WORD>Audio & Video on Demand>>One of the most gruesome slayings of the 19th century serves as an inspiration for a modern story...

One of the most gruesome slayings of the 19th century serves as an inspiration for a modern story...

Aug 25, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome author G. Jordan Lyons to talk about the real-life murders that inspired his most recent book - The Philadelphia First Ward Horror. The murders of the Deering family in 1866 is a tale that makes the Lizzy Borden ax murders look minor in comparison. 8/25/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's Thursday and the West Coast Friday and the East Coast near stuck in between welcomed me on really to reduce myself Jason honestly only saw some. TV Johnson who Lizzie Borden took an axis. And you come up her mother 44 and wax when she saw what she had done gave her father 41 now we all know that crime rate it's not just or traumatize your past it's it's really I remember seeing what it's like 56 years old my effect on my gosh it's not entirely true but it's based and the true story of Lizzie Borden who was a wedge whose. Pushy teenager with a hunch was an event. The ugly shoes shoes teenager in an innocent immigrants Fall River mass and she was accused of and convicted of I believe we should convicted Russian toilet that's getaway choose acquitted of the murder of her family and there's a lot of the controversy and confusion regarding and some people think she had nothing to do with a she claimed she had nothing to do these murders articulate person in the air with Germany and you have something to do it. Kind of an OJ situation exactly what this another story. The family. Near Philadelphia called the met in equally gruesome end there are way more of them than there was in the sea board assembling a but it's the story that not too many people know much about. Now and you'd I think I think it really comes down to Lizzie Borden came from a a wealthy family and oh my gosh it was a girl who did this tour parents and how morbid cadet B. In this this other story which again you rewrite very few people know anything about all. Is just it's a terrible. Terrible story Tom just a sad sad thing for an entire family hand in its mind boggling that. Really this isn't this has spoken about. They're very there's very little information out there. There's very little and our guest tonight is going to be G Jordan lions he's an author he wrote of a novel it's a fictional work but it's based on. The murders of the during family the book is called the Philadelphia first war horror and he's gonna tell us the story behind the book. What happened to the during family who dated who is that it does the perpetrators of this gruesome. Gruesome murder and will funnel about it with with the Jordan on just a little bit. Absolutely if you haven't MA she head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on reality radio dot com where you can listen to show live right from the site just by clicking listen line and join us in an online chat with a great community people. Or you can not find any of the stations we are on across countries like clicking on the station last. Or we even make it easier you can download the free iPhone and android operate their from the web site. Which allows you to listen the show lives on the go catch past episodes enjoying online chat as well. So make you do that if you do download the show forest to us a favor and just read at grade it because it helps push a show Ford makes it easier for people to find. And that's what it's all about we greatly appreciate the support. She has been being download tens of thousands of times a day and it's all because you that this show is such a success. Our orders it quick break when we come back we'll bring in our guest Jean Jordan lions he's the author of the book called the Philadelphia first border or to learn all about the story behind that book the murder of the my family. Okay game the deepest of the approaching and it's time for you to make your plans to attend secure content October. It dates are October 6 two DH the places turning stone casino in Verona New York. It's a great place in this. A great match if you like to hang out with your favorite horror film or TV or paranormal TV stars didn't scare content is pleased to it. They're all fair and orderly hanging out enjoying their fans it's truly the best weekend of the year and with a great collection of vendors panel discussions and film premieres you can't find a better. Way to spend the weekend in October it's scary time in all the information can be found on the web site it's scary times dot com desk Eric Kahn. Today scary time. I've come visit. Website today use promo code ER par would your ticket purchase to save 25%. An admission of troubled companies GRR. It's beyond reality radio and scary kind and best beyond really really juice. To get a really great show all. You know it's it's pretty interesting with some intakes of historical event and use it to help inspire some fiction but also really investigates the event to looks at the incidences in the facts in the mystery surrounding an in this. This particular event at least one or spend the most time talking about. Is one that's kind of been forgotten. In history. But it's in no less dramatic and say the Lizzie Borden necks and backs murders effectively mean more dramatic than that and you know when I went to do a little bit research on this report for talking about the gearing family ax murders when I want to do some research on this I had trouble finding like even a Wikipedia entry about this event. And it's pretty incredible. Well as a guy who lives in Rhode Island Britain and not far from the Lizzie Borden that's a solid grow up with hearing even though the whole song and everything has no no truth behind it but if it but yeah but this is honestly the guarantee him I knew nothing about some really intriguing talking about the. Yes let's bring Eric in our guest G Jordan lions he's an author he's written a book called the Philadelphia first war horror he's got some other books to his credit which will talk about as well. His website is G Jordan lions dot com that's lines with a wide. And ever gonna talk about this event in the book and Jordan welcome to be on reality radio really great to have you on the show tonight. It Fella but it's hard I think in I think portrait to meet on I'm a big fan of the show and I I'm a I get a lot of respects her ability gentlemen in the work that you get some to be here. Powell thank you very much we have a lot of respect for you that's why we we have you on the show yes and thanks for being here let's start with you personally when did you start taking an interest in being an officer and then particularly would stories. Like the one about the during family. Well in terms of being an officer. As far as. I'd be as far as I can remember that's all I've ever wanted to do well is that a beer riker you know like everybody has been kind of stumbling my way through life but. I'm being a writer is the one thing I was always 100 rent 100% sure. That I wanted to deal when it could be. But two interior marsh specific question to write the book her write books about murders are the things like a dark nature. Historic religious zealot in my lap I was seventeen years old at the time. And my father he's a businessman and who is and we'll get into little violators directly connected to this case it's murder. And I just happening here and talking about the story. And once I heard in talking about it I took an immediate interest and you know I jumped around Borden and wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. And you could say. And wanted to do any thing at that was in my power to that to shed some light on him because that that you are you mentioned. There's really nothing out there you know for the public. And but it not even a Wikipedia page or so. Yes it's pretty pretty unbelievable that there isn't before we get into this story of one and still figure out that you know this decision to become an author especially in today's age. In there was a day where publisher would come do you that Duffy a bunch of money you'd write a book in the they'd they'd publish a book and put it in books source thinks of change a lot haven't. Yeah I know that sounds really nice I'm having a publisher knocking a bunch of money that it sounds like that. They do come true yeah right that's really not the way networks anymore and in fact when. I my I started composing the now on and putting the restriction everything together at the literary world. I was actually had going through a major overhaul though that would have been would have been and 20072008. And right at PM. You know that the technological. Revolution face but e-book Kindle although things are really starting to. To kick off fret about right about then to the traditional publishing world and at that point was. Will what was fading away. And so we weren't sure as I was writing a book what was going to. What was going to happen that would fit in and really tell the story it was going to be going to be dispersed at that that really didn't discourage me. And stories are stories. You know and and people like that gearing standpoint and deserve to have their their story shared. I understood that speculative. Well what you're Sangamo books it is is dead on accurate I've written six books and it was during that transition where people are carrying books to and now people are carrying fifty books and a and a milk or Kendall or anything like that it has made that huge. Transition and it's been remarkable to see it like that. Yeah your death your right you know I still has. Not written three books and I still have several feet apart copies. And you know any time my proper a physical copy that someone their pride kind of get quiet hit like that. They're like so what that they get suspended its. What Sally they don't know yet like almost waited on noble anymore but the other side and the fact of the matter is it it's more for convenience to people can fit you know hundreds of books on just one little tablet vs trying to carry around a couple blocks are usually Brigham bolted but also. Turned Olympic how it must have been tough because as a writer myself and a written books on its gotta be tough that when you're. You're doing a lot of this research seeing such dark sides of people especially when you're covering subjects like murder and and things like that. It's just it's an open your eyes it is sort of the negativity that can come from me content. 00 absolutely there's there's no doubt about that comics I think that the one saying that. Maybe to put maybe to produce positive spin arm on the whole thing and you know world I'm sure we'll get ended agreed that he tells them at bat. I wrote this book primarily because. Same link and the living. Relatives. Slain family. Today they wanted it written they wanted and the public. People and now. That there their ancestors' lives that they were real people. I'm you know that they they were just like. And the rest of us that they had one needs desires that they would Embree just like the rest the that it was important. Too damn bad their family's story was shared. And so that's that's really the focus but it took I'm what I wrote the book and I think we can maybe I'll agree that today a lot of the mainstream. Media that's put out there is really focused on. But the time is focused on the bad guy men and that's that's popular approach to take. And all the murder is definitely a focus of the book mind. I focused a little more heavily on the family and the Tabasco like days they were to pick them send. I felt rightly so that they deserved. I'm more of the attention in the books. And it's generous news talk about media I don't know if you're familiar with the good Don Henley song dirty laundry and it's a song he wrote back in the eighties and he sings about how the news is just fascinated with deaths in people. Struggling and and turmoil on they'd they've spent very little time talking about things that are uplifting and and encouraging and then that's it that's exactly what you're talking about in the media will focus on in the murderer verses the struggle of the Sam lives that's the victim. Yep yep exactly yet unknown that's so what you're talking about. Yes so I I just wanted to do you know. You know just give these. These people who lie I didn't wanna be like the rest the media and them and maybe that's not that the partition it inept I want it. A little more attention or a little more except for the book that. You know it's I was trying honored the family's wishes. The current gearing family. And our business trying to do the best I conferred for those people. Yeah all I don't think that's necessarily gonna gonna hurt you and your efforts here of this this storytelling is good you know that's what I think really counts and it comes to your kind of work. We need to really get into what happens. I think it was certainly an 1866. To the during family do you wanna start telling that story. Oh yeah I'd be I'd be happy he's so today. They're kind of that the scene for you didn't the murders took place and April 1866. In the southern. In the southern part of Philadelphia and wet and what is known. What was known in the till now has indeed been neck. As Philadelphia and it called the neck. Because of its because of its geography. If you're familiar at city of Philadelphia. And at that stage of the city it's almost kind of a horseshoe shape of the Two Rivers. Kind of need to gathered there that Google river river in the Delaware or Delaware River. Need to get there there and right where these Two Rivers. And collide so to speak they. It form the marshy wetlands. Area and that it's not a real terrific place to live. We just because of the terrain it's it's a credit typical terrain. And then and the call that the neck because. It's it's shaped almost like a swan neck appeared looking more at ease. And it'll certainly looked like at the shape swan neck that gets down into the Delaware River so that domain that the nickname that was given to that academia. I believe they're in nineteenth century and so that's where. It's gearing scrambling settle they were Irish immigrants. May they came over in the and the 1840s and 1950s. Boat that during handling. Christopher gearing was the head of the family and that's why Juliette. And then Julius gambling and came over at the same time as Christopher's family. And so they've settled down permanent neck. In the late 1850s after spending and a brief period of time in the city itself and and they decided to become farmers. And so what day they did what they used the next four. What cattle farming and pig farming. And day it maybe wasn't the most luxurious. Life that they let down their back they were. They were prosperous. And they and they drives in and what they did and that's saying something because that you know late and 66 the civil wars suspended. And this nation as a whole is still. You know we give these mandates for wars and bad and awards don't depend on a dime there's really no. There's really no date that it wore actually and you know it takes a long long time Kirk. For countries and cities to them to really heal a loose. Spectacular. Especially when you have something as tragic as the civil war was a mean. I think there's something like 650000. Casualties and every one of them was an American and that's in an hour and his brother yet that's unusual for all war usually and you've got two sides but we are against ourselves so it was doubly devastating. Okay we're gonna take a break right now we've got jump into this and we're gonna get back to the story it's a fascinating one when we return. Don't forget to stop by the FaceBook page and the website. 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And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. The senator talking she Jordan alliance he's an author of the book is called the Philadelphia first war horror and it's about the murder of feed gearing family. And we are talking about the fact that this all occurred with the backdrop of the civil war having just ended. You know what that's another thing that makes this story. You know that much more tragic is Puget you do it had the culmination of them. There may be indeed the most terrific war. The United States history like he says brother against brother. And here you got the Stanley that. Seemingly loving. Irish immigrant family. Who are. Where are trying to make of that that what they have. Analysts outside of Philadelphia and then they end up what they end up losing their lives. Release further generosity. So it needs and that winner. 1866. Sort of in January. And con pro. Come down to the same. Going into approach these that early mornings he's from Baden Germany and he he's actually served in the civil war. And he's I would call Downey jumper. But he came over he landed in New York in about 1863. And says he's stepped up the shipping get un adopt and and it's the first it's within the first hour a and being in the United States and he's offered. Downing two. Two and listening to the united states army in Toppert. There's there's numerous reports that. The most common and testament to the upper 300 dollars. And usually these. You don't called mercenaries but the United States is. The army is waiting on the docks for the people to come and and to think the union and so union meat poultry people. Yet so they're offering and our 300 dollars two analysts. We don't know much about Anton prior to its rival United States. But he could stop shipping gladly. Gladly take that 300 dollars and being in he joined the army but can eat eat figured out quickly. That he and dessert has regiment and join up with the next nearest regiment and that take another 300 dollars. Such a New England under the age they're human. Does he still using the same name when he's jumping arrangements. Now he's using different names. Maintain. He's. I am employed as he's he's given different assignments and tasks. But ease. And also wasn't you have to remember it wasn't as these even admitted today to keep track someone like that so. In time and was actually bound for Gettysburg at one point. And and quietly decided to dessert and just prior to the battle we actually have them a record of and deserting just prior to Gettysburg and date you know obviously they did keep a list of pro deserters and obviously a lot of civil war president. Men and fort Mifflin lives. What civil war prison at that time right next to our where the murder took place some time with. It yet yet aware that so. So they don't they they had it was cities deserters but at that time there's there's some of the things going on and that that a typical keep track of one person and end. Hundreds of thousands especially when when so many people are being killed and all these these terrific gruesome battles. So Anton actually. He's successful doing that taking all the mining being about it jumper. When he officially and his army career by. Shooting off his own firm. And he was that the Egypt. Vicksburg. Term when heated back is going to be there anymore and he'd he should profit don't write sound he would later claimed that it was an accident. And groups heating. It later claimed that can be an accident. And that he had fallen asleep and and and rolled over and and that gun discharged and block system. But most people speculate that eat each shot and armed potentially going to be discharged from the army. Yesterday pretty desperate to start blowing off traders especially here are some does that make your hand and useless at that point Zach or. Right and and we believe thinking that because he didn't wanna I don't we don't really have. Any wrecker reasonably good he actually saw any any real action he rejects the holistic learning. Wait and an auspicious match at a time and then and then dessert again together or money so after he lost this bum knee he was. To the arming useless. So they did discharge him. I've from the army. And now 1866. And that's when cool he wandered onto the steering farm Indian neck 'cause Philadelphia. And she tells Christopher to hearing that he had at and at handling. That T he can work I am very cheap as a farm and as a handyman. And Richard Arrington says absolutely. And give them an opportunity to them. To live with his handling TE wooden paneling term you know free Boehner is through friends and that's where and I'm really and they could heal them with the nearing a point. All right let's take a break right here before we get into what happens next we're talking with G Jordan lions he's the author of the book called the Philadelphia first or pork. He's also been other books including my little kingdoms and house of denizens I'm all available if you go to the website G Jordan lions dot com. Or just head over to be on reality radio dot com click the guest tab and we have all the information there if you have an Emmy she had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. That had to be on reality radio dot com where you can find all seasons we are on across the country. It also download the free iPhone and android app which allows you to listen show life. Catch past episodes and also join the online chat while life. Listen Jason GDP on. Taste we're having great discussions with the chief Jordan audience about honestly murders that happened in Philadelphia and that very few people know. Yeah it's do or talk about the gearing up assembly and how they were murdered by Anton probes were just warrant a little bit about who Anton probes was. We learned a little bit about the during feeling but this is one of those events in American history that ranks right up there with like we talked about before the a Lizzie Borden murders are. Anything like that in in any kind of around the same time period to as were entering the Victorian area era. And this is these these murders or something that we know very very little about I've never heard of them before. Tonight's interview. Did Jordan it's the difference and and I would speculate that the only reason why everybody knows about Lizzie Borden is because it was a girl she came from. This well established family that money. And that and that's the biggest reason why she became some soul well known from these aqsa martyrs. Gee did you think that that's the reason why this from Lizzie Borden has so much attention verses vs the turn to our. Well he gesture and at this point think term you know a little girl. Ax murdering her family and then there's still. Now some suppose that's speculation around around validity Borden case that a little lecture mystery flare. Which at dinner that Kate. Well there's definitely some mystery. You know wolf will be able Todd goes buried treasure all sorts of things. It's not that. I think also cellar somewhere along with somebody made a pretty catchy Ryan that became the stuff that every child child learns and it kind of builds on the mystery in the and the legend the whole thing. Even though as accurate right even about Sarah. But before we went to break you were telling us about the mortar. Anton probes and how he else. Eventually wound up on the gearing family farm became a farm hand in the Cisco and where the two. Groups if you will that during family and this murder you were united and pick it up from there. Sure. So. So Anton. Is. Is hit Jerker of duties to delay is a lazy delayed a guy he's he's just not used to hard work. And that becomes quickly apparent. Into the gearing he does not last that very long arm arm. In his first stint. As an Indian man there are so you're right under Harmon and February of eight and 66 and future it only there for. I'm approximately three weeks. And in the end those three weeks. It's really Juliet gearing who has but life. She is she noticed that he's he's. Spent a lot of time in in the stables in the bar and news he's not out in the field to not doing police must be doing. And there are also. Into my research I found that and he may have made some some lewd comments to Julia. As well I think that was really the tipping point and so the Juliet tells. Christopher gearing net income got to go eat he's got a plate of arm and he's not welcome there anymore. And so Christopher. The bid and beautiful husband says. Yes ma'am absolutely hand in Canton as he's come the next day. So Anton. Been perceived to head back into the city of Philadelphia where key spent some time. In the brothel which he lives. Always you're a frequent it he was he loved it spent time in the brothels and drinking and he had any learning and it was it was gone quickly. And so she he would soon spending time in the court houses. And it wasn't until. About. About march to late march that he he arrived back. At the the daring farm. And he begs Christopher. To be allowed back as their farm and and this is where and my research as you know I could really go back and change time I would. I would make Chris for a little less generous when he was that he. He is generated and he he does give Anton a second chance and says. You can equal come back on and and we'll give it another shot. And trim from there it appears like Anton has. Turned a new lease fee he works hard he doesn't churkin duties he's. He apparently doesn't seem to be candidate changed man it's like you realize that that need blew his chance the first I'm not gonna blow it again but. Alec doing and we didn't realize that he lives aren't you planning planning their murder planning their demise. So. And the reason and and even went to their farm in the first place Derrick he would even return to their farm. The second time as he knew that the gearing had the money. Been gearing. As far as we know weren't. We're very we're extremely rich and but they told cattle. And cattle and ends meet they were pretty high demand especially during the war. You know we we know that Philadelphia people in the city. I would buy it stopped from the and then. You know we think fort Mifflin. Would buy meat from man to that helped feed their soldiers and their prisoners and so Anton and actually present with with Christopher gearing on. And we know for at least four occasions. In the drove yards. When they would sell these cattle and he would seed money being counted. Setting Anton he thinks. You think that mr. gearing has alerts I'm look learning on the farm. And so that's why he returns and then he plans to two steal from their family but. And that he would later I'm describing him as confession. And he he didn't think you'd be able to to rob them. Because there's always somebody around the hearings where quite a large family. Permian had a Christopher and Julia. And then you had at Cornelius Carey and who who might be the most tragic figure all that Cornelius says that he was an orphan. Who. Served as the other farm hand. Along side Anton. Monitor farm and a lot of reports that a that that cornea that he actually adopted by the bureau came. Gambling and a two time is about 1716. Or seventeen years old. And the news has William or Willie gearing. Who's about ten years old at the time and you've got John Meehan Thomas the two boys need got gaining she's four years old and new the baby and Emily Emma. And she's just a little over one years old at times it got quite a large family around Iranian funded and Kiki get away with robbing them all the people armor that you decide. At some point low and that I can't get away with dropping them I'm just gonna have to kill them. And so that's what he does on April 7 1866. He's now a dude dude was there any in your research you come across any evidence that Anton probes was the the violent. Person or any any suspicion that he may have been involved in any other deaths prior to his interaction with the during family. Well it was. After the murders. On the gearing our money April 7 that sound came to light that he's. He may have been a suspect and from other murders and New York. And terms of evidence that connect and to those murders. There's nothing real substantial looking roku concrete. We do know that. At the time some of these. And they were just different cottages are farm houses I believe there were two murders in New York. And and it was around that time that he was Downey jumping. In his time with the with the union army. Am I believe in between 1864. Making 65. And you know immediately after and the gearing family murders he becomes the prime suspect in those cases that. But nothing ever came of it so it really just adds to to the legend a little bit. Movement in there were no survivors. In the Stanley. Well that there was one survivor and that was Willie Willie gearing he was ten years old at the time. And he. Buying you know paid her fortune and I'm not sure why it worked out the way that Willie hearing. Just happened to be off for the harm that day. We've got two reasons why he was up but farm. We know he knows what his grandparents. And the arena that he was old enough to start attending school so we don't know Q is just didn't grandparent Turkey was staying with them because you'd tunnels schools so. He's the only thing I'm survivor. Of the hearing damage because he wasn't there that day and from Lily gearing. There are currently no approximately. Adam. I've been told approximately 300. Living descendants from a one man. Today. Well sounds a he was the speech they got around let's hurry that the court to argue with the G Jordan lines he's the author of the book called the Philadelphia first war horror is its mother books to his credit again. The website is G Jordan lines dot com we're gonna take a break when we come back. Jordan will tell us about the murders themselves what happened because you know when you when you sir talking about horrific. This one ranks right up there. 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TV John there are some stories that when you hear them you're not only get a somewhat disgusted. But to get angry and he did you get fearful in a way you get fearful that the that the lives and evil they can be inside somebody. As great as it can be in some of these people we talk about like Canton props. Just of Floyd than darkness it's next to think that somebody is capable of of something. Like this liquid like we've been talking about and and it's not even have the fact JV where the adults yet that's wrong okay that's that's just horrible. Put the children. Especially an infant how can anybody cause harm to a child. Small check if any any child but he had an infant and then and my gosh it's just it's heartbreaking it's it's disgusting to me it's very bother some. And but you also you want to understand how all how of this sort of darkness comedian sites. Yet and of course we're talking about the during murders which is a gruesome. Group of ax murders basically one was committed. With a hammer that occurred near Philadelphia and there's a book written by our guest tonight who is Jean Jordan lines the book is called the Philadelphia first world war. And it's a fictional. Oh count and story based on these real life murderers from 1966. The horrific and as you said. You know you've got several adults who were murdered. And then if this bunch of children an infant and in the infant isn't in Iran and they're you know not going to be in a witness and you can't it to the whole thing is just ahead stretcher. I'm like us and it's extremely bothersome jurists okay. We're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our discussion with chief Jordan alliance it's. On reality radioed Jason GP go through life. It's. We are excited to continue our conversation with G Jordan lines were talking about his book the Philadelphia first ward horror. It's the story of the 1866. Are terrific. Horrific slaying by a gentleman by the name of Anton probe stunned to you know we will just just now getting the details. And Jordan picked it up from where you. Left off tonight that the murders of the day that the murders occurred tell us what happened because it's at that's it's it's disturbing. At this point is and it's definitely graphic and law I'll give penalties so on the April 7 1866. And about. And 8 AM in the morning Christopher hearing oral leaves the farm. Two that they'll pick up it hasn't. Elizabeth Dole and the ferry. And she's coming to the armed and visit so creature daring as absent from the farm about aiding him. And and can't see this as an opportunity. He and Cornelius and the other farm and her are out in the field. Just a little after Christopher has left and their they're standing under a tree. Close to. The Delaware River there are farm Israeli close proximity to it. And other day it was as described as it is raining and overcast though there. They're out just the two of them standing underneath the tree. And Anton has. The Stanley largest tax with the two of them need said he brought occur. Chopping up some roots. And he says that. And Cornelius was standing underneath the tree was looking away from Canton and and talking about work just talking about their their chores for the day. And Anton pull back on the acts to retreat times. Having trouble deciding whether or not to do it the dent mean eventually the side. That he is going to do it in need he cut down Cornelius from behind. As he's standing underneath the tree. And so Cornelius calls and Anton. Chops and a couple more times and cut his throat. And that would later be discovered that he actually. And so Artie almost severed head. Cornelius. So. Anton. Look surrounding others other nearby farm is very little Burke or about way to ease he's looked to make sure the coast is clear. He loads Cornelius had been in her carpet that got what in the covers and what hey. And he he drives the cart over underneath one of the big haystack. Out kind of actually fairly close to the house. And it's for and there are bad TN. He starts to lure of the family members one by one. Into the staples. Or into the barn so. He first lures Johnny was the eight year old and he told Tony that he need to help from the barn something. And he keep it down the big acts when he picks up the lead to another smaller acts maybe more like hatchet. And as Johnny comes into the barn. He knocks him down. Would be acts and gives him two or three blows. To the head and neck area. And then he in his journey to the side in congress and what day and that's when he goes and he finds. Another Julia. He tells Juliet that. There's something wrong one of the courses. And horses. Being uncontrollable need help wrangling it and so Julio. Follows. Anton into the barn and that's still a flaw action and the sooner than in the barn he turns and need it strikes a voter turn knocked her down. And it confession he described to eat not to back to the doorway at it would strip underneath the shoulders and tracker backing and into the barn. Where he had struck several more blows to her and then. Same proceeded to Johnny he would he he driver after the siding cover or pay. And so he does that. Two more times. Again with Thomas is the six year old east says that he says your brother needs in the barn. And so. Thomas excuse though doesn't that question one that uses cherry terms. Following Anton into the bar and then he strikes and down in the same fashion. And then. Really in the note. You know many of them most difficult one for me to even write about what's the last the last two children. Where Iranian and Emily the four year old and the baby he. He told any of the four year old that you know I'm the mother needs are in the barn. And so you leave zany by the end of the barn and he he carried the baby weapon in his arms. He described just setting the baby down in the paint and then. Striking and he hit a four year old. Down in the same fashion. All the others and then. Same thing with with the baby. And so. He he's accomplished. Maltese horrific things properly before 10 AM. And Richard gearing doesn't return to the farm until 1:30 PM in the afternoon. So Anton had several hours to. Weight in the house and he has plenty of time to be worried. He is gone so far he's got to finish finish this job. So Christopher gearing and scriptures cousin Elizabeth Dole and pull up at the house about 1:30 PM. And and immediately and aren't says to Christopher I mean as soon as they Colette doesn't give Christian or any time that I need your help them learn from the foreign. One of the steers the steers six. And the only thing that we know Chris first that was what the steer. This steered looked fine this morning but he's still. Walked the head of Anton into the barn. If I mean that was a little uninteresting because we know that Crist regardless actually quite a large man he's 38 years old at the time that he's Apollo irishman and I don't think he would have had any problem overcoming. And pound probe. But he does walking ahead of Anton into the barn and that's hell and are on strike and in between the shoulder blades with a smaller. Caller hatchet. And the ringgit and ever more blows to the head and neck. And so then you have Elizabeth Dole and doesn't even live on the farms is that a cousin visiting from Burlington injures species total five years old. And achieve alone by herself and and now. So reading about that part there might be the most frightening and we should be doing the research he got the gentleman. I'm left alone in the house and she doesn't know. It's usually you need anything more. Right exactly she doesn't know a few feet away in the barn. You know her relatives have all been able been murdered so. And on. He healers or into the barn almost the same way he did. Children and in Giuliani says. Well she she actually inquired stand part she says where is everybody says well they're all out in the Bart. So she goes to investigate. I'm in the that the only other time he switches weapons is gone from the big axe to the hatchet and that's kind need you to hammer. And Nash as a little bit diners in the barn in these strikes are on the top of the head with a hammer. And then she and his confession he says that that Bristol and I'm all. Based based on top of Christopher gearing body. And so. Each event he killed them all almost in the same fashion what strike to to the head and then. And the couple more blows to to the neck to make sure that he is. It really got them on relieve pressure dead. There has to be so much negative so much darkness much heat and it's person to do this. He or devoid of anything. You know or a lack of along those things that's harder to wrap your mind around around that person. Usually not a lot of a lot of his treated and then and in I think that. The most we learn about him is in a concession. Which has confectionery actually take place. Take place after mistrial. But. You know obviously well the murders are you know the main event is as. The story it's really what happens. After. Well during during his confession did they know that he showed any sympathy any remorse or anything of that nature. No. Kind of typical for American sessions he'd certainly the country religious. Them. It's he's visited by two to increased risk now Latinos he's going to be hanging. And it's only do you know what he's getting nearer nearer the date as his execution is actually finally. And confessed to the murders up until. That point up until the actual confession he actually maintained that he had an accomplice. And so for a while the authorities were on the lookout for for another person that that then in his concession entirely admit that there was no a couple of and then it was called. It was all just keyed to stop it by himself. But no there's never any mention of the inning ending any real remorse. Of other than he does ask for forgiveness from. For many living relatives of the daring he also sent a letter to his parents. And asking them for forgiveness that there and they're never came any reply. Back from back from Germany of. We're talking with G Jordan lions he's the author of a book to Philadelphia first quarter horror which is based on the true story of the during family tax murders and Jordan you've you know probes has now killed I lost count now what is it 56 how many how many bodies are lying there right now in the barn. Well in the barn their sentence somebody murdered eight there's that Cornelius the it's still by himself and eight. That's right okay so we've got all these bodies what does he do next. You know what I mean he sees teachers completed one of the most heinous. Acts of murder probably to date in the United States and maybe even sense then it's it is it's an unbelievably gruesome scene must he do. Well yes that's that's but I meaning it what he does next to. Still. You know kind of defies belief key actually goes back in and how he put on permanent. Chris are gearing closed. You know obviously he covered and and bloody chain is as close he'd get the shape he shaved the beard. He ransacked the house armed because the whole point of these murders but he he believes that the daring were loaded with money he thinks that there's that. There's very cash somewhere on the outcome. He ransacked the house and he doesn't find any. He he rod the M pocketbook and the purse a Christian gearing and Elizabeth Dole and that aliens that with fourteen dollars. And that's all he ever ever gets her first travel as a fourteen dollars. They get the Cheney get to change clothes. I'm and then he he gets the meal because consult a meal. And then and it inexplicably heat heat heat he beat the cattle feed the horses the chicken EE he paid in the dark. Even lead evenly via the gate open for the cattle so that they. So that they can escape on there around he would later in the confession that he didn't want arm any of that any of the cattle to that to starve to death. Which is like he's had them and then been locked gate open for them before last and so. He leaves the farm and about 6:30 PM less fourteen dollars. Couple pocket watches when he takes Christopher gearing through all over. And that's about it. So he ebitda. Simply shows more concern for the farm animals than he did for the during assembly. Oh absolutely he even describes. Am making his way back towards Philadelphia and one of that one of the dog sort of family dog following him. Off the farm and he's having is having a hard time shaking it getting the doctors stay away from him. Almost like he's made and made some sort of pet friendly with this dog. But yet he definitely shows. More emotion and more. Some sort of connection more connection with these animals earnings living human beings just slaughtered. Unbelievable Ari we're talking with G Jordan lines again the the true tale is the 1866 axe murder of the enduring family the book is called the Philadelphia first war horror or to take a quick break when we come back and pick up the story where we left off. It's beyond reality radio would Jason JB a one more thing before we head out to break please stop by the scare con dot com website check out the event that's coming up support these at participate in the event it's a great time. You will not have a better weekend if you attend as scare content will be best weekend of the year promise it's fantastic scary time dot com. Jason JB here back in just. You remember it's just. You were talking. Lions about just gruesome gruesome murder of caring family in the Philadelphia. And lunched it in Jordan one thing I wanted to bring I mean this whole family and total eighty people lost their lives to dispersants for a we he said was fourteen dollars from a house come back 1986 it was only about 330 dollars. Yet it's just horrible on you know and every imaginable way he really get nothing out of it and then what he does next is. Makes it even worse C he travels. Right into the city he doesn't flee the city this state ego straight back into Philadelphia. And he's spent the next five days I'm drinking an up or out. And spending all the money and he is. He's very quickly picking up as his previous Abbott and eat and you look again within a few days. But PM. But the city is quickly on the end. And he has a couple days. Maybe to relax that within you know two days. Appearing nearest nearest neighbor. And notices no activity on the farm. I had kids haven't come over to borrow the the latest disc edition of via. The evening bulletin and so he goes over to investigate. And peace he was going on over the Harmon and at first that he can't find anything on the body are pretty well it doesn't. Teeny thing around he actually doesn't do the to the bar in the stables and these. And you know the horses and catalyst are still there they. They're looking and so he he he then and then he goes into the house actually kept to break into the house and then he finds out. She sees that and the terrain that it's been ransacked and trashed. So then you really starts to that. Start to get worried and and then from there he he contacts via and they have police and they come in search. Durst the farm and that and they discovered that seven bodies. In the barn and at that point. Them. To certainly put salt and the Wharton state. Cornelius geared Cornelius Carey. Is named the that first suspect because his body is that sound right away. And the not many people are real aware. And I'm proud. And he's he hasn't been on the farm long and referred to many people to be real knowledgeable of and so Corning would become the main suspects for today and held there until they do find his body. But than any other people other neighbors remember that that hearing hasn't had another arm and and they're not real sure what his name has that they do know that only has one thumb. He's the Germans and the and so the search from the murders on April 7 that take five days actually capture. Anton and into rested on. On April 12. Right in the middle of Philadelphia eight captured on on market street. And then officer James Dorsey. And notices a man and Manhattan to Dover resides and missing a term and ask him if he's a German. And and there are really. That German accent and he says no me a Frenchman. And give themselves away and so he's arrested from their taken quickly to the city jail. Bit better now than those five days. The date Philadelphia. Doesn't to a bit of I. Area. They hadn't you know known or seen anything like that before. You know income Trout was. You know he's deport Jack the Ripper these before HH Holmes people just haven't been exposed are given a chance a quote a counter to that cycle path. And the force so people. Really didn't hole. You know that you hadn't been given. And exposure like that the force of Philadelphia has is then. There are shaken up there they're hysterical. That things are shopped it and everything's closed down people are attracted to. Board up their doors and windows. And there's even an account of one woman is blocked or style or out. And what their children near the banging on her door. And she and take the camera shot gun and shoots through the door. And what she opened that. Because the north of the stopped looked out and see that she's accidentally shot her husband. At least that's that's one of the story the Google wallet at. And so Philadelphia is really on the net and hysteria before his arrest that and then the whole city umbrage really rejoices and has huge celebration. About his capture. Electorate that he was taken immediately to this city jail term in Philadelphia but they quickly realized they had at the etiquette about a transcript in the late. Away from the city jail so they they transfer and to the mall in their thinkers and the reports are that. As they are changing and that a mob and attacked the police escort they were given a crowd tried. These Anton from. From the police and really get a hold of and then do some damage storms so they. And a hard time getting into that to the more interesting. Mr. President where he stayed. Throughout his mistrial. It was actually executed. There at the women's prison arm on June 8. 1866. Heard the police in 1866. Get. The word out to enough officers were by an officer could just see a guy would tipping head down one some. Ask him if he's German and make that arrest so quickly it seems like you know without any kind of modern communication that would take a while longer. Well part of it is that thanks to relieve the stupidity of anti approach than. You know had a fling he returned back to two where he always spent that time. In Philadelphia. They have the description of the German let the missing arm and the whole city really come together to help find the man Mike is that they are in a panic. As soon as the word spurt out of eight people being an ax murders. And everyone I'm an independent state of or in a state of shock to everyone on the lookout I don't know what that one set of eyes what went. You know until flickering looking over their shoulder per that this and that man was gonna break in their home and kill them. Also I thought so if he would if he had fled. Philadelphia chances are he he would've. Me got away with a little. He admire my personal opinion is that he had let Philadelphia are just gotten any did any distance away from the city he would've gotten away with that because. No one noticed and and it is an immigrant news. He's not well known it couldn't even really get his name right in the police description without agreement Anthony. Building new accuse the German with a little firm as he has gotten. You know any distance away from Philadelphia I really believe he he might have got away that he steady go straight back into the city. And he's just standing out in an older street memento that day on market street. German he's hit recognizable buybacks and a German with no firm. And what he's taken and he goes pretty meekly doesn't operating reserves simply police and he says he's been beating our crops so that that's how they catch him. There's some kind of poetic justice in the fact that the act he took in the army to get out of the army by shooting off his some was actually. Probably the most important factor in his Serb capture. We that it's you know everything about. Anton nothing has really well thought out inspections. You know a lot of actions. And I plaintiff is its demise the main need. You know it's easy to compare him to some of these that are mandatory at. Nineteenth sentry murderers but then he doesn't have a whole lot out in common with another tactic. Seem to have the intellect. The wit Greta foresight. And another then wanting to mining and any time of the alleged nine near the alleged treasure that you stopped the during atom arm he didn't really have any other. Explanation for why why he killed the sampling in fact in his confession he says that the spamming treated him well and he didn't care than any ill will. That tacky like ten. But he just one of the money that's the only reason he never gives for committing murders. You know we're gonna run out of time pretty quickly this is a fascinating story you've also mentions things like buried treasure ghost Telus. About the buried treasure component. All fed off try to put a lot appeared as short amount of time it's still in time probes. He's executed like a senate women in prison on. And you know making 66. An interest in fact HH Holmes was also executed. I'm thirty years later. And women will present. For a murder he committed there age or excuse me and time pro. It was looking for treasure which nobody ever found. But. Good deal of money did come out of these murders and the city actually held public viewing for for the gearing family. And the city. Sold tickets for people to come in either captives say they hold. 101000 tickets. To come see during family's bodies in state. Or at least their caskets. Yet they actually held. In this. Then again it's it's it's almost unbelievable they they laid out all eight tapped it. And that and the girl parlor in the city around they covered them less black scarves and black males to. To hide their wounds. But they did laid them out so that said the city kids. Come pay their respects concede these people exact reasons. At least two senior wide wide city and chose to do that I think. And just the shock of it all and a lot of the a lot of the thing that happened after. The murders of them are really kind of hard to stomach. And 101000 tickets that ten dollars a piece and. Those quickly sold out there at a daylong funeral service switch over 40000 people attended. And then the farm itself became an attraction. Said that 65000. People are so. Became part of this procession come from the city out to the farm. The 65000 people. Went out and inspected the farm looked at everything they can still see the blood staining. You know the floor of the barn. And the corn crib where EX where he ended up hiding the body. And so he got all these strangers the whole city emptied out to come take a look at that during the during farm. End and after that and as the years go by the farmers left abandoned Nolan and I'm gonna look and they're not gonna live there. And the connect. It's still and kind of a popular place and for pig farming which is what the gearing did her cattle farming and now. But eventually at the turn of the century. The place is definitely known as they local heart. And people. People report seen and the ghost of Juliet gearing in the upstairs window of the farmhouse there are court. Lot of strange noises coming from the farm near port here and screens. So eventually. You getting close to about the 1950. The community of the neck. And decide they don't want that they don't want the farm there anymore. It's too confident a location and content distraction and people are scared by the place. That they actually marched to the farm with torches in hand and name that community decides victim ourself to burn the put down in this story goes that as they burn it as they current department ground. Make it here. Screens to Julia. Echoing around the farm. I'm and so. What ever treasures out there we don't we don't know if there ever really wasn't anything. But that's the local legend so after the farm. What year was it that they marched on the farm and burned it. I don't have an exact date will we do know is it was community of the neck. Around in 1960. Round in 1950s it was that recent. It was then and then in the region we note this is because it's the man who married. One of the descendants. Well really gearing the only survivor of the earrings and long. Grew up comments southern Philadelphia. In a carnival would come through. Every year and they would use this. The farmland and open fields in the south of Philadelphia put on a carnival every year. And he would tell the story is. At these old timers that would hang around the carnival made lots of Karl will be coming up and they would tell this little boy. Matt has payment Matthew they would tell a little boy and academics say don't go back there don't eat you know still played on back there don't go over there that's where the treasures buried. And that goes out there they protect the treasure. For the sort of what Mackie has no idea what they're what they're talking about and it's not tell you the older a grown man. And he married a woman by the name he's endearing. That. He learns that this woman who we married it's direct descendant. Willie gearing Stanley was murdered. And supposedly had this treasure that was the very out in the content field. Where the car at least take place in the grip of little boy and so. That's how we we know the farm has burned down in the nineteen around election can keep. When this little boy and that you was growing up with little boy yeah some of Stewart what's site today. Well it's it's kind of a shame there's no marker there's nothing there at. It's at the almost like a shopping plaza there's been several things out there are there's a railroad yard in the navy yard and then a small. Shopping talked with a couple stores that have been kind of paved over with. Almost a parking lot so. Northern really know than anything ever happened out that way anymore. So and this is sort of near the four missile America. Yes so at fort Mifflin. South east from the city. You know outside of the river that. This is they're gearing farm it's just inside the bowl at the base of the Two Rivers with and the city limit or not. The first award. As it was known back amateurs which is why we gave the right if the book the title that it that it has the first war. Or the other is divided and of course for election that are student and I didn't award for voting purposes. And the first war just happen to be the southern most step toward the city. We have so many of the things that we had intended to talk to you about because you are also in nursing you've got stories about deathbed visitors in the hospital things like that. We really intended to get into but the stories just so fast and any other when I have time during this particular discussion. We have got them a bit I think there's there's some adjusting back connections between income Croat HH Holmes really. You know between now and being aimed at the same place and then. He Negroponte a place called Irvington which. Am I appear familiar at an open and there have been recent discussion about HH Holmes I'm committed what of his murders and urban ten. Worker opens. Historic district and has a lot of great on a location that look like he sent them registered nurse so got a lot of and personal experiences and theories about. That's been visitors and and that's our visitors that I'd be happy to sit on the special it is well. Yeah and that tools we definitely have to have you back on to discuss all that stuff because there and think each one of those topics take take of its own show you. We had just mudge it a relative of HH Holmes on. And talk to him I mean it's it's so easy to shall an entire show with that in death bed visits and cheese came in my sorted out numerous crimes. And love and like at Santana. That kind of respect for you gentlemen are really two love the work you and I just look at your program has just it's just the best out there urged what was your show epic comeback. Thank you Jordan tell us again where people can find out more information about your work get a hold of your books. Like he's steady and finally fine when I'm doing at. G Jordan lions who dot com and Ernie can also follow him on my public that they the page they dot com slash. G tort lions. Writer you can also find a run at that publishing company called story box creations dot com and you can sign a little bit more friction met my other two books there. Are just just to be clear it's lines LYONS. If you're going to be looking for the web site the FaceBook page but that's that's a fascinating story it's one that I knew very very little about actually I admit I knew nothing about Antoine was once you kind of wish you didn't know anything about it service just if it really is and then C a city profit off of the Stanley. In all the deaths of the family the way the way they did which is just very very desert and that's very strange and wonderful that was a practice that was somewhat common back in that it. Period I'd I'm never heard that before but. I can imagine that was the only time it was done right Leo listen as Jason JVV. Really really take a quick break morning. Welcome back never really religious. Our current structure. You know I was a little concerned when we begin our discussion with Jordan that we're gonna have little difficulty. And filling our what does this story you're there two hours with a story but man we actually had more or more ago we didn't have enough time for the whole thing have them back on. Because he's a pretty interesting guy. Young guy he's just started his writing career few years ago this book we're talking about tonight was his first book but that story alone assassinating when he was telling us. About the location and that they burned the farm down and all this I thought geez you know I have to go there and kind of check this place out I mean it's kind of difficult now there's a shopping plaza there but. It's a it's also it's tough to be in place that. Had so much negativity left and AE going investigating location where there's been dancing you know people way shooting or whatever. Those those. Understandably are a lot easier but something like this our whole family was massacred and just the way it happened. Gosh. Great and we appreciate Jordan for joining us is joining us and telling the story it's something that we needed to hear and learn about and I'm glad we did you can also check cannot Skoda beyond reality radio dot com click the guest had his information and books will be illicit right there. You're listening Jason NGV everybody have a great weekend we'll catch us around. Reality media is produced by state JD Edwards include produced by Alexander Reed Johnson for a intercom yeah. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.