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Nick Redfern discusses the Slenderman

Mar 7, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV johnson talk with Author Nick Redfern about the Slenderman - from an internet contest creation to a real manifestation. 3/7/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. I don't know as those ones and the East Coast many stars somewhere between welcome to you don't really review myself just as the results and. Chief each it's okay so so last night we had our guests phone dropping like crazy last night you had no power since the last five has a firefighter and a puck you're in viewer and England for a week before that I just I'm just really really happy that right now there's a bit of normalcy or not and I feel like finally we camped settled down a little bit and be normal again and I'm not feels good. Additionally excited that tonight it'll be the first night I can go to sleep without the sound of a generator running and hum mineral Glen Johnson man. But you know the one thing you did solidify what we we're gonna insult whole host generator over the summer you know that but when my father being put our hospice and currently make up put aside. And going fast after that she's like. I don't care what happens the world full par tomorrow to dole house generator put in by spring. And you and that's great because I mean the men and he can last for a two weeks took I think is Iran's offer our approach appropriate but. It just a nightmare I mean the power when now. At like noon time 1 o'clock on Friday. And never came pack. It was just and they make no. Worse may get a worsening we were just talking about this before the show there's another storm coming you've got some about high winds and snow when Marino whatever. And we've got I think I hear in groups on the darn lucky eighteen inches of snow is justice on but I mean thank you march thank you for. Much more polished coming northern alliance what is you know it's it's strange though on the arms over the last are it's so one thing you know one thing I was saying. I we lost power many times throughout the throughout the past but people only time I can remember growing up through all my years out here and Rhode Island. I'm losing power for as many days is I have for the last couple storms skirts remember Jim in October we lost power here for six days. It was it was ridiculous we have power back actually two hours before we are taking kids Halloween Turkish tree. Woods the only time I can remember losing power for this long period. Was in 1985 during hurricane glory real and when to decimated the air but what's dubious that this is missiles to show about power grids but what's different Reinemund who wouldn't let. Hasn't just been sent hundreds decaying and so it just seems like it's it. It tone it's just a lack of and the lack of quality or whatever has really diminished a lot in thirty unit and you just look back and it's just it's literally insane I mean I still. Think I still think as they need to redo this they should be burying everything immunity already we've got the equipment that it's probably just as easy to bury power supply lines as it is to put him on telephone polls and couples so that kind of year you never really have to were all the erode corporate uses a device where they don't drenched it goes we ask if they don't ever I don't have to dig in your yard for the pipe anymore they literally send assistance her and hold the plate under the ground and a it's so that it. It's relatively easy for the attitude to be doing something you know while that's this is a good commerce we should probably get somebody on the show the talks about the power grid because there's been a lot of discussion about the vulnerabilities to any MP into more terrorist friends and all that stuff yes we should have somebody come on we need to address that tonight we're going to be talking about what is and very very interesting topics slender man. Yes and I do wanna give a shout hello everybody welcomed the outer reality radio yeah and do that to this if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond her notoriety only to FaceBook page then had to be unreality radio dot com. We can download the free apps iPhone and android apps you can also final stations we are across the country. Or listen right there from the website just click the listen libel and enjoying chief view myself a great indeed people were in an online chat Waltz into the show. But yes tonight we are talking about slandered him. Yet nick read for an will be our guest he's written a book called the slender man mysteries and the really interest in. Part of the in the fact this a really creepy creatures that people have seen in and it's actually led other people to commit acts of violence. But the interesting part of this story is that this. Whole thing started in with a photo contest in Photoshop photo contest and a gentleman created this very creepy photo would this creature in the background which he called some wonderment. And it was shortly after that. Photo was released on the Internet that people actually started to encounter this creature so that brings up. Whole. Another angle to the idea that you know we can we can imagine something and then something else in common manifest it. Which isn't far fetched there's been there's cases welter of people manifesting. Things themselves so of course of mass amounts of people talking about the same thing I would assume could draw enough energy to sort manifest. Something you know witches is terrifying if you think about it. But and I know slender man has only been talked about since then the ninety's or whatever but I know there is folklore not specifically are slim amendment of a similar individual. The dates back in history and you you can look at old German folklore and stuff. And see similar similar things so well. Doesn't doesn't doesn't understood at the top ten men kind of have a very close a relationship or at least puritans to us wonderment. On yeah no I mean it depends on which version of Muslim men and some of the vs slow and really talk on he has multiple arms and bright things of that nature so. But still it's stuff we want this could be things and you gotta wonder to the person who I came out with a whole original concept of slender man. Might have based something on the Alter the pac man that's true or any of them any of those things and folklore so this just so much that can really be drawn to some it's really creepy terrify. Yeah and im gonna get into this was nick read firm very shortly in just a quick reminder that tomorrow night Joshua Warren will join us he's a paranormal investigator. We're gonna talk about paranormal work hurricane stories and hacking reality and I bet moved into the wish machines to which we haven't even used yet there's still sitting at my desk minus staring him he is looks at me every night saying are you gonna use me or not it looks really it's just this Darin Erstad hit a kid that would Josh ward tomorrow night. And geez so but anyways yes it's it's extremely it's extremely happy you're back on the grid and a just being here talking with the you know you. There are people. And god bless them that live completely off the grid and some of those I'm not more than people he had some of those people live off the grid in don't have a power source and all these live without power and I cannot. Imagine. How that how that. Works well the scariest thing I think through the whole thing in it in I invented a few times online but it wasn't because I didn't have it because. I was having it probably didn't have power in had a generator and my generator feeds by water it feed my heat. It does all that how water that's the worst part is. The the amount of ultimately people sick people express that your father placed on the road on all these people who what are they doing these people who can't. Can't survivor don't have generators and I think that's Terry is the most terrifying thing. Is Howard they make so there was were in my venting was coming online video she saw. A lot of people did see people were hit a lot of people are so yeah. It is or that it is what it is a case are gonna take a break and when we come back we'll bring our guest in nick read for an again will be talking about his new book called the slender man mysteries going to be great discussion are elicited Jason's. DM DL earlier. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see reasons beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Our own radio chase Austin Johnson thanks for joining us straight down the phone number we'll take your calls later in the program at 8446877669. Tonight we've been winning for its net for a long time actually. It's we're going to be talking to nick read for an easy writer he's got a number of books to his credit most of them are about very strange unusual weird paranormal topics. Tonight we're gonna talk about a book called the slender man mysteries which is a study of how the slender man phenomenon began in 2009. To begin is a fictional character. That was created for an Internet photo contest but within a year. People started seeing the slender man in real world world situations and there's been acts of violence that have been blamed on slender man there have been now all sorts of sightings all over the world. And and this is going to be very very interesting conversation because we're looking at some units started. On as a bit of an urban legend and that has developed a life of its own. Which is an uncommon honestly when amassed amassed most people's really stirred talk about it welcomed the shown nick. Thanks guys accept them. So nick what some let's get an idea of how you got into this a year prolific author you've written a bunch of stuff on the strange and strange and unusual topics. How did you get started lawless. Oh really I guess like a lot of people for me it started when I was a cage and but lately for being Lyndon that when I was about five or six years all my parents took out there wakes vacation to Scotland that would merit that. Respect and dialogue back significantly out of Scotland you've got to spend at least what does. Absolutely. Sure that's right. And so I still actually have a few sort of play drive an entry. Members of my dad's telling me this story of a lot best monsters we sort of stood on that. But short leash huge. Body of war two which goes to back. 22 miles long and about a mile wide and and I never forgot that first trips that I made to look matchup but I was about. Twelve or so I started radian. Paranormal books by people like. John Cahill who wrote them off I'm prophecies. Charles relates. Brad Steiger people like that. That's what started says you know delve into it like UFO's and big fortunes like monsters you know I think a lot. Then when Ali finish school. Got a job in the channel is live at the time. And a magazine called zero. And it was so elegant fashion entertainment news week. Cheap basic about celebrity. Dawson contractors paid and I enjoyed do we adapt and I thought that did that prevent Copley is why not trying combine. Being charged in the paranormal. We've the whole angle of you'd take a look at journalistic approach to investigated these things so that's basically. Sort of what got me from. Scotland and Nancy if you liked to Wear this conversation right now I guess that. Well and especially when you're young and and you get a taste. I'm the whole mystery is in the unknown and it's just something name blossoms into so many different areas because it's just. The things Al term wolf possibly sell their endless. Yes that's such appalling because I think you know when people think of the paranormal. It's sort of a collective Serb threats. A lot of multiples phenomena. A lot of people don't realize you know I exactly have much. Elect waited this series at data being you know everybody says their capacity big floats. Trip macabre UFO's. But I mean you know he you confine to numerous other aspects to view the paranormal well that's. I Yeltsin just don't get much. Coverage of lets you know you actually somewhat of investigate these things so. I think you know it's one of these. Things are Condit polarized newspaper editor cab outside the range prestige in deeply cherish state. We just can't let you bet it's look a lot of things. I'm a lot favorite soccer other soccer. Club people don't like soccer fans that you tell your other activities so that it. Anywhere in you make a good point though and as the colonel a lot of people in the free instantly hear the word paranormal. They think of ghosts and daunting when a paranormal is anything above the normal of what we're used. And again that would fall under the old big foot chip copper Nacional and all that stuff that we're all fall within Rel. He. You know it's it's sort of good that you bring up sort of ghost of society I don't do it to merchants of the coast communities out a spate campaign. But whatever rate cut out nobody ever ready lead paint Marty. They look so very heavy interest in excitement enthusiasm it's you know crypto zoology which destructive on now about a malls like. Big floats like bailout response struck abominable snowman. Crypto zoology and aspects of the US post subject to sort of bite. Big areas of interest and also paranormal things like. You know what's gonna talk likes to not have misled about a pick up the shadow papal event. Black eyed children. Many black but kind of thing you know sort of double creepiest sides of the paranormal world. Nick do you find when you talk to people about colonel topics as one of the things that's always been fascinating to me is whether it's Jason Knight talking to a group of people. You'll always encounter that a skeptic cool saying yeah I don't believe in goes I don't believe in this stuff but you know what happened to me when I was ten years old and and they tell you they're ghost story I mean almost everybody has a story like this whether it's ghosts or your foes or something. Yet that they do I think. Sometimes. Found election quite often that if they forgot their own story you know they'll reluctant to tell that story. Both wet and I realize that there and have room filled with a bunch of papers had similar experiences that might have just gone a long term election you know out of curiosity. Then when I realize that not a load and you know people from a wide range of backgrounds. You know old talking about base I think that actually just kinda have. Calm people down comforts them from the prospect to develop thinking and how you know I'm not below an eighty's okay. To talk about basic things and that. The other days very often that kind of state mirror of what advice site something paper and become crazy. So you know our rates exceeding two Jewish showed up for that you know I told me it's always like. They easy to do adopted and that is site so they do you have. So. Courage papal if watershed expatriate I don't that's fine you know. Don't push papal. But if they if they feel like that what well there's no race and not so there because. He naked pizza which is a significant part of life these parallel activity are main. You know it's all about religion these QB you know we can kind of become inflammatory situation but if you think about it main. Took a player who who you know follow religion and beliefs should not let our life have to debt heaven and hell demons. Although actual paranormal activity. You know it. However he wanted to makes it's still paranormal activity seller that's sense. You know because. Significant portions of people's lives. So in that sense I think it's important to. To trying to figure out it's what's going on Mina would be different phenomenon and and hopefully you know sort of remove the stigma that a lot of people Kabul say you know if fate if Psycho public. We have to go to break here in just a moment so I'll will pick up on that point when we get back we're talking with nick read for an he's a writer in his recent book is called. The slender man mysteries you should also check out his website. It's nick red fern forty N dot Blogspot dot com check it out as much great information there. If you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio link to FaceBook page forest and had beyond reality radio dot com. We can Donald Treo iPhone and android app which laws Lewis who lives catch past shows join me online chat and more. You also find all the stations we arrow across the country. And allergist listened library from the website just click the listen my bond and return join me online channel TV and myself. Phone numbers 8446877669. Ginn told freed 8446877669. You listen. Jason JPM URL and. Cheese we're happy to be here we're also happy we have so many great radio stations airing the program around the country. All parts of the beyond reality radio family thanks to them for airing the program we're adding to that list all the time Jack. Yeah we are renting to that'll assaults I think you see that beyond reality radio dot com Sunni she checked it Austin for not airing in your area chances are we will be soon so keep on checking. And tonight we're talking with nick read for an he's a writer a paranormal researcher. Got a number of books to his credit but we're talking about the book the slender man mysteries tonight and you should also check out knicks website it's nick Redford forty N dot Blogspot dot com. And nick before we went to break we are talking about people who. Either are hesitant to tell their stories help tell their paranormal stories are people who say they don't believe in something then all of a sudden they have a story whether to go story or otherwise may be UFO's story. Chemical in you mentioned it when people get into a room. And they hear other people tell their stories are more likely to be willing to share. Their story in which is something they may be reluctant to say maybe the office but her room other people telling stories they're willing to share it. Do you think that the TV shows that has been on. In the last 1015 years that has been a focused on paranormal topics like ghost hunters. Has done the same thing to people it's made them feel more comfortable sharing these stories with other people. Yeah I actually do an opt out safely large because if you do actually got sort of back twenty years ago the word a couple of shows like unsolved mysteries takes what back. But for the most cost. US so this strange phenomena in other words chippy play. You have this sort of thing you would say at the end of the 5 o'clock news Asia I'm finally a bit of light relate back big in narrative abate. Somebody save the chipper cap or Robert Iraq attack and he would always pretty you know sort of some other database kinda have. You'd have music really. News success stories you know it's a bright people who left to their example whatever. But there's no doubt that this state a change in Trenton. In tight precise about fifty news severely 2000 stood. Wet the whole issue of the paranormal. East I can almost seriously that by the media and by bank straight. TV channels. To to the point where you know the days of whereas somebody who investigates UFO's or bigfoot is portrayed as. You know some 35 year old guard liberties basement with you Bubba that's basement you've read no life you know the that's. The the average. Arnold researcher was portrayed. You look at it today. We actually do get a fan and fairly accurate. China should feel like church to speak on tape they have I get out thoughts across and not have them. I'm older and ready to age you know and that represents city that's logical. Thought provoking way and I think people. I appreciate that and I realize what happened on you know this is based channel back channel undertaken based. All very seriously and I think the spiraling effect is that when. People watch they show is and I think why have these. They're not poking fun at papal. Well that my experience. And that because he tight they beat kind of makes them. Big bowl. We need to come forward but also from barrel perspective I guess it creates such a conference. You know stay elite for a while not a load. And that the media is taking it serious look at it and I think. All of these what you put all that together. You do get a very positive. Approach to the phenomenon bitch you did not get saying in ID five or 95 you know I sort of they've got a relatively recently. Well and a lot of that I I would also assume is that these news agencies he's poke fun that it ever realize how much of following him missed backfield. And that time really really he has Amy. From show glee jiji news in my shield ghost hunters and other shows that amount there is well. Two to do so well today in in the ratings have and millions and millions of viewers every week. Goes to show that there is a solid. Solid following of that field so I think a lot of news agencies didn't never really realized that. In starting to see the shows with those higher ratings sort of taking a more seriously instead of instead of you know being a little tongue in cheek on. Yes I think you know that there we saw one downside cherry Jermaine. What you find is typically when one particular. Channel. Our network has a ready popular apparel shop. He never took Blake other companies will rice to put Berra once together typically. The ones that this sort of certain full generation ones. And not as good as the original ones and you know you could always say that. That's the but that's you know that's it let's read the power and all of that just more about how. Eat out TV networks. Worked. It's if it's like you have. You know so choked. Makes this kind thing you know you get soaked in life as people look at which musical show an idea what this completely terrible which try to jump about it. Felt well and two did you leave Iraq. Now I think campaign part of ladies. You know other channels and network react to what they say popular show. Patent you have the act the facts of the the audience. You know saying something back. It is in Conakry where they you know it's actually pretty intensity that in a good lag. We'll Jamie and I talk about that Austin news as well as many other people on the side like on my show more my show came on in 2004. If there were north of colonel Moshe was shelter and then of course within. Three years in my shall be no end in doing so while every other network was creating a spent offer or a rip off or are you wanna look at it. Of my shuttle cock copycat show and you know and those shows and never really did as well in the ratings has goes on his which was an original but they were popping up and it took. It did the problem with that being. Was it he started getting these shows trying to take each. Each subject further and further or try to add their own little. Is silly or strange spin on it and so it was sort of also going back to making a mockery of the same thing that you're trying to push professionalism that. Gay rights and I think I think what they're fortunate thing is that people can actually say through that. You know being what some shows are considered to be really good in others you could just chat which just fabricated. Drawbridge you know. That's about the debate most polite way. Could describe it as credible way to describe. And it. But yet it's so they show is you know that you can tell they just sort of cobbled together by. Companies are ready don't have any knowledge of the subject other than how well that show is doing well on this particular channel that particular channel. We need to do you know get past six episodes. Put together submitted to dish chapel that netware couldn't. Let's keep our fingers crossed but if it doesn't work you know I would irritate to show instead. That's. Terry talked try to work. Let's change the topic to the book this Letterman mysteries now when its slender man first attract your attention. Probably rant about it's. 2010. Narrow or explain how outlaw I think that's the case they this story at the sled about. Began asking it makes in June 2009. It was sold in response to support contest. That was. Put that that by the paper based some think all full web sites to. Pat was basically. A contest. To say who could come up would be to create creates such. Post lunch just bizarre terrifying. Creature fictional creature to the Internet Asia. And it was state police are submitted ideas photographs things like that's. The what that really caught just about everybody's attention was the creation of a madman and anecdotes that. And take notes it was about who created a guy that bank to describe the map. The sled demand. Without pay per don't know. He's described these sort of hole seven foot two by foot shall skate eight humanoid figure. We've. Analysts had to know by now knows no matter of LA is just like sort of try eight shadows where they should date. And these long bombs and extend actually two days and they sort of octopus like tentacles of flicker around for rights back so looks ready to. Ominous and creepy. Tiger's and to take. And every note certain Photoshop to couple of photographs. Which showed the sled demand sort of lurking in the background whether or groups advocates. I'm not sort of instilled in people the idea that this red demand was so you know it by dangerous entity to indicates that children that section. And huge stretch you know that there's there's no fight Korea or hoax seagate based dish genuinely you know it was an attempt to pass some fiction as fact. I genuinely want to competition just in or context and should sect decision could come up with so called best. Creatures feel like. What happened. In the city almost no time rebel. Every note since creation said the spate. We're pretty much viral you know there were a web sites set up for chat rooms forums. There was an incredibly popular. Ongoing. Shell like if found footage talk show called model audits which I think incredible our mind following. That you had people. You know riding their own stories entry edit that out photographs of the slack the battle tightened things and uploading them. To the Internet and and it really took off big time but that what happened. So the months after that to the issue well. He really got me interest it although it is urgent that's. The caddies for now there was growing and what suddenly happened. Was that there was a certain change or shift to feel like. From the original kind of rubbish just being the fictional paces we can't attachments. To. The real well. By that I made that's certainly. By light to transit line and early two president's hand. Humorous people started to claim debates they've misled demand in the real world. There were reports where people try to say giving awards poll. Lurking outside their window in the dead of night. All. I'm like look in the middle of the night it sort of like a classic could sleep paralysis starts situation. And saving scrapie. Told skating figure living out of the bag he'd have a better and I able to move bright dispel also respect. Did this almost immediately. Among a lot of power Arnold researches to Baghdad suspect. That what happened was that they misled about. Had been column what's known as a thoughtful. The potatoes don't powerful full well he's thoughtful he's basically an English translations. For a Tibetan term which he told. I think that the concept basic lake. That the sort of varying degrees of relief aid what exact vehicle full based. But they most populous failure laced and they bought targeted the idea that the human mind. If enough people focus on some think whether consciously. So consciously. Or unconsciously. It's like focus on what particular issue. They all believe it needs they're upset by it take trade by that date expecting to bad dates. If you got hundreds and hundreds of thousands. As people. Focusing on the swamp thing that the apparent that collective Arab human mind. Can external lies that imagery that fictional imagery. Pancreatic not a real world equivalents. Well what really did begin as a fictional agitate. And then what you have these peaceful peaceful which sort of cry it's. Bob delay. Ego on not just supplies and it becomes something independence of the creator or at least try to create as. And to the point swear. You've still have the original. Fractionally patent slid about on the Internet you know indeed these pictures tape ratios think like that. But it's what you have as well batteries the second slack demand what board has to be here would imagination. And which yourself how fully pitch mix he strides that have the information. Escape capture the imagination. And it becomes self aware. 28 essence sees itself and to take and then. Strong today based thoughtful guests. They're less and less control we have over rated kitty becomes 100%. Self aware. To complete independence. And become stronger. Wolf forceful. That we audio is kind of luck classic. Very Shelley double fractured start you know they get the science is create the monster. Our band he realizes revelation these things on the world which. You know cannot be stopped it's kind of along those lines. All right so we're gonna take a break we're gonna get into that we're 10 and start talking about this whole how these things are able to be manifested by just mass hysteria. But are you listen did you stingy beyond beyond reality. Follow my video it's. Safe for. 0468776. External take your calls for our guests nick read for an we're talking about his new book called the slender man mysteries and nick we only have a couple minutes here it's a short segment but I wanted to ask you about the concept of an urban legend to begin with a slender man's origin. Is somewhat urban legend in nature what is an urban legend and how does it affect pop culture. Well if you ride actually having met but he's a good observation. I mean an epic election some sort of particular context where most people would understand dates come. You know he confined. Tiles all around the world you know. Governments what began from the papal you know we've not really that different she got you could go from the US beer can take. Russia Australia. You can go to Teddy little town and you would find. Like a power all the story can at least some think along the lines of you know there's an old 100 year old bridge in the town. You know if you go to debris agent may bite on a Friday night. We saw strait times you know they yelled light you trapped deep they interpret or below book will board ship. You know it's kind of like an urban legend all you know like to say real killer who's in the back of the car you know somebody's. Frantically tried its. They're get to stop the colleague now because I concede that. This space serial killer at the back of the car you can find stories like that's all around the world you know very nations sent that they often do. Revolve around you know our bridges side how old bridge is. Crossroads. And grade B it's big drawbacks and by the steady calm. A story that people believe in it's a great extent very often. Bots. Truth be gates often says that it's to be extremely difficult but everybody is these stories to. Everybody she says. That become kind of accepted Israel. That we act and he really actual reality to them. Which is court kind of you know apply that to the sled demand from the perspective of colleague from. That kind of the legend fictional I'm able to something much mole. And it out a lot of these stories and legends I think it's possible if you if you go with the thoughtful. I Google you know that there are so many people it one little tab and who do believe there is these creepy. You know act ghost of a woman and tear the old rage if you don't people believe me it's well possibly. Inadvertently. They could actually real ironically as well bringing back. That's thoughtful to life some people really would start to say the old lady so you know 88 get seem to some really we have been controversial areas. And it did opens the door to me in assisting aiding and minister station and through mass hysteria current. Yeah that's right can I it's not all waste just sort of messy status sometimes it's done. Deliberately almost like experiments. To try and pancreatic what the base things at best at a paper and I was still sort of a little bit you know I used to what it thought I thought for actually case. Put the best example. Islam that I you know I've talked about it the bullet. What hold that example forest is we have to take a hard break but I wanna get into that we got timely coverage but are you listen to Jason achieve beyond beyond reality really affordably for 46877669. Will be taking calls next hour. You start somewhere. Yeah myself Jerusalem as the always Austin cheesy Johnson a touch. Pretty special night and we failed to mention that so far but this is our one year anniversary of being syndicated through the Westwood One radio network. It's congratulations men and it's funny it's one of those things where we you we've been talking about it but it totally fell to the wayside because we got we know loss at the conversation. Yeah so and and again you know we say it all the time that we thank. You out there listening for making the show's success not just. On the air which we love people who listen live when we're broadcasting but also people download the show it's all part of the same thing we appreciate we get a lot of comments. From people who download the show around the world it's pretty cool. There really is and it's incredible because you and I years and win when I go I wanted to bring back the owner reality radio has an identity years in the past with Korea. On you and I talked about it we started off just how we started off messing around online just too little video show you'll Internet data show. And we had a bunch of offers a syndicated week and we waited and it was the best thing we were dead and now to think that where we started this two years ago just doing it online. On now we are stations all across the US and the shows downloaded tens of thousands of times today. And and we greatly appreciate patent the success of the show is all because you all who tune in every week and download shone into we'll all these so make you very. Chance also a great testament to our guests like torn we have tonight we've got nick read for and win this he is a writer and we're talking about his new book called the slender man mysteries. And nick I want. Bring you back in here and I wanna push the discussion back a little bit. Give us the common physical description of what people are seeing that they're calling slender man. Sure well basically you have in every case you have the blacks say it's so. She tried black surged white shirts skinny black tie. And pay head and face which are in essence site Celeste but decide how long ways. Now knows now magnolias. Just to play shadowy in and where they should state. And based long Dalton's. Play possibly long bombs as sort of hot bench in the days and BL rolled bodies just. Spider you know just extremely big names. And also these. Flickering in tandem like octopus start tentacles. Coming data beats back. Which sort of rage it's church fronts. Typically anywhere between seven and nine fate soul. It's that the surge it's kind of like a cross between aids. Some can I took. Predicts tentacles that of like a page Pate who have crap story. And change with a little bit of demand in black. And interestingly enough boys out admission. Take notes it was inspired by it took the right teams in the imagery of H payload craft. Finals are celibate mysterious characteristic black like the shadow papal and the many black so. You know he's sort of put everything into parts out of space ship bitter and steadied rather demand. And that you've got the spread demands. Wednesday with that the original concept that air notes and put together a for the photo contest has it stayed entirely true to that or. Has it evolved. I am that's the question for the folks polity has since changed that much. But what's interest in these vets have got to sit civil before the book that match had a lot of I can't ensure paper replying to that same dislike about in the real world and saves the book kind of had a cup several doesn't what chitchat state. Eighties that's been the case c.'s web papal plane just say this I demand site. In the wars sort of woken up the middle of the night looked out the window and say it just felt compelled to look at that we don't sort that. They said he looks just like Eric that's its creation but whether it's live Reno put them in the bag. There's not baseball reports in the tentacles which are kind of fanned by the interest in I control which I don't ever race in order answers to why that should debate. In the direction of my captors in the sleep paralysis type situation. Almost half other chance Eackles mentions brought us here. Bird not mandate that that massively sort of outnumbered. By the reports which do you have the tentacles. Whether it's in the woods so. I think suggested that he had different papal bull the world I'll reported that same. Difference. You know which suggested made that age it's not just. Massey stated he would know that there's so it's safe to be something else going on as well. Or we're talking about that last hour where we started touching on the whole idea. Of people being able to manifest. This. Undermanned into into reality and that's not. That's not unheard of when it comes down to certain things weigh whether it be people manifesting that when it when it comes down to. And people dealing with what they believed to be demonic entities and so forth people manifests a lot of while these negative entities they aren't really there but then they become really there because the persons in the manifested. So what do you think or how do you think the possibility is where people have been able to me all manifest this whole slender man into reality. One to build wanna handle mold and any other. Which we have with a slight amount which perhaps we don't have troops. The site B grade. Aside the black college coach an automatic black overshadow papal things like that is that. The tremendous number of people who follow the slack demand this year. I think if you just if you just typing in sled demand. Into. Or Google there's almost seven million results. You know which is a huge comeback. What I think has happened you and I should I should precisely spice cited you know I have somewhat true. Eight other strong believer in the thoughtful. I go I'm back in it taxes he's sort of the state that I talk about in the book. Essentially the the concept is that if he does papal. The ladies some think it. And that whether or not I will get together and discuss it or not just doesn't really matter of if you have sites in a quarter million papal. So excited and focused on the sled demand. Troy pictures of him uploading them to be answered that's. Writing stories. Doing all work share tickets. Dreaming about it think it it's and you've got I receive a sec quarter million off a million people around the world delegate the theory is that that's. Collective mindset. Can project I awards. The imagery of this land about already picked greatly. To the point where it becomes speaker Sheldon and to take. Purely as a result of the Arab human mind through lavished happened. And be stronger. That the thoughtful guests. The more likely eighties to become more self aware and so the point where it breaks away. From the creator. Becomes to tell him. Beauty density. And very often based fill out forms. We battle against the creators. And it sometimes in a very dangerous and pop style fashion. You know it's sort of like that be careful what you ask for you know that kind of things so lamps. Although it's just fascinated should contact you phenomenon there are so be no significant houses surrounded at all as well. Nick guys I've often been curious about the idea that may be instead of from. People. Six sitting on an idea being the reason for the manifestation. That may be because we have an idea in mind that there are other entities may be demonic or evil entities that picked up on that. Concept and then use that concept because it's part of our own fears. To frighten us is is there possibility would that idea. Yeah I think that that is anxious to the idea in what becomes a full of forms eight it is actually quite flexible as to what people. Believe. You know he's out the hearts of paid thoughtful. At least some papal type of view that's. Yes Eddie long can create basic if I were talking about. Now you have once they're beautiful which size that's where basically created. You'd go to bed just very difficult to deconstruct. The bank can just leave on. The other failure rate is that they can only survive and draw a if if people believe in them in other words if we start to stop. We begin to stop believing get them. Based ought to fragments. That other people suggest studies of the characteristic is now which could read that created you know that. But that's just dice mistake. Then you know he has similar. Examples where some people believe that they thoughtful. And actually sort of survives and thrives on. Essentially like a psychic vampire you know lady destroyer and educate. People say they stated that wake up in the morning just warn act to pixel stich you know I was sixty they really have been glad Gerard and not X. Site I had the idea that they some papal type that they that thoughtful. Sages taught us to survive. Other people think that's not necessary so you know admittedly there are different aspects to date. The concept but he basically. What he does boil dance therapy pretty much every explanation or they rate is BID. Creating some think. I would serve. Should be imagination and order a fictional. Realm. Back suddenly spontaneously. The pages that got sort of because they eat the collar factory just to battle is the different variants. Are we're gonna take a quick break here when we come back we're gonna be just talk about. Some events particularly one word two girls cited slender man as being the and LC inspiration or the blame or the focus of an act of violence that turned out to be very very ugly. Yeah stickers and storage so are you listen Jason GBM beyond relatively. Chasing it's. 8446877669. If you got no wanna join our conversation both slender man tonight with our guests nick reds turned. Tomorrow night we've got Joshua Warren joining the program he has well known paranormal investigator or Puerto talk about his stories. Relating to the herky herky Maria which ravaged Peru Puerto Rico there's some paranormal. Stories that are associated with that hurricane. And the aftermath Ross gonna talk about hacking reality and then the third thing I think we need to talk about Jay's these two. We Sheen machines that we have one on each of our desks that we haven't yet used at least we have used in the media any real intention. We really need to actually do so we're actually talking about to return to come up with a contest and did some listeners involved in giving giving away. A wishing machine in nineteen Josh was on board with -- we can chat about that a little bit too had been so yeah. Again the numbers are 8446877669. If you wanna join in our discussion about slender man. And nick again thanks for being with a sure website is nick Redford and forty and dot Blogspot. Blogspot dot com and you've got a lot of stuff on their. On new YouTube kind of on that it's kind of a blog you keep up to date you talk about a lot of things going on not just undermanned and all the different topics that. You keep your eyes on. He had I think. In he's I think people condom like that way you Jewish Hedo at the latest news on base or articulate just some are not so where they can. Seem weird conference or lecture and you're just keep people informed of what's going on and I think you know social media is definitely. Had you know very strong. Positive impacts on the world and apparently all believe there are intended shared information and letting people know what's going on in the ladies. Dietary expect ship and I think it's seats which were well ready for the subject. Yes and we only have a couple minutes in this segment saw one veer away from slender man for just a second pick up on what I just said one of the articles I noticed you wrote. Recently itself featured on your website is sound it's called I think it's Roswell should fall and it's the idea that if we learned down the road. That to arousal actually was not the UFO incidents we thought it was how that would impact I think our understanding in our search for answers and as a comes to the you a follow. Phenomenon right. Yeah having I think yeah Roswell this note that it's sort of vein number one case speed you politic you know that the drug data to back radical. But it's you know I think it. A lot of people don't realize that there are multiple different theories from down to to sort of necessary in you know just dissolved series. For what really happened in objection to Russia and partly just water mandate. And I often think. It's like a lot of things in life if you sort of total you'll thank you won't baskets out mistake by older brokered. You're big problems I think. You've followed Jay has built up Roswell is such a level. That's basically cup has said he will collapse of the feet deep collapse I think there's a distinct possibility. That the whole sort of has a cost would come tumbling down as well. And by that I think you know we're we may be would have been sort of and leave writes something to such a high level. I and you haven't topic being the one thing both phonetic and else which will. Get the chances. Eight feet Dix bullet pocked I think we would say it's sort of wide scale. Disillusionment. Disillusionment. With the in this subjects. People I think where it am. You do that you that would put costly war away from the subject you know Tibet sky Stearns had not to be the best case have to roll. Well you know what does that say about all the other cases and I think a lot of base would go through people's minds and there would be denial. You know that debate has been based bay back on the practical. So where he tell you it's speculative and that I'd I'd get it from a brought the article from the speculative. Position but I do think it's worth. Note changed you know bad idea that I think we should greatly. Look at each case saudis tell married. Not kind of how based. Capable kings can't get tight you know which haven't. As I say it out of the bigger they are the auto rifle you know so it back that it could happen if Russell did check that's been something else. Especially accident because so many people bolt their careers on that case. Him and tires so we gonna take break the phone numbers are 844687766. And again it's all free at 844. 6877669. New synergies. NG beyond the Australian. Anniversary program being affiliated with the Westwood One radio net. Works so great group of people were very very appreciative to be associated with them they're the ones that can provide the program to all the affiliates we've got around the country in that list keeps growing. Partly because you folks love to show and partly because Westwood out there banging on doors getting us. New radio stations yes they are the doing a great job and it's just been a wonderful relationship with them that may have been very attractive and very easy do you easy to connect to deal listened we greatly appreciate the support from all you can check out the list of stations we are on at beyond reality radio dot com and that list has ever growing some HE check it. Can Austin and these were costly having your stations. We are talking with nick red fern tonight about his book the slender man mysteries and nick what things that people talk about most when we start introducing the idea of slender man. Is an incident that occurred a few years back two girls lured another girl into the woods and stabbed her. And they blame slender man tell us what happened and death how it actually relates to this wonderment story. Well yeah I mean I think they can be important thing to note about pace pace it's. Up until web based attack occurred interest by the 31 24 change. Even though they slept about the issue at a tremendously huge follow it. He really wasn't known outsider that's you know that community service state you know is very much and yeah any sides sort of exhibit space. But it's that'll change after the night this 31 when there was this it's very savage attack and what happened was that. Real quick cabinet. Account in a Cold War Russia Scripps Osage actually pulled wool can share it Wisconsin and its like a suburb of middle locate. Now. What happened yet to your girls twelve years old. I grew out of a deep. Obsession. With the sled demand for Obama than. And a essentially. Cross reliant and between. Either accepting something as being just a fictional creation. To some big tall ball. And he got to sort of different. Belief systems failed one being that the goes just sort of blurred the lines between reality. And fiction June 2. Actually oil base and helps session all that some think. Have a supernatural nature of some aggregates groups consider them you know that batteries is sort of the two parent. Goals that they eat the stories sort of tolerate their. But what happened. Where is so on the morning of by the 31. 24 tape to goes. Essentially he said Lou it's bad Fred go for a friend to awarded area of the local law can be able to Asia where they lived. Bases after just a completely abnormal night but not before one of the Goss was the best saves and had a sleepover you know it was just. A funny bit about. It's about almost you know backseat in boulders that the show the baby's sudden shift in change in ecstatic. But I basically did this to lure their friends all the friends into the wooded area of the talks. The water the girls. Just what the pills actually took part in the attack near the water at the last minute felt she couldn't do rich in. And just stood there and looked. But the Rondo actually stepped nine change times and it was you know it was a miracle that she didn't die because some of state. The the wounds you know kind extremely close to. Coaching my major arteries. Titles so you don't severe damage to major organs as well. Should be paid the gaels basically said web they would pay every custody with a place that's day. We're intense sound. Sacrificing their threatened. South make it to essentially become the sled demands proxy that's the wording they used. What happened was that they assumed. That when the stabbing was so that if she would die. But he's actually what happened. The girls fled the pocket and that plan was to tight. We lick you to sort of walk a lot what are the highways. So there were a large area of politics where I believe this played the back have been sort of creepy. Mansion they could towards America I would be so I expect. Well two things happened. Ago they were stabbed type mode that she was able to crawl out of the wooded area to the past. At cyclist. Fortunately so Laura. You know an emergency services are on the same. Pretty much immediately and that. And which is good you know that rebel to cyber life. She was able to just you know it fragments of what happened but the place Serbs looked into action and savagery goes here a few balls that it's haven't. I'm heading you know for for the awards. Weapons that were taken into custody. You know it was clear that's. These was you know this belated misled about was not some some sorts of color story you know there's. That remains to sort of justify. Having killed their friend and I are using the sled about it is like. You know like. Appetite Tet taking it on Toledo area they just haven't taken as an arranged to sort of avoid debt a better charged. But that wasn't the ice sheets lay it could be interviews many of which were aware recorded video recorded by the placed. 88 becomes very clear that by 100%. Bull bought into the idea that this led demand. Was a railway to take a bite felt that found that out probably should be danger if they didn't perform this sacrifice. And and even the police you know sort of took the view it's well. Day old obeyed police obviously you have that perspective where he investigative misled about phenomenon. But I saw that the gallows keynote did not page because you know coming across as just used in cases like. You know guys are useful excuse. Just dirt so they've lacked it wasn't like that by really wearing inserts. Fortunately a week ago it was attacked tighten their mission by the very good recovery about psychologically have basically. And as we saw on the news just a month or so ago. But to go to initiated the attack. They eat out they going to be away from society truly actually get candidates. You know that every well into middle aged past regulate remember you know and they get released. What happened was that eating out the whole. Issue of these. If Serb sort of violence attack was picked up by. Might stream media sources all around the world you know not just giving you expert and picked up everywhere. That any sort of really opens people's lies true. You know that it took this read about it you saw people you know seek that what shouldn't. CNN or MS have base they would have saying insidious headlights land about attack paper think in what at best misled about. So in other words you really do. Eight sort of creates. Another aspect of the phenomenal way get a mole people. And being aware of that about particular. Phenomenon and so in other words he really did become a situation that. Either they shied away that they. The impact to very Caylee is as bad as it was also. Cut it either the site's very. Pursuit almost commissions act they he got what that the big downside. Where is that it's. He got more a ball papal aide trash being misled demand. Which if you would pay its surveyed. Thoughtful article would ultimately. Have. Created aids are eager to become even more stronger. So you know there's there's all sorts of autumn Kelly aspects and issues surrounding misled about which you know. Go far beyond just. You know an attack wherever alliance between fantasy and radiology group that you know it's. Lot of strike aspect to that says to that attack. Well Knoll and there's even a movie coming out on the slender man cracked. He can't attract yet lectured estate if you act over the years most of them part of low budget there was one pulled slender. I miss read a couple of other ones as well but to get basic sort of like a big book. I'm still need to buy tickets are. That's yet which can register a few months from Paris so now guys you know battle. Provoked the interest. On the belief fate when they've been born in new schools. Nick what is the phenomenon known as slender man sickness. Well that's that's awaited aspect to the phenomenon. But I am sure you know as we give guys you know what you're sorted there and paranormal race search. Occasionally you'll find a case swear you know somebody's investigating something and boulder at the sites and make people sick. You know and that all of us it's that big sort of power normally inspected well there are fears Casey is like that's. We've been around the realm of this planned about where people have sort of woken up in the middle of the night. Classic cases slate prelate serious to and and I've Tamara I say basic living out of them. And actually perhaps within hours after that you know pieces until May have been promoting trade and AM. You know that way corporate Ide channel whatever plot that was like says you know still fresh reduced troll about tickets. Situation aren't characters he's still in the mind. And I start to fall sick the cases where people what other things that happens geez that's. It was a developer of Tibet told her development phase as separate and number of knows blades. In relation to papers say misled about. It's either sort of saline Blake draw Ike. Tired as if you have their energy isn't it should be trying to think kind of like yes let the man. Vampire kind of thing you Erica like psychic complex. But the other aspect of the so called slack demand. Is that painful. To whatever race hadn't become extra up failed to become extremely. Power nor aid and he cannot sensitive when it comes to. This flag about phenomenon and that's not just in relation to bank catches with the and to take that just. Looking into it peace treaty sort of most of the pay put a lot of the papal duke I think charged in the face red maps predominant. Don't have a casual interest in Egypt becomes like an out section and very often. Produced being. Pub sessions so you also have like a sick based. In the mine as well such mistakes so they eat up a lot of negativity so rounds assigned about a relation to both physical health and also some psychological help as well. You use stun the word negativity. Is the manifestation of slender man evil is there an evil component to this. Well that there is in the sense that most people know that's you know from the original creation for some people full he was intended to pay off style entity you know it wasn't anticipate. Some think that it was. So little mood gate. It was meant to be something to be frightened don't you know economist Freddie Kruger type of patent Jerry simple basic. That's it was to say Andrea that's attic Spain. Saints. So oh in other words I think consciously or not. Just read everybody recognize is that there's nothing positive about the slip about so. You know if they if they are creating missile for moderates. Than. What happens at these. From the word go service break. They cannot support a spade on NATO negativity and hostility. Because that's what's expected operate so our. Again becomes sort of look at spiraling things. Yes it's the only way it's ever been perceived so that's the way they're going to keep receiving and it's scary to you. Nick we've all got a couple minutes left with the of the night is gone pretty quickly here I know and and a lot of other saying Stella so I just was kind of a quick overview of some of your other work. That people might be interest is in specifically if they also have the interest and slender man. Boccieri. What I had a big interest. Is that demanding black history in the derailed many black actually very different troops. You know the movie sessions well speaker Tommy Lee Jones read a sort of secret agents of the government. Most paper reports say the sled basket that that many black in the rail weld. Could have nobody is actually based on. Earlier mail reports that most people reports. The many black. Actually apart from the site slips face not unlike the many black. May have misled about a very similar. For example people talk about demanding but looking very high alert ski and take the sort of cross sell was with the shadow papal wherever take. You know they seem to be semi physical at times. Does several books on. Based toll shares have got a new look coming acts. Kelly gently touch comes that next month cease with a different company that both companies sort of put them have to close to each other besides called the black diary. It's the third wanted to trilogy have given the one company that was dramatic black we have any Black America the black guy that's so bad it's you know April. And then gained. September. What it's which actually covers quite a bit that would till tonight not the specific subjects because they live. The book's called paranormal parasites. And he deals with all of base. And entities that sort of I say this fading gonna speed up vampire is psychic power implies hungry ghosts. Things like that in other words. Manifestations. Of power and noble things which. He had some cases sort of coal is. Weight loss she'd have to to me and said says they trained and navy had I think we leave college debate sort of fed on by some of these things. Well there's our and there are claims a lot of different entities that do that whether it be Kosher inhuman type entities or. Some people refer to themselves so he vampires in the draw energy offer you making you feel in a lower or just exhausted. And that's how they feel themselves. Yes sign yet that doesn't suck congress things that interest speed how they used to a lot of basic have crossovers like the Betty black. Shadow papal how. The black eyed children. You know they'll sort of a lot of Europe that turn out in black clothing and you know very. The black like Kate's he had that black delegates how else skiing and jet black by aids. Then you have what the shadow papal which as tonight suggest you have a shadowy figures and you have basically sub category in the shadow paper called hot. Who wears results style Fedora hats. But you'll also get the Fedora hat kind of goal in over many black Casey's so I think a lot of base phenomenon. Somehow interlink. And I wouldn't be surprised if some of the date black eyed children Casey's patents some of the aid bandit black Casey's. Our. The other severe thoughtful equivalents as well. The other night whether Boehner original case series which ends on going cases but the company's second category also of the but thoughtful and angle as well so. In that case you sort of get it to radiate confusion a controversial areas swear. They're like there's more than one although the entity that is more than possibly more than one slack demand. That we just. He we create blonde. Got a lot manifest. There's the original law on. I think that it does get confused and think has said very controversial but it's am. But that they've he does have a substantial follow instant. Nick we're out of time thanks so much for joining the program it's been a fascinating discussion again the book is the slender man mysteries we recommend everybody checking out. I had a great that I got. All right it's and really take a break and then we'll come back to rampant abuses GCG. Yeah wrap up our race that's been a pretty much do it for us big shout out. To our guest nick Redford and came on spoke to Austin about slender men make she tune in tomorrow we get our good friend Joshua. We'll be talking about long colonel hurricane stories and Puerto Rico so use that Jason NG beyond beyond reality really have a great night look at tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson told students that didn't. So can only be a real ingredients. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following and it. Cheesy chief paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards that slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.