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Oct 29, 2013|

Obama care

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It's classic news. He's no liberal then -- full spin. Can get that sound -- from Jay Carney. -- the American people on the guarantee. People from the -- Only private insurance. Yeah yeah it does and -- some kids slim TV including militants. Government into. Health care. But you know let it get these guys were in charge when the Titanic sank. They would spin meant and gain valuable reduction in crowded maritime traffic in the. As -- Titanic went down the engines and. Hello -- greetings and welcome salutation. And to this day belongs to you. We get underway in the air cheer your genial host -- -- shot drowned -- point lead -- in. Convention dean and yeah sensitivity. University this is where we specialize in non politically correct studies great to have you here today. And as always your input in the show has invited encourage them welcome. Here are the -- advantage hotline numbers that you can use to join me and be a part of the program Greeneville land vicinity. 232. WORD. 23296. Inventories. Art numbered 574. -- WORG. Text align number 713. 07. Might email address Bob all one word at Yahoo.com. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio W -- and by the way in this hour. Now right after the final commercial break in the hour which you become about. Ten minutes before four somewhere around there right after that final commercial break in the hour on twelve. Right here. In my little hot hands. The Christmas. Cash key word for this -- OK don't give you that right for four I had to the. Calendar pages and open. Happy birthday to you if you are celebrating today the -- 29. October atlantis'. This is the stock market crash. Work your way around that -- John Abraham is 36 actor he played Robert de -- this -- Denny in meet the parents. Actress and well known. Shoplifter Winona Ryder it's 42. Today Randy Jackson. -- 52 years old named Danny Cass Dillon net it is 56 season of the voice of former bull. On the Simpsons he also does grandpa Simpson. Barney Gumbel crusty the clown Grail groundskeeper Willie -- Wendy and -- moment. He -- a bunch of not Kate Jackson Charlie's Angels is 65 today. Richard Dreyfuss. Actor of course is 66. Matt Cooper. In jaws. Had the great line this is not a boat accident. It was a neighbor talent alleged links coral -- and it wasn't Jack the Ripper. It was a shark. But my favorites from -- from -- is right up there with that we're gonna need a bigger vote. As Denny -- is 69 years old they singer and guitarist for the Moody Blues. And now later part of wings in the seventies. And we remember in memorial today predicted Dugard abducted due to. Daniel Decatur Emmett. Now who that is money -- born in the state and 1815 he wrote to actually. Two days to get money British -- Ten days to go until Halloween. Five days until daylight savings time -- thirty days until Thanksgiving 57 until Christmas. And 1179. Days remaining. A hopeless change back in the day. Eighteen almost for another birthday. Indiana we Romero the birth -- on Joseph Goebbels. The Nazi minister of propaganda. Under Hitler -- in the state and 1897. Swell guy. He was in the bunker with Hitler in Berlin at the end. Killed himself his wife and I think what seven children poisoned a mall. He was he was born on this date. In. 1897. 1863. Back in the day the international committee of the Red Cross. Was founded. 1901. President William McKinley is assassin. 28 year old Leon child -- was executed. 1929 -- and Tim previously the stock market crash wiping out before tens of thousands of investors brokers. Jumping out of their windows on Wall Street. The -- came to be known as black Tuesday. And triggered the Great Depression which lasted for nearly ten more years thanks to these socialist agenda of FDR. The only thing that pulled us out of the depression was World War II. And 1945. The first ball point pen was sold and gamble's department store. I guess and New York twelve dollars and fifty cents. -- -- -- -- -- 1916. The young Cassius Clay AKA Mohammed now we -- in his first professional fight. Now he beat up on some poor guy named Tommy -- sacker. Two win a six round decision important and 1966. Now all the national organization for women. Was formed 1971 Duane Allman Allman Brothers. Died and -- motorcycle accident in his hometown of Macon Georgia at the age of 24. A year later the band also lost bass player Barry Oakley in another. Motorcycle accident just three blocks. From where Duane Allman had been killed. 1998 senator John Glenn went back into space at the age of 77. Retracing the trail he blazed through America's astronauts 36 years early. 2008 Delta Airlines merged with northwest. To create the largest airline in the world and it was on this date a year ago hurricane sandy. Devastated East Coast of the US killing 286. Causing almost seventy billion dollars in damage I got more on that and -- mentioned yesterday. That this -- CG federal. RC GI federal whichever it is that company that. The of the government gave the no bid contract to to build healthcare dot gov web site. One of their top VPs was a classmate of Michelle Obama. At Princeton. And and it turns out that these ICG federal people also got. Another sweetheart deal two billion dollars worth. Two to help the folks out that were. A devastated by its by hurricanes and are super -- sandy which every wanna call it. Which is. Somewhat suspicious on -- we'll work our way back around that to the -- we go our leadoff batter to date is Vincent. And he joins us from Simpson. Hello and welcome to. Thanks well are you today -- thank you. A cute things aren't one and I I work for my home and armed weapon back I've flip back and forth between MSNBC and Fox News right and I wanna say I have never seen. MSNBC be so critical. Of the president as I have today and whether it's I think it has to do with with a sixty minutes thing with thank god they came out -- I think it has to do with the fact that. When he kept saying you can keep your health care period period period and they keep running this and their running clips I mean if I didn't know. I was watching MSNBC. I think you. Are right -- army that he has a big. That's a big deal. But one of that they ought to tell you you don't they can't really delay the individual mandate because. You know if they delay the individual mandate or the people were not going to sign up. It's going to be the healthy people the young people that they need that they really the insurance companies. Need. And if we say OK well let's give them a year they don't have to find out. So that for a year they're gonna have to carry every preexisting. Person with cancer or has serious health concern although people are getting in. I mean it it really is completely un doable but -- the government would have to underwrite just to the insurance companies. Otherwise -- -- companies were part of a totally revolts. Well the the other aspect of this is that. When they originally constructed this monstrosity. They. They wanted to it to make shore. That while people might want to refuse obamacare in its initial year or two or three. The fines would be a low enough that they can do that however. Down the road the fines increased substantially and so they've felt of those people with the NB. Rather than -- pay that heavy duty penalties that come along later that they would eventually jump on board on obamacare but right now all. On the young people could just pay the fine it would be substantially cheaper than what they're finding out the prices are under Obama. But if you -- that they waved the individual mandate Bob there will be no fine and if there are no fines and there and help the young people are not going to sign up. Then all you have is. The beat the unhealthy people the the insurance company has been forced to give them a reduced rate the -- -- based on there. There hell. And so now the insurance company -- gonna have to cover. The health of those. Those six people without the benefit of all basically overcharging the young healthy people is -- way it can. -- for a while now you're you're exactly right it is if -- you had an insurance company that provided to insurance for homes. And you only gave policies. To people whose houses were already on fire. It we don't know and insurers getting up your house is on fire only -- enters covenants on -- -- policy look there is a far simpler solution to all of this especially for. That the the parts that people. Seemed to actually pick out cherry pick out of obamacare they like like helping people that have preexisting conditions you can setup a subsidized insurance pool. For people that are on -- herbal because they have pre existing conditions. And and not tamper with the entire health care system and you could do that. A -- uninsured people who need basic services at a cost about a couple of billion dollars. Substantially less than what we've already spent already the trillions that are sure to be spent down the road but as you know. Events and it's not really about providing insurance and all it's about having control over the lives of as many people as they can. Well part of it too though is that we you know I I accept some responsibility as conservatives -- when we had an opportunity to do something about the you know the preexisting conditions club let's be honest we didn't do it every week. -- the Republican Party ignored. You know there -- problems that we're going on in the health care system and now we look at and say okay we could we can fix it -- -- -- -- what you're doing. Well we didn't take that opportunity when we had it and then we had this big hill shoved down our throats and now you know now we're we're fighting for our -- to try to. To repeal -- I think it's a great issue going forward Laura. For Republicans and and even I don't really agree with what Ted Cruz did but I do think that this is they're very good issue and it's going to be an issue that that is going to. Really helped. I think take take the senate and in 2009 and fourteen. I thought yeah I think I I agree I think it certainly gonna resonate into the November of two when he fourteen elections. The bear in mind -- but your point about the the Republicans having an opportunity to put some of these things voice and he did. But from 2006 on you know that they had at a Democrat controlled. House with Nancy Pelosi and charge until. Of course a Tea Party victories in 2010 so that was. Four years right out there and just come up and not out at an event that we've had absolute RR yeah that's absolutely right they didn't just surface then none your your correct. It is fascinating to see that that even. The folks to carry the water in the media for Obama. Now have reached the point where this is in such a debacle that even day and Jay Carney can still try and spend it at the White House. When he gets up in the podium there but it's it's a -- People are this the ship has sailed on trying to put a good face on healthcare dot gov and obamacare. They've got they -- Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC. Calling -- -- -- saying give the president lied to us or. Didn't do it does the president really. It's does the president really not know about any of these issues that are going on that I'd never heard that come out of her -- our -- I watched the enemy. That's very true that's very true and and tell us of course those are rhetorical questions at him but credit goes. But the -- on the left there are not like to the gulf very much and I appreciate all the other good days -- 21 after three. And take a quick break here and then we will be right back. With more Alexy what is -- what is coming up. After the break here on the money match after the break. God god god love about the okay. Barenaked Ladies in the background so you know that's that's the name of the group there are no. They're -- -- it's not it's certainly not Syria. In -- City and came up. 27 after 3 o'clock there is -- a lot more to talk about. Today in -- in the wake of the debacle that it is obamacare the house. Is going to be taking up a new piece of legislation the keep your health care know keep your health plan act is the name of that. I'll lawmakers are looking and a deadline of Thursday this week. And about to obamacare won't share that -- as well. I got this this email. As this if if if these are all real and true and what we're just we're doomed my friend -- sent send these along to me first two and is a picture. And looks like at a grocery store. And -- I'm not sure if it's. Here or maybe in the UK anyway. But it has assigned for the express lane in big letters it says express and then underneath that fifteen item limit. And then underneath that. Fifteen is this man. And they have a picture of three hands. -- -- -- the -- -- -- the banks -- two hands and one foot with a shooting and. And some of the of the others in here this is -- from -- they walk among those files. I handed the teller at founders credit union a withdrawal slip for 400 dollars I said may I have a large builds bill's place. She'll look at me and said I'm sorry sir. All the bills are the same size. When my husband and I arrived at an automobile dealership to pick up our car we were told the key is had been locked -- it we went to the service department and found a mechanic working feverishly. To unlocked the driver's side door. As I watched from the passenger side I instinctively tried the door handle and discovered the door open it was unlocked. Hey I said to the technician. It's open. He replied. I know. Howard got that side. Since. We had to have a garage door repaired. They repairman told -- that one of our problems was that we did not having a large enough motor on the opener. I thought for a minute and I said what we have the largest one the manufacturer made the time they won half horsepower. He shook his head and said. No way to Unita a 14 horsepower I responded that one half was a larger than 14 he said no it's not for a larger than two. My daughter and I went through the McDonald's takeout window I gave the clerk of five. Our total was born a quarter so while also -- a quarter she said you gave me too much money I said yeah I know but this way you can just give me a dollar bill back. She sighed and went to get the manager who asked me to repeat my request. I did any handed me back to quarter and said we're sorry that we could not do that kind of thing the court then proceeded to give me back. And tolerance of people that sense and -- Yeah -- Siegel and they're for lunch every day there's got to be a way to turn a profit in this thing. My daughter went to a local Taco Bell and ordered -- time ago she asked the person behind the counter for minimal lettuce. She was told I'm sorry we only have iceberg lettuce. And Birmingham Alabama. I was at the airport checking in win an airport employee said has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge. To which I replied if it was without my knowledge how what I know. He smiled knowingly and not and set up. That's why we asked. -- the stoplight on the corner buzzes when it's safe to cross the street. -- crossing with an intellectually challenged co worker. She -- and I knew what the buzzer with spore I explained that it signals blind people when the light is red. Shocked and appalled she said what on -- they're blind people doing driving. So it's -- we're we're -- That's that's pretty much it -- 330 what is news -- I'm back on the other side. Bobby Knight Tuesday show WORD -- alive and local on 106. I am a veritable multitasking. Quiz honey -- you did you know that. While the news is gonna absorbing all the information there playing time I'm also continued to my duties. In my managerial role. And say hi my Kadima. In the executive structure. -- That's what it says my business card -- thinking. Thank you very much -- what it says my business card. Two big cheese top dog. -- hi I'm candy much the current. -- at 337 Tony 3 before 4 o'clock back to the -- Leo its head in the land of the big patients -- how to Charles. In -- hello Charles alliger Tuesday don't. Oprah you know what you got -- institution and we thank you. Listen to Rush Limbaugh yesterday and -- obamacare. Or food inside that. Well if you -- do decide -- penalty. Spain have to have taken up the income tax refund. So believe. Avoid that is you do your taxes so don't get every phone. Well or if if you -- if if you -- not due a refund and and I haven't gotten a refund and I can't remember win. -- then of course of the whole deal was not applicable. To your situation because that's that's the language. That that is in the obamacare legislation however. It's also in the obamacare legislation that the employer mandate. Was supposed to go into effect January 1 of Tony fourteen in doesn't say anywhere that the president or even. The secretary of HHS has the right to suspend mattered to wait for a year. But they've they've ignored the law and done that anyway so they may well ignore the law in this instance -- well I mean we find ourselves kind of living it. Under this administration and a post constitutional country. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I mean in capital letters twenty feet high in neon. You bet thank you journals reparation now mentioned. There are efforts underway. To Detroit and now. Try and help people is the simplest way to describe it. Last night Fred Upton Republican chairman of the committee on energy and commerce introduced the keep your health plan active 2013. The goal of this piece of legislation is simple to allow people who like their health care plan sticky bomb for the next year. Under obamacare. Quote to authorize health insurance issuers to continue to offer for sale. Current individual health insurance coverage in satisfaction on the minimum essential health insurance coverage requirement and for other purposes. The official summary of the bill states. A a similar proposal. Has been put forth by senator Ron Johnson a Wisconsin. On now on the other side so we'll we'll keep you posted as I think. Moves forward or not I mean in the house yeah I can get some traction there are certainly but you know once -- it's over to Harry Reid senate. -- no I never thought it ended up in the trash can somehow 34020. Minutes now before four. They played great Bonnie blue bland. He still toured. Into his eighties. This old timers. -- -- Turn nine yellow -- 3:45. Quarters before 4 o'clock. On the Mac program hits Tuesday afternoon. Well I mentioned this a story from the Politico today house lawmakers and senators. Must decide by Thursday. Who out of thousands of congressional aides. Will be placed in the district of Columbia's health insurance exchange. A controversial provision. Of obamacare. Which everybody announced trying to refer to us that the affordable care actually HCA. Because it's such a disaster. That while all time it's been attached and Obama's name attached to it now they wanna. Draw a line of demarcation between the guy whose idea this was the signature piece of legislation in this president. And the disaster than Internet debate. Lawmakers will have to declare whether their aides are -- official. Staff. Or not according to a memo sent to all house offices by Daniel -- goal. The Chamber's chief administrative officer officer. Official office staff aides paid entirely out of me members' expense account will be required to join DC -- the link. Members of congress or their design he is. Will decide which staff should not be designees will decide which staff work in the official office of each member. Lawmakers will also join the exchanges. Those -- who don't receive that designation. Committee and leadership aides will be allowed to continue to get their insurance under federal employee health benefits program. In both cases the federal government will continue to make premium payments to help offset the cost of the insurance when -- -- the subsidies. That I and many others have been complaining about. But the guys who are passing these laws don't have to win with a financial repercussions an average Americans to fail once that a rules for them and another set for -- This decision is already becoming politically sensitive on Capitol Hill -- think. It was the topic of much discussion at a morning meeting today of -- House Republican Conference. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell staff. Will get their health insurance from the exchange. And the Kentucky Republican has designated. All of his aides as part of his personal office. Which will put his staff into the DC exchange. None of the McConnell staff will be designated. To remain in the AF federal help the program. Said Michael -- must -- spokesman for McConnell. Unlike the entire Obama administration. Who are trying to convince Americans in the government exchanges are great. We are not exempt from the exchanges no mister -- must original you don't bother to mention the fact. That your being subsidized 70% of the cost. Which average Americans are not. Speaker John Boehner office would not say whether they will require their aides to join the exchange. And we don't have any decision to announce and will not until the speaker -- of our staff. Later today members of the Senate Leadership and topple lawmakers on each committee are able to choose. Whether they're staff remains on the federal plan or enters the obamacare health exchange three senate leaders Patty Murray Democrat Washington. -- -- Republican South Dakota and John Barrasso Republican Wyoming will have their staff get health insurance from the exchange. The remaining five senate leaders senate majority leader Harry yes I am a -- Reid of Nevada Dick Durbin of Illinois. Chuck Schumer of New York John Cornyn of Texas and Roy Blunt of Missouri have until October 31. To choose whether there staffers will remain on the federal health benefits program. Or go on to the exchanges according to a memo. Sent to senate -- What's what's really. Ticking people off and rightly so is the aspect haven't that I mentioned it. Did the laws are different for them than it is for us. I'm from the attacks -- 71307. Body -- I wouldn't say we are doomed. But screwed is more like and that's for sure all of us even us even though those of us on so called Medicare Medicaid I know what's coming hard times. Are ahead. They can try and pass all the bills they want but we know where those will end up when they get to the senate in the trash cans from Ross -- said that probably true. About the the teller. -- may have Melissa -- -- and earlier Bob they should -- asked the teller for double wounds and pieces of eight are good. -- And have about the on the buzzer at the crosswalk in the ladies and hot water blind people doing driving. Makes perfect sense Bob when you consider all drive up ATMs have braille -- that's. Extra. Charles from Marshall Bob do you think Jack Kearney will go with Obama into the bunker like gold goals did with Hitler. Will see. Well today in as a caller pointed out earlier when they got in this MSNBC jumping on -- with both feet game over 35010 minutes now before four. A. Now -- know. This -- key word Florio. In the wind Christmas cash on word contest. Offset okaying this -- keyword. Is exchange. EXCH. A NGE. Exchange. And it now all you have to do is go to news radio WORD dot com slash cash. Enter that code word to be eligible to 1000 dollars winner selected randomly for all national entries received again. This -- code word is exchange. EXCH. -- in GE and I hope. That you are the winner good luck. I. It's in the background and. Back to on the -- we go here on the Tuesday afternoon edition let's bring in Dennis. It was in Greenville -- Dennis now is here on Tuesday go on for. It's go well thanks Bobby I appreciate everything you do this -- could not so liberal that. Again -- thank you the distinction. I just want to know without the attacks show us why the remote county. -- council. Yes when they had the vote to to create the commission now. -- yeah that's how is that is on the web site how everybody voted providing get and I want to just make sure. -- counselor from my district are watching how he voted. -- sheep like you remember who is your councilman. -- I think I think burns voted yes but I'm not positive I'm and I'm not sure if in our story on the website we break down. How each of the council members voted. But probably. At the the website says that that Harry can work and the folks some rhino hunt. Have a constructed no tax hike as C dot com. They may have had there. All right I'm out there and there were conflicting reports on this -- one report. I heard Harry talking about it this morning because I think there were actually two votes last night one of them with seven to five and the other one was eight to four and I believe the vote. To actually create the commission was eight to four. Yes and that was confusing there or else I. I will go on that -- I'm not so let's find secular outside appreciate. You better in the meantime I'll check myself and see if I can find the list. Or maybe Harry Kepler marry the usually it was since the show on I'm not sure he's listening right now are not the hit he probably could call and give us the rundown on the vote as well. Our aperture respects certain do. Yes thank you Dennis I appreciate and I I should be clear in creating this commission last night in voting. To create this commission that doesn't mean that the 1% sales tax increase is a done deal. What it means is that the commission has been created. And they will decide. Should the tax increase be passed by the voters. On how that money would be spent that is on which specific projects. On the money would be spent it's it's ostensibly to be used. Four four roads and and bridge repair here in the upstate but it also includes repairs to -- roads that are funded by the state. Which makes no sense and regarding Pedro. And this issue of course as it proceeds will come before you the voters so you'll have an opportunity to say. Yea or nay two to the -- the proposed tax increase its -- and take a break for the -- near the top of the hour right back on the other side. When our number 2 it's 4 o'clock.