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Mar 25, 2013|

Cong. Trey Gowdy is our guest; e 15 gas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Hello how he. Okay. They don't call me I -- slacker radio program. And I hear the -- advantage -- line numbers were used to get in touch and join me and be a part of the show as we welcome in. Congressman -- gallery to the program for the next few minutes here in Greeneville 232. WORD. 2329673. Spartanburg 574. -- WORD. Our tax line number 71307. FaceBook dot com and twitter.com. Slash news radio WORD. Congressman how in the world are. I'm doing wonderful and I'm sorry this weather is playing Havoc with your golf game. -- the it's it's it's it's brutal isn't it -- what what a what a traumatic experience has been for me to have to go one whole week. Probably a good little ball here you've probably played the way I can't. Even down under and are absolutely right it's great to have a year congressmen again I I wish that we had some months some sunny or. Warmer weather for you to escaped the confines. I would rather do my dear if you worse leading. -- That message received and understood. Congressman a lot of questions coming in on our FaceBook and and on our. Text -- as well send anyone threes are a salmon and we have a caller -- and ask questions for you as well. Many of the questions had to do with Homeland Security. And this business with their buying up hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow point ammo. A total we -- of of may be some. Two billion rounds of ammunition purchased and now just today. We learn that DHS. Has announced. They plan to purchase another. 360000. Rounds of a boy this is forty can now -- -- forty caliber pistol -- again in hollow point. In addition to the -- 360000. Rounds. The babe just purchased last month all I had -- up to the roughly two billion bullets. Already bought over the past year and a apparently. They are unwilling to have to answer to you guys on the hill what's the story year. -- I wish -- -- You know -- -- camp a wonderful congressman from cadences and the follow up -- old -- explanation. Jeff Duncan who served on Homeland Security assessed for -- explanation and judge and chase pitches to chairman. Of an oversight committee that has jurisdiction over a Department of Homeland Security at an almost talking to Jason this morning outsold the oracle. But there was yet a no other purchase or request to purchase. It several 100000. Additional rounds of PowerPoint. -- -- When and a she comes before judiciary or oversight. Out on the issues she's going to answer the question. I can't promise you -- like cancer but this notion that you could refuse to answer those tips questions -- Duncan's questions. Portrait it's his questions. Jason committed to new this morning he is going to bring her before homeland. Oversight -- subcommittee and we're going to ask her good they're maybe they're maybe. Some explanation about I don't know. The explanation they've given so far right -- is you know they they say that they're acquiring all these in bulk. To save money I don't know what yeah and and since when is this administration temperament Ginsburg are saving money. Balance that -- good -- of its class mirror and secondly. Secondly there's an app I just can't. We had this same issue last week with Morton what was what sequestration and the release of detainees yeah. Personal reasons people and that panel. They goal to keep it. Even Republicans fatal to understand. The level of cynicism. Skepticism. Frustration. And anger on behalf of people who -- out in real miracle. The GSA gal was reinstated today -- but I picked up. They figure the guy responsible for the conference. Will if would -- with new release sitting in October drink and watch it reinstated. Yeah I had nothing to say here move along. But but but but took the disconnect when nick Holmes -- frustration the anger we we head. I'll sit around a proper to have table where. Or five bush. Administration folks on drones they invited me to call -- on the interstate in the legal issues right and one of my Republican colleagues. One of my Republican colleagues stood. Well here's the explanation and and there's got to trust so so what I'd ever gonna use it against you know American citizens not so with all due respect with all due respect. No one trust India. Right and and least of wall. Eric Holder the guy who ran fast and furious we know when he says trust me these would never be used against Americans while his words good as gold -- -- -- have you ever say they -- more prophetic amateur to an otherwise simple question. That order trying venture Ted Cruz is questioned and synergy this year. And had to say it was the can't do it but it wouldn't do it now with respect to the ammunition it's not just in addition you also have civilian -- This is the same lady that some folks -- to certify the borders secure connection with immigration reform. It's what I will commit to you into your listeners. I'm gonna make chase system would be -- he's gonna do this morning. I'm noted Jeff Duncan goes on no matter and those character on nobody had not talked about this issue he's going to do what he can -- find out and will -- support it'll scale. At a certain point. Mr. Pollack taught -- graphical the force wants some committee that I am all an -- from the issues I'm going to ask. Now that the answers of their given insurgents. For lack of a better expression their BS I mean. Hollow points or almost twice as expensive as full metal Jack -- nobody trains. With hollow points. So the answers they're giving her. The disingenuous. Isn't. Would you try to double the cost of their leadership and I was a big guns -- words spoke for this morning -- journal -- friend of mine. And Alicia trying to took. To manipulate the ammunition market. And I know there are a lot of Border Patrol agents and -- know that they they qualified -- with their farms. Is that this is an off and addiction for the next twenty something. You're right it's enough to fight the Iraq War something like seven times. Can we did it and today we wonder. Why people. Don't like government don't trust government don't have confidence and it that's -- pretty legitimate question first solution to ask you that. Why are you buying so much ammunition and intent to not get a response. Well what Serb -- multiple affairs Jason tickets. Committed to me this morning but splits. On the give him -- chance to do it. Well Bob I certainly hope we get to the bottom up because they're there is some explanation out there and it's not. But they're buying you know two billion bullets. For for training purposes that's that's not the answer -- -- go to the phones quickly congressman doesn't know that there are folks that have questions on here for you beginning with bill. Who is in Boiling Springs god they'll welcome your on the body Mac show with congressman down. I kind of Richmond. Thank you very much for all you've done in Washington where I really appreciate out here all of your. All of your goodwill and all of the things that you've downforce you're in a state of South Carolina. Well I think I'd like that took about. About -- fast and furious and also about the situation that's that's still going on with our attorney general. Can't we do anything about getting him out of there. Well we had a we had a resolution of disapproval. That we struggled to get 218 -- -- There is. You know I get asked a lot about impeachment. You have we'd all like why don't we we we actually lost a seats in the senate so the notion that you're gonna get two thirds. I will vote in the senate. And the other thing that concerns me is what guarantee do I have that his replacement won't be as bad if not worse he's. -- I can't imagine that but -- perhaps it will work with perspective fast and furious. It is in court that if if you if you Google it -- there'd been a few obscure order cools. The judge. Ordered the oversight committee and the Department of Justice to try to work out. What documents they were point two agreed to that did not work or not I'm not actually glad it didn't work there was I don't -- work the issue well I'll open document. So the -- support gonna have to rule that issue of executive privilege. And other than that until that happens. Then there we are in legal limbo as to whether or not he passed it took. To give us the docket. Yeah I think she knows this is nixonian. It -- is the most curious invocation of executive privilege that any of us who all of that issue -- -- You can't at the same -- -- the president knew nothing about it. But yet but that the conversation what they were so sensitive. That we're gonna have to book your ticket -- don't get to -- -- yeah yeah and -- only spent only lawyers could take this long to get an answer. And that's the truth for bill on hopefully eventually animal as this thing winds its way through the courts. Will will get some sort of resolution but -- it's it's another point of frustration for many -- south thank you for the call bill. Let me get Joseph in your next Joseph is in Piedmont -- -- welcome here on the body Mac show on WOR deal with congressman -- out. China orient. HOW good start to appreciate where you're doing mr. -- people who. Good work and there and congress thinks it's a little -- change of subject. Over the last. Several years we heard. Fragments of news and trying to kind of our illustrious. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Trying to deal with Russia could give some of the islands in the Aleutian. Islands off Alaska. Back to Russia. While I don't know if you know anything about that. I've heard some experts. Claim that there's maybe some very rich lands under that is those prices for oil fields. I -- know if you know anything about that and and cannot -- congress prevent that from happening. And now hang up and listen. Then I do appreciate the call. Joseph -- say units are so full disclosure I I know who. Maybe an off to say I've heard that issue before yup I remember it basically. Reading about it -- remember asking about it. But I'm rock I would do Joseph and Bobby used a neurosurgeon disservice -- try to do anything other than straight if you give me. 2448. Hours I'll -- you that you and Hatcher and Bobby I'll send it to you can't. But but I don't wanna do a disservice to the question and it and I don't want it. You know the last that I had heard on that was that there was an initiative. In the State Department -- to do precisely what Joseph was talking about to give back. Part of an island chain that I believe was part of the illusions that supposedly does contain very rich oilfields. But that's stats the last and I heard on -- as well. Well because people. When he Mitch is sector Clinton's name in the first thing with the mama was then Gaza more so in the Aleutian Islands hands and she is in Bobby Evans could take she is going to be the 26. Nominee without a -- And and I don't witnessing your bank on top forty although it won't but the truth of the matter is we do controlled house. We don't control the senate were controlled house and the fact that subpoenas had not been sent in Bangkok -- is absolutely. On acceptable. And so that's debater and anyone else is in a position of leadership. The fact that we have not sent subpoenas to Clinton and rice in the accountability review board. But just like fast and furious big Ghazi if you don't see it out to the end. Then people begin to think it was political all all well I'm glad you mentioned Clinton's night. And and how about these thirty plus surviving witnesses of what happened. Up in windy and we've never been able to hear any. Up and we've never men found out who those individuals are let alone had an opportunity to question them. About the events that occurred around the death of the ambassador in the two Navy SEALs of the civilian contractors trying to protect them. Well even though he's in the minority in the senate. Senator Graham watched him last week on television. And he did exactly the appropriate thing he called out. His Republican colleagues in the house. Could we do have subpoena power yes and there's no reason for us to not bring survivors. Or rice or whoever it's. And important this is little dispute even more than the Republican Portugal. Whether or not we need to pursue big Ozzie is as crazy -- that channels that there's a division even within the party. There's not a division in this state division division in the port. Well there was certainly investigation around Watergate and no American ambassador was killed in that. And three other Americans and score worse. Injured an -- Don't look all Nixon -- the ambassador to the united stations -- fodder for -- chose to blame it. On a this almost video iPod probably just a kid but I don't remember that. I know your your your recollection as accurate. A congressman -- got to take a quick break here. Can you can hang with -- -- medical ailments are good deal if you will hold on write their congressman would get right back to 21 minutes after four and right back to more of your questions for congressman -- Gabby as well fortunately one now let's check real time traffic again this afternoon -- any robards she's ready to go that. -- -- -- -- -- You may need to Iowa answered. 26 after 4 o'clock -- payment program. Congressman ray Downey joining me happy to I'm sure got a little spring break. From the activities. Inside the beltway and I get back here to the -- good to have you with this congressman let me -- and a quick question now because. And then there is I don't know if you guys are are hearing much about this and Washington. But there is the natives are restless. Not just here in the upstate of South Carolina but many in the Republican Party. All over America. Very very concerned about. Guys like frankly Karl Rove. And the direction that apparently -- -- wants to take the GOP and we see Boehner on. ABC's this week yesterday saying. Quote we do not have an immediate debt crisis. While we are sixteen point 75 trillion dollars in debt I guess the question that I am working my way around to hear is. It is is the GOP in your estimation really going to to try and become. Democrat -- and if they do rule. Would you do you see that as being beneficial. To the future of the Barney or being a death -- -- the end of the party. We we cannot be better Democrats than the Democrats -- It and if they understood that I -- bitterly disappoint at all dealt but he did a bitterly disappointed that's a direct. Because Paul Ryan's been all week. Beginning Campbell on the floor of the house because he. Data to propose a budget to balance in ten years because we do have a debt. Crisis sought -- also this you you look look right now at the leaders the people that are connecting with voters and young people. You got crews you've got rain and you've got mark go. You got some gas in it it it in the house. And they're not connecting the colds very or just a slightly more restrained version. All of the Democrat party and we need. But in my opinion we need contrast. We need to be more persuasive and how we convince people. I think in that you remember look forward job I had to assemble Ford for people who couldn't get out of jury served as a -- that's. It that you don't look what persuasion and facts and not think the facts are on our side. But the notion. You know who roku. And -- It is no winning for the sake of winning is meaningless to make sure -- it is meaningless. I would rather have out. The reports that are -- when he recruited rubio and -- Now I wasn't perfect he also recruited some some some folks that. That that they worked successfully brought look at the people right now work carrying the -- for our party. But whether its own civil liberties what are its own economic opportunity -- would you be an older name to. -- on the scout troop from right here in South Carolina. When it Combs to economic opportunity. And preaching that message of fiscal conservatism with a smile on your face. There's no one in America that is they're content. Well I agree congressman -- but yet and you know we talk about these guys as potential new leaders of the party but. The establishment Terry ends up there the Karl rows of the world and apparently. Frankly the John Boehner and Mitch McConnell is well. What are they what do they hope to gain from positioning themselves. Further to the left I mean why would people vote for should go to Democrats when they could have the real thing. It is this mythology that we have to be obsessed with that eight to 10% that's in the middle -- remember that's for Romney did you have won the first debate many ran to the -- and essentially put in the sill fort fourth quarter lapses that work out we got hammered and we just -- have a president actually. We launched in North Dakota and Indiana and Montana we all senate races that could have and should have been. One so I -- -- -- -- what we need to do this -- -- figure out what it is we believe I would prefer to have that conversation. Behind closed doors he. Look in my -- uses so you can say whatever you -- about your sister's at home which you better not ever saying outside. How well this is this is the danger congressman Downey because I hear. Every day I can assure you that people are coming to the opinion that the part deal weeks are far more concerned with retaining power. Then they are with standing on anything as risky as a principal. Well sometimes that's true even in South Carolina you've been in the state is -- -- South Carolina jobs are. What change is good an op -- and I include dead even in my own job and I are well represented this district but change is good. It it did that switch it out who your who who you're a standard bearers or switch it now who has the pleasure of representing districts. I did change is good. New ideas are good -- -- got to figure out what you believe. Beta all that you believe. Is that we got to get world war vote than the other side you know what's the huge rally. You know why even why even fight the fight to begin with -- congressman trade -- joining me on the Bobby immature can you stick around for a few more minutes congressman sure. -- -- -- On policy terms got a little bit so I'm toward Bermuda will end up in Canada and and I'm going to -- him as well because he's going to be on me right after 5 o'clock in the young as a designer don't doubt that doubt about the fact that. 430 what is news time ride back and more of your phone calls and questions for congressman -- are on the way here on the Bobby Mack show why the local on WORD 106 story. Yeah. Thank you -- Joseph welcome back for 36 now truly clean before. Anyway. It's now has twelve pounds and senate and there are two week is a two week vacation isn't right to -- down. Well let me tell us not to use the word vacation yeah -- South Carolina that's who. And in point of fact that you guys spent a lot of time gone around and shaking babies and kissing hands during the period of time that your home anyway right. Well the plant tours are on now speaking. An academic awards banquet but tonight we just something I never went to as a student and me. I'm glad ago it's basic but that it looked immediately in district is -- you know I'm happy to be here. I am -- I mentioned on them numerous occasions that I was not in the top half of my class but I was in the half. That made the top pop up so I thought. I I made that meager contribution to. Back to the goes we go let's bring in now Payton who is in -- hi Clayton welcomed the -- -- much earlier on with congressman trade gap. Thank you wanted to talk to you. Congressman a question has to do it -- mental mental illness and times arm. I know that. Our senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill couple weeks together has dealers tighten -- -- with -- background checks. -- -- -- Our panel questioned statements question is what is it what is the content the house still indeed support the ability if not can you elaborate. But secondly I'd like to just say that as we have this discussion -- I think it's important stops crafted. To not. I think there's none intended consequence when people -- that struggle mental illness may have. If they hear their civil rights are going to be taken away from from getting healthy if they don't get to help they need it could result in the in the -- cases. You know that we see so that's kind of -- now. But that's that that is an absolutely fantastic. Question so here's what I wanna do lines cities in the phrase middle elements I want us. To use the phrase -- -- which is. Criminally mentally ill -- which which isn't that by definition that you -- a danger to yourself for others professor Graham is working -- bill. And are working with a group in the house only builder two components. To it. -- paid and Bobby number one. Are put those who've already been adjudicated crumbling literally killed there's the issue of getting the information. To NCA RC. So if you're. Elliptical but nobody is that the lady were convicted of -- -- of felony. Home. It up that information is not that good in CIC if they don't know about it right. So the number the number one had a Wii and sent to states. To ascend. The implement its already guess -- all for someone who's been -- adjudicated mentally defective to possess any kind of gone period right. So let me get the information -- -- -- -- the first issue the second issue is. Do we need different language than what the current title eighteen not 22 -- section as. -- I can tell you dropped prosecute these cases probably I don't know what it means to be adjudicated mentally defective. I -- little used to place mentally defective right but that's what the statutes yup. So is there are user appetite it you know or speak to an hour race but but but but up but I will. I think they're already doesn't want anyone who is crumbling middle you'll accessing weapons and then would be. Please -- how polished in a responsible way. But that addresses the issue. You know and I think on the record -- Simpson yes but but here's the question. Who gets to decide -- yeah it could cause cause on the -- they're they're some radio talk show personality that I could pray juror what. But but but I thought psychologist or psychiatrist who cares what -- Now and -- and the danger of abuse is is always in the back of everyone's mind. That there was also some language and in senator -- you could -- you know any kind of caught on constituents that it has suffered some health problems. Problem that there was a way to earn back your Second Amendment Rights are you so many were what got her first you were sure it really. Yes it to restoration of -- -- let's assume for the sake of argument so when he comes back from Iraq and they are diagnose posttraumatic stress disorder or. For whatever reason Burton Burton -- there that this place statute. Or a police officer or something. All right. Well just like many states have rights restoration for the folks who have who have had crumbled difficulties in the bastard only stands to reason. That you would also be able to help other rights like the right to possess and bear arms -- restored. If you were restricted. So -- -- is pursuing it in the senate that's a tougher hill to climb because these in the minority. We're trying to do something. It it it is in the house well. But instead of saying middle mental illness because dot I I made the mistake and verbal historical or abuse of that phrase you and mob owned. Burned off and should -- and it should have the calls. They're people who. Who do work. Won't look where it -- mental illness that that are not criminally mentally ill. And so -- -- draw distinction between. You folks who -- battled depression or -- battle other things with criminally mentally ill really uses the phrase. Almost -- I creations. If you're a danger to yourself or others I don't want you having a slingshot. Much less than they are -- By the same token -- to make that hole. There was a case down patrol some problem that -- lady who have been found not guilty by reason of insanity. -- you what you're too. What ever to even stand trial. -- she got a -- She got to go yet shouldn't America if -- if you're not. But there -- enough to even stand trial. You can have a -- Now truth -- fact. She failed a background check which leads to the next question. How many cases is a problem justice prosecute. Currently for people who felt background checks this -- 2%. So while we had to give a little more statutes if he's not enforcing the ones that we -- You got -- -- hope that answers your question and I thank you for the call. I predict if it doesn't drop you -- underscore how do you or 43 now on seventeen minutes. Before 5 o'clock we'll go ahead take a quick break here ride back and more your questions -- congressman -- gallery coming right up. Allman Brothers band in the night. Midnight rider for 48 now a dozen minutes before. -- apology is because typically one -- come to a break in the program. I always ask our guests to begin stick around for a few minutes and I didn't do that -- congressman -- -- into the last break. And unfortunately. He is time challenged at this point is he has that event. But tonight that that you mention -- asked do a clean up and get ready for. So what congressman Downey has had to depart but we thank him for his time look forward to the next time we get him back on here in the meantime must go go back to the phones. -- see if not -- who was in Spartanburg has anything else. Rick go welcomed the program sorry that we ran out of time with congressman Downey is there anything else that you had on your mind that you wanted to talk about outdoor or. The composure question because congressman Gary probably is still listen. There you don't hear the -- -- Well it'll ask congressman Gary Warren is so. First -- 08. So close to give the president protections -- are supposed Motorola. The circuit loading but it was to raise the debt civility. And so our Q -- short his allegiance to the Lindsay Graham and never. Big government crowd turned out his allegiance to our not so so terribly so. Of course not doing it. I I understand the philosophy. Behind me and the introduction of the legislation to give former president's Secret Service protection for life. Because we do live obviously in a very dangerous time where if if al-Qaeda or another terrorist organization. Wanted to they're always looking to make big headlines and there would be no headlines bigger than the assassination. Of former president however. The of the problem I have and win the problem that I have with that he has. These guys are all millionaires and they need private security let them pay for it. If -- argue that we -- -- very. Two to take care of course would not sitting in particular blues so there they do not need protection. -- thanks -- -- -- for the cholera and am glad that you had an opportunity to. Get sick. There's something else going on here today than I wanted to do it to make you aware of and I don't know if you. There are a lot of people that follow up. The really good newspaper that Bob Hill puts out the the times examiner here in the upstate he's got a big headline story on on the latest issue. -- latest issue that I am anyway about this. -- right now. The a blend of ethanol and gasoline is -- and that is what you by the pompous 10% ethanol in 90% gasoline. But. 50% increase. In the amount of ethanol that in that mix has already rolled out in a handful of states and the AAA. Amongst others is issuing warnings. About. AAA says the Environmental Protection Agency and gasoline retailers should halt the sale. Stop the sale of the fifteenth the new ethanol blend that could damage millions of vehicles and void. Automobile warranties. Triple -- says just twelve million of more than 240 million cars trucks -- -- suvs now -- use have manufacturers approval. Four. Flex fuel vehicles -- twelve and newer GM vehicles 2013 boards and 2001. And later model. Portions are the exceptions. According to triple way. It's clear that millions of Americans are unfamiliar with the fifteen. Which means there is a strong possibility that many may improperly filled up using this gasoline and damaged their vehicle. Said the president and CEO of AAA. Bringing. The needs of consumers BMW. Chrysler Nissan Toyota and VW. Have said their warranties will not cover fuel related claims caused by. Ford Honda Kia Mercedes-Benz and Volvo have said. Citing potential corrosive damage to fuel lines gas gets. And other engine components. Gasoline blended with 10% ethanol has been the standard. And most of the nation's 160000. Gas stations spurred by federal laws and standards. Designed to use more renewable energy sources. And the last and the nation's dependence on foreign oil okay. Money world. OK so four warrant is forearm. Seven minutes now before five and speaking of transportation. A -- on the afternoon commute is going. Real time traffic and -- any robards. Terry Stanford in the background from. Sixties. Suspicion. Got a couple of minutes remaining before -- timer -- -- our. And now than continuing our political theme on the field and it. United States senator Tim Scott will be joining me on the other side of the news and right now -- is joining me from Taylor's hello Emily how is your Monday. I've talked. Where they're here so -- I do but captain Tom Bartlett said about the economy in the navy could not be available. And aren't compatible they're banks at fourteenth and now aren't you my dear. All right but by not as the normal. Standard fuel that you find the gas station. He remembered that -- -- -- on. Air here remember when you support that. Oh yeah yeah you're right yeah. He gave up. Hey you know him well I'm surprised and -- hasn't smoked up everything could be used. -- -- Yeah that that that elusive right now that was a cheap shot and I know I -- drug. Really a little bit certain. It will reforma opt. Where are you about thank you and Malia and she's right has been available. Oh in a limited spots are flex fuel vehicles mentioned can use it. Of the problem is of course when you've got all these manufacturers warning. That they're gonna void your warranty if you if you put him there. Meantime on the other side of the issue Bob Denney and with Renewable Fuels Association he says -- fifteen SA for. Virtually all post 2001 vehicles based on extensive government sponsored testing. We think that EPA warning level. A warning label should be sufficient to notify consumers he said. There are no corrosive issues with the fifteen. If there is an issue with the fifteen damaging vehicles we're going to know about it and the EPA. Is going to know about. Well that'll certainly help after your warranty has been voided by the manufacturer. So -- rest easily move along enough industry here Tim's got on the other side of the news it's 5 o'clock.