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Jul 13, 2017|

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News of the cross. Talk about argue. Correction. Market's been doing. Disgusted that there was talk the previous shows about. Re allocating. Strategies right now now could be the perfect time to do it before we hit this summer doldrums as the market tends to correct historically. In the month of July June July you start seeing a correction and a on our affiliates didn't handle securities they've seen that pattern in will actually do a show on that coming up centrally get top of the to speak on the show about it and then it's been amazing how like clockwork this thing has gone. But it's folks today. Two this is the stress for retirement our and we are focused on. Trying to make you worry term stress free showing you strategies that are safe. Being prepared for the other though than. We are unprecedented. Times and we've had eight years of a run on the market like we have never seen. And it's it's very interest things he was going on now the good news Steve is our clients. You know what I look this I've been looking its statements of clients we've had since 20082000. Kind of held the course. To make it 66 and a half percent of their running on average and you know what the other high end of the average and and that's pretty good first safely strategy. Yeah and the end of the point that you bring up his you know that's that's good return but it's also with no risk with absolutely zero risk and you know that sometimes we fail to remember that to remind people that there is no risk so they're sleeping that's the whole point is stressed her retirement charge. That's right is to make your money and the risk free I mean at least a portion that you don't want to lose. And too many people I mean folks who listen to what we're saying here by the way the phone lines are open you can reach us at 864. 9890176. Novel life show but we do you have light operators right now so if you caller number. Give much time or get together with that one of the things we're talking about today folks this is really important is your social. Is we are offering Social Security strategy and you really need to call about that'll open. Lot of people are not talking about it that. The decision you make a Social Security is crucial so you definitely need to give us a call you also need to look at an income strategy is all part of the prosperity plan. But not all these Inco plans are the same are they Steve. Now than they're not you know you were talking about. Losing in the market and all kind of stuff and as your millions your retirement one of the most important things that you need to ask yourself this. How much can you afford to lose if the market Chrysler. I'm we're gonna reference to different articles here and a little bit better I wanted to bring up appointed Jim Rogers. In business insider Jim Rogers and he's one of the most well known commodity traders just an unbelievable. Expert out there he's up there or George Soros is so the other guys that are right. You know that are mega mega millionaires and he's I think he's probably a billionaire but anyway he's very well known to the point is. You know he's quoted as saying Hillary this program he says. You know we are now nearly almost nine years in Q this expansion we're in the long in this second longest. Recorded expansion. In in American history trying to in American history think about that what that tells you is that then. And in history is going Q correct where we have to correct and so everything we're getting towards the end. That expansion we have to be historically. Over and we got a lot of history to back that up right we're getting to a point where there's going to be a correction. So even he says that he she he goes on this it's a very she's really believing it to be very very serious. Correction of like. Anything we are seeing his quote is that it is going to be the worst in his lifetime. So. That is incredibly significant and so the question going back to what you said before the question they need to ask yourself as you're moving into retirement as. How much can you afford to lose if the market and it really Nadia please say this whole economy really as well and as we just quoted Jim Rogers has that sooner rather than later by the way. His quote is they ask him win this is going to happen he says later this year or into and early next year early next year. And this is the guy. And this is an Michelle and Jim Rogers that I wanna give a little bit more credibility I heard him speak years ago. Years and years ago and he said even nannies that I've moved my Shanley to China. And he said my kids are speaking Mandarin right now I write and I thought this guy is crazy like what's what's China what is China quite as big thing about China. And as we've seen he knew before that China must run in the come that this huge she's had a law enforcement he has a lot of foresight so my point is this guy knows what's going on. He's saying he's going to be corrections are back again my point is. When you move into retirement how much can you afford to lose win the market corrects how much can you afford losing historically we've seen a 40% or more. You've got to be willing to you kissed 40% of your retirement away whatever is in the market. And here's to think Steve with our safe money strategies. They law kindred gains typically on an annual basis. And so what that means is they never participate. In the correction. So it that the market the worst thing make is zero so our clients the worst that can make it zeros when everybody's losing 40%. You're zero trees if you got. 200000 dollars in your account. If you're in the market you've you're down to a 120000. Dollars if there's a 40% correction. If you follow the prosperity groups say funny strategies you were locked in and also wanna point out that the implementation of the fight judiciary. Responsibility. Has been implemented. It is and what that basically means is that you have to do what's in best interest of the client that we. We try to do that at the prosperity group and every situation. Because that's right thing to do. But now the government's just making us say that we have to do it and you know it's just more layers of paperwork. I don't know if you noticed the applications Steve you know we've got more stuff right just more stuff and and folks. They if you come to talk to us we'll talk with you but if you do. Paperwork where those mile paper takes a little longer. And here's here's that's a negative for us obviously we have to do paperwork proving that were already doing the job and we say we were doing before Brian but as a consumer. That's they can't be really a positive thing because. You know I mean I'm not a big fan of the Department of Labor and everybody else sticking their nose into an industry where they really don't know what they're talking about but. The point is that from a consumer standpoint there are so many eyes are what we do. Then that the consumer can feel comfortable. That we earned as a leading up to a certain level of credibility and and taking care of their plan for them well you're right. But unfortunately with that the you know who's gonna cost any time they implement the news thing. That we we get hit Diaz or get hit Pixar the company's. Refused to take the hit. So guess who gets at the client and the agents molester and it's so so you know all the work we're doing that we've been doing we're practicing that now they're just requiring it to be there and in fact quite frankly folks were going to be able to. Open up the securities platform for for those of you who want to stay in the market which some type of measured risk and control there and and that's not far away. But again folks you you want to reach as you can go to our website WWW. My money is safe dot com and we actually have the video. Of of what's has hit the camera to the Jim Rogers I'm doing good on beverage and I think it's a hacking and illegal or are we out of town and comfortable in a way that's right. Well Jim Rogers folks if you go to the prosperity group that FaceBook or you can go to our website WWW my money is safe dot com. Get to our FaceBook link and you can listen to the article hurt the video and you can make your own decision on what he's saying folks. You know those of you who have 401 k.s higher res we've been talking about this really for last month. If you want to take advantage of locking in those games now in your about to retire or you know go on. What a lot of the retiree groups will do is still shift you over to a bank. And that bank is going to stick Q&A bunch of securities based on your aging your. Your risk tolerance and everything and you know that's that's okay. But the you're not prepared for correction that way and and unfortunately. You're gonna get hit either way. So it's important that you take advantage of the expertise that we had. Look folks we've been doing this for thirty years we were the first group and you're you're doing seminars I was one of the first persons doing seminars. Back in 1991. We start it would Medicare seminars. Started dealing financial seminars later that same year so we're we're talking what is that that's 126. 26 years of experience just in the upstate area. I've personally been living here 25 years. So folks take advantage of these things holds a 990176. If you were out of the area. Call 1804400434. Or go to our website WWW. Mind when you see dot com. Now folks to they have our phone lines are open. Call us at the time to get togethers for your Social Security Max. Or any other things that you want to discuss with us. It. I won't back this is great noticed inclusive of prosperity group and that was a beautiful song. Initially recorded by Debby Boone and that was mind. Late wife Marie LE. In fact we eat our family is in in the month of July we are going to scattered her ashes. She had asked for her ashes be scattered in several different locations. Hawaii New York in Florida so we're going to do the floor of the scattering. In the next couple weeks so for those of you who have lost a spouse to cancer. What a life changing thing this is C this is just weird that's all I can say it's it's weird. Life as I know it is drastically change in for my children and as talking like girls yesterday and and you when you go through something like that and when you with facility. Dying of cancer and issues and so good for the majority of the time she you know after she's diagnosed. Pretty much for five years and it bingo right after Christmas it did hit. So my heart goes out to anybody that's bits dealing with that remember my family prayers there remember David. Zollars family prayers with the loss of his death so. The song did you just heard is it is I said can you reach my friend it initially recruitment that he did a beautiful song but Steve. Personal folks you can reaches 990176989076. Go to our website folks we've got a lot. A wealth of information on our website. And go to our prosperity group what FaceBook. And you can get videos you can actually look at the recording it if if you don't mind looking at this visually there and you can listen to us that way too you know is there pictures worth a thousand words there. All right Steve but we were talking about or Jim Rogers. And you know how knowledgeable he is and the commodities trader at all that if he's calling for correction. And you know what's gonna happen though Steve many people or can he gets there just get this keep writing it through the greed factor comes into. But I tell you that you're gonna reach some of the excerpts of what he was talk sir yes on this this interview is. In the business insider on June the ninth. And this action video interview between. Gentlemen and I'm Jim Rogers. And I don't like to read too much on the air but it's a really good lower quick snippet that the interviewer says you know one of the things that I've always admired about you as an investor. Is that you don't talk about why should be you figure out what's gone on. And and what's going to be and then you do that. To think about that for a minute if this guy understands he's been watching Jim Rogers and he understands. The Jen Rogers it is that he's pro active he's not react right and that's it and listen to what Jim Rogers says this is is really critical. Four huge are moving into retirement this comment is really really critical. Com and actually that the interviewer goes on each has so what's it going to be like what's what's going on with respect to the stock market than Jim Rogers answers he says. I've learned very early in my investing career I better not invest in what I want. I better invest in what's happening in the world otherwise. Listened carefully otherwise. I'll be broke. Dead broke so he understands that if he's reacted he's going to be broken these proactive if he understands what's going on these proactive he's gonna be wealthy as slave he's wealthy. Steve that is that is such a good statement to bring up because one of the things he's he's expelling on as an investor. People tend to invest emotionally. That's right they like a stock they like a company they don't necessarily do that much research on it they just like it. And that might be great when it's good but when it's bad it's really bad so. Jim looks at took the picture of what's really going on and it's so. When we're talking about safe money strategies. Here's the interesting thing Steve if a client comes to us. And that is Jim is right in the market corrects a let's say they get into a policy with us and they roll over their 401K. And the market takes a 50% hit okay. They bring in 300000 dollars they showed up 300000 dollars in fact they're gonna have more because we're gonna put over the account. That has some guarantees some some extra money and it's so they might have 350000. Dollars yes that's 50000 dollars to paint. Well here here's the thing Steve. The market recess. So. As the market comes back up. Our clients are making pure profit on the money. It's so when you look at the end of the day effect I was talking to somebody the other day about variable annuities we did a show that. And the most variable duties to outperform. The safe money strategies. They've got to earn seven or 8% and I very rarely seen either variable annuities that are making 70%. To guess what. The fixed it Dixon duties in many cases are out performing those vehicles. That's right. And you know is really important when you say to you is what we don't know when the market's gonna correct we don't know in the market's gonna reset and begin to move up. But we do what we do know is. That it is going to correct and we do know that it is going to reset ambiguity bounce back from that correction and so the idea is as you're moving into retirement you don't wanna be caught in the correction and then have to wait for the reset to get back you know are we interviewed my father in law last week. And one of the things that day he said on there we gives you asking reasonable. Yeah you can have pretty hard hit in 2080 should yes I did. And then you asked Kimmel you know how you recovered yet and he said no. And there were one of the longest expansion in in history and he still hasn't recovered from that. He hasn't even gotten back to zero into your point you know back to where he was before the before it tanked right so to your point. You know if you're here with us if you're in in one of the programs we offer you don't have to get back to zero all you do is you lost nothing in that year and then when the market starts to reach that figure move your account ratchet up as the market correct. So well an end to your point one of the key things that he did Steve. He had to save money strategy that he's hedged against the market by using properly structured life insurance. And you we've talked about another show we're talking about fixed and indexed universal life policies folks. It's it's it's really fascinating I had a conversation which somebody. About a beneficiary. Issue. Is folks you need to colleague get together with us and look at this because we look at the complete. Picture. We look at your income we look it sure you're you're Social Security strategy we look at a legacy strategy we look at it fiery rescue strategy. The safe money strategies. And then we will refer you to an Advest registration we have all these different. Strategies that work are tried and proven. And any here's the interesting thing Steve. The big problem down there think about it they'll listen to me folks this is very important when I'm going to say next. If you are just retiring. And you happen to get into their retirement mode is the market takes a big correction just as your retirement. That just totally messed up your plan if you even have a player to a sixty silly let's say he's got 5600000. Dollars. He get he he does the traditional plane goes to a bank to stick about a securities market takes 50% hit he's got a 300000 dollars. So he's got no income guarantee if he follows our strategy he still got 600 actually he's got more. And if all the sudden things get tough and he needs to turn on income right away he can triggering come pretty quickly. And what that means is about triggering income. He has a steady stream of income for the rest of his life as long as the amazing if he lives longer than it usually lives to be a thousand years old right. Then he still has that income coming in. Guaranteed no questions asked and no matter what happens in the economy well she's a veteran Steve. He has the income and his wife has seen them so good both spouse of whoever the celts Davidson whether it be good the woman or the man. The guarantee applies to both lives that is. It incredible guarantee that people don't realize. So folks what we're talking about it eat and hopefully we're talking about it from novel income plan. Putin next segment though because we're out of time. This is great you'll leave the prosperity. If there. Me laugh. Yeah. It's. Okay. Nickname it's. Okay. Me yeah. Coach welcome back this is great field. Like yourself singing. We are on every Saturday morning at 7 o'clock and Sunday morning at 11 AM to seven the warning and 11 AM. It is interest in first of all the that's Steve I wanna continue to have you read an excerpt of this pit you know what's interesting Steve. I rent to a lot of people. That listens to the show. And I am inviting you to give us a call folks give us a call it 8649890176. You hear what we've been saying silly you may agree with what we've been saying which you've never called. And the reason you probably haven't called this you can look pretty cultural overture counts because if you're in the market to deal pretty good and and that's that's natural. But were telling you right now we're trying to be proactive were were sourcing original like Jim Rogers. And who is an expert much you know much more of first then we are but here's the point folks. You need to be prepared for correction. You need to have some of your money allocated. You know we've talked about this quote before they asked John. How much money do you need how much more money dvds should just a little bit more just a little bit more and that's really human nature to human nature answer. But is it having your money. I think it's proverbs six or talks about power and it saves for rainy day we have to use the its strategy it has some of our money into safe strategies. Steve you're gonna recent war from that Jim Rogers article. Yeah I wanted to make a couple of comments here you know obviously you're thinking and what more one more thing folks. Calls at 9890176989076. It did. They gave go to our website WWW. Mine money is safe dot com I just wanna ID the folks who just two days. Now let's find and and I was gonna kind of play off of that which is you know. If you have a dread disease or you have a situation going on there that's from a health standpoint. You know most people don't just go to one doctor they do what's called a second opinion her life right and so we realized then that people out there have been you know they've been with somebody for a long time or or whatever and and that is that it's worth it. To get a second opinion on your retirement questions you need you need physical health and you need fiscal health. And so you know the fiscal health is is taking a look at what you have been looking at the different opportunities that are out there if if all you know is one route. You don't know all their route rather routes all the things that it turns since Richard it's worth differently us to sit down. And as you said earlier are particularly is is too. Make sure they've you know we look at all the different aspects of your plan to make sure that it's gonna meet your needs your goals your objectives and our our main focus is. You having a guaranteed steady stream of income. In your retirement did this so that it is. Truthfully stress tree that's that's absolutely treaty is set physical. And you know wanted to do as she made me think of something many of our listeners they've invested they put money in their they'd have no long term care strategy plan. And a lot of the accounts many of the hell should we use offer adult or something to help them take a bite out of long term care. And if there's any veterans out there you need to give us a call X we can show you some strategies they're Brit Brit I think you're gonna read this just yet let's. Sure about it Jim Rogers you are here talking about being proactive again I want to remind the listeners that this is the guy that moved to China and started teaching these young children meander and before we even knew that China was a blip on the map. Heat on enter was orange and hit well it is well thought that if it's also an excellent or just let anyway you know he he understood he looked at trends and he understood that China was poised to become a world that we're dominating economy and guess what. They did and guess what he has multiplied his portfolio sure as a result of that foresight this is the guy knows what he's talking about so he'd be Iran there's a couple of quotes that I wanted to Regis the super quick one have a with saying that you know every four to seven years there's a correction and and we just said that in the earlier comment but what he's saying is. That yeah we're poised we're almost eight almost nine years trying to write this expansion now and so it now is the time where this did there's there's a crash coming it's definitely. I count both Steve what do what do you think has stretched. This recovery. What do you think his car or early ninety recovery what do you think has caused the market to increase as much world we know that's been the government the government so we're talking QE1 2345. Folks. That's gonna go away under the present administration. I think you can see that. The Donald Trump probably does not have a stoic for. Much more government interference into the economy and so right now would you go the way things are running in Washington. There's a lot. I want to say gridlock at its worst and gridlock it's almost like. It's like Washington DC the Akron it was going to be WWE. Washington. Wizards. Whatever you 92 they were good Akron in their but the they're fighting away and meanwhile the clock is ticking because. History will repeat itself and things will correct. Yeah and and you're exactly right. What I was trying to find. That this particular Conan can't come on read another one and that he said. You know he's saying that you know he was found it can't be proactive and he says I better understand that. You know I'm not going to you invest in what I want I'm gonna invest in what's going on otherwise and be broken broke. And then he says some stocks in America are turning into a bubble the bubble is getting the bubbles gonna come. Then it's going to collapse you should be very worried. Bomb after he says he's saying that we should be worried right now. Absolutely and officially the article goes on and that the guys asking you know what what's gonna closet and you know I talked about. Gosh there's so many things there's you know derivatives and there's you know there's there's so many different things we can talk about that are potential causes this. And he says you know he says in 2007. Iceland went broke basically was that Iceland that there is that the country could get into a market. And then what happened was that Ireland went broke didn't Bear Stearns went broke and then Lehman Brothers accompany this era for a 150 years they did they say it would never go away. They weren't broken everything spiraled out from from that. And so what he's saying is they can be something so insignificant and he goes on to say you know a lot of times that it's. Not even where you're looking at something that they you know looking at it's the bar areas yeah. But the point is that there's. There's so many there's so many potential buyers it's gonna take one little spark somewhere and it's gonna cause this correction and we know as I've said before. Historically. The correction is going to come and it's going to come sooner rather than my. Drive I definitely believe and I think that it's clear that our clients are prepared for them the ones and how that money in there. And it folks understand so gonna try to be rude here. We are all human beings there's big greed factor. You know it's one of the ten commandments for talks about as convenient so for that people have in their DNA that they have to fight against. And one of the big problems is you know the market going up the market going up every wants to cash in on this listen folks. Our strategies are sound. Will help you formulate a plan we will structuring your own personal prosperity points so if you give us a call. Our phone lines are open during the show you can call 98901769890176. He caller 800 number 1804400434. Folks we are located at twenty parkway comments way. In career it's really just felt not too far from the Michelin building blocks southeast of the parkway. And we are aid local company. We're not one of these companies that's being syndicated and editor far you out to so represented that doesn't live in the area doesn't even know the upstate wearied locally based company. And we've been here for quite a long time we've been at that location. Goodness for over. Almost ten years over parkway conflicts so folks give us a call this is really important is maybe the most important thing that you do. You need to get a second opinion as Steve was saying. Before this takes place those that he would forward case ire raised here's another thing folks those of you would forward case. You need to consider its service roll over had a gentleman that came in. And this was couple weeks ago if he heard what we talked about the its service roller he took advantage of that. We have a young man that took our free money now I'd analysts say is everybody but its money where you get assistance. From a bank that's right we did it three shows on its regular web site listen to it. And those of you who have that income couple 100000. Dollars. And you work below 66 years old he can take advantage of this plan in the example that we gave. Is we've got caught well the young man at 37 he's putting between 4000 dollars a year. For five years the company's gonna put in a over the course of ten years about 650000. Dollars he puts into fifty. They put in 650. In the fifteenth here they collect their portion back he earned the interest of their money. And he gets a tax free income this 37 year old at fifty. It 43 years old he will be able to draw an income of I believe it's about sixty. 3000 dollars a year tax free. As long as he lives well that's that's a whole lot better and any stock up ever heard of absolutely so it's important that. But John is definitely saying this folks who were ia worlds out at times this segment. But I want to reiterate Social Security talked to a street to make the right Social Security strategy. Talk to a structure higher rates that we can plan on how to structure and guarantee that you have a penchant like income guarantee potential I can't count. Steve just don't pensions hardly anymore. You know it's funny that you brought that up I was actually gonna read this other quote friend Jim Rogers and says he's talking about different possibilities of of what could cause a marketing thing you know it could be. An American pension plan that goes broke. And many of them. Our broad are broke that's right wow. And so you know you'd you may think that you're sitting pretty on attention and you've got guaranteed income and everything. Com guess what is huge in May be more fragile and more Shannon and paper like then you realize that. Inches are and unfortunately. The way the rules were on the pensions. A lot of companies Enron being notably one. They pilfered. If that's a word you know feel for the throw for their pensions your head held its it's terrible that so many lives were changed. But that's why we talked about the service rollover folks. And you better watch your money. Did you and Steve you talked about. Companies that we broke we only got ten seconds to segment but folks to the end of next segment the insurance companies did not go broke. They're here is they've weathered the storms this is a great deal. Sure that this is Greg Kelly Steve loosen across thirty. We are almost out of time this weekend with a few we've been talking about are you prepared for a correction. Are you prepared for correction right now we we deciding G Jim Rogers who's been who's. The 88 commodities trader billionaire. In the industry who whom I had the foresight to move to China because he saw the where bull widening industry that was taking place in China. And now folks who we'd know we are talking we've had a run. On the market that's been very positive. What are we dealing what are you doing right now do you have a plan. This is crucial that we we ended last segment and we said. That in 2007. The insurance company's 2008. That's right if it's Steve you were talking or we're dealing with some of the top rated companies. Our affiliate Steve. There's some of the top tier companies in the entire world not just a country. He entire world and it's so the affiliates say we have. That we work with we have a national base folks we have a national basis. You have a complicated plan if you have some issues were working right now Agile and it has. Quite a lot of real state he's gonna have some tax issues we're looking at some creative ways. To mitigate some of his tax losses as he cashes in on this market and I'll tell you what that. I believe that the his timing and cashing in on this on this real state. He's probably really good. Because I think we are gonna get hit again not only with a market correction were real state correction he knew what really didn't get hit yet commercial real estate. So I think there were gonna see that take place so people were not trying to be do would gluten is here we're just saying. Sound safe strategies. Prep of preparedness is crucial. Well we're trying to think camera hunters approach which is be proactive not reactive exact you know I would match of the day it was the only bright before the crash in and protect their money than them call me after the crash and say. I lost 40% more can you do with what I got now you're what did you tell me absolutely. So you know you're talking about that the companies in seven and now want to make it clear that in you know you were saying that we have a team of attorneys. We have a team have accounts that are across the country right and so when we ran into a difficult situations. Or are more complicated is sources we have a lot of resources that we can draw from. But also you mentioned some of the companies we represent we can't use their names on the air now by. We literally deal with some of the largest. Corporations. In the world. And so you know we don't we don't deal with a with fly by night stuff so we're we're talking about anywhere retirement pensions that are broken neck and I think. I mean these are companies that have massive. Multi multi billions in and resources and assets. Tell us that's exactly right it is you know here's the thing deer are safeguards. With these companies. They have surplus of money. Folks go to go to the you can look at this yourself look at FDIC dot go look at how much reserve. They have behind the banks. You leave behind your money at the banks then compare 808080 highly rated. Company insurance company has a surplus and you're talking about companies that have weathered the depression. They've weathered every major correction in the market. One of the companies we deal with this is Ali else liked her great company. But you know in 2008. Win that it went all the companies were scrambling Alley on life but Pimco. They bought Pimco which is the largest bond company. In the world I believe and and it's incredible when you see companies like Ali looks like if you see nationwide EC. Heck we trust you should of the top companies in the in the world in in the country to have some great strategies. For people to look at folks but it's not just at the cult he's that you look at you need to play and that's where we can help you. The prosperity group Steve. You know I have a long time of experts I don't know if I wanna tell people which experienced we have because we're giving RH book of my age anywhere 57. And I've been doing this a long time. I've I've been in business for myself for a long time I've I've made some mistakes I've I've made I've had successes. That thing gun were still kicking we're still doing well in God's blessed our business god continue to bless us and we move forward but you don't need it the great thing is God's blessing our clients to. You know we see that on on a continual basis. That followed the strategies I had a client thanking me if that he wants to come on he said he's willing coming get a testimonial. Is he was when he I won't Lynch's lasting yet but he thinks he's a great not only has a strategy you recommend to have worked. But we have more money and our count now than we expected so now after he's been taken income was seven years Steve. 'cause of what we did he's going to be able to trigger incumbents even higher than where he's at now so we just as he's planned for inflation what a great testimony helped. Or you know one of the things that we're almost out of time I wanted to bring up this point real quick. You know we talked about Jim Rogers has been saying this is going to be of that crash and then the interviewers that we are how big and he's the worst. In my lifetime. I don't know how Jim Rogers is but I'm I'm gonna guess that his lifetime and probably encompass the personalities here who have been pretty close to the depression anyway the point is. Then then this could be historically. Either the biggest ever. And you know. I wanna ask your question I know you know the answer but I'm just gonna ask you the the expert. Who bailed out everybody and the depression who was it was bailout for the banks that they've been on the economy no. No the banks. Yeah we don't have any money right now we don't have any money in their sub accounts still the banks they can do that. Yeah okay did it did not demand account savings account. Money markets turn out to me of the council they could technically do that it's unlikely but hey who knows. History has a funny way of repeating itself with folks. He was the insurance companies who bailed out the banks people cashed in her life insurance state they took kids. They're cute they took a loan of cash value. And these companies were solvent and here's the reason why. Here's the reason why this is just a good tell you something it's incredible I'm sure you've never heard of before you know what that is Steve Martha. They didn't spend more money than they had to wait what I thought yeah pleaded overspend. While they didn't have a credit card that they can put on plastic can charge it. The voters a they have billion dollars of policyholders. They didn't spend two billion dollars and hope for the best. Bill they had they surplus to cover the billion dollars and the excess money that the good is that of interest they were earning. So they're proactive. Rather than reactive and I think that's the point that there are lessons need to be left with is you need to be proactive rather than three. You know does history tell for sure Steve yeah that's actually right at folks listen thank you so much for tuning in with us. Have a great weekend and it again go to our website WWW. Mind what do you say dot com call us at 990176. God bless you have a great day Steve thanks for joining happy Father's Day and thank you seem happy father's that you.