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Nov 9, 2013|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the frozen tundra of Lambeau -- Hope rock even gets away. 2001 -- William strikes don't push you in Ohio. From -- time to do with Kimberly. From arrowhead. Happy family wherever we -- show hosted gold moves forward. It's time for -- all. Football is back and on WORD. And it's the scoreboard. With a 10 I. This small -- back and Matthew you know I -- I don't know. High school and college and the pros. Did your football big Sears goes against those persons first. Coaches from the other side. -- -- Do you welcome -- to another exciting new addition on the scoreboard. I am -- go along with my broadcast partner. -- Tomlinson. Now with the facts here another week to talk about from football it's another. Great week got some really good games coming up. Not only going on right now but coming on tonight -- reminds you just -- away. Tonight we have the game of the week right here on W ordeal is the college game of the week of course and that would be. Number one Alabama and LSU. This. The game has helped to decide the SEC champ and the national champ. The last five or six years or something like that so it's a great game we got here is part of the double header right here on the minority. Starting at 3 o'clock we bring you Nebraska. And Michigan we got Harry Kim were sandwiched in between nose and then. But what a great day our football and we also had a good time last night on a final Friday not -- And we have breakdown. Some of the high school playoffs for you today and we'll talk about bullying. Because it is the biggest story of potentially could change. Sport -- -- -- football as we know it we're gonna talk a little bit of gamecocks in Clinton. End. I want to I didn't instance to a map and also want to. Talk -- would get a chance about. Does Carolina -- Panthers have a shot against San Francisco. And if they are actually able to beat them what that means for season and we've got more on the week. We're gonna try to squeeze two hours a shell into one hour of itself but we also want to hear from you. While we know Clinton fans gamecocks fans out there it is there's nothing for you to watch right now so because. The gamecocks have a by Clinton doesn't play the next Thursday's opponent tell us what you think. Of your team so far this season 2329673. In -- 5749673. In Spartanburg. The VW already -- -- -- 1307. We got the fever -- there are ready to answer phones sure enough right as the show goes on -- Brady Anderson forums IE let you know ahead of time truly did we know we do we give you scores that's what we're here for -- -- -- to score more. Really coming at you know folks did it's that's a week off for Clinton care a lot of fans though. -- have -- into the show maybe for your first time so you know I am a huge Clinton fans. I graduated from Clemson as -- all of my family and I've pretty much bleed orange on the other side of this broadcast Booth -- Alonso was a very large Carolina gamecocks had. And competent half and so that's the nature of the show is you know I had I had an -- Clinton and he's on the other side of the fence and we butt heads and trying to kill each other but -- particular week like this. Yeah there are teams are playing today so we get a chance to take a step back and and look at some of the things happening in the world a college football and huge huge game coming up like Alonso mentioned board here on the airwaves. Alabama and LSU this game was -- the game of the century. Just years ago and it's gonna have a rematch. And no one know what -- does -- tuned in for that when we're gonna cover previewed game as we get closer to it before we get into anything we've got a lot the trend -- into just one hour let's get -- does that data with all the scores going on in college football we're gonna jump Friday and and starting off in the ACC you look at this number two Florida State stopping Al Wake Forest had 42 to zero in the third quarter just started. Florida State has the football they're now eight no undefeated six snow in the ACC and you know what but with with with games like this and performances like these I think we can see. Jim as Winston's video game numbers start to shoot up through the roof and after Oregon losing to Stanford. This past. Friday night you gotta think that famous Thursday excuse me don't think -- -- Winston might be in the hunt that -- of the top lead over markets Mary go to -- Or you gotta believe that Mary others performance vaulted Winston into the number one slot. But will the voters give it to another freshman what we won't find out the Florida State continues to play the way they are. You know this is they it's a popularity contest when it comes -- -- than a right now he's the man. Now he's got the numbers improve his world the popularity is so we'll keep our own young Jamison was in the Florida State Seminoles opened the scored again 49 to zero Florida State. -- know let's move all too because supposedly that ACC matchup as it. Continues on Missouri is beating Kentucky when he gave the three Alonso was very astute to point out that Kentucky was winning this football game is so important -- Hendry. For one -- I -- -- union and wildcats received the whole ball started to a field goal that's the last time they scored Missouri. Now dominating 28314. Minutes -- the play in the third quarter. All burned his beating Tennessee pretty handily 41 to 339. Ranked Auburn tigers -- bounce back considerably. The firm or a couple more years after Cam Newton left they've now 81 overall and 41 in the Southeastern Conference did you know what all. And is quietly business when while the business and they -- winning games and and they're up to number nine in the VCR since the all surprising that they're not getting so much. -- like other teams are and you know the right well. You know they had a couple of bad seasons just miles -- taken over and done a good job is recruiting class is starting to settle in and then the results start to show on the gridiron Auburn beating out Tennessee 41 to 2030. With ten minutes let go in the third quarter. The big twelve week -- Kansas State leads Texas Tech 35 to -- the red raiders have the football and hold onto the 25 ranking but if they lose to K state. That's probably gonna go away it's ten minutes to play in the third quarter again K state leads Texas Tech 35 to ten. On Thursday we saw Stanford upset Oregon the ducks go down twenty distorted six in the pac twelve but. No story this game really was organs ability to make it a game they were. That's -- up until the fourth quarter. And debt and losing 26 to nothing. Until finally in the fourth court they've you know wake up and put twenty points in the -- it was way too little -- to litigants -- -- physical Stanford team. Who now moves to it 81 overall six and one in the pac twelve with a win over or. You know Stanford did what a lot of teams that I mean date that's a blueprint. -- -- nine -- -- guys many guys you can't open the lines is run the ball and keep time possession away from a high powered offense like. Like Oregon and you've got a really good shot to win the game and you know organ was only in the game because luck. I mean if you look at it those those balls bounce in a certain way or it would have been -- -- enough that the intellect can't. Well you know hats off to Stanford player really physical up front kind of game it seemed like they were able to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the football and I don't know the depth of the law and -- it's just some gritty -- but they are really -- do a good job he's in the game physical -- never -- able to get the run off. It was just a great gamers to Everett and a bad game for the dogs getting their first loss in the season against Stanford beating Oregon in the pac 1226 to twenty. Same day on Thursday another great game in the big twelve Baylor took on Oklahoma and one of 41 to twelve. You know Baylor is little more of those teams that have snuck up everyone knew they were a good team -- Teddy. Quarterback for Baylor has really powered this team forward he's now get his name Tulsa they -- the -- and potential and Baylor moves to ranked six in the country being out. Oklahoma who was ranked tenth. 41 to twelve grade game for Baylor not to mention their running back -- -- C drunk. The phenomenal run America for Baylor speaker I'll -- as well on Friday we saw Louisville beat out Connecticut 31 to ten. A couple of days happening right now Minnesota leads Penn State in the Big Ten it's 24 to 104. Minutes left to play in the third quarter. Also Ole miss leads Arkansas in the Southeastern Conference the score is twenty to sixteen for the rebels' eleven minutes that the play in the third quarter. It's halftime between -- stay in Georgia the bulldogs enjoy a lead but it's only by a couple points fourteen to six. Eight point lead over at eight for Georgia at halftime. Back to the ACC North Carolina leads Virginia 21 to zero cavaliers yet to score Tar Heels. Probably gonna take this one away it's halftime and -- North Carolina leaves Virginia 210. On Tuesday we saw buffalo beat Ohio thirty to three Bowling Green over Miami of Ohio 453. And finally all and Wednesday at Ball State beat central Michigan 44 to 44. Some scores going on in the big south right now in the second quarter. Charleston southern on the Charleston southern over coastal Carolina 24 to six. We got BMI over Gardner-Webb ten to three that's also in the second quarter. And coming up in an hour from now presbyterian hat liberty. Right over in the Southern Conference against several games going on at the half Georgia leads Appalachian State fourteen to six. Sanford trails Furman early in the second quarter seven to six. -- leads the citadel ten to seven. We are scoreless in the Wofford -- new game now we just got under way. As well as Georgia southern western Carolina just got underway in Georgia southern needs that's seven to nothing. I would -- talk a little bit high school football writers and scores of know last night burns -- feet wade Hampton. 47 to 21 and game -- -- exclusively on WORD 163. Gaffney overs for our department over Gaffney -- 6147. In the plus for me -- playoffs. -- defeat enrolled 34 to thirty. Westwood over Woodruff 38 to ten Daniel over Pickens 43. Clinton surprises AC flora 55 to 35. And -- men. Defeats tape and zeros that Chapman defeat right only eight -- and I don't -- but I just want to clarify we weren't -- You probably haven't heard yet on any other. Sports are right now but we've got the playoffs set up for the -- and we know who Barnes is gonna play and we know some the other teams -- play and the -- and. Yup that's right in fact the numbers came out this morning I believe them. Looking at the seeds for a class for a division one burns rebels taking the top seed they will take on one though who is that -- sixteen seed of the season. And Dorman in at number eight. Takes on Lexington. Spring valley of the fourth seed take on the Spartanburg vikings sure thirteen. Dutch fork fifth -- takes on fort -- -- stuff right there this is this is the top half of that bracket right there and if you look at it you know burns first of all home filled. They've managed to out until state championship -- is that always rise this year. They get one doe number one against sixteen that's usually how that goes to look at other teams in the bracket. You know they've beat -- and already this year they've beat Spartanburg. I think they've they've got a pretty good. I shot to go all the way to the state championship. And I would I would be surprised that they lost the game anywhere along the way how -- you. Right same here you know it isn't convincing wins as well over over -- Spartanburg these gorgeous united skate -- them there were Dutch fork -- -- possibly a team they could see -- the end of this half of their bracket but I can imagine -- having any trouble perhaps the most until -- given the state championship but you know this football. It they could have been an internship ended -- high school kids so. You know it's amusing to watch reverses sesame special going on there and I think the biggest shock art when you break down the bottom California. So -- the biggest surprise that conceive of Idaho law they -- the -- -- -- don't always go to play until programs no programs it has been always make it but. You know we talked about it last night during the front entire rap they were they were pegged as a dark horse in the beginning of the season but that's how. Without question at the second seed in the tournament. They're definitely a huge contender for the state -- technocrats. -- past Rock Hill Sumter and -- them play in some during a classically a really good team. There's a possibility for a Hillcrest mall than rematch and there are some the net that I would like to see and I think that would be a good game to go to. And in further down get Somerville and Ashley ridge. And Gaffney a Boiling Springs -- rematch down there at the bottom so I mean if you -- project. Do you think's gonna go to the state and the last foray division more and I think he's got to go with burns and either -- here he'll -- Yeah or you know for potentially even Boiling Springs here you know they they're and they have the incredible often it's over -- than they put -- 82 points. This past Friday -- mean talk about a game talk about a team that really hasn't gone for them offensively I got my eye on them but. You know what the quarterback play of -- -- and a couple of the other guys on the Hillcrest rams football team it's tough to imagine. But those guys are gonna fall too hard against anyone down there but look like us that this is football you know Hillcrest played -- an earlier in the year they beat -- but it wasn't. There was an a one sided victory Mullin stayed in the game for good bit of it. And you know bullets brings -- that's a tough tough game for both boasting start up out of the bottom of that bracket we'll see who comes on the other side of that. -- is a better picture of of the Melrose was in shape up and you know what the. More things about this jobs we've been able to go to college gains we've been able to go to pro games. But we -- to. The state championship a couple of years not last year with the two years before that we've been through championship. At Williams Brice you've been to those championship. At Clemson and you know how cold it would be to actually feel the -- -- and that game as a high school football player. And those guys I -- -- -- the nerves the first but they did add it in you know we've been wiped out there on the sideline. And it and it's really really cool and I'm looking forward to I. You know you gotta root for the team you don't have to but I root for the team that we carry here I mean you know we -- team. Our policy birds do well I don't see the upstate to. It would be it would be really cool within both divisions. We've dealt with all of state teams speaking of the other division in class four -- division to couple teams in the area still playing for that. Wade Hampton get Syria sixteen feet going up against Goose Creek that's a that's a tough contest for them easily without warrants these leaders thirteen seed. Against number four self -- that's in the top part of that. Didn't -- lower part couple teams Greenwood. Goes against new York and warrants against North Augusta so we may have a shot against most teams in there. From. From -- and anonymous northwestern who has the wind over the burns rebels you know don't forget about the beginning of the season Burton would you have perceived to. Since their Goose Creek and rights to number one there's quite a few undefeated teams still in. In South Carolina football. So I mean. A neat thing to -- play each other consumer don't get upset that I used to before us the cool thing about. High school -- -- -- you mention one thing before we go to break you know being it being at these stadiums during the state championship it's a special atmosphere that you noticed they let people know that some people don't in this state we were very very. But we're very fortunate to have -- the talent the we have in the world of high school football so many players just from the our backyard appeared -- Spartanburg. Find their way to division one college football sometimes human the National Football League so when you have is a hotbed of talent here -- area and have to come together and -- Williams -- or Death -- -- promise you -- it is a special special atmosphere is that he did. -- -- contest -- -- two teams go against each got a good chance skill you need to go we don't need to break but I don't go to the phones equipped with a a phone call before we go to break. Let's talk the Sandra Sandra I don't do that. Great job of putting this thing until it's normal feuded. K I am celebrating that Malden won last night I declined to let Matt know that it was mom and that -- that 83 point not Boiling Springs. Not to get credit Bowling Green but they integrate our opinion. Mild and -- land and we had 83 point and we have. They're the offense is gonna come from behind what I DREAM -- the hang out you know aren't talking him out of we're gonna happen but I you ever gonna win all anxious and nearly -- there we come and then you're gonna remember me -- I'll admit I am a mild or not I'm here before and we'll go out and match. Though Angela I gotta tell you I'd be I'd never been more happy to be corrected for the for the record does so in case you don't know I am a Malden -- there's only. All the -- that's right so it and it's obviously a major mistake even worse you know. I had. Happy to be Corretja the -- the -- are -- -- football program have gone through a lot of changes and while we haven't talked about -- -- so much on this show we brought him up they allowed on our Friday night high school wrap up show scientists are -- -- Even here that I'm I'm still down -- yeah hi -- the boy's -- and -- each and my my -- on the scene blog page letter. And I'm at it that I would very cold again eighty gain the night before it was even worse but it -- -- where they are right back and forth they were coming metabolic -- high scoring in the middle of the run defense going on that. Yeah it's still a great thing and then we're on the -- there now. Alan has in -- has done such a good job with putting the right coaching members -- staff in place you know are remembered the days when I was there edges mauling was not a great football program and now we've got to deal the MacKey brother is coming through enjoy Massey in such great talent is shown up. For this team some very very proud of when I can't wait to see how they do in the playoffs and they're gonna draw Sumpter. -- -- Yes going to be a long way from Aaron. Celebrated. In about in the morning with. That victory the world will be back at crow Democrats aren't sure what's what's his name. You know pretty awesome McNulty -- 88. Floor and it was your very very good game also and thank -- so was the phone calls and we appreciate you got a -- they have enjoyed -- thank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the old 12329673. Hits you on the scoreboard of math and Alonso got to take a break we know we'll see you right around the turn the corner on WORD 106. Nearly a decade they've never lost an argument. -- -- and the match. Wrong and that's. Of this visit is a record that will now be broke you're never never never ever. I'm pretty sure I defeated match in clinching a few weeks ago now Goodman's dog you got slaughtered you got slaughtered and it was like it was bad. There was that's how I remember anyway you know bring about -- -- argument here on the scoreboard we just keep on arguing that we don't lose -- -- attacks are immortal -- a dream come true. Pretty good as a reward for you of the good congratulations coming so no I thought -- so well but offense you've got the right place though this is the scoreboard at MS Alonso eight years and you're running do you believe that we have been doing this show. Or eight years do you want a hole. I -- -- -- I know through the finish your value goes that's been married within your third year doing thirty idiots don't look like he's getting old. You -- me and you should -- hero Borland flip. No I don't approve uproot. Coach do this store worldwide to a Mac. Our FaceBook page like the FaceBook page check out the pictures and of course the farmlands on their income three. Progressively American -- I don't know was started doing the show I was Tony years off. It's our third during the show but let alone thought to be doing the -- in the -- -- you -- -- -- my method if you stay fat you don't get wrinkles that's a tower snapped what do you keep on thinking that. The open endorsement for you. All right -- into the stores but up first struck the phone numbers 2329673. Gets you on the programmer talk about high school football. That we got the stay. State tournament coming up. Going over some of the teams and the the numbers M hour to talk about more who's got who coming up thank you Sandefur call an end. And also -- have a preview we can get through the Michigan Nebraska game which follows this broadcast you can hear it live right here on WORD and also the big game Alabama LSU alive tonight right here on these airwaves. So if you're a football fan you be sure to keep it right here 163 FM but -- to some of the scores going on right now in college football Florida State trouncing Wake Forest is 520. For the -- -- still undefeated. Eight know in six and -- in the ACC. Missouri is warping Kentucky 28 to 108 minutes to play in the. Third court of the wildcats have the football and a long way to go. All -- is beating Tennessee in the Southeastern Conference 4843. Tigers lead the volunteers Foreman has -- to play in the third quarter and Auburn has the football. Texas Tech against K state it's 356. In the red raiders trailing. In this big twelve match up Freeman is that the play again K state leads Texas Tech 35 to sixteen. A couple of games on Thursday through big games we saw a number three Oregon take on number five Stanford in the parred twelve and Stanford. Winning four. Don't putting they won the game but it was the 2640 score might not tell the whole picture origin didn't even score until the fourth quarter. Putting up twenty points to actually make it somewhat of -- football game but too little too late Stanford beat the ducks 2620 in the final. -- the big twelve we don't number six Baylor takes on number ten Oklahoma on Thursday final Baylor beats the sooners' 41 to twelve great play by. Price Teddy who tower number six Baylor past the sooners. Again 4112. Baylor over Oklahoma on Friday Louisville beat Connecticut 31 to ten. And a couple scores happening right now in the Southeastern Conference Ole miss rebels leave Arkansas when he is seventeen. Razorbacks have the football and it's -- is that the play in the third quarter. Georgia just kicking off the second half against Appalachian State the bulldogs lead fourteen to six and have the football but. About two George Bush had a little bit bigger lead over at state and eight points have the football games have played over. Well to -- just post it on their North Carolina beat is leading Virginia 28 to zero. And that second half just now starting off. -- couple games in the big south -- halftime one just about halftime Charleston southern. Over -- Carolina 24 to six that is at the half and with 45 seconds left in the second quarter. BMI is beating Gardner-Webb 173. Over in the Eastern Conference Furman has that ended their lead on Sanford is now fourteen to six. With a little over six minutes in the second quarter and net gain. This citadel now leads you on fourteen to -- and there about two minutes from halftime -- Chattanooga is up on offer fourteen to zero early in the first quarter and we have a close one with Georgia southern leading western Carolina seven to six that is also early in the first quarter. This is the scoreboard I am Alonso along with Matt and Zach. And we want to hear from you were talking football I think football you wanna talk about its open world the top of an open line Saturday won't give out but it always is for us anyway. You're Russia's open line Friday we have a guns do we want -- am no longer do we wanna compare him to us -- -- -- us that that's when albums that's what I was thinking anyway. -- 9673. -- the 23296. And three Ingrid Alfonso bore 96 from three n.'s Barbara by the way. I love being erupted into how we got a couple calls on the lions go out to use it. They skip I don't dance. I'll go out there until Chris Graham body. Let's get that seems to be -- FEMA are brought it -- show we do each and every Friday night -- word we just you know the Hillcrest rams have done something special this year over there that's for Sherman. Absolutely. Solid but is the man among boys out there every week to week each scored in three types there. We. Don't. See the ball they'll -- What I wanted to ask -- was how -- -- -- the bracket together to talk about the treaty -- -- try to. But you -- do go to the South Carolina high school league this Google that standup. Thank you to their web site on the left side you'll see a bunch of different categories and you can find the bracket there and it's it. A one page bracket it's not one has spread out we have the printed pages that's pretty simple bracket who love to print out that way that it's it's very easily. Yeah I have a pulled up but I think it's a CHL dot org I believe -- right. So if you don't you go very on the left side is a couple of tabs addition if you are defined from there. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know dormant -- the only wall collapse or you or let it -- -- -- -- -- heartbreaker you bet it's for real and it looked out. Yeah we coalesce not it's not about to head coach over there and held it is is I think fourth year in the program now. Are cut that if I'm wrong I'm sorry I know has been never couple years now there are saying that you know this. This -- this class that the rams have right now the culmination improved you know the work he's put in there. And you know you have some incredible talent we talk about -- need a good bit. And you know our college once and we did -- -- one of getting injured. I'm thinking he did because I started the last couple days. So -- number twelve on the sideline and get in or out but it's the last. You know -- -- -- -- -- And actually it sort -- all the -- horse but it. Look at Dublin that well there goes on to figure that out last night global sexy you looked -- double figure out into an update on that opened things okay. Appreciate the phone call and I guess that will take on to the next person to be the phone numbers 239673. Gets you on the program when you hear a phone call hang up a means the world alliance has opened up for you so. You know we can keep it high -- we can Clemson Carolina which ever argue would take it this is the show for you get so no speed records and summer once thought Clinton somehow. Yeah. You can carry and I do -- the oil wells -- -- all the usual talk about them. Yes I'm actually have my card or any other airlines are my -- and the conference crop aren't. -- that Carolina apparent that they heard that they're gently trying to Aaron did it or not I. Oh you have come to the right place summer meal lot as though are the exact same boat except I am the Clemson fan I'm right he's the Carolina fake -- yeah right anyway. Once you have a tough summer. What. Her diet live pressuring -- yeah my friend Karen -- very concert there are deployed. And -- but from parents and Alice I have at my blade in Milan Italy Spain and I can't -- required I think -- for the long. And then I think Ali yeah he deplorable easily mean nearly -- I can bring cameras. -- when you don't inequity aren't you know actually we don't lose yeah. -- I actually knew he would -- -- -- -- leads. Usually got -- hang out with judge at his house is that what happened. Now I wish I had -- you -- attacked here and act and act is getting old vacuum. And blows your mind. Arm and I think you did something that you quit. I don't I don't remember everything crime and art and -- Boca who isn't afraid and I -- he was given -- if you prefer your -- -- I have answered it is some element of this city money changed hands did you look on -- I don't I don't I don't answer that summer summer let me jump in here. You know you're gonna hear some -- some critics of -- -- the -- terrorism and about this guy this is a guy that shows up with a smile on his space for a weekly media conference. What the local media every single Thursday. I mean. You act as she he goes above and beyond the call of duty of a quarterback as a leader. You know as an on field leader as an all appealed to you don't hear stories about Taj Boyd you know getting all kinds of trouble here as a standup class that kind of guy and whether or not you think he's the I quarterback for the job I know we have unfortunately a guy here and our programs that attitude that they -- the summer have been more impressed to be Jimmie pulls out don't listen to him summer but but your point Taj Boyd. Is from all accounts I've heard an incredible human being off the grid iron in to hear you calling in the confirm that as a good thing. Actually -- my -- are getting your new. Arm around -- replica. -- -- great -- learned I don't really -- the cornerback young and he came and you get hot here and under your address I'll try to do with his daughter for reading it and are. A daughters are flooded and her father -- -- -- no rights act. I -- you don't believe it sounds. You know our new language film critic -- there and they weren't. So hard for what they do you -- -- -- -- he just didn't they write you down yeah I used when people are like oh. Conference -- Obama lie by Caleb you weren't -- -- See all you are out there breaking your butt out. Everything on money trying to hit the -- and people are not -- it felt Brian -- gave yeah I am on their team not my. You can't prevent. Well you know or you can. You clearly have a good grasp of love these college players this -- so -- even though you're thirteen Denzel for just a phone call hole and it was. This goes to prove these Clinton people are so bad. Tomorrow I think we call someone mr. Obama can't download movies and in our best hitting team out to find out if any money change hands there winning no. You know and -- win it we might not do broke you know you're going umbrella -- pull out a way to started there on six and that's right. You're listening to score Rolando math and -- -- really isn't a lot of us. Right here on the purity. You wanna talk some football called Q3 29673. In Greenville or 5749673. In Spartanburg. I'm an -- elected today beyond cloudy sacked. -- the scoreboard. Plus the man. Don't tell -- -- -- -- -- you're Beaulieu place it's my turn to come back licences scoreboard I am mindful and you know I console -- -- out myself this week. Doing yesterday morning news and sports. I am the villain of the story because I'm surrounded by Clemson people. I'm the bad -- do you know what end and I think. I think I'm I tried to be a bug that I tried to be unbiased let's try to be things though that I was told to be by management you know you can't speak for me you're not name. You couldn't walk in my shoes don't even trust. -- -- I look I gonna be -- there would be in the village -- someone's got to be the backup. Well and so it's gonna be -- we ought to do a Clinton fan hormones that can corps lieutenant. I want you right OK I I accept your hate to me as the heel of the show. I get the bigger pop anyway I'm all right with that I know completely about that as Samantha good. No Alonso is the local Richie and car meego -- -- your team does anyone -- knows them back behind the scenes kind of info Alonso as the bully. The focus of the station but let me tell you something you know I'm beloved by the listeners. And they don't know who you walk so -- don't know why I've met what you listeners know who I am. You know this is this is getting down into us schoolyard as you said almost like being in a locker room and how -- goes on and walker who aren't -- good and I hope I'm not time to give them odd feeling bullied and -- I think I made his had to leave the show are you -- believe that my -- mental way and it physical way -- -- in July the text messages you send me and the the stuff is certainly a former peers. You know you're like rich -- -- and I'm like Jonathan Martin. -- bush you know we -- notice when that now has never seen with me in public. Force Saddam I think I eat now and then he'll introduce me to clients here. You know and any makes fun in the impropriety I don't whip it because I know that's wife's blood is from making sales. Did being deployed for the joke if it helps him put food on his table and keep this house. I'm off for no 'cause I don't I can't guess part of it but you're also this is an easy -- you're you're welcome -- back you're right but I'm fully -- right -- -- Instead of the scores. Our man and Florida State destroying Wake Forest fifty to 04 quarter just now starting up symbols are gonna keep an undefeated it looks like number eight Missouri is on track to -- in Kentucky is 35 to seventeen. To miss the the play in the third quarter. Stick into the Southeastern Conference let's look at Auburn and Tennessee the tigers leave 55 to 23 over the volunteers. And that fourth quarter just now kicked off in the big twelve K state leads Texas Tech 41 in nineteen. Our pre warned Thursday we saw an upset when Stanford beat Oregon 36 to twenty in the pac twelve. Baylor beat Oklahoma 41 to twelve in the big twelve. -- Louisville beat Connecticut 31 to ten on Friday and real quick couple scores happening right now Ole miss is read it away from Arkansas -- 3417. And that SEC matchup the rebels leave the razorbacks in the fourth quarter just now starting off Minnesota leads Penn State in the Big Ten 24 to ten. And Georgia as being Appalachian State seventeen to six with eleven minutes that the play in the third quarter and. Isn't the big south we have to the Charleston southern over. Coastal Carolina 24 to six and that game is getting -- Fiat third quarter. The in my over Gardner-Webb seventeen to three and that game is at halftime. Over in the Southern Conference and teams -- start to pull away Furman means -- 21 to nine Chattanooga is a long lost her fourteen to three. Georgia setting means that western Carolina thirteen to six in the citadel is up on you on right now fourteen to ten. You have the scoreboard I am Alonso he is Matt and I shortened version of the show this. This week we only get one hour and don't tell you before we go to the phone calls. That Matt and I are going to continue just more done at three redundant. -- together a podcast with our NFL picks we and it was enough for you and that will be up on the web site. I don't know within a half hour after we get those done. We've been talking a little clinch a little high school right now we wanna talk a little gamecocks he's got to and say and say I don't. Hey good until they take off. I. Got a call a couple of weeks ago. Are -- program. And I sit I don't think there close and it didn't hit it yet and then has -- -- now somebody who are -- -- so. Sort of doubt it a little bit. You'll come back and I told you so -- says he won't yeah I -- I got a guy. That's out. Well reported stolen such -- -- attempted to such a done it would have been -- and the President Clinton fan here enough and would that makes sense world to bet that you're talking about the Florida day and you've got to remember -- arrogance and I kind of things this with. A little bit. Not that Jesse do it yet there are out got our knowledge. Sort of international did but what. About congress are being. DXP. Running or. A result Toronto you know like. Did you any -- dirty little big you know -- absolutely are they'll look back at all that. Cars to get into it. And -- is not quite -- I don't yet but it. When you know kind of shows doesn't know a lot of great things for Carolina I mean look there is no real or academy got some of them are great -- -- -- sell -- and this is the news broke out -- don't turn this into a third grade you know back and forth okay that's our hot. Our Reza there Arabia US the question. Connor -- I think he is. He's not talked about enough he's he's setting records in South Carolina. You know if you would have been able to stay healthy. All these years think of what he could have done even further on top what he's done he's undefeated at home. And let's face it he is the heart and soul the gamecocks right now when he comes in they rallied around him and he wins games for the game. Go and expand what more what the caller is asking is why -- -- credit he deserves and I think what you're what you know. What I think that they -- now as he's been overshadowed. -- mean look at some of the other quarterbacks in the league right now they're going into the draft that are in the SEC we're talking about Johnny football we're talking about AJ McCarron you know. You've got Teddy Bridgewater you've got -- met burger mean you have. I'm -- petty -- mean -- marry out of the list goes on heavy heavy quarterback class and for a guy to stand now. In his senior year work or Connor -- is you know his his signature year. It's tough for you have that much other noise I think that has a lot to do with why he's not getting some accreditation deserves. Well I'll -- -- that they -- like it data and you are seeing. This doctor Barbara. Retire -- be here you know aren't married so once there -- Popular or excuse you know we need that recognition. That more. Missing the big game on the road to that yeah. -- me or is it more -- in the -- ever. 00 are you on the DVR. The game and you know I got to be done to get defeated go here and we go out there at national title race is that are bigger. You know I I agree with -- the thing is as far as retiring Jersey jerseys and and home fans like I thought he usually doesn't happen for a you know five or six years after. You graduated used to what they've done in the NFL and my country and I think that that will happen I think ten years from now you're gonna see. I can't show up in the ring of honor whatever is called -- Williams Brice and then I think people gonna remember him as one of the best quarterbacks both -- South Carolina. It a potential break and guys -- go out -- the. All right and say I hope to hear your phone call. When Clemson beat Carolina. At the end of this football league and are we gonna have another ambush but you don't want -- I'm not afraid that I'll do it you know -- a little bit below last years -- -- this year and -- -- I can't wait to hear your phone call includes wins against Carolina. You know you listen to the scoreboard I want though he's Max Zack and take me phone calls. We -- think you know the break we -- -- -- we come back we will do our best to give YouTube. Think people listening to scoreboard. This is the scoreboard. Was once joined Matt. Just bought a piece of Howard's rock on the the scoreboard. Football fans you have come to do right place this is the scoreboard. Live from the glorious studios the news radio W or beyond that Thomas and his -- though and a -- -- great hours so far we've got to -- some of the high school games. Last night talk a little bit about the championship tournament happening. Well right now. And also -- club then. And had -- great phone calls and we're gonna go ahead jumper to the store for first Alonso no -- doesn't have to. No no no you go ahead of communication again it happens sometimes I know I communicate -- -- -- and you communicate one finger anyway what we're gonna do is not a time for scores but we do have time for this. Yeah -- Norton and more. -- and every -- -- scoreboard -- to give us an honorary. You know a war for the person loses stood out as the biggest moron in sports now. It's normal pretty easy to do and we don't like to limit ourselves just football and this particular episode of more of the week we're taking over this women. Mariah and a lot to me. I'm pretty sure I'm saying their Ryan Lochte was saying you wouldn't get as many -- Michael Phelps did he got a lot. Recently injured in Gainsville Florida Noah was not jumping into a swimming pool wasn't -- the diving board it was. When a sand and a teenage girl ran up. And I -- jump on him Brian logic reportedly caught her and then they'll. Hitting his knee on the curb carrying his any CEO and spraining his ACL so. Ryan Block then. You know multimillionaire. Swimmer taken out by teenage girl you served. On the morning. We don't let the thing about Ryan Marky mark the first time he's been heard a weird way you heard or skateboard or scooter -- got her break dancing he -- -- the tree. He got hurt reaching for a cell phone and if you Nadal well you don't like -- is not the sharpest tool shed if you look at some YouTube reviews from the kids this doesn't take too long to realize that he's. He might not be the quickest guy you've ever met. He has a clothing line going on here about physically like a lot today -- news talking about it that's a reporter asked him Brian what what exactly is the law. -- You know I don't really know it and that they didn't tell me that. With his cancer stuff. It always is known people who -- Learned where's our money no Lauren and one more episode of scoreboard in the history books thanks for tuning in folks back next week same time same place I -- he's flood those signing up for the scoreboard.