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Science is proving that the afterlife exists...

Nov 8, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome Dr Craig Hogan to discuss his book - Your Eternal Self. Dr Hogan demonstrates the scientific evidence that the afterlife exists and that our minds are not part of our physical bodies, but are instead eternal and survive death as we know it. 11/8/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Juice out West Coast west and the East Coast man stuck in between welcome to be unreal you reviewed it myself Jason must we always awesome. Jeannie Johnston and I just read that rate in Chet what you just posted in check to their redirect uh oh here hanging in trying to stir Clinton's not what do you Hala. Harry well what he's talking about is I if they keep or talked about the Walking Dead end and just think I'm getting bored with. Well you know I'd I'd I'd I have to say I'm kind of in the same camp there I certainly alarming in that tiger thing is just stupid. It's just that it's just really stupid I mean this random tiger that walks of the strangest day only kills the bad guy and Internet but it doesn't chew on any. Greg problem comes courage and Julie was just. Use a port tack it shouldn't happen now it only kills the people's yet know I have to I act. I have to say I'm I'm kind of on the same way but a lot of people still love the Walking Dead you know shows rely damned slow so maybe maybe in whom picked up some life examples. They all welcomed beyond reality Maria if you haven't yet machine head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond. Radio. And like the FaceBook page and had to be on reality radio dot com we can cook clicked on the station tab and finally recedes we aren't across the country on. Going to be adding some more open and in about a week. And and where you can download the free iPhone and android app for it there which shall listen live touchpad shows and join me online chat. Or you just click the listen live. And that logic that connection which Arab TV and I hang out most of the time in each disagree community people retiring in the south like how why we don't like oh yeah. Do it's who wanted anything's fair game. It's and we're going to be talking though on the show about. After death communication and some other things a doctor Craig Hogan will be our guest he's written a book about after death communications. He's also written a book called your eternal self which presents hundreds of scientific sources that prove the mind. Is not in the brain. And people's minds are linked. And the after rut life is as real as this life and that consciousness. Actually changes immaterial world these are things we've talked about and doctor Craig Grogan who's going to talk about his book and and some of the evidence he has to support these things. Only go and we got a great show tomorrow as well we're gonna talk to a re formed a ball the cause and effect of the Mandela effect he'll be discussing what Amendola effect is. As the Bible changed is this for a form god in and we're gonna go along with that stuff and then Thursday room talking with Chris borders. About current won't paranormal communicators he's created new approach to ghost hunting by interacting with spirits and. Interviewing him actually interviews these spirits which makes is to hear about as well how he does it. What kind of responses he gets kind of information he's getting from them and you know something we can learn from that. Yeah so I was talking earlier actually receiver fight again and Tom anyway is yet there are so. What do you think the oldest olds persons who who do you think deals person is how old do you think there order well I'd I'd say that three north and a hundred years old. It is correct in her current new RAs so this man. Was born in 1896. Now so he's actually many able to watch two century exchange but I Saddam so Leno is a 121. Years old. According to his Chilean ID. Do we know if he's the last person alive do boom been born in the nineteenth century. At home loan and a rock I mean he pulled it makes him according to his ID card. He's four years older than the Guinness Guinness listed dispersed. I'll start right. Yes that would probably see Syria has an harriers are put the other guy do while he unum technique could be 899 I suppose. Depending on the brief statement to what makes a pretty close was final in this and very nice lady. Marta Ramirez agreed at age sixty series it's taken this individual to his house it burden down. And team he was older and he looked frail. Com he was 99 at that point she figured she figured probably wouldn't let her her exact line her exact quote is I didn't think he'd be around much longer a a painful now she's 85. Mile an hour long term guest so you know is 121. While so it appears that he is the oldest man Al they're so congratulations. It's Leo. On to new. Imagine being a 120 years old with an amount of change you've seen during your lifetime. It between wars. Technology. You know the boundaries of nations I mean you've seen so much is the twentieth sentry itself was just an amazingly tumultuous time. And Internet and being born in the nineteen sentry even though it was late in the nineteenth century living through all of that witnessing it amazing stuff or just technology change would be mine bog. Area to think about these. I did you basically are growing up as a child in the dawn of it was pre radio it was it was so early. Lived through the radio revolution live Zune movies television. Smartphones computers I mean everything that we know today Livan. And and rely on and I just come to take for granted was didn't exist when you started your life and now it's it's all over the world it's amazing. It is it really truly be just phenomenal series. Mica well we can say congratulations to happy happy happy life been on an even when your birthday is but had a birthday when it comes up bought the Pendleton it's actually it's June as a junior in June to one range yeah June 25. Birthday. Really. And July 20 fence around so of the July 25 inning chiefs. And it's just amount congratulations and he still going strong while I mean I watched a video of this carries he's dancing and everything else a right. I'm 45 among nominees she just they're too much plummeting can and can't do anymore but nice cranking right along and different between himself. We've got ID you know it and not that this really ties into what we just talked to bubble we are going to be talking about the afterlife tonight and that's a great topics of you wanna get involved in that conversation 8446877669. Is a telephone number will take calls later in the program. Paris or to take a quick break and more to come real soon Jason GDP on reality radio back. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short 50 and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Aren't aren't chasing and Cheney being our onerous core core 6877669. So going to be talking with doctor Craig Hogan he's the co author of induced path after death communication needs therapy for healing grief and trauma. He's also author of the book called your eternal self which is a book the presents hundreds of scientific sources that prove the mind is not in the brain. People's minds are linked in the afterlife is as real as this life and also consciousness. Actually changed immaterial world who got a lot of great things that talk about so whispering our guest in doctor Greg Hogan welcome to the program is great to have you on beyond reality radio. Yeah thank you I'm anxious to talk to you by a majority of these kinds concessions and and will be willing to answer any questions anybody has. Well thanks so much for coming on and this is a topic that a lot of times you don't have really a doctor on to talk about the is a lot of times they seem to avoid this this type of subjects so it's it's a pleasure to have you on and we look forward to it in this discussion. So let's get started by learning a little bit more about you tell us about yourself and how you started to take an interest in this and where religion today. Well I'm actually a professor of business communications and had spent many years. In the field of of helping people learn how to communicate with each other. And about twenty years ago. I discovered that I have psychic abilities and when I discovered that I had psychic abilities I realized there's a whole lot more to the world that we realize. And that it's underneath the surface it's not something that you see. And that they started delving into it and finding out what is going on underneath the surface. I was amazed to see this couple universe out there that we have no idea about it we just look around. And so as I started to see more because of my own psychic abilities. I discovered that people are living. The lives on other planes which includes dinner dimensional. As well as people are living in what we call the afterlife. And when I discovered that then that opened up another world for me. They started to delve into that America everything I could about it and as I learned more about it I discovered that. We are all the eternal beings having a physical experience. And if we realize that and we can communicate with the people up there beside. And we can make them realize a lot richer because by listening to them because they had things to tell us. And so the more I got into it the more I became interested in and writing and that's what I started reading the books about it technical afraid. That you hit a book about him to step to get communications. There's another book critical from that another psychiatrist. Called guided afterlife connections. And then I wrote your internal self and another book called. After that communications. And a number of articles. So much of the research that I have now. Found out is be shared among the people who are doing them did research who are meant medical doctors. They are scientists. There is assist. So there are many more people who are in the mainstream science or becoming involved in it. We'll know a doctor when you said twenty years ago he found out you were psychic was there are some turning point in your life for some dramatic situation that happened which opened you up at that point. What was actually that I had I gone to see a psychic because I was interest in and see what they could do. And the fact he said to me to go home and take a deck of cards. Hold the deck of cards in your hand with the faces down and take the cards one of the time put them on the palm of your bare hands. And if they felt cold they were blacked if they felt warm and then they were they were red and of course they weren't really blocked. Well it's just said that fooled by him sub conscious mind. Into realize what they were put it that I've I've opened the with the Apollo in my hand and made two pilots without looking at the cards. And one I was saying with the cold problem and I was saying was a warm file and when I turned over the cold I would should have been the black cards every one of them is black. And when I turned over the red which should have been red cards then every one of them except one was red. And that was the first step that I do that I had psychic ability. And then after that then it started to blossom I felt that I have remote goes viewing ability so I can sit in my office in Illinois. And somebody can put something on the table hundreds of miles or thousands of miles away. And totally just that it's on the table in their house or on a cable to their office and I'll be able to tell them what it is so be able to describe which have been scheduled for them. And that the note this and I'm I'm very accurate at doing that. Finally policy that uses that are thousands of miles away and that's what led me to the realization that the mind is not in the brain. So as when you when you had this epiphany basically in you realized you had psychic abilities you went through a whole series of what you described as discoveries. On after that. Where did you start practicing and developing these skills and their for opening your rise to all these other things. No I never did develop the mine would have been native ability and it never developed into anything. Because I got busy with that going on at the other things says as soon as something would open. There'd be something new that would come to me soon after found out that I can do remote viewing that. Discovered that. I was able to communicate with people who are in. What we call the afterlife. That they are not dead in the sense that they're not here anymore. There are available to us we communicate with them. And when I started doing that and that's when I started to really open up to what is going on and in the afterlife. And the other realms of being in that includes. People in there who are in the afterlife and to be political oriented dimensional. Because we're now correspondingly certain memory having communication with. People who are what we call extraterrestrials. So how did you find out though they you have this ability with a remote viewing panel how did I mean it's just. It's so it just appeared one day about how are you able to listen Walton to prove that it was actually worth. Yeah well it's it's so let's let some other that this psychic ability with my hands it's called spectrometry. That I could hold some in my hand and identify what it is. Dell and IA he read a book by it hello in grass. And it's called tracks in the fact equal minutes. And they described how to do remote viewing and it's a delegate to do is sit quietly close your eyes. Make your eyes your mind into an empty raced there rice bowl. And then focus on something focus on anything in the universe or other the billions and billions of things just focus someone thing. And that could mean something that was sitting at a table someplace. It could mean to photograph that was an outlook someplace but you just focus on whatever that thing is. And so I read that in the book and so it set down in front of the computer in if you Google. Targets. Remote viewing targets. Think you'll find that there are places that have targets online. And five cents down from a computer and that I'm one of these targets and and you have a series of random letters that don't mean anything. And are associated with the target and so I sat down and and that put that into my mind and ran that through my mind and close my eyes and and just focused on that targets. And then I sketched it what I had seen I thought that I had seen tall buildings in the we're golden colored they had somebody do it it looked like religion. Or something that was over top of them and I could get the smaller buildings in the back. And then I looked at the picture that was online in the because that then you can take a look at target and I looked. It's fiction that was on line and it was spot on exactly what it was it was. Actually Mayan temples that hadn't been illuminated golden. And there was a one of them in the front so that does more golden than the other since some of the back. And over top of it than they were cloud. So everything that I had sketched that was that was in my drawing was on that scene in that photographed. So that topic that I have a vote usability you know I can do it especially estimate put something on the table someplace. So it's an object then I can get whatever it is sand I'm very accurate at doing that. Dave puts on the table and tell me to do that I send them for effects than the descriptions. That I made and then they send me the picture what it was just so it's very accurate. Mount so humble we have about a little less than a minute here before we have to jump into our break and we get patents are talking about the contents of your books. But you know as as you. The learned about these abilities inserted to recognize your skills on at some point you decided to to to talk and write about the afterlife when did that happen. Yeah what happened was that I had to learn that I also am able to communicate with people who are on the next plane of life what we call this debt is is really. Just to transition into the next plane of life. And I discovered that I can communicate with them through what's called automatic writing in other words second sit down. And I could start to lose to scribble things would with Miami and that. And they were to come to me from the people on the inside connect communicate with them. In that way and so you sit down and just blinked my mind outs and I get messages from the of these side. So I was starting to be able to do that and I did it was my own family. I didn't sit doing readings I didn't develop that into greens. But I was very accurately that add things that produce proved to me that in fact it was the people and get inside and that got me into. The possibility of telling other people about it. That I really wanted to spread the word wanted to let people know what is that anybody can do and that's when I started reading the books because I wanted to get the word out. Our eyes so we're gonna take a quick break and a lot more to come you listen as Jason GBM beyond rarely revealed will be back. It's actually including your eternal self which is a book the presents. Hundreds of scientific sources that proves the mind is not in the brain. And that people's minds are linked and that the afterlife is as real as this life and that consciousness actually changes immaterial world. That's it's a very deep and interest in the subject him we're gonna talk about it are a number if you wanna be involved in the conversation is 844. 6877669. A spring Greg back into the show. We were before we went to a break doctor we were talking about the fact that you and recognized through your. Psychic abilities and in your remote viewing abilities and you developed about an interest and curiosity nuke you recognize that that. Our current existence. What we call life. Isn't all there is to us in the were actually eternal beings I think is the word you used the phrase you used and you wanted to share that sort start talking about your book you were eternal self. Tell us about. The mind. And tell us about how you. Define it if it's not something that's part of our brains are our physical body. Yet the mind is the lead we. Considered to be conscious and so it's when we hear acting when we're thinking in those sorts of things. Then that's the mind. But the mind isn't dependent upon the very. So all the things that we associate with the mindset is making decisions and thinking and having emotions and feelings. All the things happen independent. The body independent of the brain. And what that means is that when the bodies stops in the brain goes away then had the mind just keeps on going all by itself. We know that that's true we know it's true because listings like remote feeling people consent. And they can note saying is that they should know that they wouldn't have any ability to sense. That are thousands of miles away that we know that from psychic abilities of people have. We know that because of the fact that and studies that have been done of the brain. And its capabilities. We realize that the the brain couldn't possibly over a lifetime of memories in fact to. Different studies showed that the brain would be filled by one hour television. Visited the mine simply couldn't hold the brain couldn't hold the mind. We also note the fact that no neuroscientist we'll tell you that the month of the mind can be created by the brain. There's no merit side this source says that the mind is in the brain that they may no word years or four memories are. How memories can be stored. And that's simply a mystery to neuroscience in the recent some mystery is because the mind is not in the brain. The mine continues after the brain goes away and the mind then discuss onto another. Areas of life another plane of life. And continues its existence there and that the plant life and we know much about those kinds of life now we know about. What we call the afterlife which really is an afterlife it's it's still discontinuation. Of life. We built up that ground we know about what happens to people when they'd when they transition often your plane. And we communicate with them so the fact that we can communicate with them after they've gone. And we don't see them on the air anymore shows that. In fact the mind is continuing without the bering without the body because the brain and the body is stopped functioning. So we note that the mind is not in the brain. Well and I like how you explain that suits you and our television and you'd you'd feel you'd fill it up and and that so that shows that. Some worry it's me in the mind being like storage to crisis somewhere else calm in an area that you really you can't chill out it's just like I can remember memories back when I was in 34 years old. Up till now on I'm 45 so. It and that just this seems like an awful lot of stuff to read to remembered in adjustment in just my brain. Yeah an equipped kitchen it Dottie trance we can have your remember even more insecure immature your childhood our home. Every vacation dilemma particularly on a tour of it. All of these things couldn't possibly be in the brain bird the brain couldn't hold the mall. But the most important thing is the scientists have no idea how the mind could create a brain. How how the break creative mind. Or how old memories are sort of where their story they have no idea. When you talk about the mind in this manner news that the word soul. Comes to my mind if are we talking about the same thing maybe winter without the religious connotations. Yeah it is the same things so volatile about the so or about consciousness or the mine. Publishing said the same thing. And says some people say well look so that is something which continues after a very temporary mine the mine that we have in the earth. Planes after that then goes away and we no longer need that anymore this'll continues but actually at the same thing and so we talk about the soul. Talk about consciousness talk about the mind. They're all exactly the same thing. A we do have to pay and current mind. That includes sulphur experiences and our memories and and everything that we are on the airplane. That continues that states with this we are the same individual that from the transition. Off of the airplane that we were before when we were on the airplane. And all the things stay with us but then after a period of time after Google what would say and urged terms would be sentries door or millennia. Then those things far because they're not so important we continue to grow. We become more and more. The refined person that we will become a spiritual personal become. And those things then we'll follow actors who lob they still have memories we could still go back there and experience in the limited. It's adjusting so so but also with the with the are all our minds and and then being inter connected. I'm is that how old were able to connect with one another and doesn't that open up the and in my sounds silly but doesn't that open a possibility of somebody else being able to get into your mind and pull information. Yeah no EU leaders fossil forest because we are of one mind with the each other than it is possible for us to access the memories for someone else some other words. When we think of the memory like we think of footnote. The face of the very people who had reared you know our mother our father. Well we think of them believe that we instantly have had come to mind instantly comes to us without any great effort. And debt comes out everything that was ever thought an experienced and helps. Is set permanently a lot of them and it permanently exist. So we can pull that out of me as any kind of we want to. And so the mind then is able to function and able to pull those things outs from that we want to have. And we continue to be able to do that after the effective the the brain has gone away. So we don't lose that capability the debt capability that that mind that we haven't here plain. Is so only part of who we are we are also one would each other so that the fact is that I can pull a memory out that would be your memory. So like in the that's with psychics to. So instead of having their own memories that it is when they're doing a reading this psychic reading but they're doing is they're having the memories of that as a person. And the reason is that all of the memories everything that that has ever existed. Everything that anybody is ever experienced. Are all existing now they are all out there. Rather like in a million a huge problem box and we can pull out of that box anything that anybody else's thinking. Anything that did anybody else's ever thought or that we people will begin to think. And so we're able to pull them all out of that box so that doesn't mean we can intrude on somebody. And that's that was going to be my question yeah that's. Going to be that the next question. We have free will we also have privacy. The universe is built in that way. We're not able to go into somebody else's life and and and we can't watch them shower and a that's kind of the day he just can't do remote viewing and see somebody. In their house. And we're just not capable of doing that we can. We can also psychic lady get impressions from somebody. But we can't then make them do something we can't give them. The its signal to do something you know. Kind of a conspiracy. In which we take over somebody else's mind. So we're not capable of doing that that's that's just built into the universe. But if you're able to. To do that aren't you also able to manipulate an individual if if you are able to honestly thought that you were able to do it. You can't. Toward that but there there are. Because we are of one mind all of us so one mind and each other. But we don't realize it there are tribes of aborigines. Who could take telephone telepathy for granted. And they communicate with mr. Patel practically. Does somebody get me out on hunts. And they want to communicate with them and all they had to do is to sit down and what they say is they put that the message on the wind. And they tucked ethically and communicate with him it's just a skill that we would have if we had been reared with that we'd never grow up as children. To have you exercised that we will be able to do that it's so we can link with other people's minds. And when they put the people's minds and we can get the message is that they said. And studies have been done in which people have been asked. To sit and in pairs and one person would sit in a room and far away in another building as a person would sit. And the person at the building would send out to the person who was the center. And would would send calming thought to them and when they sent calming thought to them they were that person who would consider. Listen I got hooked up to him electrodes. To see what their skin conductance well as in other words where they're becoming cancer with a becoming home. And sure enough when the person sent calming thought to them and the other buildings. Dade Dade that would show is making them call their bodies would become call. But if they sent disturbing thoughts to demand and are angry that to them then that person near the building would then register that on the electrodes. Dave their bodies have become tense they would become anxious. It's so that is what is true that the person could influence them but that's done a very subtle level. So we do influence each episode of fear anger with somebody they know it's. But very subtle level. Can't make them do something we can't system influence somebody. To perform and act as they would perform. But we can influence them emotionally. Now would you agree that that technology. You're talking about aborigines. Tribes and so forth. Where technology really is and present. The the advancements of technology a lot of times and I've looked into this have. It's sort of taken away any of these these abilities it's inhibited. The ability of growth with the mind if you think about it. With that whole connection right because you can connect to it to you with a cell phones and text whatever I don't have to try to send something on the win. PI and then what happens then is that settlements so much preoccupation with things. So much noise. In the environment. And I'd been by noise anything that the district access to the television and and video games and all of these things to distract us what they do that they take it out of ourselves. So in other words are focused on the external world. And we lose touch with the internal world and it can be internal world war we connect with each other and this is what we connect with people and their and the afterlife. Have and I teach people how to communicate with people who are on the next thing in life who transition off for the airplane. But to be able to do that they have to quiet the physical around they have to get away from that no days and all of the preoccupation with. Senses and and doing things in the physical around. But if they do that then they're able to communicate with people on the other side. This fascinating RA and we would get so much more to talk about we we gonna take a quick break. And a ligament whole lot more of that payless manages to. GBM beyond really never know. Yeah 77669. Her car join our discussion we're talking with doctor Craig Hogan tonight about a couple of his books including your eternal self. Which talks about the fact that the mind is not actually resides in the human brain and actually is detached from that. Lives on and we live on it's a very very and I guess it's a concept that's. That's important to a lot of religions split so this isn't something we're talking about from religious standpoint undocked we're we're talking about this. As more of a very pragmatic and what you savior will very real sense. Yeah it's very science. Site now has pointed the way. So used to be the religions that wouldn't attempt to put food to prove that there was an afterlife didn't ballots science it's proving that and so. Those of us who are studying now or are peach season and scientists and medical doctors and where are all now delving into it and we're making discoveries that are just phenomenal. Let's sum this is kind of a short segment here we do have some people and also let's just take a call. To finish up this hour this is Dan from Missouri they do and welcome to the program you're on beyond reality radio. I don't think that our fault. Shoe. All right act. But. You know my whole life but. You agreed. About different things that would have to. You know people that the surgery. Upon the blood needed without wade but it would be. They delude people who do wall. Calendar. And fight that didn't need that key without without the without eat eat. Putted like I I hear some dull odd and in the next day had been with somebody and got. Mark start blurt out that bill. Of people who have Dieter. Or whatever and now it's keeping very well. I'll adversity. It was a little old offsetting. Problems but it continued drop my entire life. But I don't have any whales bike so it's that he perhaps but random. You know and they're different odd but I feel like here's. President around me. Thought eat they really think things but I can't I'll only say it out. That out now wonder how high is it odd that they had. It down our and it means whatever it is not being inner like here in. Com. I don't know about it and I I was in the though what that apolitical. Art current outlook patent act that beat. So so Dan your question essentially is how he tell you can help develop into war control these abilities. Doctor woody thank. Well everybody has these abilities. It's just a matter to what degree degree can they come forward commit bubble up to the surface. So everybody has the bit that you are a little more sensitive than most people you're giving them in your dreams you're getting him and he relaxed and age are just coming to you. And for most people they come at odd hours to get you can't control them. And in the reason is that they're coming through and you don't really understand. What it is that's coming and how you can control. That you can learn to control what you can learn to have to give it more strings. You can use that as an ability. All of the people who are medium and says do you see you can do readings for people like these two aliens and John Edwards and and and doesn't George. Those sorts of people and pay as cultivated they have to learn how to do it. And so you can learn how to do it to convert to be more sensitive to that is a possibility. Thanks to the cut yes thanks for the called Dan we appreciate your common and listen to the shows we've about to sort of manage your backs a little less do before we go to the top of the hour break. When we come back doctor wanna talk about them the the million dollar question here is how can we be sure people live on after death but before we. Jumped into the break here remind folks of your web sites and how people get more information about the books. And sure to get to the web site that the symposium web site is afterlife. Symposium. Dot org. Afterlife symposium dot org. And you can also get to a truck had afterlife institute dot org. And look into web sites that have to do with afterlife research education institute. We're holding our symposium in September so that's for all of our focus is right now. Sweden where will that be held. That'll be in Scottsdale Arizona at least September 14 through the sixteenth. And everybody is invited to come and we're having a wonderful group of those presenting his speakers are speaking about yet but I. And about how to communicate with people in the afterlife. Now that's awesome right. So the phone numbers 8446877669. In the Stoll freed 8446877669. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio FaceBook page. And had to be on reality radio dot com week final agrees stations where across the country can also download the free iPhone injury adapt. Great there was shall I shall listen to the show on the go catch past episodes and join me online chat. Or just let's spread for the website click the listen live Ted join us in the online chat and listen right there. British take a quick break more to come listen Jason dvd on relatively soon I. So just cause they always are some GB Johnson. So what do you think about. The move currently Tom toward what are considered to be. Natural burials as opposed to the standard. Preserve the body with formaldehyde you know bomb the body put them in a a sophisticated casket which goes inside a ball in the ground. And there's a headstone obviously marking the grave and it's there. Hopefully forever something close to that. That is traditional at. It eats out in the new world where they don't stick in a casket they just drop in the ground and call it that well basically there's a move toward what are called natural burials. They put you in a biodegradable casket. There's no embalming process for the body. They take you out to a quotable nature preserve. Which is designated as a burial preserve and they bury you and then they ask you to take the money that you would normally have spent on a funeral which can be 70000 dollars you know. Or more on and donate that to the conservation of the land. They say it helps. Animals. And their habitat. It helps preserve. The for a stand or we don't whatever that the landscape that has to be there and down they say it's it's it's something that's good for the environment and. I I think that's perfectly fine I just I I don't wanna be buried myself it's just not something. Thing real drastic could. I mean just. In the way of the wife was joking around the other day about it she's like you know I just put me in the backyard and portion Kass on the audio goodness but then it's just now but I prefer not to be shoved in the ground just. You know it's an eye on it's it's always been one of those fears we stink like a little wake up. Yet while that's what they used to put those string Arnoldo. The because they used to happen but. I think it's an interesting night discussion I personally. Listen I'd item not sure if I wanna be buried or cremated or what but I can tell you right now that I don't want that if I thought I want a place from my family can go in and thrown if things that mean if there's still things to do what's apple lawyers again as we throw things makes it Ketchum that a product now they have the Sutherland to where it's they've they've. Turned into this pod thing in it is in use silly Grotrian. Have you have you seen that now I know I've heard of something like that yet. Idea I am not sure I think eyes I don't know but you know it ties into the nicely to the discussion we're having tonight with doctor Craig Hogan. Who is the author of a book called your eternal self. And if he's right. We're gonna get some much information from him as to in the evidence supporting his to his ideas. If he's right none of that matters anyway you with the what happens to the body is really irrelevant because Zune really the body is nothing but a temporary usually they'll just a shell that's that's housing what is considered to be. Our eternal cells. For a brief period and we move on. So very uninteresting so Demitra and now the doctor. Yeah let's bring whispering listening director Craig Hogan back in. Doctor you. In your book your eternal self she addressed a lot of things but I wanna start with what would be the most rudimentary of the questions here. How can you be sure how can we be sure that people live on after death. And we have a lot of evidence we have. Now we have a clear channel would follow suddenly have a of flown to the afterlife. We have many people who are themselves able to communicate and through. There abilities they're called mediums. And they are able to communicate that some of them are called mental mediums that means. To get messages from people mentally. And then they convey them to the people and and we know who they are we see them on television. And a very accurate. So we know in fact that they are communicating with somebody. Who is living in and they have correct. And because of their accuracy. But we have also people who are called physical mediums. And the physical mediums are can actually have somebody materialize. They can actually take on a bottle reform. So they've been passed away in the next two years bill and and the bodies smoldering on the graze someplace. And they appear in the room would. The dissenters were there. Group of people and they can communicate with the local and who's sitting in the room with them we have many instances of that as well. And so we know that they can communicate and get this side we have lots and lots of evidence of that. Has hundreds of thousands or millions of other episodes of which that's true. We also know that if you do surveys of people we we know that as many as seventy to 80% of windows. Say that they have had paid an excellent communication from. There are husbands after they have passed away. It's very common occurrence many people have a so it's not to be and usually it's something that would that we all know about we know who have relatives serve or we ourselves. Have had that experience. So that people on the other side communicate very clearly to us. We have methods of communication now that are up to 90% successful. That means 90% of the people who want to communicate can do so. And I know the other to present we can find a way so that there are ways that they can communicate and deaf communicate with their load balance with the children when they're with their parents. And whether communicating with them yeah I know that they are the people who have been to visit on the airplane because they wouldn't mistake that. And so we have all the evidence that we need from the actual communications with people living in and explain that life. Okay well as an end but the fact is lake. I don't it's just it's step because there's so many. There's a lot of individuals who do a great job like Lisa Williams close personal friend of mine you brought her up I know John Edwards as well but there there's also a lot of people who. We'll give in and get in there and their more in there to deceive and I think that that's him that's where the problem is war how do you find somebody who surely legit. Who surely able to communicate. Even we have lists of people who are on our web site. Two academic institute. Dot org. And you can go to that this others of a fellow named Bob Olson. Who has the list there's research facility called win bridge institute. They have it's of people but the most important thing is that if somebody's sick and have a reading they have to have what's called a potential leader. And their potential reading means that the medium is going to start off for it evidence. Of the person on the other side and the person inside and is could cooperate with that they want us to know as much as we want to know that it really is them. And so what happened is with a good medium without a valid medium the first thing that you get is evidence so that things could actually happen job over princes said. But he was doing research with the University of Arizona. I have an instance in which he'd get a reading for. A woman and and who can disregard the fact that the woman had. Two poodles and what was back among the slight. And the like when tore up from a wedding that they had had. Those kinds of things or not he couldn't get out of the cold reading he couldn't get out of making guesses. So those presidential things that must happen to us some is having your reading. The first thing they should get from the person who decides through the medium. It's facts about their lives about things that they only they would know. And they don't get doesn't walk out of the room because that person is not develop medium. As you arm. Explore these ideas and and became more and more convinced. That there is life after what we know is life. You know did you have experience as yourself so that. With communicating with you said he talked with family members and I'm assuming you've talked with. Others for I don't know for clients are friends or whatever but. As you had these communications read we are you getting information about what that life is on the other side of this life. Yes we have a tremendous amount of information about it we have road maps suited to the afterlife. We know what it's like when the person first transitions so we know what it's like when they live there we know how long they live there we know the conditions under which they do we know what did. Environments like there we know we know about animals they have to let we know vast amounts about the effort now bit. People just start told these things so we. Have not always sure is great knowledge now about the outside and and I do this you say yeah I guess that's. The people who learn how to communicate themselves can get its. So people learn how to communicate through meditation. We have an all my training program it's free. Anybody can get on it to make America how to communicate with their own local. And data and their loved ones we'll describe what it's like in the afterlife with their with their life is like there and so. We have anybody that's the question about anything in the air that we can answer it now. Let's talk about some of those details. What happens in the time after someone dies. It depends on the person everything is individual. It's that we have our personal universe is so that we have our personal spat. And so what happens immediately afterwards depends on the person but generally. The kinds of things that are happening that many people will go into a period asleep for about three days. During which time they recuperated and they may wake up and so what books like gave reception room. Or they may wake up in what looks like hospital minutes of extra place to recuperate. But we have other people who like wake up in other instances state aid. We have one man who came true a medium in the twentieth century mean let's leaflets. And mostly fine it was a directly medium that means that. He was secure room in the dark and voices would commodity area of voices of children. Women though men. That would come out of here and they would speak to the person that was in the room. And we had one for men who came through and led the Clinton we have a recording of him coming through and he described it that we. He when he awoke and you decide. He found himself in the field and he was underneath the tree. And he said were you know I was you'll be surprised at who I was grieved by what degree but I want to make flies thank god. He says I was greeted by Nellie. And he says. You rendering and Delhi as well Nellie was my course. And I was sending need to tree and now look upon his decided Nellie came over to me and she was just curious. To see me because she had passed away in the long before I head. And we had a wonderful reunion so he was out in the middle of the field and then woke up some people looked up and and what is a facsimile of their home. The exact effect on that they had when they were in the airplane if thing as a pleasant memory of their home. So they wake up and and what it looks like a room in her home. Their parents sit there their children to have passed before the birds there. Their pets so there they come up to them. And so they describe that kind of incidents and one Mort I kinda felt. It is that you know about because it's very different. Another man. When he immediately past you within World War I. And this also came through that defense we have the recording at least in this recording. That he was on the battlefield. And in the global war on the Germans from one side and then the English front genocide. And they were in trenches. And they would jump up and run across what was called no man's because everybody gets killed. When they ran across the no man's land. And so he jumped up the fox hole and he ran across some implants he kept running and running his firing at the Germans were coming out of and after allowing you this step to the Germans they weren't firing back at him and he couldn't tell what was going on. And Charlie jumped into our excellence helps state and and he woke. And there was the soldier who came to him well it was in the talks so. And the soldier has somebody can do it passed away just a few weeks before. And he explained to him that he had been exit killed on the battlefield. He had died there but he kept on running because his mind was still on the battlefield. So he thought they had the feeling like he was still alive if you missed on the battlefield. And so then he learned from his compatriots this friend. That he had passed away and so that's how healer everybody learns of a different way everything happens to Europe for a person. Depending on the circumstances of what they need. Mom and dad we're gonna have to dig quick break here but we've got so much more to talk about when we come back. Yeah tires so you'll see Jason GDP on our earlier radio. 467766. Manner guest tonight is doctor Craig Hogan he has a number of books that we've been talking about including your internal self. And after death communication new therapy for healing grief and trauma he coauthored that book. And that we were talking about a lot of things and I wanna bring us right back to what we were talking about before he went into the break. Doctor you're talking about how that many different ways. That the next life the afterlife if you will presents itself to people in the user this is information you got from people who party made that passing and that transition. It almost sounds to me as though on the mind as we are talking about it previously that attaches itself from the human body after death. On it kind of fabricate what it wants that next life for that next step to be does that make sense. Yes citizen thank that the it's a very good description of it. So what happened. This that we can enter that next plane of life. And when the transition that plane of life we become. Put it is the we have the conception that we are. The person takes on a body that is just assault that this body that. The F but I from the talk about Hitler. Is exactly like airplanes as far as being solid it's heavy material. Objects and streams and buildings and all of the things that we associate with your play except to dismember these the tropics. But we also have a body we have a solid bodies in in the afterlife we'll walk around and I would go to concerts and those sorts of things. And that body that we have when we going to gift of life is. In as we were when we were in our crime. Could be would agree in our twenties and thirties. And a person in just has that said I have to think about it say it like to have. A body in my company's securities. It just happens to them they have that body but he also then. Live in a circumstance. That is what they expect to with a desire. So that they then will let them live in our house for instance. That is in keeping with the kind of help that they wouldn't have. You don't need to eat there's no need to have food and in the end explained of life. But people can have a food if they want it and the don't have to conjured up. The food is simply there if they have the desire for this they wanna go to the recreation get something that increases there. We even have people describe. Smoking on the other side that says immense smoke it's partly. And he loves what he is five when he was on the airplane he wanted to spoke despite and so the pipe was there was simply available. Then to tackle as there but there was none of the smoked and as a deleterious effects on the body. Those sorts of things they just weren't there but the sensation as though the tournament to be got out of being able to do that was simply there because he would want a bit. And it was something you didn't have to conjure up. It was just given to him. So you're able to manifest. Yourself. I yep which you don't have to manifested United States I'd really like have a pipe. The type is simply there. Because the fact that you desire that that's something you would like to have. And so it's there. Boy it's sounds an awful lot like oh what my vision of heaven would be just gonna have anything you want and there's no. Harm from any of it I mean whether it's eating new armored I'm ready to go and let us let's do something pretty for your time cleric. So we have to take hard break and when we come back we've definitely ask more questions also the phone numbers 8446877669. If you have any questions. Again it's toll free 88446877669. You listen Jason. GBM beyond early. As a some real time programs also now motive for listening later just go to website to find out. I do that if you've got the app dirty know how to do that actually. Damage some nice and easy but if you do down with a showed iTunes or wherever else just to listen for different rate at forest helps push shall forward. And that's what it's all about but we know it's being downloaded and 910s of thousands times today we greatly appreciate the sport and we also appreciate the sport of all the radio stations during the programs that list continues to grow tonight we're talking with doctor Cragg Greg Hogan we're talking about his book. You're eternal self. And we've had a a pretty interesting discussion so far but before we went to break. We were talking about tonight and we you know are kind of joking Jay about it the fact that the way doctor Hogan was describing. What would be considered the afterlife it sounds a bit like Kevin but in a serious way. Doctor is there heaven and hell is there a difference. There is Evan and that actually is what we called some land. It's are also called the third level. And that we it would be like heaven because of the fact that. It's a time of reflection and relaxation and the time Forrester really recuperate and then to be reunited with our loved ones. Who are there and to really enjoy life fully enjoy is that if you ever if you ever watch Groundhog Day. And bill very is that learning how to play the piano and and he always wanted to play the piano and he kept coming back and Groundhog Day and after a while they actually there and how to play the piano bit. If you wanted to learn out of Vienna you can do that. In the next sign of life whatever it is that you would really want to have. So. Those things that that you most desire at this thing that you're going to be able to do once you're in the in the in the afterlife. And what that means is that you are going to be able to. Spend as much time there if you want it as much time on that level if you want to. You'll have the kind of environment that you want to have. So that's rabbit like haven't. Just if you their worst thing to thing. There is no assisting itself that was in the solitude they came out of the church in the second century primarily. It was developed then and their notes and and Dante added to it and they actually the ones who. Made the pictures of hell that we have in our minds today. They were inventions of the church there is no such thing and tell everybody has an opportunity when they go on to the next stage of life. Do gross spiritually to to become more the kind of person they want to become. So everybody has a chance to do that nobody goes to tell there's no judgment. We do judge ourselves in the news we do go through it like for here. So that when we go on to next plan of life. We'll go back through all the incidents that we had in our life and will see them from the other person's point of view as well as ours. So we'll feel the emotions of those other people's doubts. As we have interactions with them and if they were cruel interactions we have with them we're gonna learn from that because we're gonna extreme emotions that they felt. So in that way then we will be judging ourselves. That there is no judgment from outside of ourselves there is no so there's no condemnation. And that includes for anybody includes for people who commit suicide for instance. There is no condemnation that. So you believe in that hole is just won't support and was manufactured by. And by a churches to sort of keep people on the right path. Was attacked at foot the way that they historians describe it in the first and second sentries. They said well then the church has invented this to keep the rebel and in line. And that's a fact like they did it it's too late to church used to control people. And you had to go to the church of you're gonna status now. Made and started selling things like indulgences. And they were ways to of the church making money and and. Then. Fooling people into believing that. Somehow it would stay out of our out of purgatory if they just came to church enough money. So that that's the way that it didn't develop them we actually have. The records of the development you can Trace the development back to the very church. In this second century. But also just in the societies. Belief isn't it good to still have at least a belief withheld energies for a there's a lot of negativity that goes on in this world and the fear of going to hell and having to deal with the hell. Is is sort of a good thing too to keep people on a better path than to keep people from doing some of these sick and demented things have been going on in the world. Well what happens is that the people who are going to do sickened tremendous things don't care about Helen anyway. They don't care about revisions are not people who would but in the events we shouldn't have to use to help keep people them from getting sick demented thing. We should that should come out of our hearts. Particular about who we are the same way that when we go to the next kind of life life will be there like look we envision it to be what we believed to be. We should be having ahead on our. And we should be having that thing is the fact that we regard to the people are in the we'd love of the people realize that there are one what does that were more than Brothers and sisters were actually one. And then when he had set then all over the cruelty and all the violence and all of the insensitivity goes away. Because you treat gay people differently. Our nation what we're doing in the actually research and education institute. Our mission is LP. We'll have that direct communications. And what they have that good communication that see themselves differently. They'll see other people differently they'll lose their lives differently and then you'll have to worry about violence you won't have to worry about cruelty won't have to worry about. And animosity. Between people. There will be much more about in the world. Yeah but in the in the same regards it is it's sort of tough go to sit back and think that. Well when you pass you knew you move on you might be in the same place where like the this sick individual from Texas who just took 27 lives. Do you you're going to the same place as this individual and so I I think that's tough for society to sit there and understand that while Hank you know I very well I'm more I'm going Hitler. It is is it could be there as well and just sort of this six thought. Sure you're right then and there are actually planes. So that airplanes living there are on the other side of that kind of life. There is their planes that are darker than it that's when they describe it they're dark complains they're colder. They are where those people who you're describing that's where they go because of the fact that that's for their minds dark. It's not that they are there are condemned to those areas. So mess us and so they go they're picked we are not going to. Those of us Hulu. Are more our minds are more loving her more divorce spiritual we're going to another level another plane. And we don't have seeing it any interaction with those people. Who were on that lower level at that power plant. Okay so in other words there there are manifest who they're creating their own hell that there. Actually what happened to their community it and so that a lot of people are saying. Sentiments. Same attitude. Thanks so very much like like in the movie what dreams may come with Robin Williams where. His wife manifest in her own hell okay yeah. But you wouldn't you can't manifesting help. Like that place like that fire and brimstone and and pitchforks and doubles program you can manifest that. What would happen is that you will live a life just like here in the airplane. But it here it's like you are among the other gang bangers. And years did you you're angry with each other cruel to each other and and use your life is just not very pleasant because severe attitude toward each other pitcher creating net. So they're creating net on the other side they're creating ample environments. The people who like. Who are going to lose that environment that I called summer land. That's sympathy out of this colleges. It's summer Lander a level three that's a very wonderful world it's so world just like your plane except it's been wonderful with. None of the drawbacks there is no sun has to be terribly hot. There's an ambient suited temperature over time during the snowstorms. There are no kicks. Biting user depth of the drawbacks none of those negative things. So it it is so wonderful world and that's a world of recuperation will we can decide what to do next in our spiritual growth and our lives. So we we will be there on that plane those people who lose are you like to mass murder is and and Hitler and those people. They area in the same plane with the other people were like that. And they're condemning themselves to that plane. Not a hill but it is not a very pleasant place to these poor people risen. So doctor is somebody who's look at this from a rather scientific perspective. And a Lotus -- a very methodical perspective. There's a great deal the scientific community that still believes swell in the brain dies a person dies in. What do they not seeing what are they missing and what would you say to them. Well what they're doing is their wind as the scientists. Scientists takes all of the evidence and late on the table looked like their cards we have on the table. He's take all the facts all the evidence accumulated about and then you look at them and you say what do all of these come together and conclude. They just use them all and do you draw your conclusions based on all the evidence but what they do that these these people who don't they're called material as. And the people who don't except these facts that they just shut the fact that they don't accept off the table. And they don't look at the so they don't look at the people who could do remote viewing and and they. They insist that the mind is in the brain and they don't understand or are and they are not able to explain. How I can sit someplace and describe things that sounds about the way they pushed those cards off the table. So what's happening is they're staying in bigger. But it's an address that they're choosing to begin. And because there are enough of them that they can besides they're not going to talk about this together and they're going to put pressure on anybody any of the other. Scientists. Who talked about it they're able to keep this from the public and they're able to keep its. From being discovered. But it's because of the fact that they're ignorance they simply don't know that they they're refusing to know. And they stay in that state said that the state they've created for themselves. So here's here's an interesting question that relates directly to with a lot of the work it to Jason I've done over the years. But based on what we've been talking about what happens. In a house that we would be we would consider to be haunted. What is going on there. That number of things that it that could be happening. One of them is that there is there can be a memory on the Easter it's called a memory on the Easter. And a memory on the Easter means there is an easier it's the spiritual. Kind of a coding. And is that could be a memory is people at Gettysburg for instance. C hold troop. Forces. Coming against each other. And they'd they'd play out these these sitting at the Specter goes but really it's just a memory. It's in that spiritual coating. So here since that's one thing to have. Second thing that happens there could be people who are hurt them. What that means is they have passed out of the body can no longer using a body. But they don't mind stays on the earth plane. The other is the mine because the mind consultant really is still. We're not the body so the mind state Soviet plane and they continued to do things they can walk around to get up but does he saw the movie ghost that's exactly what it's like. So they can they can go around and and they could still get on the airplane but it's just that mine and what they can do is they can do to mr. easiest thing. An arsonist people who said fires. Can find other arsonists and they can try to influence them by. Thinking invite them bite and trying to influence amino because our minds are one trying to implement their minds they wouldn't it be wonderful to that building on fire convection fire trucks coming around. And tries influence and set fires because it's an arsonist. He wants to stay and the airplane and so in his mind there in India tries to influence people that's the second group of people. The sir that there are people who have never bit. Humans they never have been on the airplane. There are Arafat's. Figured senators they're created by god but they are negative and and and they can be what we would call people so these says the shadow people. These are the people who are do you would call them demons they would they hurry evil. And so they do exist and there are people there are entities. That are like that and had never been people. But they aren't season they do prey upon people on the airplane. So there at least those three divisions of people look to would be and what we would call off on it out. Okay we've got just a couple minutes left for fear and sadly we haven't gotten to everything. On the one of the things it's rather important and everything you've talked about is the ability to communicate with those who have passed with a dead. On do you say that everybody has the ability to do what you say that you can help T. Teach people how to do it obviously is not something that comes natural to everybody because we'd all be doing and all the time. On. Give give us is some guidance as to how he would go about learning how to do this and with what success you'd have a few. Chest. The 86% of the people who go to the training program we have to do it. The training program mystery its online day in the. AR AI is has put it on line for people. And it said self guided to dot spiritual understanding dot org. Self guided dot spiritual understanding dot org. And the ticket on this and they go to the states could training people will learn how to communicate 86% of the people in this study that was done have been able to blame now. To do it Elliott to do it to be able to communicate is learned out of well we called free unfolded. And having achieved just relaxed. Because you guys you are a lot of things could to come into your mind and you don't try to make them happen. You don't. Become preoccupied with memories and you just allow things to happen. And then you go to the scene in which you would have a communication with a lot of good. On the other side go into that scene and then relax and about whatever comes to come. And the first things to come Q you mentioned something about telepathy. The first thing to come to your tenacity their telepathic. They will be the person you decide communicating with Q he sent to accept that and after awhile they need you'll actually search have a dialogue with the flow freely. And anybody can learn how to do it. They get on the street programmers can just sit down and started dialogue started victory would this this person is looking at besides it will merge into an actual communication because they're there. There regardless of where they are there on the spot away. So if you think about them and ask them to come to you they'll come to you from wherever they are. And you don't pull them back by talking with them you can communicate with them and it will come to you and anybody can do it anytime despite sitting down doing it. And one last thing here so if you would give the titles of the books the names of the web sites again so that everybody can find more dirt. The web sites are add to afterlife. Institute. Dot org. If you wanna get done and and and read my book I put my book online it's published but I put it on my because I brought everybody to edit its fury eternal self. Dot com. They can get on there. We are having a symposium. And as September having wonderful speakers in Scottsdale. Arizona they invite everybody to come. Really it is not it's not very costly to come. Whose look has become my books are your eternal self. And guided the afterlife connections. And it in two step two left connections. Get any of those books said from Amazon.com. All right well thanks so much for coming on any analysis from the Florida avenue on again at some point. Paris agreement. Our guys are gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll wrap things up it's beyond reality rating Jason GP. It's Friday or guidance and just a horrible for the Massachusetts is is looking at eliminating that as couple other states already have. I'm not so sure we needed any more immediate kind of made sense back long time ago bottom swisher doesn't. Takes me weeks to get back there. To give mr. routine as the only time I like it is when I get an extra hour of sleep which is in the fall but manages messes me up in the spring so I don't think it really you know I think you just keep moving it back an hour. Every time and again next or sleep I would be okay with a. Well thanks so much for doctor cradled in the coming on hang analysis and I remember tomorrow night we're going to be talking ray Warren. But the cause and effect of the Mandela affect. And then Thursday were in rejoined by Chris spores colonel communicators created new approach to ghost hunting by interacting with spirits and interviewing them the haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com. Slash B on reality radio like to FaceBook page. That had to be on reality radio dot com. We can download the free iPhone and android atlas atlas of lie sketch pad shows and join online chat more. So until tomorrow night's Jason and TV beyond rally here and beyond reality radio catch all month and. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason goes GB Jackson into this one held since it's a coincidence that the it's an old home week you don't really read news. Yeah. You know stuff going thinks the agency hello fading centrist because well Jason is slow and it chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com.