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Nov 1, 2013|

Sen. Tim Scott calls in to talk to Bob about Obama care; Gvl sales tax increase

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And fortunately for me I don't view this as work anyhow so. Good thing here we -- getting away with the third hour the 5 o'clock follies portion. -- the a -- Mac program on for Friday here on the all skate so this is of course they Friday free for all Wear whatever you feel like discussing. We will place at the very top of our agenda here is valued join me. Ingles advantage chalk line numbers in Greeneville 232. WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg. 57 Ford WORD. Our -- the line number 71307. My email address Bob on word at Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio WORD and by the way in about ten or twelve minutes from now. Will be joined by United States senator Tim Scott. Who was here in the upstate earlier today for the ribbon cutting ceremony the new VA clinic. And he's gonna he's gonna join us over the phone lot of things going on but here's a story in the news that day any district. Then the kids in the bathrooms a gang initiation. In the school. Now we don't have a gang problem. And the other story that they caught my attention that none of it -- you noticed it or not but. Second time this week. We've had a home invasion. Here in the upstate. Both times. Three men involved. I'm by no could be merely coincidental. Or could be some kind of -- home invasion crew. And work since we've had a couple this week and both were three men and they seem to be dressed. In a similar fashion. A lot of that could I guess beat chalked up to him too -- coincidence. Which I'm not a big believer. A coincidence. So. It's it's interesting. To say the -- the other thing and I was curious about. That this. How many bodies and they found this week three money -- three or four. There is at three yeah. I can -- them terrible scene over the microphone. Yeah three bodies on this Reagan and now they but the body that's for lady that. I don't know what happened to her she was abducted from a bar left of the wrong person or whatever. And -- they found her body this weekend of the curious to find out if a crime stoppers is -- Upped the ante on the reward for her will see blood to avoid there's a lot there's a lot going on and I mentioned earlier of course via. The tragedy that happened earlier this week and just outside of green. It's been has been a nasty -- -- -- course in on the national scene the LAX shooting today. One TSA employee wounded what -- don't know if the shooter I've I've seen conflicting reports. If you were at work and and and didn't hear. Exactly what happened. Earlier today apparently. Someone that -- they believe now. Now Wesley former TSA employee showed up at LA acts and one of the terminals terminal three I think. With a rifle or as the media likes to say an assault rifle to always an assault rifle. And if it was a single shot 22. Would describe it as an assault rifle. Anyway. This this individual. Showed up and I saw one report that said that. He had and cleared well here's the story from from ABC a gunman armed with an assault rifle -- -- -- entered the terminal at LAX today. Killed a TSA agent penetrated deeper into the terminal before he was captured by police six other people were injured in the incident. The shooting sent hundreds of passengers streaming out of the terminal many fleeing onto the airport runway. Dozens of flights to and from the airport were delayed or canceled. The police chief said the shooter was armed with a a rifle blasted his way past airport screeners and got got back very far into the terminal. The shooter initially opened fire before proceeding out into the screening area where he shot TSA officers. Now the FBI is taking the lead role in the investigation. Witnesses described the shooter as a short young white man carrying a rifle. One of these shooting victims was a TSA officer who died of his wounds six others were injured and taken to nearby hospitals. And I saw conflicting reports about whether the shooter had been taken into custody or. Had actually died as a result of his once and it's. It's been a mess. To put as a -- thirteen minutes after five to the phones we go. And our leadoff batter in the shower is Melissa. There was in Greenville hi Melissa and welcome to the program. -- about are you doing good thank you. I don't. -- a lot of hype about these Aaland is yet. About being a Vietnam big idea met the -- that -- -- -- denial that the sale market view it ever. No I have not heard of them I'm unfamiliar with that out it. There's no way you can find out what's what's the name -- -- again on the update. They're met them. Big ideas masterminds. Yet when you do they have a web site into war. It at a web site they -- -- that the name of the world. Got to dig -- platinum. I'll be right -- -- OBI am glad I'm sorry I misunderstood you. Know I don't know I think about him and I'll check announcing that I can find out for. -- you -- thanks Melissa appreciate the call 514 -- could easily next and bring in -- here on the body might show hi ray how is your Friday. Are on a play -- got blessed me there you go. I did some tea how did it W go about being outlet and the guy he took over for the -- Knoxville. That's a national beyond. Yeah. Let -- back to replace them but. -- top ten in the anyway. Well I appreciate that very much Ralph -- the course is who -- is referring to who by the way I am happy to report. Is doing very well in Nashville which I'm happy I'm happy for because. It's it's some career advancement for him and it's a challenge that he wanted to take I actually got a chance to see him. Oh when we did the in the presidential on debates. During the last cycle they have the fox and the big debate down in Charleston he was down there covering it as well and do an issue from their so we had a chance to. Say hello to each other compare announcement. I appreciate. Appreciate the kind words right thank you. While I'm glad he's doing well and and he's done a good job but bring it and get program stared. I appreciate that very much thanks -- -- have a good week cancer. -- one other local issue that I wanted to bring up and that's about the sales tax hike. I got a a phone call message day from Harry -- with the rhino hunt and of course -- also has a conservative voice show here on out Saturday nights at eight. On now on WORD. He said that they had made an adjustment. To the web site they have that opposes this. Proposed. 1% sales tax hike -- I mentioned the website the other day it is no tax hike FC. Dot com. They've added a feature to the web site. And I believe the web address for that was no tax hike SE dot com slash. Business. And the reason they did that. Is because of businesspeople who oppose the idea. Of another tax hike can go to that website and sign up. And I believe that -- areas and organized as some sort of business group. That will. Oppose. The this suggested tax I -- I got dead an op Ed in the email today from a from Joshua Joshua cook. Who wrote so. Members of the green bell county councillor missile leading residents. On the proposed 1% sales tax increase if the council members. Vote to put the tax increase on the ballot in 2014. The odds are it will pass as it has another counties. They claim that these 65 million dollar tax increase will be used for road maintenance repair. This is false. Road maintenance is needed in Greenville county. But these simple truth is that we already pay taxes to repair both state. And county roads we pay fifteen dollars for county road maintenance when we register our vehicles. And pay for state road repair when we fill up our gas tax. A DOT official this week said we have the money to repair roads and Greenville county. They're essentially raising the 1% tax to raise the match. A federal money. This has nothing to do with filling potholes this is for new projects in quote. No one is against new projects and Greenville county but the question remains how does account to pay for. Now is not a time to create the unnecessary new projects when so many working families are struggling. And seniors are struggling to make ends meet on fixed incomes. Councilman Willis meadows said the increased sales tax for a family of two will cost them 300 dollars a year. This week. Representative Wendy nanny said I am not one for increasing taxes I've never voted for a tax increase but. Why is her father councilman Bob Taylor. Supporting a tax increase on the working -- in the middle class why didn't he kill they proposed tax increase last Monday when he had a chance. And Monday's county council meeting -- Gibson damn Rawls Joseph -- said gates and Willis meadows tried to kill they proposed sales tax. Why -- we need to increase the sales tax to repair state roads when our state legislative hours borrowed 550 million dollars from China this year. The infrastructure bank -- currently determining what state projects should be funded at the time of this publication but how much of the 550 million will Greenville county received. These special projects. Instead of proposing a 65 million dollar tax increase on Greenville county residents to pay for new projects. Greenville county council should ask the infrastructure bank to fund. These new projects nanny said she wants to investigate where this money is going to make sure the Greenville county gets its fair share. And I can tell -- the answer to that and already we're we're not getting their fair share. Eight DOT official this week said here's the reality counties like Horry county and -- for a Buford county. Have learned that if they bring money to the table they get their projects done if they can bring 10% for example the odds are your projects will be approved. Does this mean that the infrastructure bank is holding Greenville county's road funds hostage unless we bring money to the table. It's apparent that Greenville county council wants to raise taxes in order to increase federal matching for new projects allowing a tax increase to go on a ballot. Is irresponsible. These special interest on the powerful lobbyist know how to get these measures passed. They've been successful and other counties and the odds are stacked in their favor. The simple truth. Is that unless citizens in Greenville county stand up and demand that county council kill this proposed sales tax hike on Tuesday next meeting. The odds are they 1% sales sexual past if it's on the ballot next year. If passed this tax will hurt working families seniors on fixed incomes and small businesses it's time to demand the Greenville county council. Vote to kill this proposed sales tax on Tuesday. At county square sign Joshua cook chairman Republican liberty caucus of Greenville south. There's there's a contrarian. View I personally don't think that given this economic environment. Not any kind of tax increase. Is it is a good thing. 21 after five let's check real time traffic this afternoon and any robards is standing by ready to go to. This. Welcome back 26 after 5 o'clock -- Mac program as I mentioned before we went to the brakes. Joined on the call this afternoon by US senator Tim Scott who isn't here in the upstate. Earlier today for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new VA clinic which is a very worthwhile. Thing to have I don't know a lot of veterans appreciate senator Scott how Aureus -- They give Bob good to be that would give developing rescue hope you're doing great. Yes sir on its great to have you back to breed the rarefied air of the palmetto state instead of that a putrid stuff around the Potomac. I think it. Yes sir elegantly they got for South Carolina. Nigeria the the business with the obamacare. Website this has been an unmitigated disaster. The president. Has proven to be yeah frankly a bald faced liar -- repeated statements if you like your health care plan you can keep it if you like your doctor you can keep them. We're -- go from here is there any possibility and in your mind that. The administration will actually do what they did with the employer mandate and put the individual mandate back for another year. The first thing you read the comments of the Democrats are coming out at the or some type of but the light by a number of heard nine different pretzels or about ten days. Asking -- some thing to be done to include some suggesting a delay the fact of the matter is that only pick. I'm talking about 600 not 6000 but six. The number that's bigger than by a bit lower than 76. People to sign up on the on the health care dot go. On the first day we're talking about 400 million dollars and six. People signed up on the first -- no wonder so many folks. Than the Berkeley and others are coming out with great disdain for what happened up there. Yeah I'm glad we're sheriffs are in -- -- and -- is gonna say you know even the administration is now saying they had nearly five million visitors. To the web site on the first day and out of those 5000006. People saw something they like and signed up. What exactly about it would have been better off than we have seven people who. Wouldn't you know. But they were that Smart we know that already. Well you mean you mentioned. The Democrats that are now running for cover I mean they're gonna have to face the voters. Also and the polling data that an odd and even that -- inside the Democrat party. Polling data shows that this is not merely a reflection on Republicans in Washington. It's might -- and the high -- also. This is exactly what happens when you have not a single Republican. Not a single Republican vote the past. In mammoth piece of legislation that you had the hatchet so that you would know in it. This is an albatross around their neck so anyone who -- -- audio work we anyone who wants sort of business anyone want to grow their business over fifteen employees. This is really being the American economy and the future. In large part because of the regulatory environments in the black obamacare become a of hard working Americans. Not even talk about the packed -- that they face. It's been amazing to me senator Scott and deceit. The litany of scandal. That has broken around this administration and you know the list as well as I do in -- and Gaza -- IRS the list seemingly. Goes on on anonymous it looks like a rap sheet a they are -- repeat offender. And yet none of that apparently. Damaged the president's polling numbers until. This thing happened is it in large measure because his name is attached to it and it's turned out to be a such a disaster that. But now it's actually coming back and reflecting on his poll numbers as well. I think if you look at the statement the president has made that 2009 that you July cute search you keep it if you like your church you've -- electorate -- just keep good at some point. If statements are true delight your assurances that did little -- -- -- -- cannot keep it right. And and so I think -- out -- that -- -- that the president that care about say. I didn't know about this that the one of his best -- I didn't know about that the administration did not know about the wiretapping there's been nobody that they they didn't know about -- This 21 played for -- album. On video. And I believe the American people have been frustrated at. They want to give this president another opportunity. And this time around they have just I've had it. And they're coming out strong numbers -- we've lost confidence in the president of the United States. And the poll numbers reflect that and unfortunately. We're still talking about any web site we have it. He'd been. Been able to move to be most important point which -- health care and health insurance. Wait until we get to the place where people are trying to have claim and coverage question navigate stepping in the sort of qualified. Insurance agents -- years and years of experience this. If you're going to get messed. You know it's it's going to be an unmitigated disaster and apparently crony corruption. Crony correction -- with past friends and campaign contributors. Was responsible for the selection of the CGI federal in the first place as we're learning now. That the woman who has the VP of CGI federal. Was a classmate of First Lady Michelle Obama and Princeton and apparently there was some some. Relationship using their -- to get the contract for the company to begin with when in fact they had a very checkered history. For what they've done for a Canadian -- entities trying to set up similar kinds of health care web sites. What America being the home of Silicon Valley. There's no question. The -- -- competence term. In Silicon Valley or anybody else in the country to setup a web site and not going to your friends. Where he's been 400 million dollars remember this -- all. -- putting in any context again BI own 150 million dollars to produce. Any tangible asset that actually works. Or -- the federal government take over something. 400 million dollars -- -- the war it is just a web site isn't what happens when you removed competition. And you go to bidders that have close relationships. At the -- you're going to have. Most qualified individual and or companies. Well it's it's certainly turned out to be in an unmitigated disaster and I can't begin to describe the didn't depth -- -- Of of the pain in financial and otherwise the people are going to be put through as a result senator Scott always a pleasure to talk with -- But you probably have a great thing. I'll be due to -- senator Tim Scott 533. -- time. Right back on the other side here on the body Mac show Friday free for all on WORD. Alive and local 1106 there. Please queen of Disco is -- -- Donna Summer. 538 now 22 before 6 o'clock -- -- -- program back for the -- ago. Let's say hi to Billy who is in Greeneville -- that I know what's on his mind I'm going all right. While a couple of things that I had the opportunity to make since Scott back during the last. Governor the governor's race and you see -- genuine and I need to do real funny how like that got a lot. Yeah I do I have to see you know he became from a not exactly what you would call a privileged background to say the least. Pulled himself up by its own bootstraps started his own small business and what Koreas today I mean he's there is a prototype. American success story. Which brings up not subject to taxes and how we don't need more from bike trails. For whatever it you know they won't tell us what all of this of course -- out on an amateur or was there she -- -- do you have -- -- yeah and they and they just. It's it's really the wake county council speaks talks dances. The people listen to Joseph ball and I mentioned this earlier shall talk someone else about the the chamber and said what the people don't understand that this is not about tax. Now when you when you get something like that don't bend over debt is capture these guys -- bad news. Up and it must've been Bob Taylor sitting up there like not sure exactly which way he's gonna go on and what I'm gonna do all of anxiety written policy there and all the stuff. It's just a joke it was like. Three ring circus in their for a while and out. They just they never came around you know asked repeatedly what we're -- -- Danica what we're gonna do it. While more taxes what about the -- a while we double paying for the road and then here Brett changed it up and state. Friend of mine called me today and told me that -- were so bad he couldn't go down Wallace -- anyone on the stated he had to flat tires from those roads. How much you have got about six are not drop around. I'm I'm ala -- I restore them up play with a mom I -- I'd never had a flat tire from a road anywhere in my past sixty years living in green go anywhere -- wrote. Anywhere gravel road nowhere so are thinking mustered just made that up well what they want even come to the point say it's not about the road. It's about special projects we want the senate shot early -- -- paying for. Well look on various putting your money. At the state level. And that there is a major problem in this state with an equitable distribution. Of those road funds to go to all across the state and not just to go country if we're gonna. Talk about the roads needing repair what's get -- for the folks of the infrastructure bank and find out why in the heck. The guys that are apparently -- paying them off. -- are getting the lion's share of these funds and the and the upstate continues to get an empty while. -- ever been Chicago urban Illinois everywhere north you've -- just slightly watch sports that it's these what these roads here are incredibly good compared to what I've seen. In other states. So I think it is coming out -- plus Willis -- to the study many many years ago. And that's what that's that's where Tony truck came in and Brandon and just destroy the whole. The whole project but Willis did a great. Study on what does across Greenville county. -- -- -- -- As opposed to Spartanburg while we -- two and a half to three times more of the same exact work and that same positions. -- Spartanburg yet. Right an -- Problem well exactly and I don't think you had to be Perry Mason. To figure out why it cost more -- have got around and I thank you for the call and again. That council meeting is coming up next week 542 it's eighteen now before six. To have them so is tied with said in his twenties. David -- what becomes of the broken -- hit. I'm 4713. Before six -- action Friday free for all. Headed to green here next and bring in Stuart and -- Graham Stewart TGI. Jerry -- I'm good thank you. -- remember about him not. A privilege standing on the purpose. -- me or all the mainstream record amount of rewards quick wrecking ball. Yes that was memorable bit. -- I like him. Are -- the only Republican to Nazi. Donors couldn't. Hear the war over crushed Serb movement. Or shoot out treatment -- -- -- I don't know all of our programs it. Art work on ideological warrior not political. Right a culture war as soon as Bill O'Reilly famously described -- an a list. Absolutely. -- what -- don't hear the Democrats aren't there are many so we are Stahl. -- Common equity. -- religion it'd be him common core is not the -- Soviet style earlier -- -- like the -- education system. You re younger or older I don't yet. -- tenure at liberal Democrat is focused Paramount. Is much. And he actually -- a total -- I'm more -- and -- -- here you -- Don't let him let. Tom Harkin helped the last word on the start. We need to quit trauma for and -- treat them as adversaries. We want a weak point out that we are Muslims are oracle and -- else right. We have Communist. As commentator own that he saw describe comments like -- handle him. Yeah. There's only this silly ridiculous situation and Republicans are not calling her column. Only -- probably. That's like. That's like well. Militia but we are that's what's your -- -- and Eric for so long from -- Like BLS. Like or don't go in ovals in adult at all their -- and you don't use our. And and Franken -- you're thinking -- or so well and part of the problem now -- is that sadly. There is no Democrat party if John F. Kennedy were alive today. If he had been shot in dealey plaza he wouldn't recognize his own party. The Democrat party has been taken over. By the progressives. Who are of course socialist switches -- no a socialist as I've described. Is a Marxist to lacks conviction. Absolutely and -- it badly and I am outlook mortuary I've ever graced these times. And and yes -- much backbone you're going to RB and so what what we -- right. No question. Yeah logical battle parents or start in September of indoctrination of children stools where. Our common core of an App Store in it. What we hear you know it collect from -- yeah your -- -- yup. It's stayed ism that's holiday is there they're from running and it's and that's a softer word for communism and they would they wanna they wanna expand the indoctrination of the kids. And common core sadly does that if you don't know much about common -- just Google it and read some of the articles about it and scared the heck out of Stewart I've gotta run but I thank you for the call -- 551 it's nine minutes now before six then a mess on the roadways today here's an. We welcome -- was about -- minutes remaining in the program let me quickly get -- to pray it was in a lot of accelerate welcome. I think every day but did not. Have a real quick question for -- sure what are people who do get canceled and air in the hospital or -- under doctors care or. -- -- Bridge still all over the you know that they -- their policy is cancel. -- -- as far as we're talking to -- -- the party but we're not talking about the actual care. And -- and we know people are going to be getting sick in the next three months when they do well -- waiting for all this city you know stop the poll I. And and I'm afraid the short answer is -- they're gonna suffer. Good -- I know that a lot of people from what I see on TV or what's -- -- if they're going naked meaning no insurance yet right yeah because they just can't afford what they have to pay -- -- -- Meanwhile they yelled at a good policy. It it's just -- anymore and I ride it's just disasters Acura have got to run and as we always do on Friday we wrap up with a great. Louis Armstrong sent smoke and wonderful world have a great weekend see -- Tuesday.