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Dec 9, 2013|

Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- We can do to brighten things up for you trivia. 1557. Hit -- 53 minutes. Between now and six as we get underway -- our number three. -- rush hour portion final clock volleys. Here on the on the nine programming and as always your input. And quite encouraged and welcome gift valued join me. Show this afternoon. Angle and advantage hotline numbers in Greenville 232 WORD. It's 329673. Spartanburg 57 -- Text line number is 71307. By email address bomb on word. At Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio WORD. So this story today on the daily caller and it caught my eye. The new York city police department is sending out letters. Telling gun owners to turn over their rifles and shotguns. Or else. Face the consequences. Are you know they got a new mayor coming in -- in the skies to the left of Obama. If that's possible. He's gonna do away with the stop and -- They'll watch watch what happens is the crime rate New York City in the next the year eighteen months. New York city's ban on rifles and shotguns that hold more than five rounds. Is now being enforced. In cording according to a letter B in YPD is sending out to targeted city gun owners. Quote it appears you are in possession of a rifle and or shotgun listed below. But as an ammunition feeding device cable holding more than five rounds of ammunition. Rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than five rounds of ammunition are unlawful. To possess in New York City. As for NYC administrative code -- dash 306 V. You have the following options a letter explains one. Immediately surrender your rifle and or shotgun to your local police precinct and notify this office of the invoice number. The firearm may be sold or permanently removed from the city of New York thereafter. True permanently remove your rifle and or shotgun from New York City and provide the follow. Disposition report registration certificate. Notre -- statement of permanent renewal utility bill or other proof of residency regarding the address where the firearm will be stored. Outside the city of New York. You may call to discuss the matter if you believe your firearm is in compliance. I'm not bad enough that departing New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is a major gun control activist. Now when he's not busy going after supersize sugary soft drinks. With his recently. Coalition sponsored ad. That depicts an animal lands a tight character injuring a school full of children. New York State -- meanwhile passed the in -- safe factor into any thirteen. In response to these sandy hook shooting the law which bans high capacity magazines. And puts in place other stringent controls was signed by governor. And 2016 presidential hopeful Andrew Cuomo. Well -- well. That's good to know. That New Yorkers. What we are unable to defendants. I got this email this afternoon as well. And -- before -- -- -- that a money penny was mentioning Jimmy earlier. With -- Obama. And bush and Clinton and everybody else in the in the world free and otherwise. Free world and otherwise. Not traveling to South Africa. For the Mandela funeral. Money penny said. -- -- -- -- And and I thought this thing all the way through I mean you know if you're al-Qaeda. Doesn't this look like go Ramadan came early. -- -- in the case of -- I -- it looks like a gift. You know. Frankly I have questions about. The ability of south African security forces to provide. The level of security that is going to be necessary for this kind of event and interestingly enough I got an email. From -- And gentlemen you may have heard about Dan -- -- he is a former Secret Service agent. The email says at least south African authorities scrambled today. To deal with the logistical security and protocol complexities. Of posting scores -- visiting dignitaries. And tens of thousands of their own people. And a national memorial for Nelson Mandela tomorrow in the World Cup soccer stadium. So I sent an email back today and see if we cannot get him on the program tomorrow we do have a governor Haley on right after the news that three. That'll be our December edition of ask governor. So. What we'll see if we can arrange to have of the former Secret Service agent and join us on the program tomorrow as well. The other email that nine quickly referenced on the go back and find that one. Likely bump up -- fairness. Should you Greenville points said he a Christmas parade draws record turnout. The city of Greenhill points -- Christmas parade kicked off the holiday season December 7. In downtown Greenville with record parade units and attendance almost ninety. Community groups businesses and marching bands participated in the annual parade which stretched for one mile from north street to a -- up. On main -- I got an email. Earlier today. And I'll have to go back and find -- they sent -- some some pictures. Where and that and M well I had to go back and find any -- anyway the point is the pictures that were sent to me. -- pictures of one of the floats. In the parade. Obamacare. Float. I'm not making this up. And the float apparently was staffed. With obamacare navigators. Given what happened. Over enough easily. India the Pickens got troops -- where. The Pope showed up with the stop common core signs. And apparently T shirts that said stop coming -- well. And they were refused. The other right to. Free speech. They were denied their First Amendment right to carried signs saying stop obamacare outsell both common core rather stop coming core. In the in the parade they were allowed to march in the parade wearing their T shirts. But we're not allowed to carry the signs saying stop comical and ostensibly the reason why us. They they don't allow any political. Messages in the Christmas for. Now as far as that goes that's fine with me and I don't necessarily think that a Christmas parade is the appropriate venue. For for political messaging fun it. If it's good for the goose is good for the vendors or not. I mean if you're gonna tell this dot com and for people. They cannot use their message in the Christmas parade then why the world's Greeneville. All I forgot because obamacare is settled at all. So they have -- on their with -- obamacare navigate. Unbelievable. The the blow back against people that are standing in opposition to common core is not surprising to me at all. There was a really good article at the American thinker dot com several days ago December 5. In fact down money than you might wanna go back this will be in their archive problem while actually will still be on the American thinker front page is from December 5 entitled. Common core standards throwing gasoline on the fire. Bruce -- price. Wrote this piece writing common core was sold to the public has a way to improve public schools arguably. It's the opposite. First of all the people in charge have been in charge -- five years. They prove themselves to the architects of mediocrity and decline. Nothing else second common core locks in place bad ideas that have plagued us for decades. Sight words in reading. Reform math curricula in arithmetic constructive -- In the teaching of knowledge and many other failed theories and methods be loved by a left wing professors third. Common core standards give federal bureaucrats more power. Communities will have less flexibility. It's everything a totalitarian government wants. The essential flaw in common core was stated in 2010 by governor Tim Kaine of Virginia a Democrat. According to the Virginian pilot. Cain argued that the federal rules for standards were focused on strategies and approaches not contents outcomes. Precisely. The so called experts -- of tweaking theory not making sure the children were. Sixty years ago the education establishment smugly bragged we don't teach history we teach children. Well that's the switch governor kaine was talking about for thousands of years schools were concerned with one thing teaching content. John Dewey and the education establishment adopted the opposite approach contents is the unwanted guest of the funeral. To hide their shift away from sound practice public schools are adrift in a fog of propaganda. And some mystery. For example common core contains one of the biggest flip flops in the history of education. A few years ago teachers were told to teach each child differently. Now the common -- dogma says every teacher must teach the same things in the same way across the country. For a second example common core is full of weird techniques. One. Dictates the children must read more dole instructional tests not literature. But it stories that draw children into reading. -- adultery for fun. 83 example is called close reading. The idea is that children. Many of whom can hardly read. Will spend days re reading short. Difficult passages. This gimmick covers up the fact that many children cannot read easy passengers flew it. A new book credentialed to destroy how and why education became a weapon by attorney Robin eubanks. Details extensive evidence that education becomes an invisible and purposeful means of restructuring the west. Especially the US away from individualism and capitalism and towards a more collective just orientation in the future. A goal that guides the actual common -- implementation. And it goes on to give examples of some of the common core math standards. Incoming caller for instance two and two does not have to equal for. I'm making this up. Two into two equal five if you have a good enough explanation for how you arrived to that conclusion. It's incredible. And it he had it concludes this piece. What will all day in this recent headline. Principal and I'm quoting. Principals say common core tests make a little kids vomit and. In quote. In short. Common core is a pandora's box not tested not voted on by the community all of inexpensive and destructive. Common core is like obamacare too much regulation too much government power. What do you get when you throw gasoline on a fly you get more fire more smoke less house. And you get tips. One teacher reported that a student kept banging his head on the desk and wrote. This is too hard I can't do this throughout his tax booklet. Tell my -- to think Obama. And education secretary. Arnie Duncan. QED every state. Should withdraw. From common core. -- Twenty minutes after five take a quick break here in the be right back -- more with your real time traffic this afternoon. There's any robards back from a brief vacate and watching the rose more. Welcome back a little sound of the season from that he and his -- Rudolph yeah plus 47 bonding night program this. Rainy rainy chilly Monday that the -- we go let's bring in champ is on his cellphone hi Tim and welcome to the program. -- or good thank. You out a call up topic or. All our daughter is the second grade in my arms about spot Jerry. It blows up be it from my patients -- shut down there or. Can't at all port saint forget it first -- -- very quickly. But I'll accept it greater you're getting from very typical questions. -- two years but it should be answer -- compare and contrast. These two very. -- -- -- There's still believe and -- calls its intent and help bombshell -- excited about it they don't want -- -- hear contrary. -- Which at best answer not which is right which is a great mind that -- -- bring -- that level at that apartment top. I I would think not this what we're talking about a seven year old right. Okay you're up seven do you. Are still there are Richie got -- but it did not ample reasoning skills -- this level and the problem is that perk great dirt dropped. -- -- -- should be -- -- normal crop but about perception is starting to still very reserved the old bags yeah I am. Are very frustrated the -- is no -- eight. It is you should shape up blank look on her site outside exploring their rights and fight their way back to buy their students. Now if it's like trying to explain Einstein's theory of relativity to the -- -- Exactly it's it's inside. My question is what this wonderful experiment but can't do what I thought they would be out double -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I give -- on academic I'll -- I I guess TM based on now that story that I read that quoted principles that said that they had second graders that we're throwing up. And and -- their drawers I guess you ought to be happy that your second grader is not reached that level of frustration and and despair yet. The nature of how about lot you know Bart editor at questioned -- -- -- or she says are. But I bet there are having problems where it. -- actors all of the. Wealth seems like a reasonable question and when Arnie Duncan is the secretary that you know who's behind common core. Bill Ayers for one and Bill Gates not a lot of his money. Went into developing this common core business and they've essentially. Got it to shelves through. Under the radar and they will tell you the proponents and -- also approved by the governors and many educators signed off no in fact. All of the educators that stood in opposition to what was in common core. All of their input was excluded. From any of the reviews it. It is happily it to track state. Believe it will all go to -- I would say. I'll I'll scores going tremendously. All -- today. A bit hopefully you should it get -- you are trying to but there -- a level -- the -- are actually start this deal. A child the basket a lot -- -- it took -- to go to the next lap. Absolutely and in and generalize is and to learn more. Exactly instead they just got a topic or more complicated. -- at some Joker that is proper police spot but he really need to work -- the siege to the child. Just every child -- steps -- just need to get good teachers didn't shower late in the background and they are still good teachers out. Yes there are and I'm sure that their frustration level. Is through the roof. At -- well I'm sorry this year experiencing that Tim and that you youngster is having to be subjected to this -- infusion of a liberal dogma. From from common core and now I would suggest that if you wanna learn more about the organization that standing in opposition to it just go to the website and see pie. Necessity just like its sales SC PIE. I'm go to their website nail a lot of information about common coroner standing in opposition to it and there's going to be -- legislation introduced. In the legislature here in South Carolina in the next session in January if it hasn't been already I know it's been pending. Not to have to do away with common -- in South Carolina. Yeah I'll I'll definitely do that site. Thank you Tim appreciate the -- very much by the way this little footnote. From foxnews.com. American high school students slip in global education rankings. Nice work. 531 is news time right back on the other side. Bobby -- show live and local here on WORD. 106. Yeah. And Victor welcome back 537. Now 23 -- 46. -- in Mexico Monday Monday addition as we go back in the I'm a free and Scott he joins us as the -- would say from his mobile's phone hello Scott and welcome above they match up. So while we don't know it's -- evening yes that. That -- -- Are semi truck or -- like solar. Power. I'm Jonas. It's not. This is not so much the rain is just that the gloomy atmosphere you know it's it's it's it's an order fairly depressing and now. Could get hammered popular I don't know they'll let. Anyway. What you're reading that -- about the common ordeal yes. Something came around I mean you'll probably remember this. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Issues. It's Oprah's at all like it talked about bash right wing conspiracy. This is definitely a vast. Vast. Left wing progressive Marxist conspiracy to destroy this country. Yes well now you -- -- and the education system in this country's been dominated by leftists. Four for decades now and this just. -- cements. The the philosophic. A program that they'll be implementing are officially but I mean you know -- -- leftists in the education system the Bill Ayers of the world. I have been a big believers in this front and Arnie Duncan. How can this guy be appointed secretary of education look at the Chicago school system one of the -- the most. The biggest failures in American education and he's rewarded of course the Chicago way. By being named by Obama's secretary of and education what a joke. Well something outside heard and you may know about this. I was on my way to work this morning in -- lead before rationally so Earl. And early at least about sort look at. Yeah DNC morning duties yes. And you know Dennis Prager is sure. He was almost challenger a lot of people out to -- all right and some lady called Indian shortcomings Georgia is yes it is you know. That very far greater -- real. It's it's it's. Nearby Atlanta but but not a sober. Okay she was called in to complain. In the elementary school were kids are going. But these are likely looking to talk first and third graders have like bad. But they were element in this particular school. -- they're good Christmas Carson their parents -- advocates say dear mommy or daddy you can say dear guardian. -- We -- now that I'm not surprised. You -- research enterprise it -- there and they're not telling him to address that your comrades. Well they have and then you re -- thank you root for the secretary -- supplement. -- this -- Referred to the nation's children belonging to the -- government anyway. Yeah pulling into the state. Right well part of what they teach in -- or there's there's one statement and one of the common core manual that -- Essentially. It it's right out of Karl Marx and says that. The needs and wants and desires of the individual must be subverted to the needs of the state now that's not right out of Karl -- played. I don't know what. We know what really surprise rate so -- like Jeb Bush promoting yeah well. Yeah. Yeah write it. But it. -- all right thank you for the call I appreciate it. 541 it's nineteen now before six. -- it's. 54614. Before 6 o'clock need -- payment program. Money beneath his passing on one of our traffic spotters and said there is and wreck. In the past few minutes it just happened and he didn't have much -- Bill Clinton win hadn't been reported to us during their last traffic reported on. 146. Time of 146. Close to 417 and Woodruff road it's a four way stop. And there is a four car wreck. At that a four -- stop intersection EMS we understand is on the scene and so that's going to be a mess for awhile again that's. Highway 146. Close to 417 and Woodruff wrote back to the phones Miguel let's bring in Jeanne. Who is in Spartanburg hello Gina and welcome to the -- inaction. How late edition Katie and I'm I'm I'm hesitant -- -- -- -- analysts say bit. Everybody -- against the common cold or. Want to visit saying that the common core attracted teach -- children don't know what I'm Monday screwed -- -- Theory and logic and how to think. And that is one thing the comical. And I'm wondering how these dealers complain about -- they created have they've been through it. And have they done it but -- to Israel this thing to vacate -- got kids don't have. -- I would agree but this should a second grader like that caller earlier on -- given. All of eight a challenge that is beyond their skill level. I mean I understand the kids need to be challenged but how does somebody -- 787 or eight years old. -- supposed to compare and contrast. They a philosophic idea has proposed and it's. Well. I understand it but that's one thing that it can't do they don't have seeing our logic not -- -- And that is one thing that the common -- and I understand all the thing. And and and I get your point and how is it logical to have in their math. The two and two does not equal for can equal whatever you say it equals as long as you can justify how you arrived at that conclusion. Kind of Eddie McGee yeah honestly pretty pleased that thing you look like it happened -- -- -- change -- -- Get their regular Christmas parade -- -- And you know. Folks that we used to have in that they and then I'll live with that all this stuff. I think -- lay out a fair question and I think a lot of people would much prefer. The old traditional way of having a holiday parade words celebrates what the idea is all about. But of course in today's politically correct society not to mention money driven system that day. -- I know how much money that Constant Contact taxpayers follows people to go with -- Mandela. That's a that's a good question. Yeah and apparently not now he's he's now saints on Mandela. Thank you Jane I appreciate very much one more thing on uncommon -- That the people who are the proponents of common core we'll tell you it was developed by the states. It wasn't it was an -- ADC based nonprofit. A group called in to achieve incorporated. And I was under the auspices of the National Governors Association. And the council of chief state school officers. On neither of those. Had a grant of legislative authority from the states to develop national standards in fact. Common core was written by the same progressive education reformers who have been trying to impose a national curriculum. -- unofficially. For decades and this just gives it the official in perimeter. Of of governmental approval and and they try and pass them off. As a as everybody having signed off on it and analysis on this is a week ago. Not true. 55010. Minutes now before six we'll check real time traffic again this afternoon there's -- she's ready with a latest. -- 140. Year old Mick Jagger. Still locked in. This you. -- I should -- And I -- about the same age. Oldest Jack and then. Money things can look at every seventeenth I think -- -- of where it more than the same Cisco. -- finished check out right now killer. Well welcome to the accounting offices in Santa Clara California. Please be sure and leave your first amendment rights at the door. Santa Clara County in California officials have banned. 820 year employee from making less than positive remarks about Obama care. Because they can cause stress. For listening co workers. -- Mick Jagger born 26 July 1943. Yeah season he has set -- three years. -- given MR -- about the geriatric stuff. The county may be stunning move when no arena moody. With chatting with a co worker about the Affordable Care Act according to the Pacific justice institute which is representing her. The organization has asked for our response by next week to its letter raising several issues with the Laura McKean in these Santa Clara County. Did the department of child support services where ms. Mooney works. Pacific justice still -- -- she was informed that her comment it caused another co worker not the person to whom it was directed to feel quote stressed out. Her speech and therefore was too political for the workplace. County officials insisted it was then communicated to ms. Mooney. That she should step outside. If you wanted to say anything controversy or political sludge is references to Obama care that were less than positive let's try. This is orwellian group think. I love Obama care. Obamacare is wonderful. Pacific justice argued the warnings in effect was chilling and suppress your First Amendment expression based on her viewpoint. And do conditioner expression on other co workers approval on. The letter contends these censorship is unconstitutional. And that contains an underlying pro Obama bias. The county agency could not be reached for com. To use. So she said you know in passing in conversation Leon as rising. There are all problems with the obamacare website yeah I read about them yeah. -- -- Bolton can't say it can't -- in the county offices. She. See you tomorrow god bless.