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Nov 5, 2013|

Obama care; Uniform patch; Redskins

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-- -- Hi yes. To me golden. Don't -- Soothing tones of Metallica. Tread on me. By the way. Just occurred Jimmy. What they told. The other special ops people want to seal teams and now. Maybe the -- is also. They've been have been wearing -- don't tread on me back. They got a directive from the Department of Defense they have to wait. They don't tread on me back with the American. Welcome manually go getting under way when our number -- -- Bobby -- electric radio program and as always your input. He has invited and encouraged and welcome your body -- advantage hotline number -- getting used to join me. And being part of the show this afternoon we do have come along lines open for you right now. Spartanburg Anderson I think 57. Ford WORD. 5749673. Greeneville 232. WORD. I text -- number of texting is your preferred mode of communication. That number is 71307. My email address bomb on word. Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio WORD now mentioned before we go into the break. This nullification bill. The number of it is H 3301. Is gonna come up with -- state senate very early in January of 2014. Senator Tom Davis. Has been no holding meetings across the state Charleston Columbia and here in Greenville. To discuss. Important amendments. To the nullification bill. And the green -- event is coming up tonight. And unfortunately it -- to is innate conflict. With the the county council meeting that a lot of people are going to be going to do expressed their. The desire to make sure the council. Here's their voices about this 1% proposed sales tax increase anyway. The of the notification meeting tonight 6 PM at the huge public library. -- right there in downtown Greenville. On the green. It's an important meeting so if you'd like to learn what's gonna happen -- this nullification bill. When the legislature goes back in the session senator Davis scanned can fill you win on exactly what's going to be happening okay. And I mentioned also that we're going to be talking a lot today about to obamacare as we have been in now. Recent weeks since the obamacare. And health care dot gov website. Went live lineup more or went dead I -- was deal away. On on October 1 that anybody here remember the president saying -- If you like your health care plan. You'll be able to keep your health care plan you can keep that you keep it looked like you'll be able to keep your health care plan. If you like your plan you can keep your point. If you like your doctor you can keep your dot. You can keep your doctor you can keep your doctor to you will be able to keep your doctor. If you don't like a dog for you and you'll be able to keep your -- you've got -- insurance like your doctor you like the plan. You can keep your doctor you can keep your plan nobody is talking about taking that away from you. Console. We know now that the president. I was lying at the time. Well actually lying at the 49 times. When he said if you like your health care plan you can keep -- -- -- law. Willfully. Misleading the American people for political gain. Because he may know of course they could get people to support it. If they thought they were gonna lose their health care plan or are not be able see their personal physician. Story today the daily caller dot com by Neil Munro. President Barack Obama told his enthusiastic. Supporters. Monday night. They're -- there are none so blind as those who will not. You know. President Obama told his enthusiastic supporters money -- by the way they are dwindling the new Gallup poll is out this afternoon 39%. Is they president's approval rating in Gallup. I'm amazed at that time. Told isn't enthusiastic supporters Monday night that he ever promised. What video recordings show him promising at least 29 times. The video show Obama promising 300 million Americans well you know not to repeat. But. And unfortunately that's not what he really said. Obama announced. Yesterday in a speech to about 200 organizing for action supporters gathered at the same three -- hotel and is. Quote. What worries that was. You -- give Evan hasn't changed -- -- -- -- -- president told Obama cares political beneficiaries and contractors. That claim is not supported by his videotaped statements which don't include any man -- Are they if it hasn't changed exception. But the newly revealed exception. Is justified by a higher priority -- and obamacare. He declared. Boy well there's all plants again dinner. When do. We -- -- broken and even more important promise. -- German Americans given access to healthcare that doesn't leave on what Elvis away from financial ruin. News. So the bottom line is. Is we're making the insurance market better for everybody. -- do -- he declared prompting loud applause by supporters eager to ignore his three years. -- -- Obama's. Higher promise. Is not causing the cancellation of insurance policies chosen by at least three and a half million Americans. Cancellation spreading from the individual market to the small group market for example. Kentucky's department of insurance has reported that 150000. People in small group plans. Typically created for employees of small companies. Are losing their insurance. Obama urged his supporters to counter the political effect of the many cancellations by highlighting. Good stories. Last week they were soliciting for a photographs of people were happy with the new policy they got. And by reassuring people who have lost their insurance that they can buy new obamacare compliant policies tell that to the lady in California. With cancer. There's gonna die without it. I real president -- every people. If they just get some cancellation I was like that. Issues. We've got to make sure you're getting them the right information. Abused well they are getting the right information now public his obamacare has gone into effect their stand. The effects of what really happens. And unless you're just. Does a box of rocks you get the fact that Obama is a lying. Was deliberate and intended to bolster his ability to get obamacare passed in 2010. And -- putting back for a second German -- twelfth. This according to aides in a Wall Street Journal article on Saturday. Quote simplification. And he's an explanation -- a premium. And that was true throughout the process so Jon Favreau who was Obama's senior speechwriter. Despite Obama's new claims through supporters. He is if it hasn't changed exception is not recorded in even one. Of his many videotaped. You can keep your promises to Americans. The other president didn't spend dollars speech yesterday denying. But he and why he did confess and he and his aides. May have made some. Mistakes. Such as failing to manage the development of the obamacare website young that would be fairly crucial I would thank. Now the president concluded our obamacare -- News now let's face it. It is. Why does didn't realize that passing along is easy par. Une. -- This guy wears out where's that email that I got to pop up. The -- this is from my Daniel and Woodruff. So Obama says he couldn't tell us the truth. Because we would not see the benefits that were the result of the original lie. So he lied. To show us all why. Now all we're supposed to believe another lie. That says -- why do this for our own it. So -- why am I supposed to believe. Why that was good for me originally the follow up why that says now is why do for my own good all are but why that says. -- all items are my own good was not really alive but the new -- is really the true. Yeah. You know it's it's Alice in Wonderland here you gotta run twice as fast. Just to stay in the same place to the phones again to Dan who -- on his cellphone hi Dan and welcome to the program. But -- you don't you just what you're doing great. I I feel good I'm doing fine and dandy thank you for asking. Jessica -- -- a little list -- focus. -- Character it is it will go to train wreck what might widespread install -- on Sunday morning America. This is another you know not make an accent stand. You know if you look at the campaign. The democratic. -- this more lists. Intellectual campaign which -- a good name and what they were doing the computer and everything -- Fish seemed almost like this and we're being distracted. We know that we're heading towards single player but they're they're reading them at risk originally called -- When you look at the amount of money all certainly folks get this sticker shock -- -- -- Christmas so much what a regular. There are. Conservatives need -- don't touch. Let it play its course. Dole. And I know that that sounds contrary. -- -- we've put our fingerprint on it. Can you imagine going in the Christmas and you sort of find out you don't have to pay a 300 order mark. For health care -- What is happening in the economy in these people -- regularly trickle down economic. You're going to record actually trickle up economics at the worst. Degrading because people are gonna have money anymore. And that's gonna come back and that the Republican or concern -- such a big gonna blame although it can certainly say. It would. But by gosh they want to let you know they've blocked. Like. Yeah have you you maybe ride human you know as a strategy. And NSA and strategic. Position that may be. Precisely what they're doing now all that we hear rumors about their. Wanting to introduce piece of legislation that says exactly what Obama promised that if you have a current policy of the human keepers for another year although I don't know what that that just postpones the inevitable. The you're right though certainly -- the media can't ignore what a train wreck this thing is and if the other Republicans. Do trying command and and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Then of course your right they would open themselves up to. Being part and parcel of the criticism that goes along with what we know is a disastrous program I mean it's not just the healthcare dot gov website that the GOP strategy or tactic is more like it is correcting in stressing the message it's it's obamacare itself that is a disaster. When you have. Although there. A lot liberal friends you. Have folks like that and realize all of that debate 200 or more -- And I have been married and I have to Draper -- control well -- There are sending the fog is where it's second lieutenant and giving back on the same page. -- it -- and let it go don't. That feel horrible saying. Yeah I know your million because that's that's what. -- -- -- Now that's on May. It that's weird. And I spend it that -- must be another phone line bleeding and you know what I'm gonna say that the the problem that I handle that and then obviously you do as well. Is the pain that inflicted on American citizens as a result. Think about -- this Christmas. You know. Vote. Really only. Gonna have to go well. Well and and so many small businesses and large businesses alike for that matter small medium large. Depend on the fourth quarter of the year to make their year and it did go south. I'm -- what -- you think the economy is bad now just wait and see what happens it. There are controller in the Republican. I did everything very open about you don't know your man. Well we must present a plan -- you know -- OK aside. So what we're promising. And we have to deal would be prepared. Not go to single player. And there's so much -- that we can still do as a country but the other side is. Don't Koch says if it is that he's been doing it all bridge and -- you know what I'm doing -- This is quite sure it's sitting right there can be tragic we don't. Yeah -- let you got a point thank you for the gold and I appreciate very much. But it to implement that a strategy though. Shows a out. A delicacy and timing that I don't know the GOP possesses. In -- that. If you if you wait let this thing. Implode upon itself. Then at at what point do you offer your alternative 21 minutes after four let's bring up to speed on real time traffic this afternoon and any -- -- stand in my without. And I including the latest on that business on that 85 -- and it. Playing. Always loved -- through Chicago. Call on me you can you can do then. Only president in front -- for -- -- come online for you coming right up. I'm gonna love Blacksburg next to bring in now -- here on the bombing action hi Richard and welcomed the program today. Yeah so far so good. What I want I want -- -- -- -- how -- the -- Metallica's -- -- an -- don't tell me about the patches. -- a shoulder patch that one of the seal team members have been -- And you sit there and remove -- -- to let that -- at temple I got a -- to know what you medical -- out in about. Canadian American and Mexican in -- -- -- no -- American flag -- the united Hispanic Latin. Well and in the interest of diverse idea yeah. -- -- I do indeed and it's and it's well taken I'll I'll obviously have to dig deeper into this and say precisely which. American flag go Obama was referring to. -- it. It. -- -- in May be the American flag that did that expresses the the great contributions of a Muslim heritage in America and he's referred to in the past. Thank you have. -- For a thirty is news time take a break -- that and then right back with more on the other side -- much earlier on Tuesday. News radio WORD world by the local and 106 there. Thank you think you're welcome back. 435. Toll climbed before 4 o'clock and now we do have a couple lines ran. -- with the Eagles advantage Frontline numbers Greenfield Q3 two W -- RD and Spartanburg 574. These guys. These guys in the Obama meant. -- had absolutely no shame and so they are absolutely. Shameless. There's a guy in the White House's spokesman for a Dan Pfeiffer. Is his name. I he has a lit up Twitter. Now we've we've mentioned this there's a lady in -- in California. ED Littlefield Sunday. She's the the cancer stage four cancer patients and cancer patient rather and other problems he's having whether obamacare. And now a late yesterday -- using his Twitter tag. Tweeted a link to a story posted on the cultural liberal blog think progress that's one of the George Soros funded web sites. That was titled the real reason. That the cancer patient writing in today's Wall Street Journal lost her insurance. And this story went went on to ignore the mandated changes under obamacare and blamed United Healthcare. For the ladies problems saying the company struggled for years and California's individual policyholder market. And that it no longer wanted to -- the bill for the sickest patients well. -- his account has been besieged. With responses as you would imagine. Angry tweeters -- treat a re tweeted the responses of others starting a firestorm. In cyberspace. A conservative writer Kristen Taylor. Called -- around saying Dan you are you lying on. Who smears. Elderly cancer patients you serve Obama well he lied about his own dying mother he did remember during the first campaign. And he was one of only meant. That I was one of only many and he goes on on on financed. Unbelievable. You can't you can't put the genie back in the bottle. Even now Ron Fournier had been Limbaugh mentioned this today wrote a big column the National Journal. The takes Obama to task -- -- And now all lying about the fact that he it. It's not enough and -- the first time. -- so disassociated. From the truth. The national -- and not always good to we can keep your policy of an passenger pigeons a lot faster he never said that. -- the proposals bring enough friend who's in Hickory tavern I think wants to. Modify the topic today and hello Fred and welcomed the program. Well at least there won't say it's your -- and I must say one thing Obama must become quite. He's on something and yeah I think I think it I think it's a power trip. Well it's a -- that's reality for sure. Yeah well I think he thinks any sense that they did so. Yeah and then maybe come back later says I'm out there they're not have a sports bra and here -- lap on lap. And anyway that just gets that get the blood pressure here. That supplement ahtisaari Ron Goldman that you probably dictates. That the city council of the city. But it did change the -- -- -- -- The -- actually had no authority and you know they don't. But they wanted to -- a lot happening at what point are way down there people just commit site is -- stock. It hit it where we're long past the point when people should send that in my estimation. Well I think -- and it just ridiculous because. I have never. And I I've had some native American brand and they're from the coast myself tomorrow Monday. They're not there don't worry about that well it was like a mad mad about Osama for. This guy did the guy that that is stick and none of the -- them into the hornet's nest year. Is that a guy -- so -- on our Oneida whichever it is. Indian nation in New York he's a like like Obama in fact I think he's a classmate of Obama at Harvard Law School. The guy is just another green mailer he wants to obviously you know get some money. Out of the NFL and that's you know the reason that he's behind us -- We hit series the Asian native American Jesse Jackson and out are pretty much yeah pretty much okay yeah okay that figure -- and you have to understand what the -- sanctions today OK the other unaware of that. Before yeah but all along that you all my -- just met. I have some you know your contests and went on and have been trying to -- yeah they went Christmas cash to. And I had some trouble when contacted Tracy and she got me. In contact with. T -- WT. -- -- -- -- -- -- Still I'm having trouble look at the -- already logged in and every time you play code word that would. You know -- and not permit the federal memory chicken. Upon number and everything bad enough then. All of a sudden when you get the less on. I'm Mike -- and trying to make eSATA again that's weird. And I've never gotten there reminder so that was my initial question -- -- of the fifteen minutes in advance reminder to actually we're getting all never got on whenever -- not -- your -- don't get it done now. A trick on both those things friend Steve I guess the bottom because we wanna make and obviously. As easy as possible way to win not more difficult. At least I mean yeah it's like I mean you don't go Obama on the yeah. And I'm I'm I told him specifically don't use the people the design the healthcare dot gov website. And I -- I don't believe I did so. And really think they actually listen to me on that one but I will check on that -- and find out what's going up. Darby mine my pleasure thank you Fred appreciate the call camp when we wanna. Obviously make it is easy for this weekend for 42 it's eighteen minutes now before fun. -- -- Do you. -- You didn't. He's still -- back in the -- top forty games the only Moroccan moments. He used to do like gang commercials. I had -- no sir John McEnroe Chevrolet. And yeah. Like -- screams look at that the umpire -- what's the matter -- you today the president is. -- -- And then had another one that was Bob Dylan's. Newly discovered Christmas album. Where Bob Dylan -- won't let you guys thanks you know that is bracing -- -- things always the same. And and every day every Christmas Sony he sent me. The -- in the media in the and a weird. Now for 48 dozen minutes before five apropos of nothing back to the -- Israel's bring in Larry who's on his cell -- hi Larry and welcomed the program. I popped up how this trial and violated -- but I outbreak it back you know. Our congressman from South Carolina or a couple of years ago. To listen to Wilson out so that it about Obama. Nobody would listen. In the very first State of the Union Address. I think they relate to send him an apology. Now these these guys so they're they're shameless I mean look at the way now there there's somebody in the White House is tweeting. The event obamacare is not responsible for this poor woman with stage four cancer California loser her insurance the latest. It I guess in a they have no conscience and no soul. Yeah -- I would say the collar voters here in -- feel comfortable. And get rid of the real disgust in order. -- out there a blizzard there really a disparaging part of their name Washington. I -- I agree you do Larry thanks for the -- who wants to be -- -- it -- Washington these days. To a Piedmont we don't actually bring in Joseph here on the -- Mac program hi Joseph welcome. Okay all of our -- sometimes it's good that I have been missed or your program that but I know you must be talk and so on about Obama -- slide you've been. Yeah. Hi guys on novel yeah yeah. You know I hear so many people on the radio and TV partner and so -- discussing. And what he does does the president. In that it seems like they wanna compare him to. Typical president. Right -- and then president and let -- not he's not that they always. He he has -- agenda to destroy this country any credit from the beginning. He said before became. President he said he wanted to transformed the United States and where he's well on his way to do it if people in this country would read. All of his people as he's hook up rules around -- indeed a little bit about mark yeah. You remember seeing pictures. Films of the people and Russia when -- Mark has been tried to take over. People on the street. That's the way it's gotta be -- today here. But I'm afraid I'm afraid we may head in that direction a majority unavoidable and yeah that may be his intention. If -- is that how understated stop. This thing that the only thing is happening in our country has happened since he became president. It's all according to his plan you chaos and crisis. Chaos and crisis how many weeks that we go by that he'd been president. That we did have some kind of a crisis zero chaos. That's what they want -- that this thing is working out exactly the way he plans that I believe. Yeah I think I think since we got everybody in the country confusing did not despair. And they don't know what to do. And everything as a follow up and he did. And and he's not through yet you're right in in the next hour I'm gonna mention something and I'm not the -- on Friday yeah and it's it's gone totally under the radar. On Friday Obama signed an executive order that essentially. Implements all the climate change stuff that they couldn't get passed through congress. -- -- Any written is written over 12100 I think he says that maybe. Yeah and I think that number may have been incorrect but but. It's not so much the numerical count it's the intent that our executive orders and he's passing. Yeah it bypasses congress that it absolutely does this this guy's acting like some kind of tyrannical dictator. Yeah yeah I appreciate your program about thank you Joseph I appreciate -- they're supported their future. Are you very much for 52 its eight before five a check real time traffic dissent and. And any robards is standing by with a latest Diana. Curtis Mayfield from the soundtrack should -- rely on Fridays dance and a couple of minutes before new -- top of the hour at five on the quickly get Michael in here he's in Greenville I'm Michael and welcome the bombing that program. Economic data did thank you up. Earlier in the day on Russia other talk about the location tonight is the head up. Senator on whatever -- Davis you know yes and not. I wanna make comment I I didn't hurt me if it they were by some wild stretch of the imagination. Get this pushed through right -- with -- -- Then wouldn't wouldn't -- not become a great place for. Corporations and companies Compton. Wouldn't it wouldn't it be in in. Large measure a better place to live overall. Well yeah it without doubt. So you know let the other side of I -- heard anybody say now whether that. Would be it would slide accompanies it is we now but here you -- so absolutely. Yeah so you know it's something that bring up. Generally you know that it is trade Garrity and it town hall meeting coming up. He probably is but I don't have a specific date in front -- I'll check with the office and find out when his next to a news. There aren't going on an exercise volume of -- -- it. Done very. Nonstarter Rick you bet thank you Michael I should -- very much thanks -- -- here and take a break for the new it was at the top of the hour at 5 o'clock. On the other side you may have heard that a former Panthers coach John Fox. And has some pretty serious heart surgery and isn't going to be away from the Broncos for a while we're gonna find out some details on that news time now it's 5 o'clock.