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Nov 15, 2013|

Free for all Friday

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Well I don't know about -- but -- LA took long enough for it again here now we have worked out then I got me a weekend officially under -- great to have you along -- And here we go with -- our number three crush our portion. 5 o'clock follies of your body Mac show. Ingles advantage top line numbers for you join may be a part of the program this afternoon Greeneville. 232. WORD. Spartanburg 574. WORD. Text line number seven anyone threes are seven my email address to Bob on word. At Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio WORD thanks so much -- patiently waiting for scholar in this hour been hanging around. Is Tony who is in Campobello and wanted to talk about the -- with a fire trucks hi Tony and welcome. Yes sir I was alone like a statement. In here and you. Okay air strike that thank you first term power our first late July. Oh. How will -- play as it will -- worker. I have to grab monthly vehicle back and forth to work every day. And -- injured my key is just true thanks. Forgive my southern -- -- I didn't watch. Big east so sure he finished -- vehicle just taking. And didn't personal business and now there. First of the year. Our shares changed farmer Kim who has -- for more movie. Further gash that patients are usually it's government dollar trust -- cultures. The Kelly. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars. And when I was a child in an -- -- I can remember there. They used to -- or at least straw for a three year. And they would grab a please go back to police station and then Jim would drought fiscal order to convert people from the police station. So is that a little rare in the place of church. Fortunately it coaster round is to screw it and doesn't actually played their loot and there's still blood. You need to use an official vehicle if you usually racial group they -- good question. I can't let all our slate -- acute. Or let you in which you. OK fair enough thank you Tony appreciate the call I don't I don't know. -- The the philosophy changed on allowing you know the officers to take the vehicle home at night or to use it tougher for personal business analyst. The the rules and regulations I think very. From my department to department. I know that been in one place of that island Memphis. A day one of the officers to take the vehicle on because they felt like. Just having a police car in the neighborhood. Well actually cut down on the crime -- people would say the police on whether they noticed it was occupied or not. If they were up to no good would not find some other target eleven minutes after finals bring in David he is in -- hi David welcomed the -- Mexico. Anybody gallery today. Hell good did well so far are you responses that were in the if you have to supporting the firemen on everything. The idling under under yeah then what you just said about taken -- -- cars common had to get the president within a neighborhood that's stirred a lot of them our supervisors they have they're you know they. He has distinctive vehicle home and you know get just part of -- -- that they have the vehicle for personal use as well as official business just for the very reason you know like you just say it. Well and there's another aspect to it could well I think David and that is that we all know that they'll policemen and firemen are not the highest paid people. You know in this country and so that's that's kind of one of the perks I guess that comes along with the job and it's understandable that. Exactly right A plus saying you know and they and they built that again and that's you know and I think that's one that's exactly right is one of the benefits of the job and you know I don't think that that they keep on that very few album would abuse it I think that most -- -- very responsibly. And their right you know they got something I'll let. Having their vehicle whether it's fire truck or. You know just they're able to respond to any team -- as we know that they're on top 447 regardless. Exactly and and -- in the case of the police if you're a supervisor. You can get called out at 2 o'clock 3 o'clock in the morning. And realistically it doesn't make much sense steel. Back to the station get a police car and independent driver took wherever you have to respond to a call obvious and it's a lot more effective a lot more efficient every article are right there right. And I listen I want a lot of got you I want to mention something they were quick simply unveil months. It's. I thought there arrest earlier today just as the very -- adopt. It right here in June and now. Yeah they've come at a common -- rally yeah summon up and you've had a chance to speak about that is that. Yes we have and in fact it is an opportunity to plug it again that is coming up on Monday which is national freedom day. And that's going to be I think 10 o'clock in the morning is that right David. I believe that's what it was is and Dan -- There -- number rally that made it. That we've won in Colombia and then there's several different schools or something like. -- -- -- the big one is going to be in Columbia on the front of the Department of Education building where people who are in opposition to common core. Or are going to be I'm going to protest. Right right and I you know I I wanted be sure that didn't I didn't have a chance a year earlier this afternoon doesn't have did mention I want to be sure that got. -- began to make you can kill people and while they're on the right on the didn't didn't know what's going our way that you know before they. Get out for the weekend and one last point cell -- is about Lindsey Graham of course. One thing this -- mom have been handed down the about it and not. I guess now that it down they is that each time that we mentioned that John mentioned this story with the landing. It is there certainly isn't it possible that he diamond mine comes out. To just build it it make it part of that there automatic format that every time it's my thumbs up that you automatically mention. The four. And any other people that are running in opposition doing. Imagine here and -- -- right along with him because he gets so much air time yell that indicates that perfectly and all of these other people don't. He did every god having that -- the only way that think that the best way to inform people that he has got. Syria's opposition out there and it -- he's getting paid a plug for free why can't the other. You know it's interesting when -- when you go back and look statistically. At how many incumbents are reelected I think. Nationwide. Something like 90%. And people complain all the time about. Term limits and wanting to institute and and what have you we actually have term limits and we just employ him. At the ballot box but that's one of the inherent. Or built in advantages that comes along with being an incumbent. In your official capacity you get mentioned in news stories all the time which is as you point out. Free at least name advertising for the candidate that the challengers don't receive. There were exactly exactly Iditarod don't want to -- them. Yeah I don't know if you noticed -- -- -- -- -- that ABS is going now flowered top and always know how hot and so what you and I get this. I didn't get out of it and -- her craft you know you'll be happy to hear that. There are -- and they -- this here citizen from South Carolina and appointed David was making. Government since we missed it wasn't everytime a -- story that involves I don't know when you're out there doesn't heard in the background now. Here -- that's not that's not a real knowledge you have. They're guys that -- -- Sorry for the out for the interaction with the the EA NS test. In the background the point that David was making was that as an incumbent senator Graham gets his name mentioned a lot in news stories and that's an inherent advantage that comes with. Being out elected to an office that the challengers don't have when he was suggesting that every time you mentioned Lindsey Graham saying we should mention the names of the challengers and -- a point well today. Right exactly yeah I just I think it's the only fair thing to do you have -- hand against the war out there for people don't have. And by the way of -- we senator we bright. Is one of the challengers. -- local businessman Richard cash is another what's the lady's name from Charleston. -- yeah new year. -- -- I'll I'll look it up her name is gone completely out of my hips and the other newest addition to the field. Is former army lieutenant colonel bill Conner. That's right yeah I knew there was another injured drew and this week though lies so that's great I think we've got four -- -- that you know this down like they would get you know better. You know if they get support. Well they got an uphill battle to begin with because Lindsay has a a real deep pockets when it comes to how much money he has just been her course of seven or eight million dollars so yeah. That that seems to me and and and and what kind of adopt that on the program and you're from now. OK I guess that this stop that I mean I'm just looking for any -- that we can do it did did did defeated man. But there that I get stamper and guys. I'm here and and I appreciate everything rob thank you very much or appreciate the call and I'll be have a good weekend seventeen out of five -- aren't really in a Russian. A during hell week we can't hear that EA -- -- when it goes on over here. So that's why we had to go and cover some ground we don't -- talked about let me bring in a minute she was in Bostick hello mentioned welcome to the bombing Mac show. You don't -- I think. It did. Or drop out Obama will. Apology -- just say look. -- that they are what they -- go to circuit story anyway date to a about the lack. How ought to apologize. Wood eight made a mistake. You noticed that -- -- -- totally playable elderly about it. You know it's funny not I got a couple text messages about that there aren't people pointed out they said every time Obama opens his mouth. I he can't go to Simmons is what I'm saying I did this I did that and yet. Another there's some culpability. Attached to something something with his name on it all of a sudden it's -- it's the -- -- week. Well wait for the wild -- are -- -- -- but actually it let it go away at it this is killer beat. It that it lat they then his second site by the operator was -- -- -- opt out Dudley might have respect. I love. I'll tell you what anybody that believes that Obama did not know that that website was not ready to get this guy is such a control freak. Does anybody in America really I mean it says one of two things if he was honest. That's a big if if he was honest in saying that he didn't know the web site. I was gonna crash manatee came up then there's a level of incompetence there that needs to be dealt with and if he did know and put it up anyway. Well then obviously he's -- line again -- Well it was eight years that anybody should and it needs from the -- yet you say that debris. Pretty liberal gala. They gave people lose their insurance probably the policies they need all that stuff and that's fate that goal Alla Lotta people. Well it will change there that are not. And -- and what does it say about the level of arrogance that knowing all that and we know that they did know that as early as 2010. But he still would have. They hubris the the goal. To go out there 29 or thirty times and say if you like your plan you can keep it feel like your doctor you can -- knowing it was not true. Yeah pick your thought he take absolutely absolutely used to it. Mean -- there have been a lot of -- -- -- -- in the and a lot of big lies in presidential history but boy this is not in the top two I never -- all. I -- way to get ahead of them see Italy get it has been well I don't know if you are too big you. I don't think so I don't think there really isn't such a and aristocratic -- bubble. Yeah you'll find a way to rationalize it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- some some some heads are in general no question but it's not going to be yes. Thanks for the gul -- -- appreciate it. Twenty minutes after five let's bring up to speed on real time traffic this afternoon and see how -- Friday afternoon commute is going -- any -- with real time traffic. -- Okay. And a little under plan Newman. Something in here. Yeah. It's the smell. Fear they -- -- panic. Coming off the Democrats 39 of -- today. Drove with a White House. And voted for congressman Fred Upton of Michigan filled to allow Americans to keep their individual health insurance plans. And and it will be -- thing to see what happens going par when this thing gets to the senate. And maybe use some of the I mean we know that what 151617. Democrats senators went to the White House last week to tell Obama -- -- and yes. We're governor of her real journalists -- we're gonna get killed now all you don't have to worry about reelection that we'd do. And it's interesting because with substance bill. A what it actually would do to -- -- now Obama said he would veto if it passes the senate passes in the senate. But what it would do what happens bill would do would be allow an individual health insurance market to exist. Right alongside. The Obama care exchanges. So which you think people would shoes. Right back to the phones we go let's bring in Joseph who's in Greenville -- -- and welcome to the program. Probably back -- RadioShack. Yes there could be cured. I more straight up about the -- called in about recent taken personal -- yeah. I was a trooper western junior. We get lashed. Out there uniform personnel local safe. You worked out in the morning to midnight. In itself was goal after that he would stay cure that's terrible body to recover all right. But it's something more. -- 19 inflation county -- got blown apart. So. You know it's sad to lose that happened early -- at the director of midlife. So you have to get people who -- they were actually in contact the company at quarter. You've got correction shall. What to do it should make sense so choke that's part of our partial reason. And if something happens in Greenville city. And they have all the -- themselves. What state -- a carver an instant contact. Sanctuary would sure -- -- open Highway Patrol and highway Earl so understaffed and -- Yeah they certainly are well and and take a look at a map of Greenville county in Spartanburg county near the partially upstate. They got a lot of territory to -- Yeah Greenville county has asked ward deputy re edit these PS back oh wow. So you know -- -- -- counting it in some -- -- that should say that Google sure for reached for it through the sale. Yeah I imagine so as well. I appreciate I appreciate the call Joel thank you for your service. -- you're welcome the best -- let me tell them. My -- you know one of my favorite people listening in West Virginia general Chuck Yeager. Oh yeah yeah good old boy weren't gallery he has indeed the first man to break first man to break the sound barrier. It. -- -- whoever. A bridge up there once and the people still. It's classic. I had an opportunity to meet and talk with the general Jaeger on a couple of occasions. And I asked him about growing up in West Virginia and he said he was so far back in the valleys were so deep. That and the hills were so big that the dogs had to wag their tail straight up and down. Yeah upload a lot outdated many commercials and he never did -- you attribute your girl. Yup that's -- and a lot of people mistook it they thought it was a Texan. All now anything but it and it is able to overweight or is this thing and -- A group or are you you vetted this thanks for the call John thanks remotely nervous -- appreciated 531 is this time right back on the other side Bobby Mack show here on WORD. Live and local of 106 there. We're trying to figure out a commercial. A -- loses the puck home. Good old. But cold. I'm 3743. -- or six Biggio in the background you ain't seen nothing yet. Boy -- that's the truth to it obamacare so I'm 39 Democrats. In the house deserted the White House Obama. Event and -- And they voted for a Fred Upton is bill. That essentially. Well -- -- what went Upton proposal that different than now what Obama. Proposed. The moderates and those who are run for reelection in red states are in swing districts are supporting Upton to bill even after. Obama attempted to upstage it when his own. Bizarre administrative fix. Yesterday so we'll see going forward what happens when this thing gets in the senate and lands and Harry Reid to lap. Back to the phones Leo let's bring in Stephen who's on his cell -- hi Stephen and welcome to the Bobby -- show. -- about 81. Out of college notre decked out in talking about felt -- are off duty -- I -- Outlook already and they are pretty much on bigger problem or not there any of former not their. If something happens and -- bear somewhere they've they've got back or not very carefully -- are angered. Without a vehicle at that really matter right and that they don't give it a whole lot so you know if they hear in -- We are aware that there is there been anybody go to the mayor mayor -- ulcers. I mean I'll be where they should be a problem whether -- from in any civilians out here you're -- around. They are doing anything illegal or what well. Yeah exactly well and and as you rightly point out. These are. Sadly these are not the highest paid individuals in our society. So what to me you know be -- take their vehicle home as a perk. Is is not. Too far -- That's I mean I got -- got -- that great daddy didn't hurt. Our respect and being here. And it just got irate at seventy dollars and nine cents an hour and in the Arctic mean. That didn't take that -- let me make that kind of money Internet without some loyalty to I opted make a lot more money. I think that's what bloggers everywhere else that they're making me back and market better late now I'm near the liability that that you know. Well and let's face it. Many times these officers that some of them go through their entire career as you know whenever apple weapon. And and that's great I'm sure that that did -- if you were to poll I'm a 100% of them would would prefer. That'd be that way that you never know what you're gonna run into in that job so you know for the people that are critical Levin asked ask yourself. If you do that for seventeen bucks an hour if you put your life on the line for seventeen blacks and now. Actress everything here are only brilliantly -- -- yeah. Yeah exactly right thanks a lot for the gulf Steve and I appreciate it let me get -- Tony and here as well I think he wanted to chime in on -- the issue of the police cars as well hi Tony welcome the program. I'm Bob sort of similar things that it didn't mention about it sorry. I east and lived at its current state they had -- issue. -- county officer. And they had just started a program. To allow him detect a home for small debris and number want some of them like they were. Didn't -- in response time. And maybe they were up memory making get a major college -- to get it right and the other thing that they don't let that -- officer Patrick quote unquote her at all. OP. Police vehicle. They can better candidate makes it clear they were less slightly directly targeted bank debt and Bechtel that the -- relaxed tomorrow. You know it's funny I think that's human nature and I think that's part of the problem with public housing. You know I mean look at the -- the public housing gets degraded Dave Ramsey last night when he was doing his show. Down -- broke -- incense and they'll talked about. The guy that kid wanted to bicycle for Christmas and his dad couldn't afford it. And knew we didn't have the money for so he went out -- you worked extra jobs needed extra shifts. And come Christmas morning the kid had a new bike under under the Christmas tree and he knew. What his daddy and sacrifice to get their bike for a mideast it talked about now. The kid you know never left the bike out the rain it was always waxed up and polishing them again dirty washed it off because. He appreciated it because he knew the sacrifices that have been made to get it for. That but it beat out -- May not have complete structure. Abolition of the most by the people have been working the second third out yeah. In that the truth in that the truth thanks a lot for the gulf Tony appreciate it says 541. In on the tax line. A body sing a police guard my neighborhood makes me feel safer it doesn't matter if they're there on official business or not. Most likely if they they were needed they would respond appropriately. Thanks and no it was shut down that other text message that yes. Text -- said Bob I would rather see the police. Using their police cars for personal business Linda C useless politicians jetting around. On our -- I'm here at 542 it's eighteen before six. Yeah it's. Anything huge -- -- stand -- -- platform. Thirteen before 6 o'clock. Friday free for all here in the lobby -- -- -- back for the phone to bring in Eugene. Who is in all we need help early June and how is your Friday. Under them pretty good Bob. I want out today -- more problem that Obama will probably from a factual matters. -- that's a roller coaster rate commissioner -- and it won't -- all great. But at the -- writer mark the Philadelphia Baptist church and will capture. The operation on paper there. Crash protection -- -- We're sure did you. And walk around empowering and wish not to -- only. Yes -- sergeant -- greater -- -- about it all but -- trying to have gangs barbecued. A dollar a -- Nice any idea about how much money needs to be raised to allow them to. The -- for Christmas. I'm not sure bullish are the great George burger and Bob have and it waking. There you go you -- you -- double aspiration to be and here speaking of that I got an email today. Gave holt is with the GSP Republican women's club passed along an email that came to her from a windy Huckabee who's over at demagogues pantry and Malden. There there have been a really tough time. The email said please remember God's pantry and our neighbors in need when you do your grocery shopping. Bring your food donations to the Malden chamber of commerce office. On the barrel is always in the office throughout the year to accept food donations but it's a really important during the upcoming holidays when they need always seems to be greater. And as of yesterday. On nine of the twelve pantries didn't have one single box. To give three pantries that should be open today are not. There's not enough money to buy what they need. I'm asking everyone to pray for our clients without our help many of them will go without. This week and through the holidays have been called the united way 211. Help line to find other resources available were doing everything our power to get more food. But we need prayers for that as well we have faith that it will work out but we also need to generosity. Of our local citizens and businesses -- please help us defeat our neighbors in need. From other folks and -- pantry by the way you can also send them a monetary donation. God's Pantry, Inc. PO box 786. Fountain and and this that this 29644. Out on ascent on the money penny Hammel put that. On other FaceBook page as well back to the phones quickly spring and Robert Hughes and Simpson -- hi Robert and welcome to the program. -- not our deal is -- -- On twelve but I want to talk to Dave was done about our veterans and homeless. Almost all the story archer in Iraq -- and I did it hit me the other day. Called the homeless hero is recovering. What -- all -- -- get a hotel renovated and it are better and halt the straight financial summary. -- that girl drugs or I'll call it get a call eight TSB. -- give them some. Some counseling and numb it and come back in the workforce. You know -- you might want to contact the folks a miracle hill because that might be something they might be able to assist you. Yeah that would be great and Don you know the military background -- my family my grandfather all award to the war medic. The came back to the state cannot drank himself to death in his -- On. Yeah it was terrible but I'm you know I just do. -- the -- of veterans know that they're not forgotten what they do is very very appreciated and not. You know we didn't we just need to give them all the help that we can give them. I would agree and because as his repeated over and over again but can't be said too much the price of freedom is not free even even for those whose war. May be over for many the war is never over. No absolutely not not. So big you know you can't get you know give me in my den or maybe -- -- -- -- -- though -- Doesn't and -- -- reaches out there any kind of donations are like do you know anything that. -- of better and -- that homeless would need to get back honestly. Greatly appreciated. Thank you Robert I appreciate your thank -- the men and if you get called over to the -- a miracle hill because that's not something they might be interested in working with you on. I. Appreciate it Robert thank you very much and thank you for thinking of others have done in the year. 551 it's nine minutes now before six as we check real time traffic for the last time this afternoon any robards is here and ready to go there. -- the time is up. Time is just zipped on by this Friday afternoon it's been a crazy edition of the Friday free for all which I guess is. As it should be hope you have a a great weekend and as we always do on Friday we wrap up with a great sense -- Louis Armstrong. And wonderful world have AM and have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday at three god --