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BRR - 021618 - Ron Morehead - podcast edit_mixdown

Feb 16, 2018|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Our whole everybody it's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and many were stuck in between welcome to be on really radio and myself and Jason Hawes and the always awesome JV Johnson. And take Syria we've got a great show set a free tonight really excited about this Ron Moore head will be joining us he has been on the program before and if you don't remember who he is. He has had some pretty you need to end X astounding actually. Bigfoot encounters and we're gonna talk about those encounters plus he's written some books about them he's got a great website. That talks about them as well. That's all coming up after the break will be running and don't forget to stop by the web site and check out the official beyond reality radio coffee mugs for cell there. Click on the picture of the mud he can order one for yourself or for someone special you know Valentine's Day and all that stuff. It's all right there are to take a break. We come back we'll bring Ron morehead in its beyond reality radio Jason in JV don't go away I have so much. Stay beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Carter and I are excited to have. This next guest bed with us of course we've talked about being put on this program hole much at times but they're very few people who can talk about big foot the weight. Ron morehead can talk about big foot. Let's bring run into the program Ron welcome back to be on reality really great to have you on again. Future appreciate your. So for those. Of our listeners who might not be familiar with who you wore in what you do give us an idea of I get started and all of us. Our response cirrus which are my wall and all four corners and her. Recruiting Arab reporter harsher are so high Sierras California. And since coming back and this is. Her and and a slow start and we're Bach and took two recorders and so are recorded and earlier warrior and editor and reporter structure art art art centers and return on our opponents are all buried. Or two bucks a hoax room. Hours. Haven't come out her record. Or. Where we're gonna buy it or. Your career to her art. Such talks start the all star burst or so where in court. Or should not have been there are approach. And our per hour in Europe and Europe's. Post your study which boosts. It wasn't or so and grow our. Whole Scott Nelson. I struggle and language. Scars are all saying and or call. A number. And yours Scott to talk. To. On cultures rule or chart there. And he teaches now and four which. Is sort. Ortiz either credit them have a bowl sparked. Language wise human definition of language. Which are a lot of ever atom ball. Well. Well languished arc where we are sacred thought our language. There were so we're some. Crowds are awards. Where were actually want to Morris and. Yeah and and we will get into all those. The specifics as we continue our discussion here but I wanna a backup when you caught these recordings. What the circumstances of your of your your your venture where you're out looking for this type of activity or were you doing something else. We were. There. Buddy miles in the wilderness room at all have brought. Sharaud in all there are. Herbert. Short at all well outlook and for a first round or go. Our anchor. I'll be better controller. Or mayor or oversight rusher or. Tucked him. Stole a couple or. Chaps are so. And Gloria let's start. In Europe where we were a record arc with orders and art work where it's a new trial and does renters or. Where it will reach her and her car or dark world. Should. Have been done so. To answer. Fortunately all star recruit children salts or or were him. Or. Written or understand or bark or so. Where do they covered are Arlington. And we political and all chancellor were darker we're in a short run and her excitement. And still lose. Yeah an and in Asia caught these sounds in your heard this commotion first of all was there visual associated with it at the time. I don't know exact card. Later all and I have for her her. Usual well warmer so. So when you were originally caught the sounds and there was no visual associated with the if you didn't know what you were dealing with a know what point was the realization that you had. A big footer assess which type creature. Caught on audio here. While workers are shoe prints and size truck around. Over there were shelter. Government sure. They were tomorrow. Why are journalists are just. Sort order are outside wall. Or from or or or or. Called her out. Or. Her arms. Or only to start. All part of to ours. Arrival which. Are. Two. Acre plots that were on studio. And are now. Which were true or put a lot of money to start. I heard about where. To find our car and or rumors were. Brought a year. And what was the equipment theory you were using to capture this. You said you ransom microphones outside the shelter that's where you want a lot of the audio but so what we recording on. A course such solar. It serves. Right. While these what the first set of audio before he knew what was going on Tom or were you awake at the time of of the noises immunity if you're in the shelter. But did you hear them in real time as well. Or corruption or. You know there there was some ropes or social worker were. I. Assuming that. Would that type of activity in those types of noises and I've heard some of the recordings obviously there's probably. A few hairs that were standing up on the back you're neck. Oh you probably can't go slow or where you urge our. Can't catch. All. Their bitter water reminders that are. Huge. That teachers coached for a true. Rhetorical blow up all up there and later a Russian scientists. Evidence speaker water and are room and noble sort. Of through. Sharaud traders are century there Byrd Warner. Of course there were Urquhart and. Get short now if you're out and hunting trip you obviously had weapons with few Eminem might might have given you some comparable basis on. What you heard did you feel as though your weapons were an adequate defense in case these things got aggressive. That's the question this of course we don't. Worst our report format and start to. Script the radicals were. Edwards during. Well which are going to archer and sprint cars and screw. Your camp or. Snow there were. Got to go. We do watch elm. Quarter. Loss carry all church where her. We didn't. Shoot well and gutters. Off. Sorrell. Scooter. And how and who is this did this trip last how long how many how many nights of encounters did you have with these creatures. Old Dutch but the coroner shall count. Cultural and were earlier. Occurred Borough. And some tar and earned her. More than ever answer or six hours which art or. Six. And there we go there a chance number one or law. Squared off their clothes are. All grown from seven weren't certain sorts. Over the course it's like birds or you know. You know our our records. Adults. Are or. Are. There and talk a march and so Europe. Are. Ross which are. Or worse and error restorer. He answered yeah when he. Our. Sport which lowers. Amber said there were chattering tomorrow. And our. Saw her. In order rapid chartering. Restore there's amber you know there. Or rather. Arc or from. It is Scott Nelson term and short term but it was language. There are charged. Only. Perhaps ports. And or more in. Sorrow. Sure we were. Which. Is. What were an arrow talk. Don't talk or have a there's. Sort of a little level from. Yes I mean that that obviously is a game changer. Whenever you have a species that actually can can do that in an offer that type of communication it is a completely different level of intelligence required to get there. Un wind this. We're gonna get into these and into the recordings a little bit you beef provided us with some audio cuts are gonna play a little bit later and and you can walk us through those but I'm. Were you were these creatures talking amongst themselves or were they trying to communicate with few with a time. Most. Balls. 21 person my actions or warrants were. Pretty much talked to each other. Marshall are confrontational were. Approved we're go or. Or are there were about. Were known to each other Russian troops are. So short shorts. So we're. After La. Place real art or not. Port. Restored or work or go out and sort of records are shall. Sort out seven or march 1 I. There were wrong Durham. At. Black armor so. Tell us about the siding what did you what did you see what to do look like. Well they can't totally. New Orleans so far. Brooke ago Wallace Saul or runs tree. And we're outside shelter. Outsourced our general Eric. Outside. Orator and there were a ball on to one or are more or cut and ours. Horse. I saw the world's scorned now some power our. Cars and run our cars of Gordon. Or were. Were with him and there or. On. Saw little boards under horse and our goal and corporate culture. Lurched out a couple of scared to tell doctors say. It. He said that Tom you came to the realization that you're dealing with a big for take type creature after you caught the audio and then you then you saw footprints and other. Physical evidence that supported the fact that these were just some run and ML force creature. Well if there was footprints what else did you did you find an if if if he's yet to get a look at the footprints how big were that. Well in range from Arnold followed by sharp and emotional. Where a mother. Shark probably campers and I went to choose. And which ones are one Tyler seven or around. Right right we're talking and we're talking with Ron Moore had here and that runs website is Ron Moore had there's only 10 in morehead dot com. He's got a couple of books out we're gonna get into these as well voices in the wilderness and also the quantum bigfoot and we're pretty quick break here and when we come back we'll continue our discussion it's beyond me. Okay. Senator adventurous and also one of the boo hoo what a people one of the best stories when it comes to anybody in rested. In the bigfoot phenomenon. Ron has seen these creatures are wan has heard these creatures Ron has communicated to these creatures. And he talks about that in in a book called voices in the wilderness he's also got a book called the quantum bigfoot. We'll get into both those rounds website is Ron Moore had dot com there's one Owen Moore at Ron. I'm before winter break we're talking about footprints and the fact that you realize what you were dealing with the as you heard these noises. And then you saw the supporting evidence. Of footprints and you said there were do you think there were kind of looking for food they're kind of Roman drew around your campsite in in search of something. Sure there were looking for sure to court. Or dear old Europe are martial or so or own them and they're dirtier but never took a similar were. Respectful. They took spare a record stoves or were protesters were. Her show and were. I witnessed caller yeah. Nurture blown programs. Personal. Armor. In era. In Jolo. Let's do a Russian general. On our. Support. And in their portions where there during. And Garko to vote on the servants at. Joseph Joseph all on. How much are. You running mate I mean we're we're we're really does it work order our current. And Ronald. When. You let you actually said you you use less stuff out for them so. Eat you weren't afraid. Obviously you wouldn't have tried to encourage them to come back Curome this must have been more of a labor curiosity at that point for you. Val and rose a smaller. Or just like us and rebel. It's all where us reporter who went and actually. Try and her children. Where are. And so. Did more than a so so hard and we're in a pro. Or tax. Americans. Were. Oh well some excellent. A case or. About. To serve and he. It's Cold. War programs. Talks about or write to our church and sorrow. And her potential orders are there. Sort of a dark her Yorkshire took. A charter. How does or whichever up. Version or more and scientists masters so. Org and there is for low. Cost or. Oral. Yeah and searched. To our ports. Oh. Sure let brings up an important point because. It seems when we talk about things like this that they are people that no matter what you present to them or what you show them Merom are a you know how passionate you are about your discussion they just. Is wont buy it it is don't believe it. What the skeptics say. About what you went through. Well some of Mark Kirk and serious error for so. Much of which race he got up there they're per hour Turks and or. It's cult car cart team. There bringing. In a line and it's part except and I got. Some size and sound. Borrowers that are stereo typical song. To go to skirt off. Paper. The base error research terrorist church. Mosque site where choose. Which suggests. Doctors. Are shrimpers. Across size is planned Allred held a true or as. Their shorter markers or worse and stringers all there. Were two. Or lights so different were all home. Write about the art per hour or so workers urged. Is science are etched so our present to Stewart. Shore show little sign of us are all too. Lots sorry at all it's not based on torture. Our era. Or bark river spurs. Science and as we're trying our salute to. Shore up where were orders. So about solar. Errors or Rio or so outside of port through to her arm and a program. Or on. Yeah and we'll we'll get into that and little more detail to later in the discussion but only get back to this idea skeptics and he said there are people it is just doesn't fit in the paradigm so been there won't accept regardless and I. You know we we've dealt with us and Africa we have to be on the look for posters on this program frequently and you know the guy that has quote unquote bigfoot body in his freezer and it turns out to be something that's not you know that these guys don't help the cause Tuesday. Though it. The truth will end up. So where there can what it's true structures. And true and sell. Or proto. Bar in the freezer or. Do it's. It's it's gonna show up out of a game where. Analyze shirt or narrow. The others people who blew. Up. Us there surely Robert amount of music there were six or your. Is April woods out their launchers. And that's what they say there's. I work out our show this. Cells are our march toward October wrote a story. And there were six those are all part or all of her. Now through social. Is nobody's rule. Still congress. Is tools group of people. Around and talk garbage were out there. There maybe these are all tired or. I have a series. Car. Some are or are. Euro a year ago and I don't see what our report out. Shares were to order or. When was the last time that you A went looking to make contact with these creatures and beat when you actually had contact. Well. Our weren't open source text and or are. On horsepower where youngsters. And have. What mark culprit for carper where strange lights camera yeah. To art and art are two sort of shelter or torn apart. Illustrate what's up for Ottawa. And a purse and just or. Just a strange old and a career and her or. Hurt. Or some on October. Storage. Google stores or. Just to talk to a they look so. Wander. Out of superior. Superior. Chuck where or stop for you. Stop solar total. World lol does science. Scarred racial progress and out of this through commercial part of we're. Sooner or maybe it's a lawyer. And search and some matters and matters. And Newark and so. No no that's okay because it's an important point and you know as people look for explanations to the age old question why don't we have a body is why don't we have this evidence of why don't we have that evidence a couple of series of you know surface and one of them is this inner dimensional theory in the another one is an alien connection theory do you have any thoughts on the alien. Possibility. It us. Art and a pretty sure our group are armed and and insults and our program and Olbermann order. Hall in South America or cover a lot of Shrum. Are some. Groups are two airports aren't on your trip short. We're were announces. Skull. Or. Were you know. These were actually. Were hurt or which from mention what. It. We believe the reach. Out to try to capture what is. Where where people are. We're too much news older which were shall were ordered columns apartments are so we're out. Listen a little projects up I'll cut them out there a more thorough. Arched a currency and carrier and shot and did this or on Staten. And find out skulls were about. I know. The cardinal such suture regard to prior orders there are. I just. Our urban. Scientist I was circles or where. Are orange and this round and should be here. Kurdish. Birchard arts and and well I think what helped brownouts are so. Congress were to choose. From a room. Dirtier. And Merkel earlier era. The war. Yeah. Egypt or houses. And so murder or crops on her another. Social news. Tarps were red cloud shows up. There is a role. Or. Would we're broke our our quarter. That's where it is an intervention marker. Should on the south Comerica Park just. Hours. All. Sorts. Mr. leader earlier rip it. Please tomorrow won't grow stronger. Armed as worse or. Are centers. Of us now. They're plotters there are some. Were little were low budget trees little lower court order Russell treat the Sudanese real clear. Her stroller or car or your ruler who are water. Well brought. Up. Lot of us just minding your locals. There's the early go there and they go a little question that is a blow and it. To our country skiers are depressed ought. To Roswell all and I thank aliases becoming less and less worry and seeing them. More and where hunger solar murderers question and all the lying her what's. Yeah I was asking asking that is is it our culture is in or is it our national heritage. What is it makes us seemingly less accepting of these ideas. And more on the skeptical side as it as a nation as a whole or is it western civilization and where where's the line. It's got boring portion there are. Sort of lower this blurbs. Sort and her world. Tour. Her nerves have been taught Logan talks. Interest brawl. And a couple of wrong and then walked. I just involves a short magazine and I've mental. In. Regard. Summer preparation or lower or our knowledge. You at all or no. While you're not the U you're not the only one that thinks that and we hear that more more we've had a lot of guests on this program particularly when it relates to alien technology and nom government complicity in in their visitation there existence their actual presence here. And coordinated. Technological. Oh alliances I guess would be the word between them you know major governments and some of these alien creatures. Well currently are there. Or don't say we're don't know anger. Dutch courts tour or emperor open. Heart or. Should start. An eye opener and their current structure a little bit in order to. Order. And a center all or are. So thorough. And we're just know you. It's Clark start. That brought handle. And for the answer. Such crushed. And orders. Are clones don't and a your scrolls on that are. Out there are all year. Sought find out. Stories about war. Where. They're from our. It. Our stores lie and pastor Warren giants or. In Oakland are the stories that are a little lower RS her giants analyst. Their report cards and rather tried to rush. Artists are more role worry more about children and their road. Our core partners partners. Were charged. Story in launched or. Are. I take a break here and we come back you have used the phrase. In relation to these big foot they're creatures as half human. Remnants of a Demi god and wanna I wanna funded exactly what we're talking about in relationship to that when we come back. Break it's beyond reality radio JC GB memory that. It's. Actually her. Have enough time here in this segment earned run back in and do it any justice so we're gonna hold him through the next break and bring them back after that. 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Or visit the website just click on the chat button it's a great place to I chat with people who have similar interest that a lot of shenanigans going on there a lot of funnel to get to it. Beyond reality radio more withdrawn more. Thursday on the West Coast. Friday on the East Coast in many were stuffed in between welcome to be on really eerie. Ill myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome Jamey Johnson. And here we go war get another great hour to I talked with Ron Moore had we're excited about that of course Ron. Is going to challenge this more about his experience. Exploring and encountering actually bigfoot creatures so. Benelux talk about with him also tomorrow night is a best of programs to make she stick around for that it's always a good one. And then if you haven't gotten the beyond reality radio official coffee mug yet what are you waiting for just go to the website click on the picture of the mod. It'll be shipped to you free. Within the United States if you've got international shipping need to contact us we can work than South Korea's well but it's a great vessel for coffee or four. Too hot chocolate soup. I think it's worked for anything that looks great. Not only does look great on your desk or on your table or on your and whatever. Your cat owner looks great macabre looks great the dishwasher looks gritty work everywhere it's the beyond reality radio official Kaufman check it out we'll be right back. More withdrawn more ahead. It's beyond reality creating Jaycee. It's. Cancer got hurt us our truck with Ron Moore head he's back with this so we had a month while ago run as an adventurous but he's more than that he's actually one of the few people. Who has so what is at this point irrefutable evidence of contact with big footer SaaS march creatures sun it was kind of inadvertent at the time but. Once you realize what he was doing he had got some more of this evidence we've got some audio recordings and whole bunch of stuff. And run on used the phrase at one point to describe these creatures in morning your books are or who in relationship to one your books as half human remnants. Of the Demi god. I know we don't know exactly what these things are bored you thinking in in that means you used those terms. Well what I'm saying is what are mentioned earlier and color workers. Are. Crushed. And culture. But your gut. I've. Got. Mystical. Arts and your giants. Are solid group of local giants. We're oral story. Rumor or past. Say it urged your spirit being and put out. Our column in. Her daughter or her and her go tar. And there are probably crossed and remember several more hours. Yeah. Since they're our our. Work harder for. Some. Russian. Ball or. An issue alone you know. Gather this evidence inserted to reflect on what you had and what you'd experienced he wrote the book voices in the wilderness at some point. What was the messenger trying to convey there were you trying to offer. A bit of of of a scientific analysis of what you experienced. Are you were is that a halt to help. For for people to kind of band together to try new personal understand these creatures but secondly. Recognize there are here and depth approach it as such a mean what was the objective. Roger to reliable squirrels or just tell a story out ergo. Roland Hirsch who are. Solid via. Told a story short. Story. Or a corporate our current. To second on the courts to store and that's for sure but this takes a lot. Researched. All story. Soul or were about do. Bourse rose. I want to restrict your listeners out there to talk according to source or aren't. And here for a younger. Or older brother reached a total argue mark or or to learn. Start your grace church our arms up or call a religious person Gloria spiritual person or we're all our. I bought and bought doctors. Our manager or soup or. Brokers and it goes dark treachery. Joins us and don't change forms. So. And these things changed form or all of our perception. And our world. Or what are your. Yes so so that's the other so the second book of the quantum picks for enemy we hear a lot about quantum physics and and there's there's subtle but also very dramatic advances in in the science and it's starting to actually I think. Open up more questions than it is providing answers I mean we're starting to open up doors to new universe is that we know nothing about. And there may have been some speculation along the way. There's may have been some theorize a long way but this is really to use a bad upon opening up whole new universe of questions. Orleans or were where we really everything on. Our schools science which reads work in several. Grow. That seat will Ortiz tall physical or turtles. But here's the map and start and it is strewn. There are currently eleven dimension or dimensions soars through them. Certain realized that exists. In Europe were screwed. Up and you. There's things out there that we don't see tennis. Lost their errors on all right or should our. Help or any researcher. Second understand there's so little or are terrible moral mark. It's just you can trade alerts are urged more troops and where. As a server. Turns out her elders or don't talk brokers or I. Whose credibility. Has talked over our lights and sound. Some slow euros or 24 or. Or or from. There's just little. Things. Yes yes I did the idea is that you explore in the quantum bits for your book the quantum bigfoot. Today. Offer an explanation for what a lot of the skeptics say are is proof that they don't exist meaning we we haven't found a body we haven't found bones we haven't you know found Jorge Julio and goes some some too long standing. Skeptic. Bullet. Points and had they used to say this is while we know they don't exist that does your book it does offer some answers from. I've sort of thoughts and my layman's approach to Lamar is our program. I approached her well would ask. Questions so many people are reported. Hard. Cores to her art McFarland at that have a daughter just all. And so kerrobert problems try Orioles sudden. More trucks. I mean there are looked at trees are a worker jumped to. Their work territory and chart a way. It didn't it just was brought. So touched. I don't know it was a little. Deep in the war and our answered to two inches deep we're record aren't rigged. Locker room. Carter in order. Checks. And were. Our business. Our questions are hurt scientific answer. Just sides were not amused or science or our whole program started at least and warm. And find out there's strange oral Richard dolce and there's sort tool pusher or. Mark world the world were street. Which is true it art or were were short also. Our kicker and also editors and Morocco are a rule it's a rule. That's how your work or. Reverse all our. Us. Our rev works and is there are certain worker's own room. Programs tourists watched those. Numbers. Sort of corporate or. More over or written. Your. Score raw power or her. Sister's match. They're actors that are. Or just. Stirred renewed or understand of course. And this sort. Tends to happen workers search. And senators all superior orders science. Related. Drug program. So I'm and ask you question that Tom I'd be surprised if you could answer and I'd be surprised as anybody could answer frankly. But how does a physical being a flesh and blood being. Travel inter dimensional. We can't do it at least we can't doing yet is this an evolutionary advancement or is it something ritual what do you think it comes from. Or are crucial for answers. Or corporation or Robert Byrd parts of our. Celebration. He sings and create a vibration either. Two world. There. Were. Ordered caller oh. Maybe two or your right there. Appears shop owners. And Paul urged. So there were out early this and some orange cards I have ultra program. Or. What's happened. Or. There's at all. And blockers are a physics. Theory. It's only here you see. Your recorders burger. It. Couple bars on tutor tables lol watching. It too if you're. To just crew. Out or are just Rupert with. That's four years starters are column. Our listeners eager to prove to bar rhetoric which do what. Their roar there and prove. So if it's a vibration or sang and who weren't were at this point assuming mound for sake of argument that these assess clutch creatures have mastered this and and they're using it to remain hidden to disappear to do whatever they're doing that keeps them elusive. Does that mean that we as a physical flesh and blood being have the same ability we just haven't figured out how to do it on a regular basis yet. Classics are our checks and we're used to. Grow. We're not reached our potential and over fired. Learners. Like our caller. We need to. So large. For a solar. Each. Hard and roll. It over don't go to college or trailer. Or lower. At least tried rent. Unless they understood what those weapons you're holding action to do some serious damage maybe work they know me know that too. They had no tortures them. Or enter. A new. Knew what we're that are so who knows maybe a couple more from the characters. Seemed out of work and traders. Were to capture so. Or. Are they were in. After we all birther sharing it and you're good storage or Christ or. The warmer Lawler were shoot. Or. Seen on us. You were using the walls and two X our Lola Carlyle group to monitor. Or who. Lost his church is about racial. Frequency tuned in or our guns and change. And health and a table or. Barbershop. There was a war on. We're just have to learn. Some moral. We have the a guest on the program. Not long ago who was talking about the difference between the standardized tuning of a 440 vs a 432. And and he was talking about the fact that that that. A 432 and 432 Hertz is actually a natural vibration of the Burress. And he was explaining to us much of what you're saying here is that everything has a frequency. And it is for some reason we've shifted from least our or our regular use of frequencies and kind of distorted it. But if we recognized. That 8432. Was the natural tuning of the earth and started to experiment with that we'd probably find ways to do some of the things you're talking about right now. That in our our personal for. It's all there. Were route route route and restrictor. Artwork perched on. Starr is co host yeah eat this culture. Saw radicals to your local. Originally. Nice. Reviews on their men on urged Gloria. So mark to your room or. Anywhere oh yeah our borders. Are a charcoal portrait or. Yeah I was restarted the streak is who we're gonna take a break and just am always come back I wanna play those audio cuts and want you to walk us through but before we go to break it is going answer this question. You I had an extraordinary contact you caught some extraordinary audio. Do you think that these creatures chose to communicate with fewer re you just in the right place at the right time. I think it shows. Are to war. Stereo there were curious. And each. Wrote forresters or are there. Because a lot of people go hunting a lot of people's spent a lot of time in the woods but very very few people in fact you could probably count them on one or two hands. I have the type of experience that you had. Sure. Far right horse and your group. Presley are. Yet humbled that it's fascinating so won't go to break and when we come back we've got the audio cuts cued up you can kind of talk us through them and played them so people can hear what we're talking about in this is those cuts are just a sample of the stuff that you have ranked. It. Okay so we're talking with Ron morehead his website is Ron Moore had dot com there's only 10 in morehead. Books are voices in the wilderness and the quantum big foot and two missed tremendous stuff on the website make she stopped by to take a break it's beyond reality radio would Jayson GP. It's. Guest. Are talking about it but primarily the predicament a lot more than that is Ron some of the theories that few explore in the quantum bigfoot your book the quantum bigfoot. Actually could explain. Things well beyond just the bigfoot phenomenon may mean that it touches a lot of thanks. Brought to push all. Spirituality. And Syria. Are some problems. And customs a barrel and medical are. Our culture. And us experts role in troops or workers and so one religion might call an orange or core school. Yeah and it's a fascinating topic it's one that read we're and learn more more about over the coming years and sure. But let's go on your recordings here you thug given us a number of samples of audio that you caught on your different. He encounters with big foot type creatures and we've got several here so tells how are you wanna start this and give us you know kind of walk through. Burger grew dark so her and corruption are yo I replied yes. Or first armored we're Toro and I think could order gonna play them in is the first one is. Must see rip a rapid fire. Our our specialists are. Okay social sir with this woman Andy any any background was just the first triples as a leader trip. Officer was supposed to occur there are certain to okay. Our directors our. Star star witness who you know. That is so wound in the there's nothing peaceful sounding about that. On ROC. Mayor then of course has taught insurer. To us or. Porch or were a couple shall true short order couple. A little man source yellow orange arms are slow cars. It at all. No and I'm assuming the only thing that they kept you somewhat sane at the time upon hearing that. Was that you may have been assuming they were talking to each other. Well. I assume even. We're sort. I. Reduce. Where we got. We've got to worry more photos. Of or. All our program talk. And a lot older or younger were all charged or to her. Try to separate camera chart room or are. Charter took an interest in order to forward. To our. Are so the next the next cut is called the anguish sequence I think. Guys who just play it. Sure okay here's the second's second sequence. OK if you're just joining us no this is not jungle sounds from mutual home halls wild kingdom were talking with Ron Moore had in these are audio cuts. That today he collected during encounters with bigfoot type creatures. And and run again Allen had a very similar. Sound to the first one again. Not necessarily belligerent but certainly. And certainly it could fright yet. Are kind of took low. Cost cents. CIG then you know to notice. Murdered there was jut Florida or tall or yours. Is just a warrior hard our. And sort. Art for us. A little little oral. And so long. Oil sort of see the upper story. Or. We're all sell. All. A lot of them into storage or on the current order. Ready and all that's available on run more. Had dot com is one know in morehead Tom we've got three more cuts these are much shorter so by the next one is as as a whistle. We just go and play that. Oh sure Kelso dealers. That are determined two starters whistle of short. Marker banned partial response to talk which owns. Can do this this is the whistle. It's pretty distinct. And. You're an and you can tell I mean I'm no expert in in in the sentencing Toobin I can understand what you're saying when you say this wasn't lips purse together making a whistle. I showed doctor report. Graft. And treat sports as well. Sounds sorrow. And turn overturn the will or will slow work. OK explain to us with a samurai a low cut it is. Okay that's when my they. Don't do it burglars. And Herbert charged. RO all right we're Irish airport in her. Hands you have got to camp. What are there were. Were current and forward its auto weren't story too will. Vote. I heard your ears are hard or hurt shall for a group. Call us or art or assault or run from. Ordered or urged to work. Are cruel Rome and art. The can't play this incessant. It's. Okay. OK okay. Now that in that particular cut that was played twice trade that was looped it right there are. And the final and we have is called you you name didn't talk to us. That's where I was. Going back Canada at all sequence there. Our counselors and partners are permanent turn. Over some. Parents who is Quinn and Joseph. Or shelter or. Okay writes this is talked to us our. Okay. Then it can call me. So making is that your voice we heard there Europe's answer you know is you trying to talk to them. Sure error. Should there. It's so obvious said that experts who listened to that audio another audio that you have and they've determined that there's a language there. Score a horse and by the current current carrier so we're. We're. Coach. George and John there is a language so. In rent or chartered dark for. Our special sort servers. Sure of course it is and you said that tell you felt as though that you may have been selected in your group was selected for. These creatures to communicate because and they don't do that with with everybody even if there's a citing you don't discuss this kind of interaction. Do you have a sense of what they might be try might have been trying to communicate with few. Arturo. Has. It's it's it's a mystery but do you didn't feel as though they were trying to I mean in the obvious the obvious thing is that you know trying to scare you away from their territory but it doesn't really seem like that's what they're trying to do The Who may have been more aggressive. Well controlling risk simple Mark Morris across herself or her. First. Slot soldier. Or are three partridge. Or these were try and Rucker park chatter dark and we're. Are Russian or so record. Our solar customers. Script and torture program. Well. And Durham north guitar bass and tell. Veterans are our trust subscribed. Is this is all fascinating stuff do you think there'll be a point anytime within our lives our lifetimes anyway. Were derby mainstream contact and and the B. Complete. Unquestioned. Unquestionable proof for irrefutable proof that there there and and then nobody you know I date as as though we have any other species that we except. We would get to that point. Williams and duke though there are so where shall a little. Matty. Are not sure will and allow. Where where to come terrorists are there. And all minded enough to accept. Her daughter were four orange. All. We're up to ranchers are on our ever. Guerrero. And did business through this fall well. Materials energy to and from her. Back and matured and or it's or an hour. Ago splinter groups. Via. We only have a couple minutes left here and I wanted to get your opinion on what kind of advice you'd give other people who might. Themselves be thinking about venturing out into the woods to try to have some type of contact. Cute little long and don't sooner or. Later. Sooner and understand. Or. You're welcome our work harder. That's figures in order to realize you'll taller. And more. Our. Sense it and I. Don't. There's just more or on what cars are. Open market. Or. Oboe. I talked about the dues on our error in. Two. Production. Or can't be sure. Or. Is there anything we put on I don't list like you know don't. Don't charge them donuts. You know don't play loud music and anything that that might put somebody in jeopardy that you should caution them about. Oh well I then I sit and answer. Your terms are. Trying to usher for so it's harder or. To. Her two and a blow. Vote count and were. On flush out so it collects art schools are. Stoller to open though curator records so don't go forward. Around the start that are. Total size of our. Rooms solar some are donors year. And it will go. Its doors to more. About her or saves which are closer. To spend or co. Specials were to an abrupt and ours should Richard regarding our store. Don't. You come back our army and. He's beat exactly are we talking with Ron Moore head again the web site is Ron morehead dot com run your books are available they airman and I'm sure they're available ulcer and other places well. And on her listeners. CDs are very ruler troopers were audio. And on your website you also on it keep people up to date with places that you might be speaking or appearances might be making and down everything else you've got going on right. Chart here are true carpet or else do we all have that problem this technology is great but in Chile in my she keep it up it doesn't always help the wage should really. Sure if I. Carol thanks so much run it's been a pleasure talking knew we were so happy deep agreed to come back on the program and keep this up to date on Spaniard when we know we've got going on we appreciate. But Tehran morehead thanks where to take a break now and we come back we'll wrap things. It's beyond reality rating TCG. Another great show and books thanks for joining us money to best stuff makes you stay tuned it's beyond reality radio. Jason GPA. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison Junior Johnson into this one held Susan Johnson and Smith didn't get her trainer who really don't really read news. Yeah. You know start why don't finish the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will purchase and install an actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.