receiver by his collar. And punched him in the face with a right hook he turned his button to Alonso he shifted his fit. Kara it can when your life when I'm -- -- -- corridor. -- -- and I believe you know we can hearken back to end Zach what's fastest and you'll deny it several weeks ago when I said. That that's the punch heard round world and Clemson people. Are taught to hate. Ohio State when they were born and -- I was wrong but you've just. Confirmed everything I -- Allen thank you for a closer than -- did you know. I like to -- it back so I think it makes a good piece of the -- here and Ohio State and Clemson does have all the little rivalry going and that's one of those things closest fans don't forget they really -- still hold -- the -- you think they don't forget -- -- -- back -- second but let me tell you something Ohio State W you know clubs and that's all they know is that Woody -- -- I understand it matters on the other and they don't care. I think you've given Clinton too much credit. The country still don't know maybe it maybe country still doesn't know who Clinton -- I'm not maybe I'm the -- thought Ohio State fans are Smart they actually are all right that really click. -- -- green we have better defense and Clemson but it would be about the offenses which our ideas slight -- at Ohio State but it's pretty close so they're not looking coaching in Ohio State definitely gets the edge there. I gotta go the Buckeyes. Imagine that there you -- Clinton has shot to win and I still have a shot a. Mind if I don't pick and I don't god -- I don't give your heart you know that you can change one way beyond it is. We music while we just got a couple breaks to take we come back we're gonna get to -- NFL picks. And let you know. He's gonna win this week it might be out playoffs you are listening to score what was -- about right here on the -- 1063. News strong support. It's comment -- -- like it should -- on clown he's sacked eights this scoreboard. You wanna talk some football called 2329673. In -- or 5749673. In Spartanburg. That's right this business school worldwide -- back to that targets your phone calls and -- visited numbers you know what you gotta do if you were talking football people thought college football high school football. Pro football. Speaking of which. Every week we give you our NFL picks go head to head with -- each other. And trusting -- when I've got to say there's no bit this year that's something going on behind the scenes because the side of the bed next year. If they're in the next year because you never know -- radio we won't we'll come up with a bit before the show even goes on the air because. That way we can this tees and get on each other's nerves a whole time let me tell you how finished up last week. We have a big winner someone who came from behind someone who is was in the salaries and not in the -- anymore. Very don't -- exact points twelve and four last week. I'm sure he's happy about that -- within six. I went eight Nate and Ryan didn't Timmy is -- so he went Nate Nate so here's how it how it stands right now Ryan. Is still in first place you know into orbit on a show twice but we we always have a fourth picker. He's -- -- he's in first place right now 129 wins match the second 127. Zacks in third one point five and I'm in last place. With 122 so you know seven game separates the four of us this was still couple weeks left in the regular season as well as the playoffs. When -- out of time for someone to afford the things as which order again. -- and also address some -- a lot of listeners have come at me and asked -- move into the NFL -- while we don't pick against the spread because of the way that the show works actually in the way that we balance the -- back and forth and we tally up the wins it's just for medically is so much easier. For us to just pick the winners and the losers and tell him up that way it is becomes -- it is it just bogs things -- -- -- -- -- the -- our clocks set -- in the -- that we -- -- -- -- -- And Hillary is it that way the other reason is I'm not Smart enough to understand the spread but yeah the second reason yes yes oh hundreds tourism that you know that's okay because. I understand I'm not Smart enough to understand is Brett we know what I think the people who make the spread. Don't entirely understand it either all right let's get right to it. Washington and Atlanta at the biggest game that means absolutely nothing Shanahan benches. RG three. Because he doesn't want him to get hurt everyone knows stands guard. This is you know a slap in the face of Daniel Snyder. Atlanta has been horrible but you know what I think cousins is shown to be a better quarterback than RG three. I know he was off of the player of the year last year rookie of the year whatever. But I think Washington beats Atlanta. RG three RG three is really not bounce back from the injury Kirk cousins may be better than RG thirty. But even if he is the next coming of Peyton Manning. OK Washington is so bad defensively and makes so many special teams blunders I don't care what's gonna happen falcons are banged up bad -- at home they're gonna win this game but I think they edge him out. Go to the falcons. I like Kirk cousins that I got to do it now adamant say they've found in the home. In goma until well politics are doing -- -- from first to worst and -- a couple weeks so maybe I should just let you know well anyway I'm gonna keep going. I'm just gonna be mere -- know how to be Chicago vs Cleveland Cleveland really good defense Chicago. There are actually gonna start Cutler I think it's a bad move. -- to do this is the count and -- been doing a really good job. You know one of the leading quarterbacks in the NFL right now slowly close them down and put Cutler back in until it. They're playing Cleveland. I think -- -- -- and Scott was. Yeah LA Chicago LA put in particular bag just McAllen has had you know as far as back of quarterbacks go he has carried the torch. -- -- -- is blown the -- -- things but yeah I think maybe bring you won three of his last couple games. Particularly getting back in the fields a good thing for I know Cleveland's been been playing a little bit better lately but Chicago's planned for a playoff berth here colors got summoned to prove come back on the gridiron. He did get him -- -- and that would Brenda Marshall Al Shawn Jeffrey just meet tough to stop. And you know force of running back a creates problems to browns can't keep up -- Chicago. Cleveland is a tough down and like you said Keller -- some improved his contract is up after these next three games and he wants to get paid I'm going with the bears. All right Houston an NB -- what's in the Republican teams that Reggie Wayne you anyway we're now telethon -- there. Luckily they're playing Houston how could they lose to Houston. I'm going to -- here but this is like the the fourth we can raw paper they better not lose a case. You know I am going to calls too but I got to admit that I had -- I had does say here and -- my Palin -- for wilder thought about this -- -- -- hate to admit that but they got issues many different they can't protect the quarterback offensive line just looks sorry sometimes and you're right -- you're absolutely right and -- ever since they lost Reggie -- they have not found that go to guy or even anything close to it. Houston has lost eleven straight games. And how I think they're gonna keep the streak going I'm I'm going with India because it's at Indianapolis but at this game was in Houston. I don't know that may be enough to push me over I'll -- the calls them. There's not a lot to be optimistic about what Michael -- last week too young receivers Brazil and Rogers. Had some good games I think they're gonna break down even further I'm gonna go to calls as well as the same team that beat Denver in this -- and -- you don't -- Seattle New England at Miami this game have a lot riding on one -- New England now has the number one seed. Has home field advantage throughout at this moment thanks to -- -- loss to San Diego or Thursday. Miami needs to win this game to get into the playoffs it's very important for them to win but I got to tell you know New England loss gronkowski for you here. They're not gonna lose to Miami new England's gonna win this is when they start turning it on get ready for the play. Jump into the dolphins in the upset here I know it it's this kind of a crazy pig but the way -- look at it is the pats did lose drunk. That's bad and they always seem to struggle in Miami I noticed the time again time the New England stars to win games but they just can't keep -- his magic in the last twenty seconds of every game every time. Miami's once -- tough games I think maybe this locker room controversy may have galvanized them a little bit. Phenomena go on a limb here and think Miami. I'm gonna go -- you -- like you said they can't keep on behind you coming back at the end in Miami should've won the first game they were a big and let it slip away some window with the dolphins. And has nothing do with you one on the list of Denver to get home Phil black doesn't. I want there -- an editorial but I guess if if not a damn I would. I Philadelphia Minnesota Philadelphia when in the -- noble last week. And you know a lot of people wrote chip Kelly's offense offset it was done. And then nick falls came along and what a quarterback he has been. Who's the backup there I can't remember who who started from Michael Vick you don't think he used to be the starter. Philadelphia beat Minnesota Minnesota doesn't have Adrian Peterson now have anybody Philly when. Does limiting the first. Real solid you know quarterbacks and Randall Cunningham maybe nick -- I'm sorry I don't go and they aren't going that far nick -- is doing a lot of great things for Philly. But the vikings have stayed afloat this year because we're kind of afloat because they Jim Peterson and he probably any -- play on Sunday as backup Toby Gerhart. There's -- also -- all that's gonna create some big problems trying to run the football. Make balls and make it happen I think Philly makes quick work Minnesota Golden Eagles. Yeah I gotta -- the yields as well. All right Seattle at the giants the giants they've pretty much shut it down Seattle. Playing like someone who wants to go to the Super Bowl. I realize they lost to San Francisco but that they're gonna bounce back they are playing the giants defense is going to take care of Eli Manning and Seattle wins this. Yes Seattle they win this game they control both lines of scrimmage they get after you they forced turnovers they'll performance special teams that is the better team all around there win. Yet did you answer -- the auction. San -- Tampa Bay Tampa -- been playing really well San Cisco getting back into the thick of things don't playoff race. Look condemned to to get that last wild card possibly. So San Cisco beat Stanford back yeah like I like him you know -- separate may look like easy pick here but the Bucs are surging in south of the gonna make it easier on this this can be competitive game I think that. But the niners are notch above. Tampa in terms of physical player run the football Frank Gore Michael Crabtree is really really start to find his groove it opened up. A lot of stuff for college can't predict a little bit there the better team all around them -- go same friend. Again -- Phelan. And I'm gonna go the upset and take the Buccaneers. OK there you go like to -- it the last early game to go take a break and Tony are see you we're gonna we're gonna get to ride on the other side of break buffalo Jacksonville. I'm going with the jaguars jaguars are all -- got the jaguars are on fire. Chef that check the zags a start to show some life that I hate it I hate to pick a number go into -- -- go to Santa maybe. That they're they're the jags are angry and start to show a little bit on defense they they got some -- showing the bills on the other hand are confused. An air leaning pretty much entirely on the running game to get points on the board EJ Manuel is struggling -- -- and exploit that a -- bill I mean just -- -- Yeah -- bad road team -- into the jaguars as well. 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You need to make every dollar can get my first icon makes it easy with half price steals from local businesses around may have -- Text the word perks to 73807. To make sure you don't miss out on these great deals. Only from get my card stock come this is the scoreboard was once joined match. Bad elements of their along with Alonso. And -- hanging out in the W Ortiz studios this is the scoreboard applauds Owen met the most electrifying. Talk radio show on your dial football fans you're in the right place. Navy beat. Army earlier this afternoon 3047 -- -- right here on W your. NFL picks the first -- -- go to the phone lines Tony's been hanging on but Tony -- the most talked about Florida State and Auburn in the national championship -- Tony. God I don't normally see I'm not too bad men and just the doors of college football's gonna hold you. Well I am I don't find out just how would question our World Cup or actually enrolling you -- response. Our -- -- -- young guys make a prediction all of the console for the state gaming doubts that it will be about three or. Well whatever bow their flaws they will roll through the first of reassure freshman. Our quarterback when -- guys what 52 to fourteen look at -- foreclosed and his wins don't. Well how well you know. Look if look he's not quarterback. I -- I've just got to give credit to the deepest. As well -- that they about all the -- I don't think they looked up as big an open space policy rule of Alabama. Yeah Alabama is not -- Alabama old. But they could they had to play against moral I think Alabama will beat him -- quite strategic portrait. Who Auburn. So there is so so ought to put Alabama tomorrow Alabama doesn't stop some. Because. Nick Saban if you give a big save him enough time. He will dismantle any also. In particular part I think ED ECU for the prime example. Look what it did against. Notre Dame. And also if you look what you do against village human natural chairmanship bulb suddenly want. Look at this year look at this year though Tony -- well Don was able to use that running attack. To take it takes David's defense completely off its wheels. Exactly well at the thing about it is. I don't think -- go as well why can run against Florida State income. Does opt out and I'm. Well you know I told Tony I -- and I can't blame me for thinking that because what you forest they all yearlong there's been no holes. There does you have to be aware that we're we're at what we talk -- the program. Bob Watson table Florida State does not one single aha moment that I got as a coach well look at out of play all aspects of defense to. I don't -- and they can't be beat and an Auburn is a good football game and I'm here to tell you that there is a guy. They can put together an important tricks honestly even put together some stuff to Pall mall just miles -- might be him. Well it's if you look at Florida State defense that they. At every level they have speed base they're physical they're big 04 that's but that's -- not only coach to go whoa put Bob about. -- -- That was his main concern giving -- -- they can stop the -- will you start looking at the -- that they have. Out of it -- -- outbreak overrun expected really effective -- of state defense was boundary Williams from up Boston College. -- -- an -- -- stimulus that that was. It will -- you -- don't want gash them all on. -- 100 yards for everybody else wouldn't. Success yup that's right well well well there. I was going to mark the Tony we're running out time real quick or the Dick do you think's gonna want I already know who you gonna predict the army but -- it. I don't supported prop fourteen more understand he's Tony Tony -- be that guy totally independent bad old days are gone over this -- -- this program either cut a big Chacon again mentally Tony. We just gotta go this week we promised we'd squeeze in these NFL picks we only got about a minute I have to do it so words when going a pretty much pick when the winners. Can't see a lot to play for I think they've beat Oakland yeah Carolina's gonna bounce back and beat the jets. Dallas I think will be Green Bay because there is no Aaron Rodgers Arizona over Tennessee even though I don't like Arizona but they're doing Ralph New Orleans. They're New Orleans since the I think B expense Pittsburgh and I think Detroit over Baltimore. Yeah Kansas that is their team and -- -- -- -- this one Carolina Panthers. We're gonna win this 12 really see them when geno Smith this is bad bad bad bad. So I gonna feel sorry for him is like on the defense even without Ed -- I'm picking Green Bay. I think the cowboys have some huge question on defense they could not stop the bears' offense one single solitary time last week I think the Packers -- -- like Arizona. New Orleans not gonna be a problem here reds have lost six straight this will be seventh the Bengals are gonna take this wandered into the playoffs for three consecutive seasons first time in franchise history in LA the lines to. I'll take the chiefs -- the raiders Panthers over the jets cowboys over the Packers. Cardinals over them Tennessee saints over the rams. Singles beat Pittsburgh and I will take detoured at home over Baltimore. Well thank everybody for listening to the score more reliability that conservative voice with her kids were coming up next. And next week we are back at our normal time for one week but we're back I don't know what time seven to 9 PM we're getting ready to go to here come Christmas party. Can't wait to I hear our GM gonna because it's -- food not sure it's going to be excellent probably the best food we've every -- on the line liberals it's safe to say that another -- because fell well I think we could. Anyway I think you've listened to scoreboard. See you next week.