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Dec 9, 2013|

Big Bang Theory; Obama; Mandela

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Can you tell me money yeah. And it's. Yeah okay it's. Saturday morning. I'm playing golf wearing shorts. South Carolina you know like the weather related. And I think it's okay we're here to. You rising. Maybe philosophically. Ideologically. If not meeting room on. And during my -- into that despite what the end. Global warming science climate change around in -- and had a good weekend anyway. -- greetings and welcome salutation. And wet and rainy normal. And we get underway with the very first offering it for this week. Our number one -- -- -- -- -- electric rating program great to be long and he's always there input. Is invited and encouraged and welcome. Can't tell you join me and. -- part of the program this afternoon the -- advantage chalk line numbers. Greeneville 232. WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg. And insanity. 57 Ford WORD. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. As perfectly okay to 71307. Is the number of that my email address bomb. On word at Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio. WORD and the other new web address. By the way for our web site WORD. 1063. Dot -- I do have not. Some months some brighter news to share -- Simply when it's got to morbid and depressing and gray like this and we feel like we all moved him. And Seattle or maybe London. Do we need -- do. Right now are you a lift our spirits a little bit and I got a story the does that coming up first things first though to the calendar pages ago. And happy birthday to your. Celebrating today and the night. This is an. -- -- -- -- -- -- remind me to say how President Obama. On memorialized. There is. -- the parish and -- anyway back to the birthdays happy birthday to you you're celebrating today and by the way you have somebody's birthday. -- identity you want -- to mentioned. It's desperately -- -- meant I mean I mention. Inside baseball. Stuff -- you know money penny and her relatives and Annie and everybody else so into it if you have love. A birthday coming up or someone you want mentioned just a senator like email address bomb on word. At Yahoo.com and I'll I'll -- and stick it on the -- -- opportunities. -- Simon Hilbert is 33 today he plays Howard didn't. On the Big Bang theory have you ever seen the Big Bang theory money than any good. I don't think it is this funny look down. I'm sure enough I guess I'm not much for network TV. You know there's very little on network TV that I have any interest in and see. A blue bloods. Right now is about it. 'cause. We like gonna come so. And it and in almost. Almost every episode. Of blue bloods -- they end up around AM family dinner table and nine and many times they break. Like that. Felicity Huffman is 51. From a Desperate Housewives. The bump. Let's see a Donny Osmond. There to save Felicity Huffman a 51 commissioner age okay. Donny Osmond and Dancing With The Stars winner. Is 56 actor John Malkovich. Is sixty. Michael -- also an actor 61 he was -- On not Star Trek next gen. Dick but guess one they all time great. NFL linebackers. Played for the bears of course there's a boy and now the cowboys tonight. Now right here on WORD. Monday Night Football. What's. What's your forecast mid twenties. With twenty mile an hour winds something like that. Well at Chicago in December c'mon. Everybody go numbers they're all they all the weather geeks numbers -- with the other winter weather of its December. Of course it snowed. It's like it never happened the war. Beau Bridges. Actor. Is 72. He is a Jeff Bridges brother. And of course one of Lloyd Bridges sons he was on. My Name Is Earl enough started as she always been -- a million thanks. Dame Judi Dench is 79 she used to play elm. In -- -- latest series of other James Bond films until they killed her off. In sky fall I like her and those -- get. And now they have a new EMI. Dick van Patten is 85 star of eight is enough. And he makes really good dog -- to are a little -- -- Megan. -- that Dick van Patten endorsed. Dog food actor Kirk Douglas is 97. But -- and we remember in memorial -- -- -- read flocks. Born in the state in 1922 Sanford and Son superstar who after years of faking it on TV actually did pass away from heart attack. Sixteen days to go until Christmas 55 days until Super Bowl 48. I don't I don't know. I think the patriots chances I just went way down with gronkowski. Gone out for the year with a neat to see that you know he's out for the year. Now with a knee ACL Andean -- went to bed nets. The other Cleveland Browns. -- how old is bought -- I didn't mention that 71. Sari thanks money thing Dick Butkus and anyone. The Cleveland Browns. Led the New England Patriots all day yesterday they had a twelve. Point lead. With 246 left in the game and the -- lost. For Cleveland. And challenge guys can't win for Wilson. The in the patriots scored. And then not onside kick and they recovered it and then they got a big gun. Pass interference penalty. And they scored the winning touchdown with 35 seconds left and no timeouts. Brady. What can I tell -- Redskins are imploding. -- is gone -- the Redskins money that they're saying now that Shanahan may not make him the rest of the season. But a disaster. For games in a row RG three I thought they brought him back way too quick. He's not he's not the same player he was last year his quarterback rating has been like single digits the last four games. But what I mean you can't throw from flat on your back right. The as a money blackened four. Back in the day 173170. Years ago today an 18431. The merchant sir Henry Cole. Realized. So. He didn't have much time laughter right Christmas letters to his friends. So unsteady hired an artist and printer to produce 300. Identical Christmas greetings. And thought to himself this is to have. So we printed another 300 and sold many shop however. Many people but these very first thought to be the first Christmas cards were offensive. Because the artwork showed a festive holiday scene with people consuming the evil brutal alcohol. I -- -- -- office Christmas parties everywhere. The cards were denounced as deliberately conceived to Foster and promote the consumption of alcohol. During the holiday season more if you're in London and 1843. You probably knitted up pretty stiff drink. You know on -- 1907 Christmas seals or or. Went on sale for the first time at the Wilmington Delaware post office proceeds went to fight TB tuberculosis. 1965. The Charlie Brown Christmas special was shown for the first time on CBS. Was on again last week. 1972. Elton John release the classic single crocodile rock. 1979. College rivals magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Played in their first professional. Basketball game against each other the lakers and magic beat the Celtics won -- 310 fine. 1992. Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their separation. Or divorce became final August 28 1996. Princess di and international Playboy Dodi -- and of course were killed. In that car crash in Paris now Labor Day weekend 1997. And it was on this date in 2008. Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested on federal corruption charges including. Conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery. For attempting to sell. Barack Obama's vacated senate seat because he could he can appoint. The a replacement. Now I mentioned. The other one piece of the bright spot. Last month. There's a guy in New York -- -- at New York. His name is Peter Shankland he's a CEO of the company up there. Now he realized he had a bunch of frequent flier miles. That he had built up. So instead of just swirling them away for himself because we're always hearing from the left as rich capitalists they're only thinking of themselves. Name today. Keep the good stuff and it was only allow the -- masses to do without -- you know the whole litany anyway. Instead of us -- them away and there were those who may need earned them. He wrote a blog post about how he was gonna give away six. Three plane tickets to people who wanted to fly home for the holidays but couldn't afford it. And then other people heard about it as well kind of pay it forward thing. And decided to do the same jetBlue. Which certainly needs a good PR. Because they've had their share of problems in the past few years jetBlue pitched in ten free tickets so now a total of 25 people. Are getting free airline tickets home and as of last night. Peter Shankland had stopped accepting requests and was in the process of selecting. The 25 most worthy candidates that's -- nice thing to do it's it's in the it's in the spirit of giving in the spirit of Christmas. So way to go Peter -- Good guy the day. I -- the phones right away I said to Greenville and bring in Mary. But I think has a comment on the Big Bang theory a program I have yet to -- hello -- and welcome to the program. Hello. And aren't even really out of pocket. Really well written that either I'm 71 years old like -- but what. I love what shall I never meant that I never -- We are you done. We -- didn't. I think -- the only version of what we're. More US gonna tackler has about concern. Now now I don't I don't I do know could I do love football yeah. Yeah yeah yeah you're out of the Big Bang theory. Tell us your home. And you would be correct in assuming this that I know nothing about the show it's about some geeks right. Wearing geeky workshop -- well and he did that help. About it cleverly written. You know I have -- science degree. A couple of Ledbetter act and that. He had reached urged lay in that patient and very very well show when you heard it I mean a couple of that urged. Our -- may do. Something that very technical at least it's -- it's that. They actually have a eight a firm foundation and science on the ship. Well here we are better -- at the advisor. Trial. Yeah -- got it right this is -- well I think he's brilliant Tunisia are they not immoral. It's arguably I don't know I think now about ready finally. Well nobody's perfect. Well and I don't want my grandchildren watch -- because they are you people who are. Regarding about Medicare and Mary. Brian and you know have a bunch of like straight -- -- hero. -- you guys -- interleague play -- number one single. And -- in the space shouldn't lose you know because he got it could be. Inept program. That whole area of the game Gregory if only to have the Art Shell and -- hate to -- -- our and that we. While now -- that's that's and and you you mentioned something that's that's interesting to me marry you said. You're you're -- anyone so obviously you're not sensitive about -- need to -- 67. I and I got the scars to prove it. But -- hear you you mentioned you're a bit of a geek. And I hear people. In here you know and when we talk about. Various applications that that we. Not. Apply it in in terms of promoting our our shows and things like a social networking FaceBook and Twitter and -- -- and all the rest. You know and I have people saying oh well but but Bobby you've got an older audience and they're not really technologically hip and I say -- say this this whole business. That you know if you're over fifty you've got to have your five year old grandchild. Picture -- record. I is a misnomer. Yeah absolutely ridiculous I think it's just a minute and I think it's it's sexist in the market but. I'm Barbara. An engineer I'm gonna keep my whole -- -- out. You know I. I don't apologize or going out -- got a wonderful lifestyle. And the word out about a -- -- -- -- now. I'm. I'm glad I mean I enjoy life. A look at what I am I would love your show up all -- kinda -- to everyday. But I'd like you shake up things and let it -- and the governor are -- -- racially. And what kind of -- the last I heard governor. I I couldn't believe that a -- -- problems and I would hope her she's running for. Actually shares a very Smart way and and very quick on her feet so and she will be -- the -- tomorrow. For -- governor here in the first hour of the show Mary thanks so much for the call on the recommendation to what I will also the recorder. And record Big Bang -- and and then report back K okay. Okay good night when I hear you right here in. Appreciate that thanks a lot Mary thanks for the call and thanks for listening. -- -- stay warm and dry. Full time job today 22 after three take a quick break here and then be right back with more. Now under -- with our number one for Monday Bobby -- live and local WORD. 106 -- And I. Okay. -- -- He could be playing in China sand -- Sounds -- your finger Alaron. 28 after three -- something else before -- gets away from me want to deal with in the end the NFL games over the weekend yesterday. There was -- a new NFL record set up for a longest field goal. And and I'll tell you I think general Hammond an asterisk beside it. But the people are waiting to talk to me on the phone is only gonna get right back to -- bring in -- -- into Barbara hello Tom and welcome -- -- -- Thank you -- In talking about football all. If the employee -- That game between coastal Carolina. -- -- little Montana Saturday right in when you referred to that you. Game -- billion -- Bad game there was little. The announcers say it was -- -- football game in history. It started out about my honest sell about thank you wound up about a first order for. Did did did they mention what the wind chill was or did they even have the nerve to go there. -- Don't know doesn't remember that singles game. They played the chargers. In a playoff game -- then I guess back. In the nineties. And the windchill I think and that was like forty below zero. But the the temperature wasn't actually tackled it was they said it was seven below when they started. My grandson were told that doesn't -- the -- instruments are -- And my grandson say that it was like a dry -- he says there's a -- role -- it it was oh. It off into every expansion during practice. I. That. The shot clear -- In him that the -- they had -- attack. Will -- won't -- it play again. Bull Toyota anybody and I don't. Vote stadium. This in order. Well thank goodness for that I know don't you -- -- Natalie welcome relief and and not. North Dakota State is like the two time defending champion Patrick. -- -- -- -- And from the blue top job as a lot I agree at least were I thank the defending champion this year. Wow. You know well congratulations -- and that's and that's a big win. Form did you ever see the out any of the Philadelphia Eagles game on Sunday yesterday. Yeah a lot. And I just thought that they could -- -- orderly yardage all black. Now in Baghdad and one point in the game they had to stop it. Because the officials couldn't see the goal line. And they had guys coming out with snow shovels to scrape and then right behind them were people with snow blowers in their hands so they could figure out where the goal line was it was incredible. But like a lot of fun to play. And lessen the cold snow went down your neck personal. Thanks for the calls on my pre created and I congratulated chanticleers I think. Jeff congratulations the chanticleers and good luck to on this week. Thank you John appreciate very much 331 -- -- time. Right back on the other side and eased back from vacation and I'll be back and more vehicles are on the way here on the bombing that show on Monday. Why the local on WORD. 106 break. -- -- -- Santana. In the background. Early -- it into. 337 now 23 before for a conference. Pretty grim weather -- Monday. For the full we don't we do have a line open for you right now finally -- advantage hotline numbers -- 232 WORD. And Spartanburg 574 W a RD president career next and bring in Jim here in the by the inaction on Jim and welcome to the program. Well Bob I don't use imported Cuba. Thank you and your station will broadcast and so many of these soaking. Or a lot of nights and weekends and I get a chance to the list in the game that I don't get to watch so it really into that. Well I wish I appreciate that very much -- and that is something. That had occurred to us sometime ago that you know I 'cause I'm an NFL -- -- my college football fan and high school football fan as well for that matter. But you know when I was out riding around on Sundays. And I wanna know who's winning the games or on Saturday for that matter with a college games and and I essentially conveyed above anywhere and I well. When to be nice if we provide that service so I'm I'm glad that you appreciate and I appreciate you taking the time to Colin thank you sort. Absolutely take care. You do Jim thank you very much appreciated. 22 before 4 o'clock we're speaking. About the NFL there was lay out a record set yesterday another one. In a mile high city. Of Denver. The former bronco and they. For the all time. The news I. It's. It's. OK congratulations Matt -- the Denver Broncos get 64 yard field -- Yesterday the all time -- however. How shall never I got a bone to pick. With the other record keepers you know Tom Dempsey -- what 63 yarder. For the New Orleans -- way back into what the early seventies I guess there was. Dendreon was born with -- AM birth defects he only had half a foot when this kicking foot two n.'s special match you've built. A lot of kickers it was straight ahead kickers -- -- now the soccer style kickers my -- ideas. -- Prater kicked his 64 yarder. At an altitude of 5280. Treat. The air is a lot -- The pigskin for why is substantially if anybody's ever played golf. And higher elevations knows that in the thinner air any kind of ball is gonna trouble for it -- my point is of course. I'm Tom density. Kick this field goal I I think it may have been appealed to lane stadium. In New Orleans New Orleans is below sea level okay. So shouldn't traders. Down 64 yarder at mile high altitude have an asterisk beside it like I mean they did that against Mickey Mantle and and Roger Maris. You know it. The home run record. Put that up and an asterisk beside. Roger Maris is. 61 homers sixty whatever was that a liberal babe Ruth's record of sixty cameras in here anyway. That's just me. That's just me. -- I mentioned also. At the beginning of the program. President it's all about me. And the law dinner and a ranch on this last week that I thought. Was pretty much right on target when he talked about. With the passing of of Rosa Parks. The White House sent out a picture showing -- President Obama. In I guess the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis or wherever was. With showing Obama sitting in the same seat. That Rosa Parks and -- in in the -- During the the Alabama about strike -- -- anyway how it was all about Obama. Right well now same thing happened on Pearl Harbor day. President Obama's FaceBook page Saturday. Posted a message honoring the dead from Pearl Harbor which is fine that's nice. Accompanied by a picture of Obama descending the stairs next in the Pearl Harbor memorial. It's all about this guy. Now one other quick note on -- The president along with the former pro I guess former presidents bush and Clinton are also going on for the for a funeral Nelson Mandela in south -- right. How come. When -- Margaret Thatcher. Passed away the Iron Lady the former. British leader. Former -- UK prime minister. How come when Margaret Thatcher died recently liked was that we sent the undersecretary of agriculture or something. Obama couldn't be bothered even Biden. I think couldn't be bothered. So when Margaret Thatcher dies it's like your bad sorry. Life goes on. -- Catholic civilians there. And and now of course when Nelson Mandela. Passes well stop the presses everybody's. Nothing against Mandela. But come -- obviously these events are chosen for their political correctness. I mean what other conclusion can you drawl. But Obama had a tee time that they -- Margaret Thatcher's tree and 342 it's eighteen minutes now before four. -- Me and brother and get -- in Santo and Johnny. Sleep walk. -- the -- and you see about a million movies. -- 1959. -- euros million and thirteen minutes now before 4 o'clock I I am gonna get caught up. -- text messages. In -- -- 1307. I am gonna do that momentarily then backed the phones right right the second. And to bring in Amy who is on herself on hi Amy and welcome to leave Monday edition -- inaction. -- got. Look at the top of the bank here it is let me yeah -- -- a -- And at -- followers like Eden. And the big thing. -- is whole area. It is it is a funny. It. Let me put their life and you'll get a bit. Or tactical every lap and finish it in the paper yet and it -- How how it and how whole area is actually -- -- -- -- -- -- Every -- See that sounds like me with with either a blazing saddles. Or the caddie is one of the out there like that again I I do go when whenever it's on I can do the lines before the actors. Not -- -- -- in and the -- series because it just a bit below what it is what you don't air it out. -- opt in -- like midnight call back packed packed packed app. And I just argue with that. -- be lastly look what would be fairly young in the. I don't know I you know what -- within this many recommendations that will have to check it out because I do like to see. Funny shows but I'm I'm just kind of -- Michael ought to be able sort of selective about what and I thank them -- much of what's on network television is junk. Well I -- It is a course you cannot compare and some mini at the. Well that's yeah that's a step in the right direction for me as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Obviously I'm without him but as far it is a credit remarks. And take that step like that that is not bad it just. Apple. On earth especially you have a mind at all. Yeah well you know and the key isn't writing it's or whether it's a movie or TV show the key is and how well it's written. Well I don't know that these characters were barely work. On their hand Obama. They don't it all the other side it was just about spell it out Leonard you know I'm not look good but that that the -- -- -- -- factors -- -- collected -- It -- right how did that -- -- even their original. Target. Really. Well beyond the check -- -- because we do have Netflix and another she can go back in Netflix you can essentially start from the beginning so. Yet the ethnic you have all -- on the my hand like I hit it on the free primetime show as well. I don't have them and I have Amazon and I think Amazon does that as well. Try and block. And hurt his character on my -- in real lot. That you rely so. That when it's not issues. That I. Would like outback -- -- and -- -- -- out but it. They didn't let him Wear his own clothes that's the key right there should not put. Them they didn't need to do wardrobe for a -- -- was geeky looking to begin with. That's a step in the right direction. And on the character Howard coming in Iraq's shadow at what it is number one like -- Google. In AD account. And have it it's miserable. I bet now I can't get -- of those bad boys anymore myself thank claiming I appreciate the recommendation thanks for the call. You 2351 it's nine minutes now before four. I know school musical liar and man -- music. -- symphony orchestra and The Beatles -- here comes the sun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He is in Greeneville hi John and welcome to the evolving not program. Thank you probably I'll be real quick guy hasn't flashed across number one I think -- North Korea. In Washington. The the White House have the same publicist. Their leader could well you know I think it's this narcissistic. Unlimited that I'm not mistaken. Although I saw the -- Kim Jong -- uncle apparently is. Now residing behind the barbed wire he must have spoken out of turn or something. Well gives a little bigger sense of security knowing that he's behind a lawyer now he's. Got another thing I think that Obama just really got taken to the cleaners on his education especially when it comes -- constitutional law knew that if I were him I'd follow suit against the universities and tried to teaching constitutional law. In short she needed him as much as. Yeah that would be Harvard Law School and that would be a pricey education although of course. He didn't -- quite sure yet exactly right nobody's nobody cares what it costs when you don't have to pay for it right. That's right a couple of others -- a little more serious. If you think back -- -- late 7475. And I can't remember what year Obama was born but can you imagine if he was born in 75. With a young white girl. In school whose impregnated by bill. An exchange student from Africa. What do you think the chances are that she might consider an abortion. Yeah I would have thought -- would be pretty high. I would think that that would have been very very high end. Time means everything is that. -- up in that the truth. And then also I did little numbers cruncher and when it came to abortions have looked at the numbers that they estimate have been done since the rover can -- And I extrapolated that out to subsidy could understand right if you take all of the high school graduates from every school the United States. From the years 1996. All the way up through there including 2013. Every single one of them plus some more. Would never resisted. Pretty frightening I've got to run for the -- general sir thank you very much for the call and thanks for the information. Our number two is on the way new -- now 3 o'clock 4 o'clock.