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Jun 26, 2013|

Sen. Rand Paul talks to Bob about DOMA and Prop 8 Sup Court ruling and Immigration

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

83. -- -- -- -- -- Angles advantage chalk line numbers for you to join made this afternoon Greeneville. 232 WORD. Spartanburg 57 Ford WL RD text line number 71307. My email address Bobble on word. And Hotmail dot com FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio. WORD pleasure to welcome to the WORD airwaves and now to the upstate. -- itself the senator. From South Carolina senator from South Carolina. That's what did he will what that would be what it was our other senator John -- senator from Kentucky Rand Paul senator Paul how are you today -- What grade are got a promotion idea sure to represent Kentucky and South Carolina that he also well you know it's funny senator because I mentioned earlier that with -- Ed Markey moving over to the senior body now Merrill and we'll have three senators. Great to a great to have you here. I had the great pleasure a number of years ago to introduce your dad when he was -- campaigning for the presidency aren't here in the upstate. And room and a great -- kind things said about you by our mutual friend former senator Jim dement. Well I appreciate that Jim and our good friend who is a great US senator and I think he's being coming a great president for heritage. Yup absolutely he's -- he's getting an energized and and hopefully we'll get some traction for the conservative message. Let's skip forward senator to today. Another yet another chapter in the continuing wave of attacks on traditional conservative values for the Supreme Court rulings today. Yeah -- interesting thing that when you look at and were still reading the opinion is the one bright side to it is is that 35 states. Who have. Put into their law traditional marriage were not struck down so all all of those still will be on the books in all the states will still be -- to define marriage. The downside is is that it allowing states rights they're going to restates that basically have a different opinion. And I don't know maybe that's the only way we can and we can now. Sort of exist as a country is sort of agree to disagree with certain parts of the country on one page in certain parts of the country on another page. And it seems as if they divisive lines between the progressives in the Blue States and the people that prefer traditional conservative values for America in the red. And never the Twain shall meet like us. Maybe in some of the stuff will be complicated overtime but. I'm not sure estimated. Worse or sorting it out whats gonna actually happened with all of this but I think -- the good news is that. Each state will get to decide and they didn't try to overturn state -- with this. Yeah I guess probably the voters of California. Feel very frustrated they feel as if you know they voted the other way and now -- yeah I guess that are feeling. Disenfranchised by the court. Yet it's kind of a weird decision in the sense that they actually made no ruling on that case -- but they let a court decisions stand and overturn the California. Law so it's funny in some ways they let 35 states decide their traditional marriage. Then one particular case -- California. They didn't get to decide but they didn't make a ruling saying that California -- and decided it's sort of a weird convoluted. Decision and that sense but I think what they did is they just punted on that issue. And decided you know what we're not gonna open up pandora's box in the 35 states that have decided this. But we're gonna take things along the way towards. You know a different definition. Now we're talking -- senator Rand Paul from Kentucky I guess senator. Your point's well taken and we have to. We have to celebrate the victories minor though they may be where we find them we did at least get. Other ruling on voter ID to go on a more conservative bent earlier this week in a court decision. Let you know I think the one thing that can be celebrated his is that. There was a time and -- foul and I've lived in some of those states where. Historically people did the wrong thing -- excluding people because of the color of their skin and it was tragic and terrible summer history. But they're good news is that I think the reason the court has made this decision is that. Interestingly in many of those states blacks now booed at a higher percentage than whites. There are no rules left on the books that exclude people based on race sort things to try to prevent people from voting and I think that's say. That's a great statement for our country that we've come a long -- Well and I guess it is escape the attention of the progressives in power in the administration in Washington while attorney general Eric Holder. Spoke out vehemently. Against the Supreme Court ruling it -- apparently has escaped his attention to the president of the United States and he himself the attorney general are both black -- And I think sometimes we if we do we fail to go ahead and recognize good news. You know and the good news is is we've gotten beyond where people are judged -- race we've gotten beyond. But completely I'm sure there are still people who are bigoted and our society pitcher right having an African American president an African American attorney general. You know African Americans on the Supreme Court really truly and every walk of life there are people who have succeeded. And I think people truly are judge really about a color of their skin anymore and -- you know there's exceptions to every rules don't wanna say there isn't any of that -- but there's a lot of good news out there. And get the things from a pure political point of view because we group congressman according to racecar -- and it put tremendous all into one districts. It's actually given the Republicans more congressmen Democrats here congressman because we have you know if they work. Grouped in that fashion their -- would be more Democrat victories actually. -- and and -- -- marginalization of African Americans senator Paul you are are well known. For all your beliefs and in limited government and free markets and and personal liberty when you see the kinds of things that have been transpiring and and coming out. -- Washington and in recent weeks. The IRS going after conservative groups. The NSA spying on Americans that Department of Defense warning Christians in the military they can't proselytize for their religion. -- dismiss these these things must be as upsetting to you as they are to many of us here in South Carolina. Yeah I think whether you're Republican or Democrat people don't want the -- nature of government used against you if your party loses the election. So you know right now Democrats have won the national election that a lot of Republicans and Tea Party folks and concerns. Don't think it's fair that they get to use all the power of government to basically police citizens and audit them. Abuse them terrorize them in many ways. And to because some day revival was when will Democrats want that same kind of thing to happen to them. And nobody. No absolutely not and and in in the event that we had someone who won -- two totally assumed tyrannical dictatorial powers. Certainly at the end of the elements are in place to facilitate that. Yeah now they have become very concerned about his -- Since I've gotten to Washington -- have largely discovered that some of the most powerful people appear at the unelected bureaucrats they write they were essentially write the laws the regulations. Obamacare is bad as it was was 2000 pages but the unelected bureaucrats to Britain another 20000 pages. But where becomes a real problem is that people interpreting these rules the people prosecuting. American citizens of putting them in jail government employees are doing this. Are overwhelmingly. Giving money to the Democrats. So the IRS union that national treasury union give a million dollars to Democrats in the last two cycles. And 20000 dollars to Republicans. And I'm guessing the Republicans they gave to were really republicans' annual. Yeah -- -- general do you think all of government all of the government unions that work up here. They gave thirty million to Democrats last year and 200000 Republicans. To really there's an overwhelming bias in these employees. And you wonder I mean is it coming out -- day to day life we had that EPA official uniform about a year ago yeah. Who said when you come to town it should be like the Romans you crucial -- businessman. Make examples out on the that'll make -- -- but hey if. My and that's that's that's some way to. Have to serve the people who are. Essentially paying for them. To be there senator Rand Paul is my guest senator the immigration bill of course hot on the agenda we had the vote the other day on the -- Coker. Amendment. Senator Lindsey Graham from south Carolina's famously warned. That if the immigration bill is not passed we don't would attract enough which he knows so Hispanic voters. To the banner of the GOP -- -- a demographic death spiral. My contention would be just the opposite that if this immigration bill passes it would put the GOP into. A death spiral. Well in my opinion has been -- is that we should do something because ten million people are here illegally and that's because the system's broken. But I hectic has slightly different opinion on what the proposal should be. I think that immigration reform should be dependent upon border security first. And so I introduced an amendment that was called trust but verify and it would just said that instead of the president deciding on the border secure. Congress would decide would vote each year. But none of the process of getting work basis for people would start occurring. And -- after congress goes to the borders becoming secure so -- this is different approach knows it became demoralized about process when the Republicans on the gang and made about. -- about two weeks ago finally announced that they would not make legalization dependent upon border security and that's sort of the opposite I think what most conservatives want. Yeah and certainly have its its stands in opposition to what senator Marco Rubio for instance. Had previously said before he went on Univision and reversed his position. Yes so I think really that the only hope I think for conservatives to be able to support some kind of immigration reform which I think is necessary. Is that maybe the house can make it a lot better and make it about a border security first kind of built. Mom and I think it's you know. There is some truth to the fact that we do need to change our rhetoric and our attitude and we need to be more appreciative of the people who wanna come to this country and work. But same time we shouldn't give up on what we believe in which is the rule of law. And that there have to be secure borders and that we can't just offer welfare voting privileges to anybody without them -- truly becoming America. Talking with the Kentucky senator Rand Paul who by the way. Is going to be joining us here in South Carolina no later this week right senator. Yeah I'm excited -- much about -- coming to Greenville on earlier in the day and then to Columbia. Later in the evening on Friday for a barbecue I think. One of them still may have openings of people go to exceed. GOP dot com for the dinner in Columbia may have some openings left. Excellent we look forward to having you here what will it be in -- gaze into the crystal ball. A little bit for a senator and not tell us what you think is gonna happen with the immigration bill you mentioned. It could -- that I have more conservative oriented issues of respect primarily border security put into it by the house. Is -- not a danger that senator there when he goes to reconciliation that it would be watered down again. Yes and to I think bill as it passes in the senate and it's gonna pass I'm a no vote on it but it will passed. I think he's dead on arrival now but. In the house they are working on some bills -- -- to expand pieces for skilled workers. Some to expand the work program. Some two figure out how we get work pieces for those who were here. And all of it depended on were -- on having border security first. And -- I've met a lot of people in the house they're just on a different page from the senate and much more conservative. And some of your congressman frankly from South Carolina have been part of the leaders on this issue and I think -- craft a bill. That could be really much better than the senate bill and maybe jumping -- support if we can get it over but the dangerous when he goes to this conference committee. Is who corrupt system meaning that that. That little thing that happened. Do you have time to take a a -- to senator before you go. You know I'm unfortunate I think I'm booked on another show how little we can do against them now I would like -- come back on the show and do it sometimes -- maybe the next couple weeks negative. That be great senator Rand Paul you're always welcome any time sir give your regards Stuart dad and -- thanks for. For a fighting for the -- traditional values and smaller government and free markets in Washington. Thank you -- my pleasure thank you -- senator Rand Paul. Joining us this afternoon coming up on twenty minutes after five. Will have to take quick break here will bring up to speed on real time traffic. -- -- robards is standing by -- that and then now right back with more and more here fungal. Here on the Wednesday addition here's -- now. Cozy Cole. Yeah sure. Seeing. Part two. Around our online. Order barring injury the world. 5 after 5 o'clock Monday night program I think -- senator Rand Paul. For joining us this afternoon get his reaction to amongst other things the the dramatic. Supreme Court rulings. Today. The The Heritage Foundation which of course senator Paul referenced headed up by former South Carolina senator Jim dement. Issuing some month. Some -- some statements some positions. On a court rulings today in the Supreme Court announcing there. Disturbing decisions on two important cases dealing with marriage law. Despite the ruling is a court refused however to create a constitutional right. To same sex marriage. Ryan G Anderson who is senior fellow in religion and a free society at The Heritage Foundation. And as they author of the book what is marriage men and woman a defense. Disgust the court's ruling today. And its impact and here's what he had to say. In a proposition eight case citizens California went to their ballot box to. Vote on what marriages they passed -- constitutional amendment defining marriage you know a man and a woman. The governor and the attorney general California refused to defend this law. So was challenged in court it countless citizen group to defend the law today the Supreme Court said that citizen group -- outstanding. And the law. So what this means that the court didn't strike down prop eight the court -- uphold prop eight the court just said we're not reviewing the case because you don't have standing. This disenfranchises. The citizens of California they went to the polls they voted about marriage and it should have had their day in court to defend their marriage. Now I know the other big court ruling today that was on -- on the federal defense of marriage act. The court struck down. Section three that someone that declares that the federal government cannot define marriage for its own federal policies and federal laws that must accept. Whatever the states decide. About marriage and here is mr. Anderson's comments on the -- rule. In the defense of marriage act case the court so that the the federal government has to accept. What ever the state say about marriage. But this gets federalism -- the states have authority to define marriage for state purposes and state law. And the federal government has authority to define marriage for federal purposes. And for federal law. But the court got this wrong when -- -- that the federal government has to accept whatever the states in about marriage. Even if the states redefine marriage in a way that the federal government doesn't like. That's Ryan T Anderson. He is one of the senior felons and religion and a free society. At The Heritage Foundation 28 after five back to the phones ago let's bring in now Robby who was on his cellphone -- Robby and welcome to the program. I'm doing. Pretty good under the circumstances. -- -- -- a lot of talk about yours your sponsor the structure a lot of conservative actual. Yeah -- they are they are true conservatives in in every sense of the word -- It didn't sound familiar to get me out a lot like the same group that now. We're running all but it sure our primary. -- I'm sure that's merely coincidence. Or me. Yeah yeah -- They also thought the same group that all all pretty -- out. -- GOP trichet delegate -- About a week after reaching organization has -- body paint. And nobody can figure out how to pick up -- -- great. Nobody at the state party which would point you ought to give it. Probably the NSA gave them don't actually think domain name they -- that they gave them them the list of people that. Mitt Romney gave money to too -- to his political enemies so you could well be. That's very doubt possibility. And also ridiculous suggestion on my part that they are really important. -- Lindsay Graham would be but it kept ignorant. Well -- ambassador David Wilkins is the chairman of a South Carolina. Conservative action committee I'm -- they have I settled their website the group was formed in. 2010. And I noticed that coincidentally that is the same period in time. Where they IRS was delaying and refusing to grant 501 C four status to that any group that had conservatives and its name and yet. And South Carolina conservative action committee managed to do to get pretty quick approval apparently. You -- there was absolutely no change that would have India nomination about it and it at this tragic and it's as she. But that's what else. Had been it would have been legal options can't keep -- -- grant or what. We packed. But it but it's tough to do that in the state convention when now the microphones are turned off and you're all look back at all. Although the court let's. Nikki Haley -- pass -- against voting election won't be your. Power away. But he up. And we are recorded in the state. It could you repeat that quickly erotic as he dropped out there on the. You know Arctic villages -- extreme which was election reform bill right. Now of course this is key part to market from didn't -- -- -- -- -- 200 watts yeah. In the process. She can be controlled primary completely white part. And the state wrong and be that she GOP under the Democrat primary. Yep that's not an option to view our -- stock -- -- out the well. -- sad but true rob we have got around but I thank you for the call. -- time it's 531 take a break for that and then right back with more of your calls here on the body -- show Wednesday edition on news radio WORD. We're live and local 1106 there. Thank you Victor and don't forget our text line number. 71307. -- I'm 37 now 23 people six back of the homes ago. Welcome -- great he is in Greeneville hi Greg and welcome to the bombing -- I ordered about him Mac not to you should thank you. Well there are actually do it all live our accountability blows some of the garbage that we bend area wanted to shed a little bit of positive light on now. Some young men that are representing Greeneville. Wow -- where we can always stand to hear more good news. Well all right Mike song that is a member of the boy scout troop. Nine which got -- -- welcome United Methodist Church down down right there and there is a group of them being led by the assistant. Now serve as it is up in Washington DC this week. And today they have the opportunity to meet with senator -- Scott. And took a tour of the capital through you -- and senator Scott was able to arrange something that I'm very proud. To say that. For a scout troop low lying or I had the honor of laying -- at the chairman of the unknown soldier Tibet why. In fact what I'm very proud to say that much sun's out was one of the -- scouts that actually. Was able to do that as an eleven year old young man I don't there's going to be. -- thing that you will remember the rest while I it. -- how proud I am uphill. And the assistant scout master -- pull an all those young men out there today. Was that arranged through senator Scott's office is that right. Yes -- -- -- you know I -- I didn't even know that the possibility of doing something like that existed. I would quite a surprise to but they've -- Saturday. And all wanted to actually they didn't nominate a candidate a church service at the national -- Spiegel. Has facility. And that they really enjoyed that that was that and be laying at the rate was the cute things that they have gotten -- and Sunday. Temple the assistant scoutmaster is done a wonderful job showing them. A lot of -- -- they've -- chew. All the battle it'll. And Yorktown and Jamestown. Went Q. Manassas. They've let you be. Out to the airport at the -- -- -- and stationary museum annex. Yeah they're. And they just have a fantastic trip but. Was very proud. I think the -- should be proud that troop nine represented gringo attitude of the unknown. Yeah that's that's pretty impressive Greg I'm ironically. I grew up about a mile. From the -- from the backside. Of the the gardens of stone the the national cemetery. There and those guys that are in the old guard that the the individuals. -- in the army unit that they guard the tomb of the unknowns. That is a very strike outfit and those guys. They've you know they they guard the tomb 24/7 365 Christmas Day Thanksgiving Day. A 140 degree heat hurricane coming through no matter what. They're out -- regarding to -- and they do an impressive job and to have the kids the young men from from boy scout troop nine. I'll be able to have to take part in in laying a wreath there I know is something that'll stay with -- for the rest of their lives. Very much so. It and that's been in the they are a couple days I just wanted to show a positive light and let folks know that you know what her. There is the belts that are teaching some of these fine young man. The true ways of all this country and what this country is found. All of god bless and thanks very much for a for sharing that they're great news Greg and and I know Europe. Justifiably proud of their young man. I very much yeah thank you Doug and I have a bit. Thank you Greg I appreciate very much 541. Nineteen now before six. Welcome back Wednesday edition 544 now. 16 before 6 o'clock in me on background one of our body -- remixes. On a big four seasons yet. December. 196381. Million songs that feature into Jersey boys come into the season. CNN. And not in the wake of the S Supreme Court decision today much of the conversation has centered around not a course where there have -- and a couple of other. Big stories maybe the month the most. Stunning. From the NFL. I guess we got an answer. Today as you well why a the best tight end in college football when he played at the University of Florida. Aaron Hernandez slipped. Two the fifth round in the NFL draft before being taken by the New England Patriots. Hernandez today. Given the perp walk. In -- in Boston. And cut by the patriots and now charged with murder. In the death of a semi pro football player a friend of his. Whose body turned up and he then stuff has been coming out. In dribbles and and drabs and drips. Through the course of the week. The state police showed up and Hernandez's home and wanted his cell phone. And his his lawyer gave it to -- pieces in a box. And in addition to that Hernandez brought in a cleaning service on Monday and a clean now -- from -- of not not exactly. The moves of a master criminal. So. Hernandez now being held without bail and was cut within hours of being arrested. In in Boston and more good news for the NFL. Speaking of drafts. How about sort of thought so little pulled to the Cleveland Browns. To -- their draft -- Cleveland Browns -- this is from -- the Cleveland Browns released a rookie who was charged with attempted murder. For allegedly punching a man outside a club in northern New Jersey. Today. In a brief statement the browns announced linebacker. All certain -- can't release this afternoon his release came on the day after the AFC's rookies. Visited the browns facilities. As part of the NFL's rookie symposium that they have these seminars now. They have these meetings and leave the purpose of which is to prepare the drafted. First year players for what life is like in the NFL and how to behave how to how to act and comport yourself. On and off the field apparently this guy slipped through the meetings or didn't get the memo. Earlier this week the players listen to cautionary speeches from Cincinnati quarterback. -- corner back Adam Pacman Jones and former Ohio State star Maurice claret about staying out of trouble. Something both those individuals on a whole lot about because they've been there done that. I'll walk cut it turns out is the second browns rookie to be arrested. They're seventh round draft pick. A -- Bryant was charged with do you lie in Oklahoma less than a week after the browns selected the defensive end. In in this year's draft. T. -- You know when all of a sudden in the case of Hernandez that he just what are get a twelve million dollar. Bonus Fisher got a contract extension and got something like ten or twelve million dollars. And that I guess that money is unrecoverable. By the patriots president he's got bigger problems right now. Incredible. Well I got this in the end. Email just a few minutes ago too from other folks that. USA action alert. We have talked in the past about how phone calls. To the offices of your elected representatives in Washington. Both to the house and senate. Although there are unnecessary in the case of Jeff documentary -- has anyone of them is gonna sport the immigration moment. Certainly on the senate side with Lindsey Graham. How phoning. These individuals can have an influence. On what they do you know whether in the case of senator Graham well or not but maybe you well as some others. This is from rob Roy back -- numbers USA your phone calls are picking up new no votes. In a roll call voting today. Other good signs that S 744 that's the immigration bill won't become law. -- for your witness earlier in the hour you heard senator Rand Paul say you think it is gonna. BP believes it is gonna pass in the senate. Now Roy Beck says thanks to all who are calling our prayers and action are working stand and faith believing in our god rains. In this -- senate phone lines jammed with anti amnesty calls. And red state Democrats taking a callous to view toward struggling workers and their state. The on media coming to grips of the bruising senate battle making a house far less receptive to amnesty this year that's the other. Take away from today's news. There they're floating trial balloons. That John Boehner the -- of the house. Says now he is not going to break. The senate version of -- of the immigration bill -- 744 not gonna bring it to the four. The toll free number. I'm sorry here's the F switchboard number. -- that you can go to the directory in DC April DC and home state phone office numbers here is the of the main switchboard number 202. That's the DC area code 2022243121. And -- I got a couple of my text messages. About this. Bumped up. Yeah just called on Graham -- these office got right through at 202224. 5972. Okay. 2022245917. For those of you with a long enough memories of last last time we went down this road on on an amnesty bill. There were so many calls to the switchboard in Washington it blew out the phone system. So we'll see if we can generate the same kind of result this time around. 5519. Minutes now before six a few at the -- waning part of the afternoon commuters like this Wednesday. The lovely and talented any robards is standing by and ready to go and it. Yeah. I can't sleep psychedelic sixties. Now there are bodies of the IRS has. Back in the news I surely a story the other day how you know I I asset -- a warm personal relationship. These days with the Internal Revenue Service I got a letter from back in May it well. I -- 19100 dollars from your 2011 return. Yeah I know that's a return that I turned in a year and a half ago. You couldn't could they just -- -- it's purely coincidental that they just discovered. That dial another 19100 bucks so OK I wrote a check for 99 about here's your money go. The -- now at it it's sad when I received the letter from a you must pay this by a I think it was June 10. Okay. So I -- and the check. And this is like they're 25 of may make cash it I think -- like a 28. Okay. The money pretty correct me if I'm -- doesn't may 28 come before June 10. And -- right in assuming that you are correct about OK fair enough. This week. John in her letter. The IRS. Telling me that because I'd failed to pay the 19100 dollars before the June 10 due date. I had a cinema another check for 45 bucks as elite free as a penalty. They cash the check on May 28. It wasn't you and -- June 10. And it so it might be -- I talked to to my tax expert adding greater. His advice. Money Mac write him a check for 45. But but they're wrong on -- I know you don't get it. Write him a check for 25 bucks and make them go away. Until they decide. Well. That's the -- for 45 dollars and I sent him as the late fee penalty was also sent a wait and there's no way Adrian ability attached to that point. -- pretty. By the way the IRS only two 2008 conference in Atlanta. The included an open bar elaborate orders and a video of agency employees dressed does Olympic athlete with a makeshift -- -- How much money did they spend 2.4 million dollars. It gives me a warm Fuzzy feeling. To know that I have now contributed. In addition to what I pay for a year which is not insubstantial. An additional 1925. Dollars to help fund their 2013. On -- wherever that maybe thank you. Thank you very -- It certain -- God bless.