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House Plans 11-16

Nov 16, 2013|

CountyBank Mortgage

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello South Carolina you listen to house plans JD Nelson here with county bank mortgage. Appreciate our listeners today we've got a special treat for our listeners today that Chris and Keith both are at a -- on this -- idea. Brought in some. Heavy hitters from county bank. And glad to have him here this morning she gets on the list -- -- talk for a full hour breakdown. Like that will go not few gas -- harper. Who think your card says Ted locker charges is the last comment I have -- -- I thought I believe that's right that. Tell you that we can't get them I guess we need to check those cards yep that's right that's right here and is. Kin as is is is basically. The big man here with county bank in and has been with us for a few years now and and we're glad to have him and we get ready trainer here with. -- bank insurance and down pretty -- everybody knows she's not sure the phone lines light up here in just a little bit but I appreciate chemicals. Yes that. Did -- welcome welcome thanks for coming in and then again a rookie here in the -- as well you have Brian dish here from. Greenwood capital and Brian is a associate wanna see which cars is here with CNET private client advisor not that sounds like somebody that really knows what they're talking about to me. With Greenwood heavily like good morning how are used. To edit the title is meant to imply exactly and talk about science. -- -- we're gonna put that the test here on the on the show here as does fingers and we got a tough questions for you know I told you bring into question is factually. Have a few questions of mind askew says that DeVito make it make you more fun -- sent. You label appreciate -- by listening kind of -- injury day out there -- think it's gonna clear up and down. As usual Saturday and as our listeners know we are. Very pro diversity and when it comes to college football you with Chris being in the Clinton guy and not he's Georgian guy in their banners on the Carolina got. We did not fail to represent golf's. Factors today you. Now we have a Georgia Bulldogs at Clemson tiger and even a bloop -- Luke. That's that's duke blue devil you kidding me say -- November's vote bought it if it doesn't make you sense that. Say with a straight face in is that they're blue devil today and and of course -- -- control -- -- -- and -- know you'll probably be glued to the TV. And watching your Blue Devils today. Ironically I'm going to wait a Wofford terriers game today -- but I will be now on the phone checking scores they again -- war -- almost exactly and yes there. Yeah we're worried we're excited we usually don't get this crazy this time a year but. This is a lot of fun a lot of fun. Did -- issued via should be a lot of fun for share. One thing -- do wanna talk about before you head into our first break I yum. Don't wanna leave them the mortgage talking out of the entire show but we do have bombed. One thing I'd like to point out and as most of our listeners know. Property tax bills to came out this week in Greenville county or maybe have maybe two weeks ago. I think Spartanburg and Anderson can -- out as well we've had. Probably three or four callers. Into you. That we talked to this weekend into the office that are and asking about property taxes if you bought a property this year. Many times you're receiving -- 6% tax rate which is default tax rate for. Properties and you'll need to take a proactive step to get that switched over to 4%. Com a lot of people's escrow account sir cannot. Messed up with the now that they're being taxed. It's so I would encourage our listeners to check tax bill make sure that you are being taxed at the correct attach rate. And if you have a question about it give us a ring at the office at 33 went home that's 331466. Story let's take a look at. We have save listeners thousands of dollars. In getting their taxes cut because either they didn't know we're just weren't aware. That they were paying a higher tax rate especially when you have your primary residence and dom and I know. We had -- my buddies play golf with com. Had moved here from Chicago or somewhere. And I had been playing in a 6% tax rate on the on how she's probably got a half million dollar house yourself. And he had paid was able to get down to the county collect a check flight 8000 dollars. And I mean he about fell over when I told him about all this and so. I don't know if everybody can go down and collect that much money but I do know one -- if you're paying too much. Hopefully you can get a yet a year look back on the -- and then of course if you bought a home this year. Many people have not gotten their tax rate changed over to the. When you're looking -- there is tax sheets will be glad to. Digest that information for you in make sure that you're playing the right amount so. Give us call the office at 331 pound or you can email me at ask JDS AS KJD. At county bank mortgage dot com. But anyway we're gonna head into our first break we'd love to open the phone lines and have you call in if you got a question or comment. Toll free 866442. Said he thought 53 again 86644. To 7553. We'll be back right after this talk about county bank -- and welcome back you're listening to house points JD Nelson here with county bank mortgage. Proud to have kid harper Bryant Fisher in a gritty player on with me this morning. And we thought it would be a great idea just to have these guys on and not talk a little bit about. County bank and know our listeners. No it did did about the mortgage that. Were actually a very diverse. A group of specialists. That try to excel and everything that we do in and thought it would be a good idea to get some of the leaders. Of our organization in this morning and just talk a little bit about that. Bombs we are gonna keep the phone lines open if you have a question or comment about. Buying selling anything to do with real estate or maybe have a specific question for these gas feel free calling in 866. 4427. A fast 53 S a toll free number 86644. To 7553. -- I guess solid the leader of the pack here talk a little bit down cannot appreciate you coming on in and you're in charge of the. Community banking program of course -- on our listeners have heard a lot about community banks and sings like gap more and more than the bank served. Merging in -- -- get maybe just one big. Bad national bank is sings like the way it's going but Saddam not to wake -- bank years' -- worth just. Have a small community bank of people here in the in the upstate and in glad to be that way has. If Teixeira com nets and it's a fun space to -- N com. To. To quote numbers for a second and since 2000. The number of financial institutions has shrunk from about 101000 to 6500. Them and that's certainly a bad thing because consumer has less choice -- Arm I think we would all agree that the big banks were largely responsible for. A lot of what we're heavy Internet had to deal with over the last 34 years and and certainly having to deal with now in terms of regulations and whatnot and suppose that's borne out by the fact that the there are the ones lining the Justice Department's pockets with stuff. Enormous fines and penalties these days. But certainly what we're all left with as were painted with the same brush it is greater greater regulation and our regulatory overhead that we -- a deal with all that being said arm that you know the the good news is that most customers prefer to deal with someone who actually. Listens chairs and has their best interest part. You don't always find that with the with the mega bank so -- Com it's it's a lot of funds to work in this stadium this there's two particular sector and I think the customers feel that as well. Yes sure you know one of the things I in my area sort of specializes in residential mortgages that I know. The bank itself. Being as diverse as we are with investments and insurance and of course the community banking field. We love to establish relationships with small businesses here in the area that seems to be a real focus. On the banks that is well. Most. This year heading into the New Year's well so there. It really is and I think that the general client is surprised to find the the depth and breadth of service. That that we have here and our company used you sacrifice nothing in terms of coast because state TM networks you know a small institution that is really good from idea and investment management team. Insurance obviously. Brokerage com. Capital management. -- trust. I'm so we have more than folks would expect for our company our size and our goal is to be absolutely the best regardless of what size we are but it's. But it's pretty neat thing. Yes sure now we've got down. Obviously the mortgage office which we just renovated in hand. Really looking forward again in our new digs are there and and that'll be fine bit. We've got a couple offices here in Greeneville and of course in Greenwood as well launched our listeners were all we're located here in this green -- anyway. That's right or I'm telling broad right next to the mortgage area com that. But pretty close to ruby Tuesdays and the follow on Pelham road in downtown -- at 201. What's meant the end it's better known as via. Former home of Piedmont Natural Gas you know we still have folks come in and. And try to pay their utility bills -- crisis that's the one day we don't do is collect gas bills for oil gas well and so yeah. That's right now I know can you establish a lot of relationships and and I've been in banking a long time here in the state and and I have a lot of experience that I think that's one of the things that makes Tony banks special. Is the fact that you we can can be. Your one stop shop for lack of a better word between. Setting up -- relationships may be helping people with capital they may need in the small business sector real estate loans and and that kind of thing. But then also you bring in -- I like -- Who does you know the insurance and and that kind of thing as well and so it they can now renting anything and. It enhances your value proposition for sure. Yeah as opposed to just listening to let them with a client. Says that they need time and and fulfilling that need we can also listen well enough that we can. See where there is other opportunity to help. You know folks don't realize that for example on insurance. On the insurance front. I come from that that they could be significantly over pain and as somebody like -- Rudy has access to the entire insurance market and again. When we talked before about doing things that are in the country customers' best interest they can go out and shopping into our market and get the absolute best rates at. Com there is a lot of value they can be added by that I really has been a good listener. Yeah absolutely what he got a question or comment this morning the phone lines are open we'd love to hear from -- 866. For four to seventy -- 53 this toll free 86644. To set any fast 53. And -- and radio no. You've been in the insurance industry for for quite some time. And really a very long time as a matter of fact you know rarely never noticed how much gray here you're really got up there -- I guess that's part of the part of the deal with the insurance and whatnot. What would you say makes county bank difference tell us why you're without -- banking insurance and you know what you love doing in and -- what makes you guys different. -- -- insurance what we're labeled as a package the thing is king incident earlier were able to shock the market and now. And and look for ways to save people money you know. By having several people looking over your shoulder. -- about a partnership. And so what I like to tell folks who we have your banking relationship to mortgage. The year ensure that your investments. There's there's other people looking over shoulder so if you're doing something in those areas. Is gonna make one of -- calling each other and say hey. You know this person is buying new car. He talked to Mike about the -- are there mine in the building. Something of that nature it it just puts us together and makes us makes a team approach sure that's what we're looking for. Right right now you you have been hasn't said insurance and in quite some time. Tell your special -- and you deal mostly with the commercial side obviously we do residential as well and I can't think but -- you focused personally mostly on the commercials are right. That's right that's right we. We have off of the full team of insurance experts to to work with folks. We have a group folks and NR offices the world the we'll -- personal insurance we can do that. We have life and help folks who work with you know in those areas of of insurance. And as you say and act act concentrate who -- concentrate mostly on the commercial market yes sure and that that fits in very well with the our banking relationship because we're we're looking at those small to medium sized businesses. I love that area because those are generally the businesses are starting -- mom and pop. Folks that that put the last dollar into the chairs and they take a personal interest in that. And so that gives us an opportunity to deal that decision maker tuned to to make those decisions about pension. You know one of the things I'll say unite as a as a former small business owner I know. You know you never really know what you're getting into. Especially on the insurance -- there's so many different products that you have to think about. Liability in in everything else. What are you seeing mostly that are maybe our small business people out there that forget about our maybe a product that you can help them out with that that. You know maybe they don't have now. I think from from that standpoint -- -- The one thing that we see is there's lack of liability coverage. It's very easy you know to come in and just by your policy and and and walk on down the really. But one of the things you really -- need to look at today. It is an umbrella policy and -- policy that goes over all -- just your automobile your workers call. You're general liability from a business standpoint and then from a personal standpoint from the home standpoint goes over that. Personal automobile policy and the homeowners policy. To extend that liability. We see every day. These articles of folks who have -- people for large amounts of money. And now you know we were told a long time ago the only sure actually don't risk a lot for a little. And that you can you can buy an umbrella policy and homeowners account for. For anywhere just as low as a 150 dollars for a million dollars with the kind of wound that that's that's not much to be well protected. Yes share and does seem like today you know EE EE may have an automobile policy has certain coverages there. Homeowners policies that have certain coverages that it doesn't cover everything and it is nice to have that umbrella just peace of mind and like you say first littlest. Yeah twelve or thirteen dollars a month basically you can sometimes pick up a policy like that. And I know from. In the past one of the things out like it was an umbrella and got wind not too long ago and and kind of gives you that peace of mind as well just knowing that that -- covered. You know having we'll absolutely and when you get the point -- the a lot of our clocks are aware they have teenage drivers out on the road. That's a little extra protection that number that Assad usually I don't know. -- I'm familiar with that other kid and you're probably familiar with says that as well that's that's that's I look at it. We all have those we all have those teenagers that have not been behind the wheel for sure and and not only thank goodness nothing my daughter's probably a better driver than -- -- -- down we are headed to the beach this past year and and she decided Houston taker in Carson she's -- tested the aspect of the house I guess and that sort of thing in. Young drivers of these going it's only seventy. Maybe a little faster miles per hour down the road and down -- -- a hard time keep -- -- -- -- -- is -- like 6060 -- You know in front -- -- -- -- hey we gotta get going again if -- instantly to six hour -- that they -- -- it. But it was kind of refreshing as well and in my in my life reminded me it. Pay -- at least she's diet going to -- in front of us or whatever might be that seems like. It was a much better situation for sure of that. Any -- -- let me introduce you before you get to the bottom of the hour break here. Tom I know you're and with Greenwood capital is a private client advisor tell us what that means a mean. We already know you're the smartest guy here in the very thin and I you know everything but tell us an idea about three minutes for the break Telus. Tell us everything you know she. Here's a kid went over three minutes is more than enough that's Al Green the capitol week apartment. TCB family of companies -- failing companies we've been there. About five years or so and and we're really institutional wealth management division we work. With individuals families foundations endowments municipalities. Corporations. Really just managing assets. Anything from retirement plans to you pools of money that Netflix has set aside for state purposes education purposes eccentric yeah. We've been in existence for for about thirty years so we're we're not a new company managed. A little less than a billion dollars that my porting thugs in the firm solera. Nice company's been around for awhile and and and certainly enjoy being part of them that TCB. And you had a lot of experience and -- know some of the -- -- -- like Walter Todd a member of when we first emerged with county bank. And eternal CNN's own there's Walter -- don't on CNN. Up in New York don't don't TV and that sort of thing now -- amounts to shake in my head going to have this guy you don't see any and you know that you guys have a lot of experience -- Yes it's really got a one of the unique characteristic of our firm we've got from our investment committee standpoint we've got thugs that have a Walter Todd and now Wall Street experience we've. At Ph.D. and applied economics it really a well rounded well diversified. Investment committee that I think if you took them out of Greenwood and put him in New York they match it really very well at any firm up there we just -- in -- financial center's South Carolina which is Greenwood south. Yes Sheridan of course and you're hearing Greeneville for a probably fewer downtown and -- -- -- time they -- so. Even our listeners here in the upstate you don't have to go all the way to Greenwood vacant. Deal directly with you right here and in nine Greenville. -- would get a majority of our thugs does stayed out and Greenwood however we're obviously very you know my offices are down in at the end may be stationed down downtown in the county bank building there and of course we're we're they're flexible terms of where we travel we always love coming out to the east side and seen the mortgage operation as well as. The county bank there'll Pelham road Amazon nice facilities. Yeah absolutely listen organized into our first break here breakdown -- -- pretty -- introduction view gas -- gonna get into the tough questions here at the bottom of the hour. I'll give our listeners are quick mortgage rate update as well. Mortgage rates were fairly flat this week we. Maybe had a little bit of volatility but not enough just to shake the markets too much. Thirty year fixed rate still run in and a -- amid the worst. I mean it's one year lions should know right around 4% of course the fifteen year. Still hang around in the mid to upper story so there's still a lot of opportunities there for maybe refinancing if your pain over that 5%. Don't -- go and pick up the phone and give answering a 331 home. We love the salty or you can always email me at ask JD at county bank mortgage dot com. Really get second opinions or if you wanna just maybe run a scenario past me and see if it does make sense I -- more than glad to help you out and email you back and and and see if it does so. Anyway we're gonna head into our bottom of the hour break when we come back we're gonna take a little deeper with these guys. -- we can find out more about county bank -- maybe how early do you will be back right after this. Welcome back you're listen to your house plans this is JD Nelson with county bank mortgage or get the a team of expert here in the days today we're taking your calls. Give a soaring in a 664427. -- fast 53 again toll free 866. For four to seventy fast 53 we would definitely love to hear from -- now's your chance to us stop. The panel in and we've got some experts here who were eager to answer your questions this morning so feel free to. Give answering clips and not playing today and everyone's and Adam. Stern there eggs include in the sausage and insane my volleys when there. Til that insurance gas often don't calling right now and Johnson now -- chance that. Anyway you know -- one of the things -- thought would be very important to to do. We had a chance -- can introduce you guys and entail a little bit about how we tying into you. The News Corp. county bank in. And Jackie and I know Tom we've. You've got a real sweet spot. For help as the sole proprietors and of course the small businesses here in the state and and tell us a little bit about. You know where we had a -- my success I guess for maybe a lack of a better word and and you know hey what what what makes us different in their decision making in in everything else. Right well I guess to to touch on the last part first we were not by a loan and a box type shop calmly we listened again. We we -- try to look ahead not to not to what only is being asked of us at the moment but what are your knees down the road so that we do something that makes sense long term. -- generally are our target market. Is the sole proprietor of the the -- van Jones and company. Up to generally corporations and companies -- sales up to about thirty million dollars and -- and sales. We we do well with them that sector and com do you do you think Brazilian -- BMW Michelin. On hand -- some very significant international companies but there are a lot of companies with sales of of a million to thirty million. Right here in our backyard so were well suited to it to handle that this. Success here yes -- and there we. You know one of my favorite sayings and the unit and a company I used to work with us. We to say we Al national the locals only Al local the nationals and and it kind of reminds me a lot of county bank to be quite honest you know work. We're. You know we're all guys that are involved here in the -- the neighborhood so to speak. You know we all go to church around here we get kids schools around here. And in a lot of times with the with the national banks. Manatee is just you know seems like they're always turning -- staff -- moving away and and there's there's some value and anyway. Of being able to deal with the same people you know -- I think he said during the break we're not. You know it's not the self checkout line it it -- where we take a little bit more of a approaches of the union philosophy. I agree I don't think that banking has an off the shelf type industry. I think you have to listen to him and customize. Com. Create a tailored solution for for people and and and our clients appreciate that value it -- The united I think a lot of it gets back to the fact that he can be a good place to do business analysts good place to work and in -- quite frankly this culture and core values that. Tracks that the best of breed do you you look at -- the reputation of you know you and JD for example retainer and certainly brandish your. In a week we attract the of that slowed investing industry and choose to be here and -- in and that makes us special and unique again regardless of of our size and scale. Means a strike there Rihanna we were talking during the break -- well it was and you know one of the things we like to do -- you know I think the Internet is a great place to gather information but when you ready to do business this time to do it local. And down and you guys -- -- -- absolute ton of success as well as -- Bryant. With the second opinion you know what I would tell tell us a little bit about what you see out there you saddled with. Sure. We love the opportunity is cancer earlier sit down to tailor a program for someone's personal insurance and business insurance for that matter but. But since we're in the mortgage you know this is a mortgage stats show we'll we'll stick with the personally cherish for this for this thing segment and and -- to the listeners out there. That if you've not looked at your homeowner's policy with your agent in the past couple years you need to take a look at that mean. The reason being. Insurance companies have factors that they just increased the values of those homes every year by a certain amount. What we've found recently. As those things have gotten so out of -- that easy to sit down your agent. And take some time to sit down and go over the house and they bedrooms what kind of things if you added a room lately have you done. Analyst reevaluate that we've lived through what we call cost them later to get the true value of that home. We we have seen just just -- the past week we were talking during the break where customer came in that was over insured almost a 100000 dollars -- round. And it and that's -- money that you can save him. -- only insurance going so so why would we love the opportunity. To sit down with folks take some time. And let them lay out for us what they handling and in the way of personal insurance and then we'll go back and shop that with -- many companies and put together a program for the round. That we -- lie better suits their needs and gives them the best value for the book. Well you says something there and -- third something I wanted to talk to you about. Today as well. Is our ability to go out and sort of shot the market you know that's one of the things that we pride ourselves on the mortgage side as. You know we're able to obtain interest rates in an offerings from a lot of a variety of different companies and especially on the insurance -- maybe even more importantly from the insurance side. Not every house or not every situation as far as a business insurance needs. Is run of the mill or -- -- Vanilla ice cream it's nice to have a childhood the -- area. The -- to stash you know or whatever might be because. Not every situation is the same end and one of the things that you guys do comment you do it especially on the commercial side and on the residential side as well. Is able to go out there and and try to find the right insurance partner for that particular client. Detroit you know we let tell folks it takes more fifteen minutes to for say 15% of our office calls the fact that we have to sit down and look at all the insurance -- will have just one policy. That we can give you for what jail we will take. Some time to sit down with the EU and listen to the you know the needs that you have. And then go back to the marketplace -- it was a multitude of different insurance companies. All -- rated companies for folks at them and we don't deal with you know the -- and that's their right well. Capitalized companies and will go to the marketplace and put -- in this -- employee. Yes sure now mind you mentioned the it was all we're all familiar with our homeowners policies in the race are continuing to rise and I'm sure -- claims and things of that nature. Are and where is one of the factors -- that. The from a commercial side what he. What are you CN on the on the on the commercial side specifically a -- know a lot of our small business owners have insurance needs that. You having success stories everything that you like to share may be that. Where you've gone in -- really safe maybe some of our business -- some money. Oh sure. In a -- and packaging and assurances that it is real important putting policies together. -- it is is real important for for folks. It's a call -- he's made from that standpoint another thing -- asked of business sources is looking today and deductibles. For for solo home. Our folks at 250 or 500 dollar deductible on their business in China time and now we're seeing now where people are taking thousand dollar deductibles and and in some cases 5000 dollar missile that's significant calls. What we're what we're. Trying to do is get folks not to look at that insurance policy as a minus policy but something that will take care of it and they need when they have. This seems like it would make more sense to me to have a larger deductible debt. Yet cost you a little bit more money when something happens that the of the monthly savings of they annual savings that you're gonna challenge premiums would be huge -- imagine especially from a business side. I think from the business I've always tell folks is they'll take the difference -- we can save them from going to a 500000. Dollar deductible and my thing. The first -- other clinical more than pay for that. Yeah that's exactly right and the care yet does typically I'll make the claims are. Millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of things like it's always united. Maybe not as large of a claims may be sure that your whatever so anyway we'll listen we're gonna head into our final -- Brian we're gonna tackle you hear -- only come back from the next one here about. May be where Greenwood capital Suisse body isn't and where you guys have had some success stories as well so. No calls yet if we don't get a call Keith and Chris -- never gonna let me live it down now blame it on you -- for sure but. We never -- neck it's -- we need a collared give us during this morning toll free 866. 44 twos seventy fast 53 as the toll free number. Phone lines are open 866442. Seventy fat 53 will be back right after this. Welcome back you listen to JD Nelson with county bank mortgage have got death. The experts here can harper Rudy trainer and Brian dish or join me this morning. To talk about county bank in -- a family of experts and and we are glad that you guys are here are really appreciate you coming down in and -- share some information. And Brian -- get a chance to tackle he's there in the third segment south -- -- let you lead off and and down and he told us a little bit about Greenwood capital and tell us about some success stories into the process of how things. Worker over there and and which you guys gave. Yeah it looks it's a kind of continued saying of of what's both -- -- it says that we're we're really. You start the investment process from the ground flora and so when we sit down. With the prospect we start with a -- and financial planning process in mind. In May that may -- retirement planning education planning estate planning tax planning. If there a foundation or an endowment that it really starts with. Understanding what -- an entity is is trying to accomplish. And and helping them either formulate or revise their investment policy statement and then we build. The investment situation allocations. Are around those goals -- each of those entities have suing. I don't have any kind of prepackaged. Investment products are or situations that replaced by sand rather rebuild. From the ground up not keeping each of their individual needs and. -- share and have you guys. I know. You guys deal with people all over the country really you're really not just focused here in the -- state although that's where we're located and obviously help a lot of people. And you nothing maybe Walter was town and we got clients all over the United States and yet we we've got. And institutional division where it it's essentially accessible through financial advisors and and we have a variety of networks a really across the country where we're crisis has selected us to manage. Certain buckets of money and then on the product client side when we worked directly with the -- clients. Is still as is is more regional but we certainly. Hasn't clients that kind of -- you know travel outside our region our. So yeah worse in any -- we have to get on a plane to get a Miami during the winter where. We're happy to do -- -- had to try -- strife was what yet I guess you do most of your meeting face to face. In the office and that sort of thing is that kind of the way if somebody has an interest in. And maybe has some money you investor whatever of what's the best way to maybe I get a hold you guys to figure out of this the right fit. Yeah you know really I think -- where we -- best start with folks that that are looking for investment relationship. -- you know in -- certainly that lends itself to to meeting face to face to getting another client for them to get to -- us to make sure there is a fit with how we approach the business. With what they're looking to accomplish. I and that's that's certainly done best and a face to face meeting but it is. As -- said it is -- is there a relationship we we we take that that responsibility is placed on us very seriously. And we like to continue that relationship. You know in a face to face -- with with frequent. Interaction with with you know -- keen understanding with that it's what that Klein is is trying to accomplish and we can help meet their needs is. Asbestos costs yeah sure I know you're wondering -- security and how is always. Thinking about how our relationships work together. You know we have clients that were meaningless and that sort of thing and that's probably one of the advantages. Can only bank. Is that. I know you've probably refer a lot of business to -- -- and vice Versa and of course we refer business back and forth. Maybe that's one of the things that sound. Is I'm very advantageous for us is. The total package you know so to speak if you're meeting with a client that maybe just to talk about insurance needs and then next thing you know. They're saying yeah we're actually get right to move our business over the building is great to Baylor refer business back in north. Well absolutely I mean that again like I said earlier that. More -- only owned the prize. Helps you caught me and I mean we we've battle a lot of folks -- You do was somebody on their mortgage or -- do with a business loan them money about building. That's a perfect time. To take a look at insurance so so what what we'd like to tell folks. You know inside the bank is that. Look for life of this not only from a personal side the from the business side. If someone's buying a building and buying a home buying a car leasing equipment all those. Our signals for our folks to say hey. It was last time you get someone to look at your insurance. Mean who thought this is someone look at their insurance coverage of music is this something now on what the changing environment they should do it every year every six months every bad year loser. What do you think. We we we suggest every year. -- sit down and take a look at it because things are going -- like I said earlier from personal lines standpoint. Far homeowners clients even if they've added a room the home of a boat jewelry for otherwise we've been bought another caller if they. I had a child that started to drop all those things are obvious that says hey I should sit down my insurance agent discussed. Share. If you're with Geico do you have an insurance agent that happened. Yeah. He's -- that's -- well you know -- Guinness that's a very valid point that you bring up. You know I don't know how many of your clients. I mean I know it's not like you clothes alone for some wine and then you don't talk to him again for. In five years or seven years however long term twenty years or whatever might be. And you guys do a great job of staying in touch with people went and down I can think of at least a handful examples. Or maybe we go on the launcher and a rescue where -- -- he said well I'll just -- CN. You're -- Joseph over there on Palmer or whatever might be someone who's a relationship client that we have now with the bank. Well let's just sit at -- do you eat their words. -- what makes this a lot of fun it is is that you develop relationships. Is not about canning transactions. Pine and just keeping score enough for perspective it's about. Armed and doing business with the same people over and over again throughout your career. On and that makes rewarding them in a takes a mystery habit out of that from the the bank fish perspective you think it. Sometimes. You know attracting new businesses difficult but when all you have to say is and -- your banker -- Simple question yeah and if they say I don't know arm you know that none of the doors open so it is sometimes it's as simple as that in with the Olympic the big. The big banks turning over folks on a regular basis a lot of folks don't know who the bankers anymore. Right right now you're exactly right of course. -- lesbian located you know hero Pelham road and you get the downtown offices will. There's a lot of opportunities there's -- there's a branch close to you and there's as we say in in the mortgage side as well. You know face to -- at near downtown -- to. Far to go home -- growth will come see you know it's. I can think of some of my most rewarding and satisfying. Closings have been more I've actually gone out the people's house and met with summer. Gone by the office and met with them in their conference room or whatever might be. Detritus you know start their relationship and in that sort of thing is well you know -- sent. Anyway I think it's I think disputed. Listen we got about five minutes left in the ES show if you've got a question or comment we'd love for you death call now -- SS these guys a question 866. For four to 7553. And I know our listeners are gonna call in next week in say. Well -- idea Chris and Nike you know dating game any calls live all last week is kind of a -- yet I'm sure. -- thing about Keith is he likes them he does wherever he is -- stream and listens and have you sit there right now just just cracking that. We don't know for for the show but actually I think we've had a good opportunity to share a lot of information. That county bank in and that kind of thing what would you guys evening to you guys wanna add. It's happier here that. They've we have talked about her any thing that you guys think. Or for that matter gimme some football predictions for that matter Armenian -- I think you get as. Let's talk about do coming misses are still here let's talk about it we we don't get that chance very often carry during the fall -- we don't really need -- right now midnight madness already gone or are talking coach K but we're talking deep basketball. Assistant football so we have the Miami Hurricanes today. And you know we will -- -- games after this Wake Forest to new currencies so it's. If anything's possible and so it's an exciting time. The last time we played duke. To play Mayan Indians drama. We're fourteen to fourteen at half. It was back when Bernie toes aren't. Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin was there and and we we that we have the chance he didn't harper played Purdue grad. And then we -- it didn't and the way we wanted so I kind of went off at 54 point tiny -- Flight 818 and -- college drastic eightieth -- I will listen you know asking you shall receive is one of our favorite lines. We do have a caller on the line. Hello how are you today. -- Andre is sworn duty absent there's a lot of people -- and you got out of Portugal felt about. It includes 4% to look at all. -- you guys are bathing your old all right -- -- -- -- banks and mortgage service people. It actually held about product knowledge to -- the worst are still comfortable. Most people -- get out of any mortgage broker or for a third party broker you're so nervous you -- whoever. You don't let them a little you know -- -- lowered his as the next got our business to do that from what I've covered this since you guys who got all those. Oh I appreciate it Rory Collins from doing -- Calgary will get a go we appreciate -- per share which when you guys -- to this again to tell him as a that that is. Well. That is -- -- anybody that's office and now we have a mortgage office. And two story brick buildings in of course now -- stellar by just look for the green dam that's where the the bank offices located but we appreciate -- kind words for sharing and I'll promise that is whoever this is might be eager -- you have to. And it would I ever really -- regular. Yeah yeah as dramatic either way I learned owner thought they. Thought it was. You today thanks for colony and so there are people listen there's at least one person listen enough -- there a sense. Anyway but good you know what that that I can now check the box that we had a caller today and I got me off the hook. So we're in good shape by listen we got about a minute and a half left myself some football predictions today. And then let's start -- Georgian all right now this is a big game OK you know I just hear a lot of fans. Aren't the most in Georgia is probably not ranked up there in our top five teams anyway. On the today especially I'm gonna have to say war eagle -- -- give me your prediction for the George army oldest south. Old old rivalry that's right. Unfortunate we have to play Albright and homered for the -- Ian -- would record these kids you SEC. But I'm -- -- shock at the literal act. How would I would. -- gather to say that about surprised that your prediction there. Probably a house going fairly yes I don't know if you can either -- stop -- out -- that that's the big question mark yeah they think it's the -- I guess giant can now's your chance I. Yeah it not -- chances in November do you get to make a prediction for my Amy vs Dave. You know on paper it's things like everybody would say Miami but Dallas here from the from the chiefs malveaux. They're gonna stand up today and and keep keep that dream alive. I'm going with my heart for sure. I think -- be. Lower scoring game than most people appreciate that. -- Duke's defense is playing a little bit better than -- offense I would have to go with with duke but in a low score and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Appreciate you guys doing it will be back next week to talk a little real estate. And mortgages -- house plans to have everyone has a great weekend and we'll talk to you same.