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Nov 27, 2013|

Tony sits in for Bob

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Indeed that is why they call it talk. Radio and hey you know my dad was one of the first talk show host America's I grew up. Around -- -- -- first -- -- talk -- -- -- what -- in the news said that the youth for. Yes or five somewhere in there. I'd never done typically before it. And I said how -- how do you do -- have a disc jockey spinning records and how I'm supposed to do among the good thing I think my show was only in power. Along and I couldn't imagine you went and he said listen -- and they're prepared to talk for however long that this. Any -- is if nobody's ever gonna call you. And you've just got to be prepared to do it in the only way this can work you can have to read and read and and brings them from there to talk about it and so -- -- It did me good state that it. I have learned how to approach every subject -- open now. It's really helpful. To do one thing I left I. First if you would like to talk and I understand people worked in doing -- things in this wonderful feeling quite good. -- talk about whatever you like 22329673. In Greenville. And 574 point six and three in Spartanburg it's the Eagles advantage talk. There's also the text into the country's youth and have some interest in textile share with you -- mean. Something I left out of that hole which was very interesting. Is. How portly. Obama is doing with independence is one of the apple. Independent gave him a massive thumbs down 64%. 64%. Would not vote for him. That's. Pretty amazing. That it's almost the -- direct opposite 30% would 64 wouldn't. The democrats' course as you mentioned six -- yes 25% would vote or not 86% of Republicans. Would vote for him so I I really do believe where the election held today you would see a very different situation. Well for for one thing you wouldn't have the Irish they're stopping the fire when -- fours from being able to do with being harassed by -- IRS and not being able to get their heads out. Like the lives were doing. So that probably wouldn't be going on right now. I really think there's there's by the time. Give mid term drove around there is going to we've been so much misery visited on people as result of obamacare. And who knows what other things he's going to come up with because this guy. The -- really. Thinks he's the ink for. In all this whining about talking about. Using executive powers maybe for immigration. Who knows what he's he's got ample. But he's. He is becoming very. Disliked. Among a lot more people lot of people. He have begun to see that he is dishonest is honesty people who don't trust him 57%. Now 57%. -- you can't trust you bet huge. And very very encouraging. So. One last thing I just I would like to share with you. In -- busiest travel day of the year. And I'm going to predict view that he's going to have to be unpleasant enough because of the travel. But I am giving thanks today I'm so grateful that I am staying home and not having to fly someplace. And I was thinking about this. Is problematic is the way there is and is pretty bad. I'm very concerned about next Thanksgiving. Because as you may know the FAA is saying that they may allow the unrestricted use of cell phones on airplanes. Well. For anyone who has flown a lot of flies regularly. In his in the government bureaucrat. This is April ethically -- idea. If so I'm going to tell you. You here's what you can expect you're going there just isn't a movie there will be blood there will be fights. They're there is going to be a brawl or two. At 30000 feet. He -- put more sky marshals on planes. -- dart guns will be issued to the flight attendants would have with pacers. Can you imagine. A plane full of and is rude is people are now a plane full of gambling. Talking. People. Crammed up together like Sar Deans. Thanksgiving I just it's -- dangerous the imagination. Anyway. Let's take some phone calls today and we're starting out in -- -- Michael hey Michael what's -- Yes and I doubt -- people call. Her first start our Q I'm glad you call yeah great. -- -- Here. Will bless you. We tell me what's on your mind. There is. Nobody. You know we'll try to live as other risk -- also -- that window perhaps you have turmoil will -- tomorrow but -- -- war. It doesn't -- in and -- said to say -- yeah otherwise we wouldn't still live Lindsey Graham there. Yeah attitude. Yeah it is -- government backing mayor and see me. You know I wish there -- -- -- -- -- two. Term. To term -- Let me ask you Michael how -- how do you see it come to pass because I have been I've been talking about term limits really seriously for thirty years. It never happens in Indy you'd think that the people in Washington are going to vote for bill. That would put the amount of war when they spend every waking hour figuring out how to stay there. Less salt problem. That they're gonna have big ones -- you never outlawed. So how is that -- how would we ever have that happen and list or do you had a lot of people running. If that is part of their platform. I'll tell you this -- that you agree. If if I were politician going up today and I went out and one of the first things I said was. I'm going to vote. For term limits them to put together a bill. And -- and use every opportunity I have to try him to. Have this past that this is this going to be a big part of my platform. I think that they would be elected in a heartbeat. Because I everybody no serious -- Are limited by our federal bailout vote won't large problem. You know. Our president. Is slow. Are -- are congresses and originator and -- -- You know here's a solution here here's what I would do if are running for office the first thing is I would say in different I would say okay. And then try to any creative bill for term limits but that's not all. Number two I'm going to move the capital. From Washington DC two I don't know Wichita Kansas. And all and you can only go -- four times a year for two weeks at a time and you're gonna have to get all your business done. Are you gotta spend the rest your time back with your constituents listening to what they have to say. Instead of the boys on K street who want to take you at the fancy dinners and parties and whatnot. And in the army of lobbyists here. But of course that's pie in the sky and it's never likely to happen in our childhood but it's a great great point you make you appreciate your call Michael god bless. And have a great Thanksgiving let's let's go to Greenville and David. How -- you David. -- I'm doing fantastic. That you're gonna -- And in job and not appreciate everything that you didn't. Bless you for things and I mean I'm -- good time. Yes I've just got a couple of things first of all I'm not mistaken. And you've cracked me if I am and wrong but doesn't -- constitution give the power to the people wanna go out. Well the government no longer serves the people. People had a right to go to that would include that government and other government in place for the people and by the people. It's the reason there's -- Second Amendment. The second thing is. You know it's a lot a lot of reports a lot of time on the paperwork it's are you. A member of any organizations. It you know as contemplated overthrown the government. In special on federal documents and stuff. And I just got to think about what are they asking that would the constitution that's what the constitutional right. The interest keep you hidden never. And it never dawned on me and put that together that you are right about. Nothing I -- couple. I mean we know where came from because they're talking about in a subversive organizations and this and all started and no I remember when this first happened -- was back. During the Cold War when we had a lot of Communist spies I know kind of where it got started. But you're right about I mean the constitution is designed so that the successes of the cut this country. And indeed if they so desire. Throw the bums out. And one you know the other thing -- And I find strange because. -- and other governments concerned about all the weapons that are out actually out in the country. All of you know throughout the United States and once they know about ones they don't know about. -- It seems right now and I I think it does say is the only way to make a change in Washington. Is that physically developed there and removed those people from office. And calling in the state police and calling him the sheriffs and -- federal. Agencies and stuff they're still not gonna have enough people to deal with the general public because of the Libyan people. Have pleaded guilty to go and defend themselves against those people. And that all the that would require -- here's your -- the problem we face that would require. People to be actively engaged you know I've talked. Impact in the past about the cycles of history. And as you that the ladder seven of them the last few all -- From abundance. And two apathy. From happen for most of and in what follows. Apathy. Is in slight movement. Bondage. We we are. We are right now at a point where there -- a lot of people who were more than happy to just sit around the house and let the government take care of him. They're not gonna go on March. In fact they'd they'd be opposed to what -- what 49%. Of the population right now pays no income taxes. About an equal member gets some sort of government assistance. That so that's a cohort does not likely to be supportive of that idea. So so so week we really are. We are at a crossroads I think they did it. In and I think we're going to have to. Maybe go through some really tough experiences to to to wake us up. Just how difficult it is and I pray this happened before we end up in bondage but we have a guy in the in the office right now I'd be more than happy. -- to run the -- I think that individual needs to be removed on the other. When I pray he is black I thank you so much for your call I. I pray you have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones you know there are only three kinds of wealth than in and that's we should be thankful for three things. Relationships. Time. And health if you've got -- if you got those things working for you your wealthy person that's enough to be thankful for a. Yes -- about questions and everything you do and hope you have a great Thanksgiving authority and again. Thank you Dave thank you -- calling it. All right we will take a quick break when a comeback mostly we can't get to some of these. Text messages and I haven't changed it back after this. Welcome. Did the Bob -- -- -- -- sitting in for rob I've got to get some of these tanks and have been terrible. Takes on Finland three you were 7 Tony I am most thankful for Barack Obama. Oh I read that sorry sorry sorry. Tony do you ever wonder if the caller Tony is just Anthony's Alter ego. Now. Thank you lord for sending Obama to wake us up I pray it works -- And he's awake and some pretty angry people. We see here. It's secure okay Tony. The poll that matters most is the ballot box for lazy Republicans ain't gonna get out and vote. They will answer -- telephone and express their views but taking on a vote. They don't care that less people -- working now than twelve years ago they don't even remember that when gas was once 186 a gallon down nine. It twice as many people are now on food stamps and government assistance and before nine. Obama does not abide by the constitution but he got reelected by Republicans too lazy to vote well I would I will grant you. Is there. That is definitely a factor. And I blamed it would wind when this happened I blame the people. Who says well Romney's not a net conservative enough for Mazen and I -- this since there's not another choice and I'm just not gonna vote for anybody. I. I bet a lot of people if you were honest with yourselves this thought that. The -- a lot of the people who were mad because Ron Paul didn't get nominated or. Their candidate who they felt was a real conservative didn't get nominated so they just said well. Were taken our vote we're -- our whole football we're gonna go home and this guy right about that. I I have to tell you agree with him. Then there's this there is no way we can get term limits and mark will be in spelled it out in his book in the liberty amendments is called -- the constitutional convention yes that would be one way to do it and end that is not outside the realm of possibility. Tony just visited local US Postal Service yet -- stamp ads for Kwanzaa. Giant gingerbread houses problem is this year. They choose to keep the Christian icons behind the scenes yes indeed they do. And don't forget no pork in bills should be part of it of the platforms you're right about that went to. Let's see here. -- proud to serve the upstate of South Carolina in this. Beef. It certainly -- the the last caller was right the only way to get them out is to physically dragged him out. There is no new world for the -- to escape to so. We. Have to take America back. -- -- and may be the way -- I I've said this repeatedly are really believe this are great just told. Is at the state level thirty conservative government's thirty with the state of North Carolina Riley trying to. Government -- is a real conservative they've got both the house both the house and the senate over there. And they are doing a lot of into cutting taxes over they've they've been cutting back on spending their a lot of cool things going on. And that's happening in states all over the place and in it is possible. That if things get dire enough with Washington in the heavy -- of Washington gets to a point where people are gonna stand Ford anymore. You may very well see. A states rights issue come up in there to be constitutional convention created where we might very well. Vote to hit back toward the original constitution got -- prank I do. Let me do this it is one of the heaviest traveled these years so bullet any tells you about traffic listened closely. Because it is is a mess out here. I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- if -- Lee and Robert and are you guys have been holding for awhile if you wouldn't mind I'll start with your calls right after the other -- -- -- news. Back after this. They're little promo there about not sharing the opted optimism for the future. I mean I hear that a lot of us here. But I have to tell you I. I'm not given up on us I think I think that we can. Turn this thing around but he's gonna take and literally an uprising of some kind in this country to do so. -- -- -- Let us go to the phones I know that. Lee has been waiting an eternity you're so kind for being patient how are you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Manager for companies have been. Tennessee and he told me this and I haven't heard in -- Orioles but it would could be could be a pretty amazing. Impact and and it is one of those things it will go to find out every day we should be something new but the spot but that program. Bet -- he reduced (%expletive) that they you know. What purpose the amount of minding your company from an individual for this session subsidy for their insurance that that. In that. Money's going to be candidates and -- starting. In August 2016. Bit is that you know -- the -- court that -- is that. It ended yeah court order of one a long look in show Malkovich true. To what he called him up. And I have not heard anything else but that would be pretty amazing. Impact films. I think I know what he's talking that he I tell you what he's talking about these talking about the Cadillac plan. Or what's happening yet that there is a 40%. Call this surcharges tax 40% tax on people who have these were called Cadillac plans. And that is going to to literally be part there. Taxes at the in their income taxes have been -- so they will be taxed at 40% of whatever that value of that -- days. There's just not fair that they get them that they can go out there and afforded by that good plan so we're gonna make sure that will stop that in his tracks. -- sort of restored to 2002 -- 2015 or. -- is somewhere in my stuff here I've got -- story and I just haven't gotten to it here we go here we go -- -- I tell you. I got a break coming up so -- -- and I'll start to -- start the next segment now hold shares some of this with you that this is or -- for it -- Global issue that I think are very much. -- -- Yeah we will we will do that we we we will come back from the break. And also are Robert hang in the -- promise ring get your phone call since you brought this up I thought to be worthwhile to -- -- To do this I don't think I have time to do well yeah I do quick. Large companies provide generous to us from news -- that it provide generous health insurance plans for their employees are slashing benefits prepare themselves for the new obamacare tax. And this new law is 40% excise tax referred to. While on the -- what are called Cadillac tax will be levied on the most expensive health care -- -- 2018 kicks in if a company's annual health insurance cost exceeds. 101200. For an individual or 275 for a family. This is more of a seismic change because of most employers are looking forward to this Cadillac tax and 2018 realizing. They're going to have to get ready for it now and you can't issue of cost to avoided you have to cut the benefit. A survey of a thousand companies. Shows that 60% of them already say that this tax is going to having. Significant impact on benefits decisions for 201415. According to so that's exactly what was going on with. Another little hidden land mine and there are more. But anyway it will come back in and takes a more phone calls right after this. -- it. Welcome back to the Bob McLean your attorney -- -- for Bob this on the tech fine. That's a separate issue a 100% of any government subsidy -- to purchase a plan under the ACA is considered taxable income. On April 15 -- yes but. And here's where it we here's where this is going to be an accounting nightmare. To receive a substance subsidy you have to be at some. It's level of the poverty. I think it's time now -- you can get a subsidy and indeed a very greedy actions of these. But up to 21. And a half times the poverty level whatever it is I'm -- pressure with the numbers are. But switch and it brings up whole slew of other questions. This thing. This is like the -- and I remember what it. 20000 leagues beneath the sea when that giant squid attack these. Submarine that's with the Obama cares like that -- we have all the obstacles anyway war and in Greenville thank you sir for your patients how are you. -- -- Are doing great. Back here in and I remember you when you were doing out weather update on channel seven back several years. -- like Michael almost sixteen years ago. -- -- -- Say it but anyway I'm glad death for your Christian witness and testimony and everything. Which brings me to my point. You know we're talking about optimism for the country and -- I tend to be optimistic for the country and I think one way to do that is by you know calling our country back to god and the principals about war. I don't disagree with that but here's my question for. I I I hear people Warren still say we're one nation under god in yet. In our lifetime we have watched clue what is sixty million. Babies from murder and abortion clinics we've seen. God taken out of school will you be eaten every day there's some story about a school was legal Pickens County you know being sued because they're. Praying before a City Council meeting or something. Com ten commandments are not supposed to be displayed any. So so. Increasingly this this culture has become more and more secular rise. And then you look at what's happened. And I blame these schools on this because if I'm not document individual teachers I'm talking about the slow creep of of secular humanism. Yeah curriculums over the last forty years that's taken place. And now we're at a point where will be instead of Christmas card you have holly -- somebody just texted oh it was per nail my wife. Was talking about this we she received. That one of those things from the Postal Service and you can connect it was advertising the Kwanzaa stamp. A Chanukah stamp any gingerbread -- Christmas that he mentioned. An -- but that's it but that's where we are now some I guess my point is. You're absolutely right the only hope the only -- hope we have. Is -- we turn our faces back to god and if you don't believe it. If you're gonna call yourself -- a nation that believes in god. Is he Israel -- did you go back and see what happened every time they got stiff -- and and rebels. It did not end well. And he's not in well for us if we continue down this this road. But you know being a minister -- -- he would in the -- that may be as a church -- not doing enough. You know what our country back -- I think absolutely the case my daughter just as an example is actually yet. In turning the as a youth minister in shoot and shoot -- or many of the kids and she went to school with when she was studying to do go into the ministry. We're gonna go off to be missionaries in Mali in Africa and various places and she said dad I'm one that we need missionaries from. People my age she's twenty B 22 in January. She should we get to minister to the young people here they've they've not been talked a lot of about god and they they they -- They're just clueless and and last week turned -- -- you are only hopes the next generation. We're getting our right. And that's why so many churches are losing people because you go into most mainline churches Baptist Methodist you know presbyterian. Some of these churches most the people in their older people. Right and what you need to -- more to get the young people are at a course -- -- churches split some outstanding you'd programs are. And that first Baptist Spartanburg has not a great youth ministry under the direction of south Barkley. And and the topic that's what part of the answer to get more. Young people involved in our church -- so that you know we seeing more young people. Of course sometimes that means we older people have to adopting more and the first thousand warship. I think that we can I don't -- I think you bring up a great point in its time for us to be it would trying to win this -- back on our knees weren't and I god bless you for your work keep it. Okay are you so much now let's. Thank you weren't. Our let me get make a quick break here will come back it would take some more phone calls and I think of a good point I'd be interested to see which -- Are -- one nation under god now still would you really say are calling say we are. And a lot of us like to think of ourselves as Christian nation of course Obama made a comment that we're not -- right. If in if we are not is there. Our hope for us to turn back. That direction once more or or have we crossed the rubicon. In popular culture and the care of realism has they have become the modern. Person's religion. And isn't it's a pretty interesting thing to think about. Anyway right after the welcome back to the Obama Granger Tony they are sitting in for Bobby de love being here for new. On one of our -- somebody hangs up and let us do that in -- drip today. And go all the way to Helen and -- how. And hand -- and general nickel and believe that country created. Well I can't. Believe it was -- -- print them based -- it'll all. Think it just rebellion that we have freedom to choose eight general I would not give everybody chuckled. But I don't perfect guy potentially. I think we're big and he. I think when you look at his all of them can you can it protect this country. And I looked like he quit aspect can Italian. And stuff going on right now. And a group of people can't do but I agree with you that a future should be and he. Well you yes I agree with much of what you say that there is a point we -- God if you go back and look if -- own chosen people the Israel lights in the old testament when they were coming through the on the way to the promised land here in the wilderness for forty years in time and again they would rebel in every time they do it. God would turn their back into fine OK you're on your -- how do you how do you like that. And that is my concern. The -- you because we have turned away from him not him -- -- you're absolutely right here but at some point or they're not consequences for this. And that's that's my great concern Helen bless you thank you for your call have a a wonderful things going all right I'm. Listen Duncan and or sorry re convinced if you don't mind holding its time were -- so close and is it wouldn't do you justice for -- -- -- call so if you -- hang on. Will get your calls when we get on the other side of the news and lord have mercy that sounds like -- Imus settlement and and so we -- -- we'll we'll talk about that and also. You may have heard. I I talked him materialism they did the Pope made some interesting comments about. Materialism in various things what he called the tyranny of unfettered capitalism and idolatry of money I'd be interested. See what you think about some of that as well. Because it ties him. So. If you don't mind hanging in here for a little longer -- we still have another hour this stuff. And finally talk about anything and have to be -- we're talking about now. So stick around back on the other side of the news.