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Nov 1, 2013|

Presidential nominees; Obama care

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Playing. Hello and bringing. Salutation. And then -- ends of the workweek it's -- you. -- yeah and our new -- You're reading program. Fully conscious today and -- there -- -- -- needed. Yeah uncertainty in the league it is you know and catches a good. Fortunately I am not the napping during the show yeah every time pointing anything. Great to have you along it is neat TG IF expedition. Into the All Star Games. So alone what ever -- you care to raise today is perfectly fine here are the -- advantage top line numbers for any -- to join me. And being part of the show today. Greeneville and vicinity 232 WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg 57 Ford WORD. Power text line numbers 71. 307. My email address Bob -- word at Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio. WORG. So PO ago they be big -- story of the day of course the -- incidents. An LA actually. These you know us and we're still waiting for some -- details. One thing that that really ticks me off though and I -- -- Fox News in new and we have a policy we don't do it. Neither bureau on here or in our news coverage of business with every time there's a shooting. The but the media. Rushing to mention there was an assault rifle. Used what is. An assault rifle. What a military style. Rifle -- its rightful. Okay. If if the herb -- used to pistol would have been an assault pistol. If -- used a baseball -- would have been an assault baseball that if he threw a brick through the end plate glass with the terminal would have been an assault brick. If they want -- slugs somebody would've have been an assault fist. But the the liberal media's. Fixation. On guns. We need them to have to use the term assault weapon as a pejorative phrase every time they can't. And it's -- -- Now they're there are conflicting reports now. There's no confirmation. That this this individual who was the shooter who we also now have unconfirmed reports that the shooter who. I was brought down in LAX. Has now died but pool of Fox News has now been able to confirm that. Was safe it is or was a a former TSA employee. And there's no confirmation on that. As yet either. It's interesting now because we talked a while back. About how while. The TSA was doing so much hiring they got a huge backlog. On running background checks and I know down at Hartsfield. In Atlanta. The -- that this there was a story on this back in April. Of this year. TSA officials say typically a new -- goes there -- a variety of background checks. The airport looking to hire a new worker submit their information to the airport association of airport and airport executives. Which processes the background check. Did the employees' information just checked against the terrorist screening database. And same time the airport conducts its own background check process well because of a back up. In the requests submitted to the airport executives association. TSA. For some unknown period of time was allowing airports to hire employees who had done not been fully vetted. Hadn't completed the background check process. They did say that ultimately everybody will have a thorough background check but I mean we don't look at -- Snowden. Now and they the information that he had access to how thoroughly vetted it was his background -- not very. Obviously. The TSA would not identify. Which airports have hired screeners without completing background checks. The agency has come under scrutiny recently this is back in spring. Four incidents on related to the regulatory relief remember the Justice Department accused him TSA agents asked. LAX. Of accepting bribes to look the other way. When drug mules were coming through with who knows what heroin or cocaine or whenever their luggage. The DOJ said there were five incidents they knew about between February and July. Of 2011. And in addition to that one man managed to sneak past -- TSA agent to a secure area of Newark Airport. Also back in the spring. So well we'll see as weak as we go along here but boy. On a mess all right to truly get to the calendar pages -- I get those and out of the way -- quickly here this afternoon. And happy birthday to you as we kick off the month of November. You share your birthday on the first with Max looked older actor who is sixteen. He's on parenthood. Penn -- is 27. Gossip girls. Matt Jones act during his 32 he played badgers. On breaking bad. Jenny McCarthy is 41 season a new addition of the view of Toni -- is 41. Season hostages. On CBS. Big -- album is fifteen country music superstar from big and rich. Magnus. Real home and he's 51 and he's a singer for our pond. Fernando Valenzuela a great pitcher with the Dodgers is at least 53 some question about this sort of birthday. Listed officially it's 1960s and maybe you. Country singer Lyle Lovett. Is 56. Dan peek of America we remember in the more. And he would have been 63. On this date America of course a ton of its course with no name a ten man Ventura highway center of center. Marcia Wallace would have been 71. Of the voice of mrs. crab apple. On the Simpsons by the way is a tribute to her. Fox's running the Emmy winning episode -- lover. This Sunday instead of American. Whispering Bill Anderson country singer. And and songwriter as well 76 today. And we remember a memorial and serve -- human Lee Dennis. Yup that Guinness guy father of Guinness sale. Born in the state and 1798. Two days to go until daylight savings time man's 27 days until Thanksgiving. 42. I'm -- 54 days rather. Until Christmas and 1176. Days remaining. Of -- -- change. Back in the day. Giuliani calendar pages back in the day. Today I get that a couple of different pages -- a number of different sources. For staff. 1512. Michelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was finally unveiled. After he had spent more than four years working on his back painting -- bad boy. 1604. Shakespeare's Othello. Was first presented at Whitehall palace in London. 18100 the second US president John Adams and his family. Moved into the newly completed White House as Washington DC. Became the nation's capital. Moving from Philadelphia. 1894. Billboard advertising magazine first published and only cost ten cents. The weekly magazine has all the music charts now known simply as billboard. 1895 the first car magazine was published yeah 1895. It was and it was titled the horseless age. -- 1913. Notre Dame. Beat army 3513. At West Point thanks to the Irish is new secret weapon. The forward pants. Who would have thunk it. Can Knute Rockne the team captain 99 years ago today in 1914 New York debutante Mary Jacob. Decided she did wanna put on her corset. So she had her -- attached to silk handkerchiefs with some ribbon and she wore that instead. Other young women caught on to the new style of underwear. And -- was able to sell her lightweight broad patent for 151000 dollars could go. In 1936. The professional rodeo cowboys association. Was found -- It was on this date in 1950. Too radical Puerto Rican Nationalists tried to force their way into Blair house. In Washington DC to assassinate president Harry Truman the at a White House was undergoing renovations. And so our president Truman and his wife had moved down the street into Blair house and mark living there temporarily the attempt failed. One of the two men was killed as was one of my Harry Truman's security guards. 1959. The hockey mask. Was used for the first time now not by. Jason -- around Michael Myers -- It was used by Montreal Canadians goalie Jacques -- After he took a hint that knocked him unconscious and required seven stitches. He returned to the game wearing a new fiberglass face masks that he designed himself. It's now on standard equipment throughout the National Hockey League they're getting used to play with a helmets either money spending to know that -- Bump up where am -- here. -- 1979. Bob Dylan public -- -- publicly revealed that he had converted to christianity. On 1993. Or -- the European Union. Was formally established last minute they get ship right. 1994. Charges against James Brown's soul brother number one were dropped. After -- godfather of soul settled out of court with the bicycle -- -- hit with this car three months earlier in Augusta. 1999. We lost sweetness Walter Payton. The NFL's all time leading rusher at the time Emmitt Smith later broke his record in 2002. But he passed away on this date in 1999. From bile duct cancer he was only. 45 years -- 2012 Google's Gmail. Became the world's most popular. Mail service. Did you know that money at the Gmail the most popular. I don't know if I don't and I use Gmail so. I'm crazy -- go I'm not crazy about any big. Internet providers as -- all spy on honest like crazy I mentioned daylight savings time. We'll begin this weekend fall back. On for go to bed Saturday night you know we get the extra hour sleep this time around. A fuel amazing true facts. About daylight in fact they're probably call for the amazing -- -- where Syria amazing things he's. Bob McClain present. Yes thank -- -- very good voice daylight saving time ending at 2 o'clock Sunday morning. Most people's knowledge and it is the limited to spring forward fall back but there's so much more to know. And so when are. Never ending quest to keep you informed -- -- dug up some of the top things you did not know. About daylight savings time for instance did you know. DSC was originally instituted. So that in BC could fit another hour of law and order into the work with him into their broadcasts of the strike. Most of us just lose that extra hour trying to figure out how to reset our clocks. So it's kind of few -- efforts as they say. For millions of people across the funeral the fruit in Blaine -- -- moments like that extra hour you have. Will be spent waiting for the obamacare web site to load on your computer. And -- their predictions this is can -- don't want Y two KH some believe the time change on Sunday will cause. The obamacare website to completely self destruct. It would probably wouldn't be a bad thing. And I think about it. It marks the beginning of the clock on your microwave oven being wrong. For the next six months and finally. And not a moment too soon the final top fact you didn't know about DNC. The Jacksonville Jaguars. Will be well rested. For their loss on Sunday. All they do business tonight to the phones we go I think is that -- money penny or go to the most. Two and our leadoff batter here on the Friday free for all that is day of who joins us from the land of the big speech in Gaffney hello Dave and welcome to the program. They've probably got caught it looked for a little while but I. I've decided to real quick going to personal lawyers will I don't know -- you corrected it let. Let's not bow toward the end of the program of the caller called and said that. That there and he he wanted to give Alec thirty million dollars or thirty million people. Oh yeah yeah I do remember that yeah. Here it it was a little bit off he said something along the -- well we just thirty million dollars or nine dollars. And that they would actually be out thirty trillion dollar plus it. Well I just forgot about that business with moving a decimal point but it YouTube grasped. What he was saying that it would have been substantially. Cheaper to just he's stable money -- owned by an insurance -- it. I -- would the way where we're going about it. Oh definitely but it does not all about the rescue. You'd think that we're gonna end up -- up as a conservative. And I -- conservative because. Mostly Republicans nowadays are just repackaged Democrat so. Did he -- you think that would be empowered the best candidate. Our best in terms of our most conservative humane. You know like they're appealing air and you know things of that nature. I I got to invest in terms of of electability. Therefore you're talking about. I still maintaining a conservative quality that. Conservatives. Why these these things are hard to handicap. Of their you know it's rumored still that Sarah Palin. Many may may try a run she was brewer last time but that didn't end up doing mentioned I'm going to work for fox instead. So I wouldn't count her out although you know although the leftist media has done a pretty good job damaging her brand so I don't know. How effective she would be that the the hot button guys right now I guess. Would be Ted Cruz the senator from Texas Rand Paul the senator from Kentucky. And of course then the guy in in Jersey. Slam. And hell is is gonna although he doesn't belong you know as far as I'm concerned in the GOP and he's not a conservative he's for -- try for the GOP nomination as well. It's interesting to note that before up Obama. Announced his candidacy very few people knew we was so somebody made you know emerge from out of the woodwork here. And the -- that we have absolutely no knowledge of right now I've personally. I'd like to see agenda -- get into the race pretty you have somebody in mind. Well in her group co workers and I was speaking about it but I knew. -- who we don't Beatrice and if you -- I can actually get out there with his own ideas that are you know right in the group built a Mitt Romney. And I and I wonder what Paul Paul Ryan's real ideas are because I had always thought of the guy. As they pretty conservative. Individual and yet now I hear that he's working behind the scenes to come up with some. Amnesty bill that other Republicans -- interviews so. Yeah what you have David yeah it it probably I shouldn't surprise any Elvis. There are gonna go for a and all that together now and Election Day it. Well and and I think in terms of putting together an organization. He has a a mammoth head start over anybody in the field because the course he has access to all the all the of the information. That from people who supported his dad's candidacy and a couple of different races so I think that gives him a leg up we'll see. Or appreciate about we have -- I don't know about here inside appreciate it some thought. I appreciate the call very much Dave thank you and hope you have a good week answer. A couple of couple of other things that I wanted to pass along and where we're getting a little behind here in terms of where we're gonna be. In Arab commercial schedule and because of the computer has decided. There like me yesterday I just needed -- net. I'm tired soon of guys have a little -- exactly deal later. What we're all familiar of course with via the tragedy of that massacre that happened in them outside of Greenwood. Earlier this week. And I got some information today. There is a a memorial fund. The has been set up. Apparently for the family. Said. The email says I'm the contact person for the family -- from Catherine Gillis the memorial has been set up and Wells Fargo. And it is called the fields -- YE LDS slash Robinson. Memorial fund. Fields slash Robinson memorial fund Karen James Spencer. Okay. Because I know that. As if -- on top of everything else. And the they've already gone through their on the financial aspects. To be dealt with -- as well on to the -- like a let's go again let's bring in now Mike who joins us from Spartanburg hello Mike and welcome to the program. Bob. Yeah I'll leave that comment on Alaska I'll sure there's as far as ramp albeit the mayor and I think he's burnt his bridges. When they decided it would back -- McConnell. Instead. The Tea Party candidate. Into in the a race in Kentucky Maine. Yeah commentary is he's not gonna do the right saying he just do it for political. So Soviet McConnell. Can throw his weight in when he ran for president. -- he's back in McConnell. Well that's not the only reason when you're a candidate. Within a big party structure -- whether it be Democrat or Republican. You are obligated to support. And incumbent. Who is also a member of your party otherwise otherwise they'll ex communicate your from the -- Yeah but these big advocate party got running it also Republican. -- there's an incumbent there is a -- We yep which you don't wholeheartedly support of you can support -- in proper inquiry every minute and a camp language. You -- you did I. Now sailing around you could support a Tea Party candidate currently there. You know you can and give them money there's certainly nothing wrong with that well and I -- darn regular -- and and I don't know who knows he he may be -- and Everett hey Chris could never -- Mean well they're not listening to say it McConnell well this they're not in the same state and so it yeah but it. But the point being Arab -- K Christie never Europe because you want to do what's right for the country and -- -- -- everything else. Ram Powell I'm afraid because your child -- colors but saying that he that he won't see backing -- the establishment. I don't know I'm not I wouldn't use that. As I bought Macromedia and Garrett Mock Rogers about Buck Rogers -- -- strangely -- conservative. Majority sided with the establishment over the state party so that in my book in the outbreak in most Tea Party boats would say. He's -- acceptable. I don't know I don't know I don't know if if everybody in the Tea Party is gonna use that. As a litmus test I kind of looked at all would make Underwood are going to -- well like I kind of look at it as politics as usual. You know the courtroom every -- here somewhere. Yeah but in politics. It is elusive at best defined for our. Your. Thanks to the -- my gut punch in 28 after 30 hey we're back now. -- -- -- Done money penny since thumbs up computers nap time is over. So to what we'll do yeah out will will go ahead get -- The and the quick. Last break out of the way and go right into the news there will be right back -- -- will be back on sketch okay. Stay right there hang with us -- we get caught up 29 after three Bobby -- -- the Friday free for all -- -- local on WORD. 106 -- Sounding great to have you along thanks for hanging in their lonely and got them caught up on everything with the -- taken down. Christopher Cross in the background eyes like the wind at 33921. Before fourth Ankara patiently hanging on to ever. Is next up and he is enough Spartanburg hello Ed how is your Friday. I'm doing far above where you're not you should thank. Under our forest on your color some outrage Apollo and Paul -- yup brand pol when this Korean thing was going down. He made statements that we needed we needed. Be in Iraq can't what do we need to connect. We need to get rid Muslims and the Chinese. And handle some of these problems in the Middle East. And I am trying to -- while we need to deal will affect -- -- -- in Communist Chinese training. -- Iran -- talked about -- -- -- your Social Security. And it paid me -- Social Security if you got a whole -- got to thank you Carol bigger decide how much yourselves here you're gonna get so why would anybody put him at all. Well that's a valid question I mean you know if you're a conservative. Then you are by definition in favor of smaller government and not more government control. It. Who who -- you a look and hand to -- until the -- the next race which is going to be Hillary against somebody. Who do you think would be though the most viable candidate -- down the best chance. While we got to you look from strong. It went from Washington Tea Party accomplish. From their time you know they got a lot of the system. But they still haven't got any answers all these same being gutsy but imperious. Now we find out that. The United States Department of Defense is trying and there -- people saying that Christians. Our -- organization right and this just go well well well congress certainly up by doing nothing else. Beyond just like you -- you have a great. Not appreciated thanks ever not appreciate colony at Raleigh inequity Lee's been hanging on to. He is in no mauled and I -- welcomed the program. They're probably glad Pataki today pleasure. They aren't good order Virginia but once a week are once a month per week my mind stopping -- right. Right art or run towards an area there that got you you you do not believe. This originality. And McAuliffe. Race. Yeah there have an -- Their brother haven't. Got what they're they're having to death match for the governorship of Virginia right. Yeah they got the big doesn't sit up Bloomberg. They've got Soros. Got everybody. -- adult but my and so our. Dip -- beat Richard -- yup because they know that he wizards. That means that they're. Countries -- and very conservative. Well -- you're you're certainly right to the extent that a lot of people are looking at this Virginia gubernatorial race as a leading indicator. For which way the nation is gonna go and it's interesting because there was a some polling data from the Democrats. That I saw from oh what's his name a guy from Louisiana the bald headed guidance that a Democrat consultant. You know what I mean yeah. Yeah write his name as well yeah yeah exactly his name is gone out of my had a -- put out a big. They amount about how the Republican brand was so damaged but we need when you dug into that. It showed that people actually thought less of Democrats in that poll than they did -- Republicans. And then obviously in considering that it's a democratic poll. That's that's kind of unsettling news for them so. And it's going to be if I I noticed that McAuliffe was. Trying to rally the troops in the last couple days or -- or you know we really got to turnout at the polls. I could still lose this thing because he has been ahead. He had a pretty wide lead in in recent weeks it's come down to a single digits and I also -- colleges dragon out. The troops from La Raza. Too good to also. Help in the voter turnout effort so this way it's going to be interesting to watch. If there's anybody in the upstate as relatives who. Email call whatever right they live at Virginia you tell them to get out there and spoke for each ballot because. This is yet I mean this is going to be their pre requisite for a bit 2016. Elections. -- -- over there it you know hopefully what it'll restore over -- the press is not reporting nothing but she's -- -- Banned testing auto racers. Big time -- arteries. -- police say anything about. Yeah well yeah this is this is ever does come -- and Ali yeah taking note that they gonna wind. Up to win Virginia. And coach and only is a pretty darn good candidate from from what I know the guy. He seems like the -- he -- you know as as as conservative as anybody out there all right that's that's within the ranks of the GOP. You can walk correct -- posted it was the first attorney general to bring obamacare. That do you include just Obama yeah that's right dry do you mean -- that they didn't proper yeah hopefully that Democrats say this guy. Well and it's funny because Northern Virginia courses for the government employees so I don't think you know exactly set. Although it has -- -- you know that you got them. You've got to vote your paycheck government for a. You better -- certainly do that it's going to be a fascinating race to watch them -- not appreciate the Colorado I thank very much. I'll be damned good weekends or 344 now sixteen before four. -- -- Little early rock and roll. Money Ali and the cricket. -- -- 34911. Minutes now before for TGI definition on the night program and quickly get caught up on the text messages. In at 71. Three -- seven. Bob seeing that Rick Santorum. Won twelve states last Simon was second to Romney went on a shot does he have to be nominated in 2016 from nick. I don't know how he's fixed financially I know -- he's certainly trying to keep his profile. Out there I get emails from from Rick Santorum all the time so. On I think it's safe to say that he's going to be a player next time around. I'm Bonnie Mac. Trade -- is a Republican why not put him in the running I'm out of minutes or I would call from Ross thanks Ross. This one now Bob Jim dement. I think is the best conservative choice. This one on nine DST Bob DST is great because it gives you another hour to drink beer. Without feeling like you stayed up two weight yeah maybe. Okay. And now this window simply says about Allen west. Like Allen west to. But. Bobby -- held that the LAX shooter has been hearing voices in his -- don't know. Now we have heard rumors that. He I think in May now be confirmed that to the shooter was dead. -- and also -- there were reports that he was a former TSA employee. Bob how President Obama can be briefed and kept up to date on the shooting spree at LAX and not have any idea. About Ben got -- -- the IRS voter fraud. Fast and furious the NSA spying and obamacare shortcomings and policy affects. What are the American people and received a total fraud. This president and his administration car. Back to the phones we go let's bring in cliff he is in Malden high cliff and welcome to the program. I love how are you do if you were to. I am I think that guy's name was called the raging cajun what did James Carmelo. You Carville that's it yeah I DNN now are people texted that -- also his name just gone completely out of -- I heard from old school let's slow -- -- at a discounted it well. He looked like a very trustworthy guide to meet using the knowledge. He's got that looked account that I can anyone you know -- -- you cannot stand sneaky look and the other Obama countless more are Rush Limbaugh earlier he was told about. What's gonna happen. That was a weird did you go to another line on hold just as that happened. Assign a money thing -- and we've got cut off sir we we got to cut off the phones have have gone goofy. This is this is our day -- this Friday the thirteenth. Nice -- the first a 352 it's a -- before four sorry. I call us right back to mortgage back on what to finish the thought. 352 it's eight minutes now before four. Are writing here we go -- toward this -- code word. In -- wind Christmas cash on word contest and this hour it is. Order. All our DER. That's. Order now all you have to do is go to news radio WORD dot com slash cash. And enter that code word to be eligible to -- thousand dollars again. This -- code word is order. -- RD. ER and good luck to you. It's and it. Dave Matthews Band in the background. Clint was I was on the phone when -- when the phone to and to preserve go our. -- now we've got him back now -- take clips are fairly in eruption in your thought that. They'll probably try to pull up. Yeah -- Rush Limbaugh's program earlier how Obama needed not. -- -- vote the democratic demographic for the people up from eighteen to 35. Just trying not so fond obamacare right. Now my question is that. If I ain't seen. 226 year old to stay on their parents' health. Plan or why would that why would they go out. And buying insurance that is stay on the pension insurance does not eliminate. Half of the money. Comedy didn't balance that goal from eighteen to 26 golds and 26 to 35. I don't know that would eliminate half but I think you're on the right track certainly -- it's it's going to be a substantial penalty a substantial percentage. Of of that particular demographic initials now. The Democrats and then as the old expression went hoisted on their own petard because they wanted to under the SCHIP. Program. Make sure that that the young people that were still covered on their parents' insurance plans can remain there. Until 26 but you're right they they obviously didn't think that part of it through all the way either. -- because -- lately how they don't do that probably cost them less. To pay their parents to stay on the airplane and that it would be able by all no insurance what -- -- that involved about bubble that's bad pay. Almost without a doubt now this is assuming of course. That the parents are still able to keep -- promise could -- all that and boy -- -- talk about if being one of the biggest words and English language. Be out it's it's questionable whether they whether that's a valid as a valid point cliff I'm freaking Franken. Thank you -- I appreciate the call and I'm sorry for the interruption. Again take a break the news here at the top of the hour we'll get the latest on the LAX situation. And then we'll be back with our number two Friday edition Bobby -- show it's 4 o'clock.