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Dec 6, 2013|

Larry Pratt Exec Dir of Gun Owners of America is our guest this hour.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Greetings and welcome salutation then this is. It's. Do you. We'd get underway and -- And I'm going to like recruiting program. In the air -- your genial host and win big shock jock. Think he appointed president. Trinity university and our speciality. Is -- politically correct. Special guest joining me in the studio. And as always. Your input. Is invited to encourage again welcome here on the phone numbers you used to join me in being part of the show this afternoon. Angles advantage hotline numbers Greeneville and vicinity 232. WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg 574. Of them -- RD. If texting. Is your preferred mode of communication -- -- coming there to -- the line number is 713. 07. My email address is Bobble on word at Yahoo.com. FaceBook downtown and twitter.com. Slash news radio did you largely. Glad -- that you can join us this afternoon I posted this earlier in the week. On FaceBook -- got a number of responses people saying they were excited and I can handle this film and on and posted and again a little while on. FaceBook -- check the FaceBook pages in the next few minutes because I also invited -- questions or comments. On the air as well great to have you on me great to have in the studio let me today. Larry Pratt who is the executive director of Gun Owners of America Larry a privilege to have you here. It's great to be here thanks -- and my pleasure you you actually are doing other grand tour of the -- and -- my head just. Around lunchtime I was at the gun shop. And I'm heading over. At the Providence Presbyterian Church -- and Spartanburg yeah that's correct him and finally it comes to an end to it. Mid morning event tomorrow. Before -- head off to the airport. Have you have you been in the upstate in recent years and -- -- work out of a Northern Virginia miles south Ingraham I've had occasion to be here. -- two or three times before we moved to the place today yup it is we love it here. Not as -- Larry mentioned coming up later this evening out to be precise 6:30. This evening. An event described as a celebration of the 222. Anniversary of the bill of rights. What so we have a 223. Larry. Yes it and hopefully more than name only you bet the venue for the event tonight Providence Presbyterian Church. That's at 1665. Firm would Glendale road in Spartanburg also. Joining Larry there this evening will be -- lieutenant colonel bill Conner. Recently announced candidate for the US senate seat that's presently occupied by Lindsey Graham. Our friend doctor Christina Jeffrey will also be speaking at the event and then tomorrow. As a Larry mentioned the Spartanburg and Greenville chapters. Of the Republican liberty caucus will be hosting an event. At 10 o'clock in the morning the venue for that is the Pelham Bay hill fire department on highway fourteen I know a lot of people. Are familiar -- that location already Larry great to have you here these are. These are trying times. These are very trying times and I think our president intended them to be I think from his point of view things are running. Pretty much the way he wanted them and he wanted to come and well he called them during his first campaign fundamentally transform. America. We're now if there was any doubt now we conceded that fundamental transformation. There's probably a two step process from the first is the destruction. Of the constitutional America that our founders. Gave to us and then the second part would be the and -- other socialist utopia on top of the ruins of the republic. It sounds as if what you're describing what areas right out of the playbook. Of the -- our Piven strategy that to Columbia University sociologist. And professors. Who happened to be at Columbia. At the same time that the Barack Obama was ostensibly was. And although nobody can remember having him in their classes and Wayne Allard. My forgot his list -- Wayne Allyn root element and a had been enrolled as a political science student has seen. Time that Obama was close and then there. He never ever saw him in a class never Simon classmen assigned any other. Social activities. Exactly curious so he might have been in New York but he was probably at the socialist club. Interest thing yesterday I don't know he had an opportunity here this but the uncle on the tango Obama who is. Of Obama's father's eight -- step uncle I guess is that -- made the accurate familial description. For his role. Who was involved and do you -- accident whether. Police car enough for Birmingham -- about a year ago he recently pleaded no contest of that. A steady and died in an automobile crash. Because he was drunk yes driving drunk yes in Kenya. It seems as if they have a problem this in the family -- -- recently it was brought up for another immigration hearing in the immigration court judge. I'm surprisingly to me because I guess this immigration court judges sort of an organization only IRS. He decided that. Uncle -- angle Obama was a good character. And even though he's been in this country since 1970 is -- legally as any previous deportation order there's a reason why we should deport him now so. It was it was curious because not the Obama White House was -- On numerous occasions if the president knew his uncle on -- uncle Luke uncle lives -- as a response and then now it turns out. An uncle on -- go fed to. Well. He stayed with me in my house were up for a while I nearly 1980s and oust Ali shooter or traction into just. Just let my mind that I have lived with him for a period of a couple of months there and add to the room full of lies that we're catching the president and PM then the whole business of obamacare. And the rest what are the issues that I wanted to ask you about Larry because I know that you followed gun issue is -- closely. Is the debate that's going back and forth and it is drew a lot of attention in the media when -- -- it colonel Allen west from Florida the a former congressman. Did AM I'm a piece on the -- about the EPA attempting AM a back door effort to close down. Or to restrict. Now the manufacturer of ammunition in this country by. Shutting down America's primary lead smelter this this company in in Missouri what what is your take on -- Well first of all I don't see either. The justification for closing it down. And these. That the Obama administration is using EPA is one of his. Primary. Weapons against the free enterprise system in this country and sadly they now have judicial support for doing it yes and so this. Plant being shut down his part of that bigger picture. Some of thought that it was a war on bullets. And it turns out from all the -- manufactures. And tell us that. Note they get their lead from secondary sources used batteries primarily. Recycle recycle ones and it's not going to be. Any problem for them so. Closing it down though is ultimately gonna increase our prices because to the extent that we will continue to use led. It's gonna have to be imported gonna have to import on -- brass -- lot of money has a stone says the. Has there been -- any further effort by the piano a number of years ago. EPA wanted to restrict -- in -- claiming it was damaging to the environment to wildlife and in terms of spent ammunition that was left in in water and that sort of and they pretty much given up on that now. I think so and it because that was a hornet's nest it hit me. A normal gun issue will get. Groups like Gun Owners of America who down on it but when you start going after hunter's right. You're talking about so many additional people who -- gonna have perhaps. A slightly different concerned they're mainly sportsmen. But their whole lot of them. And you tell them that you're gonna ruin. They're rifles and shotguns because they got to use steel right and that's that's not. Work well at all so I I don't think they wanna touch that. -- for people that may not be aware of the organization. I know a lot of people I've heard the NRA and our members of the NRA once Leah how do you differentiate between what NRA is about and what Gun Owners of America is that. The NRA was founded in 1870. Advising union officers who were. Very concerned. About the poor marksmanship of the average recruit who that was involved in the northern armies. So they set the NRA primarily as a marksman ship -- and it had had a a -- guiding the friendly relationship with the government. And it did so for. A hundred years. Or against about it outright and so. Along came the gun control act of 1968. Mom and I think it was like that. A slap on the back of the head they never saw coming this is their friend that that was doing this. Then gun control started ramping up more into the seventy's that's one Gun Owners of America was organized. To oppose the government -- we have never had a moments. The notion that we were here to help the government we're here to get rid of gun control laws we -- to get them out of the Second Amendment. Interest saying that. In the wake of so many gun related incidents. That we've seen recently that the shooting in the theater. In not in a Colorado. The sandy hook shooting. And yet it seems as if from what I see in the polling data. Then the the impetus for more gun control seems to be fading not gaining I think people. Our learning. That all of these mass murders occur. In gun free -- right and it. The stupidity of it. And really that wickedness of the I think hopefully -- -- eventually gonna turn this whole issue but it's still we got a long way to go representative Steve Stockman -- First day of this new congress introduced a bill to overturn. The ban on guns in schools so that teachers and principals and janitors can have a gun if they have a concealed carry permit they could carry concealed. That's at the school. We should be illegal now he you can jump through a lot of hoops and make itself. A teacher a gender whatever can carry a firearm but it's extremely. Burdensome and villages needs to be done away with. Well it's stockman has only been able to get 35. Co sponsors. There's something about this issue that just people a lot of people's mind just locks up you can't be real about having guns in school. Well yeah like as we outages leave them there so that the assailants have no fear to anybody shooting back and let's give them ten minutes to kill people before the cops. Get their nationally -- saying you know win win them when meant when seconds count. The police are only minutes away and that's not a dig at the police that's a fountain of life right they're not there to protect everybody expects second of our line exactly and it's curious true that it sandy hook they had just spent. An inordinate amount of money I don't recall the exact figure. To strengthen. The defense mechanisms of the school well this kid shows up -- kid out of his mind. Shoots out. The the walk in the door and bingo he's in their home free nobody to stopping because of course it is as you correctly pointed out. A gun raised now. It's it's it's just so infuriating. That we're having this difficulty getting legislate tours and I guess the public. To see that at that of the this doesn't happen at police stations it doesn't happen a Gun Owners of America right it doesn't happen in the average home where there's. -- two greater chance that there might be an armed resistance. But if you have a building that says no guns. You've got to murder. I know it's open season -- season talking with -- I guess Larry Pratt. Who is the executive director of Gun Owners of America and take a quick break and we'll take some of your phone calls as well when we come right back again Ingles advantage hotline numbers we have -- Gun issue questions for Larry green built in three to. WORD and Spartanburg 574. WL or twenty minutes after three now the Bobby -- show this Friday afternoon why the local on WORD 106. Cool sounds of the season in the background with a hot lately strains into the -- 25 after three and joined in the studio this afternoon by Larry Pratt executive director of Gun Owners of America went I understand it is Friday. Then ends it is the Friday free for. All as well so we may get to a few folks on the way here that have other questions that are not necessarily. Firearms related let's go to the phones now and bring in our leadoff batter over the data and his rage. Who joins us from Spartanburg hello ray how is your Friday. -- it still appreciated. I. I'd -- a lot. Get away from the topic and error but. There yesterday I was living here about all these add on that they put on does the policies but you obamacare like that. A -- its 27. Needs things for maternity you pull that up. Like here it appears that there's a mandate to have it on their but it there's no -- they will cost. Because why don't they just could put a writer on their poor -- And just say the sky covered. I mean did -- take that type and I did you have any of the add ons that are our -- you know are similar to the. Also ran an article yeah well it's a valid question ray but if if if fiscal responsibility. Was part of the construct when Obama care was being put together. They might have considered that but I'm sure you probably hold that heard the old expression nobody cares how much it costs and they're not paying for it. Yeah yeah I'm just look at the minimize the cost -- -- try to keep the people into they're all cities. And it you know it. Odd night I hate to at a break this theory but minimizing the cost despite. The official name of obamacare the Affordable. Care Act. Minimizing the costs was not one of their concerns -- -- -- -- things -- they felt they had to do to appeal to their base. Was to make sure that they provided. That the kinds of club birth control. That the left wanted in there so that's that's the primary reason you find it in every part in every policy. Of the coverages that they extend and and your righted it does. Increase the cost and once the businesses are affected by this so far. You know we've seen millions of people that have received cancellation notices from insurance companies because the policies are presently hold. No longer qualify under the obamacare rags that when businesses. Face the same thing it won't be millions it'll be tens of millions of people. And hang onto your hat when that happens. Yeah. Okay. Well thanks a lot for -- but a -- My pleasure -- thank you for joining us today let me bring in up -- who is in a Greeneville and I think gun wanna do a comment on. The firearms issues -- we're discussing today without Larry Pratt from a Gun Owners of America hi -- how are you today. K are you doing good thank you -- out sort of mister Pratt briefly could explain. Where they stand on. And they'll assume can't hit the post to. The NRA. And the one point I like to make. Them an optimist and -- is. You know one of our fears and I can't promote the mental health. How -- Beckham who dat gonna. -- Dunlop against the mentally ill -- can't people not to get the help that they -- up front for fear that they're gonna release does writes in the alleged respond. Okay it's a very valid point the I think we also have to be aware of using. A mental health diagnosis which is one of the more subjective things in the medical arena. Just one person or even to. And our position has been that before somebody loses their right to keep and bear arms. They need to be convicted in court of law of threatening to or carrying out. And act that would endanger endanger themselves or others otherwise. This is just going to be gun control through the back door. Yeah absolutely because of course you could be used. By the authorities. As a backdoor way to to restrict. Gun ownership from people that. May be perfectly fine but they wanna use this as an excuse to strip them of their second amendment rights and a lot of liberals look at justice nuts anyway so well true enough and he. I say that half in -- -- for they would be moving in that direction -- -- right I mean there are progressives and and others on the left to look at at people. Who support Second Amendment Rights just by definition. Being -- Actually 330 is -- -- take a break for that here -- and I'll be back in more calls on the way from my guess -- they Larry Pratt executive director of Gun Owners of America. Here on the money back show 330 now why the local on WORD. 106 there. Thank you -- welcome back -- back Friday free for all here at 33545. Before 4 o'clock. Pablo cruise. And background what you gonna do. Now let's go back to the fullest because Enron in Greenville has been hanging on not patiently for awhile we want to talk to Larry Pratt executive director of Gun Owners of America. Hi Ron and welcomed the program. Thank you -- this well I've got. In general drawing some of the side deal with the technical help bring the I've got a couple degree that some of the theology that was prominent foundation that country including declaration of independence and the courts constitution. Of the market ought to track. Can present biblical perspective on the start of the pro -- go purple blue principles of the sixty minutes. Which is still not murder but in return it's outshot these certain -- yes. Look at the part that's so ridiculous now it's debate. Certain number of concerned one bit that the mental illness saying that if that doesn't determine what it'll only has. And then you have another problem which is can you tell us what we believe a lot of what people may believe yeah. And so are -- your -- was -- up there and at and I couldn't -- on the last comment that you may. Okay well if they didn't the idea what people believe me whether or not got -- -- shopping or not they got mental problem now. Well the video silence the asylum in the Soviet Union were filled with political dissidents right right. Yeah yeah. Yeah -- don't what are. Well I'm in direct it and it would kill my grandparents came here from a Communist country I know what's going on the deal. Me. They have to -- what I like if you -- elaborate on how it is their right now even with the health care thing which is one way of getting an -- in -- gun control. It's an Internet backbone detracting from an added in the legal right to preserve life. Not only not a terribly but also in that sense of self defense and how they that you lever that -- -- to be able to even work toward gun confiscation. And you know you're interested -- gotten in using what might. Our track to look at the little lecture you wouldn't believe the curator at the like you know online and then the media are gonna hurt America. Every great health care sentinel auto. Okay thank you Ron I appreciate the call. Is a valid question because I I get calls on a daily basis Larry from people. Who -- who sincerely believe that the gun confiscation. Is is part of the the strategy that eventually is going to be important and who knows maybe. Rowling already. Well all socialists. Have begun by trying to get rid of guns because. That is essential to mitigate the blowback that they know their policies are going to clause. And so. It sure enough that the president made a run and in the congress that happily as if you'll pardon me shut down. Clinton is in their back for more they don't quit. This whole business with the led. I think was one way they were hoping they might be able to impaired. The ability to exercise the Second Amendment and it probably won't but nevertheless -- got to get them pay for continued effort. They blocked the importation often reimportation. Of semi automatic rifles. Wherever they can find an opportunity. They snatch it you know and and I hate to see them. Take the high ground in in terms of how things are described and most specifically what comes to mind immediately is assault rifles. Yeah or assault weapons soldiers have assault weapons and and they're fully automatic and their fully automatic people like us. If we went through a lot of hoops and we live in the right state we might. If we had the right -- that was willing to sign a permission. Finally get one of those. But most Americans to -- others not worth it -- expensive anyway. And you can pay thousands and thousands of dollars for one so a time that it is just simply eight. A -- and it's thrown out there by the left hoping that. In ignorance people will assume that a semi automatic rifle is that machine and when it is certainly not. Anything but and yet it's frustrating that the media. Will adopt. This this kind of inaccurate language in describing -- -- -- to try and vilify. Gun owners them and -- the weapons that they illegally don't and it's hard to get information across to the media there just stuck on stupid. I sample somebody and though. Made the chase to double -- Joseph Biden bra that was in advising ladies that shotguns excellence preferable to those. -- Assault rifles and whoever breaks and Nero will give you poignant time to get into the gun safety get -- -- -- -- an area -- -- right through it time out for five minutes please life remember what the combination of the city. Right and -- so he's telling let the ladies do you shotguns and of course if they don't have any instruction in how to handle it shotgun. They're the ones are going to be on the floor not the guy breaking in and out on the wrong end of -- and and then them if they actually find out what it. Quote unquote assault rifle. Feels like to fire and -- fifteen something like that. Much less impact -- -- that's not done yet and so that was pointed out to the vice president by a firearms expert group. And it made no difference he continued. Saying the same things giving the same bad advice like that it. If you ever want to know why it's hard to discuss things with liberals there's. -- don't confuse them with facts we're talking with -- Larry -- who's the executive director of Gun Owners of America 341. Take a quick break here and then be right back with more nineteen minutes now before four. And. -- -- 34614. Now before 4 o'clock I'm joined in the studio today by Larry Pratt executive director of Gun Owners of America Larry is going to be doing some appearances. -- tonight and tomorrow as well constitution committee of Spartanburg county is hosting mr. France tonight 630. At the Providence Presbyterian Church that's on firm would Glendale road in Spartanburg lieutenant bill Conner we'll also be there as well. Our friend doctor Christina Jeffrey they'll be speaking at the event as well and and tomorrow. On the spratt will be joining the Republican liberty caucus event that'll be at the -- -- -- fire department on highway fourteen. At 10 o'clock in the morning. Now let's go back to the phones and I get more collars and her because -- know him on people who have questions. But Larry beginning with Robert who is in Greeneville hi Robert and welcome to the Bobby -- show. How you do -- Bobby. It's. I L I understand it squished territory and not talk about -- I'd get him militarily amounted we're. Was fox Brett does some about two minutes does melt and it that there government has gone against -- -- mapping out places India has. And well we had one -- left and Missouri and it was closed. But people companies have assured us that that's not going to affect. The supply of ammunition they get their. -- that they use and as recycled lead mostly I guess car batteries and they're they're going to be fine. Well do it let's start this goes to show you what. There at this discredited -- trying to get rid of volley well time and they are trying to get rid of the religion in the United States -- It's a Communist so organization. And they'd like to get rid of them all businesses if they could -- I see that shut down and that larger context as well. Robert I appreciate the call thanks for joining us this afternoon when we bring in Jim. Next -- isn't Duncan hi Jim welcome here on the Bobby -- show with Larry Pratt. Are gonna pick and that's I experiment I want challenge gun control is in theory if you do urged criminal but they're -- their victims -- that that's all they ever open. The automatic -- earned. 1896. Welker blew a little probably the 96 and all over the world who shootings in making credit sick. Good question thanks so that more lately record -- an airport -- industry. And everything lower level or local. Wow and it's quite complicated appreciate that there are. Over 200000 later in England and -- -- -- -- civilian all of or at least aren't. There can confirm that there's. That's right the only you know -- what are. Well I appreciate your points thanks very much Jim how many how many. Firearms are there in the United States now Larry does anybody have a handle on hard and fast number happily nobody. Is that non. You know somebody asked me about that the other day. And I was reminded of other conversation remember admiral Yamamoto who was that the architect of Pearl Harbor attack 11 day away a couple days -- an anniversary. And December 7 1941. And this supposedly I don't know this is an apocryphal story or not the supposedly. Following the on the Pearl Harbor attack. -- tojo who was the minister of war for the Japanese questioned and normal Yamamoto about invading the West Coast of the United States. And you alma moto just laughed out loud she can't do -- and -- said well why not and Yamamoto sent in and bear in mind this was 1940 won't. And Yamamoto said because you'd find a rifle behind every blade of grass in the United States. That is attributed to him and even if it's apocryphal. That was a pretty good observation you -- and we know for a fact from. Documents coming out of around the time of the Second World War that. The German general staff have been ordered by Hitler to figure out how to invade Switzerland -- which is even better armed and United States and and more universally armed than the United States are. I am I correct in thinking their required to keep a rifle in their home if their military aged between eighteen and 42. -- that they must have that automatic machine gun rifle. Yes. And there are crime rate is among the very lowest in the world I can see why do you really wanted to invade his Swiss. What knowing the owner of Philip -- has a full. It automatic what's that word assault weapon -- -- that's -- -- -- 350 it's ten minutes now before Ortega a quick break here on the be right back with more with Larry -- why the local on WORD. 106 story. Great to have you -- it is the Friday free for all -- -- -- bombing that killed about four and a half minutes remaining minutes now. And Larry Pratt executive director of Gun Owners of America kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to join me here out on the show this afternoon let's get back to the -- frankly let's bring in Mike. Who is in no Boiling Springs time I can welcome Michelle. Hey hey outdoor. Have a being -- -- Indian polish or I don't have talked about. Treaty. Got a breaking weekend. Yeah I'm -- How green paper in 3-D Gary gradient I don't think -- there there will she do anything to stop taking our. Is this -- protectors. Maggie your personal protector sales from government. Now people are gonna say we're -- -- -- makes it easier for the criminal. To get wet and we're really address that got a process to make -- bar and at 101000 dollar machine and run the Chemical Ali. And that they want -- -- rudimentary single shot and speculate or frequently. Be. It remained at record probably get harder but it gives us a different way. Had implications for herself from future government asks so I don't think became -- solidly block now are seeing major crash. Speak out and maybe take some of his. Political capital of Israel lobbies and whatnot. Just are lobbying these congressman before they get scared again they've been skewed -- didn't then didn't do these new you know it is you Ali won't do re concerned. So loud and I like your style don't. Okay thank you Mike I appreciate your call well in spite of our opposition to renewing a ban that house rushed it through right thank you again. Speaker Boehner. Are such a friend of freedom he has he has and it's over in the senate where we can hope we're endeavoring to find a way to. Slow it down they will be there. Going on recess at the end of next -- -- weakened. It's somehow keep them from moving on this between now and then. And I think we might in them enough time to simmered down and realized that the way the bill as written. -- like the president could use that language. An outlaw guns that have wooden stocks because they showed in the same way that the plastic gun does on a a scanner. And by the -- -- plastic gun has a -- trigger right and it has a metal clip so or I should say a magazine. That's so that and it tells me that there's that this is much ado about nothing. These things are visible they are not invisible. They even have metal in them enough metal to settle for magnetometer. As well as show up on a scanner. So there's a lot of left wing politicians running their lips and nonsense is coming out. Let's now let's quickly get Warren in here she's enough fountain in. We had about a minute or so left hi Laura welcomed the show. Yeah I I can't -- a calm and being I've. Within the army and many many years ago I heard -- op people not asking the women who didn't through army and basic training what they think of the difference between Irene came at an Olympic team. Shotgun -- we'd -- -- you know that they're barely get. On an M sixteen. Per Burton never issued shot. -- -- -- As an excellent point thank you are pretty thank you for your service and now and thanks for the call today. People could go online and -- YouTube included in shotgun rifle. Shooting. And women that put that word into I think that'll bring it up but several videos were made to show -- -- do -- -- our vice president us. In advising the ladies to just use a shotgun and stay away from this terrible they -- fifteenth. Larry we're out of time but I greatly appreciate your taking an hour out of your schedule to join us and for people who wanna learn more. About Gun Owners of America how to they do that we're at gun owners dot org on the web and if you go there we'd be happy to have you sign up for. -- are free alerts you. The kept up with what's happening in Washington the up and not and there is a lot going on and I appreciate the updates and -- -- myself. Thanks again -- Larry Pratt for joining us here on the show this afternoon back -- our number two on the other side it's 4 o'clock.