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Author Sara Clancy talks about the black-eyed children

Sep 13, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Sara Clancy about her work involving the black-eyed children phenomenon. 9/13/2018 -

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Because kids are back at school may have a much stuff left over and they had these pins that looked really cool. They're just regular old gel pens but I bought a box of them because they were on sale I came home and I started writing with them and I've fallen in love with the spans and I just wanna write. And right in right. Because the pen is such a fine. Instrument I think I know the exact ten years' time my wife grabbed the ease and today first off if they look like this or Lexus. The one on the on your left if this is this is pretty much yeah yeah that's so that solenoid Gaza at Sully the pilot G two yeah attitude to him out guys are on the same page your wife got me got a bunch Obama and told me that. 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And totally forget how to do certain letters yet and in in my in which he tried to me in the hand eye coordination justices is not what used to be yelling I'm writing to you so bright very often and I can I sign my you might need them of course because then you know we'll go to events and on this time list and autographs and a SS on a problem but it's it's all the sudden if I get a right. Blake as he or or eighteen year or something that is telling congress if it's so weird I try to write out a chat think of the length does it all the time but a traitor and a check for the oil guys. Or three weeks ago and you really think and I. It is easy it was the worst experience I truly felt like committee we do everything on phones or keyboards and we very rarely write on paper anymore any thing and in fact they don't even teach courses anymore and most schools and in the insists it's unbelievable which is this Gary if you think because you know from the anytime one and it's it's healing kind. We've been writing things whether it's carving into rocks or worked there reading on Jan parchment paper all of these things. What happens now in in a thousand years from now. If people look back and try to. C documentation that we had. There's an art music and where's it going to be an idiot at that point and look how quickly all the stuff and changes I mean you you had these. Small little VHS tapes and everything in there and now want to us dvds and and now it's it's all digital and and trying to find something to convert. Years VHS. To dvds is is getting less and less common and harder and harder to find so. It's just there's not going to be really any evidence of us or any any of our writings. Scary stuff it's really really scary stuff. You know what else is terrifying is black eyed children and we've we've talked about black eyed children on the program before and it's one of these things where there's there's conflicting ideas whether this is some type of urban legend. Internet. Generated. Phenomenon or. As we've talked about there's been reports of these things that precede the Internet and down people have claimed to and kind of cut and counted these. A black eyed children were gonna talk with the author Sara Clancy. About her three book series. That focus on the black eyed children she knows a lot about the mythology and the information. I'm behind these reports in the sightings and went into her books and we're talking about that with 39. We have panel and there's a lot of theories out there and and one of the big ones you use it touched on NG view us. The fact that a lot of people sit there and think well listen it came about 1996. And people line. And some things are written but knows there is also if you really looking into the stories and it doesn't just revolve around black eyed kids. I'm black eyed individuals eat and go back and Jesus forever and and look at some of the some history and then the claims. And the experiences of people dealing with it with these types of things. So and of course the Internet gets and how terrible Warren and really more more people start talking about it but disrupt caramel investigator standpoint. These are things I've heard about long before 1996. The united they predate that significantly it is reports in the fifty's plus like he said other phenomenon that could be the same thing and we're gonna get and all that with. Sarah we've got some pre recorder some best of coming up the next couple days because some traveling commitments next week I'm really excited about one of our programs coming up with Sarah Wiseman week she was supposed to be on the program I'm trying to remember maybe about a month ago and there was a mix up in schedules. On the she's a visionary spiritual teacher. And she wants to talk about life's purpose. Also on machine as a teacher she talks about things like the divine. She's got a book out called messages from the divine wisdom for the seekers souls prequel stuff. With us cern next week yet if you have in your head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio link to FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com you can find all the stations where across the country the list is constantly being updated news stations being added all the time so check it often. You can also download spar for apps which allows you listen live catch Pashos joining allied shed more on the go. Or any any time you want to listen the show alive right from the web sites put the listen lied on or listening Chaplin. Which connection went online chatter and can hang out with the Greek community people. And just get to know people as in JV and I heroism there as well armed. Can download the show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a favor and just read it force Apple's push at Ford makes it easier for people to find helps us skip the word out. And that's what it's all about. To everybody else there this title some good news is hurricane Florence is now been downgraded to a category two storm. Which thank it's 110 mile an hour winds. It's expected to make landfall tomorrow about noon. But then again it's also slowed down quite a bit so it's creating some serious problems of its gonna really take its time going over there. Over those areas so please again be extremely safe out there. And things committed objects can be replaced people cannot so just just. You should use a break listen I don't wanna say anything it's it's gonna haunt me related to this storm or any tragedy like this but sometimes I feel like. You know the the the hype because we have 24 hour weather channels and we've got all these weather apps and all this stuff. You know in this isn't a silly just apply to weather situations is this is any kind of and breaking news story. You know the hype kind of overwhelms. People and makes people not panic necessarily but you know lean in that direction. And thankfully this storm has subsided to a category two but they were talking about you know something. Far more serious yesterday pencil and they're still at the potential for it to gain some strength again of course is Jetsons it's getting into that warmer water. But the fact of the matter is and you know as well as DJV that fierce cells so the media really pushes that. And tries and Yang get as much attention to stay on that as well now. That being said this is still an extremely dangerous storm. And we need to ten mind I absolutely and the potential for a loss of life and and of course homes and businesses is is definitely there and there's going to be some severe damage there's nothing nothing can be done about that right. But just like recently said just use your head think about it object your objects can be replaced people cannot itself. And that's all that's all we can say just you know certain scene and we wish everybody safe to be safe and now our our prayers are with Gil. Yeah hurry let's take a break when we come back we'll bring in our guest tonight again we're going to be talking with Sara Clancy she's an author. She's got a three books series about the black eyed children among many many other books that we're gonna find interesting and probably talk about as well and will that. We'll be opening in the form lines later on this topic of the numbers 8446877669. And 844. 6877669. And I did a video earlier on FaceBook lite and a bunch of people on the and it's all levity were posting that they've had experiences were black children. So be interesting to see if any anybody who has had his experiences. Call and let us now. What you experience what you what you felt when you when you dealt with these things send. In your thoughts on the subject in general loosened Jason GB beyond reality radio we'll be back after the. Fans Gary Condit is right around the corner scare congress for the celebrities parties vendors panel discussions films brings in so much more scary con is the perfect way to celebrate the spooky this time of year although scare kind of selfish about spooky spirit come will be held at the turning stone resort and casino October 26 and 28 in. Former New York get more information go to scarecrow can't dot com that's scary con dot com. Radio GC GB right down the phone number for later when we opened up to so much. And city 446877669. Gives you an opportunity to call in and be part of our discussion which we appreciate and enjoy. And also like to take a second and just thank all the radio stations that carry the country around the program we've got a growing affiliate list. If there's not one in your area curing the show right now there probably will be soon it's always great to thank them if you will listen to the program on one of those stations. Absolutely and that list can be found at beyond reality radio dot com we're pretty much week or in almost every state across the country which is Creighton a lot of the State's Ron multiple stations in in those states so. Mean she check that list check it often because it's costly being updated news stations being added all the time. So again beyond reality radio dot com are so tonight we're. To be talking about it to some books that are based on the mythology of the black eyed children. Whether these. The stories are myths or facts were gonna try to get to the bottom of some of that our guest tonight is Sara Clancy Serra is an author. Her web site is scarce thestreet.com. She's got a number of books to her credit including the black eyed children series there are three books in that series series called black eyed children doubles rise. The third knock. She's also got the plagues series of books starting with the ring of roses. There's terror in the shadows there's pound of flesh there's a demonic games series. Sarah I've got to ask you. Based on the titles of these books I got to know about your childhood was everything he okay. Well. A whole shout it to the yeah. So this is just something that is it's not because of experiences. That you had it's more just because of an interest you developed. Aside and experience it. And scary. On home okay so you use you to to use Paul McCartney's mind you took a sad song and made it better. Don't tell us a little bit about how you developed an interest in all things scary. I touched audit. Let us remember. Q and I do. Did Bernard. And got it how each in Australia. I don't know why. But they decided. At. Creek East Coast. You know I'll probably is like one of the best quality as you say up until this point I thought Australia was cool and when I mean Wendy's for a total like me. Change. We had to restrain caught and sent the stock and that's about it. Yeah. It's hunted. Me. You run. As as somebody who loved Halloween or loves Halloween in Australia. I mean is there any of the same traditions there that we know here first of all does to your local television play scary movies. You'll do kid spoke costume Zhan does any of that stuff happened. Let's. Sean not too. Huge title that you guys had I had on a skydive and how to how. You guys. Also my street how old my mom had to put out saying I don't has become your guy and you could trading equities are on. If you're okay big kick out. And if not at skate Al secret. Chief. Well early Sealy she gets to more than here and experience are PowerPoint and it's it's such a huge. Huge holiday over here. I got guns at. LA and I got out of there. Ice and today I don't know I eagerly. There's some incredible things you can only get that time of the year sorrow. I am sad and it kind of goes away at that it. Started out. Because I think about it and yet just in time. And the gotta order to have it shipped they're image series. I try that style setting I was on ally sank one. The Cerro what is it about. Scary in my car of the things that attracts some people particularly some use. But then doesn't attract others what what what makes up. The personality of the person that's attracted to that because I know I was one of those people so what do we all about. All sent to that question. I. I. Made that I don't like tummy. Scam while knowing Alexei. I absolutely spot. Interesting I sang it's become criminal law act. Schedule hard convention and I just I hear people. Yeah. It turned out it. Fully tax I. Pay I any any really likes it's just saw in that. Everyone. Well and that's really the truth I've got twin sons and one in my twin sons. Will go and see any horror movie I wanna go to the other one will sit there and he just doesn't want and we'll cover his face literally. During any horror movies we watch your home and it's the funniest thing in the world but. And it's just yet to each their own some people can handle that some people just it's not not for them. And we'll get into a lot more that the phone numbers 8446877669. Again 844687. 7669. Our guests is Sara Clancy author and we're talking about the black eyed children tonight. A lot more to come to listen and Jason dvd on our own. Is beyond reality rated JC GB you can write down the phone number eight. 446877669. We'd love to have you call and participate in our conversation with Sara Clancy. Sarah is an author on her website is scarce thestreet.com. If you wanna find out more information about her there's an author's tab there you can find her specifically that's her publisher. And she's written a series of books that focus on the black eyed children and that's what we're talking about tonight with Sarah. Sarah act you know we talked about huge developing an interest in all things macabre and scary as a youngster tourney carrying that through into your adulthood. A male what point did you decide you were gonna take that interest that hobby that distraction. And turn it into a something that you would write books about. Yeah audience REI. Office. To be it'll get him I got out of and treat this I I had. At Atlanta right now. Ice ax is out riding mantra. And its. Our agreement. I. And then I I I'm a freelance I'd have. You. And history of me and I can't try hiding out. Well I. Hope I can be scary at eight. How we do get to go another. And that's how I I. And a bogey at his teacher and I just don't from. Did you get odd looks from friends and family when you started writing things with titles like a pound of flesh terror in the shadows. My dad did us all. A it's funny at. All is writing a man. That just seem all out of Karadzic and he. Day you get a lot of talk that must do in the UI. And is. Yeah just a lot of people to decry. And at what point did the whole black eyed children phenomenon crusher radar. Oh am. I out of urban legend and that creepy. Stuff constantly listening. And that is if you're a few stories about. Pretty under I could. On ideas not and doctor. If you want to get eighty to have a crack. And the result. Well and in in your research of the black children I'm sure you've eaten document and a lot of information went through a lot of information. How far back were you able to actually Trace. Some of these reports of people dealing a black children design now. There's reports on line since like 1996 and people talking mostly men. But I know there's reports that date back a lot longer than that as well. What the oldest on her legs and nineteen. To claim they had to actually. In nineteen that they acted quite like shall. And they static. Basically. They hand it kind of a I adults like. And I. Think you are. I church Al Billy and I get hundreds but they agreed in outer. I don't LE two alien. Parent don't do that. Did you see green skin. Yes screeched gang green is not in black died. According to. It's a lot of people met website I mean that in addition Aaron could use. Georgia in a village and want it given proper diet everything. And tank column to a and yet the only story I blind. If there's can change back to their eyes still remain blacked. And saying. How. Seventeen I she. Has a lot of it I'm document. Some stories on line. I had to count and then. It. Does very rarely. Does cyclical at all let. Me my. Error I. Documentation on the and seemed to. Get blurred with other paranormal cases throughout history as well because a lot of cases of the so called possession. The individuals who were possessed tend to terrorize a lot of time to become black as well. And so some people have talked about seeing people walking around with black eyes and just and they refer to them instantly as just being possessed individuals instead of being. A black Guidant parent child or black head at all. And did I am. Like ancient Irish kind of didn't carry it. And they this year. You do not want to counter. And said LA times story. And being changed. At. Eerie day that human anyway. Change. Yet but got possession and I lean on. Sarah as you were armed and doing your in researching and developing story around the myths did you get an opportunity to talk about to any any witnesses of this phenomenon or swisher research. And done more through reading their accounts. I was ultra raiding their outside. Outlets and able to track anyone doubt. An account dramatized story. Yes as sure as you're reading me the accounts were you developing any opinions of your own you said that you know some of these stories of then. Classified as may be alien in nature and some as possession in nature. Did you come to any determination on me on your own. Volition as to what you thought they were. Really and I and he irons are here and are. Read about is that is sir. She. Understand it and content. I've got to us and that's why I'm tied to it or 10. O'clock. Well it's tough these days anyways because you can now go out and buy these black contact no one's instead Russell Erika black consequences. So there have been actual cases of people wearing these in trying to get off the impression that they are black united. An individual and oh yeah you gotta always look out of that stuff as well. Take it in the ice and the. There's a summits are soaring and add to any show what. So you're you're you're reading the stories you're you're reading accounts as your preparing to write a book about. This and did you oh for so let's back up what are the characteristics. That you'd say are common. In these children as the as the reports indicate they were there recited what types of things was caught were common problem stories. I latched onto my. My name of YE a speech it is. Not really a trick they are right. Are two very conversational. Spam on the same thing. Again. Oh in the coming side I need. Add the other one is that you seem to have social skills down. To that point oh. Dress. It. Accounts will be there or does it and I'll be out there tank. And he's just. Misunderstanding. Of social interaction. Really got. Did you find any geographic. Pattern to any of the sightings. IPad or. And here. I it. And it speaks our. And gone back and had a aren't out is ready now. Areas well. I. Exactly you know me so AJ treat. Gated communities. In. All areas people. Brown. People lady. Yeah areas that people tend to feel safer. Yeah and they find themselves more vulnerable and a lot of those times and that's necessary to communities think you're safe and an area but and signed on your mobile more formal vulnerable to something of this nature. Yeah and it did not say kind of make it seem like jacks. We can do is really. Denied it does say. Do any of these stories. Conclude with the person who was being visited by the black eyed individual being injured or somehow harmed whether it's emotionally. Intellectually or physically. Want Allen led people reject. And they don't LA eventually. Check out scary tactic she's been number actually. I see Anderson you and I got hot a cure all let me and how it ought to cancel region. Generally light too high level radiation. And it up and said that they lack now. Rejecting and let Alan I don't know what he was going on during the. Did you develop an opinion either way as you were reading these accounts and doing your research that these. Does stations were evil and some nature. Ol and in India malice online is a year that maintain their at edited out. I want to extranet had done it actually friendly and just didn't understand. And they let lately you I. And I would try to communicate and just an idea how easy. Yeah old stories and to have a very stroke and. Well and today. And in these in all and you're investigation or research. These things asking to be let in or for somebody left them into their home let them into their vehicle. It sort of gives a whole impression if you if you really look back about the whole vampire aspect for you had to inflate them into your house should do fight them in each year. In your area for them to still have any of their abilities. And so it almost seems as if these things are asking permission to answer so Walt. In other words because they cancer center on their own wit without that permission. And that we when they come and they they still have whatever abilities they hadn't before you allow them. Yes yes and I cut. Out. Eerie. Sort of had I not really don't want to I don't outline item. Is that it. Hi what do they all I alien scary vampire. Danced and all but is she consent to being about being sent to. Let them sort of cultural why they stand. It. When it comes to eighty. Yikes I were talking with the Sara Clancy she's an author of a series of books based on the black eyed children phenomenon but the books there's three in the series black eyed children as the first of the three doubles rises the second. And the third knock is that third. We're gonna go to break whom we come back we're gonna get into a kind of the books themselves who plots about how these black eyed children are portrayed in the books aren't a lot more to come real synergies and dvd on morality. Next hour. On the phone lines are open from 8446877669. You can join our conversation not a black eyed children also leader in the show I think firm last segment of the program. Your bring back our psychic remote viewing experiment ended and those of the if you that have been listened to the program for awhile know what that is we will draw card from the regular 52 card playing dec. And we'll give you an opportunity to call in and see if you can now tap into our consciousness. And tell us what card we are looking in and thinking up. I totally new you're gonna say and a CU new CO party tapped into my consciousness has nothing to do you telling me and bury a totally new and Chris. So you have Maicer rather you take on the number it's 8446877669. Again until freed 844687. 7669 you wanna hear from you if you had any black eyed children narratives experiences or even black eyed individuals just dealing with salmon. What she fell with the with him made you feel you know how the encounter happened and so forth. I will be over just so you it's clear here we're not to be doing the road viewing psychic experimental last said. So don't call. For that now our guest tonight is Sara Clancy she's the author of a series of books that focus on the black eyed children have been talking about. How is Sarah you became a Quaid equated with the phenomenon they end in some cases they call it an urban legend there's there's seems to be some evidence might be more than that. On the when he started to read a book about it give us an idea of the direction he wanted to take these black eyed children in your stories. Jason mistreated. I did I get deleted 100 and to our ideas that I'm in that direction not gonna stills and straight starts. News series so you maintain the mystery throughout the stories. Are these black eyed children the central characters in the books or are they gave the central antagonist in the book revolts. The central antagonists. A central character to go and I. And he encountered. Rape my children and I. And what you realize this county is. Room and looks worried that they abide by. What has one chance to try and get her and she can survive all sorry attack and G I say it on someone else let it. And by attacks are we talking about an effort to get into her homer car or her personal space and someone who's at the attack itself or have they are he succeeded net or don't you wanna tell us. And trying to cap it. I got to teach at a and a hat and Scott. And being added absolutely beautiful place. I realized how easily creepy can be could be. A night. Specially to some news at the clubs. I use that as I. Said. That have been in. Atlanta. And. Panama area Marty getting shivers down my spine. But also another reason because are you saying that you have never been in the wind had never been in the woods before prior to. You all kind of the class difference in the woods where you are. The shut tropical. A lot of and in my very concerned about stepping on a snake and you are now. Say they head. It it was a very different tainted. Actually had been threats being much. All right so we're gonna continue our conversation with Serra. On the other side of the break we are going to open up the phone lines for your phone calls at 8446877669. Remember at the end of the program for the last segment. We will take your calls regarding her. Psychic experiment but if you have any questions about the black eyed kids or your own experiences give us a show phone number again is 844687. 76692344687. 7669. You listen Jason GE RO. It's Wednesday unless there's. These many years but somewhere between welcoming the honor I'd agree with me Jason Hawes meal is awesome GG Johnson. Are am and need your help here a little bit because I don't remember specifically what our guest. Jim Barfield had said about this particular topic. When we were talking with him about the copper scroll. Yes and we're talking about the end of days as outlined in the Bible and other religious documentation. One of the things he mentioned was the birth of a full read. Calf yet he had brought up that it just tapped it just happened yes and I'm reading a report right now about that. They're saying that their that this. Has come true after. The first red calf was born in Israel 2000. Years ago. And they used the temple institute in Israel announced that this particular births happened they did it on their YouTube channel and that they would be. Looking at the mother and the cast and determined. Through an extensive examination if this cast is blemish free. Blemish free. Is the description that the Bible gives for the birth of the red caps and it says to bring the promise of reinstating biblical purity to the world. If they call it calling it what the apocalypse towel it's and they they actually is so violent they refer to it is the red pepper. Then. Yeah it bring you brought up that they've done these tasks and that it was sheer sure that this was. This was the prophecy. Well if that's true we've just had the birth of this particular animals were just we need to start paying them more attention to what happens afterward and I don't know other prophecies well enough to know what the next kindness but I really don't either slow and it renewed agreement and I I guess the minute the seat turns. Read our motto here at a I don't I don't know we're gonna go who you gonna go and Carla more inland and I think itself it does leave right away Fran I live in Rhode Island and just keep running and it's a little water there isn't a thing that's kind of interesting I wanted to bring up before we bring our guest back in. They've discovering new species of fish. Now what they're learning as as they have Maury capability to get to the bottom of very very deep parts of the ocean defining species that in places they didn't think life could survive and its tree easy some of these settle on the here minding your volcano volcano under underwater volcano still they are the creek talk about creepy to have nightmares some of these things are just bizarre looking but since that one that's got the weird little things like that comes off its head and any -- whales off that I on the Finding Nemo yet it is just this weird little light angles and if it's treacherous and why would anything need that that's just not right. Well the one a species he just uncovered. Actually what they brought it to the surface and as they bring these things to the surface the fish. Melts. Met it melts like space and it just basically dissolves. It's it's a fish. And in its depth is lives perfectly fine. But when it comes up to the surface it just dissolves and also which is weird because it's under all that pressure. Being that deep but when it comes up it's not under that pressure you think it would light. Just expect him to celebrate great they caught these things on it and a camera about 26000. Feet down. It's called the snell fish. And it looks like ten like Ted polls there but they're very wider as the most of those creatures at that debt have no caller there does very well. And just to explain told listeners out there 26000. Feet down. Think by now airplanes fly at when he took the 35000. Feet up sit in the mass so when you see an airplane way up in the sky and you can barely barely see it. It usually Italy 3035000. Feet. This 24000 feet that is deep packet. So I think it's about five miles is that an eye on each files or 5200 feet and it's carrier on the up. The DC user are made of a gooey substance and relies on the pressure of the deep potion to keep it altogether so when it comes up. It just falls apart. Purdue is just and there are some. I watched video not too long ago and Discovery Channel. These weird squid type creatures that she can actually turn themselves insight now that's how they're able to to survive. Down there. I noted it's a it's it's it's pretty amazing what they're discovering at the depths of the ocean in places that you needed an also a kind of makes you wonder you know when you talk of a place like Morrison in places that we think are in uninhabitable. Like we thought the deepest of the ocean was going to be uninhabitable but it turns out it's not so and on life finds a way to thrive well this is true and our guests Sara Clancy. Our officer award or target or about black children she lives in Australia which is a place were pretty much everything in the ocean will kill you. And on land yet de LA anyway but it's kind of scary. I guess a deadly snakes you get I mean you you've got ants over an ordinary the ones that make your adrenaline go through the roof and you guys can keep him please but. He gives us a much over that that will case for such a beautiful place it's terrifying to know that. Just walking out your house could be a death sentence. And a outlet that did us. The only and I know you know that's right the royals are etc. that you have like some of those most nasty spiders too I mean we've. Yeah. And are you kind of let me. And instead it is at a. While we know you've had no write these stories immediate you live amongst terror. Now. Yeah well I'm sure when you're used to you know to look out for you know to watch out for it let's go to our phone lines we've got Cody. Calling any wants to comment on. Over document you were the black eyed children Cody welcome to the program. They gave me agers and they are. Nico you. For everybody out there Cody is a part of taps its he's very good friend of mine actually was on vesey anyone in my daughter's today so welcomed the show Cody. Thanks Jason I just wanted to call and we actually have a strange case happened. In 2016. A tap case involving a black eyed children. Two black eyed child Wednesday. It would it would have really complex case of course it had been the usual paranormal claims in the home. And you know the woman it was mother father which eight children that lived in May brownstone in Massachusetts. And the mother started seeing a black are childhood when ever she would go to to the grocery store. Didn't happen all the time but maybe once every couple weeks. But it was like chain of events that kind of started. And one being when they first moved into the house. The husband found a loose brick in the wall so we pulled up the brick by bundled newspapers. And a handkerchief covered in blood. Ever since he signs. This stuff from the wall. All paranormal claims start happening in the house knocks bangs voices. Quote. Don't you let me let me ask you this. When she would leave the house and she would see this black eyed child every so often. Was it that the black eyed child was purposely putting themselves in an area for her to notice them. Exactly. With staring directly at her. The other strange things but which. If there aren't any you know comment on that haven't had any connection. She found out that her sister that it was from Louisiana they didn't have a good relationship. But her family. Had a good relationship with that lived down cells which are. That. They weren't too close. But one day the sister showed up on doorstep. Sister and involved. In black magic in the cult. She showed up the day after the content pulled out that we're and then. After all these events are happening in the home after that show that she starts seeing the black eyed child. Wherever she goes so it all up like a chain of events that led up to seeing that. So that was some sort of connection with the call that the sister would involve them. Or the activity what house. Or that was just a coincidence that you start seeing that. We just a really strange and complex case that a very hard to put together. And almost seems like everything all everything stemming from wanted to know what was the error. Possibly also could have been drawing these things in as like a central point. Exactly exactly restrained to that it was hard to figure out what the central point was. Because everything just started happening I want. So that you would really really sure engine and we were having art art art art connection. Between everything. I'd like why it was a black eyed child involved whiff. But opting of this Blackstone. What to a stranger we definitely documented. You know. What they were experiencing in their home you know debt definite temperature changes to voices. Coming out of nowhere of course that the blacks on everything connected together so at first we thought that the neighbors. You know that were bleeding through the wall but we definitely had some strange stuff. Interest. Absolutely yes Ceradyne that does anything like if any of the research you did. Any of the stories that you read have any similarities to the story the Cody just told us. They yell. Excited dabbling in the eight does ours I read that letter to call. I did you have. They seem to peaks and it really random. There at. Don't like seeing a bit odd TK. I knew I. They get the idea. Written 88. Can. So almost as if they're looking for or what the weak link in the chain. And I think we'll community yet that sooner or earlier thanks for calling in men and yet we appreciate the phone call this is Sarah the this free book she said the first book. The children are trying to get to the heroin and if you will in her cabin she's in the woods they're trying to get in. On. Are they did do you portrayed these children as mild mannered as sweet. As. Violent. How do you. Affect them trying to get into that Kevin. They I'm actually all out slowed down apparently stretch she actually has condition that she can't. I shall. To have ever always a little bit OK she did she doesn't know it is judgment why should keep on. We. And I say it's. Coming across Hartley and they know exactly how as each weighs in on our Ol and I very much trouble. And quit immediately just to repeat like that. Ray and ruby is the name of the central character are to take a break we're still talking with Sara Clancy about her books it's a three series book series about the black eyed children. Called black eyed children in the second book is doubles rise to the third book is the third knocked don't forget. Later in the program and our last segment we will be drawing a playing card and we will revisit our psychic remote viewing experiment. And if you ever fought. On what the black eyed children are. Or you've had an experience with the black eyed children. Our black Qaeda adults gives equality for 46877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. Elicited Jason. Javy Dioner okay. JJ Peter guest tonight Sarah her answer talk. Her book series focused on the black eyed children phenomenon. And there we're gonna continue taking some listener calls here try to fit it's fit a few more in this is still open North Carolina he Philip will be staying clear of the impending weather. Our our our our list of the Sacramento probably know you know after ago yeah I probably shouldn't go all right Pete and it's gonna bend down. Europe and that's about struggle all right so you're on with Sarah and Jason and G tournament. Well I'm curious about service inspiration. On and treat our remember the program we haven't got out and Ed recourse. Yes. And our own. You know it's this like a matter of the dust most liquidity. Late in the big. Post bald demon thing yet and instead you still can't imagine that it. The state puff marshmallow man yet to enact or its characters said you can visited in his head many appeared yeah. And like I remember. There's two little girls. Murdered somebody and they were inspired by the ten. And this undermanned now you have pulled my Toledo and the girls and my own actions are excellent original it would stretch. That's correct it and originate in his cult creepy Kostis said. So it makes me wonder about the importance of the black eyed children. That is up I had I had a very vivid dream. How would sit in my car and look up my car window and here's this young little girl stare anatomy and she's got but it's. Upload in reverse and it gets sort of occasion. And that's when a local. Glad a local. Do you have any particular understanding as to why you may have had that dream. No because it's hit our heads saints up on YouTube about the but that's children but it'd been like two years before I had a dream. It was not been reached or that his. Bart you know wasn't on contemporary and let's let's consider is opinion Sarah. You know what what do you think about the whole. You know but I guess the anger course concept or the idea that you know. Mass hysteria or mass think and produce something like this. I'll tell. But I like that it's very and why a black eyed children legends that I managed. That. He visited by the actually. Only psychics and out of some people said. That they know you're aware and. Right. I don't insult thank you so much traditional bottle. Our it though wolf and the phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. And give us a call if if you have your own theory on what the black eyed children black and adults are. Or if you actually had your own experience with them. At some point. I would love to hear from me I know there's still some people on old we will get your calls when we get one we get back from break. But and we are talking with Sara Clancy mentioned author and talking about the black eyed children so elicited Jason je Giambi. I'm really radio will be back after this. Segment we'll be taking your phone calls for a site to promote. Experiment will be drawing a playing card from our regular 52 card playing deck and we'll give you an opportunity to see if you tap into our minds. Figure out what that playing card is if you come up with a rate card because you've been able to read our consciousness. Most of the huge shots at Jimmy now that's not to that's that's next week this week it's just a teacher's human testing them configured as a parent. Anyway welcome to press. Cemetery on Real Madrid still like to throw your curve today need you. Don't forget tomorrow and we got a best of in front and it we've got a best stuff tonight we're talking with Sara Clancy she's an author and her books. Many books are credited in fact we're talking about a series of books based on the black eyed children phenomenon. That's the first of those three is called black eyed children which makes a lot of sense. A Serra let's go back to the phone lines quickly here because we've had some people waiting on hold and this is a Fausto calling from somewhere in Canada they found so welcome to the program. And I. Here is change and hearsay he says and she that is sort of I don't inadmissible in the quarter. Who locks. The court of my partner my opinion in my mind is to be critical about that not to just balcony of the operative question. Credibility question. Loaded question. The question things acknowledges that anything and that that will stand drank. Bad a year. Yeah no I'm just Ternium trying to digest what you're saying here is so what you're saying to us. Kramer. Moving forward now panic in my disclaimer a lot of your yes. Favorites this night. Aren't on the East Coast last night. Added he would stories. A lot of people rival strategy game and so a lot of story that I forgot to put gain attention by any means including. I'm exaggerating a lie. He gained popularity here they have. Schoolyard mentality you know it factory of anything that girl in the queen to get their children about Michael Jackson are Justin Bieber. Because they want to get attention wanna be popular. How do we mean you'll really know these stories. To be true in. And I am. A weather back to the previous that pat take costs. He passed down on the boat I can't Keck I wanna reader can be Keller caught in the book sometimes. My age imaging. Our other times are expecting I think is ultimately imitate life. And whenever life imitate art Cutler typical creative catalyst. We made in the cold and you wanna be like pepper and that's what they're cool people involved either Wear cool coal. So when she probably are aliens but you're there I've been great cartoons or whatever they had big black eyes and a big day ahead. That this was black children and no doubt partly derived from some alien that we grew up hearing or reading about me eighties and the nineties. And problems. I guess so she can answer that realizing that not gaining credibility. Yes Firestone I think I think you're here your you know your line of logic here makes a lot of sense and it's certainly one plausible. Explanation for why some people have be suddenly be clear about Sarah Sarah's written a series of and novels these are fictional works based on other people's reports of seeing. Black eyed children I don't think necessary you haven't seen any black you don't claim to have seen any of these black eyed children you don't claimed it had any of these experiences yourself. You just read other people's accounts and use them as a foundation to write some stories these are novels these are fictional works. I. So I hope that I hope that helps third up four if a story I appreciate the point it's very well taken. Om we can be influenced. By a many many different things and I think Jason will be the first to rude to agree. When. Off then you wanna know what has been influencing the person who's making those claims have the you know edited dissidents seeing something that on television may influence what they were what they're claiming to have seen its common. Exactly. Even only the evil we did the show go Summers before the show go Sanders and after the show goes on his legal on the somebody's home. You're calling ascend to try to figure out what's truly happening whether it's paranormal are now so we go and we go through your movie collection we go through your book collection. We rule all try to look at it the medications you're taking in all these factors come into play and and because we wanna get inside that person's head and truly understand what's really causing. What's going on in the home because over eighty to 80% of the time it's it has nothing to do with the paranormal. So you wanna get in there you wanna surely. Just being investigator. And figure out what's really really happening for these people see can help them in the right way. That they they need assistance. Sarah we're gonna we're gonna order time here shortly we've talked about the books. Where can people get a hold of these books and before we let you go I wanna ask given a couple of your other works to. Wait it. Out eight nations and and come out. And it's a street don't call has an. Harm ride out. Right through that she. Now I happen to notice a lot of your books have the word either double or demon in them. Is that intentional or does have is that just with the stories come out do you do you focus on stories that include. That type of entity. I should I do about like Lindsay eagle and demonic product then biting about last year I am. That sort of stuff. And a second on a lot of bits I help become a tide and equal. As John it's kind of a he read it. Out. I find it interesting that you know talk of possession and demonic forces seems to be. I'm becoming more and more common. We know on this program we're hearing more about it and it seems to be have to have its own little pop culture bubble if you will. Is that part of why your books address that topic or is it just coincidence. A little bit of our. Our ex pats I wanted out and keep in year out a different story tracks and different caught at. The time and I can integrate in the say it didn't bat an eight that topic always fascinate me and I give me a little skin so I went out to announce skated today. A lot of times these topics at hand and the it's strange have a shelf life they'll be huge chin. And I'll every everywhere you look at four in a year or two or couple years and then. It'll sort of disappear and it won't be brought out for me you know decade and then we'll start popping up but yeah. Yet it I have to decide. Just came out vampires I. Right well thank god I mean once they started glittering in the sunlight I think Titanic a little. Sarah just because there were in this season least here in America we are. Which it in which your favorite to which is favorite scary movie. I'm a classic oh I like I had not buried a street. Our surgery and say Halloween. To please elaborate and I think. I should it creativity are. And it's a shame Angel attack a lot of it was. Billion in debt got there battery 'til until you finally got a little Freddy vs Jason ones. And their carry over. Why so yeah who. I I've Stephen king's obvious answer for any any time we ask a question about for a authors but two who would you say Samir horror authors influences are. The ice I don't think any. Higher. And bigger. Which house creepy. How ski. Yankee. And what are you working on next. Act test which they you. Obvious each edgy out I. Just one RE. RE Scott say acts. A small. Ship. I and shell today in on. Start. And act. On all coming out act play. I am. We each try try. Disease coming and a whole race right. Does pretty well Sarah thanks so much for coming hang in Dallas tonight we look forward to talking union at some point. On ticket disinterest. And we're sending you great big Halloween wishes from America so have a have a great Halloween season even though Australia might not embrace of the way we do. Are right sort of take a break when we come back the phone lines are open if you wanna play our psychic remote viewing experiment we will be picking a card. We'll have it ready Jason are going to be focused and concentrated as best we can weather a little minds. And hopefully can tap into that figure ordered us. And win something that's the best part Eric's phone numbers 844. 687766923446877669. Elicited Jason in TV piano and I. Radio. We're going to take this last segment of the program and conduct our psychic remote viewing experiment you all know how it works we drew Clark during the break from the regular 52 card playing dec. And Jason and I are both gonna focus on the card we're going to be thinking about it as best weekend. As it takes both is pursuing really does it is we have half drain between answers on the like that. Sir and I will be taking your calls and you get to an opportunity sees you can tap into what we're thinking. Or remote view through us and see with this card is again it's just a regular playing card from a 52 card deck. And already do this we are the numbers 8446877669. Let's do this sorry this go to Joseph Joe's an Indiana he Joseph welcome to the program idiocy. Yet I do on Google shell. What if that they are being a diamond. No it's not the face of the cold you know you really appreciate it thanks you're given an OK let's go to Norman Norman is calling from Florida they normally. They chase situation we. I'm thinks and seven indictments. It's not a seven and diamonds Norman thanks for calling in and thank Serb had taken a chance at it there. OK let's see here let's talked to Julian Julian is in Washington State he Julian where in Washington State area. I'm gonna check it it can elect. You can. Well Julian and do you do you have any psychic abilities. Yeah kidnapped her in pretty bad yeah soon. How loud they can be backed at 81. Thing that jumped to my mind Atlanta but I diamonds. No home but thank you and to you so your little rusty on the the psychic abilities well we we also know we also know that this is a very very difficult way to try to do this to mean most. I tell you what it is right now that's a difficult most people would psychic abilities. Immunity need a little time to warm it up you know we Disco boom boom boom boom boom by the way the numbers 8446877669. If you wanna give it a shot here we're going to be sending out a T shirt or somebody gets it. And we're both focused on the card and we're gonna take another call here this is do you try and Florida welcome to the program. Hang gaffe today mentioning yeah. He got there and I all right are you. Someone who considers themselves to have some psychic or sensitivities. Sensitivity. Tablet and saying psyche. Do you have it's like criminal actions. You have dreams do you have anything like that that gives you what you would consider those sensitivities. We haven't deterioration. It I'm going to go live good here Pollard. Good good try and you trip but it's not too too far it's thank you so much for calling in we appreciate yeah we appreciate you listening and playing along with us. Somebody just asked if anybody in chance got a that's second that's unfair question we're not an end today its chickens he Tamika she answered that but that is not where there were radios he can't text the text in the win let's go to Tre Tre is in Missouri hate tree welcome to the program. Okay so we're focused on this playing card tap into our minds what EC. Or arch. It's not a kingdom hearts thanks so much are given a shock though yet this is not easy this is not something simple to do we've got a lot of calls coming in we're waiting for slick to get caught up here. This is Laura Laura where you calling from. Hi I'm Colin from Kansas City, Missouri. Against the division series now welcome Tom we are focused on this card so. I'm. Art you take a second in the new little snow EC. Now home but thank you very blunt it's not but thank yet stakes are given it a shot Laura it's not an easy thing to do for sure she's got to start eliminating the cars of the says just makes you check in this I don't know why you give people densely packed and it has zero I. I mean most psychics cheats lies or are this is I think this is Dave also from Missouri he did you also in Kansas City. No wolf thanks Alan and more focused on this card and until recent. Four. It's not it's not good try though you trust. All right I think. As slick products caught up to a CN get a screen a peaceful course also there a corridor one run in behind these athletes six things going on he does. If you're still trying to get through the phone is ringing that's because slick hasn't gotten your call yet to just give him a second this is John with C were Johns calling from recalled from John. Which Turkey. And welcome to show how did you do you have any psychic abilities are you able to sense things. Or not. Pages and images just like apprentice gonna go with a a hundred yards and then you'll love the honesty. He got a one in 52 shot or better than that if you've paid attention to the cards thirty guests so world's focus on this card John given the shot. No insurgents. And rage. Now but thank you very much for the call yet thinks are given that a try menus Roy is very honest no I don't have any psychic abilities are described him just to see what happens in the silicon iron and get it here Ocalan I think if slicks notes are correct here this is Steve Stephen and Claire are their two people on the line with us. Yeah I'm player in hand. David. To see you guys are like the tee putting your abilities together as one. Don't know if no no law at all. No no yeah. Or I don't even understand what's yours so are you taking eat like you trying now. He had in mind made up. I am I made my mind made a change Assurant health show he wanted to call sergeant we don't talk to those who want an outburst and Arnold and. Okay all right Stephen go ahead. Stevenson. That's not it now Claire was Paris right you don't have it Stephen Clint what's your what's your which you shot. You know. And it's not that he there's Stephen and clarification to work together I think you should combine that energy in May be would have had the Big Ten 16 PME and working together to make things answered it hey thanks for the call guys we appreciate you calling it. Are you were not we're gonna it was trying to get to at least one maybe two more here. This is I don't know hell it is this hell it. So there I don't know totally different sort of cut you from hell it been. Why aren't. OK sorry about that I don't know wisely put that up there but anyway he wanted to go ahead and given to shout we're focused on the scarred for. Our. Now all the thank you very much for the call yes thank you concern about getting your name wrong all right this is going to be our last one we got to do this one kind of quickly this is emea in Pennsylvania hi Amy welcome to the show. Let's give this a shot okay. Okay it's it's that Jack contaminants. No it's not. But thank you so much for calling me yet thank you for calling in boy are we got through a lot of calls their option in which people. You know kind of on the race track but only and we love doing a so we we get a million mission next week reduce yeah yeah I'm sure. So are if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond the reality radio link to FaceBook page for us. And then had to be under reality radio dot com download the free Smartphone apps final stations we are across the country and more there. I'm also a few Dallas show from iTunes or any laurels. Wish do us favor rated for ourselves Bush's foreign makes it easy for people to find it helps us skip the word album that's what it's all about this and pretty much do for us tonight. They stood and everybody listening Jason GB on or later he'll catch Olson at. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced my child Susan Johnson insisted. It's can only be on the radios distribute it. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason no smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.