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Oct 30, 2013|

Obama care; Website fail; Redskin's name

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Follow does what day it is -- one day it is. Everybody but I guess what today is it's pumped. Don't. Playing. Just I mean. Can only happen to need. All women I really can't. -- -- -- And I think in the they won't. Thank you for home. My head over wade Hampton boulevard -- yes and it's. Got on the train. Turn around hit in the dining room and sitting there. And minions against. Rainbow yeah. Great -- it's. Now I yeah I I didn't and introduce myself. We met before actually in Washington DC -- -- an attempt to. I don't know about I'm heartbroken to. Hello -- greetings and welcome salutation. Pump day church -- -- -- to you as we get under way and our number. Bob -- electric radio program. In the air chair you're genial host -- -- John self appointed to fill president today it not to mention do you. -- sensitivity university from behind these story. Ivy covered walls. You can -- one. Quick story I've had a panel we dispensed. Politically. Incorrect. Studies we were specialists. In non politically correct sentence no -- putting great to have you along today here are the angles advantage talk line numbers Greeneville. 232. WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg. 574. WORD text line number 71307. I might email address bomb on word at Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and Twitter. Dot com slash news radio WORD. How fitting. This morning. Minutes before. HHS secretary Kathleen civilians. Was sent to testify on the hill. The healthcare dot gov website. Went -- rolling. -- crash arena. -- I think. What are the members of the energy committee which is the committee she was testifying before -- one of -- One of the members of the they had a tablet went. Brought up a picture of the -- so RA. Now where we're out of my temporary out of service. At check speculation it was at it was only the beginning. Of the embarrassment. Today and shoot some really -- through under the bus for a isn't. Yeah it's all Verizon's fault. Boy would play in some of the sound tournament as a as much as you'd think you can stomach. And and will. First single on here on the Wednesday addition to the calendar pages. The real. Happy birthday to you Dave. For Thanksgiving October 30 you've shared your birthday with I Banca trump who is 32 that's the Donald's daughter. Sara Carter actress plays Margaret. On falling sky is his 33. And actor of Matthew Morrison is 35 he's on the lead. Kevin public. Is 56 today one of those. Come under the radar character actors he's been so many movies and you've seen in an apron I don't know do you think his space center. He was in a few good men grumpy old men usual suspects the whole nine yards in the wedding plans. -- -- Not T Graham -- country singer is 59 today. Harry Hamlin Michael -- snack on LA law is 62. And of course he defeated the crack and you remember in the original clash of the titans who can forget the. Henry Blanco or he will always be the fine is Arthur funds are away from happy days and he's 68 years old today. From the music side of the birthday calendar Otis Williams. Is 72 he's a co-founder of the camps. The temptations. Eddie Holland. So many of the supremes and temptations and Four Tops hits were written by via. Motown songwriting triumvirate. Of Holland Dozier Holland. Not any one of the islands he is 74. Years old today. Grace -- is also 74 Jefferson Airplane and later the starship. And we remember and the more him today of the anniversary of the birth of America's second president. First VP. John Adams board in the state in 1735. -- and Thomas Jefferson. Died on the same day. They both died on the fourth of July. John Adams would be ninety. That is the theme from the John Adams miniseries that was on HBO the number of years ago that I use in the opening music on the show. Now one more day until. -- Halloween. Against them a few Halloween -- story here today to. Four days to go until daylight savings time ends at which time it will become dark at 448. In the afternoon. Money -- nodding her a -- 29 days to go until Thanksgiving. 56 until Christmas. 1178. Days remaining of hopeless change. -- maybe not. Think things are going. For this guy needs to Heath. You know those Democrats and add them again excuse amendment. There's another problem obamacare and -- me out right now than to see here all along and -- Back in the day 119. Years ago when 1894. Daniel im Cooper. -- did the time clock. And ever since then waves away the such as you and me have been forced to punch time cards to start our workdays from the man. Attica Attica. We are men women and I'm Ed you worked to some waste money for US ADM meet him. 1938 Orson Welles. Did his infamous war of the worlds radio broadcast. Millions of listeners -- New Jersey was actually being invaded by aliens. Not a bad idea. One Pittsburgh woman was found with a bottle of poison saying she would rather die that she didn't take it. Now Orson Welles and the Mercury radio theater. And CBS I guess ended up with 750000. Dollars in lawsuits against the which in 1938 with serious money. Now Bob looking at New Jersey did they are you sure -- -- -- and they didn't and it really does it well it's. Has anybody's guess. At 1945. The US government announced the in of Cheryl rationing. My -- with a questioning look. And order during World War II we need an all the materiel we can possibly get tires were rationed. There was no hosiery for ladies during World War II. And shoes were -- your name but you know people planted victory gardens stem more food. We won by the way. 1970 the Jackson 5 shared the number one record on both the pop and R&B charts with I will be there. 1978. Jim Morrison of the doors sentenced to six months of hard labor and find 500 bucks for indecent exposure and profanity. And a concert. In Miami. Morrison. Great career move died of -- drug over this before his legal problems could -- put him away for the six months he was sentenced. Nineteen Sony for a low rumble in the jungle in Kinshasha Zaire. Mohammed Ali unveiled his rope a dope strategy. When George Foreman punch himself out and abuse I'll leave for eight rounds. Before Mohammed came back and knocked out. The entire George Foreman to regain. The heavyweight title. Bob -- what else we -- care. And I mean now that Vietnam. 1976 Chicago. Began their second week atop the singles chart -- the amazing hit in fuel leave me now. 1981 Halloween two was released dean dean -- compete. Jamie Lee Curtis. We learned Michael Myers with stalking their vacation with his sister. Commanders on bruises or. You are my sister. Negative. Dinners -- said -- and 1990 law and order debuted on NBC. 2000 Steve -- creator and original host of the Tonight Show. Suffered a coronary after an automobile accident and passed away in Encino California he was seventy. And it was on this date in 2012. To beat changes in the tax law. George Lucas sold his production company Lucas film to Disney. It included the rights to Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Okay. Yes -- real yes. -- the as I mentioned the other web site -- crashed just issue is. Preparing to testify spot checks verified by bright Bart. That North Carolina Virginia -- tell Washington Oregon Idaho Nevada. Colorado New Mexico New York Maryland Vermont Connecticut Massachusetts Hawaii Kentucky Minnesota and New Hampshire. All lower down. Which of course didn't lead you to believe via the web site. Wednesday by the way Sebelius. Even before. Her disastrous appearance today she had alive Mike episode written with the today which is never a good thing. I she missed stated that the health care law that she's responsible for administering your member. The other day she was at this community health center in Austin it was on Friday. And she said -- is trying to battle the problems -- website and she said. Well in an ideal world there would have been a lot more testing but we did not have the luxury of that and the loss said. The -- time was October 1. That that's not right. And the decision on the window launched the sign up web site was hers it's this and Obama care. The long imposed no legal requirement to open the website October 1 the law says. And as determined by the secretary. But of course you know -- The White House and arrest him wanted to push it out as a radio only Manuel as -- Yeah in a few problems few bugs in the system that's normal ago enrolled a baby. So. You could say she misspoke. Could say she allied. Now and probably -- accurate. As well. So all so who's gonna take the blame for this is -- going to be the White House is going to be Obama. The other legislation is after all carrying his name him. Now obamacare noticed how everybody nowadays not in -- media referring to what is the Affordable Care Act all of a sudden. Mean even Obama has referred to in his obamacare -- in mind it. Of course that was before you know it turned out to be the Hindenburg coming in for a landing speaking of New Jersey. And though so we'll see they're they're trying to find. -- as many places in the Canon and Sebelius of searching around for some today as well will will hear from her as we proceed along and also in this hour don't forget. Now following the last commercial break somewhere around. Four minutes five minutes before four we will have -- this -- code word in the wind Christmas cash on board -- Dvd keywords they can have a shot at winning a thousand dollars right. Got to take a break here and then we'll be right back twenty minutes after three that you should stay tuned. You know why the more you listen the Smart you'll get precisely correct. -- Well I have no complaints from. Welcome back 26 after three he -- night program. Low clouds tanks and backgrounds. -- -- -- And no doubt that's what then members of congress are hoping to get some. Today from HHS. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. I promised a little bit. How the any audio. From her appearance today on the hill which -- many are describing as a public relations nightmare area a disaster. During the hearing. She should take responsibility for the problems with the rollout. And and made this play to America. We knew that in any big new complicated system. There would be problems no one ever imagined the volume of issues and problems that we had and we must fix it. While leads to the obvious question why didn't. Anybody. See this this nightmare coming. And she said she approved the launch date based on the information she got from the contractors. CMS team. Felt we were ready to go I told the president that we were ready to go clearly. I was wrong clearly we were wrong. So. She actually said that. Told the committee that after meeting with a contractors. No none contractors and we're not ready to go here. I was always advise that. There is always a risk with the new product in a new site. But never suggested that we delayed the launch of October 1 nor did -- contacting partners ever suggest that to us. Well it day got a a bit heated. Now wait Iran she was asked about an ad campaign. Committee member record Gardner. Now pushed ms. civilians for an explanation about there's and campaign for obamacare in his home state of Colorado. I don't know if you've seen it or not. But it involves some college age young guys and -- Yes event that's right. King. Do you agree with this kind of advertising -- obamacare I can't CNN again it's a college student doing a keg stand. At the Colorado exchanged did that you're a parent of this -- advertise marketplace do you approve of this kind of that I -- To. It was it was interesting stuff. And she. She also at one point said and I'm quoting here. -- wish this was in response to other committee chairman Fred Upton who's a Republican from Michigan who by the way got right to the point today. Declaring the Obama web obamacare website is still not working. Ms. Sebelius said quote it is the Verizon server. That fail. Not healthcare dot go. And she said. Well I wasn't involved in the design of the website. And telling you this sounds like well. -- -- Rated an angry as anyone. They know what Obama said nobody's matter than me. As if you know he some third party. Unrelated. To this the healthcare dot gov disaster. In no king clueless the first. Sargent Schultz from Hogan's final -- and when I was angry at anyone. About it. She said does this aid that is insurers are not getting reliable data. All the way through the system the system isn't functionings or not getting that reliable data insurers who I met with said that the case. Well no woman imagine all the problems we had. But an extensive assessment. Shows a website it is fixable. And do we know how many people -- no way we have no idea how many people signed up for obamacare. Because according to the secretary those numbers are. Unreliable. Similar to other web site itself. And in the whole obamacare boondoggle. 331 time revenues take a break for that right back on the other side Bobby -- show. Wednesday -- why the local on WORD. 106. Thanks -- that you're welcome back. 336. Now 44 before 4 o'clock. Wine and I'm in the background. The movie music. Title theme from two live and die in -- way. Now they were referring by they I mean even me and mainstream liberal media. Referring to I can't. -- of aliases testimony on the hill today her being called for congressional committees as the start of the death watch. Which is what the media was server when somebody is is on life support. And as a -- canned. They and I like to refer to and is being out on the death watch. The secretary today said don't worry here we made an extensive assessment. And that shows a web site is fixable and that it now has fewer error messages and timeouts. Unfortunately all the error message at the time outs came during her testimony today. -- she did backtracked she was really grilled. There's a congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. Is a Republican from Tennessee. Is that I'm not pointing fingers at Verizon she she was grilled by this -- -- congresswoman civilians and I'm not pointing fingers at Verizon. Not after just pointing fingers at Verizon that we own the web site and Blackburn -- who's running the web site. When now Sebelius replied with a name of a subordinate. A Blackburn asking that person was responsible for the failure of the web site. And civilian said no hold me accountable for the debacle I'm responsible in fact. Not evidence has now come out indicating the Obama administration turned down on. Offers from Amazon. And Microsoft. To help fix. The screwed up web site. Documents released yesterday by the house oversight and Government Reform Committee showed two senior officials at HHS. Turned down an offer of help. From Amazon Web Services Microsoft also offered. Technical expertise and assistance the company did not say whether the administration responded to the offer but it did say they haven't given. India assistants. -- I said the congressman from California is the chairman of that committee sent last week. That eight technology companies and asked -- he said he wrote a letter to eight technology companies asking if they had been asked for help and got a response back from some. Blackburn. Also zero in on the problem with the potential. The one and has the potential absolutely dwarf. What's going on now be millions of Americans losing. Their health care coverage because of obamacare she referred to the report that we told you about yesterday. The -- NBC news first put up on their website and then buried the salient paragraph from the the administration is known for three years. That millions of Americans would not be able to keep their health plans under obamacare despite. Repeated assurances by the president to the contrary. Some really has responded by citing a provision. That if the plan was in place in 2010. And did not impose additional burdens a consumer can keep it. And then chairman Fred Upton responded why not let the consumers decide. And she dodged the question saying well semis manga policy today they'll have consumer protections for the first time -- What what civilians and and Obama and -- custom don't want want to know what Limbaugh referenced this earlier. If you had a policy of the time obamacare went into effect and then any changes were made in that policy. Let's say you moved forests into your home address changed that's considered a change in the policy and so it's it's no longer any good. Each. These these guys and so disingenuous just -- on both sides of their -- 348. Twenty minutes now before four. Yes. Jay Ferguson in under. Welcome -- quarter before 4 o'clock. Now before I get behind anonymous quickly catch up on the text messages. 71307. -- protect the blind bombing Mac civilians makes it sounds like -- sound like there aren't very many people losing their insurance plans what about all the. We've lost their jobs since 2010. My blood is boiling. I'm Bob if they along her 21 American. Is to ban all. Now Bonnie Maggie said the other day go to them healthcare dot gov website it was up and running. Darn it. From Ross. Why don't worry crashed again. And a Bob. Chris Christie. Equals. Joba the hut. I'm just saying it. Hey Bob I don't know of -- Democrats are taking over the car sales business. Now I had heard. You may already have a car which can keep it. And when you buy an Obama are you can't see the price until you sign the paperwork then when you get a hand. And a card doesn't start. From all. Sounds right but but all they. All the contractors said. A hole. At 34614. Before -- we go to the phones. Say hi to Mike who was in Piedmont hello Mike how is your Wednesday. -- are probably wrote -- nobody US ability it's the yeah idea I had my god look here Michael beach. How are active she. Lou Lou you know -- -- older -- and only an -- you -- all those -- from from watching Obama's speech. Out there right. I guess your planet similarly. Crop -- -- get doctor. You premiere right. So you don't -- yeah it surely it is an issue on life support or. You don't ball more yeah well but you're you're you know you're absolutely right in Europe and for that very reason. But the Democrats always circle the wagons -- But it can -- -- yeah yeah yeah heart in your circle and you know a -- is they are Mercury problem. OK we're out you know so you're not. All -- -- you know let's particularly and other protect cheat. So you're not you're not you're not offended then by. The -- the Washington Redskins name. The ghost -- yeah -- -- to expect a but it big story -- like god you know out in a long time I -- laid back from theaters. -- I -- I said the other day. You know the Arizona Cardinals isn't that gonna within the Catholic Church. Or. -- maybe maybe I misunderstood the the intention of the Arizona Cardinals right. So coral fishing in your budget she age issue was backpedaling and her you know. Well I get that right about automatically Levy literate thing you did. Should that -- not a good fight broke. Thank you -- thank you for being here appreciate it we can we couldn't do it without you guys be in there. I don't know you know there there are some the Washington Post for one had a big piece today about civilians being on the death watch. That it was only a matter of time she's toast she's out here. On the other hand. You know I just referenced the Democrats always circling the wagons around their own. You know they they seem to. No matter what the offense. Might send him for a timeout. But then they always retread on -- back again. So I don't know if if Obama's gonna feel it necessary to have somebody walked the plank on this deal. Two obviously defray. Some of the heat that he's taking -- -- over. So. I don't know that the web's. The web's may. May take offense actually it if Obama fires have been. -- -- A lot of a lot of Democrats and a lot of liberals want -- progressives. Are also finding themselves in the same spot of losing their insurance and and nostrils Waxman asked Henry Waxman this California congressman always like Elmer fud. Actually had the audacity to statement today and I'm paraphrasing minute pretty close in the pretty close to the exact quote 60% of Americans will be able to get insurance for less than a hundred dollars a month or. I'll have to go back and find the exact quote but it was something like that. Just as absurd. The Juneau on its face is now now he's making numbers up as he goes well. 350 it's ten minutes now before for Bobby Mack show here on Wednesday a lot of local on WORD one a sixty. Already here we go time this hour for our WORD. Code word. In our win Christmas cash on word contest. And here it is. -- -- -- Find -- if you in. Here's this -- code word all you have to do now is good news radio WORD dot com slash cash. And enter that code word to be eligible to win a thousand dollars winner selected randomly from all national entries received again. This -- code word is fun. If you windy. Kennedy in there and good luck. On these birthdays my. Start the -- Three and a half minutes ago before 4 o'clock on the Mac program we had to -- next and bring in Alan here on the -- -- show hello Allen and welcome to the program. I say about it but I'm good thank you are. I don't OK okay suggested there's some got to leave a lot of bit much what we've worked up about what. What if I do the Redskins my name and hit it. I'd see him get out of the circle and replace it with a -- implicated. -- I think there is they got a great. Proper amounts or the finance and and albeit in the. Isn't your. You got me thinking now which is always dangerous. But isn't there some kind of redskin peanut to. Might be so I mean that -- be brought the yeah that the that -- officials. A more fitting for the Jimmy Carter era against the words so similar to it now why not out well we could we could use both. You know we go into we can use the potato and we can use the -- Well what about these mine hurt gangs battling. How expensive it is bad to all the people who have -- property and loved ones from her and figure out here celebrate national football. You bet it is is as insensitive as you can possibly get. And I mentioned the Arizona Cardinals I mean how offensive to that is -- priests and bishops in the Catholic Church. Yeah well look like it was called by well by and so you know. I think there's hope emerges here in my hands I did you -- the -- They aren't they're teetering on the -- gives you the doom at the airport. -- I hope she's as if things are bad nothing gonna fly back to Boston for game six tonight. And then there's they had a mechanical. -- the airplane and they sat on the on the tarmac for something like six hours. Well look Bobby you're probably about I expect say they expedited also out of ailments but this year. I I am at work on an even as we speak out. Thank you were the Tulsa got about ninety seconds left before the news on the Stanley wants to chime in on this as well he's angry you know they stand. I expect about the Redskins -- -- -- for the Redskins. But how -- offensively you're saying about down. The red and I wondered why they look at it at that just gonna look at look at what an honor what an honor -- that have a team named after you. Well and you you're your your point is well made what is hey old but a tribute to him. Native Americans. Yeah I'm gonna whine about everything -- next thing you know there are a lot of countries and indirect mentioned in the back. I'm surprised that I shall the other day I was going to the grocery store and I noticed aunt Jemima pancake syrup. Is still out there and I thought how -- -- survive political correctness. Yeah. That course if they really want to remove the offensive part of that team's name and they need to remove Washington. Who wants to be associated. With Washington. Then again everything is gonna let up ice in the gulf Stanley appreciated over him good afternoon to take a break here the news of the top of the hour for our number two. We're on the cusp of it right now new stuff it's --