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Nov 15, 2013|

Jack Roper from Your Carolina on WSPA Channel 7, sits in with Bob to work on his bucket list; Free for all Friday

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Oh how need great. There is okay. Okay. Back to meet him survive once again to lead and the other thing. It's. The on the plane back to the radio programming in the air -- your genial host. Shots. Sample pointing breaking news the convention dean. And university. Okay. We specialize. In non political. Standings and you are just in time. Because this is beyond this game. -- Friday free for all here loving action he one day of the week where what ever topic. He is a burning a hole when your brain you can bring it to -- and we will play -- at the very pinnacle. Of our agenda. Not -- don't put it on topic as well so here we go getting under way -- very special addition. -- Friday free for today and our -- For the moment I'm giving you can't win it's. Going to be. Enemy a somewhat unique fashion -- you know. As I've mentioned on the Friday free for -- whenever. We open doctor for you to be able to talk about whatever you want to talk about. We're sort of -- expression on what people -- aware reversing the polarity. On that today. And we actually rather than it in addition true I should say giving you the opportunity to speak about anything you what do we are also. We -- in the dream merchant business today ladies and gentlemen. Because there is -- -- here with me in the studio. Who had a burning desire. Two to take part in the Friday free for all but it wasn't enough. For this individual. To merely call in. On the Friday for real this this person. Had a burning desire to actually be on this end of the microphone. And therefore. IE enough. -- a moment of -- word I'm looking for. -- -- the moment and incidentally I decided to allow this individual to actually do that now before. Your fingers are racing for the dial thinking Namibia -- allow Anthony to come in here -- shut -- I haven't gone that far off there is eviction. So will you welcome to the program ladies and gentlemen a a face. That would be very recognizable to you were you able -- of the of course this is radio theater of the mind. Therefore you'll have to imagine. In your mind sign sitting here in the studio in front of the fabled WORD microphone. Channel servants. Jack growth. Porter an introduction I'd lie I thank you my Bob how you do carry all -- That's -- -- -- Gary everybody you forgot to do something you've got to say something I did the Eagles -- sock line numbers. In -- two -- three to 9673. And in Spartanburg it's 574. And 9670. Story. Lawyers argue mind this is like priest for for all Friday right it is you know these whatever urged burning a hole in your pants are your brain -- -- -- jacket in every respectable. Radio talk show host has to have theme music you out you of course correctly identified mine out a moment ago I hear you most area after and am still. You John -- you recognize the name title theme from the John Adams miniseries or a street we've got to have some mom. Some appropriate theme music for you to Jack. Failing in may be gentle drag a few out here see which one of these might well let's just try a couple and see which ones might. -- yeah. I don't know Mission Impossible yeah. Remember Tom Cruise movie season. Don't recognize it. -- I don't think mantra it's the evening from mobile. Police story. No I'm not that Obama idea down prematurely -- you're I don't know examining our probably -- and I want to let us try another C of this. Love Boat Love Boat. That it is -- didn't -- it I just. I -- it's not an award and a club here on the -- weekend that was on ABC the almost broadcasting. You know we're CVS and -- clearly a difference is doing and find something else. Oh let's see baby elephant walk a -- -- well. He gives his music. Club director's door closed. And I him in America. This deal. Yeah -- content like any title fight fans on the flowery shirt. Who John Bolton. And on a downward at fairway adored as well we'll pass on me. I'm a senior should've brought my own theme song for sure well it does it actually well what's what's go ahead in essence it is a Friday -- Obama's doing -- right to the callers. And if you -- appear this is -- this is what we call. Well what gulf -- the TV. Yeah I know for lack of the more descriptive term -- Dallas someone with good guys can actually read it always says some -- from easily that's -- Thomas Thomas -- Thomas and ninety's on line -- so why did you go ahead and now welcome -- the show. Well -- -- mr. Thomas welcome to show Jack Crowe for cheap imitation of Bob -- answering the phone far at least too lazy to figure out got them. If they're probably India. They had them. Eleven dollars -- you -- down to CBS you know CBO yeah Carolina -- stand on the CW -- our station -- Are you Thomas got or are we -- -- -- ready for a. And I wandered I checked out -- is that apply ourselves as the studio. Hainan on so that he he has so many commitments Thomas I mean. But you know places to go people who see things to do browsing there's a visit have you seen Michelle Obama I mean into the -- -- -- -- he -- -- he -- -- wonderful. It would make me look like I could play -- to actually doing it is yeah. Got a new set of drums you know not my son and started out senator I had heard about it from Jack Thomas but but his neighbors said call me and told me about humane as they complain about the noise or something -- thank you I'll. Thank you for the appearing well I got -- now. -- -- by -- Kodak -- and I appreciate you and it is Bob. We thank you -- thing is now -- -- -- show to appreciate the call -- that's that's how simple this your practices this is all you do you sit here. People call and they ask you questions. Or they they have comments they want to make an and you talk to him in reform will now. It was kind of a natural thing is like fortunate to -- as you know like. You know just a natural thing you find another and how likely Microsoft and I just didn't racism and you know the sense it's great well I jackets certainly been a thrill having you here today as they -- Arizona is this isn't the point you're just -- -- more and Iraq. Has this a pretty much been no wish fulfillment for you here. I am just getting started you know Bob. This is part of my well you know. We have five more minutes until our next break OK we have you know we do our bucket list on our -- talk show in the morning so I've heard hell -- Carolina right. And one of my dreams that we did we did get flying lessons we did that the other day outage at what you're still here so -- -- -- slandered I think it's good that they're all good one is attitude a jungle I got some juggling lessons. I didn't know what can you give me Johnny gave me the lesson I have never been able to get another one I'm always up in the air but I can drive that's that's as far as I can but it it's harder than it appeared I'll bet. And then these this one today was to -- my handed you a call and talk show hosting can -- He embodies triage your Smart I don't think I'd ever be Smart enough to do this often -- margin on that Smart you know I mean your Erica you're covering meteorologist so. Well I know but it just goes on a -- anomalous propagation is doesn't mean I am actually very -- -- so well that there is that. So yeah four for approach that there are going to be seeing this check -- do you wanna. Tellem a little bit about how the studio setup and everything -- Didn't kind of you know and inside baseball look here at and radio -- what I'm saying here yeah well it's very comfortable it's kind of mood lighting got -- checkerboard tablecloths and I see candle and on one bottle half hour. So it's got its decor well we we -- listening we call this the other club -- atmosphere. Behind Bob all the time and that's right it dissolves into let's say it's 'cause I'll say that it is and lighting I think sets the mood is actually. And of course and we haven't mentioned her but through this this. Blasted -- over here. Waving two our multitude of fans that is the world famous -- money that now and what won't speak to her for relief. Port where I hit the souring and Anthony had called and no -- not none of our minute if you wanna hear and I do I like to -- our burgeoning debt candy here's do you remember on the old Dutch TV show iron. Yeah I do. Yeah. Where you've got that. Now we also have one now that we use I don't I don't know -- much of your audience will appreciate this amounted to a have a theme that we also used. Four for President Obama -- Love that song. Resentment is the former National Anthem of the of the old Soviet Union. See. Who will play well look at Gaza there's a there's a pleasant I want to canonize. I don't. Or get another call went out to somebody well you know you have a -- -- you have to mention the phone numbers then starting the numbers golf. We're live local W party won a six point three years the here's the Ingles. Advantage top -- number agreeable to 32. 96783. Spartanburg 574. 967 history. Give us a call sitting all alone about a phone -- Narnia cholera and well and even if you speak Jack here is Jim in Spartan what Janice farmer had a heck aren't. I paid yet I am who bought it did that could give no you know these Beers. Oh boy in his jail so I'm gonna give back Kolby age. I don't know that that car or you -- -- you know TV is free you just jerked it -- -- thing with the blackouts that are turning out and any alien where I the other thing that playing hardball at -- I don't know what's wrong with the women go back and forth well I don't you know I mean we've never had any problems in the 5060 years we don't TV and English people my. Well like saying it is planning coordinator. But but -- awarded -- majority come down slow. OK well that's what order error when they. I'll say Alsace say sometime that. Again till then I'd buys a used to unplug whatever you -- -- -- -- charter do something else may I can can I ask you a personal question Jim if you don't mind. Sure did you remember rabbit ears. Yeah yeah yeah and they actually have got a little -- on the screen they invaded we can't pick -- seven slow -- but they go in denial. He can bring its current path -- -- there are. Good at what Jenna model will work on that and as you know Jack Hanson and huge amount of influence within the management you know there. Well but it does that DISH Network you need to get rid of them -- -- my advice or other sources for you know cable. But listen if you if we can ever come and maybe do the news that your house. If you think Brian -- Crabtree and load up claim -- and well you know will I get him to come home I got -- carving you know we'll -- out and as you know the -- -- for -- yeah we got the better of you wanna find out for this. You know. Broder and Bob when he don't do a remote Spartanburg. You know I need to do that it's been awhile since I've been over there appreciate the encouragement will will put them on our bucket list. I listen to bond until I -- I know they don't appreciate Brian thank you thank you -- you're gonna quickly. -- wrap up of this segment Jack hasn't we've got to go to a commercial break that. It has has this many. A dream come true for you which is that yes I'm I'm hearing a cell phone -- actually -- like dreamland -- like I'm sitting on the class it's a heavenly experience and I can only wish that I can achieve this kind of stardom in my future life you know constantly young man issue are you when your younger than me so well. But then everybody's younger than me it's. -- Please the president everybody preacher everybody and everyone that everyone's been a lot of fun the era fund Jack your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm happy that we were able to -- small part to be a bit player as it were a spear carrier in this play in life. Where we allow you to fulfill. One of the dreams and your pocket thank you -- -- and -- argue that the -- thanks for job it was. Jack were overweight is an element. A completing it does this -- bucket list now that the yeah it's pretty much uses right guys we got a camera guys and I think. We will trying to get a hot air balloon ride a double what happened again crashed -- -- So -- and I'd love to hear the gruesome details Jacqueline all we can look at the clock around the clock it's such -- minutes after three -- -- with a special guest star Jack -- here for the first segment. Why the local -- is the Friday free for all on WORD. One a sixty. Everybody yeah. Wants to rule the world. Eternal quest for our Tears for Fears in the background the argument goes -- we're gonna go and get under way now with the real. The a real Friday free for all here -- immaculate and you don't we go and our first dollar million -- -- who's in beautiful. TER hello John and welcome above inaction are. And about I don't assessment. Yeah I think -- fighting not panic mode because this about gluten in terms -- -- not. I think their eyes and I might except for Obama himself now he's one of the they say they need art somehow Baylor and still there Balkans past. And domino or keep and change -- -- -- -- -- I mean it's ultimate goal. Does not have a one Payer system I think it's basically to their tour the economy humming it actually first debt stricken. They can hardly -- -- simulate getting. Why would -- be -- what you don't I mean they're you know of course that. Democrats are mark and advocate and you know that when you don't opt for certain this that. -- you know what your thoughts on and you know the actions to -- because all our -- well. If you if you paid attention and I'm and I'm sure you probably have come over the course of the last five or six years you know -- that President Obama as well as. I Harry Reid the leader of the senate and Nancy Pelosi the former. The speaker of the house all of those individuals. As a progressives. Are in favor of a single Payer health care system and there are a lot of people myself included. Then that filters and in fact at one point. I think Obama even sent to try and take this nation and each single we -- to health care. The single Payer government provided health care was it was a bridge too far and so. This was their interim step. But even though I think -- they wanted to get as many people signed up and obamacare they possibly could and then. Eventually transition them over into a single Payer system. Even they hadn't figured on this thing being as big a disaster as it turned out to be even jump up I think. Your point's well taken and they they definitely want. To have socialized medicine in America. We look at -- about I mean. I think that -- ultimate goal it's amazing what's gonna happen and that's about it that's sale and you you're start since those. You know this -- some -- away from the Obama can -- afford healthcare. -- mean you look at it when this thing that's fail. This system the health care as long what does an affair with each year he can't unscramble manic its. Load. Look at -- and and as far as the semantics of the issue were concerned they can call it. The Affordable Care Act all they want even though. Prior to this huge meltdown with a roll out of the web site. Even Obama himself had referred -- obamacare and of course they wanted to distance his name from an even though -- his single biggest piece of legislation. So everybody knows it's obamacare and it's it's not just the failure of the web site is the failure of what they have planned. Four for healthcare in America that has so many people -- It well Bob that you're go to our at all and -- -- appreciate -- going and keep the fire. Thelma appreciate very much thank you for the called -- the other news coming up here at the bottom of the hour. -- quickly I want to mention something that's not the non veterans will will be interested and I got an email today -- excuse me and Scott. Not the microphone and analysts and shuffling some of the papers here to get to the one that I'm looking for about. It is I received this email today from the VA. And with veterans day just having been on this past Monday I thought it would pass this information along that she may not be aware of at the VA. Is going to be conducting some town hall meetings with veterans here in the upstate of the first -- actually going to be on two days. The first one will be next Thursday November 21. From ten until 1130. At the end Greeneville outpatient clinic that said the new win at 41 part creek drive here in Greeneville. Then from two until 330. They'll be in Spartanburg in the -- room. Of the public library they're on church street. And then the next day on Friday November 22. From ten until 11:30 in the morning they'll be in Anderson county in the public library. Right there on the south Mike Duffy. In Anderson so if if you're a veteran and you had issues that you would like to discuss. With the VA this town hall meeting or all three of them actually angle gave you a good opportunity good venue to ought to be able to. Talk to him about whatever problems you may be having with the VA so will post those I'll get money penny to close those on our FaceBook site. Because I know and a lot of people are listening in Carson don't have an opportunity to write that down but on any any veteran who wants to go. Is certainly welcome to attend any one of those three meetings 330 -- -- take a break for that here and then right back on the other side with more. -- -- Mac show on Friday the free for all live and local here on WORG. 106 there. No way he actually came in -- car. Became -- Welcome back a money thing was just asking me and Jack -- was in here. Do isn't. -- next guest stint as a talk show host AC drove over here in the bathtub. And. And now did he actually came and now we actually came -- At 33743. Before 4 o'clock. Bobby Mac program Friday afternoon it is the free for all and now we -- headed to Greeneville next. And bring in Charles here on the program by Charles and welcome to the -- inaction. Act and act going so -- I tried to make -- or not. Like where we're at a bit we're not talking about enough. And -- what the idiot that decision. -- know what Canadian company. Yeah yeah. You want you want the back story on the -- Michelle Obama. Had a classmate. And Princeton. A a an African American woman who is a pretty good friend of yours from what we understand -- they took part in various student activities together there. Fast forward. Now what however many years have passed since they graduated. That woman whose name I don't have in front of me but I'm not mentioned it before. That lady is now a vice president. Of the companies that Canadian company that you mention his American branch construct the website now. You can draw your own conclusion and you could say well it's. It's it's corporate cronyism. Or whatever now maybe. Maybe there is. No conclusion to be drawn from it but I'm not a big believer in coincidence. Norm are quite frankly you all the money yeah I don't know it well which don't got a kick back but -- but -- got don't think. Yeah. Federal restriction web site at 80. On Google over Europe micro small. And we're probably better not think she would. And -- really aren't yet ready if that idiot. Why did that door right now we're spending another half billion dollar. Patent. And you know what of what it's like to happen now at the end of the day Charles is that this thing is so fouled out. That there in the crop the problems ended our assist demagogue I think they're gonna have to blow the thing up and start all over. Anybody that's gonna happen but you know every idea -- and -- Wearing that -- Out but you're gonna spend another dollar. -- property. -- Britain. As you know whatever you -- -- credit. It couldn't do it right -- I wanted to quickly gonna go back to. All the way did I mention that that company was also. A heavy campaign contributor to be re elect Obama campaign there and. The other thing that's gonna happen -- We're several. Large interpreter. Go all the way early and any attention to that. Now and and and similar. But sadly for further of the true believers that the -- drinkers don't matter to them you know they're gonna Republicans do that if and that's probably true. But at least when they do that usually that the capitalist that they -- working with come up with something New -- Well court but it worked -- where it would be paying attention to it. You know was interesting -- now the news conference what a disaster that was yesterday that Obama -- he actually stand. That part of the problem. With the construction of the web site and all the problems attached their true with the fact that there's so much the government bureaucracy. That's in place when you even though they did this by the -- and no the end. Deal there's so many bureaucratic hoops that have to be jumped through. Event it's. Actually easier to be done in the private sector not now wait a second. But for the guy that's trying to kill off the the private sector is actually admitting that government doesn't do something as well as private industry. Well -- dude -- billion dollars. Let's bigger tiger -- -- -- billion dollars in street. What are the ex. Jet went to one location. In the a warning India yeah. That we -- We're spending in check me Ira. 600 feet I -- -- in the same actress. She ordered to get her out bill. Well as as I should have said now before. Obamacare ever got rolled out if you like the way the DMV. Does things you'll love obamacare is so this is bureaucratic efficiency at its finest and at. Well try to get something -- Libya. -- exactly right. And thank you appreciate it cultural going to be a beard and is speaking of the VH one a comeback on the other side of the break I'll repeat. I'll Wear the locations are for the Isa town hall meetings. With veterans are going to be coming up next week and money -- has them now -- -- we oppose those one on our FaceBook page money pending. There Marty posted on the news were radios. With the thing that made it. Which in English is his radio WORG dot com. The threat put Bob yeah it is easier for me to 342 it's eighteen minutes before four. -- -- -- Summertime 1969. Times to remember driving through downtown Manhattan and it beat top down in my Corvette. Listening to Tommy James and -- else on radios. Crystal blue persuasion. It was. Booming out over 77. What you get that money thank. -- 347. Thirteen before 4 o'clock Bobby in my program I promised I would give those addresses again of this. These upcoming town hall meetings with veterans next Thursday ten to 1138. Hearing Greenville at the outpatient clinic park treat the park creek drive. In Greenville. Then from two until 330 in the afternoon in Spartanburg. At the a public library on church street in the Barrett room and the next day Friday the 22 from ten to 1130. Mean Anderson county public library. And again -- money penny was kind enough to post those. On our FaceBook page. And as well as on our website news radio. WORD account it is on both in that right money pending or is it just on our website. It's just on the -- paycheck on the FaceBook page OK so FaceBook dot com slash news radio W lowered. It's real fun. Back to the phones Leo let's bring it -- who also is in a beautiful TR hello and welcome to the program. Actually about machinators. No I -- -- body -- -- are currently partners another call up and did. Reminded me of a quarter and made a but yet shipped out. Obama is doing this so called on the media on the on Obama here. You know if you think about it on the times as if you were like yeah I met the sides and that makes you hello Baines. If -- says a part the aren't over yet let's -- another 500 yards. Now essentially one Obama is doing. As a capital of Titanic is rearranging the deck chairs. But they're. Still gonna it's gonna sit in the bottom of the ocean you know. With the -- America. -- -- -- -- -- -- This Upton bill the past today and by the way 39 Democrats. Broke with the president to pass. Hopkins suggested fix this is a congressman Fred Upton from Michigan here's the reason why Obama has said. He is going to be sure to pass in the senate. Which I don't know I mean. All bets are off now about Democrats still on the line. On it Harry Reid is gonna try and make him toe the line but whether they will not since they face reelection remains to be -- here's why Obama. Has said that he won't Vito and if against him and that is that. I congressman Barton's bill would allow an individual health insurance market to essentially co exist. Alongside. The Obama care exchanges it and in essence a private option. And and get sort of happens to Obama care of people have another choice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was some debate about that on win -- showed today I thought not. But rush said he heard from an attorney. Who said that it administratively. The executive branch does have the power. -- to modify. How some laws are on our implemented. It's not intended to be used in the way that he's using it. But apparently I guess at least according to this one attorney that rusher from it is it is illegal I would have thought it was. Extra constitutional them to say don't waste. Yes separation of powers. My next question or you do you have any information on the will be bright campaign meeting tomorrow -- a vibrant -- I think I do have some month here somewhere in there probably is in my email. And now I'll I'll go back and went through that Eddie and see if I can find that pass it along. All right thank you very much evidence. I'll reader to Ernie thanks very much for the -- and a 3519. Minutes now before four. All right it would. What's we have reached that point in the program on the Friday free for -- time for media. To give you this -- code word in the wind stimulus cash on word contests. And and a I haven't right here in my little hot hand all set. Nickel. And I see KEL nickel. -- you know he's me five cent pace. Nickel as this -- code word in now that you've got its. All you have to do is go to news radio WORG dot com slash cash. In her that code word to be eligible to win a thousand dollars winner selected randomly from all national entries received regarding had. Couple of upstate winners this week what have another. This -- code word again. Is nickel. You've got it. Noted that thousand bucks and good luck. Tom Jones. And usual. Kind of an unusual Friday free for all day and we. Jack brokering here making his debut as a radio talk show host tonight even mention money penny that they were a recording them. For me out a feature the Jack is doing channel seven. No -- you did not mention that moment when an oversight on my power as soon it'll be on channel 796. Not sure exactly when is going to be he's gonna is gonna notify us. Yes and -- what they executive producer in new -- director and all those other I pollutants colts do the scheduling for when the feature -- but Jack is doing this. Bucket list and so he'll he'll let us know when the features and air and then obviously we'll let you know. As well and coming up ran after the news on the other side and the way. At some point. During the show today and away and gives us a free brawl I will get around doing the calendar pages so we will get those -- when we come back on the other side of the news. We have another special feature there we're gonna do today at nine plugged it. On our FaceBook page earlier today we're gonna do and ask the F experts session. With -- some friends of mine from -- Limestone College we're going to be talking about. The job market and things you can do to make yourself more employable and also pass on some important information about. Military and veterans educational benefits so see you back after the news portal.