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Jim Barfield discusses the mysterious Copper Scroll

Sep 11, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Jim Barfield, Director of the Copper Scroll Project about the mysteries of the unique archaeological docuument. Does it lead the way to vast Biblical treasures? Does it warn us of the end of days? 9/11/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. On OS they have this many years that somewhere in between what can be on reality radio with me Jason follows in the always arson Jamey Johnson. I'm glad you said mead Jason Hawes because people often get her voice is confused here but our understanding I had seen me because somebody texted me saying heck you're really tired of hearing you say. Myself OJ's on the Gaza and and I'm he had a proper English but it's just the way rolls off it's kind of a common usage of the word but but you know I. Before we get too much into any of this stuff. I haven't been paying too much attention but apparently. We've got a hurricane barreling down on the East Coast and I'm in it really it's one of those things where well first off. Mutated it's just prayers to all of you that are that are out there from hurricane Florence musher she's earned its category four right now sustained winds of Obama at least a 130 miles an hour. And is nearing a cat five. So you're looking at now 150 mile an hour winds. For more than a million people on the south the southern coasts. The US have now face mandatory evacuations North Carolina South Carolina. A Virginia and I've met a lot of very close friends in South Carolina as wells North Carolina and we have family chris' parents are both in Norfolk Virginia which is right in the in the cross direct path arm and the talking about. But to twenty inches of rain being dropped and that's just it's terrifying and please you know. While Steele please just be safe out there and understand homes can be replaced. Objects can be replaced yet his memories and so forth but. And it's just lies can. Yeah I mean how many people make. The decision and I'd have to say in May and in too many tragic instances it's a bad decision to kind of ride it out win none the officials are saying evacuate. And like you said you know all Puerto Rico all the material stuff can be replaced. Lies campy so if if if they say evacuate should should evacuate. And I know some people author probably thinking while slightly easier and there and it's a lot easier saying that but. I Dan I've been through hurricanes and and we we've dealt with right and we were through Hurricane Bob perking Gloria. Both times are and our neighborhoods our areas to as were on the water work call or consider disaster zones arm. I hit a saleable my backyard for three months three months after we are out of power for weeks. So I know what it's like is that why you bought that captains jacket he had you have yourself put in Paris elbow finally somebody came on target but I. But the fact of the matter is and we were evacuated and the of course is one of those things you you never wanna leave our house. Because it's it's your house you wanna be able to stand their protective that you can't protect it when strapping twenty inches walk a rain. And Windsor he you know 13050. Miles an hour absolutely nothing a human can do. In that that's just mother nature. Flexing her muscles down those those forces are way too powerful to do anything about so take care of ourselves be safe for everybody make good decisions here pay attention to your local authorities. And our prayers are there with and we are many of the stations out there and yeah just please let just take a muscle you we love you we want to stay safe. Homes can be replace cars can be replaced family. Cannot so just please sick thing can just do you do it's mark do this farm yeah tonight. Ornery talking about the DN. Not the Dead Sea scrolls for save the one of the Dead Sea scrolls the copper scroll we have a guest on about a man a month ago or so doctor Ken Hanson. And day he was talking about the Dead Sea scrolls and the copper scroll came up a few times and we asked some question about. His the work of of fellow ArQule archaeologist. By the name of Jim Barfield. And Ken knew him well and really it was an admirer of his works so we actually have Jim bar feels coming on the program tonight he is the director. Of the copper scroll project we're gonna find out why the copper scroll stands out as he unique. Scroll in terms of the Dead Sea scrolls causes a lot of them this one is unique. Not only is unique because of the material that was written on but it's unique because some of the information that it contains. It's a bit for treasurer Matt. Yet a treasure map bad. Weigh in decipher it and found a news post bring. In the end dates. So it kind of it's one of those injury like a treasure wanna find it much but don't want to ramifications of what happens when they do so that's something you think about and and we got smaller great shows this week tomorrow. Talking with doctor Raymond moody. And we're going to be talking with him a boat near death experiences and fight it's the actual final words project now we've had people on in the past about this. On other doctors and nurses and and so forth that. They shared indeed the talk about near death experiences with their patience. Shared to death experiences and so much more at such an inching topic can and make sure you tune in. Wednesday again another great topic one of my favorite really talking about the black eyed children. Now that is creepy subjecting it Orleans and some people say I was Internet lore but now honestly when you really researcher at. The black eyed children you're talking goat go back thousands of years. And some some called them watcher of the woods and in many other different names so to very mentioning topics on the she tournament. Immigration yet it's a great week of shows we appreciate you being part of those witnessed by the way if you wanna join the conversation. Later in tonight's program when he opened up our phone lines the telephone numbers 8446877669. And then Jim Barfield I guess we'll take questions he's just a wealth of information he's a self taught archaeologist. He was say a firefighter for years who was also combat pilot. He's got quite a wealth of experience and kind of took the sun after retirement decided he wanted he was it a biblical scholar. Amateur biblical scholar started to study the Dead Sea scrolls and realized that this was an unbelievably fascinating. Series of scrolls particularly the copper scroll and that kind of started a minus quest and he's gonna share a bunch of information on this tonight. It's going to be awhile so you must be really happy Jim because in ninety degree weather is and I'm and it's been actually in the fifties. My poor kids at a football game tonight. Hull the united all through my boys are out there on the field it's been it was down pouring it was fifty degrees. One of my sons the quarterback once a receiver and others are running today it's funny but. Felt so bad for them because I'm sitting under an umbrella all of us are and were freezing and our sweat jacket serene jackets. And they're out there and just their football here. On a town. Yeah I it did us a switch was flipped and we went from. A bit off from on the go to Foster or yes vice Versa yeah. Yet from the depths of summer heat ninety degree plus with the unbelievable humidity too. Six not even sixty degrees and rain and I actually went from sweating in shorts and a teacher too but needing to Wear fleece that basically overnight and I told you you with more of this are you wish for you right and I feel like they should just reach out and crabby and just hit chip. And you know what I didn't use the wishing machine that Josh Warren gave America just didn't like it was close enough to make that snarl it was close enough to me that I'm not gonna say that maybe that it has something to do with. Only now is. One summer the necessary because this just tells me that. Something Cole is on wellness. And on the horizon a Mallard for it and that's for. If you're having him make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Click the FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com you can find all the stations where across the country. You can download the free Smartphone apps which is adolescent life catch past shows join him in China and warm. Or any night reliant feel free just a click the listen live button in the operating corner you can listen right from the let's say or he can. Paying down that chat room on the website to achieve he myself Greek community people while listening to the show when talking to other great people. On she javy and Brooke I'm actually the face to face FaceBook life idiots okay it's been awhile now some spinal while I was worried my hair wasn't going to be able. Perfect and everything else put it get back into that. Via the it's actually could've pretty it's a it's a pretty amazing platform I'm I'm learning more about it as well and it just really surprising you know these technologies and these immediate options are changing so rapidly. It's tough it's tough to keep up with it but it's it's amazing stuff there were becoming dinosaurs really quick I was gonna say something about that but I don't want admitting yeah. If our eyes on the phone number for tonight and like every night is 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. Will be opening a phone lines the second hour of the show ran take a quick break a lot more to come you listen to Jason GP. Beyond really review will be back after this. Chasing hard Stevie Johnson thanks for being with us tonight you would think he gives it dimension B. We bring our guest Jim Barfield into the conversation. At midnight the calendar change and it's September 11. And so of course you know and over the minute it was walking I took a late night walk in Nieves walking by the churches in Cooperstown. As you do loop seal the church's. And there have been over people were out putting flags and this is late night knows why why these people putting flags out on the church wanted. And at several different churches and realized. As I was walking us from figures must not Labor Day anymore it's and certainly no Memorial Day when I realized it was to commemorate 9/11 which. You know again even though that was seventeen years ago which in itself was hard to believe. It's still a day that you know we have just take take pause and remember not only the people that. We lost on that day but the reason we lost some things we've needed to do sensed he or our people safe. And it was it's one of those days well he'll always remember where you wore on that and I'll never forget comical and interest America blessed everybody else their answers to. Scary world earliest it it is and that immediately he said there'd been the interest in the news or people now that are. Reaching adulthood that weren't alive. When that actually happened which is hard even fathom in my book it is just as time flies is just unbelievable the earliest the US bring our guest in Jim Barfield as a director of the copper school project. He has a personal interest in Bible study led him to learn and study about these Dead Sea scrolls and he came across the least understandable. Of all the Dead Sea scrolls which is known as the copper scroll Jim welcome to the programs great to have him beyond reality radio. Well thank you so good debater. Alicia c'mon. We we just don't know if you if you one to share with us. You worked so let's quickly before we get into this topic about where you were when you heard the news about 9/11 we you know this is a day we commemorate that tragedy that unbelievably horrific day. But we all kind of have a story as to where we were at the time and I'm sure you have one as well. Yeah actually do that just built into our martial law pushed. Or if you much pro. Room watching CP AM. Because they've heard song but it happened the omni or. So busy but I hurdle you know really get excited. Slow walked on this site rumor they were. And as a walked into the room the the second airplane hit the second building. In I was just just unbelievable. Well that's when that's really when you realized that it wasn't an accident and that. That's what happened to me I was doing a plumbing job and lady came downstairs and said a plane just at the World Trade Center. And so once I came up I was watching the news weather and that's when the second one hit and right then and there are new. This and this president on state. And I mean that that was the as that's all unfolded on national TV and of sale almost everybody was glued to the television has these reports were coming in. We are watching these track does this tragic. I mean I'm comparable tragedy occur and unfold I mean it's it's it's surreal. It he kind of liken it to what when JFK was assassinated they almost think you know there's there's a way more to it. Oh we mum and complete agreement that public a lot of levels to the letter effective remembered very very clear it was just a little boy. Newspaper guys pulled within our labor because we look pretty poor neighborhoods. And they were Holler for the kids you know when Dayton people who go boys to go downtown and so newspapers. And 1968. Was sixty wants you to select federal program today. But I certainly remember very clearly what was cool moment and so you know very memorable event and tomorrow. Very memorable. If bit effect on the the fire Marshall called windows system for a partial it's time. Called me on the radio a little bit after that I had a particular job. In Egypt giving you need to back to the office. So it okay shall turn around go back when I got in there they were they had grabbed my. Test but bullet proof that has been ethnic they're wrong because of that being gay couples. That they were going to shoot eight don't kill may. Because they don't know what the right it is what they called it. They've totaled most all of the slope and that it wouldn't it all I studied Hebrew effect that led to the cup scroll. And outside because my studies in the Hebrew. And from my Jewish perspective. So it was just debated just all of a sudden became very very personal. Provision unfriendly step moment. Well we've got about two minutes before we have to go to our break here let's take those two minutes and Tenet tell us how you first. For who learned of and took an interest in the Dead Sea scrolls as a whole. Yeah well the wrong it'd be scroll it became important to pay well. At a point I cannot even selling when it began just that they were important. But they did what form of technical studies would lose my passion. I have been though I had little or Hebrew and I had a little more of the Dead Sea scrolls. It goes as site study that Cambodia which say there's and there are things in the Dead Sea scrolls that they're not tell us. Which it did they just haven't seen it or there and not tell people. There's stuff in there about. I call it issue. You're calling cheeses and at least going geez. If it gives his date of this for. It gives the state of John the Baptist berth because the deck of the the crucifixion. It gives the date of destruction of both temples. First temple's second temple or parents that election. So there's a lot in there about. About. Christian and Jewish played a tremendous. And and people are just Nazi and yet a buddy of mine only today. And effective first day you go to and contact group. I don't want it is the guys to vote like to check them like true that not drugged out of the like. Listen in on those great show and enhance. In the he's a great and Anchorage getting back on again he's he's not only really intelligent these audience he's great bureau. Yeah we had a great discussion with Canada remember that very very well and also member asking her about you don't view. And what were very very happy to have you want. A we're gonna go to break here now but when we get back Jim I really wanna get into the differences between the Dead Sea scrolls as the body of work that was discovered. And then specifically the copper scroll why it differs in more than just it's got copper in the name. Our guest is Jim Barfield director of the copper scrolls project you listen to Jason and. Easy Dioner Ellen revealed. Back to show H. Maybe JC GB we'll open up the phone lines here program and receive. 446877669. We're talking tonight would Jim Barfield he's the director of the copper school project scroll project that is. The website is copper scroll project dot com there's also book out called the copper scroll project that book was written by Shelley Neeson. Jim you wrote to flood the forward Fred for the copper school project book what's relationship between you and Shelly. Those were bullets. Better years ago. And it is in jail and it produced this update yep. And zionist. Conference. In four world. Chilling night it at all hoop group weeds start talking. She's a young daughter. And but she's just this week or been a wonderful writer. She fell in love with this election I was dealership in the what's at stake up regime tumble world crazy bills but yeah. And then she's start studying all the researchers. And studying up all the copper scroll that's what she really got excited which you realize what this argument was. That it was it to potentially just want to tell the locations. Massive amounts of gold and so over NGOs. But it's like till everybody does not a treasure map this of the far more important that it really. Could potentially give us some real hope this crazy world of relive and them. And Schilling failed in that machine wrote the book big this story behind that. Shelley squishy solve our researcher for the first time ship to sign a nondisclosure. If you sit down with me and my wife when we sent talked about it. And actually that are taken back to the wrong or she was dying and pleaded never done that war. She read it came back very excited because it's not something mystical it's just the very straightforward document. Tell anywhere. You know all these wonderful items or buried yet and it's very simple what you understand the directions do. But Jim also went on in the same aspect I know you're talking about how they give a lot of hope and everything else. But it doesn't also talk of well when it's found bringing the end of days. What people. Look DoubleClick is the end of days is the end of the world is not a the end of days for example of organizing your book if time is called a jubilee cycle. At the end of that cycle is the end of today for that particular cycle. It's like in the in an attempt to talk about. You know cheeses and IBM they end of days at that point they thought it was the candidates well it not. And people today think they were thinking it was the end of the world what that's what the dorsal and it was the end of the jubilee period. So they end of days. For us where you're nine. But it could potentially deliberating. What we would consider to be well you know they you know Armageddon. And that sort of thing. My own cereal. I think. Possibility that. That have already passed with World War II because talks about speed and boring golf. The flesh it talks about. Massive destruction and we've never seen destruction like that and history. For world war true. But so back to your point. They yes there are things we could potentially happen but dislike in Oklahoma there's a transition period between when are sporadic. During that transition period there. That's what we get our worst weather tornadoes. And extremely bad storms sort of thing is always saying it turbulent period between each. One of the you know between life and death and whether being death and life being springtime. So if that's what you're talking about the other potential for that and my biggest concern is that. That Israel. You know they're they're the ones that are gonna have to deal with a primarily. And L although I want them to get off the bottoms and get this going down what we get it done Walton could be cautious and thoughtful. Because. There's a lot of people who don't want this stuff. A lot of the country got to want it. Jordan and Egypt. Palestinians have got to want it and certainly the Israelis have belonged to them it's their languages there. Equipment they built that they're people built that didn't belong to the so there there needs to be a lot of caution on the air part one which initially take these things on the ground. Of course and there are pretty much encircled by people who want them dead. So you don't. Need to take. The globe little tiny you know or globe we're gonna be trying. Need a little flight land not Israel will you know you can't see Israel it's just a tiny little speck of land and that's older asking for. And they've got to fight for every inch of it that continually. Jim let's take a step back here on. Everybody's heard of the Dead Sea scrolls. Not everybody's heard of the copper scroll tell us what's the I know that the copper scroll is one of the Dead Sea scrolls but why is it distinct. It is just what you said earlier not because it's battled the reason there's little copper. Is because the the the people that were writing in this document wanted it to last as long time. In in that document lists. Like I said earlier tons of gold silver and jams but it also lists. Artifacts. Vessels like blood vessels or as sacrificial offerings. In it has hassles for lying. It has vessels for fat you know whatever they're doing offerings sort of say yeah. She broke the bulls or whatever it is that they are offering I have to especially at special items in the have to be very very plain. That's why they use gold and so over. To do these things where it but that document pills or the locations. 56 some people say more than that but don't tell is fifty sort of victory certain locations. And they've just got some incredible artifacts there and it's second back appease. Second chapter. If that's correct. In ballistic in the tabernacle of Moses which is deportable simple. That Moses to grow lifting in the wilderness for forty years city that list that and second pack to be a law. Web they'd biggest prize of all are okay and talked about it. It will list the ark of the covenant under its bullish field inside the cave in the description. In fact impact of these matches the description. On the copper scroll. It very very well. And locations that have identified. Actually the copper scroll exactly. So this should not do this hypnotic guessed that I am doing now has the antiquities authority. Look at it the problem and and and it antiquities toward it was a burst got to look at it. And he just he was deciding to. He couldn't believe vehicles don't arm and a blog Oklahoma. Which you've been here for it was it is artillery general and the Israeli army get into law. So he and I have a lot of talk about actually helicopters flew. Explaining I was an artillery was an artillery. So we hit it off right off the bat so the point again this document. Give incredible. Artifacts. And it is incredible hope because of where this thing is located of these things are located. It's called the belly of the core and then in the local polls say it talks about the belly or. And it talks tough day in the days which together doesn't mean handled in the world is talking about a the end of the cycle we're at the end of the six day. There's always a fat but then traveled as a good thing. So 6000 years ago that yours is equal to today. That's what they were talking about in holes there was some you know the end of days and it was talking about. It being a door of hope in available court that was the door hope of this K does there. And take note I know that it is. If in fact my location is correct. And that means there's at the world hope that contains. That tabernacle itself all the furnishings. All of the vessels that are going to be needed and more most importantly debate there's got to be squirrels and you were to ask Kim about that or the reverse gold volatility yeah. Absolutely. Impact cave. There will be squirrels. And sealed perfectly so whether deterioration. Because of the called wrong world these things are that. It's the driest place all are and it's it's wonderful perfect place to store these or. Jim you talk about the ark of the covenant you talk about the tavern ask you talk about a lot of things that has been. You know discussed whether in the Bible or among religious circles or even non religious circles for and for a lot of years. Some people think some of those things are figured if are you saying that these are literally items that are buried in this scroll is this location of those items. Yes absolutely that's so. In order for the things that are talked about it in the scripture. To be fulfilled. In order for a day happen and happen properly is Scottish for the head described were to happen they have to have these artifacts. One of the things that the government made his what is called them won't date yes ashes of the red if you ever the left. OK well just. A couple of days ago there was an article. Where it showed that there a red pepper had been born it's literally get rid. Cast female. Oh well I and that's playing has been born and it's got to be spot not one white here not one gray hair. Everything about it has to be spotless and it has to be they call it big check debate can continue usually watch it. Anticipated that it did have played perfectly. Read Coke. Well. In order prevailed too well Mike that animal ready yet to get ashes of that particular red hair for days after having old ones. From the time of Moses. I mean they're good at what they did it ever done it anxious download they would have to have another redhead for offering. That would take those edges and it makes it what their actions that were already again. A particular base that they used that was larger force. And then they wouldn't makes it that way it was continuous as a country usually on going and actions that are ran there. Or have ripped presidents of every one of the everything ever from the top of Moses until today world. We're talking we Jim Barfield he is the director of the copper scroll project the website is copper scroll project dot com. We're also talking about the book of the same name the copper scroll project which Jim wrote the forward for it would be a book itself was authored by shelling east. We're gonna take a quick break and will be opening a full lines in the second hour it's 844. 6877669. At all creative or four. 6877669. To listen to your attention. I can show beyond reality maybe Jason GPS guest mentioned Barfield director of the top. Her school scroll project in Jim you had mentioned to during our last segment. That the authors of this scroll used copper. To put these words in place because they wanted to him to them for them to last. Common for authors of its roles at that time to resort to a metal. Particularly copper on four important sensitive information resist very unique. There are. A couple of other schools. The world that were. You know rig in cover but there were tiny things this thing was about seven feet long and over life and you know again it's it's simply. Listed. And gave directions to particular treasures that had been buried. And today. Days the reason that they used that covered gala was so that would last a long time. They were just they were born in captivity. Avalon had taken. Jerusalem. And it it already territory to build a conflagration. Two on it was a large are there are you getting his feet remnants of that prior to this day. And it talks about it. And accomplish grow talks about our and it describes everyone the buildings. And the Indy tale. That's fell on news that I've figured it out as of what size examined the Romans. Match today yeah go very well well the copper. Again it was very unique. And that the other red the other part of that role though those will develop might move but only Atlanta scan or goats scandal I've fixed get something Kosher Kosher and and decade they wanted this thing the last and illustrated let's say that they wanted to people who. The big steps seventy years later because that's what Jeremiah proper side. Aren't exactly seven years later they began at that laid the cornerstone for the next temple which would've been a rural mobile step. But the point area. I think at least at least two little boys that broke disk copper scroll work young man. Probability. It'll at thirteen 1213 years old because you don't handwriting and it looks like it looked like a kid broke. And writing styles or five different handwriting style on this copper scroll. Five different man wrote the scroll. And one I think it did is they broke up a group 100 trees. Those trees for the labor put this and Knowles and those young man for the ones you recorded it. In their own handwriting and again you can see the handwriting changes that you read this girl. And what that what I believe that we're doing is this. If one of those groups of one of the men and local groups went bad. You know went rogue and went out there tried to steal these items he would only get 20% at the most. The of the tables that were buried it from rock. So. The copper was intended to do last a long time of this integration can be preserved for a long time. Jim we have a couple minutes here I want who on talk about how the scroll was discovered I know that it wasn't the first of the Dead Sea scrolls that was discovered. I describe the circumstances by which it was found where it was found and two was it if I am assuming it was not in any kind of chest or anything protecting and it was just stood on national sort of case. Yeah exactly except where it's happened. There were spent on it that it got in to say that cape cape story. And they were looking and they are hoping for is more scrolls more at sea scrolls well apportioned to update the rules of the APEC collapsed. And dated formed almost like hey you or in a hidden hidden room. And they had to get around is going to get to the scroll neighbors are published a shelf of dirt. Can pretty much cover a third exit free you know it was exposed in a portion of the scroll that actually rotted away not very much. But some of it wrong runway. And that's how they found that was. Do our next question and it's one of the old scrolls were found. By an excavation a legitimate. Operation was trying to professionals bill and but until the bad ones were better attitude right war. They would get out the bad ones being the bases in the area. They would you know apparently and they can maybe find a lot to scroll that they promote black market and I deliver and that way. That this girl again Brazilians in my tape parade. Hidden away in the it was a little like protective covering is spelled out over the thing. And if you believe in gut is yeah you gotta believe that he was protect in this thing for today. We have just less than a minute here. When it was sound it wasn't something they can just be on. I'm Ralph Bolden read at the time right it took quite a project to get it so it could be looked at. Yes it was founded in the march over 1952. And it was a opened until 1955. Manchester college of science and technology. Manchester England coming. Henry. Like biker was on the open the bank if he's state yet. Look like it into anti drilling troops drilling grade. It was just it was just really crude but it was very effective it put a tiny little slope blade don't. Do circular saw and that he had a lot of guests. He can't end of that thing it sliced a little slippers well a little they're probably about afford. Four digit slide. And it's slice off a portion of it Adelaide that section that decided by the of foot long beneath the he'd roll into the side and make another cut. So that that would lettering would be preserved because they pressed to tap the lettering into this copper Grohl. Told that they can be read from the outside. Meaning whoever wrote it have derided backwards. And they had to write each letter backwards because they were looking at it from the opposite side. They were they made mistakes a couple letters or backwards. You can you relate tapped it out Henry tried do you race. It's terrifying sorry we're gonna take a quick break a lot more to come you listen to Jason GE NB honor. Telling them last Tuesday. It's the start somewhere between walker. Regis and honestly always arson GP Johnson will be bring in our guest Jim Barfield back in the program to some and I have you know so an in all different you've got the video feed here of me a did you negotiate your idle equipment if that's not what happened. Into the maybe it's maybe that's what what's going on though because I move some of the lights in in the studio here Reid pointed them and I feel like a minute completely different place and I don't like it. I'm very uncomfortable right now is it bring back that night of him the alien ship next game broke all the players are here I'm sure if that's exactly what's coming up with something in my subconscious has bothered me because these lights are not where they used to be everything looks different. And I'm just feeling like efficient and have a hard time with that I I says start a redo on my in my studio and here's the other day and it's like now things there and it's he gets so used to getting things off on the side and things in the and now it's us you know like I get this at 36 inch figurines thing that was given me by this or or company. And it keeps creeping me out so not used to it being where it is. Can I just I just wanted to share something here as I mentioned in on the air couple times I think maybe when when you were off 198. Mom I kept seeing something moving out of the corner of my time right side they're steps on the right to go to the next floor. And I kept seeing something over there will while I was here working over the weekend it was I don't know midnight ish around there I was doing some stuff and I looked over and that's their case. And there is an umbrella hanging in a hook up there and it was swinging. So it was somebody who had been goes to marry or something had hooked up for a while. And I swear I saw local waitress just kind of turned the corner and got the steps to the point where. I I went up very cautiously may true all the doors were locked all the windows were closed because I was the only one in the house. And I was a bit. Disturbed by that. He's so at least he dimpled do drug I didn't do one of those but I was freaked out and I've been seeing something out of the corner my right guy. For weeks now so something's about to go down here so we're gonna have to set up some equipment to. Feel this is. They everybody welcome to be unreality radio Jason NGG if you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond that reality radial FaceBook page forest and had to be under really radio dot com you can find all the stations where an across the country. Can download the free Smartphone apps which allows you to listen live catch past shows join allied chat more. 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And the storm dropped a little long in the wins but the drop twenty or more inches of water. Of brains so please just safety first homes can be replaced people's lives can. Are soulless. Bring our guest spec into the program Jim Barfield to sit director of the copper scroll project the website is copper scroll project dot com. And the book that he wrote the forward for the book was written by shelling niece is called the copper scroll project Jim. Again thanks for being here I wanna get into. The point at which you start to recognize in this copper scroll that you could actually understand what these directions were. And eventually came to a point where you know where these treasures are buried. Yeah. Pretty amazing deals should give visited visited with great gentlemen of the in the battle zones I didn't want to even hear about copper scroll. But did he was big into its sea scrolls so it would visible bit. And he told me it's just say that you need you need to look at the discover scroll into the double prophecy. And the first lie. That all the other schools put together. Took game do war. So it was about six months later we get the study yet. I got up early in the Morgan can in my desk to sit at the French but right now. And I started reading that the demand is a starter Braden had a bum wrap of the location could be wrong or all these things are buried that. A map blend right there on my desk. Oh well ultimate compared they descriptions on this score copper scroll where the description or they have that sitting in front of and as I began every one will be get the lineup exactly. And action. Their descriptions all these locations medical fraud if it was probable here's the strange but it. The first three. Locations worked perfectly straight line and the ability ended at dictate that I was talking about the potentially hold the the Bible Moses in the very important text book the last five dollars last five locations do the exact same thing. They run straight across the diagonally across this sort of Roland. And all five vote went perfectly straight line. And the last one is again the cave. So what told you there were 57 locations will Leo there are but it really only 56 because the cape discounted Claude. So that's what they're proud began to realize oh my gosh how in the heck of Margaret get Israelis don't listen to play. Well they have. They listened they conducted an expectation that they have to pay for anything and you have to fill letting informs. As they did the exploration and April 2000. But they stopped just short. Which was incredibly frustrating. Because we paid for all those air fare we've done all this to get over there and we stopped short. I understand why you know it's like I told you earlier this could potentially cause some problems in the Middle East. So it's that day cold winter day in December or treat those six. And that's what I realized oh my gosh I don't I don't understand this. It. Just one day just clicked tunnels down. So it didn't it didn't take me twenty minutes to figure out first bot. What he meant it. And how does this happen not gonna tell you something. That title I don't have never drove it on in public or. Indian Ocean world small data links. When I was twelve years old. I went to bed well it was in June of 1967. I'm laying in bed and looking out my window through which we were real forward and have air conditioning we have windows open. And I'm thinking about the next day one this little white way to look at not that window. And I blink. Well I've blink. The problem when my idol it's touched until they were open it was the next day from 10 o'clock at night. Dark. True. You know like 8 o'clock in the morning completely bride did and it terrified. Something happened to me that nine. And from that day. This day. I have known that there was something important and I had to do when my wife matter we got married forty years ago. And I told us some glory. There's some that I got to do it at that that didn't gonna get period. I wanna tell you there's some issues ability what is an asset backed can't count I don't know. When I sit down that morning and figured this thing out and Lou. What it was that I had to do because there were times that I wouldn't know before I read the next section or for both Ford finished. Tape particular location I don't know where was that. And I can't tell you how do. I can't tell you how I figured it out so easily either. But I've there's something happened. I got played a bad cop goes today before. But something really strange had the debate then I. Well and you have no idea. Let me those missing 810 hours what happened during that time. I can't take it blows wide awake when mice touched. Its direction double wide awake the next morning I went out went up but to give up some notes. Debts to get up until mom mom she ran off she had to go play she'd done it was so ridiculous. That something. Whether it was you know something the enormously better I don't but something happened that. From what makes you so sure that ball first often even discounting the eight to ten hours and missing time. That something's click through and helped you to really understand. Exactly what the strange document sang. What makes me so sure. I'd I'm not sure at all until I'm not sure but I'll tell you this. It was I'd just about finished my resurgent Judith keep those almost finished the darkness like to learn migrated. I was outside mowing and push Mo we coat let elected it'll stay relatively good shot at. So push morning and I was thinking to myself. Why can't remember over the last tour yet. And I shut the lower off. I went back knocked on the door so lord absolute atrocity it was hot. As sit sit. Cassidy listens to what I was thinking well. I have set I was asking myself why can't remember. Where these things right not what can I figured out now like can I aid. You know discover what it is it is like cannot remember. Now again it may be absolute baloney. But something very strange have to debate that. Jim we've a couple of minutes for it to gonna break here and owner of one of get a little more insight as to what you're talking about right now when you were. Looking at the copper scroll and this was coming to you. Were you looking and you can answer either one of these questions and when asked to and maybe it's both. Were you looking at them from a different perspective too short the first person to look at them do you think that you were it was a more of a mechanical thing you just looked at it from a different perspective they gave you the answer so quickly or do you think there's something divine involved here. Well. I'm not there yet I think there's a possibility of the divinity. 8 because I am I am my relatively intelligent one. Investigated here for Oklahoma and international best to get a year or arson investigations. Well good investigations. So that entry her first or second question. But was it divine. Body. And there are things that have happened. Because I was I had taken a bow. It was a very very strict now it was we. What's called the natural rights bow. And the Israelis. When I heard about me and they were very excited. That I was at as a and less exceptions Sam Neill. Don't Baptist is that we're NASA writes it's a dedication about dedication. Well my bout was over whether you know what after a few years that's why do you look at the pictures really don't care. Well after after my grandson. Died I'd head to well I got my hair off and that just takes too long to explain that so back to your question. It was a divine well. I don't know what. I don't know that until on them. It was it was it was easy for me to understand the scroll in that may have been just because that technically I was used to do it. An investigation goes east put all the pieces together to figure out. How ruins. What's called the ability to borrow under the ground and infielder identified that point of origin and that sort of. Okay we're gonna go to break here we come back I wanna ask tell you Jim about the dig that the Israelis. Did your went undertook for you on your behalf based in your information. How short it is stopped wide it'd stop and will we ever be able to get back in there. Our guess is Jim Barfield director of the copper scroll project you're listening to Jason G. Yeah 46776600. Forgot to join our discussion we're talking we Jim Barfield he's the director. The copper scroll project Jimmie said that your information was so compelling that the Israeli government. I'm authorize and actually participated any dig to start to see if there was some truth to what you were saying but it was stopped short. First of all how short was it stopped and a need you talk about a political trip wire. And I'm assuming that's why it was stopped short tells a little bit more about what that means. You're actually bribe it is political trip words. And everything we're talking about that directly related Tuesday. The temple mount on the temple mount. Don't want the temple mount is like an atomic bomb and they you know part of the government is the button. So and that's forward looking for a that's so the items that we don't look for for the temple. Coming temple and all like gold so over is for the bribe. In order Altria. I talked to a very high ranking rabbi and Israel well first go to Tokyo on my first trips. They told leases generate lists of future you found. It's it's to Delray for the coming bride which is a good thing it's a wonderful. Time a piece of thousand years of peace and buddy we could sure use that. So. What what I'm hoping for. With just with the excavation. Is that they'll let us finished the doggone excavation. The deputy speaker of the capacity. He's not at that position and more spending portion fate. He went with me Google brawn under his authority. We went out there we stand that place where they metal detector. And I don't go buying led up in the locations for the that I indeed there was given massive amounts of our affairs medals mean brass or copper sort of gold. It'll let them and they were exactly where that told that would be it. So like correct. Yeah I believe I am. And the reason they showed us that on the trip for our. Believe what happened was biko's. They get a you ball pellet. Gentlemen that was running the excavation it was a Meyer excavation and they shouldn't be my excavation at this post Israel should be payers. So he can run and it. We were at the tape digging he said we're gonna go two meters which is over sixty weird about two and a half three feet and it got a phone call. That phone call he looked at may have to get that look in his dialect of crap. So he gets a public Leo hole we're in Annie walks over or away from may. But it can't backers hope count on the subject. He details of the it was a piece of well this is sixty. That you hope they know what they had the pleasure of ninety dull there's about sixty date. And he he can elect decent now this sixty please let's let's go look at some other location we can probably speak five. It troubles played two meters. In the wanna we get we did debris that we dug about. What happened on location. About eight inches they stay images and the fact location ridiculous. Because these things are buried at about twelve feet deep remorse that. Jim Morgan have to pick that up we get back we've got to go to break marry you listen Jason GDP on Elena. To show. Reality rating Jason GP two nighter guest is Jim Barfield were honored to have him here he is the director of the copper scroll project. Jim I wanna go back to this political powder keg situation we've got here because it's not just political it's also religious. Powder keg who stands. The most to either fear or gain from the discovery these treasures. Its first hearing world. Yes our gorges did I mean obviously we have a G day you Judeo Christian. At stake. It in this into the Muslims have as much at stake in these treasures. Now. They don't. Eight this thing about it is simple people understand that you know the coming temple and its common. That don't understand that that's a house of prayer for all people however that doesn't mean that. Go to there slaughter big deal it's just those kind of things you know it's going to be according to biblical. Standards. And it's it's not going to be something you just have presently grew up there which want to does not happen it's going to be decently and in order. So this forested peak saying we all have a lot to gain. Because this is that this is the most profound. Artifacts. Of that will prove that what the Bible says is for and I absolutely believe that the Bible is true. I absolutely believe that these artifacts exist for the right or wrong. I believe that they exist. And I think today you know that they will quote be relevant and the future's so all of us. Stand to gain from the because aid deductibles and other documents to confirm that copper scroll. What I am telling you likes dramatic days in. The book the vote baroque apocalypse broke this ruling in all of the day. That at that time with the re gathering of the nation of Israel that means all twelve tribes. It's when these things are gonna come out and that's a good thing and the company at that time of the coming of the messiah that is a very good. So that we don't have a lot to gain yes they're going to be tough times. For the first year push. Very possible. Probably could put it that. Sort of powder keg. It's it's it's only gonna last a short time. And then and then it's going to be the coming of the messiah will be an incredible league. Jim. You have horses. The copper scroll project which is actively trying to IA from what I understand petitioned the Israeli government to resume to dig how successful or how close are you to being successful. Well we were very close in 2000. I obviously but they shut us down spoke that they had the top man of the antiquities of the west bank and was blunt in his. He he sat down and I didn't presentations. Similar to what I'm doing all they actually shorting the locations projector and his can and there are proper. And he looked at me is trying to keep Boca for a veto law does and Los Vegas goes I overcome my choice and he died of bug enabling forward. And say what he was telling me it was oh my gosh. Well at the end of that conversation we went back to his office and he looked at patient mr. Barfield. He sits sometimes things are better left alone. And we do I get together put another ordeal is what bacteria. In tests just to do the scan. Simple scam would alone left foot per. And he said no more clothes and go wrong down four and definitely and it's been closed as far as I know last I checked. It's being closed for about four to five years. Worked archaeology in that particular area. I wonder why. Well Jim do you believe that these treasures are still in these locations that they haven't been pretty much file owned by others may just have sentiment. Yes the other read us because of the scanned it and that we did that they are authority of the what should fight on the deputy speaker of the confessed to discount like this senate here. And the parliament in England you know these guys if he was the deputy speaker we went out there and scanned the go wrong place and dumped on here. The places where I told him that there would be not her medals lit up. So the detector we used still one of the highest. And most reliable ones you can get that penetrates found fifty feet. So to run over there yet I don't know that. Analysts little settled last promote over there couple years ago. Well over a year ago they went out there and got to step up but I doubt it has fiercely seriously but that were. Again to the political power kit powder keg a point. From my understanding. The ark of the covenant isn't only a relic but it's powerful relic. If it's there and it is. Excavated. The holder of that. Relic of that artifact is is said to be able to wield some tremendous power. Is that do you believe that to be the case. You know adult I think that the person that will that that or has that artifact. If they are right will go yeah they were wield tremendous power that you'll remember in the story. They stations that took the lord that took Dior the government. For a short time. Altogether out of it loosened series similar to. Not a not agree that grating that's literally what happened. So they brought it right back so you know it is Israelis get ahold of it. They who wield tremendous power. But they were wilted under the auspices or under the authority. Right just cane or rice just side. So Jim that the book the copper school project again that today Shelley niece wrote to. Is that does that book encompass. By your work or is there a there were other works that you wore preparing to. Either write another book about or group reveal and some other way. You know authority let me get that document are completed it in June of 2011. It's certainly right in front of me right now. And it's got every detail it's got every altered several locations. Indeed go mapped. Photographs everything I mean what she read it and I'm given we're going to be given. Sewers in Israel. Start in May of next year. And military the people to go on this tour I'll show. And eighties you know if the Israelis. Don't wanna hold off. And if it didn't write time and they better get ready because these people don't know that I'm not joking about this I want to show people that this is not. Some but I pulled out of my act. You don't think that they're going to give you an issue spreading the word on this says they're trying to. Moving in the play stated they say any thing they're just confirming what Helen. Pan and and I want to do this with respect to them I mean if they came the day after giving Harry. Let's not do this right now shake their hand and say okay went. And when will we do that and then I have stated they did that respectfully I would certainly respectfully turn around them because I have a tremendous respect for the Israeli people. And I would stop. I would stop or diamond we the that would put with the shelling. That is about destroy the cup growth projects my research. It got details and can pinpoint everything. Jim how can people get involved with the copper scroll project is that something that you take membership for our people can contribute to. No no I don't allow people to build it. Got this provided an analyst socially that'll tell and it is provided every step of the way. Today I don't wanna go they did they wanna buy the book that the best thing they can do spread the word. Let people know all your buddies read the book writing review on the though don't thank. Spread the word. Because it's starting to explode ride. The book is is number one and art category song on my typical. We don't even have the book. Printed in full press yet. It's funny round we go up books but there advance copies have got a couple hundred and they're going like tactic. So how the heck did we get to number one and our category. Molest people are really low but the book and if they think they would go to mom raising refusal of the. So if people go to you copper scroll project dot com I know there's a lot of greeted from animation there there's some videos there. What else can they find. What to confront in the back Israel had there's I got what are called midnight it's from the copper gold project. Getting support details. And I'm going to be putting more on the airport right now we have got canceled getting these books out to people that are asking for all. Do we won't expect I get a book signing a couple days of that. I cup presentations to give more presentations to give them a dual made it comes to presentations. Contact over the web site and I'll do that. But that's the biggest thing. Though gonna get the book expression by the well it's cheaper right now. And and Reid did over all things see that I'm not I'm not joking this is not say it is not a joke at all. Jimmy how many in the media census in May be set earlier and I missed it but how many hordes of treasure and do you think are actually altered the copper scrolls are her sank. It is so I can listen members in one place the second there's more than that there's like fireplaces that dissimilar to this. There is. 900 talents of gold in one place like take it directly over the top and become a computerized. Detector lit up right there. 900 counts ability to much talent outweighs. Any best guess that they've come up with a all the documents. Is somewhere between 3575. Pounds. So I'm under the weight down 75. Times fourteen ounces because that Troy ounces he can't go by the standard sixteen ounces. And then multi Bali that by a epic about twelve hour dollar and that's how much is there a little I could care less. About them the money I'm not in it for the money and it put my grand kids or grandkids. Can't afford time we're gonna have some peace on this great people and a. None I agree with you but I'm sure there are some individuals out there who are mainly only in it for the money and that and that becomes a scary situation and you just hope that they don't and a tiny enemy's locations. Well that's what would go wrong you know Gundy got is that this stuff hidden for 2500. Years. And no one has been able to get to that. Has some bomb counting on at the protected because that was it initially that was my biggest. Is oh my gosh you know like I gotta worry about that long ago. I'm I'm just days just the simple clog in the wheel. I'm not I'm not the one that protects. Absolutely believe that god protect these things that belonged to him belonged to his future bride. And it belongs so all of us. So I don't worry about that. These 57 locations Jimmer the how far apart are they at their at their. Widest distanced. Why this distance is 300 meters from mother runs. To the Cape Town. In that aspect cave. And LB other ones can be anywhere from. Twenty feet. Thirty feet. I exceed. It's a very close because because they're they're all within this small area on the say the size maker that's best guess. Man and girl within that set realistic look at the a tap of component you'll see help small ago. So we have so I was originally thinking these may have been scattered throughout the desert but no you're saying and how right in the James same general area. Yes mum until only within feet of each other. Don't know a deathly stomp on people from just giving him Aaron and yet stadiums are. Yet it's very its ownership violence constantly. So when's your next trip to that region. Definitely and say what we do that durable I want takes some folks but certainly by people over there and and the show little round pick around the because school wrong. Cooper on a Jerusalem. Our mirror images of one another and they designed to broadly lower. Just like going wrong it's kind of Jeremiah especially at. That showed that took the offense had a partisan etc. they were all slapped and afford it don't know Monica actually in the Hebrew of course. Birthday were fascinated by that absolutely I would have figured it out. Well Jim this whole discussion has been fascinating and you know as you age you learn more or make. Additional progress we really hope you'll come back and talk to us and let us know what's going on. It'll look do there's a lot more to tell you. Especially. Going into defines you know what's actually there. And Pennsylvania. Discoveries about. How closely related to John the Baptist. Visas and Jeremiah of the profits. Get that tumor on his home with a profit I'm telling. Adding I wish there was some way to show picture to show that actually show you a few of those spots you'd go like gushes guy you really tell the truth is. Well Jim we definitely gonna have you on again at some point in the future to make so much for spending this time with us and just talking about the copper scroll project. Well thank you and I have really enjoyed the commercial little listened to would you encampment. And your body and I really liked it so you get up I'd love to combat the only defense. Okay we're gonna take you up on that off you have a great nine now okay so we're gonna take a break and only come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality rating would Jayson team. Part of the company's. Other biblical relics. Hidden in the desert in Israel. Obvious pretty fascinating stuff if you ask me it's pretty amazing and Jim Barfield or guest tonight is. Very very convinced he knows some locations of these these items are I think it's it's highly interesting and if there are still there after all this time. Cash it's one of those things richest. Lost treasure it's amazing. But I'm one of those guys I'd love to get over there with medals to turn Sarah walker I don't know right need to I always wanted to do that but you know the other thing about this isn't of course as Jim is right. The religious implications of finding these items bringing world peace that's something we could use given the fact that today. As we crossed in the midnight here's the seventeenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center the Pentagon and of course the plane crashed in Pennsylvania the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Yes September 11 and what what a date in history and the imam of the lives that were lost American lives and just it's just unheard of and of course something that'll never be forgotten and our hearts go out soon everybody and everybody who's effective nice. I have friends who lost family members and there and done. In some of her first responders. So I think lol so many people were running well so all those people who were running in and lost their lives that way let alone the ones are affected. Long afterwards years after just from a the stuff from from the buildings coming down the chemicals and things of that nature. You have people went in today and not knowing a what they're going to find many of moss who lives lost their lives as they went into those buildings some depend. Many who didn't in just stuck around there to help people and try to turn mitigate that the damage in the terror. I'm we're now suffering ill effects from that stuff for the whole whole thing is just a major tragedy and we remember that day and all those people in our hearts as a September 11 rolls around again. Americans are incredible greed and just phenomenal people much much Sar marks aren't journalists that palm lined up so hard to make she tune in tomorrow are we talking to doctor Raymond moody. Now about the final words project which covers near death experiences and share death experiences and so much more. Then Wednesday Sara Clancy she's an author we're talking her about the black eyed children. So definitely some great shows coming on May achieve tuna and head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the page then had to be under reality radio dot com. Final stations dollar free apps and just listen briefly what's the if you play the schedule for us you listen adjacent GDP on morality reveal catch Omar and. And the only radio is supposed to blow Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be a really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.