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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view advantage there hill. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone here listened to the maximize living radio show we're changing the way people view and manage their health I'm your host doctor Joshua their DC. And your 'cause I just hope he can. Lovely wife of twenty years. It's tiny status he's doubling of 2.2 but it's been official for its warning. Except look forward toward more except as this week what we're gonna jump right into actually space is also offer a couple testimony as we always wants to our whole positive note but what we will be discussing this week on the Max Mosley radio show is the number one killer in the country. Which is heart disease some talking high cholesterol high blood pressure all that stuff that. That us seems like it every person plus rescue was this ratio seemed to have right. It's that we really prevalent in it and older males and so. Which is our demographic audience for this show buses time. And so we're gonna talk a lot about heart disease high cholesterol blood pressure. And then today also the whole thing in what to do corrected in actually what let's plaguing our country why more don't always play you know working but before we do that Stacy list. Spend a few minutes he shared it doesn't testimonies. That we got last week in the clinic. And while we have role lane and he. And had his ailing CU stay out and and ate like eight point seven. And nice half play eight assailants he's fat fat and agents. He's is that mama must see NASA social roles of type two diabetic obviously high blood pressure you know high cholesterol high by blitzer in the whole nine yards. And Roland he's a great guy and you know Rowling's he's in his seventies I believe 70s80s and so. He he he's got some wisdom on Britain right and I think he realizes the medications he was taken and he was not getting any better he was just feeling worse. And I said he wanted to fire his doctored when he was seeing because all he warned this prescribed medications as he set out on this. This journey with us and Max I was living apply the five essentials and over the last four months. He dropped as they went CU from what was it. And it takes place having only seven have plane came down to a five point eight by now no longer take any medications. No high blood pressure and who have blood sugar medications no cholesterol medications nada zilch. And I he style I think he says he's there and he hadn't felt this good in the last fifty years from. And and he thinks either Tarek car like Aaron and I mean him access to mom. And he didn't wanna come and then he Giuliani at that I whenever I dinners. He made an appointment that he he's coming right at that pain he could not believe in and he just he said he was doing it the case analyst Craig. He's an alternative yes he was Fannie Mae and you know leaf I come in and just the analysts see as results in Iraq. Part of national day Jimenez laughed they travel semites now I discontents and he didn't. It is yes series is due this. Consensus. Throw also. Cousin long source sure that if if you're somebody like Roland and Leno 70s80s and you just given up. I heard powder and even listen to for a long time in you've seen this on the community into or events us and use haven't done anything yet. Oh analogy jets Craigslist basically given that number out. Yes and this is our planning time he's a 643262909. If he had more questions when she can't tablets my pets and now green bullet dot com. On Ireland sites that lots of information he had that critique making a clinic there Ireland's high. If you re Mecca Plymouth neon packing and that number is 8643. T 1690. At night. I cut more probably who it would ever gotten a language as. And the topic yet we had Ronald now after six weeks he has he and I ain't taking me blood pressure medication after six weeks yeah. Can this up and actually though the resource we used from that is there was an article that was there will a recent it was a a research grant that was it was in conjunction with the chicks were the Chicago medical universities and some medical doctors Vance and chiropractors actually coming together when it. And they realized by stimulating the vaguest nerve which is the nervous the upper served corporate part of the next. That one treatment of that stimulation or one adjustment if you are caught that you know not gotten a neck popping or cracking but it just really Allison as the top. A very lightly lower your blood pressure by. Bites by ten points from when adjust and better than the two leading blood pressure medications combined within thirty minutes to come down. So that was some research and come out awhile back in conjunction with the with the OC communities as and that's what we've been actually use and do our our blood pressure treatments based off club. And yeah so within six weeks Ronald is known or taking any blood pressure medication is blood pressure's normal fat Andy in like sixty something years also with church pews. Great innings Cincinnati then and heaven Safra and this kind of thing. Jeff has the which we'll talk about it later there Tom heart disease. Blood pressure medication cause you to be tired we'd lethargic cause you to be insert it into an excuse me impotence gentlemen so let's erect tile dysfunction for those you that there are clear on that. I and so those medications cause all these problems and when you don't need to take from which is fix those calls it. Crane and a Alley just ahead Guillen and now he actually come and earn back a six month check that aliens him and I six nights. And they come in early pace there and he lettuce and that he still. I gave in six months he's sick Panetta success is command and he still and I feel about this medications his own team and he plus a lot of late when he first started. He lost like 43 Perez's first month it was yeah us. And in unity pretty much long or short type two diabetic high blood pressure cholesterol made me feel like crap all the time. And he he was doing our farms has Berman is able to get off follows medications and and now is is that is that gets older. Eyes that's getting having some issues so we bring his dad in. Last week it's to do some stuff with us until I had a chance to sit down talk with him he says it's been six months stock and still have yet to taking his medications that. Six months later he's still diabetic free and has no more high blood pressure was not a fad it's a lifestyle change. Yes. Says you may make up my knack Kenny Perry he wanna be like when Havana the people that we just talked about maybe heads our way you have a gold Geffen medications than any bad name Carney have pavlik paycheck. They encourage you to give this congress is our appointment time. A 643. To 1690. And 9 refugees when I am he had questions please count outlets cited in the grain pulling dot com. Not office is looking only different dragon behind me needs Japanese steak cast and batteries plants here and shopping center here in green book. And the first there's its coming 45 times we did participate in the sell insurance companies cadet first visit will be 45 times at a package that just makes it. Across the board affordable for anyone you need to cater stipulate Emeka plane lean courage to get this kind 864. 3262909. When you Connelly and you don't get someone actually eats the fine. Please just leave a message out TV comeback as soon as possible a 643262909. Book. Some analysts are brought into our topic this week which is heart disease is the number one killer in the country the number one killer is heart disease and a particular cancer. And a number three killers actually talk eye to drink. Diseases which is means medical indeed so the number three it's funny that I was look at the number one Q a the other states would his heart disease the number three killers actually hospitals. So that the the the thing that kills other third. The number three killer in no mistakes is actually hospital mistakes and medical mishaps motive behind our country now that's not a good thing. And like and I can't really had cancer. Current I waste my domain and ever really have hardly even when he's embraced what month daily sun Rafe said Aaron and Elaine for hospital. Exactly I think this year have anyways so let's go to the number one killer is heart disease so accordance of the CDC. The leading cause of death. Eight kills eight over a 100000 people per year in the United States alone that means one out of every four people in our country. Have heart disease. That's 2200. People per day die from heart disease. So toward 200 people die per day in archaeology from heart disease that's every 43 seconds somebody has a heart attack. And every sixty seconds someone actually dies from the heart attack. It costs our country a 109 billion dollars per year to treats all right so clearly what we're doing is not working for treating disease causing a 109 billion dollars per year. People are dying one person every sixty seconds from a heart attack in some might actually having a heart attack every 43 seconds. And one of four people have this disease. Killing towards 200 people per day that's not a good thing clearly what we are not doing is not working so let's talk about heart disease for years. I mean he says that yet since the fifty's and sixty's we have them blaming heart disease on cholesterol. Right so. When it fifty's or sixty's come out all this preachers say well of fat is bad for you and it's causing you know high cholesterol so you need to catch a class Troy and then. What hit the market that same time cholesterol lowing drugs or stats right so for the past that you're six years everybody isn't taken been taken he's quite strong medications it's that you think you've we've found the answer back in the sixties to heart disease. And it was. 'cause of fat in they told us to take all the fat ever die in repent and so they took the fire did your diet they replace it with what. A check or we sugar right which was the cold culprit to begin with what to get to a moment. So now for the past 506070 years. The whole our whole our whole country's been brain loss was this idea that fat causes heart disease or fat causes high cholesterol. And high cholesterol causes heart disease ever buys been taken all these cholesterol lowering medications for umpteen years. Symptoms are lower heart disease death rates but yet it is still every single year the number one killer has been in a went to a for a very long time so clearly. It's not high cholesterol that's causing heart disease OK it's not the the medications are working yes. The medications to lower your cholesterol so you have your blood work done that oppresses your your drug aside look at your cholesterol is good whiskey Joseph on this medication. But guess what still happens you still have heart disease and you still have a heart attack. If you Google this and look it up more people die from low cluster of a new high cholesterol. So we agreed that more people in our country die from heart attacks and strokes to have low cholesterol vs high cholesterol so why is that. It's simple. If you know anything about cholesterol cholesterol job in the body the reason why your liver makes cholesterol yes you make cholesterol your liver makes it. So if you make it. Then there must be a reason behind it got it put in their for no reason frank cholesterol is number one job is to fight inflammation. So heart disease is in play amateur is inflammation in the arteries and in the hearts we know that so if you take away. Cholesterol and you lower your cholesterol. There's nothing left to fight inflammation in the arteries in the heart so what are you develop heart disease. And they say are you got you get your cholesterol titles take your cholesterol away so they lawyer cluster or would artificially medications. Will then there's nothing to fight the heart disease. There's nothing to fight inflammation who gets what into having it always a heart attack. Or stroke. And they read a busy you had a heart disease yet information had a high cholesterol blob blob law. Well because the doctor took away the only thing you had in their to fight inflation off naturally which was the cholesterol. It's always take these Staten drugs or cholesterol. Was end up causing a heart attack or stroke and waste it about it the ridiculous as the show that they had had a heart attacks that partisans have high blood pressure. You were still taking cholesterol lowering drug when you enter our attack. Think about it and if so what do they do after arts then that would choke a lot sinners or they put Joseph Moore cholesterol or records or more to. Or more blood pressure medication well put that in prevent you from the first heart attack what makes you think is motivate you for the second or third one right into your debt on your death bed. Right it's a clear what we are doing is not working. So if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired yeah high cholesterol high blood pressure you don't take the medications you realize they're not working I mean look at the mayor do you feel any better taken a medications or you feel worse right. How's your blood pressure how's your energy levels how's your sex life gentlemen. Blood pressure medication left trauma cases guess what the cause impotence erect tile dysfunction right so how are you Phil are you benefiting are you getting worse. It's so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired. You need to find the five essential Max closet we need to approach heart disease at a completely different way in to simply gets in the cause huge off that medication. In reverse heart disease tribal operation and cholesterol. Net she without any medications and as we do next Muslim. I start planning and minus 8643. T 62909. We have some supplements available for this coming week some morning and after name's Leo Lisa sent these scientists firm radio listeners. 8643. T 1690. And nine. So does that Serena call for change now when I come we're gonna take a quick commercial break when I come back up my actual read an article that app pool from my science academy. From a world renowned heart surgeon is actually speaking out again seize this cholesterol drama and issued in in the media so. We're gonna take a quick commercial break you listened to them maximize living radio rule. Your change the way people view image or else I don't wonder if we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize Lippman called validate 64326290. Over. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you listened to the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view him as her health you're just tuning in we're talking about the number one killer in our country right now which is heart disease. Eisen leading cause of death and United States kills. Over 800000 people per year best point 200 people per day. This is one person every sixty seconds homers and somebody every 43 seconds actually has a heart attack. And so we treat heart disease in our country with Staten drugs blood pressure medications and love letters. So how is that working out force it is not it's about we've been brainwashed into thinking that it does so. In my preparation for this job the show this weekend. I was source research and come across that an article on my science academy dot org. It's intolerant world renowned heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease so this guy and he reached whose credentials. This is doctor Dwight one though he is that the chief of staff and chief of surgery yet and her heart hospital in Mesa, Arizona. Yes actually also has a proper practice of cardiac cat cardiac care center in messing Arizona's world. And recently he actually left surgical focus on nutritional treatments for heart disease. He's actually the founder of healthy humans foundations. Any promotes human health what they focus on helping large corporations from wellness to this guy has been around the block all right he's he's. He's corrupt he's performed over 5000. Open heart surgeries in his day so he's seen it all right. And he goes on the say that. Yes in the beginning. The knowledge was that cholesterol was causing heart disease and that's why he was part of a panel sexy sort of develop some of the stuff years and years ago but now he's and after seeing over conducting Arafat doesn't open heart surgeries. And you managing these patients he's realize. That cluster has nothing to do with heart disease it's actually inflammation. As he's come our whole book on this and you sort of Bayard in the media all over time but. This guys on a mission now is to change the way people view and think about heart disease. Into his conclusion from doing all these surgeries he's realized it's not cholesterol that's causing heart disease or stroke is actually inflammation. And he goes on to say how. Our information what is the same stuff we've been screaming on the radio for the past six or seven years Stacy we're something's actually caught people gorillas actually cause inflammation. And only just eating sugar yet in the white hate we we joke to say anything like that you putting your body is bad for you set for me rant as of that that's messed up they'll watch out there. And so that the sugars the store just gray arms race at all that stuff actually causes inflammation. And he goes on a second look at it like this taking a wire brush. If you took a wire brush and this is he's when it looks like on the inside the arteries if you tackle wire brush. In year old wire brush over your skin long enough to get ready it's inflamed the immensely believes expects that are setter. Decent look at your arteries the same way. If you continuously eat bad food store just carves breads even the whole wheat stuff sugary sweets don't us all this stuff. Is scratches the inside of the arteries and causes inflammation. So when that inflammation occurs as he says in this article is the cluster that cholesterol job is to go through your arteries and clean them out. It actually gobbles up all the bad that the Omega six's the bad that gobbles all that stuff up that cup that causes plaque places if you have so much information from. Eating these bad foods. Then eight clogs a cluster all up. In the cholesterol cannot go through the arteries thus there's nothing that clean your arteries. And it builds up plaque of the cholesterol is building up one spot and we call that plaque. So the plaque builds up because they can't the cluster or can't move through winds up happening is. The plaque breaks loose and you have a stroke. And they blend on high cholesterol levels what the cholesterol was high as he's saying is because it could circulate through because the plaque was built up because it build up his plaque because of the inflammation. So we blame it on the cholesterol when I was actually live relations problem and that's why the whole system is upside down. The so he saying it's not Klestil calls start strip heart heart disease or stroke is actually. The buildup of the inflammation backing your thing up for him plaque and who you think about it actually makes complete at least since it right and screaming app for the past six or seven years I'm glad someone is finally coming out and agreeing with us and it's it's no major store right now if you can is picking up but we we pull that off my science academy. A dot or trying perjury that I'll talk more about this article and some others. We come back from break but you dozens of a maximum. And radio were changed the way people view in men's health it will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone uses them. Some Muslim radio show we are changed the way people view and manage your health I'm gonna start to jocks were there DC. And you cut once still seeking some guys org on the radio this weekend we are talking about the number one killer in our country which is heart disease. Just repeat for just joining in. He kills twelve at 200 people per day heart disease does number one killer number two killers actually cancer number three killer is. I after draining a diseases which her which means our arch. Actor joining causes which means hospital induced deaths we have leader beautiful thing here about the accidents which you'll hear about all the time and a wrong medications Rhone surgeries dying from infections in hospital all these different things than it is our run the number three killers actually. This is the system actually trust keep you alive but you know that's all of the show. It's so number one killer heart disease. As so we're talking about this article before winter break off from my science academy dot org would this world renowned heart surgeon doctor. On the white Lendl. And basically you know. Barack who don't have the time the rhetorical but he's talked about some of the the comparisons you see out there and in his knee he's basically agrees allow us up we say that. That is not high cholesterol that causes heart disease and you should more about high cholesterol or blood pressure you should work out that inflammation which is causing that stuff. It's really points out some things that he hit a tablespoon of vegetable Cornel. Contain contain 7002 and eighty milligrams a milligrams of a mega a six which is the back fat. So a tablespoon of vegetable oil corn oral contains 7002 and eighty milligrams of a mega a six which is the bad fat. He said any egos on the sort be it can holes actually contain 6940. Milligrams its audit on our point that out so. Best of all it's 7002 or eighty milligrams. And they say it's really bad for because it is. And so they say your alternatives should be the soybean oils and all the Sosa. Will they contain 6000 on her forty milligrams. Of of about Omega sixes so that's if I do my math right that's what. That's what 340. To 340 milligrams list so yes genetically they're not lying it is better for than the vast oil. But it's still false advertising that's saying that we think OK now since vegetables not bat since vegetables bat force we need to eat these in. Cook when this. Artificial leg to mollify itself like soybean and it was a little Knoll all these things you hear talk in the in the mail it would gets me is the American Heart Association. Is pushing this as well. And yes it may be eased slightly healthier for you because it's you know it's. What 300 in 320 milligrams less fat which is hardly anything when you when you compare that to. Is that people still don't realize it's the inflammation is causing heart disease who were running out here now. Buying all these genetically modified holes like Sorvino and everything else thinking it's actually better for when it's not a pretty much the same thing when you compare. Right in this or as an artist master gave Steve case and they can make life settings generates heat that's funny paint advertise it tonight so smiling skated to swan economical. And the needy nations will tee it says here listen Aaron his currently has heart disease Terry's face is any kind of sit and talk about how cluster around. They could you give us a call at 8643262909. And this is just to make it a playmate he had questions we critique it on our web site as an account Greenville back com. On our web sites and lots of information as low as happy she make a playmate at our clinic. But if you rainmaker claiming mail which was slightly encouraging because what we usually do is relate. And then it never happens right says get this economy 643262909. Instilling a colony and needed a voicemail for whatever reason cassette the phone lines get busy places like the message is think mr. Naimi America. But giddy comeback and C news they can't I can't he's 643262909. The had a heart disease and you're taking a cholesterol lowering medication blackest that's what color Staten drugs. I will get it's actually what those that the the bad part about those are saying about what you guys understand something so if you're taking a Staten drugs to lower your cholesterol this is also what was happening right here so. What people don't realize is the cholesterol. Other than fighting the inflammation we just talked about the cluster I was actually use in the body for other different things so when you're taking a medication to lower your cholesterol which keeps your liver for make and making cholesterol. Is it causes this problem. So it affects your hormones estrogen and testosterone. You cannot make estrogen or testosterone without acrid levels of cholesterol so if you're taking cholesterol medication is just. You know he's just a matter of time for yet that I haven't taken estrogen pill or a testosterone. Injection or pill or or lotion or rubbing NASA on New York this gentleman right. Because you no longer making testosterone as we get older our body makes less testosterone and always so you think it cholesterol medication you're not even making any at all and you wonder why things are going south right because you're not making testosterone anymore because of it. It's as the brain or nervous system depend upon cholesterol for both creation of New York transmitters like serotonin don't put me in their in their ability to test the sector so you're taking cholesterol medication. Guess what's gonna happen. You don't arm I know you no longer making her transmitters so you can't absorb the serotonin and don't put me which helps you sleep for makes you feel better right and so guess what that original appeal for that. Right also vitamin. Cholesterol act is actually necessary for the production of vitamin. And so your vitamin. 50000 unit bill which which you all take. And which which is ridiculous to stop a cluster of medication bile salts okay. The bile salts when your when your liver that she's your dollar makes bottle gets what you system vial cholesterol that's why the taxable Perkins a liver makes it clear strong. It's always increased the bile salts but he can't do that if you have no cholesterol from the liver or you're taking a cluster along medication. While bile salts actually in the bile from your your gallbladder. Actually is what the body used to breakdown carbohydrates. And fats and proteins and you can't do that when you're taking a cholesterol medication. The intestinal wall guess what muses guess what the body uses to maintain that they intestinal wall so you could absorb the that the new interest from the Fuji cholesterol. You take medications or you cholesterol you can do that he Devoe crohn's hired about syndrome indigestion Har Har burned all this stuff and guess what you have to do. Take medications or stop eating certain fruits. Brooklyn and listen to this. Pop quiz what is 60% of breast milk made of and it by a woman gets. 60% as of breast milk what the lord gave women to give their infant children okay. 60% of breast milk is made of what what do you think it is. Yet about what what's out of that it's actually cholesterol. So 60%. Of breast milk is cholesterol. And they use in the recent lawsuits percent of of the breast that his cholesterol is because that's what if it's need to develop their brain the nervous system. The brain is made apple what what do you think this cluster out. Cholesterol. So when you're cutting out. We're taking cholesterol medications you're simply kill cholesterol your cure yourself. This is why people that take cholesterol medications long term the study English only pull us up to actually. A us that side effects. Document include memory loss muscle fatigue cataracts diabetes and dementia. Prior to this squad this rant that there's so many people developing dementia are losing their minds out there in memory loss is because were were a generation takes nothing but cholesterol medications all the times you take. All these medications. To fight cholesterol in your just killing yourself. Stop the medication I mean that's ridiculous. Right see you rating back up plan and the number is 8643262909. Our offices arcade only different brand behind Mimi staff penny stake cast your first visit is 45 times we gave participate in the sign insurance companies. Your first visit will be 45 dollars out of pocket that just makes it affordable for everyone across the board. We had to keep climbing is available for next week or this coming week. I in the morning and after named. 8643262909. Nappy have questions please get on outlets citing ML Crable. Dot com if you rate to make employment placement on a 643262909. I smelling you guessed soma. Some ammo sort of speaks when you get your doctrine you say actor hurt is crazy guy on the radio talent in the cholesterol medications that forming Staten drugs cause memory loss and they don't prevent heart disease or strokes. Following you some Emma is easily pitch you can tell you're crazy in the Obama quacking unions and stop listens and tries and let me actually give you some M votes in question is fast and and don't do this confrontational yes that is why do you and most soaked when you had that conversation when your doctor. And you tell them you wanna come all these many cases and tells you can't. You need to ask him these questions right so this number was so ask or how does the cholesterol medication work. That's the first thing I want Youkilis or understand so let's talk about that so when you take a Staten drugs. Which is a cholesterol lowering medications prevent heart disease which has actually cause that we've established that are ready this is how those drugs work. When you take the Staten. What what it does is it goes to the liver through your bush from goes deliver and there's an enzyme in the lever. All right. And it kills this ends our confesses and some for making cluster are also when you eat fit you either give scooter bat suit. And it everything goes to the bloodstream eventually filters to the liver which is the filter. The body makes cholesterol to regulate the inflammation. So the stack and drug works by inhibiting the enzyme in the liver and so seek your doctorate noses right. So the stat drug works by inhibiting this enzyme in the late received no longer a rescue is the enzymes so you know we're can make cholesterol that's why your numbers come down. You can not change a thing instill the bad rotten food all the time and I've I've bad fat food. Intercluster postal come down taking a Staten medication so it really doesn't matter right it's a way because that medication is artificially low because it doesn't allow the liver to make it so this weapons of this staff and drug inhibits the enzyme in the liver so you can't make cholesterol so the numbers look good. This is the problem that so when the body doesn't make cholesterol is supposed to. The class draw molecule splits. And it forms two things. It forms cholesterol which is what your body needs and at Forbes this little thing called co Q ten. Now if you know anything about biology co Q ten is this co Q ten is what the body produces. To take the energy from the food you eat input into the cells. So if you're taking a Staten medication. And you're no longer making co Q ten because the enzyme is not allowed you make any cholesterol. What this joke you tend to again it takes the energy from the food would you be in puts it into your muscles. This is why when you take Staten drugs. You have muscle fatigue in your big catch your big must liking your shoulders you always special breaks in Cranston leg cramps and things like that because you're no longer making coach you tend to you can't take that the the nutrients are the energy or ATP if you marrow is called in biology class from the finishing the and put in your muscles so this is the problem that what is the strongest muscle entire body. The heart. That's the heart and so when you're taking Staten medication you know we're making co Q ten this is a loss sometimes irritated take co Q ten right but it's not artificially taken is not as good just make it naturally. It's so if you're not making computing has the cholesterol drug. Then your heart is actually having to work what better harder or easier harder harder because you're not in the energy needs to pump. It's so you you develop heart disease and you get that political enlarged heart and we call it heart disease. Well it's in large that this happened overworking us fatigue because you're no longer making Cokie ticket you're taking based drug to prevent heart disease. So in essence the drug your taking it took it to reverse heart disease or prevent is actually causing heart disease to guess the other networks. I mean it's ludicrous to the next time we're doctor says you need this or you're gonna die without it asked him how cup how does it work and let him explain you how works and see if he knows. And that's the well. If if big if it keeps the body from making cluster Albany keeps making code treats it and so what are my count on getting energy from the food aid putting him on must include my heart. And see what his answer is. And then is that what you just a technical Putin a semester answer take another bill. My name is simple and so. Clearly the way I explain that to you if there's this black you want there's no great there if you take a Staten medication you're not making co Q ten and if you're not making co Q ten and you're not getting any energy from the food would you be in putting into the muscles. If your heart is the biggest sin in the strongest muscle you have don't you think you need medication I don't think you need an energy from the food you eat some help it work a lot better. If you don't is because you're taking a medication in your won't develop heart disease regard you have high cholesterol or not simply put because. You're not getting any co Q ten. To to put as you start you're about heart disease and have a heart attack and how high blood pressure either away. And yours or won't take the medication and dial part Aziz stroke heart attack regardless if you take medications or not. Saddam BA statistic. Give us cod 864 earned three TC XT 90 and nine this is our claimant nine if you have questions get our let's tie in now Crable dot com. He trade make employment this coming week and we have morning enacting an available 864. 3262909. And what we would dress me crazy states is when you when you actually do your own research if if the listener would do her own research and Google this I mean. You'll see that more people die from low cholesterol that high cholesterol because cholesterol high she's doing his job. I tell people if your cholesterol is under 300 you should have to worry about anything. Issues Heidi because number one either you're stressed out physically or emotionally. Or number or number two you have too much information your body injury bad foods or your taking that thing drinking too much alcohol what are your employment on write whatever your vices and that's why cholesterol is high so let there was job if you're not gonna stop. The diet change if you're not under the diet changes and eat healthy and get the stresses. You won't that cholesterol to be high so it keeps you from the heart attacks and the city you start taking a medication and lower their cholesterol and you don't change the habits. That information is sold and guess what your Gordon had a heart attack or stroke. So if you're eating poorly and doing these bad things in life and not changing unique cholesterol between two and 300 keep you from a heart attack or stroke. We're just taking a medication is just go lower it and then opened you up to the inflammation nothing prevents it and you are going to have a heart attack stroke either way. So simply if you were about your cholesterol being high. Apply what we call the five essentials maximizing the mindset understanding what we're talking about. The nervous system which controls everything which we specialize in of nutrition Arthur compose the nutrition part of the inflammatory foods. Not the fat you need fat eat lots of fat we tell people say you are singer dies should be fat and yes assistant UR percent get fat right that's what fights information it's not it's not the that going. A fat free doesn't you have nothing to fight inflammation so. Cut out the sugar is put the fast back in the diet. Oxygen and lean muscle that's our fourth essential in the minimizing talks as the bats up that cause an inflammation and to a cellular Clint so we apply all five of those essentials were patients. And you fall far does not just 123 or forum all five of those. Then you see those clutch from over coming down naturally safely you lose weight you feel that you're healthier. You get your sex life back guys don't need Viagra us yeah assuming the medications anymore from the side effects. You know the blood pressure medication or the Staten drugs and you can feel 1020 years younger vs 1020 years older than you actually are and you don't die from dementia and I. Frank snap some airline hit a 643 T 16909. Again a 643262909. Scheduling employment trends coming week. They have morning after means available. Prophecy is okay alliger Fred Graham behind manes Japanese steakhouse you first visit is 45 gallons a six point 326. 219 and I'm. We're moving quick commercial break you will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living. Gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone your list is the maximizing radio show we are changed the way people view him as a help I'm your host doctor Josh would air DC. And your 'cause I stakes began. Because if you're just tuning in this weekend we're actually about to finish that we were talking about Don heart disease which is the number one killer in our country. Kills almost a million people a year ought over 800000 B exacts close enough. And took Clinton what we're doing is we've been fight heart disease for the last 4050 years would would medications in Staten drugs and blood pressure medication are blood thinner is not working. And so we talked awhile about stuff. What looked at the problem was flawless treatment protocols of people follow now while they're not working. And so edit in looking like this 'cause I guarantee you this if you're somebody. And the only medication you take is a Staten drugs and the doctor put it. David C because your pretty much healthy other than they wanted to put you on Staten Joseph just to make sure it and be on the safe side you don't develop high cholesterol I promise you this. Within a year they'll the next thing that'll put shown his blood pressure medication because this is why we take a Staten drugs. Follow up we just explained your heart has to actually work harder in when your heart works harder and become stressed your blood pressure does this wasn't because that goes up. And so the next time you go in there there goes into your book purchased preventable and missile was in his blood pressure medication and you want to be at now a stat drug in the blood pressure medication. There's six months later you're come Agassi dot I in the docks the last few lay at how's your how's your sex life is I know this is common. And they're going US there was I was getting used to being the sale world takes Alice are migrant because guess what the side effect of the blood pressure medication that you taking visual Staten medication is now cause he'd be entertainment circles saying that's right and you don't develop. Indigestion and heartburn and it put John medal purple pill. And before you know you're a wake up one day you're taken six to twelve medications like the average American over fifty years old is. And you're gonna say how in the world that an up here right and so if you don't want to end up there like everybody else broke below looking at about the pills and you do something different. And the different health care system out there is the Max is Max doesn't mean the five essential so if you not give us a call you need to give us a Collison is the show is over scheduled appointment. So you don't grow and ended up like 95% of America dead broke alone looking at a looking excuse me broke along looking and a bucket appeals are nursing home before you go and hospice and led the last few months you like about taking pills and injection so until our next week uses the Max Muslim radio show or change the way he. Will view him as else. Thank you for listening to maximize Liddy. We're we're changing the way people view and manage their health. Called validate 643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next week for another edition of maximize living.