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Nov 6, 2013|

Obama caare

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not -- -- No -- here when our. And -- always your. Influence. Every -- advantage hotline numbers for -- used to join me in and be part of the show today. In Spartanburg 57 Ford WORD. 5749673. Greeneville. 232. WORD. Text -- number 71307. My email address bomb on word. At Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio WORD. -- during -- newscast I heard any mentioning utility in the scam. It's floating around that reminds me I needed to assay. A a big shout out and thank you again two other guys from Piedmont gas. Every time that I have had a dealing with any of this service guys from Piedmont gas who have come out to us stately -- manner to do anything. These guys have always gone so far above and beyond the call of duty. It it's incredible. I think I've I've mentioned a number of years ago a body on new good gas grill to go out on the back deck -- Well dummy than I am I didn't realize that the unit that I -- has to use the media the tanks of propane couldn't be hooked up. Two to a gas line in the house which is what I wanted to do. So -- guy showed up from from be my guest. Here I believe this. And he's only do you actually at the wrong one set of friends and well don't worry about it I'll take back in exchange and sin no that's okay. Is that they have the truck here -- -- on the truck he took it back. To where I bought it exchanged it for the right one brought it back and install -- And then. My baby don't -- just put a new gas range. In in the kitchen. And now they showed him that -- Morgan and again they were just terrific. So. Thanks and I wish I had the fellow's name because I would mention his name in there. While they know who they are but a -- they did. Terrific work and and I thank them very much for because they they always go above and beyond the call under the at least and every dealing and I've ever had with the adjustment. Fantastic and now my truly appreciated. I do you have in this hour as well and other Bobby Max stimulus pack to give away. You know the contest line number two for 14334. All you have to do -- -- right now. We're gonna in fact we're gonna give away a couple of pairs of tickets to see trans Siberian orchestra TS so one of the most popular shows of the holiday season. Not everybody wants to go see these guys -- they do a fabulous show trans Siberian orchestra and it's the final performance of the Los Christmas Eve. At the bonds -- wellness arena coming up on Saturday the 23. And now we have tickets for the 3 PM show. OK so let's let's just give -- -- first and second collars -- penny since freedom since I just popped a bottom here. First and second dollars tickets to amp TSO. We talked a bit about. The other problems when Obama care and everybody knows about it it's bad enough fodder. For all the on the late night comedians were away know enough. Jimmy Fallon. And all the rest up in fact. Even. Even John Stewart. On The Daily Show which -- where a lot of younger people and I guess many Williams. Get all the news that they get. Is on The Daily Show. Even even Jon Stewart. As -- now. Flailing away and Obama. For the business of lying over you know if you like your health care you can keep it if you like your doctor you can give. Last night. The folks at the Jimmy Kimmel. Late night show that join the fray and to tell. I've always -- -- and that's it that's the wrong one that's they and they went off on who they weren't that Detroit auto mayor. I guess still on a page from Marion Barry's book in Washington DC the the mayor of Toronto admitted yesterday. That he was seen about a year ago. Thought to be seen on this video smoking crack. And yesterday -- -- big news conference and announced. -- yes he had smoked crack. Andy rationale. Behind the re. Because he was drunk out of his mind. OK. Well there's another character building asset. And -- the story was lower on the news like this is a bit that the Jimmy Fallon put together how to recognize. Your mayor is a crack in. -- -- -- -- Blurred vision. Bit of room. It's. I believe anything. -- denies smoking crack and he's -- he admits to smoking crack yes I have smoked crack cocaine. -- the talent nor mayor. And I and I love this his excuse. For having smoked crack. He was dropped. This is a guy that is. -- -- what is Toronto about the fifth or sixth largest city in North America. -- And and rather than I mean. What do you have to do anymore to get fired or to shame yourself out of office. Incredible. As so I guess my comparison now Obama's. Problems and obamacare. Mania pale in comparison seem miniscule. By comparison. Remember of course when president Obama's famously said. 29 different times about a lack. Like your current plan you'll be able to keep it means if you like your plan you'll be able to keep it if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor we will keep this problems. To the American people. If you like your doctor. You'll be able to keep your -- period if you like your health care plan. You'll be able to keep your health care plan. Clear. That's about as explicit as it gets when you say if you like your doctor you keep your doctor period. When you like your your health care plan you can keep your plan period but. Even though it's now obvious the president lied to then he continues. Till lie. Now have. Or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came in the law. And you like that plan. Always say it was you could keep. That he wants he said he didn't say. As long as it meets the requirements. -- -- feel like you think about it. If it hasn't changed since laws -- he never said. -- fantasies he never said anything about. If if it hasn't changed in slop -- ever said anything like that always said over and over again was a real like your plan. You can keep and you don't like it now while that you're just now of course you're probably not gonna like when you see the prices many of the many -- offered under. The Affordable Care Act the unaffordable. Care act obamacare -- -- used to be known. Before it -- cast such a poor reflection. On the president that he doesn't -- no longer want his name associated with the the biggest piece of legislation. Than he ever got past. And blip in the comics -- start into even even now the folks -- do YouTube stuff. Then you know the -- know what does a fox say that's a Big Easy right now right -- of boxing. Now that hasn't served up a parody version what does Barack. Sick. So -- love scares her feet and then some days. Live -- we'll go home play. C news the the economy down needs. And -- son lives is says. Your second tour. So. And he's still got three movie you. Well I'd say for example. Yeah that's. The devil doesn't. Had to go to -- OK. Okay okay. I'm not saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not saying. And -- -- -- -- it's. As Suzanne lessons. Reached a a point where it's and beyond embarrassment but they get older they're double down the president has gone to Texas. Today. I'm surprised he went there red state. Two to talk about how wonderful obamacare is now they fix is being made. To the healthcare dot -- Web site. -- away if -- labor union well not to worry you may be getting some tax relief from obamacare. According to Kaiser health news dot org. Weeks after denying waivers request to give union members to access to -- a loss subsidy is. The Obama administration is signaling it intends to exempt. Some union plans and one of the nation's from one of the loss substantial taxes. Reads the report buried in rules issued last week. Is the disclosure that the administration will propose exempting quote certain self insured. Self administered plans from the laws temporary reinsurance. Beat. In 2015 and sixteen. That's a description that applies to many Taft Hartley union plans acting as their own insurance company. And claims processors said Edward finch old senior VP at all locked and companies a big insurance broker. Insurance companies and self insured employers that hire outside claims administrators. Would still be liable for the feet. Which starts at 63 dollars per insurance plan members next year and is projected to raise 25 billion dollars. Over three years. I still taking care about back to the falsely Austrian Dennis who is in nine -- hi Dennis and welcome to the program. Bobby Mack are you today so so. Wonderful. I was just. Listen these guys talk about. But people are. In charge. And not just can't believe I heard some. Some of the more -- trying to cover up. Under -- now under thirty matter however many thousands. Steady -- You know but. -- felt kind of ridiculous. Do we get up trying to undo what he'd do -- bit about you loved your healthcare plan and you can do it period. It -- in the L and makes you wonder if he is. In touch with reality. Right and then and -- it makes me wonder. How it's stupid are the America and there are actually still open but he. Only got the beat totally ripped it well don't even though you playing better. But you know the true believers you know -- the armed yeah predicted and the people to jump on board with hope and change. Oh yeah they get -- they still feel like you know he intends the best for the American people he intends the past. For the -- and and look the only reason he lied to his -- -- it was for our own good after all -- yeah. And that's why I'm -- now because we were too stupid to understand. That his -- got his first line with our own good and we didn't get that. So it now becomes incumbent on him to double down and lie about having -- -- the first. Not like they did does that make sense is cleared abdomen well it -- it -- -- I hurt my my pleasure thank you. That was you cleared up for myself. Too many minutes after four let's check real time traffic for the first time -- in any robards is that a buyer ready to go that panic. -- We haven't used it -- -- have. And maybe. 26 after Ford. Shot of pain in the background. They OK okay used to be -- yeah. Revealed himself to -- -- Text message from him. 71307. And Bob about that at Toronto mayor who admitted yesterday smoking -- don't -- he didn't inhale. -- -- Makes all the difference. Now Bob did the Sunday alcohol sales pass in fountain yen John or -- -- I believe self. I think we have all the election returns on our website. News radio W -- RD dot com and if memory serves but it was pretty close road but I believe -- past not to take a look. Myself and Bob this navigator stuff smells like quid pro quo to make sure. That's exactly what is you know acorn folks say roundup busloads of people to vote for Obama whether they were registered voters or even whether they were Americans Jonathan. So now in LA pays them back all the funding for the navigator program and make sure that the various states. Have acorn like groups are acorn themselves under different names Avery brand and under and moved a bunch of different names at the brand was so soiled. I would know when it was revealed some stuff that they had done that they had changed the name it they're still in business just. Under different name back to the phones we -- and Tony who was on his cellphone I Tony and welcome to program. I don't off so long so we are OK you are are back you're. Now what do you think was going to happen when Obama took care of exchange injure. It's going to be a disaster. Now -- I don't think there's I mean look at all the cancellations are being sent out already by the hundreds of thousands. But I don't think there's there's any option but for it to be a disaster and for those that that can. Managed. Spend half their life on the obamacare website actually gets signed up for one of the programs. It's going to be a -- -- -- expensive I think I had a text message yesterday in the semis and there. Rate was going from 700 some odd dollars a -- to 12100 dollars a month and they deductible was still staying at five figures so there you go. Well now do you think people politic to the streets what do you think is going to change have a major effect on -- important 160. I think is gonna have a major effect on 2014 I think if the Republicans. Had a brain in their head which is doubtful. That we would have seen -- canned goods and -- win the governorship in Virginia last night because all the polling data showed that. That the guidance that one the former DNC had a McAuliffe. Was ahead by seven or eight point and actually he only won by about. 2% or slightly more than that and the GOP abandoned. Coach and at least campaign and -- the last -- week ourselves. They only spent three million dollars RNC only spent three million dollars on the campaign where -- last time around. In the Virginia gubernatorial race they spent nine million dollars to win by 17%. This time they spent three million dollars by 2% so now they they just. Absolutely. Drop kicked a golden opportunity to win another governorship. So given that. Who knows they're going to be able to capitalize on on this thing are now or if -- want to for that matter. Well to put out a little different points I think that with one no of the affordable care and options Obama don't want -- -- yeah right it's easy -- Outbreak that it it'd be a golden opportunity to peak for people to and -- quite from Serbs and their families. And understand -- prepare for all our hearts are in this country like look like in the seventies. -- -- almost to a point of rationing gas and you know rationing food and jobs were horrible thing you know you confront the job. Well I hate to say -- -- but. In this. Where we're going I think it may make the seventies look like the golden age I think gore headed -- to more like 1930. So I worry it -- not a depression. I think it's entirely possible. -- well you know first person who gave incorrect prediction. Well you know. -- I liked -- on the glass as half full kind of guy. But the way everything is going with -- the Fed artificially propping up the stock market. With the Chinese. Trying to eliminate the dollar as the the currency of choice around the world and replace it with their own. And the way these guys keep spending. -- I don't see anything ahead but. Dark clouds unfortunately and I hate to have to say that but you know it we're here we're pretty far down the road to be able to get the ship turned around. Now my next point is did you hear anything about this partnership barrels obstacles so why. That belong to China yes yeah thinking you're collaborate on their knowledge. Yeah okay thanks -- I appreciate the call we gonna take a break for the news and we'll talk about -- get more of your phone calls and -- well. 432. Wednesday edition Bobby -- show live and local on WORD. 106 there. Thank you Victor. Hookers CME and he is in the background. -- 37. Point 3 before 5 o'clock the other story that does Tony it was a reference -- -- right before the news actually happened within the last what week herself I guess. Last last week of October. Now a story from -- Paul Joseph Watson and to info -- -- counts where I got the information on the door a lot of things written about it on the web China. Sent a out a spy ship apparently surveillance ship. To Hawaii and waters for the very first time in an unprecedented. Move. Which is being described as a provocative retaliation. To the US naval presence in the east China city. According to a report by gold C dot com. A news outlet aimed at Asian Americans a 4002 on People's Liberation Army electronic reconnaissance ship. Was recently spotted near Hawaii within the US 200 nautical mile would be easy that's the exclusive economic zone. They report was also picked up by -- Honolulu and new -- and newspapers. The ship is equipped with various electronic gear for eavesdropping on radio communications and tracking ships and aircraft. Is also believed to have jamming equipment to interfere with the radio communications. Of other ships the move is unprecedented. Because China has never sent a ship. Within the US -- and although we have entered the Chinese. Zone on numerous occasions for decades it's not known whether the ship violated the territorial waters of the US. Which extend to twelve nautical miles under the 1982. UN convention. On the Odyssey. 438 Tony to be 45 back to the phones we go back to back Tony's best Tony in -- -- as well hello Tony and welcome the program. Thank you Bob ball and thank Arab woman deciding is a tightly ought to get declared -- public it was Jerry Wilson hollered out you're a liar. Colin -- he's -- is -- that Obama -- are. Yeah and in fact. Joseph Wilson was a cognitive in his Brit well -- -- Obama was a -- and then that happened by the way for those who don't remember when the South Carolina congressman. Shouted out you lie. During the president's very first State of the Union Address so it was a -- and then faced lie and now it continues to lie to cover up the previous wives. -- that's still in disproven that. Joseph Wilson knew what he's talking about or Obama may not started yeah. Sure did -- great thank you Tony appreciate very much congressman Wilson effect right after that was on the program. And said that he had been up here in the upstate. I'm listening to they show. And had been unaware of number of the things that Obama was up to and that's what open is not sure and actually prompt an end to shout that out. During the State of the Union Address. Now let's get to David here quickly is in Spartanburg hello Dave welcome the bunny match. Well are you do. I -- -- upstate. Ultimately America up today and an addict call up or comment. Couple of all are talking about it disbelief at how he let it follow Obama. I wanna make a general comment you know we we we we britney's politics and we're back in court between the Latin right. Can any one thing that I opt out of certain I think somebody order a couple weeks ago when the mainstream shows. Little -- big ideas. You know they go after basic saying the need to import map depicting -- 3040 year and we have not think. We have nothing on the right we continue to loot of people come out and it just blows -- away. They were surprised. To be a goal. This Obama. Now you're absolutely right Dave in fact I'd -- lodged a constant complaint that conservatives. And and and I guess we have to. By default include Republicans in that group consular. They're constantly rocked back on their heels because they allow the last. Tim to time after time set the agenda and and forced them to play defense. Absolutely -- you know if you're absolutely right they have big ideas they go after the big thing in this guy. And they keep us walk around worried about the little things and we're distracted. And then we get on the radio talk about Obama a liar the issue and put their faith in the waning it's gonna continue to win until we -- Well look at what happened in Virginia yesterday where that the Democrats were Smart enough to pump a bunch of money into the campaign for the libertarian candidate. Purely for the intent of draining off votes from load the conservative Republican and guess what. -- absolutely. Get quick promote your record by Terry -- wrote a familiar name for those of us who follow the Clinton administration you here. And anticipated blew my mind. That this guy. An important one at -- considering all the things that he wouldn't always going to Clinton. Obama administration itself into me worked on the right will never win because they don't have any big that it. I'm I'm I'm I'm inclined Stanley to agree and until they do get. The big picture and start to go laughter mainstream voters with. Own a conservative message that is much more beneficial for him than what we're going through right now they're gonna continue to lose. They will it it's. You know but the point now where you know I would I would call myself a conservative Republican up until now but -- given up on this party they're -- they it's absolutely useless to. Support them or even get an argument to people about them because they've -- not think that that's not. Sadly I think there -- many that agree with that assessment. Belichick got a great -- I. Thank you -- appreciate the -- very much contributed join us today for 4317. Minutes now before five. And they've had a very valid points it's one that I won't labored. A number of years -- the GOP just doesn't seem to know how to how to frame. The big issues in awaited connects. With average Americans -- -- I think the left has been very good yet of -- is what if the daring the other obamacare debate. And you know we can revert back to that what do the Republicans is -- -- -- there are problems with -- health care system in America. We know that there are people with preexisting conditions -- can't get insurance so what we are proposing. Is to set up -- subsidized insurance pool. For. Those Americans are uninsured able. And and you can do that. Certainly without destroying the entire health care system. Talking about the uninsured which is a way obamacare was sold what do the Republicans had proposed. Our free or low cost clinics. That could help. Uninsured people who needed basic services and you can do that for a couple billion dollars -- not the trillions that are being spent now. If doctors didn't have to spend so much money and be concerned about being sued. -- trial lawyers on top of -- marriage on the turnaround everybody's insurance would go down. And by the same token if you could does have competition on the state lines the same way by automobile insurance all of these. Are are realistic and relevant solutions. That I never heard anybody in the GOP talk about. And -- and I wonder why frankly now let's go to Spartanburg necks and bring in Phil here on the -- Mac show hi Phil how are your Wednesday. It's been okay. I appreciate your show and -- in my column. You know my entire life which is almost 74 years. I've always been told that if you'll have a bushel of apples and -- them rotten. Debt debt Rottweiler about to shape the -- you President Obama in my opinion is that one rotten apple. And I am so disappointed that our. Product of government. Can not. Get rid of this. It makes me shall -- my stomach. I don't know what to do. -- because. Sadly. You know everybody apparently in the GOP. Is a bit relaxed -- the intestinal fortitude of the spine of the gusts or whatever you wanna call it. To say look you know you have in. Numerous instances exceeded. Presidential authority and on that basis we're gonna bring a bill of impeachment. And they know of course that if against of the senate while Harry Reid isn't gonna stick an in his pocket and ignore it but. At least the effort is made. But you know I'm so I'm so disappointed in and the citizens of this country that cannot actually. That he stickiness. To. No I mean actually it's terrible. Well when he said he was setting out to transform America oh yeah he minute he earned it and he's used you know -- went -- rules for radicals and Karl Marx's playbook. Are our two to try and and my original thought process was anyone -- via. A Western European socialist. Nation I wondered now this design is not -- that. Well I was so sad -- here on wanted to shows earlier. Yesterday and today that someone is heard a lot of countries are are referred to ask as a Muslim country now. Boy well that's for the presence that he said you know we're not a Christian nation. Now we're we're a nation of a multi. Ethnicity in and a multi religions. And and certainly we know that if if anybody has a soft spot has hard for -- on that this guy. Almost certainly doesn't go to church you don't need an adventure. And I do it does when the poll numbers go south than it needs to -- -- to to try and boost him back up a bit but that's that's the extent of it. Appreciate it my body my pleasure Phil and -- by Jerry thank you sir I appreciate your kind words and I share your frustration as do millions of Americans. 452 it's eight minutes now before five. Let's see how they if things are going on the highways and byways in the upstate years any robards with real time traffic. Bed. To bed. Would. Cars in the background but just when I needed. Did you know they it's funny and blue collar is asking about what's gonna happen now and obamacare slowly implemented January. -- -- Enough Bristol Virginia. The city school board have to decide. What to do about substitute teachers. Because of the increasing cost of part time employees under Obama care. They are considering. Getting substitute teachers. From an employment agency. That's great. Your tax dollars at work but they say they can't afford it. Their current budget for substitutes is a 175 grand a year and it's gonna go up. Under obamacare so they're they're actually considering. Going to a outsourcing if you will and and getting substitutes from an employment nations. Obama is that it again with another executive order I'll tell -- what that involves my comeback on the other side of the news it is -- time 5 o'clock.