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Welcome back folks this is great. This prosperity group. Which were happy says. It's a big forty. As we talked about using her forward cage for retirement income. Using your 41 K for Inco and last week we did a show called creating retirement income. And we talked about. How to use your return accompanies your 41 K we talked about a bank funding 75%. Of your retirement so. You know we want to talk about that too and I think we're a wanna focus on Steve on this show right now is the fact it. Why all the forward Kaczur up we were just talking off here about how many we're getting a lot of calls. For people who took advantage of the 41 K is service rollovers. We we have a lot of calls in 20152016. That the market if you think about it 2015. And sixteen really did do a whole lot. Until the end of 2016. It was really stagnant so there's not a lot of growth during that period of time most of the growth. Happened shortly after the election. It has continued to this point where we're hitting records and everything like that. It is so as human nature would happen. Had it and I said this tune to your producer off the air is that the reason we're not getting as many calls is because. The celts don't know nobody's happy the market is good. But people forget the adage of selling holiday buying low. And I think they should think about Warren Buffett's words Dover don't his number one rule is don't lose money. That rule number two is he rule number one that's exactly right so so folks those of you have money at 41 K you're happy the market's going up. Everything is hunky dory. Does the perfect time for you really consider 41 K is service roll over if you are able to do it and we can show you it. Most of you get have to be fifteen under over to do that. So he can do to 55 and it depends on the rules of your 41 K. But this might be a perfect time to roll it over to a higher rate makes the account safe. Totally clear and an end servers rollover. Is an opportunity for you depending on what the rules of your plan are. For you to take money out of the plan. And put it into another vehicle whatever their vehicle is and in this case it would be a safe vehicle stolen market sell us the opportunity to grow but it's completely safe. And it did their thing and I think some people are afraid of is a Mac companies can get mad at me for doing that or beyond no longer going to be participating in the 401K. And the things that we tell you is used to you're still able to contribute your 401K and we want you to contribute to them for a one K because. He has at least up to the match because you've you made a 100% of your money so you put in a dollar the company puts in a dollar well that's a no brainer you continue to do that. So you wanna make sure that you're still contributing to the plant we're just taking a chunk of that and making it safe correct. That is actually correct that's well said in fact we have somebody that came didn't use do you have bank funding strategy where the bank as three to want to your accounts. And he explained does he was over funding his four point cave by an additional 10%. And we pointed out to him than he's basically just crew that he got it he got it really quickly that he's just adding tax so heat. Decided to take that extra 10% yet he gets the tax deduction from it. But by using that money that he appropriated first forward Kate putting into the program where the bank has 75% to his retirement. He got he got them the message there and he's creating a tax report of you know I remember the first. I'm when you and I meant a long time ago and and I remember you asking me the question Brittany thank you should you know Steve when you're paying tax on the seat of the harvest. And I'd never even thought about it and that concept and really had to think about it I'm I'm a little slow sometimes. So I went to the agricultural side of me and tried to think she harvest and then and then the economy or that really does make a lot of truth I'd rather pay. You know money on a little. As opposed to pay taxes on a lot so I asked the question to be clear listeners. Culture certainly besides I did it really get out. Asked the question so the question is would you rather pay tax. On this seed or the harvest socialist or she here 4060 to seek. Would you rather pay tax on the season for the harvest Brett okay so I would rather pay tax on a small amount. As opposed to a large amount and what you were talking about this particular client that we met with. Was that he who he realized after you sort of use that analogy and others. To understand that he's taking money and and creating a bigger problem for him and retirement can these creating more taxes will we have the opportunity. To fix that very quickly that's absolutely true very efficiently by by the way very. Efficiently and in so here's the point folks. Let us show you a rescue plan. On your 401K or your IRA see we actually came to see us I don't know couple weeks ago and they'll actually ticket that she was at its decline that had for couple years it should basically she retired early. So what we started doing is we started doing a Roth roll out. Meeting they were taken 1010151000. Dollars a year out of via her irony she's gonna pay no tax on his arteries are your tax bracket. So in 45 years she's gonna create about 80000 dollars of money that she's paying no taxes while. So it's it's in it in her case she didn't have enough quality to follow the traditional tax free strategy we talked about. But she did however existing money so now she's got two buckets. She's got a diary worth about 275000. Dollars. It is four year shall have about a 125000. Will be tax free it'll reduce the value of Pryor may choose to is say. A 16075000. Dollars to announce that having all verbally taxable she's only got a portion of the taxable. And her kids will appreciate it as well so stable inherit that money the tax free basis as well. And so the so powerful when you really sit if you if you were to look at the numbers and that's why you know we do all these reports this stuff because if you really really look at the numbers and you see the differences. You know just like we talk about the bank leveraging opportunity where the bank and then imagine you 3122. What you're putting in. You know when you really see the power of the leverage over the power tax free. It truly is amazing and it's revolutionary as it pertains to your retirement plan we're so accustomed and we talk about this and are. In our dinner workshops you know we're so accustomed to seeing things one way put money in the market it grows you take it out in out and retirement and everything's fine. We we miss the other opportunities as far as. Pay the risk on the on the market side that beat the opportunity to take things out tax free and take advantage of those tax free vehicles. Writing it and it is the thing is in this is that the world I want our our listeners to grasp out of this. The political landscape right now that the health care issue all that is somewhat bleak in the sense that. Money's got to come from somewhere to pay all of these things. It Ito. My daughter paid twenty dollars a month for her health care they Richard 300 dollars a month while that her income. Actually went down. So that's that's free health care and that's that that's just a that's a I know what it is it's not health care that's for sure and is now very and it's not free so there's no free ride out there so. What we're saying is. You've got to make the right decision tax was because that's could have an impact on your retirement. So for those of you who were young enough to duty and service stroll over to use. Our prosperity plan concept and it folks if you want. You don't choose for us to put together a prosperity plan for you we will. We will set up a tax plan will set up a pitcher like income plan. We'll show you how to properly structured your Social Security how to create a tax replay and a legacy planned and fiery rescue plan. These are the concepts that were talking about folks it's very very crucial and important that you get these because. It's gonna have a profound impact on your retirement so. Mine awarding. It it folks. I mean it aideed as this time that you can reach us at 990176989076. Greg my abilities safe duck commerce Steve at my money is safe duck I'll go to our website WWW. My money is safe dot com. And we will show you these strategies but the warning TU is 401K. Owners right now. I'm putting you on notice that this might be the perfect opportunity for you to consider doing it is service roll over. Right now while the market is going up. Dolce deer get greedy because it could cost you down next segment Steve remind even up getting kindly give my time horizon of where I think. The market's going to kill him and that run. Two out of the last two tones of a pretty good on the throne that is pretty good bet a thousand I don't know what what I said the the previous times we'll start to accept a bit closer. Folks I give us a call 9890176. This is great toll of the prosperity. It's. It's need days sale and so. Done she understands. It's father's diet can. Just is that it's. You know his stance and. I'm sorry I love us. News of the prosperity granted that. I that was a beautiful son and daughter. L Cole song for mama and it's basically. Chronicling. That the battle my wife had. With breast cancer isn't. Steve don't bring up so this has nothing to do with the show but I got a call from for a well actually all the fraudulent had heard from while. If he is his son. Were. At. The ceremony for my wife back in July of 2016. So called about but I said Gary. How are utilities Craig you haven't heard that one he's so lost so killed and 42 years almost what happened he said pancreatic cancer. Is 42 years old. The only sent to be had was lower back pain mile. Within a month he dies that here's where it gets worse he. He died the same hospital that my wife died in the case. The other colleges that was doing the treatment. Went on vacation so the second guy came in there. He didn't check his kidney function when he gave the key grocery game too high dose of chemo. He went into kidney fear he was on dialysis the last two months Juan. Now according to what I've talked to attorneys over there. They can't do anything about it. They can't hold a hospital accountable. So I'm telling you listeners it and I would suggest to look at this and hospitals here in South Carolina or whatever your. Definitely a Florida folks so if you think of retiring to Florida. Talked to me. That here's the problem. The rights of the terminally ill patient's state they don't have any rights. So you got unborn kids to have a more children have no rights at any of terminally ill patients stand right. While I don't think I heard about this when we were talking about going into this health care you know sort of the death panel concept. Economy if you think of that and well I talked differently from England he says they basically operating under the radar in England for less talk more than half. Twenty years we've only got so much money to spend you know you're gonna decide who gets the money spent on a new dozen any fear. If you are if you're not viable whether you're too old or too young or too sick. They're not gonna from the money and you lose its common sense folks if you go all all segue then into what we're talking about these were talking about using 41 K. As income but that the reality this health care thing is is is a mess. And I don't care which side of the aisle it's on because there is no free ride we do that. It's got to be paid the money's got to come from somewhere. And here's the irony a lot of people that receive on health care for the first time they're unwilling to pay for the health care now. While so you know they were willing to pay for before but what is free they shirt took care that are apparently free. It's so that's the problem that's taking place so they give folks when you are planning. For income we're planning to use your retirement your 401K. The warning tour listeners is still make the mistake. Of this time your 41 K taking a big hit on it. It now. You've got them much less money than it did you thought she did you know and talking about the health care situation one of the things that just occurred to me as you're talking about this is that. We have programs that are available that. You are able to take an advance on. Your benefit and so it's it's like a long term care or chronic care type program where. You've got money to set aside. That is for you and it's obviously a death benefit but if you are in need of it when you're living. He actually had the opportunity to take care of that and the Indy use their money in whatever capacity you want such a great way. You sort of insure against some of this craziness going on to well doesn't cure it but it helps. Your your right hand and what I believe you're you're saying Steve is affected. When people retire they've got to Medicare supplement but most people don't have long term care they don't have any terminal illness protection don't have any chronic illness protection. It all of these different strategies that we talked about from week to week on our radio show. All of these programs that we talked about offered these benefits. In fact of a meeting which somebody today. That. They've got cash sitting near they wanna do something with the cash. And they wanted to know how he gets a long term care benefits weren't able help them do that so. This person might be able to put in a couple 100000 dollars immediately get a death benefit of say 30320000. Dollars bond. Still have about 250000. Dollars of long term care benefits. So not bad especially if they need the money. Yeah it's very cost effective and very effective yet so it's important folks that you're making the right decisions on this. Since it is the reason we're tightly to show for one k.'s the using your forward K for income. Is because by properly. Taking advantage of the it service roll over by properly taking advantage. Of the money that you've made we can show you how to guarantee that income now here's the beauty Steve. Let's looks kind of let me give us an area. Somebody has a 41 K they get 3400000. Dollars and they state college CS and he decided to move it toward the accounts. They end their married. Right away that for one Kate will last the only as long as that person who holds it lives but their spouse. That's the leader guarantee be a couple of two blocks. How long as a guaranteed into 401K. It's not security Steve at all yeah. Effect there's nothing guaranteed before OK other that the company agreed to make their contribution is ironic I mean that's the whole point of putting money in a Furlan case to have a retirement at and it's not guaranteed so that's why you need to take it out. And making guarantee make it guaranteed retirement income for you and your spouse. They're both of you can't outlive. T know what all of that change would lead the effort was away from pensions. Into the forward case it was when President Bush wasn't it was president. Is he pushed the big thing on the forward case but buying. By taking away the pitches they took a lot of pressure off of the companies should provide retirement because. Basically a forward case of buyer be where you are basically managing your own retirement account. How many people that are listening to us right now. Know how to fully managed or retirement accounts. Very few of freedom and he he works and in a professional field. And he asked me to look at something for because he was man that has money manager he's been averaging 1% of his foreign cave for last two years. Now you know why he got stuck with the money market. Somebody wasn't paying attention. He made more last month but making a change in the account that he had the previous two years on the account while so he think he should. Are there caddie. I think so and that's that's the other interesting thing some people just have this sort of mindset that all this guy's name came under your recommended these great. He's doing better or you know whatever and even when we show on the number sometimes. There we we had a gentleman not to awful long ago we showed in the numbers he was he swore he was Macon out of for dollar was eight or 10% or something and Brian you know we went and showed in that he was anywhere near that. And you know he still he just couldn't he couldn't see beyond that. Could he be on it now and you know the reality folks is we're gonna show you. These strategies are surely be safely strategies. To protect your accounts. It in folks here here's the thing if you would like. To get. To get a 41 K refuse to give us a call at 9890176. Who taught you about an inch surface roll over if you have a higher rated sitting there. Or let's say wait your with the company and now they've stuck key to a bank and the bank is taking over your. Forward Katie think they knew what they're doing well maybe they do maybe they don't you want a second opinion give us a call. 990176. Secure out of the area 1804400434. 1804400434. This is great Elliott the prosperity through its Steve Lewis and we will catch you on the next segment. Shooting it is we talked to you about using your forward caper tell. I. This. Yeah. Is. Welcome back folks this is great Alley street Louis and prosperity group advisors and we we were talking about using your 401K for him com. Now if you listen to the song we played that was song called somewhere snowing in the I think back in nineteen. It is 86. It was written by Willie swing beautiful so on talks about how. The you don't. Jesus' love in his grace is it makes our citizens why assume so it's a real powerful song and I guess it could be your Christmas in July segment maybe surveillance figuring that has filed July or. As I got him in residence as well and I'll tell you it has that you I was playing tennis yesterday hit 1015 minutes with myself and I was drenched. I was stretched. He was just so glad at least I was making him work a little bit. He if he knew he gets spent where I hit a winner. Against him. We probably doesn't expect because it doesn't happen that often against him because he's good. And I'm a slam and you beat Steve and a slim and you've ever sent you. Here's the problem I can hit a winner. As always he hits vote for the two foot race let's check and I'll only have to do with that you put I have also within two feet or do you do the Boris Becker like between the legs and behind I can actually do do all of those shots where you could. Early on your mind in that I can still do really well Miller go through life and hit it within two feet can't accept that yet another problem is he's Gallic a twenty foot radius and at a two foot radius I used to have a twenty foot radius but it's getting there. You'll get there what was it like playing on the grass a thing and a picture of that we were on grass here carpet on carpet okay. And I'll blue actually was nice. Because it it it this is over in Europe this was in Germany in housing Cologne Germany and here's what I realize. There's not a lot of long distance German writers you know why. Mine it's hard to run into walk and cobblestone streets. They rough but my hip was hurting but when we want to hit on the tennis court. There was a little bit of gear so it I don't know if it's wood under the or whatever and I felt really good that I can play a little toad ally and it was rainy. Outside we are dorsal that was and so was indoor indoor carpet while I had played indoor carpet since I was a big bowl of cherries. You know I was hitting a I was hitting with Brad Gilbert. Who was Agassi's coach on the the Supreme Court that was slowed the carpet. Now they don't play and anything remotely that fast to sound like Astroturf truth is that they mean it is is the different games it's like carpet. Now what it's like carpet with dialogue fibers that you actually have to take a brush. It Brooke should get the boot the march of the tennis balls out so it's it's a pretty good earlier body. Well look. We need to be pretty good on their income thing you know keep listening here that's right that's right so so here's the thing folks we wanted to make sure. That you have enough retirement income I wanna read part of our. Argues letter again and again if you would like to getting newsletter. You can email said Greg in my but he is safe dot com or Steve at my money's safe dot com and put our preacher email are listed Wilson either. But these are top here investment tips this is from our. August 11 letter okay and it says this it says we just what you need right. One more time consuming task to be taking care of between now and the end of the year. But taking a little time out from a holiday shores to make some strategic savings and investment decisions. Before December 31 can affect not only your long term ability to meet your financial goals but also the kind of taxes you hope by next April now. Had a client that sent to be this was yesterday said great order take out 151000 dollars to paid my debt. It's okay that's good let's get. And I looked at their tax situation because of what they're retired innocent why don't you wait till January to move why I want paved. I said because you're a higher tax bracket right now you're going to be lower tax brackets so by a week we have Stuart art CPA company or talk to him. And by waiting till January the day after the first of January to get a save him about 2500 dollars while yeah. But you know these are questions that people make decisions. They're valid decision is a great idea to get it to the what people don't realize it in this case he's retiring. He's retiring this month. So he's still making his money as far as work goes why don't we tell these little or tax for a that he could be taking a Social Security so the other thing we helped with this triggering Social Security so he's going to be triggering Social Security. In all of them in what happened he had planned on retiring he got laid off bills kind of a mutual thing he got laid off with the company. And so. His plans change but fortunately we're able to help and you don't make the right decision and I think the decision we Helton you know 2500 dollars 2500 dollars so it's. It's not how much of that did you get. Nothing there I got a pound and a forth with the fact that's what I wanted to point out of the listeners that the you know that's part of the service that we provide is. You know we make sure that we protect you in the you have a stretcher retirement. And it doesn't cost you don't come see if that doesn't cost you dined together at prosperity plan that doesn't cost you a dime to have it mapped out for you. Yeah and that the way we get paid folks were not doing this for free you understand the but we get paid that if you decide to follow our investment advice and you put it with an insurance company we get paid from the insurance companies have not even. Our money comes from your money in the direction it's like if you go into the market or if you pay a money manager. You see that money come right off the top for your your investment and in our case comes from the insurance company. So it's it's really kind of I believe a win win situation. You know you said you see come off the top UC come off the top and then you see it in and monthly quarterly or or anal statements. They continue to take it off the top and and you know we don't do that. Steve I wanna challenge. Any of the listeners to have a variable and duties that they're not sure about active. Maybe it's upright now despite the perfect time for them to review it because a lot of folks to realize very able duties. And I really don't care what their toe hold to buy a lot of that the people would sell. With the variable of duty. They are at risk. Incredibly earth and in the you know I've heard some brokers say well they don't care about me company that'll cure the Presley just care about it count. How would you view better listening to us don't care about your principal you just want income from. You don't say you're willing to sacrifice your 300000 dollars to get 151000 dollars a year for the next you know. 20s30 years. I don't think there's anybody there who doesn't care about it column at least I mean who doesn't care about the principle right. So so they again folks if you have a variable of duty right now while itself this is the perfect time because you might be able to do something about it. If you wait till the market corrects its gonna probably be too late because he you're gonna be stuck in that income Reuters C Steve that's the problem is people. Don't understand these income writers okay. However it continue with that this year and investment to desist from org argues letter and says look at the force not just the trees Steve Hewitt readers. Which I'm on my glasses on hang on you want to classes. Or wherever it just treat their pockets of the first step and you're you're an investment planning process should be Reeve reviewed. Of your overall portfolio that's something that we can do here obviously is doing overall review just take a snapshot of everything and you know take a look at it. Barry you can tell you where the need to rebalance. And onetime investment has done well for example large cap stocks or whatever. And my now represented a greater percentage of your portfolio than you originally Tennessee had to reallocate as what the what the article saying. C need to rebalance. Do you itself some of those assets and move around and all I can assessing your overall review should also helping decide whether that rebalancing should be done. Like you were talking about before Greg either before or after December 31. For tax reasons so this is obviously tax you know that stocks or investments that are that are and have them. Tax situation well here's the beauty about what we do Steve. If they came to see us. At this point we're not get advise him what to do with the stock serve the security threat. But if they want that money to be basically the managed planned structure with guarantees. Bill might be the perfect time for them to consider doing because we're taking the risk out of there are out of their accounts. Right so we're not gonna advise you to you know we can take a look at world and I think a snapshot of your portfolio where it is we just can't you know at this point. Tell you reallocate or whatever other than other thing you need to take we can tell you how much you need to make safe how much is not safe and how much you need to make things that. That's exactly right that's what people need to realize C. Steve it's still amazes me how many people tell us their conservative. And the ability percent of their body at risk and I laughed again and said because we feel that all the time. I mean it really is that it did now what they're starting to use of these folks listen to what I'm telling you. A lot of the financial companies are using robots. To basically do all of your allocations. I am sorry. I don't like robots telling me how to do my allocations and threat I think we're still smarter robots in certain areas you know. You know I mean I do they're using robots for surgeries that are pretty precise may be because. Fatal Trevor shaker or anything like that part of the reality is is folks. You don't want to use a robot for it. Somebody brought Jeter a robotics statement that they were dude. Because of their conservative. Allocations that they had they hadn't caught any of the upswing of this trial as a robot. Kept them under allocations. I seen a lot of robot programs and I've never seen one that was successful. Really I have mean especially. You know in the day treading kind of row armour and about Star Trek and lost displace well that's different than the other team does area totals but he's always successful. But just an 800. Know your your absolutely right you're actually write these things dole. You know you taking human element out of it. And I just think it's a mistake when people do those type of the fundamentals are there for a reason bad but and they help. But they're not the only did decision making part of the process. Folks she can reach us at 9901769890176. And we are going to help you show you how to use your 401K. For retirement income to an index segment as we talk a little bit more about the four OK we're gonna. Also talked about those of you who have a bunch of money that's sitting running cash not working for you earning less than 1%. So again he can cost of 990176. You can go to our website. WWW mind what do you say don't call it folks if you want to get our weekly newsletter. Or R&R monthly newsletter we will city cute by email. Contact to see they'll see Greg in my what do you say to duck congress Steven on the music duck thing. OK okay. Okay. Mean. Welcome back folks this is great and we give the prosperity group advisors LLC that was a song written by my daughter when she was twelve years old call or answer. Beautiful little song that she she wrote and you can find her music on in the Eliot sound club dot com and sets eight at in IE EL I eat itself cloud dot com. Steve we were talking about the variable duties had it one of the things that. You reminded me was we talked briefly about income writers. And that there's so much missed the misconceptions. This representations. And misunderstanding. On October. So if I'm just the consumer and I and I hear that I'm not sure I mean I know what an income writers. So act in any generic term what is an income writer what does that mean the. It come writer is a part of your account debt in many cases guarantees growth. It will guarantee that you're getting 66%. 5%. 8%. For a number of years. And what that money does is is that your counted zero that your actual money so let's let's let's say and a 100000 dollars make it simple here. Phyllis Hannity and co writers can you be at 1020%. Bonus. So my income values a 120000. Dollars okay that 120000. Dollars grows at 7% a year. Now the problem is Lotta people are confused about it they think their money's growing. By 7% year note their bodies growing by whatever the the return is of that strategy. So that 100000 dollars a year to might be a 103000. Dollars. There it column writer on a 120 seven's gonna be 134000. Dollars. Now when they go to calculate the income the company pays you a percentage of the 134000. Dollars here's the problem. In many cases a lot of these income writers special that was an offer you the big extravagant bonuses. They set up the account naturally to me. 2%. 3% of the account. So that visa watcher of the account you're stuck in the account or you lose all that income credited you have here's the kicker Steve. They're gonna pay a fee of around 1%. For that six or 7% growth so what does that mean. I guess 12800000. Dollars debt the most I can earnest 3% I got a 1% fee. So my account grid at a 102000. Dollars the next year my cup writers a 134. I can take 5% of them hydrated in that 6500 dollars to 6800 dollars a year or so here's a problem. Howell is gonna take me. To recapture my money. You understand I got to live so many years before I'm really making any money so most of the income writers are gimmicks right. Now they have a purpose if somebody says absolutely I wanna make sure my money is safe I have this guaranteed income it it might serve a purpose okay. But a lot of delivered gimmicks and where we find is a lot of people would come to siesta say what why rages on his 7% over money. But they're not. So with decent cup writer Steve we have what we call user or lose it and co writers or re having come writers where do you come writer's real money. And we choose to use you come writer that's real money so for example we have one account. Think it gives you accrediting strategy every year. Every year. All of that accounts are pure counters 4%. And become writer or 6% in Israel want to get your 50% bonus above what you earned on the on the real nub of what you earn up. And it pays as a death benefit over five years as opposed to not being a death benefit so going back to the person area. I've event. Plan that easy to lose it plans to let's say in the thirty year of the account like accounts grow from 100000 dollars to a whopping. 104000. Dollars K. My income riders were 150000. Dollars. In that person dies what's the death benefit. The 104000. Dollars in terms of that hundred. 50000 dollars is not real money through its all just a number used to calculate income. Now I think I made that pretty clear that but that's what people have understood they had trouble understanding here's the problem. We are talking to variable annuity owners it's the same thing most of the variable annuities. The income writer does not pay his death benefit. Unless you pay hefty hefty fees for that. What is hefty hefty fees three to 4% in fees for do you account. What was river we had a a lady that came to see us they have an account to deal in the 2006. In they had paid 32%. In fees to address an effect. They paid more in fees that they earned and that's right so so folks with you. Call us call us at 9890176. Local number 990176. You can also calls out of the area. At 1804400434. That's 1804400434. I wanted to go back or quicken and sort of finish your analogy so on the on the on products that we represented that 150000. That was the income Ryder. I'm that is something that is a very real number. Two the person you know and when that person dies the beneficiary can take that money over five year period. So it is real money they're really exist with us that's why we are so passionate about the income writer because we wanna make sure. That people understand that this can be if it's an electronic candy real money for them. That's right that's right in the end it we are talking real money not justice for the money that they you know that's a number of pie in the sky I think I have a client that calls he would come writer Mike it's an account. I think that's that's pretty yes I do know that they're great and now what they have account and and that's the way he processes what it is stated access to. If he understands it because we explain it thoroughly. You know that's what they think we do that are our company that's probably better than most is we really explain that to people fully understand that because it's so misrepresented. Real quick on our up against the clogged it around. This show and last week show or really all about he retirement income and whatnot and so if you miss last week show. Go to our FaceBook pages of prosperity group you can like our page. Go through and and we do record this live in video and so you'll be able to go back and watch the show and see the archives of it I think is a lot of really good information for you yeah. There isn't it also is one and two reminder folks if you have cash sitting around we have a place for you to put it safely. With long term care benefits and tax free death benefits but the other thing folks to do it should go back to the July 8 show that we did. And learn how to see how to find out how he bay will fund 75%. Of your retirement so if you have not heard this before. This is not eat misquote. Learn how late they can father the 75%. Of your retirement just like. Your company funds. To the water three to one on your 401K. Just the same way folks so again. Call us at 990176. Folks on FaceBook Rio bid you farewell. And folks at W or the audience we will see you next Saturday at 7 o'clock and Sunday at eleven take care god bless.