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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view advantage there hill. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living a maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone here since the maximize that partnership we're changing the way people. You administer health here and talk to Josh were there at DC and you kind of states began. Guys as always we hear on talk Brady do every weekend Saturday and Sunday giving you I always I guess what's called alternative to the traditional health care mile out there because all of this is now working. A little bit actually a bit later in today's show or actually talk about the health care model. Because there's just been so much talked. In the media and when congress and all this stuff on voting for repealing Obama care. It with the sad reality is if regardless of state repeal or not and I hope they do you Murase doer not. All it is is just stuff. The shifting. That cost the cost of health care. From the insurance companies and the thing is all these bills are such you know my trying to get political this but everything all the working on seems to me what I'm seeing here he's just. How to pay for different subsidies and different things so you can afford your insurance when they're not they're not out overhauling health care all are simply doing is moving around or taking dear reminder from places. So these. These insurance companies is still get paid it is simply it so it's. It's an overall and how we pay the insurance companies not on how they actually get you better this is so the system as lawless state drugs its most they broke and you're never gonna get better in the near researchers showing that. All they're doing now is trying to pass bills to actually. Keep the interest companies why she make sure these her cubs are still getting paid it makes it where it is easier paying for their paying for the assume a thing up for debate there. I so I don't agree with that but anyway so but before we jump into the health care system does situation here in the United States. This weekend Lewis actually give some positive news can we do this since the start with some positive. Testimonials. Just that we received in the clinic this past week. To me. Amelie had firemen and and she's now no longer are pretty bad then. So yes that Barbara wasn't type two diabetic like most people are may come to a she was actually pre diabetic she saw the writing on the wall. If she did not want to become type two diabetics so she actually start our program early. And was able to draw operate with C down enough were actually she's known Lori who pre diabetics is have that or are becoming type two diabetic has a lot sounds of diabetics. If they're diagnosed pre diabetic. And what happens is it is six months later they are becoming diabetic they don't change any habits right doing things so she was Smart she wanted to do the change before it could she realized that. It was holocaust or not thousand dollars for your treat type two diabetes cranny and this is insane she saw that blank check and then she's definitely jumped out of the way I let let me hitter and retired other like Muster would do. Frank what I gently ask ahead and only end and it looks like Al one after one treatment her Pletcher gallon gas from T sixty to 96. Yes I. And as soon to win come in type two diabetic and her her big thing was you know she wanted to get off the Matt Foreman in the insulin. Her lecture was 260 she checked him forcing come into our clinic exude this is her second visit our segment that she checked it it was 264 should come into the clinic after a trio with us later that evening she checked in it was down to 96 she was so excited she car office actually closes is caught. She car office after hours to share this story over the answer machine is only got to the next morning we can hear consumer side of herb to succeed in 96 after one treatment. Re a NASA had asked Cheney and she's lost eighteen pain ounce cooking. And she's now running at stance my parents can run as she can't. There aren't and now she's those who run up steps that work and says she's from the moment she's a rare excited about that and he. And and we hadn't Maggie and she's lost 29 paint and in the Gaza and it would Nydia now and I need. It is a wheelchair and she still lost when compounds in there you can't walks in military and she lost when compound sitting in the wheelchair right because she simply start applying these pretzels coming in for treatments listening to you Stacy. Doing everything she's due in she's lost going up Townsend she's a wheelchair and I so what is your ski -- thanks T even show us for our Kathleen face she says there are our health on Wednesdays and she's that are sure yes you just don't suck manager. And so what is your excuse if she can do in a wheelchair why can't you do it thanking that is assailant to edit the hardest part showing up yeah. We asked them aren't and he's no longer has to take that form and and is Pletcher very sorry gone down I two weeks and these last ten pounds since he's cannot connect form and. Yes that he was secular formats about six straight weeks he he probably was at a point where we can wean him off those medications they felt comfortable doing that is so he stopped his medications. And hospital with some last Thursday in the clinic and he said has been two weeks as he took Danny Matt Foreman. And the past two weeks from the time he stopped the man Foreman he actually has dropped ten pounds it's you XT he'll lose weight when you come off so as Medicaid and people don't realize one this side effects of Matt Foreman and insulin is what. Its weight gain weight gain and so it's sort of like your fighting against yourself taking these medications that stopped the medication lost the weight in the butcher store down thanks congratulations to mark. Yes and we asked him Bob and his ailing sea lanes seven point five. And it went down a flat place and then and he had some late locks in sixteen pants. And he is or type two diabetic when they would see that low and he actually did this without any medications and also. Things he's these are a lot of great and I bad headache. Story easy so guys bottom line is this if you're sick and tired he is sick and tired and you don't take the medications anymore you want something different you want a doctor this actually we'll show you how to get to the root cause. Of your disease. And then fix the cause horses treating the symptoms like medicine is currently doing in the medication you're taken unity was a call right now so we can show you the right path to health and healing. Right if you may make claiming that number is 8643. T 169. Is 09. I if you went and laugh this is okay is somewhat different grand am behind Mimi Japanese steak counts and batteries punch shopping center he anchoring bowl again. And that number is 8643262909. This is the plane and I think he has more questions. Please get this I look at I went sightings in mount green pulled that calmness and from maximized now for a living. Greeneville got constant and mount green bullet dot com yes they have an have to teach Mecca employment there on our website as well. My guess is so what I wanna do before we get this whole health care debate thing going on will be desire to break as I wanna spend a few minutes talk about this article that a lot of people pointed out to me that was an agreement on news last week we didn't get a chance to actually for last weeding it is talk about it. All of last weekend's radio show because we ran out of time but I saw pulled this from the front page and agreeing on news this come out he's matured to the right date. A Monday a July 17 so the week after week we for last on Monday the whole front page. It's entitled heartburn drugs linked to increased risk of death in the civil front page of newspaper. So that the article is heartburn drugs are linked to increased risk of death. The slowly re the first Parse his millions of Americans take drugs called proton pump inhibitors every day in order to live without heartburn. But new research suggests the medications may be linked to an increased risk of death. And the authors say it may be time to review their use the drugs also called. PPIs are widely used to prevent production of excess stomach acid in the management of conditions such as Castro. You suffer jewel reflux or girder all server bears esophagus. In the new study published online in the journal of the bug BB and the which is British Medical Journal. The researchers looked at data covering more than six million. Americans over a six year period. So six new Americans over a six year appears this is a pretty big study. Could make compared those taken the PPI is and then those taken that or not taken the PPI ex. There they report that actually had acid reflux. Their report they reported 45%. Increase risk of death from all costs all causes with. The PPI is a rheostat increase with longer duration of view so they compare people that had acid reflux that we're taking the PPI is. Which is reportedly like you're on the pro saw anything is when a prose all or naproxen and you your premature acid reflux drugs are kind they compare to that took DS reflux drugs compare its view that did not take acid reflux drugs was to let acid reflux over six man he would compare to over six years. And they determine if people take in the acid reflux drugs had a it's point 5% increased risk of death from the medications. I suddenly get this right you your word about your acid reflux or you're gonna take a medication it increases your chance of death by 25%. That's it then you are who goes on they have the specialists and I'm not going to name the guy I don't know personally but he's that he's a doctor here in green oval. You know big league guy around here and Osama or name and I don't know personally and knew him but he cited his article as saying that when they'd look at these drugs they they outweigh that that the benefits vs the risk. It in his opinion. That the date when they looked at these drugs are repaired in time for the benefits outweigh the risk so they're gonna continue in leasing re able to prescribe these medications did you address reflux even though the British Medical Journal says. Increase your chance of death by 25%. Our doctors here agreeable decided way. This guy on this board decide what is it that the benefits outweigh the that that the risk so we're going to continuously. Apply these medications for patients how insane is that correct me. So you're telling me you're getting rid of your acid reflux is more important than dying. I mean think about it this is it's is ludicrous right it's almost like the senator tackle our senators even though have control of the house and the senate and the presidency the Republican as yet they don't do anything right and on her own Republican comment about that too but you know get away. Politics is he so. Would you do it's it's madness why do we keep doing the exact same thing and not getting any results because nobody wants to do anything. Right itself is for crying out yet acid reflux should stop being Mexican food and you may appeal the French eat that if you if you're tired of acid reflux in indigestion don't eat spicy foods it it's this simple. And so it but you know we're lazy we don't want a change or diets or what we do because workers a habit so we continuously take medications. And we completely weak condition take medication we just have more and more satisfaction or more problems than me. An uptick is it actually costs on to medical system why am I need to hire someone to actually tell you what T might not T persons. And prescribing that medication where they actually make money off class is kind of a no brainer and I in their situations will tear this some money making. Yes so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you're just clueless on what's going to know why your doctors are making these decisions and they still have Joseph on his medications in you wanna change and you wanna try something different and get off these medications. Give us a call right now. Right now at Clinton and minus 8643. To 169. Easier than nine and I people always calling and can see how much it costs that first day city's 45 dollars. Yes we gave tickets pay limits on insurance companies that that first there's that included in many care. At first they say it will be 45 times out of pocket. If you re make a playmate a 643 T 169. Is you enact and that 45 dollars a slot lessened some peoples okay east. Syria losses of six it. I mean another healthcare issue right are your coat things are going up your deductibles are going up in there and house health care getting fix it's lies it's gonna keep getting higher and higher and higher so we have to do something different. You have to start getting to the cause of disease. And treating the cause not treating the symptoms or it doesn't matter what's build a passing congress this week or next to their rigor and doing it. Your health care so we'll be outrageously expensive as you get hurt pretty much the ideas guys is just get out of the system. So if you're out of the system not a word about it right. The first is being stuck in the system and every Saturday at an auction you have a sixty dollar company got a 50101000. Dollar deductible for a painting out of pocket so ends up happening you pay more out of pocket for. Your health insurance in your treatments than actually costs we get a list. It's Ludacris summing it cost some people more money to have insurers and then that they did not have insurance I mean that's why the system is broken crook like it is so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you need a new health care model and you on a different direction. We call the five essentials a Max was living two to reversed. Disease using it to the cause a disease vs tree in manage symptoms they give us a call right now. Again a 643262909. This is debt limit line if you just want to you I researcher. Get more information please get on outlets cited and Al Green pulled that com that if you raid make a playmate for earlier this week. Our next week we had a few comments available for our radio listeners. Again a 64326290. And nine. So because we're real tiger commercial break here shortly go we come back we're actually going I think I may have some time to share a couple more powerful testimonies and we had some people email us but there were also organs this whole the health care situation and how that the United States is now dead last when it comes health care they they compared us of the richest. Eleven countries around the world and guess who's number eleven debt lasts the futile US today. And so we're gonna have to talk about delegate. Give back from break by unison MX closet and radio were changed the way people view him as a healthy and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize splitting gold elevate 643262. Zero over. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living could change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you listened to the maximized living radio show we are changed the way people view administer health I'm your host doctor Joshua Darren DC. Can you cook onstage she can't. 'cause you're just tuning in we are talking about how how pour out her system is right now. And out pharmacy what we're doing is not working. And so did this and there's some new research that come out. That actually somebody actually faced with me this article it's operated on us or talk about it but has basically. It was published in mere. And not toy seventeen this international comparison reflects flaws and opportunities for better US health care to name an article. We're gonna jump into it after the that's our park in short break here before we do that I have a few minutes and only share a couple powerful testimony is that. Somebody shared thus. And they asked if we can share these what everybody else to give you guys so buck what we've learned over the years of doing this for the past 57667. Years is. People it doesn't matter what we say in the air sometimes. What really is good problem to move in and take action. Thighs when they hear somebody else in the same thing or going to the same thing that I went through and actually getting better because after that sank so we had a couple people emails of some some powerful tests on his own share the right quick and was gonna read this word forward. This is from Joey and she says and about ten years ago I came. To the end of myself I crash physically emotionally and spiritually. I tribute and praise must say her for curing my cry leading me out of sickness disease in hopelessness in walking. In his ways of divine health. I had come off all pharmaceutical drugs which included jokes asleep. And function during the day drugs of all kinds from antibiotics to paint men's and even narcotics. With the help my lower I was able to revamp my lifestyle from top to bottom. With changing not only my eating habits but also how are react to things I had struggled from PT SD most of my life. Catapulted by my husband's suicide in 1992. Due to this devastation of losing a husband of only two years my body had gone through horrific changes. Over the course of the next ten years of talk found myself on disability unable to work for you can get out of bed in the morning. Fast forward to today. Thanks to doctor Darren his staff who are always so encouraging health we took me I have overcome most of my issues I am still on my healing journey. But the journey has gotten much easier and I am joyful to say that I am getting a better every single day in us from JoAnne. And so does this is somebody that you just you know. Been pretty must been through hell I mean her husband commit suicide GS PTS he had a ways from from her past. All medications narcotics pain is sick all the time all kinds of drugs could Ainsley. A medications all through the day. And simply she decide it's have to chip. Prayer and she reached out and then he she feels likes the this type of last that was put her front of her and she's just following what she's supposed to be doing. And I she comes toward clinic and she applied the five essential that we talk about every single day she's been living that life for the past you know years are now and she's. Our fallen medications she's getting her life back together she's actually remarried. And now she has a normal life you know she still on this journey because she got tired of being on her knees upset inject she looked up as she stood up and she actually did something different so I hear anything. If you go through things like Joey ended. Or anything similar in your sick and tired of being sick and tired please give us a call so we can help you right now. Right now numbers 8643262909. Disappointment and time again he's 643 to 169. Zero in night he has more questions please cast ballots had enough grain blue dot com. As I mentioned earlier that first as it is 45 times I have pack and we did participate in the signed Chinese companies. That person is that it can be 45 times unless Pakistan earlier cheaper than. Thanks everybody else is current pace I can a 643262909. The bottom line guys is the way we set this program up is. Don't we we want mega so it saw doable for everybody and so if if you're not calling in or you don't scares and a point or you're not ready to make a change it's nobody's fault but yours is so sometimes you have to show that tough love and say hey the only person that's in control of your health and which are going to reach you can't blame it on anybody that's can't blame on the government came thing on congress gambling on your mug you daddy the genes you've got your situation and sharing your insurance it's all your fault got to change that. So we're gonna take a quick Marcia Brady goes to maximize the radio we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back get more you listen to them. X -- a radio show we are changed the way people view him as our health Ivory Coast doctor Josh would air DC. And you cut us Stacey dash RS OS promise or jump right into this article. We're actually it was published we actually poured off the commonwealth foreign dot org. And it's post published by Amir Mir it's 117 is entitled international comparison reflex flaws. And opportunities for better US health care for the loss of going on health care right now turner redo it everything else and like I said earlier it's. It's all an effort from insurance companies keep getting paid a dollar is inning without nobody but them. But going on there this so basically what they did the guys that took the that the richest eleven countries around the world. And these countries are maturity right it's Australia Canada France Germany Netherlands. New Zealand Norway Sweden Switzerland. United Kingdom in the United States so those 211 Richardson nationalist country on the world with a with a Poppins similar populations or not for for. For. For a space or have they figure this out. And so they first of all they did an overall ranking of all eleven countries are all right and guess who was dead last with who is 1111. I think and guess seeing from which is better there and see. The United States again so is greatest country is as free is it is as much money as we have and all the technology we have and we're the best and everything and two we're dead last when it comes healthcare were number eleven out of eleven accord in the study. Number what was actually Australia notching number what was United Kingdom. Our number two is Australia number three was Netherlands. New zeal as number four in the immediate claim trends and the best selling or so yet and you know United States was number eleven France whose son number tens of their their right behind us but number eleven was nuts is a word dead last when it comes and our overall health care system performance. I as some of the things they used to. To figure this is this someone to read some of these. There's some of these charts that's with a U so this first Chara looking at here. It it was talks about. Performing so what's health care system perform best. Either you had low performing in higher performing so. That you dead last when it comes to performance overall is actually the US as well pride UK was actually number one as we said earlier. Another one goes on to say this missile a really. Stuck out this is mortality which is death rates OK so when you get a hospital system how well you are surviving in the system all right how they keep you alive or not so. Switzer was actually number one France's number two but guess who was dead last and when it comes to mortality rates in our healthcare system. Hey that's just like a scary maybe at a US. And get laughed so again we're dead last in this was taken between 20042014. As those that tenure block there. And we had a password chatter it was the highest death rates when it comes or overall health care because of health care system. Then it goes on to say okay we'll who spends the most money all of their health care. Peso won't who has the best hostels who has that the most expensive health care system or who who spends the most money on their health. And curves that you spend the most minor health were the results. So has this chart here it says. Actually in the United States we spent almost three times more than everybody else are closest competitor was actually France when it comes this health care costs. And we spent almost three times more than they did. And so we have the highest health care costs yet on the performance scale guess where we rate. We think that. Yes okay so countries like UK and Australia and Ireland spent a fractional we spend but yet their health care performances at the very top there in the first place. It's a United States who spends the most money. On everything and has its. The biggest health care system we still are dead last of the more money we spend this article shows the more money we spend a sicker we get. So the question is why is that because pretty USG EUU test yourself into a disease is what it is. The way our health curses and senate you go in wouldn't hide who you heartburn missiles and they and they do all these test that is Carroll I think I've blood pressure you have high cholesterol you have. You know acid reflux it was put your on this medication this medication this medication. Those medications. Have side effects six must let you go back and you you develop type two diabetes or migraines headaches from the medications you're taking. And guess what they do put Joseph more medications and then those medications have side effects and then you develop heart disease is that you see I'm saying. It's a the more medication you you get on the more it cost our health care system more cost you and the more disease ends up developing is so it's like a snowball rolling down hill is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and there's no way to slow it down and you wake up one day and for crying out loud to use you at different when how would you were. For acid reflux or flutter. And all of a sudden now ten years let your own ten different medications in your sick and they're doing every test known to man how you'd be doing all these tests are putting on all these skills for prevention it was are causing more problems or just to be on the safe side has it soak. Quote unquote runs in your family. And before you know you wake up your opinion about the pills in your broke looking about details and so because we want you to go to completely different. Direction then the way direction everybody else is going look around you are we healthier we sick pay right you gonna say stuff so this'll radio we take. Semi farm so the world's pharmaceutical drugs our country yet really 5% of the world's population. And so what does that tell you. Obviously what we're doing is not working so something you're doing is not working. And you have high blood pressure yeah high cholesterol your type two diabetic you have Gerd. You have thyroid disease you have five miles or whatever the that the thing is your deal with whatever the poison is a one of those crosses on your back. Do you need to do something different because what your doing is not working and so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired as a say all the time. And you wanna figure out how you can get healthy reverse disease and actually get off medications vs taking more medications and give us a call right now. Right they're planning and I nastase explores three T 169098. Keep calling and he'd get a voicemail cleaves is for the message look at that TC news they can't. I can a 643. T 169. Easier than nine. I just thought T a lot of our listeners are older and sometimes I'm over fifty. And a lot of times people think learn I'm Marty had this same tab Marty having Kate these two it's a different medications and then taking at current long long time. Why do I need to change now I'm pretty much kind of stuck in the system has limited Darren there. Folks we have people there on the scene and not act eighties even. There have made that change state that they how many patients for 4030 years navy and I decided I can change even in their seventies or even in their eighties. Miss Preston shy she never too old to traffic delicate causing instigate that it's in these problems. Day in speakers at age because that's just a number I look I actually have a test on here from some of the nine B eight years old so contents of perfect timing for this is. My mom this is actually from others who we have a 98 year old patient this is from her daughter her daughter wrote distance of this to me now for us says my mom goes to you I live in Charlotte NC doctor Ernst was another Max wasn't doctrine Charlotte. And the very first adjustment you did for my mother she's 98 years old and very small fragile he told us that you had to be suppose so Jeno. I watched you adjust terror and thought at the time you barely tester so nationally I wasn't expecting a big difference real quick to my amazement. Kirk tasteless starting working again I had the opportunity eat lunch and dinner with her that very same day for the first time. And a very very long time she ate everything on our plate both meals and insisted that her assisted living company must have hired a new cook note saying cook. My blessed us do you and your family in your office might think promise to god I send you to I send to you with. Much love and appreciation from Diane in Diane. From Diane via a Vivian Douglas and who's in Charlotte. So does this like he's ninety years old I can't taste anything doesn't have an appetite in. After her first sheet with us her daughter saying there that hey G-8 two plates through better of assisted living there are no wish to earn back that afternoon. And she can actually taste the food simply from that one minor little treatment that we we gave her at 98 years old so. The stakes is point it is never too late. To start it is never too late to make changes I don't care if you're in 98 or your eighteenth I. The only reason why they are getting that is because you choose not to get better don't blame only anybody else don't blame it on your genes are situations. You're in Conyers you do where you live which you've been through. Those are all lies you're telling Russia that those are all odds of that orbit selling you on your shoulder because they don't he doesn't want you succeed he wants you to be suffer and miserable for the rest your life. Craig says he ready to make it changed that limit money gang member is 8643262909. If he Colleen and and you get the ones that place just think the message to look at that could you scenes they can't return contains many consciously can't. 864326290. And nine and we just had a few more Clements at different this coming week daily Alley set aside our weekly for our. Our radio listeners a 643 T 16909. So a lot of US whistle how do you get these results what makes you different than the slowly mummies spent a few minutes talking about this this is. And that I guess is the the root of everything here. Yes we do nutrition exercise supplementation detox and all that suffering a were five essentials. But none of that matters if they don't get our second essential witches are maximizing nerve supply our second essentially here. Yes nutrition is great. Exercise is great supplementation of this or icon is great detox is greatest threat top and he talks to sell their clients not mean we don't believe in. The warring clans are we to do you believe in a sell your clans but all that is. For nothing if you don't fix a system that controls everything which is your brain right to root word of healthy CO HE AL not PI LL and so yeah look at what controls all healing in the entire body. It's your known as the break it tells every Selma storage issue what did you and your body so for your heart to be very long a briefing to digest very regulate your blood sugar blood pressure cholesterol anything the brain tells your body what to do at that certain day and time of your life when you eater do an activity. So if I cut the nurse from your brain your heart longs would you delivered. Guy. I cut the nerves to your tankers with. From you having trauma sponsored talks is to have a lifetime where those nerves come out of these holes in your spine so it. It's like a ping junior guard has a farm stepping on your garden hose going to the vessels in your garden which are your organs that your garden if I'm putting pressure on nerves towards your heart. From you from trauma start to talks and actually you are from trauma Sartre talks is how well as your blood pressure or regulate itself. This hack it's not your blood pressure goes up with us upon harder and you get a medication for that if I put pressure on nerves once your papers was regulate your blood sugar. How was your anger is going to function. It's not you're going yeah high blood sugar right because they can't recollect the one that you're digest systems from the surgery configured and sugars Jim butcher goes up in unit doctor when you view it. At camp hill met Foreman and slower every case is right. It's so we do Max I was living is say let's find those differences. Let's find those interference is in your nervous system from the brain to this spot according to organist bothering you. Causing a symptom. If I can take the pressure off that nervous system to a series of light she was an injustice are clinic and then you apply these other essentials what do you think happens and and acts they weren't should actually get to the the cause of the disease he sees is supposed to be on pinching your garden hose go into your garden so the vessels can drive. And it's not complicated. When you see it on an X ray you see on film and we showed you blackened why what's going on we explain it it makes so much sense any slight bulge in his golf when your head and say some of enduring. Mean I've been taking this medication for ten years. And this is always do to correct it yes. So that their questions or how come if this works great how come from my doctor doesn't have a matter how come there by not doing it right. Let me ask you this is there any money and it now is there any money and getting to the cause and reversing disease now. There's money in what treating disease do you think there ever wanna find a cure for cancer tang who thought it would make corporate or company the right. So why would pharmaceutical companies want to put themselves out of business. While doctors want to put themselves out of business if you went to a doctor they say we're not wanna treat your diabetes were not what treat your blood pressure or your cholesterol which is wanna show you this one thing to correct it cigarettes come back ceemea. I think is gonna happen. Well there's no money in has. It's a nobody wants it to this and so that's while in grave where the problems with Texans who do it. And you know it it is it is what it is and again this is our mission in this and what were called to do and so we get sick people well we showed you had a reverse disease not just treat disease so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired give us a call right now. 8643. TC XT 90 and nine. 8643. T 169. Easier than nine people. Like solid your way into this problem when Max resolution yet still lifes are you right out of the problem. Let's go from being dead last number eleven when it comes to health care to being number one. And when your number one and everything's working you don't need health care system imagine that match you wake it up not having to take a pill every single day. Magic going throughout the day not have to give yourself an injection as your type two diabetic. Imagine going through life eating food and not have to work bass will affect your blood sugar or your blood pressure. A managing. Going to a day where you have no aches and pains. When you can sleep at night when you don't need to sleep apnea machine. And that's you may have to pick up your grain kids imagine Mary goes to the beach have a good time imagining enjoying retirement. Not being broke all the time from in busy all the time from your health care costs are your health care visit sitting in the doctor's office for an hour and half for crying out loud. I mean it's ridiculous. You have to sit out you have to sit in the dollar bonus for hours in the doctor five minutes tank it's insane to me how the system works at our clinic once you get it involved there was. What's your door initial part or this Oreo system and our clinic the average visit in my clinic takes ten minutes and announced. I'm not a waste your time graduation your time or else pray. And I don't want you to waste my time right is so basic what happens is your average visits ten minutes in and out at our clinic once you get started our program so it's not we'll take any time on your schedule. The only thing that's all take time out your schedule as you drive the same thing. It's a somebody already get smaller towns it gets me though for me to see you in the clinic and I hope you're okay that is I just don't want to waste your time always say exactly what's going on. Fix it sure what to do so in your new way. Comes a day swing going to check up right and so that's how our process were very efficient doesn't interfere or your busy slightly schedule so there's no excuses other than the ones your toe yourself. Banking and anywhere X and and we keep fear and there can be seen on the concept for what's going on instead of just give me a pillar prescription. But no answers. A 64326290. And nine this is that claimant on if you have questions please get on outlets cited in the green pollen dot com. If you made Emeka claiming a 643. To 16909. We're quick tests on me this is drama Scott this is a bit about me I'm officiate I'm 58 years old have sir the United States as a soldier for forty years army. The army as the rest of America has brought the through Peerman hook line and sinker. I bought into the no factories years ago I went to a fat loss program it was diagnosed with insulin resistance put Tom Foreman. And so on and so on. I I lost little weight just again it back. I have a serious and I had a serious effects not returning from Afghanistan in 2006 that's a cane presence because I was depressed. I had a PST SD mostly because of poor leadership. They should they let this guy for 36 hours in eaten before his buddies got killed. But in that's another story Michael Long story short he stopped taken Matt Foreman any depressants. Ali within months he was off follows a follows medications or type two diabetic a no brainer precedent. And simply because he decided to take charges like not rely on the government to do it like here. So it'll take a quick comer. The regular tonight's must and radio and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone knows the maximize the radio show here change the way people. You can administer health and our host doctor Joshua dared DC and you know 'cause the states began to does this week we talked a lot about a health care system how it's Kroger broken it's not going anywhere and you know in congress has not figured out for you gotta figured out for yourself. They see that's were maximizing comes in. And we won't give you an alternative to the traditional health care model. Obviously the Mo we're doing right now is not working as you heard earlier in the show we are dead last number eleven out of the riches and socialist countries around the world. Eleven on eleven and culture overall health care performance even though we spend the most money and have the biggest hospitals and then blah blah blah we're still. Dying had the highest mortality rate than anybody else and so not not a good thing so clearly what we're doing is not working. That other people are benefiting from it not you with a sick. I and so we wanna do is do something different and so that is why we developed the five essentials a Max Muslim thing maximize. You mind maximize their supply and maximize quality nutrition. Maximize auction in muscle and minimize toxicity when you apply those five principles. And those five essentials we column essentials because there are essential to your health and essential to life when you apply those five essentials. Dear coaches like myself Stacy in the rest of our staff and team. You reverse disease not treated its. And so there's no reason why you have to wake up every single day with the same disease taken the same medication. When you can reverse things like type two diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol. Garrard you know. From our Asia aches and pains sciatica whatever. You don't need to keep treating it right you don't need to get to six months of physical therapy you suffered as you can crick in just a short period of time all right so we have to just get to the cause of disease and that's what we do to maximize living so. Once again that number is 86432629098643262909. And as always. Where guys were here to give us a call if we don't get in touch reviews immediately will cry back first thing Monday morning we have two British remember you have a choice in life is a free country you are not a slave anymore you can make your own decisions. Pick a health care is this more work for you. Not one this not if you don't like your doctor fire him get a new doctor Ari we know we work for you guys you don't work for us remember that so until next week. Beat yourself as everyone else has taken your lessons. Max was a radio show blessing. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. Where we are changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell at 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next week for another edition of maximize living.