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Sep 7, 2017|

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This is great telling you the prosperity group advisors so we'll see. Here we kill every Saturday morning and it's. 7 PM and Sunday morning. We are gonna talk today. Tension or six to 8%. Tax free on your retirement that's right 68%. Tax free. Now what's amazing about this folks is that there are tax free vehicles. That are available to you and at the one that we focus on the prosperity group is something call and I you well and indexed universal life. Now right away I know a lot of people are saying wait a second life insurance. Tax free return how to like use life insurance for income. Well we have been the first. Advisors in this area that really started talking about this publicly. There's a lot of people that are now talking about it but to we've been practicing this for a number of years. Following tax free strategies. We started. Talking to people about the Patrick Kelley book. Tax free retirement which talked about the concept of how to earn that return tax free. But I know the title of the show is is kind of folk polarizing because it says how it earned six to 8% tax free. Folks. I have looked it the last 35 to 45 years on the backdating of the returns on these indexed universal life's. And you've got some of the strategies that have earned as much as eight and a half percent. Last year. Well actually this year the anniversary stick into many of my clients I had one client did earned 18%. On his index universal life policy now. How does that work for retirement in many if you're listening to me you're seeing what Greg. I'm tool for this I don't need life insurance there's so much misconceptions is so much misinformation. About it. That it draws confusion at first of all I want let you know our Phil wiser actually opened during the show. And the phone lines search you can call 8649890176. That's 8649890176. And that's our local number if you're out of here you can call 180440. 0434. That's 1804400434. So they again folks are phone lines are open if you would like to find out about this. That would be wonderful now in fact folks. We've been talking about some tremendous. Opportunities. In this type of structured. A plan. And who we talked about the fact that she could actually get a bank to last 75%. To your retirement account we have Tom McDermott. Of prosperity capital group one of our top affiliates shared that with us. And we will actually have a bank fund this and what's interesting I had a lot of business owners have been contacting us and people that. Are a little bit more entrepreneur minded. And they've. Some of these people have already gotten an indexed universal life or. Did they've gone a whole life chassis which which we can talk about because. I believe that the indexed universal life is a much more effective way a much better return than a whole life chassis. And it Finney if you then have whole like wanna call us again call us at 9890176. Coach you can email us said Greg it's my money is safe dot com. That is grade Cherie EG the at symbol mine money is an end safe dot com so money is safe dot com. And now you can go to our website which is to save my money is safe dot com is I think as I mentioned. So it again we have a lot of information about this he can also go to the W or. In an folks I'm not kidding this is not a gimmick we have safely funding vehicle with they've banked it these are we top notch companies. Top notch companies where they will actually add money to your account. And you cornea not even signing for it'll also works very much like a mortgage where. Where the the policy becomes a collateral to the bank. Now the number one question people ask us is why in the world would a bank be willing to do that very simple. Because these policies performs so consistently is so absolutely. Betty because they very low low risk investment for the bank. And the bank gets some tax free returns. For doing that so they have an incentive there OK so basically. I had a young man became the CB and he said great if I understand this I'm putting in 250000. Dollars over five years and your commitments only five years and in the bank throws and 75%. That that's about right. Now what I'm talking about two days though I'm talking about just basic. Indexed universal life policies that just on the merit of their role would docked with the bank financing because with the bank financing. You have some criteria in order to qualify for that now it's great if you do and we can discuss that when we get together. But typically you have to be 65 and below for the bank financing program okay. But for those of you who were older why. Would a 75 year old man. Want to give it a life insurance policy that's 75 years old and I have a client did ask me yeah. Well let me give you some examples folks and and by the way you can email Lian gray get my money is safe dot com that's Greg at my money is safe dot com. And 175. Year old is I asked why would he be what we want to get an indexed universal AppleTV example. One of the problems that many of our listeners that contact just coming cius. Is the majority of their retirement assets or higher days. So you might have somebody that worked at a corporation. Most of their life to have a a big hefty. Higher rate. And they want to pass it to their family because they don't necessarily need all that money for themselves. And in many cases they don't even need all of the required minimum distribution. So what we'd do is we take the required minimum distribution. Sometimes war and we fund a tax free policy with that money. Enemies a client pays the taxes on that strategy on that money. But we can you know we can appropriate for that Sony an example let's say client has a 500000. Dollar IRA. If they die. Their spouse gets to spell also roll over so there's no tax at that point but when the spouse dies or gets taxed again when he goes to the kids. And then if they do it what's called a stretch prior day then they'll they'll reduce some of that tax. But with our strategy you do both if you put the higher rate of vehicle that's guaranteed. That will leave a lifetime income for both husband and wife. And then you help fund. They aid plan for say ten years so now you found a plan for ten years you're gonna leave. 500000. Dollar tax free to your family. It did you believe what's left over of that higher rates and now he's taken a 500000 dollar higher and he made it worse close to a million dollars. And that plan. That planned. Is very very important because what happens folks is that. It has that. That plan urged a return of six to 8% that's what the averages say that that's not a guaranteed rate to be very clear. But over time we can look at the historic holes these plans have performed very well and I can assure you statements of my clients to earn twelve to 18%. On these plans last year twelve to 18%. Depending on the company that you went with. So again I don't like to sit there and push interest rates purse say. But it is what it is what what I'm telling you is exactly that the truth. And these plans are with top notch multi billion dollar companies. Multibillion dollar companies one of the companies we uses the 32 largest. Company in the the world in the world so these are not fly by night companies these are great programs that folks. Tune in as I talk some more about this because. I've had so many letters and an eagle email saying Greg. How is it possible. That these programs are here in effect that you are FaceBook lists or you can go to the price prosperity group that FaceBook we actually aired the recording live. On Wednesday morning's at 8 o'clock with a record today were hearing on Tuesday because. I have to fly to Minnesota. 21 of to meet with Alli looks like tomorrow it's a producers conference I was honored to be invited to go to that wonderful company. If folks we are almost out of time this segment so you can actually calls the 990176. Into the end as we continue to talk about how to earn 68%. Potentially tax per. Okay. It's. I mean. I. Okay. Don't you the Proscar. We are talking today about how you can turn. Six to 8% potentially. On a tax free basis that's right on tax free basis that song that you heard. A beautiful song that my late wife Marie recorded. Back around 1986. And it's. Beautiful song a originally recorded by a Christian group call truth. And just one letter listeners know is I know many of you have prayed for my family and prayed for us. Mining. Wife. Died of breast cancer. On July 15 2016. So his gesture one year anniversary and so. Those of you who's here pace FaceBook post were you putting a lot of that stuff out there in fact are posted. Something on prosperity group so folks if you go to prosperity group. That FaceBook you can keep over some of the stuff we talked about and different things will start doing some more FaceBook Clive. As teaching vehicles to. Give folks understand some of the strategies they were talking about now. Folks we were talking on the other segment about how you can end. Earned a 68%. Tax rate of return now first of all. I want to offer listeners that if you want to look and see if an IU well and indexed universal life will fit for your plan. Give us a call you can reach us at 98901769890176. I wanna point out something. Your agent might sell life insurance and you might have an agency oh he'll take care of that. Folks not everybody knows what they're dealing with using a life insurance as an income vehicle it's not just a normal thing here's a reason why. Most people would be buying a life insurance to trying to buy the cheapest amount of life insurance for the greatest death benefit. And that is not at all the strategy there work we're doing now with the diary rescue could be. But we're using different type of innovative strategies. That provide an income stream let me give you an example. I ran the numbers for a 37 year old young man. These very. Very discipline is done very well. And not much debt at all who effectively is house has told this paid off. And if he funds this vehicle. Then this is the bank financing program if you funds 25000. Dollars a year. For five years. In. By the time he is 65 years old who will have a 106000. Dollars a year tax free the rest of his life. And I'll have a two million dollar death benefit along the way so his family's protected. He has living benefits that's right so Debbie you have access to some of the two million dollars if you get sick disabled. You lose your work. So these are phenomenal programs now on a traditional index universal life if somebody started at that age. They might get an income of say 80000 dollars a year because you don't have the bank financing. So it's important to understand. How this stuff works now I mentioned at the last segment as if folks ordering minor listeners. Our phone line is open during the show. Our phone line is open during the show it's 9890176. It's low light show which can call the operator currently the time. For us to get together give us a call now for those of you who have 401 k.s right now. Any other market has hit another high in the last couple weeks. You know this might be the perfect time for you to review. Doing what's called an in service roll over and getting yourself for guaranteed income for you and your spouse. So you're talking about guaranteed income for you and your spouse so so folks again. This is important what we're talking what we're sharing about with you because. This is the type of stuff that not many advisors are talking about it's not your normal almost taken the stock market is will grow. This is stuff that grows. On a guarantee basic you're gonna get growth over time. History has a funny way of repeating itself this is something that's basically depression proof okay. So these are great tools now. For my older listeners who were trying to make. You know trying him get understanding of what I'm talking about this is available for you. This is available for use. And you can rescue your hiring that would let me by rescue the ire I mean that. You're gonna mitigate some of that tax that you can't get away from C here's the problem folks. When you have an IRA. Or 41 K he converted to a diary you are now a partner with Uncle Sam the rest of your life. A local Sam tells you that it's seventy and a half if you have to start drawing money out. And it Ichiro called Sampson you have to take more money Al. And the reason for that is Uncle Sam wants to recoup some of the attacks that he didn't get when you were writing off your contribution in your hiring. So met with the young men a recently this this week and he was over funding his 41 K by 20000 dollars a year. 20000 dollars a year minutes could discipline. But he said he'll what do you think about the accident that's not a good strategy he goes why do we email. You wanna pay tax on the cedar the harvesting you've heard us mention this before. And he's a wallet pay tax on the CD he got it right away at us until she realized that we keep over contributing cheer for one care. You're gonna pay tax on the hardest hit so your right. I should so you don't get the tax write off for what if you could take the 20000 dollars or so pitcher funding into the forward can we can put into attacks recount. And now he started a bucket of money that's completely tax free for you and your family. That's right for you and your family. So they again folks give us a call at 8649890176. You can also go. To our website which is WWW. My money is safe dot com that's WWW. Mind money is safe dot com. And and folks. We will discuss strategies with Hugh only got to do was call my number. And if you're out of the area 1804400434. That's 1804400434. And we will get together will set up the time to get together now you'll be meeting in the next couple weeks probably would Stephen fully show I'm going to be. Take key. The a trip to Europe and I'm blessed to be taking my youngest son with me in its this a seven day trip and so it's it's something that Taiwan and then turn these things are are going to be around much longer bit numb I'm blessed to have had success in this business and will be going on the Rhine river Cruz on the viking river Cruz beautiful beautiful trip. And I mentioned she's something I learned the other day. I'm flying up to Minnesota's. I was honored with Ollie Johnston the top producers conference Eliot's life one of the companies we use. And they say great we are going on a river Cruz who should really an issue on Thursday night that I go where they said the Mississippi River. How many of you knew the Mississippi River went all the way in Minnesota I never knew that they said. One of the bases start in Minnesota so Lola. You know I learn something new so maybe you learned that today folks were almost out of time this segment. Listen you can call your request for Social Security Max has a. Should report. Those of you were trying to make a decision on Social Security. Led assault ships let us also help show you how you can make Social Security. Create the potential asset for you. So again we look at these innovative strategies to prosperity group who will be glad to discuss it with him so we can't. Go to our website my money is safe dot com it will catch on the other side of the break this is Greg alien to prosperity grew. Today. CNN. Welcome back folks this is Greg Kelly of the prosperity group advisors LLC. We got a great show today as we're talking about how can potentially her. Six to 8% on tax free basis that's right 68%. We've been talking about indexed universal life. The song that you heard on the break was a song to my daughter and the Elly road call world turned it was about a world lesser piano. Then we had given to her. And that's how she learned to play the piano and start playing by ear at four years old. The girl is incredibly talented and hope to. See her grow her career with I mean she's. She really is talented and so many of you have commented on the songs you can actually go to any goalie that sound club dot com to listen some music. Well folks. First Wallace say hello to Steve and Becky I hope you all don't get sunburn and I hope it stops raining at the beach because they toll of screening at the beach C. If you would've taken me with you. There have been no rain and we could on the show from the beach that would have been really innovative. So just kidding enjoy yourself guys. All right folks. We're talking about how he could hurt potentially six to 8% on a tax free basis. I wanna go over couple things that are crucial would these policies. Many of the policies that we use in these strategies have living benefits that would like talking now living benefits beginning example. Let's say I get a policy for myself I'm 57 years old let's say I do the bank financing. Okay. And I'm putting in 50000 dollars a year for five years which she's opening at 250000. Dollars. Over five years debate puts his 700000. Dollars or 750000. Dollars for ten years. All right. I get it chew million dollar death benefits of something happens to me my family is protected. Now I'm designing this so that I can turn on income. At 72 years old. In net income would be approximately. 65000. Dollars a year actually be about 75000. Dollars a year tax for the rest of my life. At 72 years old so far have an IRA. All right. All of that money is taxable beat yet none of this income is taxable. But as I mentioned I get living benefits. These living benefits give me access to some or all of the two million dollars leading example. What if there's a life event what if he's somebody is hospitalized. And they are disabled. They have some type of chronic illness. Let's say they have some type of critical illness okay heart disease diabetes. Those type of issues won't guess what they eat. Have access. To anywhere from 25%. To a 100% of the benefits. Depending on whether to critical. Terminal chronic illness. Which he you can actually take this money. And use it. To actually take care or give you additional health care benefits. That many of you have health care coverage. Especially when you're on Medicare. So these benefits not talking about are enhancements that you're actually able to receive. As a living benefits of not only does the policy have a death benefit which benefits your family. Not only does have an income benefit and in fact folks. One of the plans that we use has that even come that you can't go live now. I wanna address many of you who have bought into the whole life strategies here. The whole life strategies one of the big problems with the whole life strategies. Is that the cost of insurance is high. And these loans cost that the company charges she tends to behind. So I would gladly compare. An index universal life to a fixed life whole life policy all right. Anders many of you who have these policies companies have good reputations and so forth. But in many cases were able to actually roll over. Some of the cash if it is she your benefit now. One thing that I wanna talk about two at the prosper or groups prosperity group they brought in and you roll. Which makes us a fight judiciary and we talked you about advice stay with your retirement which are higher rate for one K we have to give you. He best information for you were policy we're not selling based on commission now wanna tell you we have been doing that anyway. We're trying to put shoot the best program to fit your needs so we're looking for a solution. To fix your situation so if you come and meet with these these say. Or or Steve when he gets back from the beach or Felicia. All right that the question that you might ask is well you know what I wanted to come in five years are if you want incumbent five years than. The plan organ approach you may be different than the one we typically put people in that don't mean to account for ten years. So it just depends what your goals are there we have some plans to give you the highest income within the first. Five years so you know we have those available to so each plan is tailored. For your situation. So if you wanna find out. Give us a call at 9890176. That's 9890176. And you can also ago. Two WWW. My money is safe dot com as I mentioned listeners are phone lines are open during the show. They'll. I wanna read an email that I got and this is. This isn't email that I got from Hank. And Hague wrote an email a couple of weeks ago from the show and by the way folks we had great seminars at the peddler this past week. We had a Tuesday and Wednesday seven aren't the peddler and it went. Really well we had of a fairly small Karl bit it was a it was a good crowd very interest in very engaged. And we talked about some of these strategies that are available to many of our retirees so folks look up as we were gonna be doing seminars later in August and then September. Effect September and probably have a seminar every week. And now we'll let you know on the radio as well but China. Okay this is an email from Hank hit a cat. Hank is he did tell me is a tradition Greg I hear you talking about this this life insurance. Hedo I listen to people to play like Dave Ramsey who says buy term investor difference. You know and I listened to a lot of what he says and he's really against these plans would which your thoughts of that well first of all. I like Dave Ramsey he's great at Pete the telling people out of debt. And I would love to have a discussion with him about life insurance because he's talking about the old school stuff. With the with AL Williams hale Williams was a proponent back in the early eighties of buy term investor difference. The problem is many people bought term and some invested a difference too many people bought term it did not invested difference. But what date may not know is that a cash value life insurance policy. Now in in all fairness to Dave the indexed universal likes more non. Dean the 78 years K seven or eight years what is what they've gained some notoriety. So in all fairness to Dave. He's right when he's talking about a whole life policy and he's also right when he talks about a variable life policy his variable policy. Has a lot of risks now variable life policy should be doing great now. But there's a lot of risk with a down but if you want something that's key to give you reasonable rate of return that can potentially earn 68%. I can show you. If you go back 35 to 45 years these policies have performed. Probably a below and 6% the top in almost 9%. All right it that's taking into account the current caps that are lower than they were say six years ago. So these policies have outperformed so many view that have a variable policy you're universal. I mean or EL a universal life policy. Or a whole life policy you need to give us a call you might think you're all set up with those life policies. Pitcher not necessarily all set up so it's very very important. That you give us a call called 9890176. Called 9890176. If you were out of the area call 180440. 0434. That's 1804400434. Now folks these programs. They have to be properly structured. It's not any person can put these programs together we have a team. Of people that are national affiliates. That structure these programs exactly the way our clients need to have been done. Because if the policies have structured properly it creates what's calling Mecca a modified endowment contract now I will tell you this. We have a medic. That people are using for short term. Growth. But actually many of them say Greg why do I wanna pull out of this and the reason they're earning 68%. On a modified endowment contract. So unlike an annuity had a chilling call the other egos do all you guys do is just pushing duties we should absolutely not we look a lot of financial vehicles. In fact are pretty sure it will be unveiling a securities. Program through our firm with our security licensed individuals are going to be talking about that so it's not available yet but just stay tuned and we'll talk about that. But. We looked at a program where jail would put in 250000. Dollars. In five years of the policy hits just the the projected amount of 6% six point 61%. In five years that account. Is gonna grow to about 300. And 50000. Dollars now I don't have the numbers exact piece and all that with you so don't hold me exactly to that quote. But that is a tremendous return on that account he grows tax deferred annually pay taxes on any money that you withdraw. But on this particular individual he had 822000. Dollar death benefit so think about this. Those of you horn CDs and you have a couple 100000 dollar city near earning less than 1% you can put in one of these accounts. Get a 600000. Dollar death benefit depending on your age maybe 500000 dollar death benefit. Your account grossed 68%. Tax deferred you have access to the money so it's a place you can park the money short term. And you only give up some of your gains you don't give up. Your principal if you decide to move the money. So listen to those of you who have cash sitting around you need to talk to us about some of these strategies. The tap that cash strategies work phenomenally. Folks were out of time this segment. Think again that those if you who won a cup or seven are staying look go to our website and look at this. Stay tuned as we're gonna have many coming up in August and September this is great Galley of the prosperity. Mean. She's she's great compelling. I was song written by Billy Preston familiar that popular by Billy Preston is Serena. And that was in 1986. That we saying it we recorded the song. On our CD. Actually was a cassette back then word we're getting some CDs and you'd like to getting those email us and we'll make those available in fact. We'll probably put a link on the website people wanna give any of those. But to. Beautiful song that that was written about that. About how you can be born again with Christ so for those of you were not born again you're thinking about it and buy recommendation is give your life to Christ. All right folks we're talking Chiba how you can or six to 8%. On year money. How you can use a type of program Colin indexed universal life. And I was talking about the living benefits of this policy has living benefits are right you have access to the money silly it's cancers estate. They get a chronic illness they can access some of that money are right. You also have a death benefit and that if you've seen those folks that sell policies they want you to sell your policies. Well in many cases. You're gonna find that the living benefit riders on the policies that we put people on. Are better and are gonna pay you more than the people that are buying these policies and your family gets to control the death benefits so leaving example. Somebody's fighting cancer they got a 500000 dollar death benefit let's say they've only put in 101000 dollars into the policy. That person is diagnosed with potentially terminal cancer. They can now access 500000 dollars welder living and they can use at 500000 dollars to do whatever they want. And it's gonna be tax free. It's gonna be tax free with those type of policies. So that means that basically only put 101000 dollars into the policy now you have an ill list he knew he had it. And now you have access to half a million dollars. All right. Now if you were to sell that policy somebody's somebody might pay you 200000 dollars for the policy but they wanna keep the 300000 dollar death benefit. So let's say you only need 200000 dollars from the policy you only 300000 in their your family gets to keep death death benefit. So folks. If you're listening to the show here trying to figure out. They're saying great how in the world are you talking about oldest how does this stuff for quilting you need to haul us. Because these are benefits that are perfect for business owners they're perfect for retirees really there's no wonder it's not perfect for weaving we didn't even use these as college funding vehicles for babies. That's right. Because unlike a 529 played where again you get to deduct that the thing your 529 plan has risk. Because in 2008 many of the 529 plans lost a lot of money. Well with an indexed universal life the worse she made was zeros we didn't lose anybody with a market crashed in 2008. In fact. During the lost decade now folks this is based on the twelve and a half percent cap. Which is a current cap of one of our company's. Between 2001 and 2011. The S&P lost. Two point 85%. A year. Okay it lost two point 85%. Our policy averaged four point 61%. So while everybody lost money our clients did lose money with those strategies. Now for those of you who have 401 k.s. And you have firings. First of all before you roll over the 41 K in two. Another for what you are talking military you're working for company. He decides to leave that company get an offer from another company don't make the mistake of rolling their 41 K into the new 41 KY. 'cause you're you're still leaving that money exposed to risk. Take your current 41 K use our safe money strategy in his start funding another for one K perfectly legitimate perfectly legal. OK we will show you ways to enhance your 41 K make it safe with a higher day. We'll show you how to create a pension like income so you get the recount folks. If you want to learn how you can make six to 8%. Basically tax free. Without risk he need to give us a call 98901769892176. You can email me at Greg get my money. Is safe dot com Greg get my money is safe dot com. You can go to to our website and he'll be meeting with two Griggs Steve are fully should be steeper Felicia. And possibly Stewart we have Stuart good who has a CPA and our office. And we will look at these enhanced strategies. In fact many of you who all of a lot of real estate you're worried about capital gains we can show you attack strategy either one of our CPAs. Will use to alleviate your potential capital gains if you go to sell this property so. Before you just arbitrarily paint attacks he need to give us a call we'll have you meet would one overtaxed accountants which which Stewart. Or with Dick which is in Minnesota. And will discuss these strategies with few OK we will discuss these strategies with you so. Again folks I'm so thrilled to be with you every week. And usually have Steve Lewis would be a bit like I said he's at the beach or pray vintage pink it's sunny and for him and his wife of their sick in the he enjoyed the good weather over there and who do you typically he's on with three during the show and we talk about the strategy so Steve miss having you on their body. Don't get sunburn there and kinda I don't what you have to put solar Cano or shall we get to the office. But folks were here with you every Saturday at 7 o'clock. In the system and Sundays at 11 o'clock and we call this the stress free retirement because we're trying to show you ways to make your retirement stress free. Had a client the other day say Greg. Where do I get my statement I shouldn't a year he goes. A year ago how going to what's going on and say well you really don't except. Well you do because all you do is look at your starting point as he works on the tells you how much money you're making. He is one of the market goes down to see where you don't lose anything ashes are really there's no reason for you have a monthly statement. So is that stress free when you only have to look at the state that once a year. Not bad at all. So again folks were showing you strategies to enhance your retirement to make it safe to create a pension like income will show you how to Max out your Social Security. Will show you tax free return is how to. Protect your income for your wife for yourself create potential like income. We'll show you all of these strategies go heading email me Greg get my money is safe dot com calls 180440043. Four we visit to Greenville area since 1994. So that's twenty. Three years in the Greenville area and actually I was in Greenville for a year nineteen to 191 that's how we decided to move up here. Folks. I enjoyed being with Q. Take care god bless you. Have a great day we'll see you next sweet kid make every day great this is Craig Elliott the prosperity grew.