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Nick Groff & Katrina Weidman of Paranormal Lockdown

Dec 5, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with the hosts of Paranormal Lockdown about their current show and their experience as paranormal investigators both on and off screen. Nick Groff shares info about Ghost Adventures, and Katrina Weidman offers insight into Paranormal State and her other work. 12/5/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday and he's just many years starting between welcome to be honor really review myself just Mozilla's awesome G. Davey Johnson who we are really excited to and another member to be beyond reality radio Fam leave radio stations and soul of big shout out KX and T news radio Las Vegas, Nevada losses beyond reality fail sin city we have arrived. Think we've pretty much merit. But we may have. I would and dual citizenship present it obvious great to have everybody Las Vegas joining us of course that we we barbed. Personal friends and you know I've been to Las Vegas number time's Jay we love it out there and I want to make industry's race look it's right in Las Vegas has a bit of a term norm paranormal nebulous to it it's it's look where it's located in its proximity so much that's going on. In the desert and rounded I I it's it's it's kind of it's almost an epicenter of paranormal stuff. Yeah we've. Investigated old there numerous times whether Walton not directly lost fiscal times there but always in the outskirts as well gold gold field Nevada and well just a bunch different areas they're such a wonderful location. Yet it's a great spots and we welcome to all the listeners of KN KX and TAM. News ready we love having you along with a us. Maybe encourage you to check out our website we encourage you check out the FaceBook page both of them are just beyond reality read you to get to either one just chat room. If you wanna join us during the of the live show which by the way this topic tonight. Yes I did a FaceBook like Bozeman and I don't do enough for those that Austin's quote it's as one of those things where I did FaceBook like post because you know tonight tonight I think is a really watching it not saying that any of the other nights are. But tonight we've got a good friends nick Graf and Katrina Wideman on the show and and you'll know them from paranormal locked out and nick is that he's in the East Coast guy and honestly I got to hang out of them for the first time ever got to meet him was about two years ago. When we are both that are dragging on and just clicked I mean he's a really down to earth and an individual who. I enjoyed talking with and I know Katrina for a long time she -- currency and everything else ways back but they're just they're wonderful people. Yet it's going to be a great show it. It we always enjoy returning to our roots and talking about paranormal investigating as you know as we all love. So we talked about all that stuff mom nick of course has a bunch of different projects that will be talking about Katrina the same thing. Soda be it be great opportunity to do that and I think can. Eddie is working something out for us now we did you get that email from doctor drew off. Aria yeah via Paris so I think we're gonna try to bug contact him and get him in the last segment or something to talk about something that he's excited about he's he's always very sick some weird weird stuff yeah bumpy you know he's on the field and is staying in he likes to report to us what's going on so that'll be I think we'll try to get illness is straitjacket winners arms Aaron tied around that protects its right for -- we've got some great programs coming up to a city McGillis rejoining us. Tomorrow night of course you remember Cindy is a dream interpreter. We discussing the interpretation of dreams. I'm taking your phone calls a lot of people have especially. As a get your gets near the holidays Lotta people get stressed and start to have strange dreams and are very very curious as to what it means and Cindy Izzy is a great agreement for interpreter and have an opportunity to talk about that. That's awesome and that Wednesday is a good friend of mine as well Jack Hanna he's going to be on his apparent more prosecutor off will be discussing his new book. Haunting ghosts and demons which is now available on Amazon.com. And I've known Jack for many years and he's just an apparent almost true passion so I look forward talked with him and have them on an adamant explain all that everybody listening. Yes some great shows coming up and if we have time today gentlemen I'm him almost free to even bring this up we still have a hard that a playing card that are you and I are going on for weeks of staring at. Yeah that would be a great Christmas present for some some we have got that cards and aren't so arrested for those you haven't heard of the show for. Aren't so we picked up a plank it was just one card out of a standard and playing. And we have this cart and its posting a remote viewing thing it is it's kind of fallen to the point of elimination at this point but. We just need to guess what card that is and it's the same card we haven't changed that same card and go back to Lewis another show isn't seasonal expected. And if you can't you win a scratch and swisher. It gets sent out here that's all you do is pick a cart and you with a sweatshirt. Yet and it's not for lack of people trying we've had a lot of people trying again this is this is as it intended it started out cease psychic slash from doing experiment we're hoping that. You know some we've got a lot of people in our audience who feel as though they've got some psychic abilities and I'm not saying that this is the test and all test that's for sure. But we were kind of hoping someone to be able to call in tap into our immense concentration on this playing card and get it right away but we're going on for weeks on this one guard maybe it's our fault maybe were not concentrating maybe we can't focus hard did we just we just don't have yet to be so. Couple of these people heard tapping into our brains are just a big blank slate is what they're saying that's I'm actually got just a brick wall stood empty void something like that that I don't see anything yet the end they could be in this problem there so there's no doubt that is a possibility. So if you haven't. MA she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and enter at a rate you can. Also. Join me online chat just by clicking the listen live by a man now logical listen to sheriff website as well. Or just click on the station tab and find all agree station that we err on the cross country and and join us that so. They come have you heard about this new Canadian reports of this Loch Ness Monster. No but I'm curious to find out how Canadians. Are reporting seem like this monster Imus well mean in Canada. Yes I would yes it would be nice not not a bunch of Canadians over in Scotland looking out for the like now I'm just making sure. Now they're saying carousel at the report was actually from years ago but the person just an interest in coming forward and talking about it but I. Ontario man claims that he saw on what decreases it looked just like the Loch Ness Monster. Com. He's a professional welder who invited his full name announced remain anonymous and he told crypto zoology news that he was driving on highway. When he spotted this dinosaur like creature and leak nip. You're pissing in the pissing or whatever it is army says he was going he's going to to another late in cottage go fishing. And he looked over he saw huge creature breaks the surface in the water. He said he was certain that it was a real deal state surface for more than five minutes he said. And Smartphones aren't available when he actually so are just they were he what he would have recorded it. And so forth the arm but yet describes a creature in his forty year old many described creature as twenty feet long skinny long neck. And had that seems small for such a neck. That was like a football. And it was huge dark in color that so I mean Canada might have its unlock this monster. No that would be maybe maybe that's why the reports in locked NASA itself have subsided there have been any risks or hasn't hit Canada as he has enough going on here make it emigrated to Canada. Spot in New York State sky New York State's got what champ. Sorrow. And Canada's rate there maybe it's just moved over there yeah I know to have Loren Coleman on the program. Shortly to have him back so let's were less room to bring that up maybe he's heard some more information and a dumps more details about this particular site. I think as sounds like a good call so. Are sold your take a break and we'll get our desk on Barrett so we're gonna take quick break more to come you listen Jason NG EMB. I'm really really back. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your webpage get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond reality radio. Jason James senior and need this phone number at some point if not during our discussion with our guests then later when we do our or continue our psychic experiment the phone receipt for fort. 68776698446877669. Tonight is a yes yeah but if there are psychic tip earlier and you. Couldn't fourth tonight is of particularly special might actually been looking forward to this for a long time. We've got a pair of guests witness nick Graf and Katrina Wideman. And of course you know both of them from paranormal lockdown and both of them have a wide variety of paranormal investigating experiences both on and off television and I'm anxious to talk about those things. So let's bring them in nick and Katrina welcome to beyond reality real great to have you on our show tonight. Oh you are. Thanks for coming on and we've we've really looked forward in this and I was on everybody Katrina I know you and I have known each other for years cents a way back and yet nick nick you and I met each other pretty much it dragged on about two years ago and and really Roth and and and it's just great to have you guys on. Dead bank here again I don't plan for awhile so it's finally nice. The up a little bit later and do something different about scale hunt the location. Could Hitchcock. Crisis we're gonna work this just because it's a little bit difficult whenever we have multiple people on at the same time bomb in a wearable we've got a bunch of things we're gonna chat about. We'll try to leave room for everybody to answer and you know you guys know the drill you've done this enough times. Or are let's let's let's start at the beginning here. Tell us how you got any interest how he developed an interest in the paranormal you know from the beginning at one to start. A ball and they're fast they're with all things kernel until the kid. In non align itself from a tree was very hyper he. Hyperactive kid never dope in my arm and almost that my monster mile factually and out rushed me to hospital insurance. Happened chocolate in my artery. I was really lucky. I don't know that kind of pushed me in the direction of colonel but my grandmother would always talk about UFOs and aliens and all what he's just different. Firm Obama that would occur in New England where I grew up com. In that wouldn't co leader and with the Las Vegas tonight or return a little bit more than goes avenue and bomb just went out there a couple hard at locations open mind towns and and yet going on the road for a while a couple of guys and and it turns you know what inspired me to gorgeous. He goes existed. Intrigue something that really opened up my mind out of possibilities. Captions some incredible evidence accomplished in the giro. There has been more than just you know logically trying to explain things so that kind of what it will mean my direction of well I got on to today which is coming interest in soaring but. Growth in the nacho. And did you say that your family. It's kind of sparked an interest in UFOs in the beginning and that's that's kind of where used. Yeah. It's so funny because a lot of people believe it or like people think that I just went to bed the ghost in the turmoil and all that's but I actually owe you really heavily involved and the like UFOs in Illinois to a college kid out of nowhere kid earned about church community build my dad would come in my room I have a map laid out. I'd tag I'm like I'm gonna area 51 some day are you so from our element a little boom box then I don't know it just so fascinated by. You know XP and trying min you'll follow it and all that suffer watched like every single dot make a part we think us so it really fast they buy it. That Caroline general. Katrina how did you get your start were awarded the interest develop for you. Katrina. We may have we may have lost him we may have let Katrina will work. Trader at a murderer you know that happens occasionally on this program we still think the government's involvement Nicky you moved to Las Vegas and you know it it's interesting that that's where you started to turn your attention to go it's given. The proximity do so many UFO. Hotspots in the south what are. Yeah I've only had to collect our though Donna mentioned to say one damn America if you want to try to accomplish that by gets close to what occurred. He very secret base that doesn't exist. Thought I did that has. And then I went up all the way collect call upon my allies did an odd gold fields in encouraging thing about my just follow law what Virginia he has so much history there armed. And assert go to although like all of the buildings and talking to people on it really just. Became factually with and then not so awhile later I'm like you're a true leader says I met a couple of guys that says it would go there and look for ghost coast. It was critical. Heroin or greater and greater in January and you're referring to dose adventures in about a Virginia city O'Meara I spent time there as well and that's that's highly interesting little area I'm just an incredible Larry and and I spent time legal field as well witches. It's strange because so many people. Used to be in that area and now it's it's pretty much its dormant in the only time you see anybody is. Usually about 7:8 o'clock at night you'll see only in terms of people coming out of the hills from where they work him in the mines still. And come down yes or it literally literally nobody in that tell it what. Yeah totally it's like old western movies a little. You know cool. Hey girl kind of crosses the lord didn't you just could grow my outlook sudden but it. It's a really weird to our area I don't know there's just some skiing. It's our about it it has so much history so much doubt so much. Just kind of weakness that surround that whole area that you know I think has the energy about it. It's fascinating. Especially when you're close to a secret bases and other self who knows what they're DOS. Out of doors yet has totally sure what the streets the local field is wasn't it the thirty to 40000 people or their and its heyday or something and now it's down to less than a hundred. Exactly yes it was weird because that thing back then so children go with a big bowl obviously sound and made it's and then all the further and government put a stop to that and I think it just became kind of one of those lake dried up well but they're still finding harm that over. I think in Virginia city they're actually looking to open up the new mine that actual as war so my. Millions and millions of dollars. Which is pretty crazy if you think about but you know government put a stop to and the total all the I'm like how much actually import export can go and stop. So it's really interest to us the most that there are talking to a couple minor that a couple people column about what they're looking to do in the future. Let's see if we've got Katrina back to training there. I aren't there in February yes now we can hear you. We've got to we've only got about a minute left in this segment so I know that probably won't be enough time for you to answer the question but give us an idea how you get started with your interest in the paranormal. A queue of people that point I itself. I crept up on an out that ugly ugly experience an epic or more at a creepy here. And no money my act that would have a at LEE. Out colonel walker alien Kirk has ever let him on ever read about it. At a government don't back up the local places in my town her electric car out on my health. I'm athletic epic how it IE an Epoch. Oh. And Eckerd in my report I. And that's how my career really started out. About it and act and they went to but as a matter I had opportunity I haven't. And and I out. It did not remember hang in only fuel long before apparel most because we used to talk and talk during our state at least come up every year in and talk during via. We'll convention you guys did such a great time boom we'll get into a lot more yeah it will we combat we had to take real quick break but I. You're listening Jason and TV I'm gonna Ellen. Folks from Los Vegas listening to our new affiliate KEX and TAM news talk radio is great to have you boredom part of the beyond reality radio Sam when it's so nice. To be incidents in city broadcasting now. Yes we were constantly adding musician summation you stay up on that list we are pretty much all across a contrary now or console adding new stations to the beyond reality radio families Amaechi consulate in attention that if we don't error in your area chances are. We will be rather soon. Yet great great stations being added to the group all the time. A two and talking with nick Graf and Katrina Wideman of course she knows them from paranormal lockdown they both have a very wide. A variety of experiences when it comes to paranormal investigating in television appearances. We'll continue to talk about that a reminder tomorrow night's program Cindy McGill will join us she's a dream interpreter. Will be discussing the interpretation of dreams and helping people find their true identity may move to figure who you margin. Violence might take a little more and we'll zoom into the two got some great stuff coming up on the program let's get back to our discussion with that. Nick and Katrina and then at some Katrina Africa where you can Katrina we kinda or may Zhou offering the reader's digest version of you're paranormal history how you got into this Indy might wanna take dominion kind indeed tell some some of that force because it was bull list of bullet point list last time. Yeah. Yeah I think it really EMI and at any. It probably that they aren't a lot of people have occurred about air Micah and on the out. You know it's a very strict and app and I can't explain. I'm excited. Very little economic apparently believe my siblings. My mom a couple more accurate and she had experienced it leave you weren't out. And be activists today he editor department not a lot of experience panic buying. So I don't we're not hearing out there. To be a corporate IL a mystery got a very much and I. And I don't see how there are a adequately meet I'll. At that at that now. That we are very much like the understanding that EAT. And and it at tea and it's. Ito. You don't necessarily have to be afraid of them later Erica thing happened. On so you know what I I or eaten. Would it help I would like every topic he compared Obama. And I'm you know grip ever and ringing and iron I was there I actually get that are letting the united. And an epic battle or you know I haven't yet I'm out you don't have to count but it is you know that you're at a Eckert or Oklahoma. Senator at 10 o'clock I don't know and what and so eager. And that let me let me. Actually I heard the banks and a experience and they're actually hit an goes under. I think energy and excellent and like you and yet they Eddie caught air act iron you know air. And again panic and and you know that's sort of just how our hearts our current is dead and look at X. Screen. I had a I ended up and eat about the air and my. I wanna mind at. It is Kirk and gonna like an old but not her retreating. And that include an agreed urged kickers and hand. You know mock combat every bank. And you know we replica of market Icrc center up a black car parentage and then and then at. I am so it gets kind of like every basic crime that arrow is not in other European open about eating her parents. Well the nice thing is bull CU you guys have had these shows prior to the show that you're doing now and I I truly think that the show you guys are doing now together has has opens or really logic as to shine on your own. Instead of being a secondary or or whatever I'm on other shows. Yeah I think it literally the rescission and appreciate that it's. It's been that crazy journey to be honest with you could you never know which way or direction in life it's gonna take you and I think ultimately. For the ballclub. I think we just Wear out their. It more weeks or term ought the idea of like what would be like political location. President has gone for their circle bar deliver their for the night or whatever then I really wanted to go to the experience to see logically you know how quickly and so far how we actually discovered something new and I think that all of the goal from the in my life at that point. Instead of just trying to chew willow things are really want discovered something else something that we just truly can't explain I'm searching for that one moment. That you're sort of called me over that you've been a while this is that this is what's gonna change like the way we think it's human being giveaways like part we are wouldn't go to that actually did XYD into what it's made up both. They could be so fast intellectually discover that in and I think that's what Colombo on a mission or before I die from that. So hopefully we'll get there. It Katrina wanna ask you about the training that you went through when trying to become a member and eventually becoming a member of the Penn State paranormal group. He said that it was about a 50% dropout he referenced as a class was this actually accredit bearing class or was it a club how did that work. Yet but let me packet so elated we're like the Patrick energy act better. And that I had a I want expect a acne are at their current. Eating out at home mark and the elite elite eight regular tactic on another future because that pretty. If the intent classic and I'm not around eat out at a college so you know we have only political record the available. And they pick up reach agreement armed picture. You know credit card that acute he could in her guilt. And you know I think the crowd let out here or liquor credit a party even though it that we'll likely see occurring. Let history record from all okay here these healed up well under current on all but Ito that. I'm interviewing techniques. Working with children. You know if a client is act how to use any kind of ecological issues are you handle that. Ego that I need behind certain things better and feel technology that we ill. Ego and that is studying all of the elements echo and directly out. So you know we were prepared to actually be in the other work a client. I'm curious as to who set up the training protocols. Of four familiar then it. That training and was it something they choose me I mean where does that come from. To be honest I not a 100% sure because I need an app or are. Well. That's my not to would be declined an answer to what we actually will not happen and I'm need a crock I. You have. You're bankers. Though everything have to go through through that like anything YouTube and actually a couple epic better air from eight. We had that partnered with I mean that that are camp and where you know Vermont department like the time partner. I'm I know I know a lot of things attic a period there I put it at the top of the RL I cracked concrete your parent of. Will I will say even when taps came and we spoke there at at your guys lectures that you did every year you have there there were numerous teachers that weren't. And that worked at the school that seemed involved too because they come they'd need to talk doesn't. It was interesting to see how many people are actually involved to make that group work. The actress Terri live at a Beverly baker but it started. I I eat and that are happier now you know I'm excited and tired the corner back. I'm Anita interpreted at a key here anymore. You could you're traveling so much and all so or can't seem crack at all I am you know how the corruption and might be kicker Aric currently you know at. At an album I am. Sound out. We're. I don't know angered at. Yeah. The rule attired. And I remember him from and I know how out of our net and it they record two part about it. Sir nick tell me a little bit about the Genesis of the documentary this started out for you javy you haven't some sort of an audio issue with a talent tell me about the only the Genesis of thumb how it all started for you with the document Terry because some you know that was a pretty interesting time it was when I go senators was just. Really starting to take off. I'm gonna work out. Yeah it's it's early interest and tired really believe that people cross culture certainly there in your wallet and I like a salad or assassinated by all things kernel and live in our Las Vegas and with the college you know the you know I just graduated. And net. One of the guys in my college class and actually snuck into my called caught during the producer that was their pot came under my strong club. And that's when Aaron and I actually met for the first time and then the consulate puck in the future Lucci says hey you wanna be stopped what could that guy you know the day so we became we get trend. And dumb for a long time we would just wake up so for the amount that one day. I said that I mean I know exactly there is. Paid I called the mob one night and I think you guys will go look for goes. And that's how it all started to be honest with you bomb it and I said let's shift at the road I have a camera that I bought with little money. And moved a ball a little bit money up my dad so I can get a load another camera so economic and go out and shoot this kind of like. And I expedition where we go all the honking my talent and it wasn't even like a documentary look at the so more than really me it was just like let's go if you go to that that's kind of how it started. And we just there traveling out to Nevada. And I put them above Virginia city could I went there are a couple of years before hunter one of my string breaks in college or follow them. Certain restriction all the haunt that location than. I was so fascinated by all the places in the history and everything and we just virtually everything on our journey and it. Kinda became what he did say it was just three guys going now and dom. And we just what I discovered through the processes. Which we saw a lot of stuff on the car that was ridiculous number like torture it's pretty crazy. Like goofy moments and soft but they were you really probably want to go to these locations shirt pocket of people a became like something better than ever could imagine them. I I was looking at some evidence so we collect that I was mind blowing in it's kind of like. A clump of mud you know sitting on my desk and I said while this is amazing and other social everybody's desk and I think we were determined on news stations we're talking and people are trying to develop there has certainly put it narratives. They never have put it documented genocide started editing. My little computer that I built. My little apartment. Broke who left might CompUSA job just the kind of mold this to a document that I ever so passionate about and I guess through like I mean I need to show everybody this is incredible. And I just sat there per month just putting the whole pieced together about you know our whole journey. And that's kind of what it became it is this solemn goes stringent document area that I even remember name and in my apartment and and I actually think I recall in my apartment and watching that you're episode it's been on goes silence when you guys love on that includes eastern state penitentiary. Allan Blake I try Palin like right after that. I think our big doc ray got picked up on scifi channel. And you go to aryan. I think an episode does turn in the weird right that you're at some point down Friday night which is really cool you know calm and coach mentioned document it was kind of boring and that's what might buy my MySpace and social media was really big at the tasks Barley and went like that so which can. Phenomenon that I never expected that happened number thought it would happen or just like. Com just a fascination in cow like a passion to do it and just became something really big you know that I never thought would be what it is today. Well I think it was great because that was the first time I never I had ever seen you on TV was when that site tries specials on there. You guys and knows that eagle field hotel please. Yen. TV yeah I am not secretive part of like going back to the gulf of the last thirty minutes like a molecule laws but a lot thirty minutes of that doctrine just sack and I. Erin could even make you could actually air and had a good take a paying job. So he actually treat you like I can't make a last minute through the last minute thing though we got at me and yet they actually go work you know go figure. So we just we door while and you know shop all saying we are so exhausted and and basically it's just went through the whole experiment so what you see at that and has banned religious plagued me the camera back. Like him saying. You are just a hole right there nick we get take a break and when we come back and get on a much more questions about how you put all that together is a pretty interesting topic we learn more. Paris he'll listen to Jason and GP. Yeah phone numbers 8446877669. We're talking with nick Ross and Katrina Wideman. From paranormal lockdown we've been talking about a lot of different topics but tell nick I want to pick it up here. We've got to just a few minutes in this particular segment. When you were editing the footage that eventually became the documentary ghosts adventures he said the eSATA it in your apartment. Had a little computer did this work yourself is that the product that we ended up seeing is the final documentary or when it was sold for distribution to to get re edited how'd that work. You know though at the file are here you actually saw. Order to worry com street much Meyer or little Harmon and which which crazy because actually that's why the struggle harder as we had on the way back from a mini DV tape. You Hillary had my age. I don't know like forty. I lakes or unity editor needy needy kids that they get out Mary just so much and I remember I had I've external hard drive and oh lead and together level computers bill. On you know little Adobe premiere I'll be back and a good but it's section of the great pressure on now. Program. And com. What would not chewed like a one point actually watch the pro I actually lost on our project. So I had a nice remarks straight. And I arm onto one of my actual hard drive. What it was off and a plug in another one I turned it on. And I plugged it back and shoot down the want to open project file. It's a finish up and being sold annually just to wrap up like Cobb a variation in how this summer and everything I just like final itself. And I could not open the project the final corrupted and I literally lost my my American although same I think that a lot of old documentary unit crazy show for some miracle reason I figured out how you. Bypassed the program I got back by export I reopen the new project and put down by yeah you would never know that when you watch you put it's crazy. How much like blood sweat and surveillance group project Hsu did it to where it was common in into the people who actually broadcast that. And just understand. You said that when you set out 232 to film this and investigators kind of more just for fun with a camera. Yeah yeah it's that's what created if you watch a little bit this so much footage. We actually condense city you should be like. Tom Merritt to get the whole primary by a little while but it was like well over two hours. Long ball documentary that like it's so light just different religions. Stuff like that we had to calm in what we saw a lot of failures by cable that goes see ghosts exist that's basically what my phone call was about in. Omelet first started my car another goofy funny guy that we should have tagline can shoot camera children that was there and that long list backs so. And that's kind of what it turned into little just league has gone on them. You know this passion and discover she's not only go to that I think go to like experience of like these hundred pounds and we are really young and it's so funny watch in the pledge could you can feel like a little polo shirts and are sure it's a very big like that just so funny. Oh god oh I know that feel I'm thorough. I've been there I mean we ran for thirteen years it was insane so Biden and I totally agree that I totally understand with what you're saying with the footage because. We'd go we'd be an investigation for. For a week or sometimes two weeks depending on the location and then it would be cut down to 43 minutes. So right it is because seventy minutes commercials and that's what would there as so that's why I hated ever watching the investigations. That would that we did on TV because it you you're only seeing the small fraction of the actual time we are there so it's just insane how it goes. Yet it is credited especially with caramel autonomy we have hours and hours like we live or we literally lived there her three to four days stray. Katrina and nine and dom. Asian trade do you like how much footage you have to condensed at 43 minutes you know it's an unborn. And that's what I wanna get into this next hour and after this break we come back and wanna start talking earlier about all kernel lockdown everything with and what's what's coming up so. Are we're gonna take a real quick break more to come elicited Jason GV and beyond really to review will be back after this. It's. Got him. Beyond brilliant reviews myself Jason Hosni always awesome. Chief each speaking of welcome a great big welcome to the folks in Las Vegas were now listening to be on reality radio on our newest affiliate KX and TAM in Las Vegas welcome everybody great to have you part of the family. Have silliness and ever growing family greatly appreciate the support and it's all you tuning in that's making the show success in this way we aren't so many stations across this country in just a couple minutes or bring our guests. Of the evening Becky and we're talking with nick Ross and Katrina white men about their program which is so kernel lockdown many if you've heard of it heading into season three and this nation America. Animal talk about some of the other things they've been involved wit and tomorrow night we'll have Cindy Miguel on the program she's a dream interpreter will be talking about the interpretation of dreams and helping find. A helping people find their true identity and we'll take your calls and by the way if you're on hold to talk could trust and I just stayed there will get your calls since we can't. And solely in the Wednesday were joined by Jack Kent he's eternal more rescued her in an author will be discussing his new book on kings ghosts and demons which is now available on Amazon.com. Such B agreed shows while. And by the way the phone number is 8446877669. We did get an email from doctor Dan drops. Who's been on the program before. He is the he's the head researcher researcher for group called a dedicated investigators are crypt species. And day he said he's got something he's working on he's very very excited about anyone to share with a soaring no slick Eddie's work and trying to get him on the program let them during. The last segment tonight and it's always interest of things she's here it is spent the last time he called and went in the alien thing alien on the time before that was big foot yen molest a so I don't know industries he does a lot of field researchers out they're getting relentlessly use of getting his hands dirty. Again I guess so I guess cells but not yet we are talking with it was Nikki Katrina tonight about the show kernel lockdown and I got to be honest with Jim it's. The only. Show altered paternal type show that that I actually have tuned in to have watched a bunch of my friends have also appeared on it is well and Alec the way it's done. Yeah it's it's and it's a unique approach from its were a fresh approach which is nice there's been a lot of meet too tight paranormal programs on the error has not starving its ten earlier poppy goes on yet exactly so and let's pro springer guests back in in and inlets and each take a turn nick and Katrina and Katrina when you start since sun I think you're still there on. What I have gotten what is what is that approach that makes up kernel lockdown different. There's a couple of things I think number one and Ito is nick and I and a replication or particular hour. Which. You know I think a lot of heart on her actual current lot and on public repellent. At pal lot and there are conducted. I you know I heard you know that its TV I'm investigations have gone. Nobody is currently on we're 888. On not looking and are on a plate or any territory it eat it or not. On and on top of that you know and I are in the air air. Hank combined experience like they're your tank is now as their back and I've only effect on our nation with is rock you is our arms Everyman. So. I think because at that eat it really is kind of a partner Kurz here at each and them I have found. You know coming from where the speaker at next year's Q Justine neck and Karen amount. Is that we got in an evening results with the smaller Kurt. And I'm a big believer in. Energy is out there. On any. And I ain't Eric Eric at certain dynamic between the Teaneck and hot. App or what ever read and armor gathered about eating the cat or other at epic sea. And political career and your partner arena I'm work nationally and I've never seen and every carton before I think really. Come on your. Not only here and other heat up I act at art ADM. Kurt on the year are you gonna connect and it took about that every time but it does really ramp up everything you're there. And it's interesting and nick let me ask you this because there are there seems to be some misconceptions some of the people out there who moved to and in some people I've talked to always been like well you know why did they got a locked themselves senate. It's it's and that I think a lot of people are thinking well their you're locking yourselves in because it for the fear factor and that's really now what that's about. Yeah exactly actually did that name is kernel lockdown of me like we're locking ourselves down to the Arab or actually not the only look usually are locked herself and Q is there he strives for on the block my cup and England but we actually don't walker. Are sultry into the location most of time alms because we usually secure the location with security guards and police officers on the outside so a lot of actual area. I'll go and the property. But realistically we're living at the location interest 72 hours so armed and sometimes dual wheel lock the doors and I thought okay shortest a week ago. We walked off the door so nobody could get in from the exterior rule. Our and one not so it's for the safety refer people break it and you know whatever wanderers or whatnot. Our own but its offer dramatic purposes Serbian Michael a lot and I'll let I. Wanted to date every north contamination now. Well and I want everybody to understand that because it's it's not made what as it sounds because we'd locker locations as well. Just because a lot of times you get people trying to just randomly walk in and I don't know almost individuals just walking in the building so. If you're 010 there inning grand goats and Earnhardt. But I'll let you know you know I think a mark on it and you know arms especially I mean if you protect client. You know it. They're having their experience and Leonard a current account in the inner ear. So you know I and Tony you know iPad at a client and economic here. Say islet that technically your partner and an app and you know X eight. No longer able Eric and more apparent that it incident tire war as an irritant that. Report by the plate I'm hurt and amp. And eighth inning and that's another money and success on that Matt and collect and it. On it because you know we are so Ellen that in that environment. Is I don't think that's why early. Activity increase in the longer there. Let's let's jump Tor far much there was got a bunch people waiting on hold and we're gonna quickly run out of time this is Tim in Niagara Falls, New York. HM welcome to beyond reality rating you're on with the Nikki Katrina. Are you leaving your summary of great leader Harry yeah. Great they probably cannot bowl traditional long term normal lockdown. Logos Connors armed ghost hunters did. Obvious reference to European and Niagara Falls. And I was kind of curious would that piece something that kernel lockdown would do actually. Stay in a location like that. And do bit and root investigation. She's not an easy question it's an awesome location and I know all about it. A lot of history. Jim he is feisty better than I can I've never actually done better but I know that its shares are the heart in this topic that we crew are less. We just haven't had an opportunity go up there yet for term lock down by yeah absolutely worth. I'm open to anything anything that has claimed on in their hey you know what sure ultimately physically to try to discover something new internal field a ball about it. I'll put me in any place let's say. And I'll let bear whatever you have to decrepit and discussing or that beautiful nice but I. Yeah I love it. What about something we're Laporte case. And no working on Grossman did block quirky is also and that kind of like. And outdoors kind of training. Yeah yeah we've been looking at Tom a lot of location actually that are outdoors it's armed you know a lot of people. They they look at location than they think Arnold how to conquer about location targeted but honestly not a toilet collect it seems to New York or other property word the landed actually more haunted house by house becomes carpet because the bullet. Stall ball about the land him you know what was there before what happened in history or overly and I like things that. Occurred in the past that could possibly leading to these these hockey or whatever it occur in their. Organized signals a lot port caves it is it's pretty much cave system with a water running through it there's a lot of different claims of activity over America. It's just an amazing place to two investigating the staff clinically she should should think about checking down there. If you haven't seen on emporium. As I think it's yeah I think there are being told about. It is a great place Jeff Williams checked out so. But Aaron air corps agree. McCall. Typical yet Tim thanks for calling in from Niagara Falls, New York we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll continue our discussion we're talking with nick Ross. In Katrina Wideman of course the host of paranormal lockdown plus a whole bunch other shows that god. To their credit as well I'd much more to come Ulysses isn't it yeah. It's beyond reality real only. Just the good times that's what we do here beyond reality radio the phone a receipt for four. 6877669. Tonight is no exception were having a great time talking with nick Graf Katrina Wideman. They are from. Kicks off next year on destination America and nick I've got to ask you question he probably had a lot of times. I don't know I don't know you know it's it's it's it's it's a hard question answered government throwing out there and then you take it where you wanna go. But so. We don't when it comes to investigative techniques some people aren't comfortable with some of the more up provocative and of the provoking in the regressive. Type of investigation which you guys have done had done on Tom and ghost adventures in the past what are your thoughts on that. He has you know speaking back oh the younger among twenty install those who almost single although it's our own somewhat respectful you know from Cuba than going to an hour ago how would only think about OK I wanna go and try to make contact. Armed in any means possible by I think it was also believe in the lead I conduct itself like all Russian or gall yet to mature a little bit and I matured in my years. Now all of that I mean I've done in the past finger now at the right thing to do but I also thought about what happened the sort of walked into my house started yelling at me and be all mean. I wanna respond. So I actually change up relate to live on the special term locked down on and I did a good strategy should I would. I always go on the term locked on every location not out of respect and saying they were not shared the structure you're Katrina actually hears we've had a lot where we're here the respect. We just sort of make. You know contact we want to communicate you know we ask all sorts of questions you probably don't see every single question every single thing route you're talking about. Ford three to four days that would Libyan Arab by dom yeah I I don't know I don't think it's. I just don't think it's the right way to do things that think we can just popped normal we don't have scream and yell and you know. It's like somebody could so you would mean yelling at each other right now what's the point during that. Ricky Asia united inched there's no point. It late it's too much trauma this world to be yelling they're going a location due yelling and that that well because what happened that there are spare second marriage than I think. With Katrina and eight we had more success communicating this and a regular tone of voice. I'm only get better responses honestly they'll reduce screaming and yelling and trying to get a response flowers so just the times. Well I will say though there are cases that you really need to go and when when you're out in the investigation somebody really needs your help and something is going on and sometimes these so yeah I don't want to communicate they don't wanna give you any attention or. What you know there's there. And sometimes you do have to provoke you have to have cop an attitude do whatever it takes to get these things to the show themselves so then you can try to figure out how to deal with. And I think they are allowed to grow in interest yeah. I do agree that ball like especially like Katrina get scratched for instance like how the abortion gave her the full truth sect or some negative. Like I think that's where you draw the line where there is like a negative. Energy you're negative and here's something that's what you are you actually you're you're you're com. You would somebody that's feel and they yeah your standup it's like a bully being impartial non U. You want to stop that so you'll do anything that stand up and controlled that. I'm not saying necessarily just don't. You don't speak out pink Cadillac except out of some situation goes belly fat but I think in general lock in at a location just certain yelled stiffer. Katrina. You've had a lot of experience investigating and the must be a lot of places the stand on this is a really tough question and answer right now but. If you had to go back and think about all the investigations that you've done what stands out as maybe your favorite. He had at eight that I cut cut cut cut car and I would say you know I have to go to camp Allegheny. He is. The way he experienced there right here. You are thinking back about it around it it really that in mind it's. Archer. What every bit creepy crawler is. Concrete curb. On film. And you know and in that area and are certainly not an experience team. Really peeling my hair you know. On how much earlier about the -- pack and it bang and I mean this show makes a click or and a Holler at me by ten minutes. But we're there for hours. Our Ali and the port cooler. And are appealing that and I mean a quick inning and yet there are other corner and I. On bra he kept back. You know that having that structure behind and Eric I mean. And you know that they're well on her artwork. On an English and in hoe you know or not. And then it could mean actually that it completely behind you're going on out there at camera and you know Arctic and I turn around me out on line Kirk hammered. A rock camera and to me at least I think trans Allegheny iron Ito Eric that kind of activity there. It obviously it's kind of history. And board meeting at an investigator repair really profound moment. So I can't figure it. And that is one of the most interesting locations we we filmed their couple times and it's just there's always some sort of activity going on. Yes yes. And once people out Nino. Nick and I got to answer that they're like you know we're on account. Eating at a lock Canada may be. Or just some of the crazy things that one on there I mean we we booked some of the reports as well and you had. It's some people their wall one person in particular put the leg of a bed on somebody's head and then jump on the apps. And it's just that garrison are some ways some people were treated some people die in just the life that they spent. A can't imagine what they want. He had. Very and I think that they get tragedy holiday and the IRD we elect our locker. You know obviously eagerly big event. Start out to be a bad place to eat. You know I am a worker and there are many and a I mean absolutely cheer up keep a that there were cheering or on is it and I'm actually here now and you know the lack unbeaten in. The black adequate staff remembered it being there. You know I mean they're great and I keep our air art keep. Where they're at work out and intelligence agent. There are other uncontrollable situation. Of our ports and a lot of people are putting into our cars are literally. We're gonna tour and take a break when we come back wanna get into what to expect twists with future kernel lockdown but I also wanna get in two. The haunted dot space nick you've been working on a lot of things coming up on that so are you listen to Jason GD and beyond really revealed. Beyond reality radio chasing home. Our conversation 4468776692. They were talking with nick Ross and Katrina Wideman. And we're talking about their show paranormal lockdown which is getting ready for season number three and destination America were all excited about that. And let's talk a little bit actually you know what let's do this let's go with pets and people waiting on hold let's let's jump quickly to the phone line to bring in Ralph from Florida he Ralph. Welcome to show you from beyond reality radio. Thanks for economy I mean pick my culture I actually. Either. I got off point nine trick your whole. Segment because you. You're sure Luke and jumpin Q period occurred. I'm mark channel. And and and so at all for Darren Clarke called Bill Burton took my call and I. Rambled on but anyway. This area and you can Google. It's called our. CL. A RKR. Florida. And mark farm. I mean it's part of that. And it will if it's so London based. Far slate come. And I still live and they're not big and then more melt cattle and. Concrete. Well. The history of it goes back there. It's just. I mean for African American states that will not make what happened or what they're ready troops if they didn't well. They learn about. He meaning and a slave trade are you talking about the slave trade. But not on talking hard return of the tournament. Century on top market. Eight in late eighteen. So. Ralf for you suggesting this would be great place for and nick and Katrina to check out to. An investigation. Are absolutely I could do that followed has the ability. You know how much Conroy had a cockroach typical these many. Man yeah we just two weeks and have a lot of time but definitely send them send them an email says send its destination Americus for animal locked on the gulf are but thanks for the caller yes thanks for colony and appreciated. Nick we've only got a couple minutes left here tell us what people can expect I think somewhere along the way I saw a quote from you saying you've caught some. I don't remember what it was but some unbelievable I guess mind blowing was the word evidence that'll be shown first in season three. Yes he'll trio and actually take it away we return to a location that I want to go back to three years Katrina first time I've been a couple times we can't not suggestion that whether or not to coming up in January. By it. One of the most on the place that the event juvenile would want to loan. Learn why in more about it with the technology that we have now we were able to put to the task and being able lived there and I would blown away by some. Evidence so we gathered them all in it wasn't just like you know some evidence that the split second there's something that occurred where it's like how what is that but this will. He went on for like five minutes straight. It was amazing and I never seen anything like this before. And I really can't wait for people that he had com. Some excited about. It would still trying to invest it and figure it out I actually am really concerned taken to a good video expert or somebody to analyze it even further like outside of Marla home because it's you know become the only what I wanna learn more in some stuff we just don't have all the answers for in a lot of expert in everything. Obviously that's why we're doing this because we were alarmed and so I'm really interest in trying to figure out what this is that we documented Sorkin. You know put the tests and try to discover. What else is there that he's not fully understand you are within the spectrum light that we don't fully comprehend yet. So do you think this thirds and is going to be your best season yet. I our feet some of the locations are absolutely incredible that we got in Q a one of them is that Jim beam distillery in Kentucky and other war conferred the last. I think ten years trying to get in there. Those a lot of red tape obviously the big huge Claes who are court. Corporation but you gotta get some places that they didn't even allow people to go do so it was really interest and you go to them and history be a part of that. But there's other locations that are the radar in places that always want to go to a solid say this this season is definitely out there for Pollard about. A charted I think. Well I'm really looking forward to it than senior impeach him back fares well. I also wanted to find out about this is the haunted it's haunted dot spacing on or what what is it about. I'm excited so we launched our first. Our own network called the big east base their Nam the first shelled out there watching from the hard to dot Asian and you can subscribe and you can subscribe to it right now. If you just go live haunted dark space and what it is that we're gonna have all live content streaming. So we're gonna be right up there on the with a view releasing several other channels as we progressed well it's gonna be all life. On on air contract program. Weekly show its own way it's amazing talent meeting people so that the term investigations are alive but it could restructure its going to be. Like any of that shell but the great thing about it is we're full control so corporate network and overruling our cutting down on you know for a few minutes were going to be unaudited. Raw uncut. It's going to be early on and I'm really excited to kind of watch this space because I believe that she you whatnot is the future of the streaming platform. Where everything potentially going to be you know I think it is now but it can pushing now wait for the hand. Are your iPhone or your iPad three years you know you're Smart TVs or whatnot. And I am really excited about this new kind of on a journey that we're going down so hard to go space subscribe to be part of that. It's you. Well that's great yeah let me know will put a thing right up on the beyond reality radio page for Florida's most people category two we've got about thirty seconds I wanna get to training here because I understand you're an abandoned. I never caught only from thirtieth some alternate wrapping ever it. And not Peter out that that's great and we're just people wanna get more information about we what Europe to Katrina work and they find that. News that day back in grand putter and ex con and all of mine are all aware that media are a lot. But carried a great aunt. That's grating nick same thing I know we we talked about the haunted dot space but as or any other place that you direct folks to if they want to trek or Europe to. Yeah I need my social media com I actually pose solutions book Twitter means to Graham com. Pretty much that's said a word or a ball on the Dutch based Ximian. We're really excited in that nation America weakened by alcohol Oliver stopped on the air. Com or at six every other week we're living another popular location and so it's nice to speak issue and what's so yeah thanks it was at that Jewish. Yeah there's not much for coming on guys and we look forward to talk to you again in the near near future. We're gonna take a quick break we'll be back with more it's beyond reality. It's been a great show. So are added to to the schedule last minute to of course we've had this guest on before doctor Dan trust he is a member of the group a known as dedicated investigators. Investigators of scripted species and currently. They've got a whole bunch of new stuff to working on and they wanted to share with us tonight I saw the email so they welcome to the show doctor can't. Thank you were avidly on again guys it's a pleasure being here actually. It's freezing format. The global before we get into the details of this what are you remind folks couldn't got a lot of new stations on our affiliate listen Pete new listeners exactly who you war and so some people can get reference point. Chart my name then doctor Ben grow up and I am the I am the head researcher for a dedicated investigators have scripted species. It so I'm the head researcher. Well tank and that definitely I'll let some credence to. To the things you're involved and. Yet there crawled under kicks. I'm all about. Now you've done does some research on big foot we know that you spent some time with what you had reported as being a big foot Stanley in the Ozarks you'll also spent some time with some aliens I think somewhere New Mexico or somewhere in the southwest. He did actually spoke Spanish. It's so you've you've been out on the field that's kind of you're you're you're sticky get out there you get your hands on this stuff -- -- really really get to the bottom of some of these thanks. I really get to the bottom and really get and that really love my work really. Like I like to get Muller an edit in arms rights. So tell us about this new venture because this the sounds pretty excited. Shouldn't as we've taken a problem we're actually in the Arctic right now. And I want to tell you about that's where our tracks another mysterious creature and it up north and it's. It's just really really wander I think we're on some big big air. Really in the Arctic so you got it's got to be. Just brutally cold up there. It is horrendous. A lot of lot of but app due out at night we have to do. Take off all workload been bunched together to get a body eco I know it you know. You probably some animals involved to write him and I've heard that you know the eskimos used dogs for warmth is there Richard and Arctic fox. Got mostly judge herbal drink like that. Are so what's what. Is this creature that you at this mysterious creature that your and hunt of. Well it's it's it's very mysterious it's been talked about we're a long time and it's just finally I I just wanted to order peel away the mystery. Now this creature resides in the art. And we've got a whole team here and the local the locals are saying that. She know. She knows things could back out people. And sack he knows New York say a good person or. Back. In other words this this sounds like some sort of humanoid creature and it's it's psychic it's sensitive it's able to sense things often people. The locals say that he knows what you've been thinking so obviously telepathic and some wires and that almost they can fly at midnight we we they'll. We haven't verified that yet but I definitely know it is site yet it's telepathic. They can read your clots and in your own decisions. And medic goes down chimp bit. While it's also creepy actually. Its the stuff of nightmares now who when you started due to to chase the standards are hunted down to figure out what was going on. I mean you spent frighten your team must be scared. Oh worry worry or are terrified that that's why that. But no I didn't never helped so much when we're all cuddled together make it and warm we finally can like go that's weird just beat ourselves that night after Chapin that's. They held week. So old what are what is this thing look like we have any idea of of what it is what it looks like how it appears. Yeah we've done quite a bit of research on these people with with the local and have seen him in the Arctic and also spurred around this great country of ours. And oh. Well the word that keeps coming up is mostly about one of attributes. In addition to his right there. And and the white slides that decorate since. To actually be it's also PP described him as having clause. If at all the locus claw. You do set to show you just singed shivers down my spine chills down my spine would that. And I and apparently it is covered in red church or oh what is believed to be air it's Brad. So much like a double I thank you know the bike without buy or edit Elin. And the pitchfork. So we clause now do you think that and these clauses something that this creature uses for killing. And what do we know about the eighties. We will we heard about the clauses. That that he's horribly. So it's got to be part of that they are locals say about the violence and and that steadily clawed at the reds are. It baits are straight at eat laying everywhere. Up across the world objects. And they won't they won't it is speeches used this word older older cat search to just the night. While this is worse all the time you you see it's laying everywhere and it's bread kind of like a blood red. There's a bit of white or red and white and dot aide makes the most. What currently. Out what when it in scream. Overhead. Who did you do with a caption this or the sound at all. No I don't well. We've heard it but of course recorder went on it was it was that night when we were coddling and I could impersonate tortured like if you. Yeah yeah I check I'd like to hear Tim would you did not Sewell. Our. It's I'm not an impression that I now but I will do my best inherited Iraq. He. What. Yeah this is the Swiss like a marked man meets the Jersey double meets bigfoot. Yeah yet then in addition to his psychic abilities. The locals say that he he can can command. The wild creature of the land upbeat. And is backing called body uses to transport or in some parts. Terrifying this is this is essentially terrifying. So it's creature has been around this week at the people who expect to report type receipt and all folks that. He might go through. Who threw the outlet of a fire played like it change. Have you ever thought about what is that right here that seeing not read it ought should applaud him as many slaying victim and slight. I'll all night long and I'm going to be chimney. This thing he sounds more more terrifying than the more you talk com I'm really surprise you your team has been able to keep up the search without you know without. Just fleeing in and pour. Why would stick together I mean literally it adds we are stuck together term you know at night so hot sweaty in our camp. Which it's quite a torn the North Pole and wrap coat. But he has. Warm at Dick's. Every search that. So what do you intend to do if you actually capture this creature. Rude it's a good thing I mean. Obviously we wanna stand as good. So we're gonna build up a mental force. I plan on if I needed giving him a big. Issue cookies. And. As a cautionary as a precautionary measure as soon. Oh yeah see it quite discreetly so I just wanna see. And then you know see if we can rational which it both mentally and physically. I mean this thing must must. Give them the locals and especially kids just nightmares. Oh absolutely it's almost like beat creek. They write they write little package killer. Can approach favored because they wanna stay on presided. Aren't supposed to make them feel better he's one. We surround themselves with what outlined in addition to the animal could cut a hole. Group of little creatures that I'm thinking you can explain this is what I've been old and middle ground breaking stuff that I just learned. They they make. They make things form he commands these little little. Creatures these cash and choked yet and so we're attitude toward the batters he commands. Streaks things but he will pick would sit him down that should. In other words using that as leverage to learn the kids into his small things that still. Exactly and I believed to get more cooking Wallace while okay well you see you saw you've given us all something has nightmares about yes nightmares of sugar plum red. All that Shali net so you could ever match. Would you promise us that if you get any more contact that this creature that you'll do a couple things one is get some photographs kicker audio evidence. And then also I'd get back in touch of the so we can you can share with us. Are very well he doctor it's been a pleasure having on we always oak loves hearing of your exploits and in this injuring covering out there in the field it's important researcher doing and tell you we appreciate it new and all all the decks folks are doing. You'd be a part of art OK well thank you very much in it's always a pleasure to hear from so you have a great night yeah it's always great to hear from my doctor Dan trust and sounds like they're on the a on the heels of something pretty big up there. Yeah you should go to school teacher gets in the streets in a concern for Asia group OK you know welcome Las Vegas. Yes I hate it definitely a big shout out to nick and Katrina for common hanging out with us tonight and they are. I gotta be honest and when it comes down to people that I dealt with in the field paranormal and and other people or on TV. They are some of the nicest people they truly are and some of the most sincere and most down to earth individuals and it is just you know 'cause Nixon and East Coast guy. Yeah like let's not far from a. Don't forget tomorrow rights and McGill join us we talked in my dream interpretation and I know there's been a lot of people waiting to get in on the psyche experiment we're just not gonna have time to do it tonight so we'll have to pick that up tomorrow night in yes. And continue our work on trying to find a psychic and guardians or somebody. Who's been keeping track of the cards are diverted and get in we'll make sure that we we leave time open tomorrow and again tomorrow night sending McGill turn interpreter coming on Wednesday we got Jack Hanna coming on paranormal investigator and author who beats us discussing his new book paintings ghosts and demons he haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality rating elect a FaceBook page. It had to be unreality radio dot com and download the free iPhone and android at finals stations we are across the country join us live one nights I click the listen live tab. And I join us in check to download the showed us a favor. In generated force it helps bush show Ford makes it easier for people define but everybody have a great night stay warm industries and JB we'll catch all my man. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one held since it's a coincidence that the it's only your real ingredients. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency's slow fade the same sentence because well Jason host hello and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.