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A fascinating near death experience turns into a new mission in life.

Nov 16, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talkwith Dr. Rajiv Parti about his near death experience that not only transformed his life but put him on a path to help and improve the lives of others. During his NDE he saw deceased family members, angels, and pure love. 11/16/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Wednesday analysts toasters and the East Coast Iranian style completely. Welcome to be on reality radio myself to arsenals we always are some Jeannie Johnston hang on hang on I'm just typing something into chat here trying to clear up something their apparent we're good now. I think I have no idea how are both sides this chat they've either their crazy and chairman of the you know if you if you haven't visited our chat room yet you really need to go is there's so much stuff going on there it's show related but then and they take ten engines in the do all sorts of stuff. He should really check it out it's a it's a great way to participate in the show but. Hello everyone it's great to be here another great night of beyond reality radio and tonight we're going to be talking in my near death experiences or at least one in particular. Yes for me talking. Well actually. Got a doctor coming on who's going to discuss Amos and Howell. Think he learned from it how would help save his marriage Chia he actually Cheney took a career change after having this experience and he's now goes out he wrote a book about it and he goes out and lectures people. Gives presentations and Carl consultations and guides people in as a life coach and there's a whole bunch of things and it all as a result of this experience he had and I find it very fascinating. And we keep seeing this this resurgence or this. This. The surge of medical professionals coming forward and talking about these experiences. Whereas you know 510 years ago they were very very reluctant to do that. Yet they were mirror and quiet day they kept to themselves about it they did anyone know take a chance of being mocked or scrutinized in this field. And it is nice seeing that many more people coming forward and and just talking about this openly in public and I think it hopes really bring some. Some great attention some positive attention to. Yeah well I mean it is these whether these medical professionals have had their own experiences are not as it tonight our guest is doctor Rajiv party and he has had an experience but. Whether they've had an experience or not. Many of them around. Him people who are in the final stages of life and those who pass on in the around all day every day. And they see things in the hears things and they feel things that. Science does and so we have an explanation for and like you said they were reluctance reluctant to share these stories but there's certain to come forward and it's starting to shed light. Under some of these experiences and or just I just. It's a writer by bring Peter Brady their honest it's time to chew chief if I was I don't know what does that make the show at the but anyway it's it's really it's changing it's changing the conversation just like my voice has started to change this at just like it to Tony your voice as we enjoyed it and you don't. Well it's and it's great seeing that happen because then you you get this strange. And you really so get these individuals are there Poole who tend to mark and and mock people no matter what they do for just for their beliefs and I actually cause an article yesterday now I don't care. I don't. I don't care about politics I don't care if you feel like trump just like trump like Hillary dislike Hillary is synonymous business. But the fact of the matter is like one of these people that trump was nominating for as it judged. Com and I don't know this guy from all the wide eyed. Don't agree with many of his please be honest but is days Brett tally. And there's all these articles in them popping up all their pretty much saying that. He's no good for his and the job. For whatever reason but there's a lot of them are saying. Him making fun of them concede he investigated the colonel is not a ghost. Really so he's being nominated for an exposition and there are the media is making fun of summer or ridiculing him because he has done some paranormal investigating. Exact there's a 100% accurate while so in other words there all and they're doing exactly what they and they claim everybody else is is doing or saying bad things about making fun of people and so forth but there. They're doing it than that which ultimately like a set I don't care whether he'll likened you don't like him. It's that I don't. I don't know we got from normal and be honest with you. I have no feelings towards them either way I don't know anything about him put the fact of the matter is they're making fun of them because. And because of the fact yet he's he invested in the paranormal and united and he's written ghost ghost hunting for a novels and things of that nature. And that's what drives me crazy that's a lot of people are worried about. Yet you know that's that's bizarre especially because we've been so pleased with how far we've com it would this conversation and been able to. Actually having discussions about this on major media and in the in the open now in the public around the dining room table instead of in the closet. And deaf to see the media ridicule somebody because of this particular belief for activity here who knows what his motivation was but just silly there's just so. It's just really obsolete drives you crazy. Yes but positive and yeah that's on the positive talk on deposit on you on a ball. It depends on how you look at creating a positive. Com 83 year old Charles Manson one of America's most infamous mass killers who's in 1960s cult led to lose his followers on apparent murder anarchy and all helter skelter thing. Was it has been rushed to the hospital and his gravely ill. I'd guess I said I guess on a positive note. Yeah I guess there's not a lot of people that are that are going to be too upset about that the guy has been in prison since what 196869. Whatever. Whenever and an even 97 pressure won't try and yes I. And he's responsible for a group of drugged out to I don't know if there earlier teenagers and early twenties anyway going to a couple of homes. And we actually have had gas related to this mass killing but going to a couple homes. And brutally murdering a pregnant woman and several other people in the pregnant woman it was some. The wife of Roman Polanski. And today that kept a bit it was something that really basically ruined his life understandably lost child lost is wife. On a just a terrible thing and mismanagement prison I think some of his other. Get hold members had been imprisoned I think some may actually released no longer on parole here once and it was just released or something like that wild. I don't know I mean I don't ever like to wish her harm to anybody demand if there's you know Charles Manson's gut gets a month got somebody to answer to at some point to say that. Yes so. All right so let's take a break here we come back with so we'll get our guests on the phone phone numbers 8446877669. At all freed 844. 6877669. He'll listen Jason. GBM beyond our Ellen revealed. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. He said The Beatles were giving him subliminal messages. To go out and commit those murders in that song that's what he committed those atrocities for crisis sick and very very artistic very very sick but there are people who aren't. And there are people that are out helping the world and our next guest. Is one of those people Rajiv party is city a medical doctor actually and he's written a book called dying to wake up a doctor's voyage into the afterlife. And the wisdom he brought back. After a near death experience is website is the heartbreak doctor dot com and there's other web sites will talk about as well where you can get more information about him the let's bring in men Rajiv welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. Artery here. So you've got old quite a story to tell. And you're going out around the country maybe the world telling the story you're on programs like ours discussing it. Helping people helping people understand. Where they can find value and analyze it and and prove themselves but before we get into all that let's learn a little bit about you before. Your near death experience which changed your life tell us what you worry and what your life was like. You know apology from asking yet there it is true heart hospital. And a specialist and get Rihanna beautiful parks yeah. And I want to bereavement pianist they get their head at any cost stepping on toes. Our notebooks that. It child in person. And I'll never living beyond my means that they aren't that big mansion. You know. Can never looked in half million dollar policy on a golf course Sunday. As factor eight times. Thousand none of materialism competing with our neighbors. Yes I was kind of keeping up with the Jones is maybe even as surpassing the joneses kind of life that you were living you. You needed to have the fancy car she needed the bigger. Yet you needed the big house than the nicest house on the blocking all those things in. And you or your career oriented guy I'm assuming annual working Harding your job and the financial award is what you're putting the time in four right. That's really true. Eric and is that we couldn't stop them before our big events and darkness. Accreditation. And fanaticism Lewis speaks station at the end are sort of response they should get them back the urgency. They came out yes. Was there one of the best Spain expression season. This sort of serie did you say that was one of the best paying specialties. Yeah okay. So as you were doing their son did you feel fulfilled in your life did you feel like you're on the right track I know I again I know everything changed when you had that near death experience the prior to that did you see anything wrong. With the way you're living. Now have a live really stressful life shall remain calm all you also are. That was borrowed car and reunited ax squads. And could ask Austin and I would go to sleep. And I was a finalist physically abusive verbally committed to me and that was the common but are rather cooler lie. There's children especially your editor. I don't force him into order and dramatic at school that you finally drop out. I'll remind its sixteen day trip to order and then going and going award he wanted to do was computers. OK so you saw on the you're just brought stopping after what your father did when when you were younger and who. And you needed to change. And that and that Nazi accord and I didn't have for improvement. And I think he can do that if seeing which makes total sense to me. Having. Acceptance without fulfillment. Can retreated. No interest and but I today as you're going through these motions in your daily life consisted of working earning your living in and then. The spending and on material things to live a lifestyle you felt you needed to live. At the time you didn't he didn't necessarily see anything wrong whether. Now and then. There are more those books soon BMW. My wife Heather lectures he don't live in the night. Yeah court or court yeah. And down they do would you say danger family was happy at the time. Aren't that far. Number Portland are prepared that companies to a sixty looking at sixty dollar and he cannot Kirkland also does take more corner beacon go over the center line don't release of the tartan army. I do feel 100 going to accept cases around to look at 630. Come home run into nine. So it's definitely one of those situations where money can buy happy it's. Exactly in lake ice should cater to that fence there at the house armed dealer I don't go out. On. Right which went which once in charge. I'm I think a lot of us go through our daily lives kind of in that I don't know what it is it's it's gonna only almost there your hypnotized to leave certain things. And you we go through the motions and you do what you think you're supposed to be doing we bring you as you said. Fulfillment is not there therefore there is no sir no real success. And so do and actually. In her trying to border cyber happiness. They're about 100 study after study are pretty basic needs are met. The amount of money doesn't keep you have met. And you just get socially offensive. Yet and it sounds like he spent much of your life. Living to work in instead of working to the lift bottom line. Exactly. Looking it up. Yes my current starter sense. So I'm we're gonna take a break here in just a bad just a minute or so and and when we come back from the break we're gonna get into the what happened to you in the event the near death experience of really changed everything for you and and set you won the path Iran. Today but before we do that. He said that. You kind of forced your eldest son into the medical profession or tried to get onto them eventually he he was able to do what he wanted to do. And I think you implied that your father did the same thing TU is where you kind of guided that way by your father to be in the medical profession. Did you do you have regrets about having chosen that path are being forced through that path. Or. OK so so and and I know that you just made some changes in your life sense the experience but at the time you're still more bitter and yet and yet. And we'll we'll get in all that we're talking with doctor Rajiv Parti he's got a book it's called dying to wake up. A doctor's voyage into the after life and the wisdom he brought back there's a couple of web sites you might wanna check out the heartbreak doctor dot com. Which is a little bit of aside the topic they'll be talking about a little bit later as doctor. A party is known as the heartbreak doctors and there's also a doctor Rajiv Parti dot com and it's our lead GA IV PA RTI. Dot com. Go check out both of those and make sure that tell you spend little time is a lot of information there Jim we've got some good stuff coming up tomorrow night we've got a team that Roy joining. It's yet the nice thing about tedious eat he's worked on some equipment and some software that actually helps pull things out of of video and he's taken some taps footage. And run it through their stuff from the showed also Anderson running through this and he's sounds really interesting things. So our men and look forward to talking rumba that. Yeah he's got some new techniques new ideas and new approach to analyzing evidence in particular and it's going to be interesting to hear what he has to say because as you said we've checked out his website which has some of that. The taps stuff revisited and he has found some pretty interesting things. Yes so if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And I like FaceBook page then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can final stations we Aaron across the country in also download free iPhone android app break there was shall I shall listen live listen. The past shows join our Chad all on the go. Or any time nor join us live just and click on and go to the website click on the listen live to join us right in the online chat. But also JV let's not forget we have the remote viewing says something that we've been doing for four wall oil one day last week and we did yesterday as well and nobody's guess this current jet. Yet we were gonna continue their psyche experiment and it will be a little bit later in the program but will take your calls humble give you an opportunity to focus on what we're thinking what we're seeing. And try to name the playing cards that we drew from the deck of cards. And one more thing when we come back from break we'll get back with doctor Rajiv partying talk about his near death experience as a whole much whole bunch stuffed talk about tonight ancillary we're gonna take a quick break Mordechai and listen Jason. GD be on our failure to deal will be back. One program had the experience. I want her program her psychic abilities and other types of sensitivities. That are related to a near death experience one of the things we know for sure. Is that these experiences change people in ways that it's really even hard to describe. Is sometimes a lot sometimes a little but everybody who goes through one of these experiences changes in some way because a life changing next. Parents and saw a lot of times it opens a month to all different abilities different senses that they were unaware that they had prior or chest and enhances and it takes abilities that they had prior and enhance them. And in an error in the case of our guests tonight doctor Rajiv Parti he had a near death experience and he changed his outlook on life it changed his mission. On life his experiences phenomenal it's on it's of it's an unbelievable story and were going to bring him back into the program we're gonna talk about that now. Regime you were talking about your life prior to this experience. Tell us about what happened. The day you had continued to experience what were the circumstances how did it all go down. You know and all of us of who aren't. If I was trying to run as a prostrate cancer. It didn't because of boss tricked me into restrictive or crossed it down. I was cured of cancer over two years went by. And I needed so and so he's put those 200 pigs calves and I was not able to control of my. Better function. So and this similar quote called them ten that you see in the have been blundered especially delighted. Try to control my bladder. Bar under assist fortunately or unfortunately. Court two weeks and it I do are very high fever I was shivering. And I was going to sepsis which is really severe infection. Show that China and give articulate not improving took they had to. Take that Doris I don't do and hemorrhage and surgery. And that's an experience than he had that. So you're on the operating table. And something went wrong and honestly. And you who were basically. I guess dead is the words so tell us what you experienced. At that point. You know according ranch in decision that I had seen the clock going into the operating room. I. According under unarmed proceeding. And I could hear the soldiers speak or so that you want to live joke. And I have we individual to have. And he did that Syria. He told the chill barked. He has some excellent and very much like easier article are glad you're asking yeah election we have been gained. And recklessly and so you know create. And from there is a little different. Did you say different realms. Or error or. In court me pretty well don't allow our dirty before we get in there that I just wanna make sure we we understand exactly what's going on here so. See your on the table. You. Left your body you were floating above your body witnessing and hearing what was going on in the room too which you lay actually later. Had told the doctor the surgeon in the roamed the joked that he told you so you need to and you verified that that he told this joke and he CBI did. Yeah so that's a verification that you do you obviously were witnessing in some way what was going on in the room. And so. Once sure hovering above your room your body and you were witnessing all this was or anything going through your mind at that did we do we you understanding that it was an out of body near death experience at the time or did you not realize it until later. Oh I didn't realize it or flattening must force the action as amateurs dollars. Blog edited that answers colleges. Use it quote can't I mean. And given lenient. Like PPP. And it causes dissolution of us PGA and causes like tennis nations like symptoms. Have a chance that they cut it. There was no academy new boost. Interest and so. You were out of John of your body you were in the room for awhile and then you said you actually entered new realms walk us through what you saw and how that progressed. Yet a closer look like that it won't eat it and it. Yeah. That is not unfair and I put it goes crying you know I would cry you know somebody who lead a wire money here. And all of them deeper. My arm of the Iowa corn per vehicle. Earn that kind of there and that he could out. And when he could love me but he's corner cricket. Because you want particles barking out immediately and get rock band in cook and their ability. Almost. The car up there again. And my family being endorsed talk on the most conservative marker. And knuckle item on the big bargain to calm them here and I'm sure if so what could be the history included. Currently. Did do were you concerned and again this would have to be in retrospect but to another you look back cut edit that. You abuse met your father went in in what you call the hellish realm where you describe what would be traditionally known as a hellish environment. On was he residing there. Or did he meet Jews there to take you somewhere else. I was on the rim you know. I describe where the remnants so he took me from critical look at them. And either speak at the same words. He would have beat it and he wasn't dying up there are certain in Fresno California. And his or her defense and Indian language work Arafat's position is myself and if you keep your consciousness Padilla. Bill that they lined the you know sort they get appear. So bottom line you have to return promptly onset. So he basically match you and guided you away from that hellish round. Yeah yeah. What happened next. In the next hour that current. And I experienced two backlights. And violent past level of its testing. Because. Bought clandestine work especially your lawn via Ireland that people salute you look farmers consulate isn't going to create any. And I are forgiveness from those farmers. And the court gave me. And then coming back and not present life I have he's not right Chris stroke which I think has. Kris solidity paradigm that corner or. And Oscar by either expedience. A local residents to a TV tribunal has gone has never come back. And how does not conduct a morning talk that happen hawk when you cool about them. Get forgiveness. And it until it because you're a different kind there's not resist an immediate thing. Us president future can exist but this same time. It's who episode where time overlap so all of that one Aaron. Okay we're talking with doctor Rajiv Parti about his near death experience has book is called dying to wake up eight doctors voyage. Into the afterlife and the wisdom he brought back we've got a lot more talk about there's a couple web sites will direct you to one is called. The heartbreak doctor dot com Morgan into that topic is well. The other is doctor Rajiv Parti it's RA JIVEPARTI. Dot com or post links in the chat room. And elsewhere are seeking check that out this a lot more to come. Our serenity to real quick break here the phone numbers 8446877669. In toll free at 844. 6877669. If you had a near death experience or. Know somebody who has feel free to give us a call told their story. Ellison and Jason Giambi on reality radio back. It's. Here. Her 6877669. Please. Feel free to give a call if you wanna join our discussion about near death experiences whether guest Rajiv Parti also. A little bit later in the show we're gonna resume our psyche experiment give you an opportunity to test your psychic abilities by calling in and trying to guess. The object the Jason and I are looking at. And concentrating on we'll give you this much it's going to be a playing card from standard card a 52 card deck. So he got one in 52 shot. There to go even beyond that if you listen to yesterday's show in the show a couple of days ago I mean he should be down to the odds are like day one in ten that did its east. I have just the passion you know it's it's funny because it's been it's been it's been difficult with the typical circle around it went number these numbers but gotten there restaurant because ridiculed we're gonna give away a hoodie to buy any need to but he just on your so called. To the person who can actually this Muster up enough psychic ability to figure this one out. Forest and it's it's remember the number write it down it's 8446877669. Told freed 8446877669. Party back in here talking about his near death experience we've already learned that he start he was on the operating table having us and undergoing surgery. He left his body he was floating in the operating room of listening observing and then he went into different realms the first Romans has visited was. Hell hellish according to him I was he kind of was on the edge of what would have been considered a hellish realm. And then he went into a tunnel let's pick it up from their Rajiv what happened next. And that turn. I've described the experience like the spotlight. And then I experience of the past client couldn't act passed by. I'll let it all the farmland around eighty essentially have vanished. It was tasting this cap off the poppies to see this trend and catching their car and addicted to it and I even die from. Poppy opium or goes. And activated heat not the question is this slight. I guard addicted to pain medication. Asked of the country that tendencies from previous night's. TCU and that is the term offered the. Yeah well no no no good and the ongoing. No I'm convinced that the tendency opera opium good narcotics. Predictions aren't cute from the previous slight. And then I also have to view all marked urgent plight it was a kind of he's actually it is view that I could freeze or go of their arsenal of creating work that they're good or bad. Hi I have patients who was. Some bench sitting good convention getting back with that are already and I could feel what the patient frustrating. And this was a lot of patients who were secure having this this experience with all of your patience that you had work with a over the years. Auto plant patients accept. Some of our patients are part of friends school greedy editors wherever Internet and in my life you you know you. Odd different that would create. So you're kind of being shown up what you had done to other people met him through birth professionally or socially. Exactly. Serve America is an amateur or you have made. Not a matter two it took seeing what they were. We re you're you're experiencing their experiences are as as they were affected by you then what happened next. And then. Active lender and of the and talent depleted by two in June. Might turn that file I didn't even know their names and date code. And particularly strange feeling from we've been content being handed to. Are you rewarding just put it at all. They're cute kid sort them and relying. Normal life. She said or have from the positive yen caught in congress has not been sure. Yeah so I had no absent for a bit except there's only a warm. Spirituality. You know. And so you were met by. Do you did you say they were guardian angels I mean these are archangel Michael Roth fail right. In the end they were my guardian Angel. Bill and what did they. What did they do did they greet chewed they talked to what happened. They talk to neighbors looked on the that they stop candidate toward meet. That. My life could change. And they guided me towards and I ritual that content some of the same time. And therefore it unconditional love. And I describe look that good men out disk actually note here though. And CEO. Is it hard to describe the main part was that group right and so on without affecting my I. And. I'll. It's monitored in the Indian book eat up. The children by reference into this thing he has been described there or type comment usable. Well how long did this whole experience last. Obviously there was a time involved even though you may not have been able to understand or recognize how much time was passing while it was happening. Are you look good luck for the war crimes and murder. So you were you were. But your body for about five or five to ten minutes. Okay and I know the you've got a lot more to tell us about this too because you walked away with some knowledge and some understandings that that we need to get into of those points and we'll do than on the other side of the break. Are more talking with doctor Raj chief Parti tonight. About his near death experience. It's changed his life it's set him on a new career path we're gonna get into all of that visit the website doctor Rajiv Parti dot com also he's got the website the heartbreak doctor dot com as well his book is called dying to wake up. A doctor's voyage into the afterlife and the wisdom he brought back so much more talk about. Don't forget tomorrow night we've got to TD McElroy joining us were going to be talking. Good hold down to earth paranormal investigating. IT has a whole bunch of new armed. Techniques. And ways to analyze evidence he puts them through a process that is bringing out some very very interesting results were excited to talk about him or talk with him. Of course Friday night is a best job as is every Friday night and then when we come back on Monday doctor Joseph gallon burger. Will be joining us he's a Ph.D. doctor he'll be discussing. The souls journey. After suicide. We often have questions about in what happens to souls and in the Catholic religion says one thing religions of all kinds say different things what happens to the salt. In a suicide situation we'll talk about that as well don't forget the phone numbers 8446877669. Keep that number handy if you wanna talk about near death experiences or if you wanna join our psyche experiment which we do try to win a hoodie. We'll do later in the program. I'm trying to Leno Eddy. Are the phone number again javy senate 8446877669. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like to FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com we find C should we are on across the country can also download free iPhone and android app. Was it a listen lives catch past shows only go. Carrying or anytime just click the listen libel and on the website and join us and knowledge center on the show. Are you listening Jason NG beyond beyond reality. West coasters then East Coast when you're stuck in between welcome Dioner Eleanor. Myself Jason cause they always awesome GG Johnson wide. Day is it when you are having a near death experience for time isn't Linear and dimensions in realms of bleed into one another that says CC it's yesterday tomorrow today. And all of this into a case that's that's a pretty insert a book about the show everybody we're talking about near death experiences tonight. And I guess is doctor Rajiv party will bring him back in just few minutes we'll talk about this a little bit more about his experience. Don't forget later in the program we're not doing yet but later in the program we're going to continue whether or psychic experiment we know. Dead people and guardians have abilities and sensitivities than they wanna share with us in the so give them. Are you. An opportunity. To call in focus on what Jason are looking at we've party told you to playing card and tell us what carded his and use those sensitivities and when you suffer hoodie. I like eloquent the leading called and indicated she issued literally taken them all playing cards. And she it's attracted all the ones that have been best for that boasts a good moves are serious she's still in Anderson if she called in tonight we we very warmly be giving giving way honey. There's nothing wrong with a psychic using their brains as well figure out what what carted is that we're looking bewildered that a little bit later is away or beating the system yet. It's improving your odds for sure. Will be doing that a little bit later we'll tell you win. Tomorrow night we've got TD McElroy joining us talking about paranormal investigating he's got a whole bunch of new techniques to analyze evidence he's actually gone back. And taken some footage from ghost runners. And re analyze and come up with some pretty cool stuff. And say it actually is it's it's really neat to see some of the stuff he's showing and I gotta go back generally start analyzing some referral footage and seeing some of these things. Are able to be seen off in the distance like this and then matching up to as but he he wants me to send him some other stuff can she wants it wants Iran through ensuing military able to pull up so. The beanie. You have got to be really neat so we'll have him on tomorrow night Friday and of course is a best of program what's. Go back to the discussion about near death experience is numbering our guest in doctor Rajiv party and we. Of ended the conversation before the break talking about. The fact that she had. At the end of the tunnel. We're guided by two angels Michael and Rafael toward a light that was brighter than a thousand suns it didn't hurt your eyes. You were also a feeling love. And he said love was everywhere tasting hearing smelling feeling love. Let's pick up this story because I know there's more to it and and you you get a lot of wisdom from this experience which is what you're I sharing with people now so let's pick up there. Who have talent and the president of the night. I was sort of on life released here Rico. It would be totally different life. I'd be giving them. Intuitive and familiar to me and they're practicing. Different kind of ready Sen. And then wouldn't cure local political resume. And I torrent of force and less solid than most. Toward what had expedient. She was sort of putting the blinders on and she coated in lead cheers heard similar stories from other patients before. Net them more receptive and these. Kind of food. Phenomena. That's interesting that the nurse that you woke up to had actually said that she heard this before we've talked about frequently on the program the more more medical professionals are starting to. Discuss this and dep present stories things they've experienced that they may have. Been hesitant talked about previously but now they're starting to open up a little bit more and and share these experiences. Started very occurred soccer term working in the corner and couldn't find musical. Broad visible light off turn that it sort of I think order five million copies. That opens the door. And he's no longer quite a bit towards me at that Expedia and DE. Actually you know default look Omar cook. Yeah do they cut. Yeah interest to let's talk about. What happened to you woke up. How quickly did you decide to leave the medical profession. As a result of this and pursue a different path in life. Earth pretty soon. I that you sort of a policy. And extent of the law and are sold my house. Eight. Sort my Hummer but it might be peaceful buying a car expired error I event and ought to do that Camry hybrid. Some lines like this and it and physically. It Cindy and metaphorically rent from Kaloko I have it comes eight months ago and before we run together. You'd Dijjer Sam and Britain or whatever it. Did your family understand there who did they do that would Dave Kemp I mean what was their reaction to this Ameen is a bit of a shock to come home one day and say I'm leaving. High paying medical career. To try something else because while I was out of my body. I met two angels and they guided me and told me I needed to make these changes are need. What was the reaction too from your friends and family. Oh you do trunk of the car around the armed crazy. You know. My daughter and wildlife. Glad to leave it. Saw an hourly changed person so there is up there drew it but lie. Suns have two sons and and doctor. My sons were kind of not it was a night that it'll act. There. That there are agnostic to what actually is but not I was com or violence more friendly leader I was locating that's so then. Unless some dropper of writing. Let them get and if so ordered and crippled for. Giants. So that for the action that the IA. Arab common different person. Lol just and financially I mean you walking away from high paying job and going off to do something totally different than most of the scary thing for your editor tire him. Talk he moved much smaller out. You know Andrea. Good doesn't. Well anyway here are not coming as it was before paralyzed for the dentist still associate but he could do. And that helps but you tell us what your mission was in. You said that the it was just two angels that you met during this experience that may Zhou. Her told you your life was gonna change and he would pursue a different path to what was the mission I mean you most you must've woken up from this experience. With an understanding of what you were just set out to do. In the nation nor for us to spread them. One toward a column or rookie of the love and he. Good to eat these problems. Could give not to put him bartered Kurt forgiveness is not far. Because of possible the wrong address. But it is the focus that is for our world on to say. That school I'm not it is not condoned action. But again. BA getting hooked a controller offered life. Or if about a person got along like he achieved it in Hawaii having a great time. And he may be seeking an idol run giving so forgive America for give our our focus right so onslaught that this is the August all of you know that. And then love yourself. And no other and then that he takes place. And gradually as I hate the whole crop or few weeks and months. In just kept losing to me especially that I Carter urgency or any DiCaprio. And auctions has basically eating was. God it'd be good to meet that would change your consciousness you can curable except people assume laundered it needed the car. It awkward distressed and I can't confirm it. Even as we're I sense that you know our solution to a problem and are bit harder little analytical create. So its interest in you said that even after this experience you had continual hesitations. From. The angels as they were guiding you through this and giving you this information. Would do these happened while you were sleeping or what when did that one where they occur. There were a girl more arms dealer in Ireland deep meditation. So you have automated everyday Torres has. Are today. I say and you know as you move we're getting this information you were starting to realize. That there was way more to do your life. Our lives and life in general then what we had all been daughter what we knew prior to that. Did you feel overwhelmed at all I mean how did you feel your going to be able to take this information and actually put it to practical use for people. I'm Brooke thermal armor and then usually aren't I cool but or some kind. My column believe that expanding my message going global to lose and everything then my lunch from the park. You know my whole life I don't know move somebody out. I'm best friend so my and I kind of unity in our modern equipment order. We liars all publicity to sign the papers but we decided to give it try to succeed. Because and you as soon. Took it and note it was only six weeks away. And from there be a Largo that. We having the best year. I'm managed property. And that's where he had that's where the heartbreak doctor. Mean came to you right because you you you learn something from that experience and you've been able to offer all offer other people. Guidance on how to. To solve those heartbreak the llamas. Yes our Google aren't good luck. Which I experienced in my own right and aren't they can actually it is controlled medical condition. Known her odd bit control. There's one can die from it validate just came back suspend all front. So much sought after that it Condit and Jupiter on ground to make sure it is our current coal miner called Ernie doctrine. Yet there's real truth tour I'm on it yet there is real truth to the physical effects of heartbreak and hard eight. You know those names were just arbitrarily created their they actually did she described. Putts that. The state of mind can actually do to your body. So as as you. Realize that you could take some of these things you learned and help solve your own relationship problem. On and you can you help other people these are did you did you find that. That these ideas in these secrets were really foreign to most people or is it just something we we all kind of know any legal we just don't use. I would it be on call immediately. With a strip has won in that is consent crown. He's just disaster tomorrow homework with Krishna and nobody had sort of been sick. Not that you love as the only thing but we don't follow it. Right okay we're talking with a terror scenario aren't yet we're talking with doctor Rajiv party and we're talking about is near death the next experience and all the things that he learned during that experience which is now sharing with people when we come back from the break. We're gonna get into these seven eternal truths. That are very very important to to his message and the things that he talks about in his book dying to wake up a doctor's voyage into the after life. And the wisdom he brought back to the so much more talk about a beyond reality reading yes yes and be nice to get into and give the single and so you listen to Jason and JPM yeah I'm really. It's 87766. Radio stations carrying program around the country we really appreciate you becoming beyond reality radio affiliates and being part of our family bringing the show to new listeners around the country we've got. A Las Vegas coming online next week some time just entered Thanksgiving so we can give thanks for Las Vegas. FM. You know we have Vegas we've got to arena always got a bunch of news news station signing on we greatly appreciate that and yeah if you if we don't parent stationed in your area feel free to share you know shoot a Westwood One station or. And the conversations and emails until you want them to carry beyond reality radio. Yeah I would love of continue to grow that family and talking with doctor Rajiv Parti about his near death experience. But more importantly how it changed his life. And how it refocused him on a new mission for the rest of his life and how he wants to help other people and I'm Reggie we're talking about and of course the book is called dying to wake up and in the book you talk about seven eternal truths. How are they for those truths taught you were imparted to you and can you can give us an overview of what's AR. Is that troops on the number of close to the question is can exist outside the body. Beyond that I existed out of the authority Arafat biggest source in the body and the second bit bit like property that. You know from my apartment expedience it would dean did. And from my experience in the Tahoe B have passed like and that speeds in the it and can achieve apparently had a case. And number four he had all connected to Egypt that the coach Pete are all need to block and the same energy that management's attention. The matter. Number of fine quote divine being existent so potent target you know let us and good luck salute Krishna Christ. You know I'm insurance. And the six what they're different note of cautiousness you know there's. They're escaping Rick curry might cater. Then you go higher underlying cost them entirely. Unity consciousness smear on that exists as pure consciousness. And then number seven was this on and on creating supreme low and intend is that the sort of been you. And that lovely and so deep social creation. Although it exists and ultimately secure remote. Well with your what are element of and with 121 of the future to you were saying life there is life after death I think. That one's very important because that's some of the scariest things that people. Well people mainly worried about is when they die is there anything Astor. And you're saying that there is there is life after death. This. It. And what can people do what can. People expect to experience when when they leave this world. You learn that he's this or being on date. In my political group different times depending on and off. There you know like coming from India out you know as we talk about color mop. And that's why aren't my cup follows not a bad could that cause Dallas shall perish. You know I don't think so myself but. You know focused person. Yet so I don't in other words in other words it's very much like. Scrooge around Christmas cards saying where a you can't make it and he said exits are able get into more that we come back critical real quick break more com you'll see Jason TV Dioner elegantly and you back. Maybe Casey GP 844687766. Nights of the Canadian. Alex are ready to asserted answering calls for people who wanted to join our psyche experiment which will do in just a little bit so if you wanna lineup again the number. 8446877669. In the meantime we're still talking about near death experiences and what it does to people and how it changes in lives. Pena and really didn't it took our guest from a life folks. You know warring about big house is an expensive cars and and really leveled him leveled the mountain and really made him think about what was important. Yeah I mean if the he went through years and and Reggie you can elaborate on the Specter obviously becoming the medical doctors no easy process you put you invest a good chunk of your life. Just in getting to that point. You were there you were successful you have this near death experience it changed everything for you left the medical profession. And you decided to take the message that you heard and learned during this near death experience out on the road basically put it in your book dying to wake up. And you share this experience with people to try to help them what do you hope people or walk away from either reading your book or seeing you speak somewhere. Witten in their minds what do you hope they walk away which. You know communal no longer legal career as doctors. What gives parents little parents eating the right as there. I personally. I've learned to love actually mentally or give in easily in the heat cook and no actually it to me. Before giving them. It and then again you mentioned to you mentioned to healing as well you've talked about the fact that. If we use our. Mines or spirituality the correct way we can actually. He a lot of these things it analysts currently that we have to seek medical attention for not advising that people don't seek medical attention and never do that. But I'm curious as to what type of healing you've been able to witness yourself as a relates to this and and how successful that's bad. Yeah. In America I mean she's like stress about their special going. Eat my heart good control. You know ritual turn physiological effects non I have not just being and I am. And didn't direct talks. Do you see yourself I have seen my client you. Continues. Quote good good proclamation have a speaking to my plan yesterday and are not enough tornado that are on court in murdered and all entries this will meet you or activation poster armor principal you're right guard in danger. Abbas meal yet that must be very fulfilling for you to have somebody. Save that who are via. Yet do you consider yourself for religious man now. We're. You are. Spiritual man. In lake. I welcome and characters grow our cars are being into there can be little loose. Are actually able moderation. Commitment. You. You offer a lot of hope for parent and your career yet when you say things like here when you say things like consciousness lives and outside of the body and that there is life after death those two statements alone. Must offer a tremendous amount of hope for people because let's face it. I think one of the biggest fears we all walk around with a every day is the fear of the end of death. And what you're saying is death is not the end release their physical death is not the end and we've heard this message from other people recently. And so that's a very very comforting message delivered people. They're very cruel and our record here. In I think if you don't. And the admission and if you call for help from dateline crew barker right. Hand do under its current. Not like you learn to lead I think Suncor Energy. Yeah they're they're out. My so I'm. Reggie were basically out of time here on your book is called. Dying to wake up a doctor's voyage into the afterlife and the wisdom he brought back. We we know you have a couple of web sites went to offer the names of the web sites again. Wherever else you might like to direct people where they can get the books and where there might be able to see you were contact you to get more information. Yeah you very easy to contact them from here on Marmara that tried. One gripe circuit has but the people dying to re up dark com. Number is dying to make a prep com and my pop. Book called a mind that says an regarding my arm pit practice is that hundred gawker dot com DOC do you look dot com. Well thanks so much for coming and Alice talking and and it will sortie against aren't really are. Yes it thank you very much it's a terrific message. The book sounds fascinating and you know anytime someone. Can offer an experience like that and then end the day by saying consciousness lives outside the body and there is life after death I mean that message alone is just is very very. Encouraging an optimistic and uplift and. And so especially when they evidently there's talent can say all the time I mean the scariest thing for people is what happens when we close our eyes that final time. In this world. Yeah and and I need guns to say anything about it is that we've had several guests are just more a couple weeks have grown delivering the same message from different points of view. From different perspectives. You don't and a lot of credence to this discussion so. On over the last few months we've had doctors or surgeons and and KER doctors and everything now on talking about it and it's just more and more it's becoming. It's becoming this this open awareness and this opened belief system and I'm happy that everybody's so willing to discuss it now expressed all the. Fashions yet it makes a big difference to the conversation okay we're gonna go to break when we come back we're going to a revisit our psyche experiment now I'll tell you how it works right now seeking get ready. We drew a card from a 52 card playing card deck standard deck we've been. Discard his accident in front of us for several days now because nobody's been able to determine what it is. But you'll call end. We will focus on this playing card and you'll use whatever psychics sensitivity you think you have for remote viewing capabilities that you have and try to get into our minds. And figure out what this playing card is the number is 844687766. Now we're gonna Haditha were gonna send the person gets. I'm just in and it just so everybody knows. There's. He didn't our minds might be scrutinize the canal by. And I don't watch it could be a trap and might not like everything you see what you need and that's bestowed this kind NCAA this year and Chad you've seen some of the pictures javy that I posted and there's a whole bunch of dust floating around these mines that you don't wanna know about our at again the phone number. Or is talk freely 4468776698446877669. Annual synergies. GP we'll be right back. Bringing out the people get ready to join us for the psyche experiment that would be doing for a few days now and again we've got to a playing card just from a regular playing card deck of 52 cards we've been focusing on this card for a few nights now. And we haven't had anybody that's been able to tap in and get it we had some people close Britain come close at times but kind of yeah. I'm and we got a good either we're gonna send out to the person who can come up with this and again it's an attempt deceit. If in us he can use any of those psychic abilities and a lot of us talk about her thing. That we have so it's going to be fun as we Serbia. I gotta be holocaust I'm thinking this formal feel like pink socks. You know we didn't do is say I don't ever the name for guest was it to Hogan and doctor Hogan or had a and he didn't use a remote viewer and said that he could knew you could put something on your table. Focus on and you know from anywhere basically in the world and he could do these cities pretty accurate at coming up with a witness I always wanted to be I always wanna ask somebody demonstrated but I feel like. Put him on I'm gonna tick him off dad it's tough it's tough during a radio show and put amongst belly and just like this we had somebody. Doing this when this last night who called in and said she's got some remote viewing a capabilities has done some stuff and studied it and you know she didn't get the card but you know it's it's hard to do it like on the spot in in a matter of thirty seconds you know that immediate kind of after it takes some time to warm up to book. We're gonna do it anyway ever gonna try right now with read from Massachusetts. He Rita Jason and I are looking at this playing card were focusing on and were very very. Focused and you needed to happen and tell us what it is. Well the minute you mentioned it. Men out of I saw outside of Spain to. Now that's not there are not no but thanks thanks for trying to you know and that it's not easy thank you have a great night all right let's let's see if John from New York has. Any clear connection into our minds as we stared displaying courage John what do you think. Our. Core. Now mr. nice it's not John it's but now let me let me ask you John do you consider yourself to be someone who's got some psychic ability. And are now so this is just a guess on your thoughts or shots or a perfectly fair here. Larry we'll take your culinary appreciate it. Thank you if you wanna call and in and be part of this it's 8446877669. And we certainly would love to have you participate agree now let's go to Judy also in New York. Judy Jason are looking at this point car we've been looking at it for days now were having nightmares about it and do we lose Judy. Thanks and Judy must've not true. Now her camera to pressure do you can't you get one right person you can guess you're not online Judy that just doesn't work very well up but that opens. That opens up a phone line for somebody's so let's go to I think it's hard we are leaning Kansas is separate named Charlene. Are you welcome the shock her lean do you consider yourself someone has a little bit of psychic ability. Okay well this is not an easy thing to do we recognize that but Jason are looking at this playing cards were focused on it. Were concentrating. And use would abilities you have to see if you can get into our minds and figure out what discard this. Oh now you know it's not it's not literally but thanks for trying to open yet no way I we we're we're still load assume I don't know maybe this isn't needed this car doesn't belong in the bill and I don't it was exactly a hit ever seen it exactly the cars OK okay let's try I'm I think this is is assess. Seek their faith. Think it's fate as and when an F as in frank. Right yeah I got an okay faith welcome to the show you consider yourself to be someone who's got a little bit a psychic ability. It okay well this is a chance that you gonna try to you can put it into practice is not an easy thing we recognize that its tests that well but we're looking at the card we're focusing which were I mean. Smoke coming on it for years were thinking about the so hard what BC. I. Now. No he's that would have been an appropriate card given the fact we had the heartbreak doctor on just its credit put that together and it would have but. Thanks thanks for playing along with us faith we appreciate it let's go to let's see here illustrate Ella nor. All right Ellen our in Massachusetts it's your turn to give this shot. Also am I on the radio now you're married you know hasn't. I'm kinda shy about that way anyway many of the woman called in at the five and say what had come into my mind like it did hurt that payment to king estate came into my. You know the and that's that is hard it's interesting now don't we ask you let me just ask you this when you see. You kind of like growth so that's why. You know the first day and it can implement. Yeah is I think there's there's a big difference though between it all psyche in normal feeling too and pressure being psychic cults of normal feeling press difference right there are two different things but when you see you then that was the first heard the keep your mind is that how it works for you does it just pop in your mind is that how usually not a time yen. Yen well it didn't get but yeah I thought about how that's OK you don't you just appreciate your Conan and being part of this is all fun so I have a great night Aaron let's see here let's go to. Let's go to Clinton in Kentucky Clinton this is your chance to see if you can now tap into our minds and keep get this card figure out what this card is that we've been staring at for three or four nights. Who Clinton and unity there. Yeah well okay via a parent teachers to turn Sochi gets. I'm thinking about it is thinking at eight. It's not how you are now but thanks anyway a happy which open on Expedia dispiriting and and the other night it was the same thing a lot of people felt spins and I'm not saying that's right or wrong I find it very very interesting. But we haven't done the right card yet so let's go to Susan in Kansas City Susan welcome to be on reality radio. Now's your chance to let those psychic abilities flow. You're right yeah we are. I. Now it's not a two speeds Susan thank you so much for trying though right thanks. The collection the collective consciousness has this focused on spades which I find quite interesting let's go to mark mark is an Ontario Canada I believe he Marc welcome to the show. A group so it's again. Well remembered at a pop in my yet with this seven indictment. Now it's not that Morris that's not at. Are you would you consider yourself to be summon ressam psychic abilities. I don't know if psychic. Just one should mention that it was just a number bit. You know within cricket and my brain right. Right well that's the way you gotta go with your gut and it's definitely wanna go here but in this guy's in this case it didn't get you ready but thanks for Colin and we appreciate so I'm hoping somebody is late deducting every time somebody says discards them while you know we have had some repeats to assume this is not everybody's listening in that regard to let's see here I think this is she is a Sherry from New York cherry US. Cherry or not. Now it's not the ace of diamonds but he d.s that it to death pop in your head and hide how do you work your psychic abilities. Then popped into my head. A lot of times I had dreams. Are. They had dreams. Once but I haven't really really low on cash. I had pre members competent I had Triplett and the nightly pottery. And or an electric trucker. Well La. Eight Sherri hang on the line I want I want you to pick some numbers from after the showcase so. Yeah right when he died. In the different very quickly to gonna become. Just. What reacting honorable geely warfare that Libya. Eliminate a lot of Muslims do you do is why I kick him in cart yeah new car every other non eater so. I think that's a great suggestion I think Jason I really hoping someone gets this one because we've had so many nights a recurrent nightmares or is he really wants this woman to be guests but that is a great suggestion thank you we have to move quickly here because we're gonna run out of time. Let's go to Amanda also in Kansas City a lot of people calling in from Kansas City Amanda what you guessed. Or no. It's not too far it's not sorry Amanda thank you Arianna it. All right all right so let's see no more. You Lucy Liu won mourned here. Kelly from New York Kelly we're focusing on this playing card what are UC. Oh yeah. Well look the first number that popped into my mind what size and then it fast and can brands from taking a look cycle are. Not then that's gonna come out there is openly around tonight I know I don't let's see do do do we have time for one it has declared a squeeze one very very quickly did you it's I think it's Joanna and candidate we've got about five seconds here you wanna give a shot. I do that jacket Spain. No it's not the job spades thank our. I well ordered they can we're gonna be caring this over. I have to tool mark night I heard it all that's gonna wrap and a key guys just deduct every card that everybody just an immune to its limits what do what it's gonna be my gosh are itself thanks so much for everybody for tuning in tonight thanks for our guests for coming on talk and makes you tune in tomorrow we're going to be talking with its TD and may grow only had about some great things that he's been working on some taps evidence. Are you listening Jason Giambi on reality radio have a great night we'll catch tomorrow and. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's an only no real ingredients. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason is slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following and it. Cheesy chief paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.