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Jul 13, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is Greg Kelly and Steve. The prosperity through here every. Saturday and Sunday. We're talking about stress free time how you can make your tying extra. You really can't hand you know it's interesting Steve his. There's no stress out there anymore he additional stress in politics there's no stress in life. Everything's just hunky dory. Stock market is good so everything is okay what rock have you been guys under my friend before you would think if you would think that's the way people think. Everything is good because the stock market is up as well how people think that's true the only stress right now apparently appears to be emails and Russia and that's that's the only thing that we're worried about in congress. Thought I was gonna introduce somebody to any Russian counterpart. But I I changed my mind set that I don't watch what I say there. It is amazing that you know we've got all these concerns you know talked about over and over again and thank congress seems to be more concerned about. Interviewing people about emails and interview people about nonsensical stuff as opposed to I don't know maybe actually reducing our taxes or do something that's gonna get there. France for a the people of this country well Steve there's a parallel. To all of this fake news there's a parallel about reducing taxes. And it's the fake news about some of those safe money strategies that we news. I eased the fixed index annuities. A lot of misconceptions about down. I had a couple people that I talked with a nascent. Well you know is it annuities and I said well it could be but it depends because we do have a lot more strategies and just annuities. But. Who do you think it puts a bad rap on duty Steve. I'm gonna go if people it down so annuities. Well now these people sell annuities but they put a bad rap on fiction on fixed annuities. OK okay yeah that might be now the fact that the stock brokers OK the other stockbrokers they sell variable annuities. So they have to go with an annuity they go with a very validity because they tell you there's more upside and are right there is more upside. On a variable annuity because they turn to if they tend to follow. The market but the problem is there. Lleyton with fees and so what happens I'll is. People loved it all together you know the old saying don't throw the baby out with the bath water. I've heard that quote gear that came from little actually have no idea little information back in the media evil times. There was state they took Wanda from week. For the whole family and so what happened the father who is head of the household to take about first. In the mob then all those kids down to the baby what happened by the time and they put the baby in the water the water were so dark. They didn't want to lose a baby and that's return. I am assuming that nobody actually did throw the baby well we hope that we hope maybe somebody I felt hopefully not. There's open the bit that the realities so many people or they're lumped in the same thing and they think that they're synonymous and they're not at all. And in fact we met with a client recently. And the gentleman was convinced he was making 6% on his money. And that in reality was making substantially less especially when you considered the fees in the sub account fees and things of that nature. But unfortunately Steve as human nature has it. People don't pay attention when that when the markets going up. They don't look at it closely until all of a sudden they're count goes down they start scrutinizing the fees they should know this in advance you know. And by the way folks if you want to reach us our phone lines are actually opened during the show we have operators Manning the phone lines and you can call 1800. 4400434. And that's 1800. 4400434. Finger or website you can contact us outweighs my money is safe dot com. Real simple my money safe dot com spelled out. And if you wanna use our local number we are a local Greenville company we've been here. 25 years and that number is 9890176. And 9890176. Were located twenty parkway commons way. And we focus on on safe money strategies for your hiring you for your 401K. You know Steve. I hate to okay a try at the brokerage world. Bouts. How goodness 23 years ago it doesn't make a career change and this was when the right before the tech market started going out. And you know the mindset. That I was told. Is Greg this is all about fees he need to generate fees for the firm. This is we're gonna make your money in fact right now folks one of the things that we have become which we've been practicing this way anyway. His career now fight to reassure racist because the Department of Labor law. Now if you want information on that. Call us we can provide you information we have some leniency. We have written memo that goes into it a little bit more. And it's it's it's really helpful to know because the reality is is people should be doing things in your best interest. I believe it has to be a win win situation I mean. Because what happens is if we're working for the client's best interest were trying to find him the solution and that's what we do. We're not. Product driven bit US interest in Steve. You can compare almost any product. And we have the software to put plug in their product and honestly the ones that we used to an outperform everything seems. It is the main thing in and you know we talk about the risk aspect of it as well and and even. So you know the products that we are present have no risk. And we compete with the products that you have risk and yet people seem to us feel like that they need to be in the market and they wanna have that. That risk and you know opportunity it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense Leasure says something Steve no risk. So let's compare variable annuity going to the immigration has that demeanor of your that is this big news no risk. No it's not this is the truth that it there is no risk to insurance company assumes the risk for the client can't. And actually when you're looking at what's called fix in Nixon who needs a savings vehicle it's not even classify it as an investment is not a security. Of variable annuity is a security. But you'll let me ask you questions Steve can you lose money in the variable annuity are absolutely. You know there are a lot of fees absolutely. So you can see I guess where people confuse the two. And here's the interesting thing is in the fixed index and in many of the ones that we use actually have no fees. So it is possible. QB in the market so to speak. But to be able to think that let me rephrase that to be to take advantage. The opportunity that's in the market. And have no risk. That is actually correct they're not figures that's not fake news and here's what's interest in. It's kind of like going to watch a horse race okay. When you get in the market you've become the DJ I mean it TJ that takes. Okay but that's about it on the radio as a matter if you become that the jockey. The could not disc jockeys think that. The cargo you got the worst jugular right. And the problem is how many people have experienced being a horse jockey then took you fall off its buyer beware because basically you're responsible to man your horse. Whip with our strategy. You get to bet on the horse and guess what your bets not at risk you will get your money back so you have nothing to lose with a bit that you put in every it's not a bad. It's a sure thing now if for if you bet on horse race and you bet on disc jockey. And EU are you said in the get out of debt and of course jockeying okay. If you do that and you fall off. You lose your money and you're responsible through with our strategy you know you get to get the benefits of those avoid the jockey does. But you get market gains so what what's happened is like perfect example this last year the market. Went out we got clients that have returns of anywhere from six to 15%. And on the tax free side Steve we've got returns of twelve to 18%. Through a there is taxed for their traffic news either put stats troop fake news it's not hacks yes there is tax free. There is just there are extra effort to hear our tax free opportunities and you're using insurance vehicles. Not only are they tax free opportunities. There's protectionist steps. Immersed into the program that you have access to a death benefit while you're living. While so so we're talking about all of these type of programs. That the client is not assuming the risk in fact Steve. What the insurance company is doing is there assuming the ponderous for the clients so a lot of people which will hedged by going with bonds. Yeah I talked to a client today ought got a much communities I have this. About but Steve a lot of people don't know that they let's say they have on news. Muni bonds. It still counts towards Social Security intents and concern where is. If if there is an account it's tax free with us doesn't show up at all so bigoted fool tax free benefit from that if you decide tape income. What death benefit. She were out of time the second let's continue this is great the only Steve Lewis of the prosperity here. Seeing. CN. Welcome back folks this is great filly. Stephen Lewis of prosperity group analysis on home more than wonderful man. Popular vice sandy patty and. Morneau Harris back in 1985. Great song great song I remember actually this thing in our church one time and it's funny because I'm. They they were being introduced and then the chairman of the deacons gets up and says you know we are so excited today we have sandy patty and our group good friend. Laura bell Harris poll that. We'll yet it didn't overthrow he's a tremendous vote with the isn't a year ago plus. Well we you know we were talking about Steve how people will love this stuff into you know one bucket and and that's mistake it. To remind your listeners are phone lines are actually opened during the show folks if you got a 41 K you have an IRA or you're trying to make a decision. But what TV would your Social Security need to give us a call because we will put together a plan for you can reach us at 9890176. He at our website WWW my money is safe dot com hitting our phone lines are open 9890176. Is now light show. Leave a message for the operating will follow up with your intimate look and stuff together with what you're talking about is. Variable annuity and what we are present which is pending in dictionaries and correct that's correct and fix index in the media which is a form fixed annuity that. Derives its returned from what certain indices do like the S&P 500. Or the Bart police or the trader Vic index or or whatever there's an assortment of indexes and these are important because it's allow clients to make some reasonable rates of return. In a reasonable rate of return would be 46%. But I'm gonna read an article that's on somebody's website and how he lost this together and see folks. A lot of you read this information because this particular company advertises all the time how they hated duties and you should too. Let me read a segment here says don't fall into the variable annuity trap. Investing can be risky business oftentimes you wanna see your money grow over time yet to invest in products to me drop in value along the way wow. If you wanna see your money grow over time you have to invest. In something that may drop value for the big news that matters is not true is that that is not true he can't do that. But that's not a strategy that you have to do especially when your retirement age. Again more you know what we represent as something that they're grows on the market grows. And when the market tanks or drops it it just doesn't do anything and you lock in your game is that the top. That's huge so if you made 8% on your money. We got a client made 8%. On part of his money on the other part of his money he made 616%. For his incomes and so basically he's got his own. Pension like income that's created from this account and it's a properly structured income writers so. Let me read on it that's that's why it's so important about locking in the game that's why it's so important to understand the difference you're talking about if the market dropped 40%. My account stays it everywhere attack that's right I don't have to regain their 40% against so. What this guy thing here is totally false totally incorrect right he says that's that's the way to make your money grow. If she gets the brainwashing that takes place that's the thing is that people hear the term salute this just in this person goes on says those drugs can be scary. Any seeming effort to address this through some investors choosing duties. They may be attracted to promises or guarantees withdrawals are minimal returns that seem to take the risk of investing. In reality annuities are complex investment vehicles that don't always provide the simple safety they often promise. They typically have high cost complex restrictions and other risks that could offset the potential benefits while and he's announcing risky at first glance. They may not be the best way to limit the risk of money. Yeah guess what he's doing Steve he's lumping the fiction that some duties with the variable annuities he should've been direct considered. The new duties that fall under this are variable annuities. That's kind of a baby and a quarter things that baby bath water market and all together and trying to throw it out well then his next thing you learned the truth about variable annuities are okay. And illegal we do not sell annuities are Amos provide you an insightful view of these products deliberately easier way that your retirement so. He's right about that. But he's writing this that you waited confuse the public. So that they they want to deal with people covered seven hours and by the way folks we just remind you we have a seminar Tuesday night. At the peddler Tuesday night at the peddler 6 o'clock. Stephen I will be doing the seminar on Tuesday and then Wednesday. Fully should I will be doing the seminar to peddlers 6 o'clock also an illicit photos the 25 in the 2625. And 26 of July so. If you wanna come because you're going to be hearing to show Saturday or Sunday. I would recommend that you give us a call it 1804400434. That's the line for the seminar. 1804400434. You can call our office and you get put over to that line as well. That number is 9890176. 9890176. And if you would like to attend. Make sure you leave your name and phone number in your age so we know that you feel you fall under the criteria we had a 25 year old McCain and I said well. We can help you that this particular seminars on really for you. And he ended up being a client because of the fact that we are able to do some time. Three cells I don't kind of invitation maybe Clarence. Well keep in mind that seating is limited so you can't just show up at at the event and an hour. So seating is limited we do you have a tight earned taxpayer so. Acosta Sunni huge to figure out the that's what you wanna do and we'll see if we can't work here well absolutely down he goes on his website to say make the right choice. Understand annuity contracts eliminated nudie mistakes now I completely agree with those statements are paying one of the mistakes that. People make is they get the wrong type of writer for their policies. And many of the folks that happened duties they get talked into some of these income writers. They have high fees they may have a purpose. I'll even on the flip side I think higher fees they're not really high fees are to be 1% or less in most cases. But the religious comparable or less than what they were be paying in a managed account. Well absolutely and M and manage again I mean like in the market by paying a stockbroker in pain stockbrokerage fact he what's interesting Steve is that most of the fees. On the variable in the east side when people come over to talk to us. I would say there up the majority of them were upwards of 3% to 4% it's crazy how much you've opened and and as we find out most people have no idea they're like god I would open that much time yet everything ended its way we had a client came to see us couple months ago. And they said you look at this account is housing growth very much. But look at the amount of fees that they paid so you wanted to see they paid as much in fees is Leon growth. So they paid 35000. Easy Calgary 35000. Yeah I don't think that's a very good retirement plan. Well it sure wasn't during a ten year period and it's so we're talking this person has since 2006. So one of the questions we ask you this you know did you take a hit in 2000 all absolutely be certain it. So they took the hit the campaign there fees for so so here's the thing. Folks if you have a 401K you have a higher rating to give us a call. If you have. You're trying to determine where the need to take Social Security we can off Prius Social Security maximum as they should report. And we will definitely taught you about strategies on how you can position your Social Security how you might make it an asset. Those of you were younger if you haven't heard our previous shows the last couple weeks we can show you how we think will actually finance up to seventy. 5% in additional funds to what you contribute. Think people hurt though it seemed that things like that amusement that I yeah it's it's not it's the truth. So they put in 250000. Dollars. They've been put in 750000. Dollars maybe a solid 41 K albums except guess what the return is tax free. The clock has beat us again Steve's so folks too many as we talk about these safe money strategies. Okay. It's okay. And that's the. Welcome back folks this is Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis of the prosperity group in the song that you heard as a phone call or answer. And show the world it's her piano and we let our daughter play on it all the time as the first piano. SharePoint she's four years old when she wrote the song when she was I think eleven years old. And now pretty amazing. And so beautiful beautiful song now I get back to what we've been talking about on the show folks. You know give us a call 86498901768649890176. He bill we've talked about depending wristed lies ahead. You know historically Steve that after July. The market. Has gone down. Substantially. Except maybe cure three times historically. I maybe offer some of those numbers that could shape physically in July starts going to let every year that every lawyer than you know the year that did not go down that I remember in recent memory. 2007. Iowa 2007. Market goes up. We're in July in the markets still going up do you think history can repeat yourself. Oh absolutely. So in the market is it almost always well and you get people like John you know jump Jim Rogers. And Harry Dent you've got who's the other one that we talked about last week. Not Kramer. I have talked about several. There's and they are all predicting that there's going to be a correction. But what's interest seeing as it wouldn't surprise me to see 2017. Continue to go up a little bit through the fall. And something is pending lying ahead so what we're seeing folks is this. If you can reallocate it to safety. We have vehicles that that will grab the gains here's the beauty Steve we're talking about vehicles that will add money to your account. Don't get several vehicles that'll add suspense here substantially year count 75%. To help fund somebody's retirement yes powerful I mean. A 31 year old. Got this if he's he's doing it for himself. I'm doing it for myself. We all should be doing for for ourselves because this creating tax free rate of return folks. Tax free rate of return now we were talking a reasonable rate of return we're talking four to 6% in this current interest rate environment. We believe is a reasonable rate of return if you can get that. Every year without taking a hit and here's the interesting thing Steve the market might make 25%. To one year people's accounts go way up. But they could lose 35%. The next here lose 15%. So over time is we're talking up a lost decade if you go from 2000. To 2011. The market lost earlier that ten year period if you start with a 100000 knowledge you have less money you know its interest. Images we have obviously graphs and charts and our office but what's fascinating is we talk about the tortoise and hare all the time. You know as you're moving too. Retirement people just they were they when they had that we greed factor they have that fear factor that they're not gonna have enough money so they leave all the chips on the table and and the truth is. Then there's this dump the tortoise always outperformed the hair and in our situation I mean it just does because consistency like we have before you don't lose on the market new drops. So we we always have that their game locked in. And we have a consistent you typically 46% return when the market goes up so it that beach the market every single time. How it does it does because when you look at what the market has done over time. It's it's going to be a little bit over 6%. Having keynotes from the beginning right there right to expect. And so the problem is depending on where you're out on your retirement depends on how that's gonna affect you. Your 72 years old you just started taking your R&D a couple years ago. Which is your required new distribution from your IRA. Market takes a 40% hit. You're not feeling too good about done and now you might not be till you're close to eighty years old richer recoup. What you have in what happens a lot of folks seem to get into panic mode rightfully so. And then they end up making no money and they never make up their game is because now they get so conservative. And this is the thing that amazes me we we had a client the other data came in. And they did the risk analysis with their broker. And I said well why did you go with with this person coalition 2009. And he would they've averaged under cal Steve than two and a half percent. While I should want to. Well we told we are conservative. I should you don't if you could go on with our strategy you've remained close to 6%. On your money with no risk. As a person was just totally flabbergasted bit and here's here's the question I have. What if if you see what's going on. Why don't have a conversation with the clients that you that you need to get over more aggressive for at least a few months delicious keep writing this and and that was a thing when we have Tom McDermott there. With the strategy that he does and and folks this is so never be able off pursued for you on the securities and so this is so we'll talk about in the future you know you you. Never really good point and and 'cause we we typically talk about the people that are on the higher end of risk in trying to take some of those chips off the table and protect that. And we we don't often talk about the people on the other side of the spectrum I I've worked for the gentleman recently that has had his money. In a savings account for years she was his retirement account as Dave was just the thing just look at the season he had an and so I was gonna CD earning like 110 of 1% or whatever and and so you know the point behind what we do. Is making sure they will we do risk analysis that we do all of that is making sure that. They you're in the best opportunity for you. Going into retirement in the U that your establishing you've got a foundation again we talked about having a stream of money that you can now live I mean those are the things that are important so too little and too much risk are are horrible things. Really centrist think she you may we think is something you back a couple years ago we had a client did brought in a million dollars. We a couple of accounts. Run off the bat he didn't wanna take the risk he felt the market was gonna correct this was two years ago. Back in 2015. Market hasn't corrected yet but he was thrilled with his interest rate because he made 6%. In its in 1589%. In sixteen. But on his pension like income side he he made it 9%. And eighteen. No 15%. So the point is he made a heck of a return on that. And he just wanted 50000 a year he's taken a 65000. Year he's in great shape. He hasn't touched any of the principle yet in the week through it and we throw and on that amount of money close to 200000. Dollars to his million dollars. Well again I say we threw in the and we didn't but the company the company again not fake news is not that Israel has touched 200000. Dollars. And I should show him how he feel about them. I think this is great you know 200000 largest removing his account over. I mean that's that's hard to beat that Israel they are to be did it when you throw it into his actual game you calculate that. That really be sit up and now he doesn't worry the markets can correct but you order things he told me he was dealing with a very well known to establish brokerage firm here. He's a great you know I don't get the service. And egos assured. A nice size account he does but these fees are wearing me out. He was very cognizant of this please. And very sharp gentlemen still does some business and but now he knows that he's got potential I can account for him in his life. If he doesn't need it gets what goes to acute. While you know that's one of the things that I like about working with here is that and I mentioned this before but. The year you're very and we are very cognizant of our clients and making sure that we sit out of them every year. I'm you don't get paid to do that and know you know know the truth is. You know that if he's that we make don't come out of your cap but we do get everything up front and so you know that there's no incentive for you financially to. To do that but I see you do it every year day in and day out because I know that you wanna do. Her for the client. Well we want performance I you know it it's the right thing to do number two. Hopefully clients will give us referrals right you know because I don't know we're taking care we're watching their accounts. Now I like to put some of them into the client's hands to like tell folks make sure you call so here anniversary. The ones who are religious about it in the end and we've got the software they were reminding people. But the once her religious rather wants to perform the best that I mean they performed the best the people that ignore it I'll get a phone call. He overall cost we need to get together than that they just only get a priority but it's crucial. But on the tax free site Steve it's even more crucial. Like this 37 year old so if you do nothing else we can do it by phone that looks communique to be sure that that you're happy with the strategies. He's I mean. Twelve to 18% to pretty good return. Now folks you can reach us at 98901769890176. Or phone lines are open during the show. Give us a call will set up the time to go over your accounts showed you some strategies here to enhance your retirement now. Folks either you have strategy can get income immediately you have some you can defer the income till later. You have income that you can now live you can create free basically. Leveraged money for yourself what's leveraged money he put it 200000 you create 800000 dollars of leverage day one. I mean that's amazing that's not fake news because that's something we do all the time Steve. That's right now we've got some workshops coming up that I hero saying he's Ellison remind us again what that would what the dates are but also what's going to be talked about it those workshops were ordered to talk to us safely strategies are going to be talking about. Heal the debt how it impacts folks we're gonna talk to them about how they can make a reasonable rate of return on their accounts. We're gonna talk to them and how they can get a pension like income. We're gonna talk to them also about the program that's available. For people that and want to pick up money from the bank where their banks feel as silly 5%. To either retire which is a great program for their kids. We'll talk a little bit long term care so we're gonna talk about all these subjects and we'll talk about a mile an hour hour and ten minutes and and they get a nice meal and you know they usually most people seem to enjoy it. Mean that's gonna be on the 25 Tuesday night you hired Julia presentation at the Cutler on this and on Wednesday night fallacious argument for a. Location to others what you need to call here's my recommendation that is even if you if you have a plan or even if you are in the process of putting together a plan. You know it's always a good idea to get a second opinion and obviously we're not gonna talk specifically about your plan but we are going to you know let's talk about. Those different strategies it was good to have a second opinion absolutely folks. Tune into as we have one more segment we talk about. Fake news about the duties. Cheeses and man. Gravy and cheese in your heart. Yeah. We'll be you know the wild horses it's become like a little. Into the kingdom of god. You lose. Yeah okay. Folks welcome back we're almost out of time this. This there's been talk about eight years how. Things of that nature I read an article earlier that tries to lump in the very early duties to fixed indexed annuities. If he didn't hear that you need to listen to the segment here but the insurers are not the same. You know what's interest see Steve does that. In order for variable in duty to outperform us on average outperformed the fixed indexed annuities. They typically have to make six to 7%. Well does that with fees or that feeds and that's with fees yeah so with fees they have to make 7% to beat our 3%. 4% duty that's the bottom that are reasonable rate of return. And we've seen returns have been higher than that that folks are phone lines are open you can call us at 9890176. If we talk about anything. That's Duchscherer interest give us a call will be glad to get together. With Q and anger over these strategies that you can email us at Greg my money is safe dot com. Or Steve at my money is safe to archiving your prosperity at face him as FaceBook behavior and go to our website. Steve either this is the thing that puzzles me all the time. Is how human beings get complacent. Wind things appear to be so hunky dory. Or the perception of that but I think caravans near the frog analogy there to talk about him moral frog slowly in as long as everything seems to be okay then that I'm okay. Yeah which that adage about terror. The fraud that asked the snake to get variety the other side of the pond have not heard that you haven't heard a world of fraud says Dutch. You mister stake I really need to get to the other side to snakes well I'll help you. Offer you you know the chance to go to the other side so the frogs think about because really trust the snake. It's so finally. He he agrees to get some mistake the state takes him to the other side. And the stakes at well I hope you enjoyed your right. And he chewed the frog up he swallowed for that's a great story when our kids are not even know why don't apply because afraid to snake never changes nature. And now I can see there and that's what happens in the nature of the Wall Street casino. The nature doesn't change the nature is you are assuming all the risks it's buyer beware. OK it is PG putting your money. And you were basically loading your money to leave the firm and they're telling you that your take a 100% of the risk in order for you get a return. And we've been brainwashed by it by all of the pundits that even even when younger oh he should take all at risk when you're younger. Well yeah you could take some more risk with your younger but Steve we have accounts that debt. I mean it's like clockwork the tape they are so consistently producing. That if a younger person that uses tax free strategy he had way more money that we can have invested in the market with new risk of loss. We'll get a few people wouldn't. That's powerful and that is nothing mansion that is not a big news this is the folks this is so we can do Steve you address the the people that are seeing cash. We still have an account that's performed incredibly well. It as a double digit bodice up front of their money. And it's very liquid after two years that you pull all the money out. And last year I had a client that had parked the money there kind of like as a CD replacement for three years. He put in 200000 dollars to start with. And his account grew to 240. Yeah forty okay. But he retired he said yeah great we put this money and they're overly happy with the way to perform. But it you'll want strategic income what can we do so here's what we did Steve he decided he liked her strategy. His penalty which was not penalty into his stressful it was penalty on this game. What he can walk away with 220000. Dollars so he's given up 20000 dollars to do you know what we got into his account. Thought that you income account 50000. Dollars while so. He ended up having 274000. Dollars in his income account which was a gain. Of about 25000. Dollars to his counselor he was able to so if you think about it in 2014. He openly Kelly 200000. His starting value when he did this with us it's 273000. Dollars to 73000. Dollar gained. In three years while the necessary for the account. That's powerful I mean I don't know what. What rate of interest that is on the calculator with a 30% resident I mean that it's it's more that's 35%. 35%. Gains are three years. That's not bad and now it's a specific strategy. It's not a guarantee there if you make that much money but you know what consistently on this particular account that we're talking about. For the bystanders. You know. It's like in the Bible talks but the curve all the talents. He don't got reprimanded the person who buried his talent and did nothing to reduce it. Right and unfortunately there's a lot of people who take that position because you're afraid of the market and they don't know that there's other. Options that they could use like be safe money strategies. Talked about a bonus and and we talked about this several times but we don't give it a lot of detail. And CUNY airline what does that mean when you say a bonus so far the nominee whether it's in into that particular plan or through an immunity what what what does that mean. Well good bonus is money that the company last year count as an incentive. For you to put money in there and the reason bonuses. When I first was a business bonuses were gimmicks okay. Because we have seen a lot of market corrections okay. So what's happened is in 2003 when we really after 9/11 the market took a big dive. So that you products that came out the companies offered up to 10%. 12% bonuses. And the reason was this you know most people work Garrett take the hit. Aren't on a big counter the colossal assessment 300000 dollars and they lost a 100000 dollars. Well they got that 10% ball estimate 12030000. Dollars on the account which was better than nothing so it was an inducement to get people to do it. But what I found with these bonuses that are not gimmick is gimmicks they really help the account. Producer reasonable rate of return. And it's money that the client really uses well now people who haven't taken the hint or who they don't they hit that hit division the bonuses they're in great position now. Third Israel money it's nothing against its real money it's not fake news it folks you can go to our website WWW buying money is safe dot com. We're here we cure every Saturday morning it's 7 AM and Sundays at 11 AM on one of six point three W or. And listen to our safe money strategies and this is the stress free retirement show where we hope to make sure we. Harvick stress free. Don't forget we have workshop coming up the 25 in the 26 that's a Tuesday and Wednesday. Can't give our office a call. And if you wanna be a part of that workshop where you do need to reserve your seat yet call 98901769890176. Are his VP must be done as Steve said we will not allow walking it's folks god bless you have a great weekend this is Greg Kelly and Steve Lewis.