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The haunts of the Ashmore Estates and other active locations

Jul 21, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson are joined by Robbin Terry - owner of the Ashmore Estates - a haunted location that has been featured on many paranormal reality programs. 7/21/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Thursday on the West Coast. Friday and he's. Just when you start between welcome to be on really eerie view myself Jason Swanson and the always awesome chase he's so you know it's a bittersweet it's a bittersweet night Tom anytime we get to basically the end of the life week is of course tomorrow night is a the best program from the week you know it's a muzzle dissent even though we like to go to the weakened to get refreshed. It's been a great weakest often move dissents on rate. Great interviews this week you really have and honestly I think that just goes to show. Or quality of the show there's a lot of great people out there and and just to show growing normally you were able to have more more great cast and then it just keeps on all like that yet you know fun because slick keeps talking about the number of people that reaching out to us to be on the shown now as as we've grown and gotten on more steadily since nick -- often than common on the married Yeltsin's lot of great stuff so it's it's good for us we love doing and obviously we hope everyone listening enjoys it as well we think that's the case because we've gotten a lot of great feedback can be appreciated all. Yes absolutely and if you have an Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page. And then head over to be on really radio dot com where you cannot. You finally British stations where across the country can download the free iPhone and android app ecological listen lions. Catch past shows also join me online chat and a lot more and if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just read it. And helps push to show Ford makes it easier for people defined. So that's nice can be great show where are we talking about a place I investigated I think economic season five or six Jim. Yet it was it was red round there and it was pretty cool episode of a far remember correctly and the place just seems to be. Quite active so. And I'm excited to talk about this and how what you introduce who and why but. It should be really really great discussion and I like this kind of show because it kind of brings us back. To our roots men let's just talk about the things we like most. The only year after we are there are tornado came through and damaged the building and then I saw an episode of another parent home Sharma will all end up talking with. But I guessed about this but they're claiming like some group for the men that are written. I mean that had a film there are troop programs everything else on it which is complete. Yeah yeah it's still those those would be celebrating or whatever but. All right so yeah we'll take a quick break and we come back will be joined by our guest from talking with Robin Terry is the owner of ash more states in nine Illinois so. Listen Jason did VM beyond really. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Holland dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. It's not really a. Hard time Johnson has promised to be talking. Dreary Margaret back to the routes Chad we're gonna talk about haunted location you've been to. Lot of people been to a lot of people investigated. It's the ash more states we're going to be talking with the owner reverend Terry you know this place chipped. And ask our states I investigated back in non g.'s 2013. And believe and it definitely finishing location I know it ended up taking some damage due to some tornadoes after. But just just a wild location and a bunch of people of a film stuff there whether it be movies or other reality shows and it definitely holds up to turn petition are let's bring in the owner of the ash more states Robin Terry is joining us Robin thanks so much for joining us and beyond reality radio tonight. Different you know appreciate yes. So I'm let's get started with the first of all how you developed an interest in all of this before he even got to the point where you have became the owner of the ash more states what piqued your interest. I have been talking about what Carol Wilson took. 2000. And then teetered it's like it's. And just. It that the locations we've been the circle conditions or something of interest is under the consent in high school like about it a lot of people circle or that. And let him do history of saying we want to study that district. Digital older you start realizing that shots kept cool and you wanna get more involved that it. Tend not to another location and Bob Reid did everything and then it's worse it's. Can't open them as available in about you know this is a cool place so and took a look around in regards to build upon. Work just as that is so earlier just have a direct damage everything but it. Republican want to get into it tries so. After the owner and worked out financial deals on that and a defensive mind and it jumped into with both feet basically what. Now did you buy at Astor the tornado came through and and the damage the property or prior. And after I boarded the in many of Tony's fourteenth. Tend there was Lebanon there was no roof on the building at all in Serbia concrete. Ethics structure and that was silly thing in the proposed most of the roof was still lots. Was cocked but then Oklahoma the most damage is still looked in the Leo in the kitchen area downstairs. And you know the politically abetted their war coming Detroit and it almost two years. And who resisted needed a lot of help in time it was I was glad you're critical to do it. Well I know that ceiling and TV you'll be health for many years on a hotel that we bought opinion that I bought up in New Hampshire in the mountains and that had over the leaky roof and all that and one hour for a couple of years and my job I can become a financial nightmare. A nightmare and in a lifelong project and I'm sure the ash more states will be a lifelong project Robin the you know what I find very fascinating about. Your story in many stories like this is that the paranormal interest in the paranormal cents basic reasons ghost on this came on the air and you know earlier. 2004. The interest in these old structures and the fact that. The paranormal interest has allowed a lot of people to revitalize these structures. I mean if anything else that is and that's been a terrific byproduct of lawless. Recruiters they I think to think you can might have been an astute one in da. Up in Peoria public hospital that was just tore down recently. And but it was still being debated that we've been hurt others what you wanna say these estimates are coming up finances and it between but yeah all the the they have special situations public service is stopped to save them plus the money yet. You know and getting a policy from the campus here this city where it's but I think you're right and it is four vote. A lot more interest in these older buildings just because of the term or prompt if people like ghost putters and they started dust this up. Twelve years ago where was. One and the the Peoria building his argue amount up in Illinois you know it was an incredible location arm and we cause some wild activity there as well below the best piece of evidence because it was. Actually and we never set up cameras at a graveyard but we set up cameras at a graveyard. Trying to cover this area that they claim that they saw demo an old work men and all the time. And we are actually caught in what appears to leave this man just randomly walking javy sought it almost a league big for you coming into senate and just appearing out of nowhere and disappearing forgot to the end. So Julia definitely another great location yeah it is a shame on those. When those locations and up well. They just take a lot of finance student to fix up and get to where they need to be and and it's it's tough but. In other paranormal definitely has helped and draws attention and people are able to events and and other things that help generate some sort of income to to help fix up the place and put their money back into. Yeah and one of the things you get them on the Heather. Very very expensive to maintain and keep him in a condition that they can actually visited in and used. On the I mean even yellow gay community he can even imagine how much it cost you some of these. Structure settle its summit in it yet because some of the subjects I mean some of the buildings here in Newport, Rhode Island we have mean actions. They're in the seventies were going for twenty and 30000 dollars then now can be sold for you know 101520 million because the fact is nobody want them because of the heat in the other issues that they had to do so tonight I can totally relate. You Robin you'll probably agree with this to hum one of the beautiful things about the structure such as the ash more states is that. They were built to last and in when a tornado comes through rips her roots roof off and waters pouring through building for a couple of years. Yet it's still it's dirty enough that you can come in and fix it that tell us that building was built pretty well. We're pretty portion of time because when they start when they built in 1960. The only bullet in the entire building when the trust is in the roof. And the wind afraid it's from the windows because that was that they need to build it because the first building the they're the problem that the fire. That actually cause it to develop Skinner. In the building and bird out and they skeptical one but it isn't just horrendous conditions and after thirty years of being kept. If senator down. Because stayed pretty much kick out. As expected it that execute on the ago because the bar where you most political leadership to help. And with a torn or far down. Built the new one pretend there's there's no they're built to know what they build fireproof basically those. In the rough. So which really be that nice piece of evidence to present afterward go out you know problem particularly interpreted as things like that because that was all. Concrete block and Brooke construction which two or did you work where. And in the road because that it was completely and that could have been regarded the for years. Yet now he's kind of touched on the history of the sector but lets really back it up here what was the building originally built for used for. And how did it change over the years. There originally I mean there was another location development property Iran speaking to these governor so and it went public education is the puppy was billed as the but as we enormous pop culture pork farms. And that was built for people that just to everybody should have been media. Yeah they've been a bit except for the court to go there significant support themselves and they could have been situations where. They have been there because of you know violent acts or whether perceive that plea to murder her people living in the same place that little bit. And whose stuff like that. That in nineteen the key metric does that you might that was an image think it was a female and destitute of sustainability noise. Which the past two record years ago the deflated as well as an investigator for the state commitment to two places that this is it is some dignitaries down. Ability to win in 1968. The current structure of this there. And at this dispute euphoria. To support farmer I'll tell. Until about. Thank you 59. With India to speak French public he can connect to it and they certainly look different so. It basically hit or promised to have these two countries which you particularly publicly situations resident of the discredited checked. So it was electoral worker that are in there but quite critical look at their property. Mr. director couple changes all the became media. Hospital and the clippers as the site of a virtual people think that was there was never fire on the it was a mental hospital. Can't switched. It was a couple times there until about. 1986 that is certainly tournaments. Proposed but he is six or seven then. An incentive to. The television on account for about but 67 years and that it and other technical I assert that it worked and then. That I bought it in may fourteenth. Well and that and that was the thing back then I'm do we see a lot of locations that or Rolling Hills and elsewhere. If you were pour you had hit which is being sane if you were pour you got sentenced incentive these these locations you work you're an inmate. And your opponent and you take your thing you can't take whoever else is with you and the fact of the matter is I mean your your children to be going up around murderers and rapists just like you said. And it was all because you were having a hard time making a body which is just crazy so if your pour you pretty much can cents in the same places criminals. Bright and it was a shame because that's step but that developers say that the public sic ago and they can believe whatever that they were pregnancy able to do it but mostly it's just it happened. You know it's funny too because this is a part of American history. That many of us are kind of out of touch with the because we don't do it anymore but. I also remember that you of the game life that board game like yeah. Here with a one of the options and board game like did you go to the pork farm. And and that's exactly or talking about here these facilities existed for people who. You know they didn't they couldn't survive on their on the they had no financial means in the would be shipped off to this the spot and also criminals orbits and as I know sews them. Very very bizarre bizarre circumstances. And Robin when you. Purchase location a lot of the shows and RD Benny ending you really knew the history of it were you hoping by buying it that you could come in you could you could fix it up between open and after the apparel normal community. And you know share bush would be really a treat to the parent almost community with with the with everyone. If that's pretty much my. You turn attention the whole time because as it was on house's most people know quite a few years and I got shut down because this state regulations. What I bought that they did it was just basically taking ms. apparent hole locations. I decide to take it one step further in debt I want to make of that location where where people came to a derelict wildest display is correct it. And you built chapel without September 2016 because we are here in portrait party. And it went to the bill that would set that was pretty cool and a Twitter and tweeted that. The cash or states of America for pearl investigators believe that so much out there in my book there's electricity in the building. There's no water in the building. There was no you know you hear anything because he's. And one of the various could put three capture dissidents. We've Punto looked Colin all the floors reaction to have our own buoyancy and I keep wires ran so people aren't. It is without having a cup there. Forget Earl worse Greg or treat for you were a couple trips they disrupted our camera. Earth and our wires and down murky river bridge to get access up. And threw them some things that basically trying to set it up just for apparel investigators. Have put them. He has great world without this this past weekend and had mentioned that he's ever been to a kitchen setup. Like this was just for personal best hitters. And yet I exercise shot. Yeah I saw some principles that are out there for. Lost limbs foundation cracked. Yeah it sure was kept him out helpers sprint but it. It took my couch for lossless. We're talking with Robin Terry Robin owns the ash more states are very very peril normally active location one that goes on his visit visited early on. I wanted to take a break and we come back we'll continue our conversation beyond beyond. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Okay I'm really real G. Seven change PM we are talking with Robin. Terry from ash more states and such and sting location we investigated back in. Geez 2013 and ghost hunters I know many other shows ghost adventures and so forth have been there let alone some movies have actually found out that way. And just the the crazy activity and and that that weird history that comes out of some diesel locations. So as you put. Money time effort blood sweat tears and sure even more into location. It's still has just remains. Highly turn normally act different. Tech actually I think achievement could change a little bit more substance. Meet people that were in the building couple years ago. Like when you get the best key argument there's a windows in the building there was something take pictures like one when the entire buildings. You know and I'm not sensitive at all but I payload licences acumen committed to invest in years ago but it that they thought that the building. Had a different vibe that it does now it's like you can appear now Michael I think about it if there appears election posters from the building. And yet they lived in basically tripped and it at our building for years and years and ultimately. Can. Number it's much coming into what could be about happier so. The biggest change or and you repent. We can open the people commit numerous experiences and they just they just in Georgia have a good time governor. And for those out Darrow who don't know who dole should tell us. Bill is actually inventories bees were gone making all different kinds of colonel equipment and everything else is a great guy in just wonderful investigators well so. Robin. You best I'm sure were familiar with so. That building prior to buying it and you've probably even saw many of the episodes it'd been featured on. When you were seek watching those are may be saw them on after the fact what impressed you most. If I. Can dispute that went to defeat to build a one time I get to September of 22 well I think folks. He went into the building I like the building elect structure but it was in terrible people inside because that's what's hard concept to the best candidate. And so on like it when I bought them like to talk at ago. And you what you get on this episode I mean he was up one. You know when you wash over the talked about in the but the demonic activity in the building and that and that's just just a joke because they'll believe it. And you know it's been different shows the different things and I was fortunate to like drew what's in the you think this structure results. And what they're best in the locations that. Where is actually too quick for me so I director Carter and Michael there. And but this is one of the locations that think the people come there especially you know in the coming that we because there's so located just one of the active. Just kills a couple of wanna you wanna come back you wanted to do something there. You had. Just a few minutes ago mentioned that so you when you put. The windows in or you made a lot of the improvements that you fell to did that get the error of the place changed. Do you think buildings like that have their own personality your do you think it's whatever is inhabiting them it's giving them that personality. I think. Think that I think it's worked the other bootable epic historical idea which. You walk in the Energy Department amid a place where people went cupid didn't have money and did have a place to live at all. It brings back some memories prospect from them people's you know interpersonal child of the work. Our stories to character and principle. And I think that the the activities spirits in the building. Addicted that I can be seen people with different too if I can't think that. People who live there mean people who witnessed for a for a few pictures of these people they enjoyed themselves having there was times through it to its. Difficulty at this within news that the that the best of flipping through it which is really nothing compared what mullah people have today. Erica photos of them sitting on the steps that the idea that the building probably on Sunday afternoon when there. Played guitars and hear that music purpose playing you know I think you know there are also. I think took a lot of those people in the building you know but he kept it. The vibe so there I think a lot of it's still there at those people that they just enjoyed being in the building and they like the location. Well and it wouldn't it when that a lot of these people in the poor house expressly just the four individuals not I'm not talking about the criminals I mean they they could relate to others that were there with them irrelevant these same problems so. They give they can relate so wasn't a place you know always being terrified or worried as long as they can avoid via. The bad individuals but it was a it was a police were finally they didn't have to stress as much about trying to survive and trying to provide for their family I mean now there they're somewhere that. While they were put there but they've got meals a get a roof over their heads and and so forth. Today at a place salute. Partly it. One of the interesting. Things about these homes and I know it's true of many of them as they tended to have pauper cemeteries or other types of funeral burial plots that were. Kind of mean not not not in necessarily the way we consider proper burial these days. Does that property have such sites. The national cemetery to decide which is session you can you can Google initially upon Google under local county port park. Cemetery. It was about the public record two mile street across. From the struck the buildings. We don't know for sure that tears and keep popping up. Pursue cemetery behind the building and we do have a lead you to believe they're wishing that she was a very young child should visit the poor farm. Did she think she remembers people going out in the field behind there that night on occasions speaking. You know there's only one reason or other property after digging it. I did not would be to bury somebody that she said she wasn't sure that's what they were current or not that assisted that it wants velocity to put them back field that you played tonight. So are you suggesting that the if it was accounting that was operating this facility that they were bearing news toppers under you know claim to Stein into circumstances. Dickie could have possibly been at times because first of becoming a challenge but it really care about it is that most chaotic it is to put these places up the middle of nowhere. Were you kept it really defined in the capital where they were Kabila. The people that Monique you must keep these people that it in my that would deal them. So just put up someplace we ought to missile. So I can't think that they probably city that we every Monday for it is put materials do punitive. But that's that's not uncommon though Miami. Rolling Hills Elton. He's the TV in New York. Had all the bodies were buried on the property to assume they were pretty much is doing a hole and dropped the first and Annette. And and covered up and they wouldn't put markers cities and nobody would know where they were. It's just it wasn't it was a really thought about or or of any concern you know there was no care afforded all the gun if it's those cemeteries existed on the property Robin. Does he still exist there it's if they were there. At all would they still be there. Well there were briefed and told the piece that police saw the digging there's a farm field out there word right now it's covered court agenda and so. Yep but do stepping. Mean there's. There's nothing to show us where that might be an additional buildings built around her also if there there there are still very Brit they would have been. Has anybody ever done any kind of some excavation worker archaeological old. They examination of the site. Not that I know I mean just just before Cuba after the former publicist field that's about it and so. But it we've we've talked about it force that you suggested over the region. I have to bring it like cadaver dogs out of unnatural long that's the thing you know it paying. It has been sixty years almost. Right we're talking with Robin Terry Robin is the owner of ash more states the website is ash more estates dot net we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna come back and continue our conversation beyond reality radio. Talking with Robin Terry. Is the owner Arthur Ashe Morris Bates a few last seen any paranormal reality TV you've probably seen. This site featured on a one of the shows it was on ghost hunters that was on ghost adventures and a lot of people of Ben there and done events grant Wilson was their very very recently and we're every conversation about site. Yeah you've had everybody from all costs from those honors two hours after them ghost adventures you have to cling Brothers are all there as well and let alone not walls of the booths right there'll their film they use the location film movie. Yet they pitched actually creeped you out there. And as you went through. You know working with these people and you've worked a lot of them after the fact even if you didn't owns the site. While they came in you know did their there they're filming for whatever show what happened to be. What do you sound to be the most common theme from folks are coming who have some what some development will use this term loosely the professional affiliation with a permit paranormal or they all impressed. You know at the final disappearance amid typified buildings opposite process typically it's. But I think it's really cool is what did you people like chuck that distinguishes got a couple weeks ago it's that. And create averages are up to this region as a corporate conference appears some might do investigation that focused so much split you know cope with the company's soak. That's the extent feel good because the Catholic is that they consider the professionals to the incident has numerous locations they're saying it's. You know what can be accurately to subside a bit. Yeah I got to Caucasian children were coming up in October and contingent there happens there were talking that it can't buy comedic bit and that could be. The second is that that be published on the post isn't. Is that just anybody debris that comes they're just still tip they get to come back they wanna do technical. Now you owned it when and they film Monday did the aftershocks show there correct. And would. That you're the gentleman that's actress was initially talking on campus. It was the second what he talked to. It's up to one of the original owners it's actually that was centered on the post-Katrina. Okay well and I just I just wanted to bring a one because I got annulled a ton of emails and and people people actually called lissouba who talk about it. When that show came on there was some accusations. Of us I believe Lawler kinda way to beat around the bush but it was about. It then another crew that films are reality show there. Had written and drawn into Graham's. And so fun different locations throughout the building now do you recall that. Do you that the conversation that was a with a mini there was took the the other former order. And this is something about the terms of pedigree and draw on the block behind word because it goes to president decided. Can't give it back past me that I think I didn't on the built at a time that's nor did I enter there is no panic grips in that building whatsoever. And I should risk diplomatically about it. Yeah own OK you eight cents wanna bring that up because that was always one of those things that really confusing it's like well I know no firstar no anonymous originated in light that. So I didn't Olson was something that was more. Being sick and of course it doesn't volume but I don't know if it was something more being said try to create drama draw ratings or whatever but it was day resembling one of those things where much of the fans have brought to our attention. Just because then that's an accusation that nobody should ever make about another one unless they have ahead of evidence of it. And it was just it was really surprised to hear. A hypocrite. Yeah told implied that settled I don't know I think about it and so it was a it was and there are players out there but it's that I have no idea it took it to you once there. I didn't. Really do I don't became President Obama because there's certain amount of dark monitor activity in the building premenstrual mines and implement a good thing dark demonic and they're still my interview with him was just about done at that point. And I got genders there. Take a lot of sense on over the years he's seen a lot of the evidence that whether it's been TV show is caught or you caught yourself or maybe just other visitors randomly if caught. What's impressed you the most. You can I can't feel about you think the place upon and I never tellem. I'm template which you encrypted at all times you know I could do is talk to the people who have been here because you expect immediately upon its. What is one of the most to compete for the term. Video that it's saint. A couple of community of some. There was a can of Iraqi during the day when it came can't do that this is significant because this is after all time and they curvature well. Thanks so they're videotaping their their campus apartment here and they can hit the idea of some chemist at war craft which here. During the day they're they're videotapes and yet the activity recently began Picasso proper side. The thing is that we have the and I go out there that about. About 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning that it worked in the building and the scurrilous statement about health that a buildup there's sit. About 6:30 this morning can be kept him much over the three types of football coach and so it's. It looked over and symbolism sweeping Sutherland who wasn't big moment due to recoup their perfect video on the third floor addiction and it had helium balloon. That was kind of strapped in the criteria. Kucera there again about. About 615 all the city's few strings start moving on this on the feeling alone you watchable street and here. Public commitment and I hit the fifteen minutes later she just kept a virtual personal. You know it is equipped and maybe but it was it was the political couple it was a dramatic market but it ticket sellers away and that's it whatsoever. And you know we can there'd been a lot of people I mean in terms of Polk Audio that we occurred and a look closely BP's. And a girl there are two weeks ago that at this they have Asia. Prosthetic Kelly and Justin Huber if you concessions search process they can Catholic it. Should try it sometimes see what happens and a source of opportunity there and so characters courtrooms and checkup report is released LP. It is pretty. Because there are. So opposite they're not there and I knew that not only unfortunate you know they're not only occupying the players but they're also can rude is what. A system to protect. Mr. And I think the coast spears in the building because we can cost other names of the people and yeah it's it's it's condition because the privilege to detentions have been so that. Tested they're they're probably in total spirits I think we have one onetime editor Rick Obuchi was upstairs suburbs for. If you sit you want to believe enough there's support particular that you can come back later. A well and and do you you made a good point earlier where you were saying does that concern karma demonic demons in general dries because. Fact of the matter is we small we spent time there where their fur around quite few days com. We in all the there are seemed to be a lot of activity but it seemed intelligent or residual type human type haunting us and we didn't. Think that there was anything negative perceive there of course she can run ensues spirits that are just a negative by nature and it just bad bad individuals. But that doesn't make them a demonic or a negative type force. And we never. Felt like there was anything like that there why do you think that some altered tried to. Tried to blow that up and and claim that there's demons or him. All these things and doubles in there. I think a lot of times from these that you owners like to do that they give it to you gotta grow more interest in their building and I just about the opposite effect I told the group that was with grant over the weekend that it you know. I think the rules worse as far as telling people like it is really great punitive. That you caught there I think it's it's cool. Because that probably you have put the ball kink yes that these type that 90% of what they think of him but they demand. Submit your enemies throughout dieters feel like Kevin just depend on the war that's screen which kept the windows to disrupt some. Figured this stay in America. But yeah I think a lot of them they just turn the builder locate that so much that depicted the process up there and opportunistic and that is they go with that I'm just yet so. And it's sad it's sad that the fact that you're being honest tensions showing somebody want something truly is. European need to understand that this is an apparent normal thing or whatever. That they get they get defensive or agitated with you all going to when you're just trying to help them and make them understand that not everything is a ghost and because I think it really hurts the field. When somebody new and anything that happens automatically is a ghost or demon or or something of that nature when they have no evidence to support those claims. And then they put that evidence out there and it's torn apart by the skeptics in the critics. And everybody else and it doesn't hope the field it hurts the field that makes it makes the individuals looking competent at what they're knowing. I agree completely dependent reaped record after the that it might try to do it's explain to people you know it's somebody that in my own building here are a little computer. But I'd digital machine had a picture of Russia over can't elect now let's shift over despite your reaction today you know Mark Cuban radio art house. But no it's can't. I know it's a spider puts up there. Cambodia eventually you can make you can argue with you about this still the spiders boss. I should just kind of like blow up or want a camera into. You know this is it's important discussing America when there's even knowing normal patient. Other port their there are a couple different kinds of the folks who who come to places like cures there's series investigators who are are very very open minded and they're also skeptical which they should be. And then there are people just wanna have an experience and both are welcome I mean where you know we've we've. When we come back it's beyond reality. And scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Yeah. Brian the East Coast bringing stuff in between welcome to beyond really your. You herself Jason or scrutiny always some choose each step and it's always great to be here thanks for the introduction Tom we've got a lot of a cool stuff going on before we get back to our guest tonight Tom Robin Terry we've been talking about. The ash more states and the activities colonel activity that's been captured there by not just. People who go visit the site but by a lot of paranormal reality television shows including ghost hunters ghost adventures and smothers. On a lot of stuff happening there began before we get back into that. I didn't wanna do a couple things one is someone remind folks to go to the website check it out it's beyond reality radio dot com. It's on its full of information we have guessed information there you can find out how to get ahold of some of that offerings from our guests whether it's books. Aura other things the other thing I want you to do is check out scary kind dot com that's scary con dot com. That's the website of an event that we. Put on its coming up in October we've got a lot of great celebrities there anybody use interest in either paranormal. Or pour or pop culture entertainment will find something they like their it's a lot of fun again that website is scary con dot com. Celebrity guests announcements have just begun. There's a lot more common a lot border two up their so check it out periodically and then finally. On the FaceBook page from beyond reality radio is is something that you should visit as well and you should like it in should share with your friends. It's FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may trees stop by say hello gives us a way to communicate with people outside of just the show one relies. On speaking of which if you happen to listen to the show as a downloadable podcast we ask that you read it. On and we also ask that you try to take an opportunity if you can I know it can be difficult. To listen to the show alive because obviously we take phone calls. We do all sorts of things on the live program we can't do what you're listening to it as a recorded show either way. It's well worth it we were future can count again sharing that with the people. All right so we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation with Robin Terry about the ash more states and other things he's got going on. It's beyond reality rating would Jason and Jay-Z the best in late night talk. Don't go away so yeah. Welcome back we are really radio Jason G. If you haven't had nation had over to FaceBook dot com slash from beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page and then head over to beyond reality radio dot com where you can you can find any degree stations we are on across the across the entire country. All -- can download the free iPhone in injury now operate there which allows you to listen live listen in the past episodes on the go and join the online chat you communicate with javy and I knew who and a great community while we're out while we're talking. Gets a fantastic community of sub people who listen to the show regularly at a lot of insight lot of comments lot of great questions we really appreciate them being part of it and you should join that group as well. We're talking with Robin Terry. Robyn is the owner of ash more states it's a place that if you watched any paranormal reality TV you may have her probably have. Scenic features featured on one of the shows and Robin. I was on his first go senators are always fructose. Robin when you know a lot of folks listening might not even know where you are so give us and you're in Illinois to give us a little bit of a sense of the G. Do what they call what they call the middle of nowhere else. About the middle of no word that it can work something probably can't figure radio. Is that we're about about double miles east of Charleston Illinois. And about wild west of ash where Illinois toward it. His turn coat just export permit mr. and you were pretty close to you. At the border on media source on the east and stated on or as credit towards central south central part of the state. I know it's it's funny did you guys are really pushed out there and you were saying that earlier about how old they knew they put these places on the middle of nowhere because the people with money didn't wanna deal with all the criminals and the and the port people. Which is sad but dumb but it is it's later we we drove past the place like three times before we realized that we had driven passive. And because it's it's hard to find it's not easy. Especially in the courtroom but right now the quarter up about it except put tall and you really can't keep building and Europe. Earlier we are talking about some of the evidence that was captured or has been captured at the site. Has anything ever happened to you while being there that is either frighten you or really really left a mark on your. A couple times and it and a couple of personal experiences that are. We were up there and Clinton the building distance. Did you want particularly in about twenty some volunteers which is not helping clean clean the building up induced thing I was down in the border area. With two girls cleaning out there. And as we're walking out of the border to great walk up steps. I don't want to wait and I think the computer expert apiece there's a system that just commitment to a just stopped. Pessimistic population that is the particulars and yeah what does a lot of moved in the dead simple question if it were completely tight. In social and stop my from moving while I was walking to degrade walked upstairs so. Which might have chemical weapon and the girls were gonna like that's weird but annually. Think in the trying to trip me here we doubt like to epic desolate sort of stop my foot from moving. The only other experience and achieve yes firms physical expert some third floor. We have tripled the place. Have to look at who worked up there. End to end like that are not and that's just whatsoever but something kept telling me that I did believed. And it took a political etiquette for eight years ago to get ago and it is conflict teach you might. In my body and telling me that and I need to get out. In particular particular pretty and finally. Probably about an hour and a half I think it's if you go to the party leader not invited the and obviously if and so it left and what now because materials and called my wife definitive aren't problems tropics stuff populate the security in afternoon with LaMont. And it tourism. Sometimes want to talk capability right now so. And that with Beckham did stuff to next and never had that experience and so. Look at that just I guess I'm the yeah yeah optimistic or pessimistic public that. There was something maybe because they happen in the building and that is Pierce's ability to do not need to be here where this goes down. You need police. I think it was more protection then then going to dark side of it. Boy and do when you're you're saying that new we're being told believe it was this feeling that you know is this feeling that you're beginning or you hearing things in your head or where you are turning things just. And all coming from from down the halls in different rooms. It was just dealing and depending in connection did have that was the one do you only did actually take in every quarter would have to work on stuff. But in the build a couple of about myself most amount I'm working. And so that they're working at a record there and it picked recorded discipline. And investors have been accounted fellow can harm Michael. But you know inflict and I think that thing was pushed her but it was just it's just fell off the counter there are some hard other and a the breaking flickered. You know have been explicitly it like it's broken to him. The communicates whatever this but those properties president Kabila kind of here so. You know but I think it was just a matter of insult to just tell me that they need to get out there full well. And now it is doing the capital or wrong it'll excuse to open but it totally. And get analysts had to listen to the students and when. So this is an inner an odd question come in in gym when in your opinion on this as well what is it about sites like this does seem to make them so activists. Bought a mighty feeling now is that the more people who came through there and the more lines that were lost or whatever. The higher chance there is for him for things to sit around let alone. Depending on how all those lives were lost Tom. And if it lake. Like ground and was saying earlier if it was a place where a lot of the pictures she talks about show people playing the guitar in joyful experiences and these are some of the places that really meant something to somebody. In their lives so it gives all that reason for them to come back or to stay there after they passed what about you run what your thoughts. I thank you in. Look at Pacman but I bought the place and we did some teacher decides things like that is that we can't eat some people logo. Typical long was just some words and I came up with some call home because that was their home. And this is the only home that most Samantha and he enjoyed their place and I think he's still continue to have earned an editorial the times. No end and how many people actually came through their through and through that time it was being used is that pork farm and for criminals you know. Probably. Number they keep your you know that do reach a consensus reports of things like that the people them and they keep from different countries that clip there that we can all over the country that all over the world basically moved there. There was supported. We've come. That's been about 200 definitely the building so there could be a yeah I would guess in round numbers from him maintain. In this particular abilities and they can't sixteen and thank you to keep and that is probably. Tokyo and yes fired 600 people that probably came built into the building and develop time. And you say documented deaths of 200 people now that is there in any information on where. Those people were taken after they died or is it to assume that they're probably buried on the property. We actually have. Photos of some of these some trees stones that are crossfire it was over there we've got Debbie we. Custom list of the strange thing companies bid document how people died pandemic are quite the one that should really kind of kind of chuckled and aware of this paradise is perhaps colts. A mature around school was but it definitely died from being around school and the voters but it. Stay tight on grass in this duplex Perino announced. There's a few I think detection did match and they buried him but for the most part did did talk about it at the end. Come to terms of their cross streets there's not 200 plus tombstones across the street they're gonna dive so they had put it someplace. You know it's interesting that you say they were it was listed as soon dying from being harassed school and if you see any manifests as I've seen them from I think Rolling Hills and other places these. Old. Documents and records and they had some very very strange reasons are strange. Things that they would attribute death to. Are things that today we just we we can scratch your head out like Bristol being harassed. I mean it's just something that you know is what is that it and then they use those types of definitions all of all the time. Is it when I mean if if if the facility operated through 1959. That is in recent enough history that there are certainly people still alive that lives there has anybody come back and give you firsthand stories. You execute like that that mr. earlier but the lady that looked out the window and saw digging late at night and she did do at that time she I don't know what it was that two days she can't have. Figures it does we actually difficult people just recently they came out and worked in the kitchen area. And that they did they talk about mirrors they're going to be building with a complete game he worked out there you sit in. They did I hear people help out on the staff so you can character like in 1959 and so when it was closing down. And he was ported to the building and keep me. Tell me all kinds of this is great to pick off Clinton knows about it is different that this is where this footage wasn't that wasn't. It is and how they did this here and everything it's my other people to read we do customers out there we had the one tour. Some people came through and nurture fans a lot of people call this very trip some called portrait where barrel this year and the predispose them is that while there were twenty. Just think there were such a period market request is that we've got a picture her fault that he wouldn't shows a picture reaction and a petite ladies that. We were basically Calder there Margaret they didn't suffer from. Yeah they had to do these tell a disaster opportunities and but yet you can definitely feel they're twins they were short little ladies and he has so it's kind of nice to meet people about who missed you know a lot of it's based on the ministry which is what we did tumors. Capitol historical it's not terrible that we talked about district the building throughout. Talked up turn pro you still maneuver that it would historical tour that he but it was about a apparel activism and ability to stick around. But we don't want it kind of scare everybody else that's their frustration. Yeah a lot of people do they they come they're just to know the history of the place or might find that at some point somebody in there and no one of their pass relatives. Spent some time there are in need some sort of it was an important place for them for whatever reason. But yeah and I and that some a lot of us who don't wanna deal with paranormal or ghosts or anything of that nature that she is now with what they're therefore so must Ronald. Yeah and even if you order of have some type of paranormal experience while you're there and I know personally. It's it's far more meaningful if you knows something about the history you know what you're dealing with a -- know what you know the history the site was it just says. As a whole new dimension and gives you a whole new dimension and a whole new appreciation for what you're hearing or seeing. We do to stretch we do a couple of the year we think donations the guesswork from bank just what people commit to a church rethink they discovered the building Purdue won a a couple years ago. And there's a lady on the dirt floor there walk through national polling everything that's going on. In this political puppet center back. Extra responsibility as a recipient inertia is still substance. You know just like ours the stress of the typical of the capacity together she picked it up and the petty was dated 1921. So it's kind of weird that you know they're depending that the start your older than the building was still at it deflated you know she thought it was probably that's considered aback but just stick to the open. It was kind of she is an experienced birders and historical tour. You are we're talked with Robin Terry owner of the ash more states. Website is cash more states done now we're gonna take a break we come back we'll have. Jason are. Hard to Johnson thanks so much for joining us everyone appreciated when you're listening on one of the great radio stations. During the show around the country or you're listening to us online we welcome you all tonight we're talking with Robin Terry owner of the ash more states to a yeah and NASCAR states. Is in cash or Illinois great location we shall there in 2013. Ghosts honors and a bunch of shows on their sense. Ghost adventures aftershock. And also others in the Booth Brothers and filmed some removes their children from the grave to win and so forth it's just a great location. Yeah and Robin we've been talking about a lot of sayings and this is gonna kind of move away from your building specifically but again brings us back to this idea that. The whole interest in the paranormal throughout the world really has helped revitalize and save a lot of old structures that may have at this point just disappeared from our history. What does it take. Four as an owner of a building such as yours to be able to maintain and I can't I'd I don't know fifth revenue from paranormal interest is enough I mean what are the things to people have to do. If they wanna see these structures remain with us. It's can definitely you can actually find. Locations cute couple with a minute with two different originally and checked everything out and we didn't have the asbestos problems that they have to the public hospital open Peoria. So that was several concerned. We actually did have it tested everything kind of react and we had DP and dad and once reports everything that we area test for the kick out there McCarty get this done this particular. He that you really typified a lot of people are committed and willing to help. In due to an uptrend. But I bought the building and just when it got that far that. Disagree FaceBook post today article on what publication is a link to that temperature is more states and the Big Apple blew up and I asserted gatekeeper column at one point when we can help you do your work in the building at all. And there's there's such an interest opinions. People working helping if you haven't organized that you can do it I mean there's a lot of people that want help please repeat that. We want certain that we keep people choke just want to help that they. And beat analyst disrupt ever do and maybe hold up five dumpsters with a stuffed went. And Jason in domestic as a browser that you did concede every group and that building personal way because of Apple's stuff then. That's all gone we get rid of little. The growth to couple years ago and he almost. In nicely with. Argue with me on the third floor to discuss it we don't force it but they're perceived need rooms where there's going to be that before because there was it was plus our government that we clinical. And so he territory is permits could do it was just it goes to deficiencies that. I think it's actually creature that is clean. Beaches which you open the door where you walk through tour. It's you can see everything in verse is walking through thickest part of the stuff he is so it's a little bit different but. If it does take the cash to put this together we've been fortunate the first year. I didn't income coming in from the building itself. So or extremist out of pocket with everything can implement reform thereby at Suffolk law and keeping windows and we couldn't be three windows and support and there. So it's it does take a lot of commitment a lot of cash flow that's what kind of bothers me sometimes that few people post on. Please Booker are twitters might get one of these locations church would deter people. It's stored to keep the building escalate. You really basically rent the place them there isn't afraid it's the Cuban leader and a week can you would detergent to unify the public rebuke. It doesn't take long. We poured the concrete at this over the region just to make people look better but coming to that depend of the filth and the bobcat or credit its 2000 dollar. So there goes for investigations go straight there. Well and you know what I can totally agree and relates with you on that because we I used to do a lot of events and that was the biggest complaint is people would be like well. Why is it a 199 dollars personal or whatever. And the fact of the matter is because for you get a rental location you gotta pay in the locations. You know a lot of times you're giving mark the most of their money back into the into the location but. Then you have to pay for insurance to people walking around the darkened you have to pay a lot of these things so these things cost money and future you're trying to fix a place up its knowledge you're lining your pocket with. With cash on that it's it's going back into the property and most people get it but you always get those those people out there who feel like everything should be given for free. Even though he can't afford that. Deploy it in the fortunate that the people the key to the building from day one. That have been there before aborted or break and cry about it. They can because I couldn't take anything out of that building at all I've I've got a job I don't need to pick up that building just might likelihood. That money goes right back into it means Annika and became one of the camera system as we go yeah Kiki was a couple of my record is an easy connect cable like I have a trail. We put her head in different buildings like hypocrites and appreciative that would put him there and now they're great ago. And it was so we're just trying to get better all the time for people out of them or can do to make the plays that are attendant. They're like. You know it's they try to come up with some ideas that I can do and and I expect him to keep kicking the can down last year and that's what the big benefit particularly in their. And reduce the teacher toaster into the but the night or three days have liked. Okay decided government there and there are there so. We just try to make it is nice speaking people investigate. Yes and once you get to the point some of trying to make it better view Marty got a boat load of expenses. You know I hand you've got taxes you've got the cost of carrying the building you just put a roof finance in the maintenance costs are astronomical soaks. It's very important people understand how expensive it is to maintain these buildings and if we don't wanna lose them to history. Then no we need to support them wherever we can rob we're getting pretty close to being at a time here but what do you have coming up in the near future folks. Corporate network and yet the third sir keep each month Cooper took over the secretary. We're doing media colonel one of one class I've got a different key in the competent and basically shoot people via the into the health internal talks about a little bit about. The residual purses you know at the intelligent stuff like specialist equipment. And the need to do you stepped a couple of hours that you're the defused the building we actually donate half the money from those who pencil Muslim foundation. And then we kept coming up in October but she's to compete and shipment will be out Herbert during an event which approach at that date and do they have. Elections Asia which candidate they are reading and that a investigation that evening at twelve sort of met with them and they're in the tour's commitment by October. And that we do for the for a way to get used to go out people who want to come out and Monica appear there are irked skier going on tour now we see it in which you everyplace as simply a situation like to have so. We're back on October 3. Just her weekly our region this fusion desperate diffusion of police is booked fortunately. For about people promote pepper every Saturday night stand. And that a lot of free and it's worked pretty accurate the didn't come as I guess it just goes straight to the building through to maintain that it's been just to prove it. I have one more question before before we get going here you also have a very interesting vehicle that would be very very. Noticeable. For anybody who is a cartoon fans of the trump. The seventies. And yet your car collector and what would tell us about the the mystery machine you have one right. I actually look at the one that little hamburger studios. So you can do you think you know of this dispersed to have her can be mad at the get movement let's look at black but you have to Wear out their best. I got to regional goes I think machine. And so if we but it was it friend of mine was wanna always wanted to pay a mother can't look like a bit mr. machine. And Knight told her no it is in terms browser window to have the right so I actually found. The mystery machine was on on eBay and auction sites bigger table if apple corps museum and then decided he was gonna use that put it up there. Again that's petition issue that a little boy remember the first studios. And so and abiding we just take it down to a lot of a lot of security events and to do that to show and a it just went out their treasuries money for different kids defense and office had been in the Memphis Tennessee and digital research hospital. The minister assistant. A lot of different locations and also of its permanent we yeah or we'll have a doubt they're reduce kids stay in our program mr. earlier but October 20 communique today we'll have a doubt there for that day. It makes his trips around it's hard habit. Robin you're not dealing wanted to brag them because and javy can tell you are you on the sixty Dodge Charger RT from the movie Christine. That one was in the that was the one that they pulled up behind the car Christine got Alan carved into her and jumped. And it's so one at the end of the movie so ha ha ha. Well I don't epic energy future crucial Christie on the that's so he's done and you keep on trying to interest in this well also had I. I think you know it's funny I wrote an article forget experiment once about some bug Scooby Doo and how are really did introduce a lot of us to the concept of ghost hunting animals always old man Jenkins and rarely goes to you're always able to figure out who was who was what it was. And in fact I think. Kind of the moss back it was a moss back where it was a brewers the please state the they tread a must be to mom yeah Stiller I think you did find old man Jenkins at their place. Yeah it is today I think hidden a hidden under seal laying in day it was great to mine Mears him variables a figure that went out but that have been that's a big thing when it comes on the parallel investigation and and Robin touched on that was the fact that now and not everything is a ghost and people need to remember that and I think. Honestly from my generation Scooby Doo and no matter how sound a silly it sounds taught us a lot of that taught us always gonna go look beyond. Be on the surface to dig deeper and see what it would is really going on it's okay to be scared or are fearful but always a look at tried to really understand investigate on what's going on and a lot of people have lost that. That I hate that idea that concept and if they're just willing to accept things for for what they are what they see and never. Dive deeper into it to truly understand what what's happening in school we do also taught us a wearing the white sweater and a star says it's fashionable Fred did is reflect fundamental. They did it get to the hot girl back it's entirely Robin thanks so much for joining us once more more time give the give the website address some people can stop and see what's gone on. Or did this course Casilla put an interest to catch more states dot net and you can precedent or state FaceBook critical ordered Beijing there as well. Robin thanks so much for coming on and I definitely got to get back out there at some points cool talk in the near future. We'll talk to talk to security hero that but he great excuse it's about what the twelfth consecutive post about it good time. Absolutely really stuck so are great will have a great day and we look forward to talking again thanks who were talking with Robin Terry owner of the ash more states again the website is ash more states dot net may trees dot. Net wouldn't it be great you come back. It's. Back beyond Hillary you chase JP and I guess that was that was. Definitely agree. Talk with Robin and I'm I'm happy that you know we are able clear the air also on Apple's increasing as serve you know rumor thing that got started from that aftershocks I. Where we are accused of drawing pad to grams which. Is something we've never done and it truly admit it made me wonder if that was just for our ratings boost its creed drama line and in hopes of there training more ratings or. And Helen who it was weird PLO that you need you know awesome that's never anything we would ever do is so amazing that it wasn't there when. Robin bought the property but it somehow appears there afterward there. What we know there's no shortage of drama in the tournament charities that that's probably what it is but it will say this a vote vote you know to go sooners group and the taps for organization is. You know. We've been invited to a lot of very prestigious places and if there was any history of any kind of vandalism or or I would next treating you know you wouldn't personally accepted and nor nor would oh would test be allowed to come into some of these places so that's. Just to reason let's remember that taps is the only internal revolt there that's ever had pentagon clearance exactly I mean we got cleared by the Pentagon to head into numerous high profile. Military guys that complexes. And that and that would've never been allowed that would never happen and if any of us can do anything like that hadn't and you know baton then our history. Have criminal backgrounds or or anything of that nature it would have never been allowed never so that that's testimony rate there's less than Holton is just silly and let you brought it up and was there a plan I'm not trying to I'm not trying to Aaron attack anybody else but I definitely think that. Senator some people should've done a little more homework before. About about things prior to choose saying things like that that. Honestly come off and a bad lie in it whether some people want to believe it and make us look better some people. I know automatically don't believe it makes them look bad act and you know that the people set it looked bad. It's just it doesn't need to be elected to needs to be sadness some some unity in this field and people got to stop trying to Terry children down to pushed there in their own motives forward as we just saw with it with nick Graf. With that whole close they came on about the ghosts Shepherdstown or whatever. I mean he's being attacked by a news agency which is getting I can't say too much info but they're getting. In incorrect information from its another individual who has. Reasons to an ax to try and all they do that's exactly what it is that has reasons to try to to knock nicked off his class. Yet. Yet we do it we don't put up of that stuff will call as we see a but I have to tell you one of the best parts of the discussion was the fact we've we actually got scooby do time we didn't talk about scooby do little bit. They so I have fails or is not the movies the movies are horrible and movies are ready but those original cartoons they're just there were quirky announcement he can still watch him today and have a good time mcdougals and Earl. Yeah exactly. Where that Esther which wouldn't I was out retro is ready to. Disaster right the government Jackson you look at this movie was more just yeah animal models. Until they brought as one nephew and shed a scrappy dog or is it that way Saturday than hers as well. Well that's enough for Scooby Doo talks so I think we're they situated and everybody make sure you do you tune in again if you had if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Click the FaceBook page and then head to beyond reality radio dot com you can click on the station list find station we aren't stations all across the country. Constantly adding more on. And you can download the free iPhone and android operate their from the website. Which allows you to listen to show life if you don't wanna listen on yours on the station's signal some ago. Youkilis in the past shows on the goes well and you can join the online chat and chat room rate they're just don't do that on the go please. But it makes you tune in and the show's only success because of all you you guys have made it possible would greatly appreciate that will always remember that. That's it for tonight's Jason GBM beyond reality revealed that she also. And parents. Produced on speaking terms include items like Alexandria Johnson for a Entercom radio and don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow up on or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.