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Sep 7, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is Craig belly of the prosperity group advisors tell CNN here which Steve loose today in. Today we are talking about creating a retirement. Right creating retirees and Steve are you doing today. I am I am great. Too much food on this cruises I would highly recommend the viking river cruise stuff for straight talk good enough pain and say this hurts now it was he really was a great experience that took money youngest son with me which I think was great. That he was able to go and it was a good time. Fans prosperity her face but you should like us because we also air the show live. On FaceBook as are recording and her because her record on Wednesdays and then and Ayers on the transmit threats have folks if you want to tune in on FaceBook you were saying mr. radio listeners join in advance preview of the show than tune in on Wednesday. Around 8 o'clock or you can go back and look at the archives as well burning archives yet you know how to do all that Steve I guess with the fact that just like the page and then you can scroll through. Well wolf folks first of all we won't let you know that the phone lines are open during the show. And when anybody we have operators during the shows though like show. But if you wanna call us these these ideas and concepts that were talking about. Are are striking an interest or question. They give us a call at 9890176. That's 9890176. You can email us at. Gray get my money is safe dot com you can email Steve at Steve at my money is safe dot com and you can go to war website which is the the same thing he can also request. Some thorough information through our website so it it's it's great tools but. You know Steve it it occurred to me is as I've been watching what's going on its it was really interest team. Seeing Europe the economy in Europe is moving along very very solidly. You know it's it it doesn't. Half we don't have that political upheaval over there that we've been since he here for the last two years. People just seem a lot more laid back. That's my first time ever in Europe so it was interesting too to see that so I don't know if that's the norm the only place that I saw. If you will a lot of police was righted the border of of Strasburg. If you go over the bridges to Strasburg in Strasburg is part French perch German. And that until it puts us sought guards and it was heavily guarded and they said it's protect against terrorism. Other than that everything was pretty laid back and and and those guys seem pretty laid back but that was the only observation that I made. All of that and of course right writing down the river was pretty pretty nice so. But the thing the thing that I wanna focus on today Steve is. Retirement income right now. If you think about it if somebody gets in the market now at the top. Let's say they retire. They moved their 41 K they till the market's doing great over the move everything you'll continue in the market in the market corrects. If it corrects during the first two to three years that therein. That could drastically changed their target horizon. His thing about it they take so he's got 5600000. Dollars in the first two years they lose 200000 dollars. That could really upset to retirement talk one. Dinner when your retirement time horizon or retirement timeline where what do you mean by that what I mean is let's say he got a 65 year old retiring at 65 they got 600000 dollars under 41 K. Maybe they've got another 100000 dollars you know emergency money and so forth. If the market takes it a hit and they're cal loses 200000 dollars they're gonna spend the next five to ten years making up that loss. And that's the problem so what were saying especially while the market is up. Now's the time to Kieran T your money and what we can help them do Steve. His guarantee there income to make sure that they have enough retirement income because here's the problem they get it to the market let's say they're drawing 45%. Other kill value solid states 5% of 600000. That's 30000 dollars a year. If that decal drops to 400000. Dollars in let's say they're still drawing 30000 dollars a year because that's what they need. If the market doesn't correct relatively quick what are they gonna do. They have no guarantees to make sure that they have enough retirement income and they could be forced to work. Either beyond what they expected to do or do so that it wanted to. You're right and you know the interesting thing is it. You are talking about the north the market doesn't for a draw obviously we've we talk about this on this evidence that if the market takes a 40% had your account takes a 40% hit. You've got it to work a long time and the market's going to be really well just for you to get back to zero not even to be able to go beyond that. Well that's exactly right and see that's the problem is that people are facing so what we are saying to you folks. Is you wanna do a couple of things you wanna make the right decision with your Social Security okay. And and right now the no one's talking a lot about Social Security don't bring it up today. If you want to make the right decision on your Social Security give us a call request a Social Security. Maximum station reports the show you the best way to draw your Social Security. Secondly what you wanna do you wanna make sure that the brunt of your money is safe so Steve and the sooner we just talked to us is that 600000 dollars. Is this the math question no it's not as well let me get my calculator out ultimate and a packet thing you do Electronica and thank you for. And that the think about it this which has 600000 dollars and they made 400000. Of its safe. Right all right which guarantees. We but he didn't have money to the account if they used you know and he held to go into then what happens. Is year old exposures to 200000 dollars. But human nature as it is. People act like lemmings that they just follow that the crowd and that's where there's a danger. And what I see taking place where she with the cost of living. The one thing I did notice in Europe. Is to buy a house in Europe. Is unbelievable career are people that all they do is rent because they cannot afford to buy. So they can rip moderately. But it's definitely a landlords haven over there the way I mean we saw a house may be 18100 square foot. Selling for about 4500000. Euros its New York City prices while you know I compare it that's what I think about that sounds like New York so. That's what that's the problem with that type of an economy so. So now the one thing that was interest thing is health care over there. Health care they don't have the waiting lines like to do with the is now in Canada but see there's that there's a give and take for all of this so I guess you'll help you just can't own your home. You know I don't know but I bet you of the some of the observations I made so you don't. Talking about what we have here in the United States folks. The decision of creating income is crucial so what we're saying is this. If you're about to retire and here's something we've talked about frequently in the show Steve and in service roll over. If if people that are listening to reports have the ability to do an in service roll over. Now could be the perfect time to do and service throw over on what would remain under 41 K Carl retirement account. Meaning that let's say the person sixty years old they've got church 300000 dollars in their 401K. In many cases the companies will allow them to move all over the majority of that money. In two and moderate. It's so by moving into higher use it easily insurance company like usually what we recommend. What put it to an insurance company we let the insurance company take all the risk but here's the beauty the insurance company guarantees the income. Not only for the husband or wife but for the other spouse. So basically we're taking there retirement nest that you weird guarantee that they have income for both of them. That they can't outlook. And what's the disadvantage I mean leaving here with my 41 K in my work out why would not want to just leave it there well because it lets say the market takes a hit against it takes a 30% hit. They leave the money in the 41 K. They just lost 30% of the 41 K so what we're seeing folks. Hate that 41 K take advantage of the is service roll over and now you've made that chunk of money safe. And that's what we're talking about because here's the reality you can't have guaranteed income. If you don't have the principle to get the income for. Good point I mean not during a bell but think about another it tries Padilla so so folks that's the key is you want to make sure that she had that guaranteed money so don't expose all of your money. Don't get caught in this greed trap. Were you sick or just a little bit more the market is going don't wanna can actually get mine piece of that growth. Folks if you haven't got the piece of the growth chances are you're not gonna get it. Is I you know I'm a little read some of our newsletter. We put out a newsletter I wanna offer all the folks on here if you would like to get. The prosperity groups and use what are we doing a weekly and a monthly we do by email so we wolf larger. Here's thing didn't you what you do as you give us a call or use email us at great get my money is saved a commerce Steve at my money's safe. Dot com and we will send us your email we'll put you on there and we will send you information. We've got some good stuff we even have a recipe but it regress before he's decided that the recipe itself. The degree that we have that helps us put all that together but we've got some interest in things that are found that so we're gonna talk about it on the next segment. This is Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis of prosperity group. Tune in to my money is safe dot com. He. Smile. Hillary bill and Steve Lewis of the prosperity through the fines or else. And today we are talking on the stress for her show about. Creating retirement income trying. Creating retirement income. And by the way the song that you just heard was a song called we've got the music that. My late wife Maria and I singing back in 1985. It's been it's been just over a year ago lost her and it's. Folks it's not easier too many if you have lost spouses out there and it's it's definitely a life changing event. And I've learned some valuable lessons here on the insurance business and you know I wanna say this two people on the air this is really association they show. But if you have a life insurance policy on you and your whole life insurance policy on your spouse. Don't make the mistake that I need a think you Waller make sure that she's covered by pass. But the financial impact. Of in my wife's case which really should've thought about. Because she worked with me has been great it's been not only the emotional impact of the fact that I lost my my soul mate in. A love of my life but the fact is the the financial impact of icy silly people Steve become the cius. And you know the guy has a million dollars of insurance that would has a 100000 or no insurance at all. In so I want to tell that you've their folks if you want. To. The have a review of your life insurance. It it would really be worth doing that to make sure that you don't make the mistake that I've been you know that. Yes I think there's probably nobody better to come and talk to you than you because you've you've lived it. And I mean I think it's very easy for rescue. Not that we undervalues. The spouse but it's just you know if we're the driving force behind the the income it makes sense for us to cover us more. And you know you can sort of get caught in the trap the other thing that I wanted to recommend though it when you're talking about that is. If it's been awhile since you've had your life insurance reviewed if you've not done. You know I needs analysis of how much do you really need or. And things could change if you had your plan for you know twenty years things have changed so much in you even experienced that you know being able to sort of take an advance on. Some the benefits and to be able to have living benefits there there's so many neat amazing. Awesome opportunity to take advantage so he's not look at that for a while you need to. Well you know at the door we might discuss this on the next segment that. Life insurance can be a wonderful tool to create retirement account absolutely and and other tax free basis folks. You should tune in to the July showed that we aired on July 8. And I believe we had a top McDermott of prosperity capital group. And we discussed how to use a bank to help fund your retirement folks illicit we've had a ton of phone calls about this. And if that's right so listen to me very carefully we can show you a way to have a bank to fund. An additional 75%. Towards your retirement. Income. 75%. Amazement at age you what took over lying. Number one concern is that people say well is this a gimmick is just too good to be true in the answer is no. It which were talking well established. Track record company that's facilitates this and we passable answer some savvy listeners are taken advantage of this. Some of the younger crowd and and listen to me folks if you have not heard this before. If you wanna take advantage of this year your forties all the way to 65 years old. We can show you how to have a stake as 75%. To your retirement. With no liability to you. That the men are repeated again no liability to you Steve. I'm planning on doing it myself. You know instead of this thing for awhile now realizing what we had what do what do Perl it is. So shall listen to me folks were not just talking about 41 K here. We wanna talk about for what gives you need to protect it he need to consider the service roll over but if you can use a bank to focus only 5% of your retirement why would you. Right in the reason you just that a second ago that you haven't taken advantage of it. Is that this is a program that used to be only available to the ultra Hoover ridiculously rich people and it's only been very recently. That you know the more common folk like you and I are are able tell you to take advantage of something like that but you know you are trying to take it to be true and I just wanted to mention. It does sound too good to be true but will it be you know we don't have time on this show to explain to you all the details but. When you understand that it truly is a win for the bank. It's a win for you there's no risk to you there's no risk to the bank. So it's it's a win win win all the way around so just because it's a win win another way around doesn't mean that is too good to be true it's just that you've not heard about it before because this is a new. Knew her opportunity for people to take advantage of it it's Steve I would say we're one of the only groups in the area. They're using these innovative ideas with properly structured life insurance so yes and had to be clear not that are attributed that to be clear this has been around a long time I know this this opportunities that are long time and it's it's very tried very true very tested. It's just not been available to you as many people as it has been before. Steve they have a 99 point six success rate. That's amazing 99 point 6%. Success or so they really vet the clients to do this there's qualifications but if you wanna find out about it. Email me at Greg my money is safe dot com email Steve at Steve and vomiting is safe dot com go to our website WWW my money is safe dot com. I would bet 99 points 6% Europe number means is that. The success rate is that those people keep thick. They used it the way it was designed to be used that the returns of the way that they were designed to be and the bank plans and they went so nice nine point 6% that's a pretty good return. And it's it's a long term strategy it's a it's a solid. You don't decade long strategy or more. That helps people do this or stuff fly by nights to get rich quick thing at all. It's just a solid way to create tax free retiree bankruptcy. Here's the problem with a scenario that I was giving earlier Stephen just remind your listeners or followers are actually opened during the show. You can dial 98901769890. Once had a six fewer out of the area its long distance. Call 18044004341804400434. At the clock is ticking quickly put. But Steve we were talking about people that have 41 case. There's a number of people come to see you and I have to prosperity group still see Stewart are fully share at an all of their money is in for one cater virus. So that means that they are forever in partnership with Uncle Sam Peter to pay taxes of that money. Their wives or pay taxes or her spouse to pay taxes on them money under children will pay taxes and doubly so if we create a bucket of tax free money. Is that worth it especially you know we're talking about the economy I wanna read the letter a the next segment but folks. Taxes are going to go up. I I don't care who's president. I don't care who's in there. They they believe that they have the 8080. As you look at what's don't know what the deficit the deficit was up ninety billion dollars last month of July. About ninety billion dollars and so we know we've got a Republican. Majority if you will the spending hasn't stopped you know why because your we're still paying for the Obama care they're still trying to figure things out. If it's it's it's really gonna raise our taxes substantially so. Folks what we're talking about a tax free income opportunity to get to review we talked about using a bank to help fund. 75%. Of your retirement. That's right where you can actually appropriate dollars to create tax free money. Then also we wanna talk about Social Security folks who if you want a Social Security tax position report. We'll show you how to best take your Social Security how to structure your a higher rate your 41 K and make sure that you have a big help. To cover you with your wife Steve we're out of time this segment folks. Shooting as we talked about creating retirement income today. Okay. It's. Pain. I. Okay. Back folks this is great and only the prosperity and advisors. Today we were talking creating retirement income down. It was a wonderful song made famous line to every person hold true. Let me tell you speculation. Six billion. Folks they were talking about creating retirement income polish your fault lines are actually open. He could reaches that 9890176. Now we have live operators. We are not taking answers during the show her questions during the show. But email us at Greg my money saved our commerce Steven my money is safe dot com go to our web site. WWW. The prosperity group advisors dot com or WWW my money is safe dot com. And you could look this up you can have some of these questions that Steve you wanted to bring up a point we're talking about tainted using the bank to thuggery Tarver of what was yet. Actually I had a couple of thought you know I'm in talking about too good to be true because it it does sound on its face too good to be true that a bank could come and and match your money three to line in and then you would be able to leverage the growth inside of your retirement. So let's pretend for a second that you work firming and I've got our. Come to you know say look if you put money away I'm gonna matching dollar for dollar. And help you leverage your growth if you didn't understand there was a 41 K and it's tough for on his work. You think goes crazy well now that that's too good to be true doesn't happen for what does happen every day that was one thought I had is it that we see here we just sometimes they'll think about it in the round that you and I are talking about it pulled it. Good living there yeah I think your your absolutely right Steve because. It is just like your four point case that difference is all the contributions. Are. They've already been taxed so therefore now when you take the money out of light to forward okay. It's tax free throw and in so again why would the bank do it because they have big here and he'd. Vehicle. That protects them regardless of what happens even if I were to default that's so by default all that they're gonna get there portion first. And I still have no liability tilts like a mortgage. Where they're using the property if the properties my policy if you will. But of like a mortgage rob signing a note if they can foreclose. All of this by risk if you Willis is by contributions other than that they can't make the add more contributions to fight if vital fulfilled plant. Right now you actually took my second point to thank you bet I'm on our stuff up now I just I just wanted to talk about the mortgage concept because that's exactly the same thing if if I if our to come here and say look I'm gonna give you 20000 dollars. And you're gonna give me a house I mean that good that makes no sense that it it wouldn't work unless you're a bank in the region the bank does that. Is big cause. They know that if you walk away they've got the house they're able to sell the house and get their money it's the same exact concept. You used the bank to leverage your opportunity to get a house so you can pay off in chunks and then at the end. The bank plans UN everybody wins this is exactly the same situation the bank plans if you died at bank wins if you lift the bank wins if you default the bank Berlin wins if you go through the whole maturity of the process. And the most important thing is you win and so it is a true win win it's that you. Well Ed and Steve that the questions that we might be saying why are they talking so much about this is because we're trying to show you alternate sources of income. Okay everybody thinks the only place to put their money's an IRA and and we just have discussed when many people Steve. People expect expected to be in a lower tax bracket when they retire. Many over retirees are justice higher tax bracket in some cases harder. That they were while they were working because they've done a good job with their 41 case in what happy. The problem is they are for ever taxed going forward so if we can show you how to create alternate sources of retiring come. You have income that if you don't use U pass on your heirs tax free. In an old Steve we haven't discussed the fact that these type of accounts. Have done between six and 8% for the last thirty years that's the average. Six to 8% on average that the last year we have clients to be fifteen to 18%. Of these type of accounts. Fifteen to 18%. And unlike the fifteen or eighteen invited me in the market they lock hindered in his annual I don't know about you but I I would take a six or 8%. Average greater returns safe. No risk. Great opportunity. Yeah it is so just to be clear apology soda. That the people they 1518%. That is a no risk type of accounting law in their gains. So let's let's look at it let's say next year the market goes negative. In the end so that correlates to a 0% return well he made 18%. The second year zero they're still averaging 9% at her over the two year period so that's why these things work because you're not participating in the loss. So here's the thing Steve when you're talking about creating retirement income we talked about it beginning of the show. Is the fact is if they take a hit the first two years are they going to retire rich studies show. That they may never fully recover and those are the people that are forced to work far more than they wanted to. And wanna stay supple went out they recover because they don't have long enough to live to get back to even zero or. They they get afraid of losing more and so they don't get back in the arteries are not sure went to get back in the market. They don't make up their losses how many people that we ran into Steve and come see us. And they have not participated in this game does bullish market we've had since 2008. Well yeah we have either extreme. Not a lot to a lot of backed off because they were so afraid that we authorizing. I want to touch just briefly. This is part of our news there's what I read some of the highlights highlights that this is just a market overview. In its last week's economic headlines according to the job openings and labor. Cho ever report for June to Dover job openings increased to six point two million dollars of 461000. Over the month. The number of hires fell for five point five billion in May to five point four million dollars in June or five point two million. Total separations in June little change for me. Shop openings increased in number of industries with the largest increases occurring. It professional and business services. A 179000. Health care social assistance 125000. Construction. 62000. Dollars so we are seeing. It increasing and the increase in job opportunities definitely now this is the part that's concerning. The monthly federal government budget deficit was 43 billion dollars in July on the heels of the June deficit. Of ninety billion dollars total government receipts were 232. Million. While total outlays were chew 175. Million. The total budget deficit for fiscal 2007. 5. Billion dollars. Ten point 6%. Higher. The the 512 billion deficit over the same ten month period last year so Steve we have increased. Yo forty billion dollars more in in our deficit. And counting and counting. So the problem and this is what we're talking about it let me read the last part of this. It says there continues to be little upward movement consumer prices to Consumer Price Index rose point 1% in July following no room and in June in. Point 1% drop and made the CPI has risen one point seven or less. Twelve months ended July prices prices less food and energy also increase. Point 1% from month to one point seven for the last twelve months so what we're seeing what these statistics show is there's not enough sustainable growth. To deal with the deficit. So that points toward things Steve Moore taxes. Absolutely one way or another sport taxes or cuts so what we're seeing is that what we're talking about today is crucial. Because you're talking about if you don't have enough income. Where you'd pay the taxes if the tax bracket rises. Is and then they'd be a compromise that occurs. The president may lower business taxes and corporate taxes and incentive I think that's Smart. But I don't think they're gonna give him corporate reductions and a personal reduction that's fine print. Yeah I was gonna say I mean roses is and a political show but if you've been watching what's going on. The Republicans have been dragging their feet consistently on everything that trumpets this proposed so what makes you think for a minute that they're going to give him. The tax cuts and you know the programs that he's looking for to stimulate the economy I think trump knows what it's gonna take to get it going. The question is in and what seems to be the answer is that the Republicans don't have the backbone. To do it here we have the power they've done for the last seven years they've been same you know we're gonna repeal and replace and we're gonna cut taxes and we're gonna do all this stuff. And then now they got the power than sitting on their hands. Hoping that their leader. You know falls on disorder there are able to a stab him in the backers on the I don't know it's crazy though it's insane to watch. When they they they have total control everything and they're just sitting on their hands. Well and in this has happened before if you look at history this has happened before spineless is and aggravates me I'm sorry character goes are you upset with these people had signs of hope incredibly is that. So so I mean you know my theory has been. Firewall start over. I'm man well I think secretary Gary I do you wanna promote them because I. I think he's I don't I don't literally mean yeah all but addressed envelopes yeah there's very few out there that have a spine he's one of them. I mean it's just unreal to me to see what's going on that's that's what I was talking about what we went to Europe he don't sensed his political. Turmoil that we have another one area where there is some disagreement going on in Europe is this immigration status because. Germany is is open the doors but I'll tell you what when I saw those armed guards there. With machine guns with AK. Forty sevens they are fifties and all of that that's that's kind of a different look that you don't see but they're right there. You know calmly watch here ready to go through the border now was easy we were there. A tour bus and so it's not like they set their vetted everything but they are being cautious and so. Again folks you can reach us at 86498901768649890176. If you would like to be recipient of our newsletter. Email us at Greg my money's safe dot com or Stephen money's safe dot com go to our website lettuce still you would like to get on our mailing list. It weakens we shouldn't weekly newsletter we said the monthly newsletter. And it's not just it it's it's just got pertinent information on what's going on we're not really promoting our company other. Then we're just supplying the information. I think it's very valuable to you that we offer that as a service but the folks if you want to create the proper retired that people. Think you need to call us to talk to us and we'll show you how to safely create retirement income which here now live how to potentially create tax free income. It works pitch what you can you can do with cash money that you got city around it the sidelines. This is great millions Steve Lewis wrote tied the set. Feel. Yeah hey. They all weighing in and so glad handing. Then last. They can. Good news this man I mean I think. Citizens whom is saying he's so funny bit on. And on its. Welcome back folks this is radio instead of prosperity through that today we mean. Focusing it talking about how to create retirement income. One of the things we talked about just kind of reviewing we talked about you can do a forward. 41 K is service rule over. Tried 41 K and service roll over folks and the reason that that's important is because there is potentially. A lot of risky if you have something I don't know if you haven't prepared. That you you said to me all of. Yeah I'd I don't have the article in front of me but I I can tell you that I read them there were several articles in the and the gist of them was that fund managers right now are saying that. You know that did the market's overvalued there's a significant number of them did this say that the market's overvalued. And what's more what they mean by that is that their earnings are keeping pace with the growth of the price in the and the stock and in the market. And what that means at some point is that they have to reset they have to recalculate and so a lot of fund managers are withdrawing and pulling back. And being as aggressive because they see that as. And then every citizen inevitable. Thing we we talk about all the time on the show it's just that more people are now saying the same thing which is. You know earnings aren't keeping up they're not keeping pace. Well I've got one of the what Jason Peters says Bank of America wars and an ominous sign for stocks. His money managers who've watched the surging corporate profits take US equities to two records. Are starting to fret about the earnings growth. And that's an ominous sign Bank of America says just 33% of bank managers of the bank's latest survey say. Corporate profits will and will approve down from 50% faster than the year. It was huge I mean interrupt you but only 33% say that corporate profits will improve. So that means 66%. Think that it won't which means that it's already bad and they don't see get any better. Policy that says the dropper presents a warning sign for equities over bonds high yield over investment grade cyclical sectors over to defensive ones. Here's the point you have got to read the whole article but. The whole point is what we've been talking to people you know sell high buy low now is the perfect time don't try to time the market. Because the realities are gonna make a reasonable rate of return on the accounts that we use anyway. And we get people would double digit returns last year is it the averages doorbell. But if you we follow there's a coral ration between these markets but here's the other problem Stephen I've seen this with. Different people that come deceive us. They go into some of these safety council the advisors not paying attention they're not making any of the returns. I saw one person stuck into a fixed account speaking. Point 85%. And are paying point 65% for writer free file that if you don't that's not make any money. Right you know any talk about the market and the volatility LA kind of stuff you know you called your name does show the stress free retirement our for a reason and that Betty is that you know worst case scenario. Well we can say US source absolute worst case scenario the market tanks every their bottom falls out. When you know you've got a set amount of income that you can outlive it's going to be there no matter what happens. So that's the stress free guess what that that the positive side that is there when the market gains you're gonna share in that and then growth. So you don't have to worry about all these numbers that we just read and all this care and everything else because you know that your foundation is that. Well in your righted what that this could segue to this point folks if you want you or prosperity plan. And what that includes includes an income plan for both you and your spouse to create a potential like income includes a Social Security plan how to take. The volume Social Security it includes an fiery rescue plan. It includes a legacy plan for your family includes a potentially. Tax free plan. These are areas that basically we are structuring. And helping you achieve these goals. Not just putting you to some product where were you you know you just survive on there. But that folks you need to have a plan that makes sense. Based on your goals your wishes in your desires that's right so so folks the one thing of one and the show with today. Social Security for retirement income. Steve. I've met with some people the other day. They took their Social Security 62 because they retired early so they thought it was right decision. Instead. What they could've done if they realize now they should have withdraw money from her account for their retirement account or hire me. And let their Social Security a crew properly. It would probably put in about. Additional thousand dollars a month and her account while it there in your pockets you know for retirement account so. The decision they make on the Social Security is crucial folks. Let us help you with that let us just showed you a good concise way for you to do the right to to make the right decisions on your Social Security. How to properly structured your accountant in here's the other thing Steve. All of the accounts that we have a good example had a client that open 41 K into diary with us. Use a company that basically he can trigger a lifetime account for ten years. So he brought in another. 150000. Dollars and he said Greg you we suggestion we attitude and account. I should know should we don't know where the economy's going so let's put it to a good growth product. So it for five years if you need to move any income becomes broader commitment so we've given them some diversification. It last year at this particular account. Well do you with a two year average has been of this particular album talk about 11%. That's average that's the two year for awhile so this growth account it guess what. He blocks in his gains every three year for every three years of this account so it's a three year Lockett of his game is so if if he can sustain that growth he doesn't lose any money he doesn't he can't lose some of his growth if he doesn't hit it within the three years. But chances are he won't. Even if there's a correction because it's not totally correlated to the S&P 500 since these are type of accounts that we have around. And what I'm finding is in heat heat like a bonus that we. But when I explained to him showed of the two year average and we calculated that take you the flexibility. To be able to move the accounted for 56 years. He he'd totally agreed with the strategy that makes sense then absolutely Nixon's. Well folks we are also out of time this week Steve enjoy doing a show if you would always thanks again for filling in the I I heard great reviews it is in good reports said. I had a couple letters cigarette you stay in Europe and I said OK I think I will help that they Europe at the end of the but folks we really appreciate our partnership with WRD and with Hugh and we are here every Saturday and Sunday Saturdays at seven this Sunday's. At 11 o'clock. This is the stress free retiring now with the prosperity group in it folks. Again caller number 9890176. The phone lines are open for right now. Talk to an operator set up the time. Calls that he give us a call we'll talk to you will gladly set up of beating. We'll go Brady these concepts that are here. Where you can get your own prosperity plant god bless you have a great day this is Greg they'll.