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Witches & witchcraft from someone who has been practicing for years.

Nov 6, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson invite Skye Alexander to the program to discuss her life as a witch and her practice of witchcraft. Despite the misconceptions and superstitions, Skye says that this can be completely normal and accepted. 11/3/2017 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Thursday on the West Coast. Frank and the East Coast and many were stuck in between now welcome to be on really your radio and myself and Jason Hawes and the always awesome. Jamie Johnson. Yet we got a great show lined up tonight we're going to be talking about witches and witchcraft with a which sky Alexander's or names have a lot of books tour credit about which is in witchcraft and we're going to be talking about all those things and much much more we got to get right into it so let's take a break and bring sky in afterward it's beyond reality radio chastened and. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest check out in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. A great Cilic. Yeah I'm one of the topics that we enjoy talking about a lot and there's a lot of news mutant misconceptions. Mysterious ness and preconceived notions related to this topic which is why I like talking about it. But which is in witchcraft. Our guest tonight is Scott Alexander she's an author. Oh which an astrologer a tarot card reader and so much more endeavor gonna talk about all these things with her let's bring her into the program sky welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. Thank you so much for having me on your show. Amish joining us so let's start at the very very beginning first of all I should mention you've got I don't know something like the fifty book said he got a ton of books what are what. Fiftieth pick up around forty. I that you're getting caught early it get there but it's an organized kind of focus on as the witchcraft related books like the modern guide to witchcraft the modern. Witchcraft spell book and some others. But let's talk about move to cut definition here what does it mean to be away each. Well in my definition. Which is somebody who uses his or her power along with the natural laws of the universe. To shape reality in accordance with the religious purpose. Now does the week just purpose vary from person to person is that when you say which is do you mean that specific person. Well whatever hit it for purposes of that particular time for example if you're trying to attract prosperity. Or trying to create protection whatever happens to big. If purposeful change. I CO crack. So didn't. Work. Yet depending on the circumstances of what your objectives as now you mentioned the in the natural laws and and and and of which is power themselves combined with the natural laws we're both of those things come from. Where what do than what's the natural source of the natural laws and what's the source of the power. Well what I'm talking about when I'm in prefer activity natural allies. Working in each case it was because our Swift Energy that the planets in the sun. Working with the earth and nature in general. So pretty much just trying to pull all the energy from everything again. Everything is made of energy we know that and it's an attempt to bring those energies in harmony with your own energy. To produce a result. Now let me ask you though how long have you been practicing witchcraft. Know at least twenty years. And what college they have asked. And I woke up regularly get from the time I was little kid I didn't know tip top. Yeah cultural arm and what was the what was that. Change your life that brought you into following following that. Needing people for work already practicing which is to create it has. Hire me and helped guide in that direction but I'd only had and interest in metaphysical subjects. And started working with ESP and suspect in the early sixties. And I have been doing astrology since mid seventies so disinterested and a lot of metaphysical subject anyway moving into witchcraft as. A natural passively take. Partly also because. It is. Well I should say witchcraft. First of all it's cracked. A lot of people mistake wicca and witchcraft that they're the same thing but they're really not witchcraft is the practice of manipulating energy. And wicca is a religion. Right we've actually spoken to in the last a couple of weeks anyway we've had several different guests on the program what we had a a week on the program we had and knew who do conjure. Come old style conjure on the program and in May also have some common threads in the sense they use a form of magic as part of what they practiced. Does the power for each of those sky come from the same place or is it can be all completely disconnected. Nothing is disconnected everything in our universe is connected. All people all plants all animals everything. So deep power comes from the power to do magic comes mainly from. The practitioners in line in the practitioners energy and emotion. However you're also drawing upon the cosmic energy with it that is. At a higher power. Or whether it's the energy of the cosmos. They said earlier the planets besides. All of those things are it would draw upon all of that for. The energy that we funneled into our stealth. When you started to two. The more you sit as a child do you think you may have been practicing witchcraft but didn't realize it you were self aware of it. Does everybody have that in eight. A possibility or is this something that is only. Available to certain people. Now everybody has that possibility we are have powers that we can be used to. Basically manipulate all the while actively shape better. Energy around us and we all. Actually do practice witchcraft literally no order not a we hear a lot about black magic for example but the people who are most likely to practice black magic people don't know what they're doing for example. But they drive and I wish somebody Quechua and you curse that person was something bad happened. That's practicing black magic that you wouldn't think it in the way. Actually. Anybody can be a which. Have been more abilities and other base and that's. The case with anything. But anybody can hone those skills and weren't used to you know. A productive and effective way. Problem with that. I was gonna say Imus practiced like Patrick fifty times today at the backed up by custom people the critics attack. AG's. So is so sky if if if that is an example of practicing black magic are you saying that it's as easy as just saying a few words as opposed to needing some special. Ritual or ingredients or some type of other more methodical approach. Well it just sing a few words probably couldn't do very much quite frankly the more you can you. Bring your focus or concentration your energy or emotion. Into whatever spell you're doing or whatever ritual you're doing. The more powerful it's going to be. And so when we use certain tools we use certain ingredients are certain practices and rituals. We are mostly doing that in order to harness our own airpower get in touch with that. And really sharpen our focus. Well what isn't that a sort of a double plated soared to think about it as if somebody's bringing the emotions of hate and anger into that camp that. Totally tree at another a situation. I'm sure. However people who work with magic. Realize that what ever you put out is gonna get back and we usually say it's gonna come back to threefold. So that the likelihood. Age conscious. Which. Using magic did do harm is the less likely. Because we know that if ways to hurt somebody else if everything is connected and well connected everybody else. Whatever we do is gonna come back to us and we're gonna suffer for so. Yeah and I and I can expect sleep well yeah legacy that with somebody who's been in in this realm for. For 2039 years and so forth but it. Also when it comes down to witchcraft this over it's one of the fastest growing. Things out there effort for teenage girls and I think you'd agree you'd agree with that there's there's. Human sexton to show that and that's where it gets a little little hairy and scary because these girls don't have the knowledge. That. You being in this in this area four for as long as you have have learned I mean they come in. Pretty much new to this with that with their friends scandals are trying to do things their spells and so forth and without that sort of knowledge you have. True although I came into it without acknowledge either and most of us do I immediately I was fortunate to have some people to help guide me. But that's what I write my books to try to clarify a lot of these misconceptions. As to try to kiss. Particularly young people you are right that a lot I would take my audience is probably eighteen to thirty. Primarily. And to try to give them guidance system. Tools that they can work with and but pretty much everybody. On the way somewhere it's gonna make mistakes they're going to get. Yes some black magic consciously or unconsciously and they're gonna learn from the mistakes just like we learned from our mistakes in every other area of life. You mentioned black magic I know I know we have of a pretty good idea what that means but for those who might be new to this whole concept what's the difference between. Good and evil or black and white which is black and white magic or are there definitions for that. There are bar and I'll give you my definition white magic. It magic it's done to connect with the spirit world the higher forces to gain knowledge. Black magic is magic it's done intentionally to harm someone else and great magic everything in between. And when do you think it's appropriate. Whether it's good or bad wider black or gray. When is it appropriate to use witchcraft to effect an outcome. Everyone. Yeah. Everything. Quickly what we're doing is taking charge of our lives we're empowering ourselves rather than just letting things happen to us. We make those things happen. G. Yeah did you see any difference. In non let's let's sale a love spell for example okay in in these let's say you want someone to be attracted to you and one way you could do that is by. Complementing paying attention. Give him wearing nice clothes whatever happens to be that affects an outcome. Another way. Is used witchcraft is there any thing. Inappropriate about using witchcraft to affect someone else in in that case it's a love spell to make them attracted to where they might not be otherwise is there's anything immoral or wrong what better sectors another tool in the air Errol in the quiver. Well I think it depends on how you do it once it comes down to your contention. And blood cells that where people are most likely go wrong. Because you know you desire to someone or something really strongly and you're going to use whatever tools you've got it'll get. But deep. The problem is if you attempt to manipulate somebody. To do something that the issue with not two of you know mr. pearl record. That is generally considered I don't know not it doesn't happen but. It's not usually a good idea a couple of reasons for that one is and I'd say is particularly for young people. You may think that somebody is right for you Bret. Once you get it done a stellar you've got mad person tracked into your life. They find at that is the person you want an understaffed but at. Or it may find out that. There was somebody else who might be better for you if you hadn't done this belt I can get rid of the humble you know the guy party got. Earlier are god and then. Do another stout against the other person said basically. That bitter way to approach it. Is to say do this bill Ford to attract the person is right for you in every way. Pretty much that is allowed in the first step and a four iron knowledge to step and and make the attraction happened with the right person rather than somebody did you think you might like at a particular time. I was finished just dealt with something like made it begun. For the good of all concerned are beyond. And then ago. And I think that's important because honestly if you just do it. Ask anybody in which held opening it up to the one who's right for you and you sort of manipulating your year. You're taking way that person's moral choice of free will turn to choose whoever they want. Yeah you certainly interfering with and you also as a said. Might be making a mistake. So and basically what I heard you say there in part of that answer anyway it was there is a kind of a code of ethics if you will. That people who are judicious and responsible in using witchcraft would follow. There is particularly among the weekend. We basically have one rule and that's do no harm. And dignified dogma. Yeah well yeah and also because you've you don't want returned back on you as well. It's eluded to begin as a boomerang effect at all you know what goes around comes around certainly is true and when you put. More magical power and energy behind it you're more likely to see those results have been pretty. Sky I think you know for people who are familiar with how all of this works. The conception. And it's a misconception of of how a spell casting process might go would you know may involve smoke in a flash of light in a pool for an. And whatever obviously that's not how it happens so when you go through this process casts a spell and look for an outcome. How quickly does the does the outcome occurred or is this something that that happens immediately your used you start to see the effects immediately exit take time. How does that work. It and it can take it can happen very quickly it can take. Always thought it needs to take for something to develop. For example I once I decided I wanted to do this bill to attract department. And it took about nine months because this person who lived to. You know what I lived in Massachusetts. He had Philip house. Did they just get transferred and then find any get even I was looking for a couple of. Indeed find you. We know where to get at it like oh wow that's that's the scrapes on what I. On another occasion I had a situation where I just hope I get that divide one partner and was driving home. And on the way as get a kick out of what it got forming extended weekday. Ten minutes according in my driveway he would try to advise bicycle stopped. Put in there against himself and so yeah I can happen right away. My interest okay we're talking. Dependency can't put all the pieces together that depends on. How fast that can happen in the physical world. Right we're talking with sky Alexander's sky is an author which an astrologer she's got a number of books I think we've said over forty. Including the modern guide to witchcraft the modern witchcraft spell book. And others related to witchcraft and we're gonna continue that conversation and talk more about this after the break. Yes you can check out our web say it's guy that's SK YET. Alexander dot com against I escape life you Alexander dot com and it was a decent. Jason tan and I appreciate her joining us if you're listening to the show is a download we invite you to listen to the program alive were on. Midnight to 2 AM. And it all goes on I was just gonna say that I you know it's midnight 2 AM. It just section Tuesday through Friday or Tuesday through Saturday shallow Scopes lecture at the West Coast which makes it awfully confusing on the eighties some witchcraft will help sell this force until I. I don't know I don't know what consult this but it's been a dilemma since we started the show yes yes so. But you can check out the station analyst at beyond reality radio dot com just click on the station list below you there are also feel free to download the free iPhone and android app. A Los Angeles in the show live to catch specials on the go all seek to connect and the online chat room from him. Or listen right from online just go to be on reality radio website click to listen line connecting to a community of great people in you lesser rate their from the what's in the Chet. Jack and I mentioned witchcraft because tonight we're talking with Skye Alexander who is eight which an author an astrologer. A number of books turned the skies credit and we were talking about witchcraft before the break and sky you need to ask you. I'm what is the whom I guess the certainty of these of spells when you cast are you. Fully. Comfortable saying that it's that it happens. Favorably every time or is it 50% how often do you get the results that you are looking for. Well let me say it sometimes that results are not necessarily what I was looking for. And that happens with other people it's a lot of it. The effectiveness depends upon how you put the still together let's say the Jews affirmations for example. An affirmation is a statement a short concise positive statement they made it is that they present tense if already exists. And you have to be very careful that you restate this correctly. So let's give it an example of how I still could go wrong. But say you'd say oh I want. A companion this perfect in every way. And you might even say you know affectionate. Friendly. Beautiful whatever it is. Now a companion if you end up with really nice dog. It still has worked out too quickly meant for a complex but that's what you said. So some of the effectiveness comes from the way you approach this bill also making sure that what you really want. It would Jews have done this Belfour. Get a lot of times you think you want something. And then in your heart of hearts that's not really what you actually want it's so what you. Maybe. The result you may get as the result that you really want even though it's not necessarily. The way you do dispel. But usually I would. I would guess that if I allowed myself to. Really fully embrace the situation and connect with the university energy into everything. With a you know really clear intent. I would think most of what else would come true. Have you ever. Cast a spell. Had the outcome that you were looking for and then regretted doing that. Not really. Does that went wrong. Because I was. Back when I was you know very first starting out I think I like mostly just Gates's manipulative still ahead. It was some results that we're necessarily ideal. But for the most part I think it might do something we clear intent. I'm I'm gonna be except NN I'm opening myself to allow the universe to guide me also so that. I will hopefully didn't get the best result. Based on higher knowledge from my own you know conscious mind. So it in in any or all or most cases if you. Cast a spell you get the results were looking for with and realize that's not what you really wanted as you. Have pointed out before that that can happen. Other group spells to undo the spells that you cast. Yeah he just doesn't it affected. The beginning let's say what you just what do we were talking about before with. Fail at spell and get the guys that you don't want to go that you don't want realizing afterwards that you don't want that person. And you have to do. A still to break that. And then once you have created the separation. That you can start over again from you know and there are. So pretty much like a reversal. Reversal spell. Sort of it's not exactly reversal what I would do. Would be to create. Separation. So that let's say for example. I would use the image of what actually in the physical tools well. And he had broke as the connection between us and then cut the rope. So it's that simple system let the other person ago. So anybody who has studied history at all or even just paid attention to the word which knows that differ very very long time. Other news very serious negative connotations and associations with the word and the practiced and of witchcraft at what point did that start to change. Have all those misconceptions faded and will load will that the definition of witchcraft being which continued to evolve. Well I don't think that they conception has changed completely. Certainly not where I live now on that it is it's. I live in the heart of Texas is very conservative christianity. You very conservative Christian community. And there's still a tremendous amount of fear negativity and hold stereotyping. That goes on here. If you're in Salem Massachusetts as a whole different ballgame or San Francisco or someplace side. Question Barry England. I think that it is changing. I think particularly with young people and some of the pop culture staff has. Helped put aside this stereotypes NC it would be. Until head with Serb big nose awards flying around on a broomstick. But still there's an awful lot of fear of witchcraft and mostly did I believe this fuel that it has been far. Hundreds of years. Diet. Religion in the conservative religions christianity in particular but others as well. Did growing I think I think it's all things I think it will continue to fall and my hope is that. By getting more of the troops out there. That. Essentially the negativity and the fear and all of that will go away bad could happen in my lifetime. I do I do think that it's definitely becoming more accepted to and but I do a 100% agree with you there it's been called the persecution to people. Who are involved in it have been looked at very negatively. Four to source for centuries easy. Biggest misconception. Is that which is can sort with a double. And this is. Well particularly with quickness. We don't even a double or Satan is not as part of our concept to Christian concept. So. That I think is one of the biggest misconceptions out there think that is certainly earlier on. A lot of it was fear of female power. And particularly among the patriarch of religions. There was this demonization that went on. And it was mostly connected with that. So it's trying to stitch suppress women. Mainly as a lot of problem I think I agree that. Salem witch trial that was certainly part of the problem. That brought stat about. But we clearly know that particularly in the Middle Ages or even now more recently with such as you referenced the Salem witch trials interest clone to America. There was a lot of fear and superstition that led to persecution of people for witchcraft and other other things that we've learned sense we're just ridiculous. But what things have always had a problem with is that. I ice I think that. Do the word which and and then there's subsequent word witchcraft. Come from a definition. On that religion created in that it was. Someone who was in league with the double etc. etc. now I wipe your opinion on this has. Has has a new group of people. You included they don't have anything to do with those olds it's definitions and stereo types. Have you tried to change the definition or do you think the definition dished definition was wrong to begin ways. The definition is wrong to begin lists. The word it which comes from award which WI CCE which is old English word that is why. And don't be so idea. Did it woods. Originated by christianity. It's really not correct correct that the perception is not accurate how. Exactly he came about. OK so christianity I took the word and in distorted it. Been distorted the meaning. And whether or when a weather was that a legitimate reason to do that are not as complete different date however. There was. They needed to christianity and other religions adopted this word and used it for its own purposes which were saying at this point. Where were were completely erroneous. Okay remic sets and a registered confused about that because we often in cultures seem did take words that have a have a meaning. And then try to change meaning you not understand why there are some misconceptions because as you as a word of apology to those misconceptions and just arise naturally because of the change in definition. Yeah I keep reminding people what they just can't actually say something like oh that sealed which. I'll remind them this is a slur you know let's be aware. You wouldn't. You know is a slur like that for. The big Jewish person door for a Hindu person you are. Ill black person or whatever you know you'd be more conscious of the words and how he is the site I'm constantly reminding people. Great are there people that -- very dangerous let me ask it this way are there dangers in getting involved with witchcraft and casting spells work. Somebody or some people may be susceptible to rule but other. I don't know the word possession is is appropriate here who's got spirit connections here that could affect people. Is there anything or any dangers related to that for certain people. I think it can be as talked to people of credit problems. There's an old saying don't break anything you can't put down when you're dealing with spirits. There are certainly spirits that are not necessarily. Interest in your will be and wanna be careful who you work with because. We ought to do work with other spirits we worked with hopefully. Positive for the spirit guides. Animal guardian. Angels. No we pretended draw upon. Beings for their help and assistance. But yeah you can keep you get the run I. Run into trouble. Right and it hit an all those things you just listen I think you've written books on all of those two so he's got a lot of knowledge about how to touch on some of those things. What I wanna do right now is actually take a quick break and when we come back. I'm get into some more this own specifically talked about some of the books that I mentioned earlier. It's beyond reality read your guest tonight is Skye Alexander the website is Skye Alexander and sky is spelled with an ES KYT Alexander dot com. There are a lot of books they're free to look at including the modern guy do witchcraft to modern witchcraft spell book. And many many others again beyond reality. That shows beyond reality radio Jason cars in June Johnson thanks for joining us a lot of great shows coming up he can. At the web site beyond reality radio dot com and take a look at her schedule seahorse scheduled guests are for any given week we've got a lot of great stuff fend we appreciate you being a long. Tonight we're talking with Skye Alexander who is an author which an astrologer tarot card reader. And and actually much much more sky I think your biography bio here says he you're also a drummer. That's why I don't I found a great because I'm a musician as well and I'm always look at her drummer so if I'm in Texas might be enemy gave me give you a call because. Drummers good numbers are hard to find. I can't control on interest. Not shift that would work which. Which your group but it. That's awesome. Who'd get back toward discussion. You're books. The modern guide to witchcraft the modern witchcraft spelled the word modern is in the title of many of these books. Is there it is that a distinction that things have changed over time in regards to the spell casting or is there another reason to put that into the titles. It's the boat see actual practice and get the attitude toward it yes things do change over time they have just like cocaine. Or selling or artwork and everything is going to evolve with the people full cup in two. And I hope that they young people coming into witchcraft today it will also continued to make it evolved. Now they are ER. And yes it is now also. Well let me keep you and example. Early stale if you go back hundreds of years a lot of them were purple belt. They used it temptations that idea was. Largely to draw. Delta force's of other spirited work with spirited various types. That is. We now expanded to use a lot more. Different kinds of practices you'll find a lot of people today use. It has gemstones and crystal still use flowers herbs. At a variety of other. Candles of course. Not that does warrant used in earlier times but even though we still do is good temptations we get it defamation and there is. Of course focusing now have more things that we continue to bring him. Everything has been affected by technology but it changes and rapid changes in technology and introducing. Things like the Smartphone it's it's hard to believe that it dead is as recently as maybe ten years ago. Smartphones were kind of the decision a very my high priced fancy toy for a lot of people now I think we almost all. Who rely on them for everything in our daily lives so technology is introducing ideas and concepts and habits that we probably didn't think of 101520 years ago how was that it how is technology affected. The world witchcraft. Well. But just he's so that you were talking about earlier you can take your your cellphone and listen to your show on the go you can do it. Magic ago it can take. Images for example on your. On your cellphone. Or your laptop. I can't whatever and used those images in a ritual someplace. Other than what you might normally do you practice. And that just a few things music it is music it is very powerful. Ingredient to bring it to a spell. And it actually is gonna go all the time out we have this technology. They can bring that into this bill somewhere. Wherever you happen debate I think one of the downsides however technology is working magic is that it takes you away from nature. And because I'm again and take it all all crimes. Really our current honorary. Bunch and we tend to try to work with nature and with cosmos. Missing for a lot of people now a lot of people are so wrapped up in the followed that they didn't notice anything around them and they don't know how or what nature they don't know how to relate to it. Well that's definitely true I mean when it comes down to the electronics people are becoming very disconnected from everything else. Oh. Oh that's right yeah I love Jerry went quiet numbers and but know that I. No doubt but yet but now it in but ended his statement on the pretty much with the electronics and everybody's becoming so disconnected from everything else that there. There and they're losing the ability to be in touch with the with all its other things. Out. So they and the ability to be in touch with each other. You know it's funny you say that too because I see this technology in icu like my kids who now a little older but you know constantly on their phone. Texting and FaceBook and with friends yet yet. There's still somehow even their disconnected you know if they're they're they're constantly communicating. It is there's still this major disconnection that's occurred because of the technology it's very strange. Yes I think so too but that's because the old. I didn't grow up without it that OJ you know you think it it makes it harder for us. To interact with the world around us whether that people aura they said earlier plants debt. Sky. All of those things are part of our. Our world and yet. The magic. Goes everywhere. And the more you can interconnect with everything will be aware of your connections with everything is probably a better way of saying. The stronger your education and if you're just going to be on your phone you're not gonna get a whole lot. That connection going on. We're talking with Skye Alexander about her role as a witch and the practice of witchcraft and we've got a lot more of course it's is a great conversation that we could Halloween so we're excited Havoc stay tuned more coming up after the break it's beyond reality rating Jason Jack. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday and East Coast this summer. On our rhetoric. Myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome GGH. So tonight we're talking about witches in witchcraft with Skye Alexander but next week and not to jump ahead to foreign just really excited we've got some really cool stuff coming up next week. What we do Monday am I'm extremely excited about threw me talk with Heidi Hollis is the world's foremost expert on channel people in the hat mean. And why that's really interesting to me is because I've been I've been researching the top hat and for. Jeez I'm 20/20 some odd years taking cases from all around the world and then compiling them so I definitely wanna get her top and her take on that stuff and just in some of the information. Yet in the head man the top hat man this that you night terrors all these things can it seemed to connect in one way or another and they're all very very frightening and they're all very very mysterious and so far there hasn't been a lot of research and in depth analysis of this so excited and she's got a book out this called the secret war which is the very first book that this define the phenomenon shadow a shadow people. So be talking about that and a whole bunch of stuff with or am I I too am excited about that. Yeah especially when she starts argue she gets in the of induced after death communications. New therapies for healing grief and trauma with doctor Alan but can. Yeah that'll be on Tuesday from the book presented hundreds of scientific sources that prove that the mind is not in the brain it's actually detached from the brain in peoples minds are linked. The afterlife is as real as are living life. And conscious action consciousness actually changes the material world so this is another topic that we've talked about a lot and excited about what do you think about the Mandela factor. You know this is one of those topics that you're here it's a buzzword now you're hearing and all over the place and I've got a lot to learn about this but it seems to have I mean there's enough there's enough chatter and there's enough curious ness about it that we really need to look at this more. Well Wednesday or retirement ready whore Roy Horn about Mandela effect so that should be really edged thing in the Thursday Crist Boris paranormal communicators. He created new approach to go sunning by interacting with spirits and interviewing them so we covered again next week. We do win with guys and hey if you haven't Amaechi had over you like to FaceBook pages FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and we're trying to get those numbers are up and we appreciate all the support then I mean she had over two be on reality radio dot com where he can find all the rescissions we are across the country. It's by clicking the station tab you can download free iPhone and android operate there which allows you to listen the show long ago catch past shows join me online chat and more. And also just Youkilis right from the web site. Just click the listen life tab and we'll connect you know chat room GB and I usually hang out great punch of people America. And he can hang out listen their right from there if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and please. 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To cause unpleasant odors and action today. You know did you wake up every morning and look at would I just don't know what to do with the he should go to waste. And I DO years. He'll tell us what. Wouldn't have a lot of new report just a little bit. Go to waste with the rep told. You didn't want to do want to know liquid Benadryl is you have to do so didn't do as woods it was a good credit toward putting kids like him it's satisfied. Trent cope with playing kid comes in all the items you need to finish the job I keep. Tell you my boyfriend stopped beating around the bush and his Catholic for something constructive since I got the happily playing kicking never stop smiling I've never seen him get so much enjoyment out of his night. And that friends is crap. The wood plane hit including special would people keep candy polishing ran tissues for a speedy clean. And we need to send them look you can function yeah. You can. Just think of the possibilities hardwood softwood even makes awful hard to imagine funny parties you can play with Norwood or. The guys together and play the two others. And what about those special uses as a talking to presser tend to lean killing fires ceramics used it to pitch a tent and stingy wood upright with the optional would direction and I. Kraft who would plane hit is the perfect gift for that someone special order today for your happy endings. Crap goes would placate is not effective for all types of what it happy ending not guaranteed games. Looking back program it's an unknown ingredient Jason in GP were talking with sky Alex. Candor about her history and experience as a practicing witch who practices witchcraft. Sky is. Is witchcraft and being a which. Compatible with also being religious person. Absolutely now. It is no. Bristol witchcraft that said earlier this practice it's not release system so you can be Christian you can be. Muslim youth can be Jewish you can be whatever and practiced witchcraft and infect people do and have firm. As millennia. And it certainly is there is no reason why. Do. Have to be quick and for example to be awaits you you don't most of witness to practice adjective practice witchcraft but it actually would have to do. Yes and I think that's a big misconceptions a lot of people think that you have to yeah. You have to be awakened or or pagan or so forth to to practice witchcraft and don't. At any belief system at all. Exactly. Sky where does the carbon coming to this is that something that's that's also a misconception or do you. In your practice of which crested being which are you do you belong to a company. Not at this time. But you can edit it there. Advantages to that first it's like having a support network. And a community of like minded people that you can hang out with you can talk about things that matter is you can teach each other. Practices that have worked for you or question people about things that happened but also. When you work with a group of people particularly to celebrate holidays which would cost about. You can join your energy together and raise. Much more power. That you would on your own. Now if you can't find a group of like minded people which happens when you can't live in places like guys that. And a lot of people practiced solo where they might have only one other partners that they what went. And that's perfectly OK and different people at different times and their lives is seeking different things so they may want to work with a group of like minded people. They may want to first time and they may want to work alone for a while and it is time. So pretty much it's also getting everybody working and tough and there's a bunch of you you're all. Girls seating energy you're drawing an energy and just working as a whole and makes them much stronger to be able to yes that's what brought this. Yeah of course of course so there's a social component as well. Yet on. We we've we've got a lot to talk about that's actually non. Witchcraft related and wanna move to one of those topics you're tarot card reader and maybe there is connection here he stepped over and tell us what the connection is not that works. Okay well. First vote if you I don't know if you know anything about turnout but major content which is pretty took charge that it. Often thought and as the higher part of the debt. Is that magicians. Fresh cut there. Aspect incredible one section force first but I don't want it magician and if you look at. That card in most accessible most of them there. Tens of thousands of text of the traditional text. You'll see a person who has these four. Major tool used is. Magical work. Right there on the content magic wand and Graham a challenge. And what we can't happen ritual that. Sometimes it's sort of on the card so yes they very much connections as distant. In the cards. Are related to the fort elements earth air fire water that we use when we're working magic. You know all all the way through there are kind of magical symbols on to a cards. That's how long have you been reading throw carts. At the same amount of time that I've been practiced as a practicing which. I. Do you find that when your Bermuda I'm assuming you would do readings for people you give greetings to people. When you when you're doing that and do you feel do you find that the energy she receives from them. And what you're seeing in the cards are is there is there anything that. Day. I mean to try to ask this question so I don't do it but. I guess a better question is how do you receive those energies and how do you how do you do the readings. Okay. Well first of I will. But Britain does not have to every afford that I have to tell me. What he or she is thinking about don't want to know about it helps for the ankle in the right direction but but I won't do is ask that person to. Focus on whatever. Hitter concerted and end to take cards and hold them put energy on my sometimes people on the cards. Cut the cards to push up all the mixed them up and then I laid them out in particular patterns. That pattern is called spread. And with it and those cards that come up I will look at. Not only the individual cards but also where those cards fall in the spread and how they relate to each other. And so then I will get an answer from the cards now. I also sometimes pick up things intuitively of course but. You wouldn't have to you can get all the information from the car. And that's always been a hard thing for me to understand though is is a car careening in and people. And the people picking the cards and then sort of fuel giving you information about him. And I Justin. And I have always had and what I understand to stand that is the person speaking the Carden and their energy Spoelstra. Gives well it helps that helps lead them to whatever cards each use them and helps with Cuba isn't but don't. Don't mark many of the cards have multiple multiple meanings depending on the person that you're you're you're connecting with the theory for. They can have multiple leading Asia. But generally speaking you'll find it a jacket every few days ago and the reading lists in this case I was reading about love. And so I had to say as a late catalytic art and I think probably eight of them. Came up with the food cups which is the simple form motion in my. It was really to get across. But it kept in contact it would cut it was in the context obviously of what the person is feeling thinking about it wanted to know. So that I would probably not read those cards. And prosperity are looking for prosperity I would look for cards it's. Our I would expect cards. Inattentive grams to come up. Or are we're looking for. So that it is more a mental nature I would look for Stewart to come up so they do have made it twenty has individual meetings. And several different things. What if that but. They do also have pretty specific areas that. It'll get their Q what they wouldn't make a huge leap safe from one to something else. If I explained that way that makes. No he did you did. Sky is there is there really death card in the deck. It is it does it boom and literally mean death Sissy if you draw that card is it is an an omen that you you're in trouble. You know usually its simplest transformation. Get that some old things you get your life in order to make room for something else. You know we're gonna be very rarely meet. I don't know if it'd ever used physical death. And good that's not very usual interpretation. A lot of times it can mean a new beginning. Correct. A new start. And didn't but then you began and we'll obviously follow because of the person Porsche that sell once something's out of your life. Something else can come and. We're talking with Skye Alexander again the website is sky SK YE Alexander dot com a lot of books are a lot of information. We're gonna go to a break when we come back on when it changes topic can talk abouts some of the books that says skies written about mermaids ferries you know currency angels' other things. They kind of fall into what we would consider quick kids but. Some in the mystical and mythical creatures and so are its seal listening Jason GBM. Young relative reveal everything quickly. Jason Giambi before the start by our FaceBook page given the light also visit the website there's a lot of great information on their their links are aren't as scheduled guests is on there we also have. The list of radio stations around the country carrying a program that's a great place to stop it is just making your homepage and. Yeah the free iPhone and Internet predators while I was adolescent lies catch press shows and and a joining online chat but also if you download the show of my tunes or anywhere else he could just do us a favor and read it for a swinging and we know he is being downloaded and a lot out there so just by reading it helps push for an makes it easy for people to find and that's what it's all about. Yet tonight we're talking about witchcraft and other things with Skye Alexander sky is also an author a lot of books. On sky's website including the modern guide to witchcraft the modern witchcraft spell book and many many others that website is sky with an. Dot com and sky you've also written some books about. And I'm not sure you're approached I haven't haven't had an opportunity reasons read these particular books but about some mythical creatures. And specifically I know you've written about mermaids in you've written about fairies in unicorn to angels let's talk about some of that stuff. What's the perspective that you're taking with winds your writings about these creatures. You know they really not. Yes that's exactly I mean there's. A my perception or is that they are energetic beings that they do exist. On some level some resonance. But that that may not be the residence if we stop it what we considered the physical world. However sometimes those who resonance this crime and we did you can pick up honesty the we can see him briefly in there certainly are many many credible sightings that have been recorded over the centuries. Like do you think that they exist but I don't think they exist physically. Bet are we don't find any you know real unicorn horns or. Make bones. Right and would you put something like. This big foot into that category because there are a lot of people that now supports Syria that. Bigfoot is a dimensional inter dimensional creature and that's why we don't see evidence of victory over time but there are a lot of sightings of bigfoot. Absolutely has been a big foot. You have your ten person I knew what big foot oil and wow can you share that story with us. Q I was freshman in college and I was in the western North Carolina way way back in the mountains and luckily cleared so these Sunday day. And I was with my boyfriend we were just driving around we. Stop the car got to the end of the road and I happened to look about well maybe. 5785. Feet away. I'm a small rise was this big dark hairy creature and it looked like man I input bears looked like it was there. It was shaped like a human being. A big human being maybe seventy tall roughly and covered completely would start very dark hair big head shoulders and neck and that sort of which bears don't. So I wouldn't let that everything I heard bigfoot before. And it's so people actually I wrote that when you're the card and it went down one week. And that's what this is kind of weird safe site to get out of the car. And they open the door it up again and then ran away and it ran away like an. And that was in September or October again in January I think it was I saw. Paterson. Was pushed. And I saw the photos that he published and that's what I thought. Well I do think that big foot forward in that category yes absolutely. And we did so many dimensions out there's so many different levels of resonance. That we can't possibly know everything that they've been with Angel and people see it took all the time. And I think that they also operate on a higher level at different Bible. Let me ask you an Angel specifically because they think that you know I I look at the list. Of such things that we just mentioned the creatures that we just talked about an angels kind of stands out to me is being very very unique and very very special actually. What in in your definition is an Angel and when word if they come from and what is their purpose. Well. I would say first of all they're all different kind at this age but the one that we're most familiar way and the one that most of us. Who has had some kind of contact with dangerous would be. Yeah related to our what we call guardian angels and spit in my opinion they are a higher. It highly evolved. The format being I don't know whether they were ever physical whether they were human aware that they are strictly. Divine being that. Have never been in carbonated and I don't audience that. But they do believe that there are guardian angels that watch out for ice and I've certainly been thankful that they've watched out for in a lot of situations I think most of us probably would never have made it to adulthood without going into angels. Asked and said we also have. Would be native American people themselves as some others see as spirit animal guardians. And those may be similar except that they are generally perceived as in the form of an animal or bird or reptiles are something else. When it comes on the angels though I think why it stands out the most is he just because. Endlessly we've been taught that. They're supposedly so close to god to the closest thing to what we all believe in god and god to be. And then there's the sort of lead in the middle person between us. Subsequently say it yes. If you could say that although there are different. Different levels of Angel to. So that that guardian angels are closest to us. Well you might as chair of the closest to. The god if you if you. Yeah I know exactly soaring McSorley they have their their positions you've done you know then the in the labor available on the supervisor and so forth and it goes up. There's a hierarchy there. I'm diskette let's talk about ferries because. You know Jason I've talked about that's the ferries and and the fairy world on this program a lot. And people because of maybe Disney does seem to think that these are cute little. Flying creatures are now and then that offer no magical spells or whatever to make you fall in love in the prettier whatever happens to be Tinker Bell but and it's very different than that isn't it. They're all kinds of theories that they are not off nicely and back. Many of them are pictures and you don't necessarily want to get on the wrong side of the players do not disappear that's not a good. But there are they had all kinds of scary. And yeah I. My feeling is well. Cabela's probably. The issue that you just a creation that we have now. Their patience is it creations that we have now kind of come to think that that is. The idea but there's that idea that they are very well that the concept type affair. There are water series and I think they are made kind of fall into that category it would refer to this sometimes it would be. He set out they're all kind of them wanna be buried in debt is. One bit scary that I am particularly fascinated by. Have. They did almost forever they aren't they look like beautiful people a little bit bigger perhaps a more perfect than most of us and that we are. They are the prototypes for human beat. So yes there they're all kinds. Well and when you say there's all kinds of our age and when we are over in Ireland there retire and they told us about. How these rates how of these very supposedly came in killed off these villagers hundreds and hundreds years ago and and are in underground tunnels underneath where these villagers used to be so as you're walking around their running through these tunnels waiting for your feet to fall through. And things like that a terrifying because again in the US everything we've ever been tolerable ferries is that in these loving little peaceful creatures that. And they come to us and help us and really that's not the fact in most other cultures. Now it's not any that and well we also thank a lot of a lot of the process that it trickster. Remember at the story. If and we go for example here's after he. Only listen probably trolls or loans which are course earth spirits. Though. What are the things that they will do is offer it food or drink. And if you. Your drink with the fairies you're gonna stay in ferry lands. If not probably going to be able to come back here and fairyland but time is entirely different from our side put in his case is twenty years. On earth would only make a couple of hours in fairyland. You'll witness. Excited to be respectful to the failure if you really don't. And end they'll later. Yeah and they in this a lot of the old claims that they would come to you leave the summons he will be lost in the woods dying of thirst and Unger and that's when these ferries would chill out. That can happen. I can happen to animals didn't seem like pepper cons. We were familiar with if you're in Ireland you know that leapt upon. Do trickster student days yes he definitely. Project are kind that they if you tried it. Get their pot of gold from the there. They also theory say generally intuitive. And so they know a lot more than you now. And you're not going to be able to pull anything over on them in fact they will probably pull something over on you instead. Yet and the whole thing with the leper cons of those things can be extremely violent violent creatures. Towards you couldn't. My understanding is that they're generally trickster or not so much violence. But they you know they're good bad very special. One that you really want to get to know bill. Are the brownies because they come clean up your house and do the dishes and it. Our you're straight to the wanted to that it made issues for the cobbler is that a ruse NL yeah remember after the storm ripped it right. Side. I think they're analyst Sean my council time every time in my in my dad's always made it MFL I think I went to his credit I think I western credit for. Guys where would you not that I necessarily advise anybody to seek them out but we're would you most likely run into some series. I'd say that you are most likely to find them in what I call criminals own. Which giant is zones the areas between one type of topography and another. So let's say on the beach between high tide in the low tide line. Fourth did it to forest just where the you know there's grass is starting its moved into trees. Bet then to the best place. I also think. If you can find in the Limbaugh's own that each day tacked on and it does question not really totally days are totally night. And would you recommend people seek amount I don't think it's probably good idea though what do you think. I don't usually sits in the privacy of a few time. And I notice there and I don't actually see them. But. I would say that most people. Probably should not fool around with them because they really don't necessarily know what they're doing. They have this is caught up we think about goblins for example government just some of the bad guys they're like. Greedy little. Spirited creature should travel around and get destroyed. You know what those guys around. But and then German exe is there what experience that we've. They're type affair type of mermaid and they had a chance people I think it's into the and they drowned them. And we have the Russian assault detour also river spiritually they appear as beautiful women in the age. But do smitten by dancing in the drown them to other terrorists and the bad guys you don't want to let. You mentioned German is it that like to Laura line is that one of those yeah you know it's an awesome when I'm familiar with. We're basically out of time here sky it's been a fascinating conversation I do wanna ask you though bringing him back to witchcraft is slow because we've mentioned teenagers quite a dead end and you know worst caution. It's somebody's listen to the program and they would like to kind of explore experiment or however be introduced to this what's the best way for them to go about it so their sakes. I would read a bunch of books. Maybe Mike Brooks there are lots and lots of good books out there that. Tried to address witchcraft to the end realistic way in a practical way. I also think that before anybody did any kind of a stale. That they can we usually test circle around the area where we're going to be working. And that keeps out energy that you don't want to interfere and it's purely energy inside the circle until you're ready to let it go. I also recommend that people get in touch with their own. Protective powers which the easiest thing to do is simply. And that offers some protection but I think that I would recommend that people educate themselves before they jump right in and start doing spells. I think that's it's really important it's great advice. You recommended people reading books give your website and where else they might be able to get more information about your work. Where else could they get more information about network did but my web site is the best place blocks my books. They just want to talk to me but I think that. They can certainly. There's tons of really good sites. Internet. About which crested. Which is fox is a good site that people can connect with other people in their area they want to. They have listed different case is different cities where we just meet. But I think that is probably the best things to start with. Perfect or perfect. Thanks so much for coming in now with us and we look forward talking you again at some point. Yes well thank you so much for having me on the show it's been fun. Okay thanks sky we're gonna take a break him when we come back wrap things up don't forget to stop by both C website in the FaceBook page of course it's beyond reality radio dot com and on FaceBook is just beyond reality radio. You haven't liked it yet do so on FaceBook share with your friends to all those things of yes we do we appreciated. And it will be back his face. I wrap things up it's beyond reality radiant Jason. Joining us and thank you Skye Alexander for being with us tonight on this Halloween week. Ending program member tomorrow night is a best of and all of the radio stations that carry the program look forward to that. And then looking ahead we've got some great shows coming up next week Heidi Hollis and join us on Monday night world's foremost expert on shadow people and the hat man. Is going to be pretty interesting conversation Jerry you like this stuff. I shall be discussing highlights of her books one being the first book that define the very phenomenon of shadow people called the secret war. And whole bunch more going on a Monday night and Tuesday Craig Hogan will join us coauthor of induced after death communication a new therapy for healing grief and trauma. With doctor Alan bock can. He's the author of your eternal self which is about the presents hundreds of scientific sources that prove the mind is not in the brain. People's minds are actually linked in the afterlife is as real as this life lot of great stuff coming up next week. Join us it's beyond reality radio Jason JV everywhere. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by Al Simpson told students that didn't. So can only the only angry news. Yeah. You know it's stuck on her face the agency hello fading centrist because well for Jason is slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.