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Good morning and welcome team that stress free retirement power. I'm Steve Lewis I'm gonna be your host today. Greg is actually out of town and so I'm covering form. If you need to reach us the show is recorded but you're able to reach us we do have live operators standing by as this shows airing. You can reach us at 864. 990176. You can email me at Steve at my money is safe dot com. Or you can email Greg at monies that are common he'll be able to. Reach out to you obviously when he is back in town the title today's show is actually retirement 101. Back to the basics so here's the thing. I'm their quest today they did so when you tune in the tuna for the whole hour because. There are I'm gonna cover a lot of material on the cover a lot of things. I would encourage you to take notes and mr. driving obviously don't do that that's if you take notes if you can. I'm gonna talk today about topics that you don't hear on any other show especially as it pertains to retirement. I'm gonna probably talk a little fast. I getting yelled out alike and have a tendency to do that. But there really is a lot of material and I wanna make sure that in the short time for and they were able to cover that so again if you don't get it all go to our FaceBook page that says the prosperity group. You can re launch the show as many times we do stream that live on FaceBook do we record this on Wednesdays and so we're streaming live on FaceBook seeking go back. And like a said solicitude as many times as like. So. We and today I'm gonna kind of talk of retirement planning and form in the form of building a house so that's kind of if you just envision. As your building is you're heading toward retirement building a house that's sort of the the concept of what I'm gonna try to put that paint today. And when you build a house the first thing you do is the foundation well it's interesting because. Most. People that talk about retirement planning they think they do they begin on the foundation that they really don't. And I want you to figure out something for just a second. What is so it's tough to talk to you right now on hour to say you know what is the number one thing that could destroy your retirement quicker than anything else. Think about Jefferson or what what what would that be the number one thing that could wipe out your retirement to wipe you out bomb really almost instantly. And you know you probably would guess because we talk a lot about the stock market we talk a lot about the you know the financials and everything else going on in the industry. Com industry you know 4050% of your of your income could be gone out right away. Or forty appropriate to percent of your portfolio can be gone right away but I'm not even talking about diamond drilling down even a little bit more. Well what I'm talking about. Is your personal insurance and on August and a ton of time on this but really this is really really important so I hope you listen to this a building block number one. Hey you know the foundational aspect of things as your personal insurance. Wanted quote just real quick a couple of articles. That's this and was in that town LA times the writer is Liz Pullman Weston the title of the articles as low liability auto coverage. Is a good deal if you don't have much to lose. And so the whole article goes on as she talks about you know how and California they do and about two different things and I can read all of that but one quote she says is one bad accident. Could robbed these drivers of everything they own if the victims or the insurance company decide to suit for more than a policy limits. Those who don't have home equity or savings to lose confine their paycheck garnished. To pay the cost of a lawsuit judgment to think about that you know you're driving down the road one day you have just a quick mental lapse or something and and the next thing you know you cause an accident. And you know now you're looking at the possibility of losing. Really literally everything half. So. One of the last question she says the a couple of the course she says most drivers have enough to lose. That Harlem liability limits or advisable so. You know she's saying definitely that you need to have more liability probably then what you have there's another article real quick Elena. Quote a couple of other quick things out of this is protect your family from lawsuits even if you are rich by Eric cuts from the USA today. This is a few years ago. But found he talks of ice is that he starts off the article says those with seven figure incomes. Aren't the only targets of lawsuits and the average home and auto insurance. May quickly run short in case of a simple accident and the litigation that can follow when he goes on to talk about. I don't have time today to talk about that the other different types of coverages and all that kind of stuff. That's not really the purpose of the show if you wanna meet with me I'm happy to talking about that. But basically what he's saying is that even on the higher end of limits in an auto policy those allowances may not be enough for the average consumer. And he says that people today have become so litigious. They're suing for everything you're going to need to look at an umbrella policy that covers homeowners your homeowners and your ought to. Damages can quickly add up for persons trying to sue you for hospital bills lost wages it's an astronomical amount. That's a great place where umbrella coverage comes in for liability not covered not and and not much cost. Mesa police quoting this other person in the article it says it's better to have an and I needed that they needed and not have it I can't afford to be shoot and wiped out. And then the final thing and I've. Sorry to read all of this but I just wanted to you know kind of give you a third person opinion. If you're sued for an accident in your and in your home and you don't have the ashes to pay the damages plaintiffs can go after your income as a roles in which has said from the other article. And even sometimes and some states sometimes a retirement plans are also vulnerable. So again think about your drive and on the road and he have a mental Astro quicken and also next thing you know you cause an accident and as they come back tears and they see you and you could literally be wiped out instantaneously. So all the planning you Denny can have the best player in the world but there's no foundation there to set you up. You know my son actually a couple of years ago. Was in a really bad and their bike accident and there's no liability there but the reason I'm bringing that up is he was in intensive care for his final by the way but he was in intensive care for. About eleven days. And the total bill on the hospital. Stay was all almost 300000 dollars. And it was. The average in the country is about 101000 dollars a day just for the hospitals are just for a bed in a room. It's about 101000 dollars a day and then anything else you know drugs and surgeries and surgeons and nurses and everything else. That's all on top of it. So my point in telling you that is a liability can add a very very quickly especially if there's you know an accident or where there's. Pain and suffering I mean there's all kinds of different reasons why people would the agency's. So. Having said that it is critical and important for you to make sure that you were adequately covered. So. What is it that you hear how much coverage do you need an iron. Teach a class on this action so I can talk for hours on this and I've got two minutes left in this segment but I want to write this down if you are writing. The the equity in your home so what what's the the sales ticket sales price of your home verses what you so that's obviously the equity in your home. Your your total personal property so everything you own it whether it's close or she user couches and TVs everything. Your investments the total of your investments the total of your savings. And then your future income so you take your salary. Multiply that. Let's say you're gonna retire at seventy socially Niger current age times about 40% they can think about 40% a year earlier and come to take all of that. And add it together now that's that's how much you're exposed that that's what the potential loss is that you have. And then take your current liability amount and subtracting it. Now looking your deficit every time I do this exercise I'm people are amazed at how much exposure they actually have. So if you take a minute to do that go through that exercise. I think you'll be astonished at how much years like is that you're just totally exposed by the way the programs that we offer here the ones that we talk about all the time on the show. They're totally protected from losses they can't be attached as that's another beautiful thing about what we what we talk about here. So. If you are looking Q you know you wanna know more about hear what your exposure is or how to protect that we certainly can help you with that we can sit on a go through this exercise with you we can show you where your. Where your concerns are. And I'm a quick story to tell you on the other side of this break. I give us a call and we will be happy to sit down with you and start laying the foundation for your retirement plan. So again give us a call 8649890176. Stunning nature toward any none went through six or you can email me at Steve and my many estate dot com. Or Greg and nominee at state dot com and we will be happy to get back in touch you so stay tuned keep your pencils sharpened. And we will be back Kentucky here in the second after the break. You know. It's. It's need days sale and it's. Done this year and seeing defense. Best father's diet can sand. Just mom is adding it's. June stance and signs love it man dying. Welcome back to any stress for our retirement our I'm Steve butcher post today I'm covering for Greg his voice you normally here. I do cohosts with him that he usually sort of the the captain of the ship so to speak he's at a town. Com just to remind you. This show is recorded let we do have operators standing by so if there's anything that intrigues you or questions you have please feel free to reach out to a single as a call. He can reach is that 990176. You can email me at Stephen my money is safe dot com or Greg and my many estate Docomo obviously for Greg. And will be happy to reach out to answer any questions or appear on any way we can't today show is retirement 101 back to the basics. So I began in the first segment and if you didn't hear the first thing that you need to go back to FaceBook or go on our archives and listen to it because this is really a building process. I'm gonna move away from. You know the foundation here just a second but the foundation is super super critical for anybody that's looking into playing for their retirement. So it's like building a house we talked about the foundation we talked about your personal insurance is sort of the exposure there and why you need to cover it. I wanna to kind of share story with you so I was actually sitting where if a client the other day I was telling him that. There's one particular company and I'm not gonna name them but I it seems that there agents are just I don't know these. And ensure they think very clearly on it's just sort of whatever they feel good or whatever the flavor of the day is. As far as what your coverages are on your on your policy and a client he knew his home was insured for about sixty dollars a square foot so if his house burned down he was on the hook for about half of it. And his cars yet five and two of young he was reasonably covered and then the other three he had state minimum limits. And what that meant is an I told him I civil if you have a lucky day in your in the right car. And you have an accident you're okay but if you're in the other car and you don't you know you have an accident the new got a statement on coverage and then the you know you could be wiped out. Well aside because I was telling this gentleman this story. And Pasadena we need to look at your stuff because we're working with the among on some other things. And are we need like your stuff so he brought in his documents. And the first thing a sentiments you'll. You realize that your that gadget guy and he has yeah I know don't uneven because I need to change this. He was exactly the same situation one he had two cars. One car was was adequately covered. And the other was totally statement on limits. And it just didn't make any sense. So it's really worth that my point telling you that it's really worth it for you to sit now that's. I bring your insurance documents in other sit down and talk to you and take a look at what you have. And fixed the things that need to be fixing on your personal insurance but also. There are other policies that you can put on there for very. You know inexpensive cover an eccentric cost. The main what is called an umbrella and I'm like who spent time talking about it today but further very cost effective to be able to appear insurance coverage to well over a million dollars and and adequately protect you. So that was on the personal side. Wanna talk about the foundation real quick on the business side because it is very similar to the personal side. You know so many people there they're counting on their business the business owners they're counting on the business to either gonna sell it at some points. Or there they're gonna they're counting on it to continue to grow to fund their retirement. And that's all great. But I can't tell how many people I sat down with looking at their of their business liability insurance. And telling them you know your your one loss away from being out of business. Literally if you don't have the right coverage or the right amount of coverage one little thing could totally wiped out your business. And at which used in in dire straits just like what we talked about with. The personal insurance so again going back to that it's a foundational thing for a business and personal. You need to take a look at that by the way just to answer the question and I talked about the umbrella very briefly there is a commercial umbrella as well that's very cost effective they can. Cover your liability for your commercial autos in your commercial on to help you with that. So again for us to review it our yet it is give us a call bringing your documents. And we'll be happy to sit down with few schedule at times sit down with you and go over that. So you can reach is that 990176. And 990176. You can email me at Steven nominees they dot com. Or Greg and Greg and my money in safe dot com I'm sure I've I've presented to you a lot of things that are gonna give you a lot of questions. So again feel free Q. You know send those to us and an email or give us a call. So we've established now and in building our house building are retiring house we've established the foundation. Now let's go to the number one building block the number one building block. It's a security planning. So security it. Actually the composes. About 65%. Of the most retirees income that is significant. 65% of their income so a majority of the of retirees income they are relying on Social Security Q paid them. So there are a lot of questions that need to be answered when it comes choose Social Security. You know the first is and be in relation to that sort of you know 65% of it is. Going to be your income if your average and that's going to be your income or is the other 35% gonna come from. And how much of that do I need what. How how much money do I need to survive and how much money am I gonna need to him you know grow to be able to make that happen there's a lot of questions that sort of all interact with. Social Security so how do you accomplish those goals what's the best way to make sure that when you retire they you've got the amount of income that you need. Now the question is how much is your benefit going to be mean to me that's sort of in really foundational as it pertains to slow security what is my benefit. When is the absolute best time to file and and under what strategy there are still several strategies someone away last year. But there are still strategies there's still loses several different opportunities for you to file. At different times to make sure that. You do you know take advantage of everything so how do you how do you know. I mean how do you know when is the best time. And what strategy to file and if you go to Social Security you're asked and we talked about this on the show before but if he if you go to them and ask them they can't advise you. So how do you know I mean miles to the justice and that when you turn 65 you're gonna file in and you're done. Well I think there's I think there's twenty something thousand different ways that you can file. And different formulas in different ways to look at things so one of the things that we offer in and sort of one of the building blocks to you retirement. Is a Social Security nationalization report you've heard Greg and I mentioned in many many times on this show. We'd use it for all the time for our clients basically. We sit down with you we get your Social Security information. We calculate. Boy is based on your situation what is the best way for years to count on maximize. Your opportunity to make sure you know based on the savings that you have your retirement goals. We take all of that into consideration and look at it. And made sure that do you have the best opportunity based on your situation and your goals to meet those those goals. So that's called a social security and activities report we offer them for free. Because the because in and separate time for us to get together so again give us a call. You can reach us at 9890176. We have operators standing by now so 990176. Steve at my money is safe dot com for me. And if you're trying to reach Greg Greg and my money is safe dot com. And we can schedule a time it does take a lot of time for us to sit down and answering or your goals and put together a plan. But if you don't. You know if you fail to plan and you plan to fail and so. Dvd to have some kind of a goal and objective and plans to meet that goal and objective and we can definitely help you do that there's no apostrophe to do that. So again give us a call nine out of 176. We've now talked about the foundation we talked about building block number one. We're going Q on the the next break we're gonna move into sort of this the fundamental. The real core of everything so stay tuned and keep your pin high. Feel. The other hey. They all lanes and so let me end. Then. And I. You see in this man I mean I think. The citizens of this thing he's alone mean and. Welcome back to relieve stress for harming our and Steve Louis post for today only. Normally you're used to hearing Greg LE. Is a charming voice on the radio he's actually at a town today. I usually do co host so you're probably used to hearing me a little bit here and there but he is the captain and he's out for today so. I'm holding down the fort so to speak. We have operators are standing by so if you have questions. And you have a pen or pencil available write this down give us a call at 98901769890176. Email me at Steve and my money safe dot com. Or drag if you wanna talk to Greg Greg in my money it's safe dot com to gain. We're talking about retirement 10 on back to the basics. So I've been just to recap in case you missed the first two segments. I wanna make sure that your up to speed he really. And then listen or watch the video you'll actually we did record this live we streamed live on Wednesday mornings because that's what her record but I'm. The listen to the whole show and take notes because to me this is that this is something that most people. When they talk her retirement they don't cover I just spent. The first two segments really talking about a topic that most people don't even discussed when it comes to retirement planning and to meet is absolutely foundational as I said it's it's. It's so important to make sure when your billing account you don't Biller on slander you go to on a solid foundation. And solid foundation is protection they want to make sure that you protect yourself. And I talked about personal insurance making sure the other right liability limits and commercial insurance as well making sure that if you own a business your other liability limits. And if you obviously you drove the car and own a home. You need to have the right liability limits for those as well because that is the number one thing. They could instantly destroy your retirement and we talk about. How you know it you're vulnerable to the mark dead end in off the market collapses which we do believe that's gonna happen there's still there's a recent coming. I didn't have time today to really cover that in the show. I ran across probably six or write articles this week that just talk about how the fundamentals are just they're very very scary. But you know at a worst what's most people seem to think is that the market's gonna reset 405060%. Of course it's unknown. We don't know that and we don't know when and we don't know how much that historically it's been forty or 50% so your retirement savings can be wiped out forty or 50% if you're in the market. But what about just your normal stuff as I talked about the equity in your home. What about the you know just your savings account and you know your personal property and those kinds of things those could be ins and European your future income. Those could all be wiped away. By EU not having the right amount of insurance so make sure that you do that that you sit down with us for a review and make sure that you have out of her courage I ran into it. Almost literally every day as I'm talking to people. It's amazing how just for twenty bucks more a month they could cover themselves in and make sure that they're adequately you know protected. It's it's really stunning. That the deficits that I chief so. Make sure the make that a priority. Give me a collar you mean email will be happy personality and talk about that that we talked about the building block of Social Security so making sure that. He put together Social Security maxim is a sure report and really what that's about. Is making sure that you know what your benefit is. And what your opportunities are because there are strategies at different times that you could file for Social Security so making sure that you. Take advantage. The best opportunity for your situation we'll when there's Tony 2000 calculations. How in the world do you know which one is is absolutely best for you were the only way to do that is to use our algorithm. And you know we go through who's the you know this processor of doing this and we we come up with a report the sector really nice easy clinging to read. So having said that if you are interested in knowing what your best opportunity is then you give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to put that report together for you there's no cost. Our obligation or anything like that to do it. It's just one of those things that we offer as a service because. We truly want you to have a stretcher retirement we truly want to help people in their retirement situation. So give us a call money 90176. Or email us at Steve or Greg depending on which one you're reached at my money is safe dot com. So let's talk about sort of some of the common concerns. Retirees. This is sort of moving into the next building like this is an a building block yet. But it will be in a second to earn in a few minutes but you know heat biggest fear. For retirees as there as they're moving into retirement and is as they start their retirement is actually out living their money. Most people don't think about the fact that you're going to be unemployed. For 25 to thirty years or I guess if you don't plan properly you'll be employed again for 25 or thirty years. But if you plan properly or at least the goal. Is to make sure that your unemployed for the next one for thirty years that's a long time and a lot of money can go very quickly. Certainly hole quicker than twice for thirty years if you don't plan properly. So that is the number one biggest fears so it just when you take a lump sum of money. Whatever Clinton that number is and you say okay well I need to make sure that this last when he far thirty years. How do you know how much you can take off of it every year. Well in 1994. There was John name William being gay and he actually co authored a study with Morningstar morningstar's. Company that. It's kind of hard to describe it they basically do a lot of things as an early its Q investments in mutual funds that kind of thing so he. Co authored the study at the time he said that if if you withdraw give up on an amount of money and you withdrawal. 4%. That's sort of the optimal number or so 4%. Then that money should last you through thirty years. So if you know that's assuming that you know that in the count moves up and down and and all I kind of starts at four percentage or number. So. Well you do we talked about here you know sort of some of your goals in your social security and all I cannot think now let's talk about. What your goal is sort your goal is acts. Then you need to take the amount of money that you have or the goal the you have it retirement and their work backwards as they will Cain if they finally have a million dollars. And I god I can take 4% of that then 40000 dollars a year I can take out of that million dollars. And be saved me on to make sure that the principle stays there and you'll continue to go on. All and that's okay 40000 as your number in and you're comfortable without board if you need more than that. Well here's the other thing sorted tale of horror through the story so that the 4% is in the standard number. For a long time. What 2013. Morningstar would back any sort of redid their numbers and they revised it. And they said you know why we've actually had to move this number down so it's not 4% anymore so anybody that tells you the 4% roll they're actually mistaken. That the rule according to Morningstar that's sort of been the standard high watermark. Is now down to two point 8%. So now that million dollars QG 28000. Instead of 40000 that's a huge hit. Well the reason they moved it down it said it was because you know the volatile markets low interest rates. Advisory fees inn and you know more conservative mix of stocks and bonds. So you know unless returned a more volatile market that's basically the why they're moving that number down to two point 8%. Is is a huge ratchet down. So write that number down and the write your goals down and then you can you know begin to it to figure all this out now. I am I hope as you've been writing down your starting get a little overwhelmed and say in my gonna choose their analog to this. And I really don't have time or the the knowledge or I'm I'm worried I'm gonna make a mistake. Well good that's why you need accomplished so you need to contact us because we have all this stuff in computer form. And I'm telling you we sit down and we put together. A comprehensive plan for you we customize everything from your income goals. Q what is your portfolio need to be what what's the volatility of that portfolio. What's you know what are your goals and objectives where are you worried need to be how you gonna get there basically that's that's what we do when we talk about you know the prosperity plan. We try to find holes in your program we've met we look at your goals we look at your objectives and we mapped it out here's how you get there so again. You're welcome to try to put together the plan yourself we put together a really nice presentation for you and it's very easy to follow. And I would highly recommend that you give us a call so that we can sit down and talk about that again there's no caution that we don't charge money for that there's. A lot of firms around that that charge a lot of money to do that we don't. We fear that's that's a service that we like to provide to our clients and and even the prospects just people that are that are interested in knowing more about it. We do that for free so there's some other fears and concerns. I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on inflation at this point because. The that is a fear I mean you can imagine over 25 to thirty years inflation's gonna make a big difference if you look at. He knows what to house cost today vs what it costs thirty years ago. The huge difference in so you can imagine that you know we talked about 4% rule which is on the two point 8% rule. How that affects the money that you take out all now you've got this amount of money to set amount of money each year looking to spend every month is that your expenses. And now the value of that is worth less and so how do you compensate for that that's a huge fear them as people move into retirement. And part of that I also want to address says we're wrapping up this segment. You don't think about this real quick so. As you're in that kind of accumulation stage this sort through phases as accumulation phase and then there's the interface circulation phases when you're working your generating come and you got some living expenses that kind of thing and in any left over goes into savings. Well when you retire you're now in net income phase where your savings is working for you. And now anything you know all your expenses come out of that and and you're left with a you know you with your income so it everything kind of flip flops straight year in your income. It goes into what's left overs and your savings and then when you retire your savings is actually your income. And so your savings has to be big enough they hearing comments taking care of and again that's what we do we put too. Other the prosperity plan is to make sure that all of that works for you. So and our rapid of this segment. We talked about the foundation we talked about the building blocks on the other side have a couple more fears to address Republican nominee give you the great news so I want you to hang tough. Come back with me on this last segment. I'm gonna go through the real positive news that created some scare but there's a real positive news on the other side of it so give us a call 9890176. Or email me at Stephen nominee safe dot com or dragon nominees they've dot com. Tinian for the next segment. Seeing. CEO. Welcome back to the stress free retirement hour on Steve Lewis your host today is that children before brag. Is normally the captain he's out today he's at a town and it's on covering for him. So you are with me for one more segment today and then that next week will be back together. So give us a call in 990176. You can email me at Steven man many say dot com or Greg MI many sector account if you wanna reach out to Greg. We are recorded the show is recorded we do have live operators standing by an obviously Karrie just email anytime. The showed today his retirement on a one back to the basics so. I'm gonna do a much greater recap because I'm up against the clock and I really wanna make surrogate to the great news. I teased in the last segment same we have some great news so wanna get to that in this segment but I have a couple of other fears that on our address because there really important. So we talked about building this retirement house we talked about the foundation and how it's important to make sure you've got the right amount of insurance personal insurance. Or commercial insurance so that. It in if there's some unforeseen incidents that happens. Your business or your personal assets are not wiped out we talked about Social Security planning to make sure that you. Have adequate. An adequate strategy to make sure the your maximizing opportunity was so security. We can put together a report for that by the way on and regarding your personal insurance and your business insurance we can sit down we're happy to tell you go through that. And really poke holes in your current program. How to make sure that you got what you need there and so security planning reduce those security Maximus they shall report. We can help you with that. So we talked about in the last segment. You know the biggest fear of retirement or retirees is now living their money and what that means in and why you need to know you know what your numbers are we talked about inflation a little bit. We also I think you know another fear that they comes into play is is the return. On your money so it's interesting that as people move into retirement there's this sort agreed factors that you are now or the way the markets just. Just blown and go on in and every day seems like it's an any record. There's things you know constantly going on but if you look at the fundamentals there's still scary in and my point is it today to talk about the the financial structure of everything I really wanna make sure that that you understand that as you move into retirement it's time to take chips off the table we talk about that all the time you know the Wall Street casino. If you keep playing you're gonna get burned that's why there's big casinos with. But a beautiful lights and shiny things because the house wins most of the time. So you know when you get into retiring you don't have the opportunity at least 40% anymore so it's time to you worry about the return of your money. Not the return on your money. So one of the things that that we talked about is the rule of 100 I don't wanna spend a lot of time on that because I am I'm Brian Brennan a little long here. But red camera many agreement we talk about so let me let me kind of go into that. Really really quickly. We do a color of money report for you which really says. Where is your wrist how much risk you have in the market amateur should you have the market based on your age in your due in your strategies. And how do we look at making that safer so green money really is the safe things like checking and savings this TDs in treasuries and you know those kind of things in many markets. And then there's the red Manny is gonna anymore you're you're more volatile stock stocks bonds variable annuities mutual funds reached. All those kind of things so it's really important if for your age and your incoming here and your objectives. At that has the right balance we can do a color money report for you it is free. And so if you're interested in that give us a call. I will be happy to it to perform that for you as well. It's a great report that you can take with you and use this kind of a map and a and a guy it's down for you to know where to invest. The other fear. Is really having to do long term care chronic care nursing home care I know that. You know a lot of retirees are concerned about what happens if I've become disabled or what happens if I need nursing care or any chronic care. That's definitely huge fear. And so. With that I'm gonna transition now for the next couple of minutes into really the great news this is the trade news about. What we have to offer at the prosperity her. So there's the final this is the final block this is blocked number five a believer for. This is a plan B you know having having a solution. To all of these issues so. You know this is retirement plans and we talk about it we're talking about for business owners and individuals have addressed that several times today. So this is really for everybody and it addresses all of the concerns. That have already listed. So you know. We don't create a tax liability for yourself at the and we talk about the seed in the harvest. Would you rather pay tax on the cedar the harvest will. We we usually one of paying tax on the harvest because we put it into a plan that that structured that way or we can create plans there where you're paying on the scene and not the harvest. What about a bank leverage growth you've partisan view if you listen to the show over the last several weeks we talked about. Using a bank to actually help you meet your goals much like having your house or or you know that kind of thing having a mortgage. You can actually use a financial institutions to help you grow your retirement plan it is an unbelievable. Our opportunity and we've actually had several people take advantage of this. And they are incredibly happy so I would encourage you to give us a call let us talk more about that or go back in the archive Hillis and those shows we have some experts that talk about it. On our program a couple of weeks ago. Our tax advantage deposits so for business owners. Even though you've got a 401K we have ways that you construction or something where you can actually have tax advantaged opportunity. Where you're you're being able to deduct. Some or most or all of those payments are going into another program what about tax free withdrawals what if we can offer you something where you don't have to pay any tax. On a whatever comes out of that program that's powerful. Well what about income you can't really remember the number one fear for retirees has to do it. The did their biggest fears Al living their money you can't outlive the the the retirement plans that we set up. The accounts continue to grow with the market there's no market risk. I mean that all of these things long term chronic care nursing care is all wrapped up in that you just can't lose with these programs they really are. All encompassing and they take care of all of the fears that I've addressed through this whole show. So do you wanna stressed her retirement today I kind of giving you that the beginning of the building blocks. To you know to help accomplish this. So but truthfully. The rest is that you you got to take action so what I remember recommending as you call our office let's get started this are working on making your retirement stress free. Let's put together a plan. Let's take a look at your personal and your business insurance to make sure that you don't have any exposure there. Let's look at your Social Security plan may let's make sure you maximize that opportunity. Let's put together road map with looking your your and where your invested to make sure the year adequately invested for you know your goals in your objectives. Let's make sure that all of the concerns that we've listed are taken care of this put a plan to get a free year. That helps you kind of coast into retirement that's really the objective of stress your retirement isn't. They get through that you don't have to worry about all these holes and and things that are out there these concerns. So give us a call today 989. 0176. That's 99 when seventy Q can reach me at Stephen nominees think dot com he can reach Greg Greg Greg I'm obviously dot com. Thank you for tuning in today. We wish you great week god bless and we will talk to you next week.