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Sep 7, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is Craig billion Steve Lewis of the prosperity. Group advisors LLC and we're here today to talk about. Stress free retirement strategies and today show is that part of our prosperity plan and it's the foundation of our prosperity plan. We're gonna discuss the the safe money strategy that every. Investor if you will ever retirees should have. In their plan and so we're gonna go deeper into that because I believe it's very very important I just came back from a couple of conferences. Where you know I've got a lot of facts and figures rolling in my mind that saw about facts and figures it's about how can we can help you. Getty foundation for your plan you have to have the foundation. And so many people Steve. They'll have a foundation to come and see us. They've got some robo strategy that it's been spit out from some robot. And tells me gotta have X amount percentage in this that the other and there's really no foundation June in my opinion yeah and yeah I mean there's not even earlier plan the much social foundation. You know well yeah it's a series of products yeah I agree with that it's a series of products and and it's not about a plan and I think that that's crucial even even on our side of the fence he got some people they put everybody in the same product. And not everybody's goal at the same so I don't see how are breaking me in the same. Very same product in and I'm definitely that's something we've been reviewing because. What people may or may not understand is that the interest rates are dropping all of the notices. Are the key interest rates are dropping so even though people say that you get much lower. They harsh you know squeaking down every little bit at a time which affects the returns that people make good on. All strategies especially safe money strategies you know I'm not sure who's. Edit but I love the saying hope there's not a strategy. Hope isn't a strategy how you have to have a plan you know you know you can't have hope so you got to know so well he didn't even have to you know hope comes from knowing. You don't have hope if you don't know and if people are jumping into. You know justice. Some robo cop strategy Robocop snow right front row I robot computer save difference yet if you know they're jumping into a strategy like that it it would like mean by that well and hold that thought first second first of all folks. Our phone lines are actually opened during the show so we have operators can take your call. If you'd like to find out about some of these strategies or we're talking about some of these. Foundations strategies and things of that nature give us a call at 8649890176. That's 864989. 0176. In you can also email us at had a great at my money's safe duct commerce Steve at my money's safe duck coming you can. Go to our website which is WWW my money is safe dot com don't forget to go to FaceBook we're on FaceBook as well. And we also broke with the show is recorded. That we do record live we do a live feed them every week when we record the show so you can go and watch the archives. On FaceBook page. And typically although today's Thursday typically record on Wednesdays and sometimes on Thursday's Oprah be gone. That you know of the FaceBook people you can listen to it than alive and in. Listen to the show if you want your at least you looked a little bit and go from there. Steve who what when I was alluding to we run into a lot of people. That were puzzled. And Eddie were our clients but they were puzzled why didn't make a return. In what we found is that most of those folks. Have some strategy that was based on their risk tolerance and all that. In unfortunately. You got the usual common sense with that and it's so what happened is some of these people that took a beating in 2008. In fact one of the meetings we attended you know the the consensus. Is that this next corrections gonna make 2008. You know partially pale by comparison. But anyway what happens to come in there and they they tell the that the broker they tell their advisor you know we don't wanna go through this again we don't want to lose any money. Yes so we're conservative we don't wanna do that. And what they end up doing is they end up blocking in. While the market is down and they never recaptured. Any of the growth. Right and and that's because. They don't have a foundational strategy. That's the reason they don't have a foundational strategy don't have a guaranteed strategy don't have a strategy to guarantees or principle that guarantees there gains and potentially guarantees or income limit and I believe that that's. A huge mistake that their clients make. I totally agree you know your talk about the the pullback. One of I'll reserve one of the conventions with year and one of those statistics that was quoted based on. You know fundamentals are all studies flow charts and graphs then and a different theories among his cult fibonacci which is a pretty well respected. You know for charting. Statistic I guess is he's he's way to explain it. And the speaker said that there's 86% chance of a pull back sometime between now and October. And when he said pullback he he didn't mean he wasn't saying necessarily the big twelve nobody saw him at a significant enough that it's gonna hurt. And so you know you were talking about the big one a we've had some of the big rougher for quite awhile. Still definitely believe it's coming but even in the next several months there's a huge chance for eight a strong. Pullback of the 86% is it's pretty I'm pretty big. Yeah we've been talking a pull back for last four years now folks if you would like to get your foundation plan which is part of our prosperity plan. They give us a call at 9890176. We'd get together with you in and put that together. We've got some some things that we're going to be bring to the table very shortly. I believe they'll be very beneficial to you that. Right now you need to different develop a foundation and so. If you have a forward K if you have an IRA and you just stuck it somewhere because your firm your your company that you work force said. Boris and you that this bank and they're gonna sit there and answer period put X amount mutual funds stocks. Bonds and you tell your conservatives so they got 60s70%. Your money in bonds who he thinks taking the risk folks that he thinks taking the risk and you were basing it on somebody that you believe is an expert. Unfortunately. Not in all cases but in many of the banks they have they have guys that have just come out of school. Or girls that have come out of school and you're just practicing theory and your account they weren't even of age when a market corrected you know ten years ago. So folks it's important that did you have a hands on approach. Do you have an integrated approach that says hey we're gonna look at your goals were to look at your plans. Peru based on the foundation. And if you want the stocks bonds and mutual funds that we can provide. A direction for that by sending you. Two are part of our team they can handle that so. It's very important that you get a foundational. Strategy and Steve that includes an income strategy you know they. They got interviewed. I think she was a tremendous baby boomers in the over welding. The overwhelming. Strategy that did people were most concerned about was were they gonna have enough income. Yeah other than that and and do they well they outlive their income you know they have an income that'll last a lifetime. Yes it did so by having a foundational strategy was us. In most cases it's going to sell all or part of their income plan. It's tough thing to me that you know they're that's their number one concern and we had the absolute best scenario to fix that concern. And and still some people either don't know about it or when we show on the I guess it's too good to be true I don't know but oh you know we definitely have strategies that will. 100% guaranteed an income that they can now live that's powerful. You don't centrist thing I got the the statement. From one of my clients. In August he was thrilled to get 8% return last year. It's during an 8% return no risk no risk he blocks in his 8% return. He gets a 50% bump up with this particular strategy that we use so for his income he got 12% while. I mean that's one year. So if you considered a bonus that he got the previous year that's at 32%. Increase for income. That he got in twelve months I'll take 12% with no risk any game all day every day I'll take 6% with no return every day ahead to get your money's gonna double every twelve years I didn't. You know that's. That's pretty good with no market volatility no market risk so folks if you want us to. Is set up your foundational plan give us a call at 9890176. He can go to our website WWW my money's safe dot com you can email me gray get mine. Money is safe dot com now folks were to be talking about. Seminars in the month of October. And different workshops and some things that will be doing in office so we begin. I go to war our website WW didn't mind what do you say dot com and again don't forget to tune in. Every Saturday at 7 o'clock and Sunday at 11 o'clock as we discuss these stress free retirement. And we will talk to the next segment folks so stay tuned this is regularly Stephen Lewis the prosperity. It normally. Welcome back to your stress retire an hour with Steve losing Reagan building and we are talking today about. Part of our prosperity plan your foundation. You need to have a plan that's foundational for you not just a product. People will plug the hole you into products to sell you products all day long. But so many of the people would come to see is still have a plan in we will work together to formulate a plan for you okay. So it's not just a matter of sticking in this account. Or that account we will actually formulate a plan for you so. Steve we were you know we are talking about. Help people that comment cius. You know they really don't have a plan they just stuck into a bunch of accounts many of which they don't even understand the statements or even how these accounts work. Yeah you're right and I go back to their old saying you know people don't plan fail I fail to plan. And so you mean we were talking about is as you are mentioning that just a second ago I was thinking. You know what we strive to do and and what we focus on my people command. Is to find out what what their goals and objectives are. And then and then craft a plan craft a strategy to get through those goals and objectives and it's interesting to me that you know. And like you said most of the people that we see have been investing in India and all this stuff for so long. And they have no no thought of what that means that they're just trying to pile in as much money they can't hope they're gonna get the best return they can't. And then and then hope they were back to hope again and not a plan and so that's what we try to do is create something that's gonna give them a path to get where they wanna go. You know it's funny Stevie just mainly thought of analogy many people. You know that that question. Your christianity in the country to see well how can you have blind faith like I said I don't have blind faith. I have history backing up my faith I have evidence backing up my faith. Has hit so it's not blind faith this advertisers more blind faith with some of the retirement plans that we run into that there is. Actual. Effective factual plainly. You're right in and actually made me think a son and I have right after the eclipse you know he just came through the the totality in the eclipse and everything. And right after that I just I can't think and I think you know in 1979 Walter Cronkite was talking about how in 2017. There was going to be another clips and they knew the day that hour the minute the second that that was gonna happen. And that was in 1979 dry boy in it. And I know this isn't a show based on faith but about my thought and what I posted was. You know I do you can't create order out of chaos that never happens. But when the when there's order you know how things are gonna lay out and that's exactly what we talk about here is when you laid things out when you put them in order. They're gonna go the way that did that that's do we design and I mean that they that's. It's a logical well no that's exactly right folks you can reach us at 8649890176. If if you're out of the year you can call 180440. Over 434. Now now listen folks wanna point out something. One of the things we don't do on the shows we don't like to pull gimmicks we don't like he's some type of record of just to get you to call. Because it sounds great ending you get a sales job we actually use. Plans and programs that are sound that is better foundational. Our our clients' returns have been very very good obviously the last year that their locking in their gains I mean we're seeing double digit returns in many cases. So so that's attracted bit. What we're talking about is is in this example is you know use this example Steve is that. Many people come and go talk to us about doing in his service stroll over about rolling their 401K. Rolling their IRA. In the really in my opinion folks the foundational money is your IRA money. That's what I call sacred money because you don't get a tax write off if you lose money. So that's the money you should establish. And have a plan for and one of the reasons is many people. Have wiring money and they have no tax plan so you know we've had a lot of folks I would say that if contacted us especially when we talked about. The bank the bank adding money to their retirement I mean we've had a lot of of activity from that. It we can't we've had 38 year old we've had 4550 year olds. And when we start talking to them about eight tax free strategy. H tax free strategy. You don't know what's talking to them about that. In in many instances well actually all of the instances when we run the numbers of the tax free strategy they're usually greater than the income they would get from her. Or one K that might have double the money then it's amazing you know you. TE arms on the front side you have the bank that comes in and and leverages that 321 so every dollar they put in the bank's gonna put in three dollars. And then on the backside in what they get the growth through the through the process and on the back so they get a tax free income. It is the numbers are just amazing they really are astonishing how how it all plays out to the benefit of the person doesn't you know what's interesting Steve are. We ran into something the other day. There's many people that are being shown a strategy. Where they go into an indexed universal life policy. For the first three years they take loans and are sticking all of their hiring in two to create a tax free money. And and I spoke to an IRS person. And and will elaborate on this war that said. That it's it's going to be a problem that didn't it may not be tax free. And we don't do this at at our company we use tax free strategies. But I think that's a very aggressive play see the problem Steve is it not only with. Indexed universal life. That any of these folks that are wanting to take kids come early and retirement. If the market takes a correction in the first five years of their retirement. Their situation is going to be possibly dire. Because if they take in come early. They have no growth here let's assume they moved their 41 K they need income right away they're tired of working they needed come in and they lose half of it. Now all. As are spending money not only did they lose 40% but they've lost maybe another 20% from there we withdrawals. Third best shape. Absolutely you know if you're looking at at the amount that you have in your trying to be frugal and do the 4% rule I'm only gonna take in a 4% of their outlets there to live on. And then 4% of whatever it is changes by 40%. Your 4% to got a lot smaller. Yeah it it folks it is important that you talk to us some not of not just saying that. Talk to us give an opinion you it'll it'll have like you press to a strategy you have not talked about. And you what we want we were the first ones to be talking of these tax free strategies. Started my relationship with W or 2010. And in 2010 we are doing need to professionals and I think we got her own show 2012. But that folks there the reality is we were there the first ones and your talking a tax free strategy. Can you hear about all these other you know strategies you know life for a strategy. This strategy and it's all the same thing. But maybe maybe it sounds sexier to the audience I don't know but the reality folks you want a foundational player and he won a foundational safely play him. You wanna foundational tax free plan he won a foundational legacy plan. These are some of the things that are part of our prosperity plan for you so it's important that you take advantage. All of these strategies because if you don't. With the market correction hit it's going to hit. Bad and in the let me tell you something. I stand by what I said on preview shows. That we may see a pretty major correction next year although I think we're gonna see. Correction this year may not be as bad. But it is Steve was saying earlier in the show it leaders and 88%. Chance. Of some type of correction happening with them and. She wants you what's going on Steve people are jumping headfirst into the market because they assume everything's hunky dory. No sense of typing no sense of history so there after after returning from their jobs rolling their 401K. A 100% it to risk if that's because they don't have the foundational player folks we're out of time the sake that Q and as we talk about. The prosperity plan the foundation portion. Team. See now. Ha. Back it's great Elliott the prosperity through it and here's they would Steve Lewis. And we are talking today about part of the prosperity plan. Do you have a plan for retirement do you have foundation plan and today we are spending time talking about. The foundation plan that we structure for every chlorine that means with a us. We show them how to have a foundational plan and that's a very very important because if they don't have that foundation. Plan and you could be in trouble if there's a correction and folks. All of the odds are showing that there is going to be a correction soon sooner rather than later I would say. Week it expected possibly the next few months eight is small and I don't think is the big one bit. But who knows I mean the way the thing is going in Korea that could have an effect. On on all of that so it's it's important that people realize. What we're talking about Steve you know we talk about foundational plan. One of the things we wanted to get into that so much today. But if somebody wants a Social Security plan has many people. Think that over rules have changed don't have any flexibility to social which Social Security that's incorrect. They can get a Social Security plan they can caller number 9890176. The operators are open even right now. And you know you can you can request time for us to get together we will put together your Social Security plan. He can't folks we we don't ask you to email you email us your Social Security number at all that it's not a good idea so that's why we request. That you get together with us now he has Social Security brochure street from our website. But if you want the actual plans structured for you than you need to call our office. Set up the time with peony she will she will set up an appointment for you in there will be will be going to meet with you go over some of these strategies yet this us. You're do you have plans is really a personalized plan for you based on your age your in Khan how much you put into social security and and what your goals and objectives are. And then who again or what we go back Cuba wars that are ready is. What is the best most optimal opportunity for you to take advantage that program. And I think there's something like 26000 different few options in calculations and so we do that for you and and give the funeral nice report that you can take with you and uses. Part of your plan. Yeah indeed we've even had certain people that dead. The plan that we've put together with the report which is now over them. You know didn't make sense with their particular situations so we actually customize the plan. To create an asset in India we can talk about that in that in the future bit but again today we're talking about people getting their foundational plan. And here's the amazing thing you know a lot of these companies. They'll team up with a bank till Tebow put a brokerage house. And that's what they try to provide and into providing a service to other employees. But unfortunately in many cases it does not have a safely strategy. Yeah and that's mistake. Because what happens if for right what happens is there's a major correction in as we said earlier if it think about this listeners if you're retiring your. 6665. Years old and you've got to 50600000. Dollar IRA or 41 K did you roll into an IRA. In the market takes a sudden correction or what we expect will happen key measure if it's the market only takes a 30%. Hit. You're 600000. Dollar eight just irate just lost a 180000 dollars. And in your thinking to yourself well I hope I have enough quality lasting through retirement. It did if you needed calmer early this just compounds the problem as we mentioned earlier so it's the end. There 30% is conservative because as we know. You know you go back to 2001 to designate any of those I mean you're looking at the forty plus percent and and we've been saying all along that. It's likely based on everything else to do this this kid is gonna be even bigger. Then any of the others and of course bigger because the market numbers are bigger better also bigger from percentage stamp. You know Steve honoring I don't know if you're you recall we were Hume he may have been not been there and ask questions. One of the speakers at the convention where you're at last week was talking about the correction. And you don't think planned for this to plan for that. And I asked the question did. No one is willing to answer her tackle the question was. Folks what do you think the impact. Of all this government money. Get a half in the correction. Right what type of impact. And end the one guy trying to diplomatically. Skated over the question. But afterwards we kind of talked to all of inning basically said great we don't know. We don't know we don't know what that means we don't know what the effect is gonna be it's so that's what I'm concerned about an annual centrist think this is the second. Longest. Bull market that we've had a history right. Second longest bull market and after the first one we had a major correction which was I think shortly after nine elevenths. Right and so you know what what your point is we're with all the government money it'd that's been infused in the market is that you know when you have something that's built on fluff. And it blows up. There's nothing there to sustain it is they it is they hard fall to get down to something that Israel because there's so much that's not real in the market and see got to get through all the not real to get to the real what I mean by that is the fall. If even that much harder on an effort made sense or not it was a brilliant illustration in my head though. They won't I guess that's you know there's that there's a saying that pride comes before the ball. Through in the level it's in the Bible and in what a lot of people are doing. Is it and we see at the aid they just follow suit and they just jump in. Full war while the market is high. Which means that the odds are that you regard Steve here's here's another way of putting that number that they sent to us. If the market has an 88% chance of correcting. Within the next two months in the next year. That means that somebody sits there and follows status quote jumps into the market without having a foundation plan. They got it 88% chance of seeing undercount goad him. Right. I mean I'm putting that in layman's terms you have folks deal undersea well we just said. What would you ever get involved in something that they you. Want it you wanted to get a result. But you have an 88% chance of not giving that desired result would you do something like that would you buy a car they had an 88% chance of breaking down in the first week. The trigger an opponent I mean seriously that's what's going on. In this is what's the guilt is in the other thing we talked about being joint remind you this. The rope those strategies. The robot strategies in many cases have not taken advantage. Of this market games OS three people aren't making money what do you mean by robo strategies I know but maybe the listeners don't all right so what happens you go in to a place they asking your risk tolerance. So it's almost like personality profile terrorists on your risk tolerance. And it basically that advisor is going to follow. That sales person gonna follow exactly what your strategy is you know why. Liability. They're going to get suit right so you jump into the market in Europe relatively conservative person. So what do they do they stick you much of bonds. It's that you get the bonds. And in interest rates eventually rise are you with making money losing money in the boss number one Burton number two. The markets typically gone down with the interest rates it rose so now you're losing on the other percentage of the money that you have in there. So to me that's a dangerous for relations and here's the other problem as we said earlier in the show people would come to see us and they wonder why they haven't made any money. We just describe the scenario that we talked to her listeners on the air and that's when he realized that you know there is an area where they're not making money. But but people think that the status quo as a way to go I mean they do. You know it is in the what is the status quo the status quo we've been told. Is invest money in Wall Street it you can retire have a nice car go to golf tournaments it go to the beach that's what you see all the brochures. That's what Wall Street spends money splitting these subliminal thoughts in these these these. Images into people's mind to think that that's the only place to put your money. I know I've referenced this many times on this show but it's such a great saying have. You know years ago I believe it was Vanderbilt. May may have been Rockefeller and I remember of it he's being interviewed in and they said you know how is it that you may so much money over the years and he said well. You know I watch what everybody else is doing and I do the opposite. And so you know to your point what's happening right now is that people see the market going up and they're trying to chase in a chase returns. And it's too late you're already too late in the game if if you weren't in 2000 you know eight when when everything was down and you started getting handed to try to cancels those returns. You're chasing it and you're not going to be successful because as you said. Just even just on the fact that this is the longest bull run that we've ever had. Tells you that that means at some point there has to be a bear run and and were on the cusp of that is we just talked about before there's an 86% chance of that. You made me think of something all right Steve how many of the people that we meant it started investing in 2006. The verses to people that invested she's down at 2009. Where the people in 2006 really happy you're the people in 2009 really happy people in 2000 manner are very happy because they didn't take the hit that threat today. The people who took the hit in 2008. Totally a different mindset absolutely and it's so we are trying to educate our audience to understand what we're saying if you don't have that foundational investments. You just retire if you've got your forward K. In your your urges following the status quo then chances are if we talked she would a year from now two years from now. You're not going to be so happy so. If you wanna be happy new year from hell. Or or a few months give us a call at 9890176. We will talk to you about some of these strategies here folks it's it's very very important. Just wanna mention something you listen to some of the songs that we've had. It's ours that my wife and I did my late wife and I did back in the eighties and it was funny we were we were reviewing something. Back in 1986. That we were involved with him I was talking to Steve earlier that we had one of the we went to a wedding went to a wedding at a church. It was legal PTL church and in Fort Mill. And I headed to Asia to experience I realized I was gone the same place and it's still just as large. But it was a messianic congregation near call Antioch and very pretty but it was a very. Did you expect had been there since 1986. Foot 11. So. You know everything changes. Everything stays the same so we have to learn from history. You know the other factor of rubble some time the statement that new Korea. Something like 9/11 those type of movement can have. Profound effect and unfortunately much. Too much of that news shooting and as we talk some more about safe money strategies and foundation. It's okay. Okay. All right folks welcome back and this is great alien Steve Lewis of the prosperity group that today we are discussing. He prosperity plan and the first step of the prosperity plan which is establishing your foundation. Hit for FaceBook listeners. We are on FaceBook we usually aired live on Wednesdays are occasionally Thursday's. Anywhere from a 730 to 930 and you know we we talked about the scene actually go to our website go to FaceBook and and follow us on the prosperity group let us know if you like as we've moving it a lot of scissors. Q2 this is also a website which is WWW. My money is safe dot com. This song that you heard as a sort of my daughter any LE road win the ages twelve result call world sir and I'm a get together a video of a song that she recorded Steve don't put on FaceBook I mean she's saying you are living room. The nice echo hardwood floors and everything needed only get to sounded amazing I'm biased that it did sound and she's she'd. Senators or cheerleaders are I have two questions for so you're talking to do well your punishment doesn't really don't have enough time for all of us but around. You know you're talk here before the the the last segment at the end of the last segment about there really stress free and we were talking about the market and everything the words crash proof kind of came to my mind. You know we do what the strategies that we have really crash proof view from. I'm protect what it is that you have we become the foundation. So here's my questions might magic questions we're at. What is sure right so you know I come to you and I give you my retirement money and and we're we're right about the market the whether it's you know an October or whether it's in 2018. What if we're right. That's question one. Okay if were right actors they're going to be happy that they met with the us because they will have made some money most likely. And they wouldn't have taken any hit. At all. On their account because of the market. And then by the way I don't know if I'm so photographer from the air not that but we actually now have a strategy. That if the market goes down where we can actually take advantage of that actually yes how about bats yes and so listen folks. If you think the market is going to go down. We can actually pull it. If it's Steve they had an 88% chance of being right. OK so let us over let's say let's say we we have you come in and we divide your money at them various strategies. We can take one strategy that's fairly aggressive gets a good return of the market goes up that you can hedge by going with a strategy that the market goes down here to make some money is well. Facility strategy Steve Burke pollen count. The unnamed capture on what that means is it means that if the market loses 30%. You could make. After a with the percentage was I think you may 21% this thing was 70%. She could get 70% of the gain of the market going down if you think the market's going down. Steve by the way. You are they got that idea from yet. Might it is that these guys listen because watched I talked to them about this in 2009 and talked to several companies. And they said you know what the first a source who nobody thinks the markets going yeah we can't sit there is so negative strategy and said. It's not a negative strategy to realistic strategy. What goes up comes down if you time it right you time it right now so yeah we do you have that available now so that is. That is at test site are you getting a consultant chief you know for giving them all these three graded them idea's ability daily that didn't seek a bit to do that I just get to chief among them were on the radio there is a so if we're right that was question one if we're right. Worst case scenario and you think the market's gonna go long or you think the market's gonna go up. The worst you do if the market crash urge you gain from that and if the market tanks. Then you can also gain from that righted the I guess that's so that backwards but you know aura is gone now what if Ferraro what a what if the market does continue to go up. And and were wrong well. Ark pleasure be happy anyway they're gonna make money. That's right I think it just like this year some of them are making double digit returns they'll understand something Steve we're talking about people making a double. Digit return with a strategy where they can't lose. That's right so anything can't lose that return unlike the market so let's Lucas area let's say there were were right. So we were wrong in the market goes up in the market goes up 30%. In our clients are thinking 12%. But the following year were right. Because again we can't sustain this bull market just bull run forever right so let's say the following year the market loses. 30%. And which means our client makes zero. Do you know which account outperform the other are safe boating strategy. That's right our safely strategy but here's the kicker if we did at an average return. The second scenario where the market remained thirty lost thirty would have a higher average average would not be zero because you have to figure in the dollars with a our strategy if you walk in the 12%. Dating you if having 6% return your probably. Looking ahead at six so you know if you make 12% the first year rates zero the second year. You've got 12% that you made the next year that averages 6%. The people that that made 30% loss thirty you're actually in worship. Well it is like what you said before the people that invested in 2006 and 2009 which one were happier people one that started in 2009. Because the market was on its way not on its way down now that's absolutely correct and and show either way my point with the two questions either way if somebody brings especially the retirement funds starts and hasn't has this look at them. Either way. They're gonna win. It way right whether or right or wrong Greg gonna win. As it is with their current strategy is their right then then they when and if they're wrong they lose and they lose big and it is big with their. Nation here's the other thing Steve. We are folks don't have the time the market that's right. Where's the other folks have to time the market in Indy getting in the market you know they jumped in early and so forth they have to time the market. It's so folks if you don't wanna have to worry about that if you wanna have a stress free retirement you know those certain issues that you need to. To talk about it and so it's important that you understand what some of these issues. Are in listen folks I want you to tune into the show the following we British talk about. Health care costs in relation to. Your retirement what's the effect of hospital and health care costs in relationship to your retirement. So so again folks you can call us at 8649890. Once 76. He can requested time to get together so we can put together your foundational prosperity. Plant or your portion of prosperity plan because again the prosperity plan his tax plan it's an income plan it's the foundation sake. Money plan. It's a legacy plan it's a long term care strategy play in this health care plan so it's very encompassing we will put that together for you. Then you might not benefit from every aspect of the plan that someone will benefit for at least some of the aspects of the plan. So let's put that together for you folks we are at a time. God bless you have a great Dave tune in next week this is great alien Steve Lewis and prosperity for.