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Jul 13, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is great Halloween yeah Steve Lewis of the prosperity grouping. We're here with you every Saturday mornings from 7 AM Sundays and on the people are deep ones six point three. And I keep in Chilean. Some of the shows we've had a lot of questions that have come in especially when we talked about. The went what do we call it sees the mortgage alike. Who loaned it comes into retirement where you're basically able to. Get to. A bank to add 75%. Your retirement I mean so for the people who haven't seen this. Before or heard about it they need to listen to the show that airs this weekend that absolutely integration actually that we had that Hamas. That Tom McDermott from prosperity capital group and now he's one of our top affiliates and this program we do. In conjunction with them so it's it's a great great program that. Absolutely is is good and the show's title using a bank to fund 75%. Bureau retirement. Yeah just a quick plug to you for those of you that don't know did you archives on our web site that are that comes straight from word. And we also have on our FaceBook we record this live every week they're able to that she is for Tim masters how much of a benefit that is. You can't go back and now watch the shows that your leisure and you know here what we have to talk about so it's pretty cool then like that he'll actually alive its commissioning as well. You know absolutely Steve folks you can reach us during the show our phone lines are actually open and it's. 8649890176. That's 864989. 0176. And so it's it's where you can reach as you can call operator and set up a time to get together this is. Kill a lot of people are gone this time of year a lot of people on vacation and so. I would highly recommend. To you have to give us a call and you will will definitely set up the time to get together. And talk some of these strategies which you. You know Steve we've. As far as Ian complaining. You most of the groups out there they talked running complaining in Ender to basically using annuities of some dip of different sorts. And I think one of the benefits that we've to have her clients is the many of the communities we views don't even have any fees. For the client. There which is originally huge advantage. Kids avenge its amazing how you know even with people have plans and and mutual funds or wherever else they have them you know there's always these hidden fees. And so you know you sort of have the number on the top that you kind of think it's gonna be there but you forget to take in consideration the fees. We we have the annuities and actually don't have fees which is pretty powerful well that is you know you're getting. Well so you know getting back to what you know what we've been talking about prior to the show and talking about things is you know folks if you have a 401K right now. While the market is so while the market appears to be doing really well. Mel might be time to consider doing a service roll over in making that money safe so we talked about this before on the show bit. The fact is if I've got 400000 dollars or 41 K. Banda. Market takes a 50% hit which showed most likely that many VF experts say. We could look at a 5060%. Hit when the market takes a correction because what's been going on. Literally for last eight years you were unprecedented. Bull run in terms of the market going up. So the fact is talk to 400000. In the forward cable loses 50% under the 200. We've talked a 400000. And I can make that money safe. It not be subject to the Wall Street roller coaster. Then I've just taken that money and made it totally safe and the only thing this exposes my future contributions. Absolutely you mentioned the term that we use a lot of the show and that is. In service roll over what does that mean to somebody that. Is. Has an existing 401K plan and you know you're talking about making money safe what does that mean to them well it'll -- and Steve to. Typically sturdy at the age of 55 or 59 and a half depending on the rules of their 41 K. Connolly of the 59 and a half but the fact is they're allowed to actually move money out of there 41 K wilder working. And when they do that they can take that money that they're able to move in many cases it's all of it in some cases it's part of it. But whatever portion they move. That's now become safe. And in fact Steve bushel the accounts that were using. Yeah they're gonna be bigger to put more money under count so there tomato a windfall. Just removing the account with some of the companies that we deal with. So let's say a 59 and a half and I'm interest and and and talking to you about your plan back. You know I I know that if I put money into my 401K then my company's gonna match what's coming down for me. To go with your plan because I know I'm getting a 100% return on the money that I'm putting with my company. The new money. They matched a new money they've already matched the old money so the old money we make it safe because. If they got if it is giving up 400000 dollars and 41 K we just tell me 400000. Foundational money that will never lose money because of the market. The only thing this exposes the new company contributions. Which leads to into the into the mix aspect one of the common mistakes we see people make Steve. Is they change employment and they roll over their old 41 K two we knew for one kid. You know the new companies ration. Steve they had a golden opportunity to make their money safe so those of you listen. Our phone lines are open during the show us a light show but the operators are here if if this is. You know if if this is stoked something in you that you say are you know I can do that. Give us a call at 9890176. Or local number fewer out of the area. Call 1804400434. She hears a problem Steve they. Don't wanna sit there and watched her celts go south on the 41 K. Ito with. Met with somebody the other day a 100%. Of this person's money is in the market she's eighty years old 100% of the monies in the market. And and they're great on the market's going always it's real good but she still you know they've got it setup based on her agent so. Probably out of 300000 dollars she's only got about. She's got 200 working for 100000 is kind of the sleepers is she put it with us she's a legal legacy to the kids. If she's believed that money in such a way that she's got income that's guarantee she's just living off of her on these. Well so if there are options that are out there so it's very very important. For people to realize. What we're talking ago. Well I wanted to talk to the fore I can't think just just for a minute because I wanted to make sure that we've made it clear people that. You know when we talk about either rolling over your existing do or colony in service roll over or a huge change companies and you have an opportunity to make some of that safe. We are certainly not telling you Q. Tears stop contributing to easily planting has so we're really talking about your fingers on the money that's already there as you said the old money and then the new money that you're gonna continue to put him play Angela you typically continue to contribute to those plans. And they match whatever it is that they matched obviously we're gonna tell you. Taken full advantage of that I mean that's kind of a no brainer but on the same token the money that you've already put and if we can make that safe if you can make that save towards retirement that makes perfect sense especially in the light of what we know about you know where the market is and what it's likely to do your. An amnesty was absolutely no that's that's well said. So again folks you can email us at grey get my money is safe dot com or Steve at my money is safe dot com. He knew or web site which is WWW. My money is saved our comment as Steve was. Pointing out at the beginning of the show you can go tour web site click on. Where we have the W orgy logo and listen to preview shows were we talked a different strategies. Now we've talked to a lot of 41 cases segment Greg talk a little bit about Social Security planning but in light of your 401K. And end so we can show you the best way to take your Social Security. This was a hot button that every advisor was talking about it since they changed the rules on Social Security. You know this dispel soul and all that the fact is people aren't paying attention to it that there are many people there rolling. Future role here turning into 65. Yarder to reach considering taking Social Security your earliest 626566. So it's important. That you make the right decisions so again you can give us a call. Throughout the area call 804400434. And we can run a Social Security report will get together with you won't get that information together show you'd. The best way for you to take Social Security. Steve we just don't look at a time this segment. Per FaceBook listeners again you can look at the show live in the WRT listeners. We record on Wednesday morning so the FaceBook life usually occurs around 8 o'clock in the morning given wanna. Tune in today. Well we're out of time this segment's. Listen groups union as we talk about Social Security in the next segment. Is Greg aliens Steve Lewis. That feeling I mean. They all lanes and so left hand. Savannah. And I. Is this man I mean I think. As citizens it is I think he's so funny and. Yeah back folks this is great yelling and Louis Proscar advisors LLC in we're here talking today about 41 K and Social Security planning. You go. And one of the mistakes people make his state he makes the wrong decision based on Social Security. And you know the can be very crucial. Burt says Steve we were talking off the year and you mention a couple of good articles that you wanted to. Bringing. You know that our listeners attention to this might be a good place to do that. Jerry you know so we've. Talks. Actually a few weeks ago about the Jim Rogers article for those who either don't know or caller didn't listen. To that particular show we Jim Rogers is the commodities broker and he's talked a lot about how. He really acts to to what he thinks the market is doing you're going to do as opposed to what is actually doing. And so he's usually 23 steps ahead of the market and he's talking about how. All the fundamentals everything he sees is indicating that. You know we are in and for a rough ride at some point and if you look at the cycles of the market. Every seven years or so the market corrects what we're and a and eight or nine. Plus year bull run at the moment and you is statistically we're in the longest run that we've ever had ever in recorded history and so at some point. Just from that alone we have to have a correction. Well on there's a couple of articles in my favor his no he's actually called doctor game. So he is kind of on the negative side of things that are pretty consistently in Michigan Jim Cramer on the ball side and mark favor on the on the bear side bit. Anyway he talks about how again the fundamental surge are absolutely they're China has been downgraded. You know we talked a couple of weeks ago about how how annoying is in serious serious financial trouble. Mean jerseys having a real tough time there's there's several states California is also and I don't. So you know it it takes one of those little things that there appears little. Have we go back to go away actually Jim Rogers a stock and how Iceland of all places was sort of the domino that started the whole thing you know the whole chain effective of that fall to turn around so if we have something like Illinois or New Jersey or California. Or even China and being downgraded again I mean there's so many fundamentals that are out there that say that we are in for a rough ride in. Hopefully were wrong. Data that if were right each. Then you know and you've made your money safe for those then you can sleep well and you can know that your income is going to be protected well Steve. You're actually right and I think the key is you've planned for the worst and hope for the best. And so you have to have and escapes strategy and unfortunately you look at some of the strategies fit that we've seen in in we've met with people at the prosperity through. Many of the people that we mean that he's a safe money strategies. Did you know that they think there that are beneficial to not make any money. They're making 12%. Now so we're talking but we're talking about people that make consistently. Paid. Reasonable rate of return had clients. I was looking in his statement he was complaining because. Last year he made 4%. The year before he made 0%. This year he made 10%. So his three year averages 14%. So he's it to a four point 25%. With how much risk we zero risks if a guy with a terrorist scare and and this is somebody who would 2000 they took a beating. Pretty quickly forgot to beating you took in 2008 when he was complaining about the return because he was so used to being in the stock market and watching these big games. But you know he he gets it reluctantly so he'd like at 10% gain now. You know again but I don't know that's gonna happen that the fact is he's making 567%. Of his money's going to be pretty content. Absolutely you know it's interesting because there's there's sort of two. Polarizing. Positions I guess you've got the people that are the a 100% of the market like we're talking about in there they have their greed factor and he sees the market going up and you know boy charms are driving the economy and you get so excited about the potential upside of the U nor the downside horror. The other side of it which I've seen recently. Somebody that I met with say there's so. Concerned so paranoid about the market they actually put him and think CDs and earning like 110 of 1% so they're they're not learning anything and that is so buried in the backyard. Steve do you bring up a great point deer are so many people. Then what you just described that's Cameron yep. There are skittish indeed they have that gut feeling something's gonna happen but they've had that gut feeling for two or three years I act if they put the money with us. They would've made probably. Ten times what they've made sitting around in the bank. In these low burning CDs. Or the east peace money market accounts or even fixed annuities are earning 2%. You know that's that that's the difference. Is that many of our clients the index annuities a great surgeon fixed index annuity so it's still a fixed annuity it's not subject to market risk. But they get a reasonable rate of return where they can make some money that the best thing she did this kind of goes along with the Social Security planning. Is very able to get a guaranteed. Pension like income. For them and their wives you know they'll tell us for our forever. Those guaranteed. Carefully ever for as long as they live as long they they cannot outlive them Monday lifted 200 to keep getting the if I had money and it's and a CD in a bank. Earning 110 of 1% passer taken out money on that talent while my income last. But the thing is that what you got in there with the realities if you just taking your required minimum distribution. From your irate is that the thing. In ten years you've probably depleted. At least 2225%. Of the value of that account publisher and you're nowhere near keeping up but inflation. Right so you know that's the big mistake that people make. Now folks are phone lines are open it's 8649890176. You can email should gray get my money is safe dot com or go to our web site. My money's safe dot com and also folks wanna. Remind you that Steve is heading security first. And and as she described security personal deferred blisters we can help when homeowners and. Things of that sure absolutely offer of thirty more years I've been in the property casualty side of the house as well. I've owned. And a couple of different agencies and the different things so we. We've stride and and pride ourselves in being able chief. Me or make sure that you're getting the best value for your dollar I've been able to save actually hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars for people. I can give you example after example but how well Steve you hugest saved me I believed 200 dollars a month while. Now that's pretty cool I forgot it was a much that you I didn't. 200 dollars a month and adulthood let me let me just say that if you're went. A good neighbor or if you think you're and good hands or you know any of those that particular situation do you know who I'm talking about. You need to give me a call because I'm able to grow to better coverage at a much more reasonable rate. I can almost guarantee you just about every single time Steve I was with one of the big and she were three companies there and I won't mention her name that. The reality Simi 200 dollars a month from now that's pretty cold. I just had another one that I that I actually increase is covered by ten times. Be it he went from 45000 on his daughter to 250 there was a reason for that I don't do that with everybody but there was a reason for that. And I still saved him I think it was 700 dollars to its current. Well folks you need to call us the phone lines are open during the show. Oh well we didn't get really into Social Security very much but I will tell you this strokes. Do you need to know OK am I gonna do a final and suspend you take a spousal benefit. How does the divorce factor who work. You know we have some seminars coming up in July. We've we're going to be doing a couple of the peddler believe. July 20 and July 20. 25 27 something to benefit out of pocket the dates but the fact is we do have some some seminars that are scheduled so. Folks look at our website we're going to be talking about it on the radio and advertising that's up again this is Greg Kelly of the prosperity there which Steve Lucinda. Tune in as we talk more about 0401 k.s and Social Security. Here. It. Welcome back folks that was a beautiful song sung by my late wife really Hokies reach my friends. Popular buying it did you prune back in the eighties. There's many of you who probably have some friends you like. To get reached. You know heart by the lord so it's it's definitely something that. Is. Were praying about because we all have people on our allies and friends and realize that we won't reach so it's it's important that you think about them. Steve you know. And we your charter of some of these articles and any might wanna get into little little bit of freedom bring up some points because folks need to hear. What other experts are saying I mean you know were experts at what we do I mean I feel we're we do a good job for clients. The reality is you know people like to hear from third parties than we have an unbiased opinions. Sure absolutely an unarmed referenced the these articles on the last segment of that and really read him that there's one particular there was on CNBC. And that the title of the article says some Marc Faber warns the bull run we'll turn extremely bearish let's start with stocks plummeting 40% or more. And you know again not he's known as doctor Dan and yeah he's handsome missed calls and I think you could probably argue that pretty much everybody that's in the market is gonna have some missed calls. But his his premise is right and there's actually one statement that he stay here that I think is is really apropos to what we've been talking about a lot and he says. You know weaker trend enough money that the Dow goes to a 100000 and what he's talking about here is that QB that we tartar quantitative easing where. You know the market has been artificially sustained for. Many years now because. The government pumping money into the economy. And you know it's an artificial thing and it's creating a bowling and and so what he says as you know we can print enough money that the Dow goes 200000 in all I'm saying is. It it will end and able in very badly extremely badly now Republica. Trumped isn't their best anyway the point is. Then he's saying that that the market is going Q when it tanks that and it has to correct. We all know if you look at he talks about the strain. Which stocks which have never heard that term that I FaceBook apple Netflix and dual. And he's saying you know they're they're so over inflated their so blown out. Hi and you look at any of the technical stocks. There all way overpriced at some point there has to be a correction with that and that's really the premise of what he's saying here is to go back everything that we've been saying in the last several months which are actually a couple of years. Is that. You know you'd be in EE create a bubble it has to pop at some point and so the point out one of Macon in reference in this article wanna go back to what I said earlier and that is. Then what and whether you start your head in the sand and you put your ears your money in a money market account or you put it into your a CD. You know you hear your way chew on that on the skittish side Bryant or if you're a 100% in the market like you were talking about a minute ago those are the wrong places to be if you're planning to retire where you need to be. Is and some type of something they can guarantee your income so that you know no matter what the economy doesn't matter what you do no matter what happens. You have a steady stream of guaranteed income for the rest of you and your spouse's life that's the point that you need to focus on not agreed not to fear but the income. Now you're you're right Steve and it to reality is you know I'm I'm looking at this thing by Harry Dent. His latest book is how are grateful vs 2017. And nineteen can make you rich. So he wholeheartedly believes. Similar to John Jim Rogers that we're looking at the the market correcting. Seventeen in nineteen now. He thought I was gonna correct in 2013. But you know the wild card in this in the part that nobody knows is all the skew the money that's been. Pumped into the economy. And trump says something very quietly did receive. Not even made any comments from any of the media initiative between did it because they would have a pay more attention. I'd definitely pay attention to that but the reality he talked about how the the China Mobile. He talked about bubbles or use that terminology. And the majority of the average American the average retirees. Are not prepared. When the bubble burst that's right they're not prepared so that's why folks if you want peace of mind. Then you need to consider moving some of your money into a safe money strategy and when we talked about creating a pension like income. This allows you to create an income. That you can now live in that your spouse can't outlive so if you've got to diary and your name. You can make that lifetime income joint city covers both of your life semester will be wonderful way. To protect each other and also our tax free strategies are tremendous at. Listen I wanna talk about Social Security folks if you want these Social Security report. Do you need to give us a call. At 8649890176. That's 8649890176. We can show you the best strategy on how to take your Social Security. Now Steve I don't know if you noticed is that many of the people that. We encountered now. They're not planning a return of 65 most folks seem to want to retire seventy and I think the reason is is because there's still many people that are recovering from losses in 2008. You're right and I don't wanna shift back and your you wanted to talk about Social Security but I was as you were talking it just kind of dawned on me. You know we we talk about 40% and dropped 50% drop I mean that's what all the all the talking has the ones that say that the market's gonna drop. You've got to look at a forty or 50% correction at least. Or you know in 08. 40% of the market went tank. It's a whole lot smaller. Then it is. Now at 40% defile my mom logic of the market is so much higher up front and there's there's so much more. Being held it did a 40% drop now is significantly deeper than it was in no way it's right you've you've got to really take all that into consideration knowing again that a bubble has the pop at some point well. You bring you your prime minister had a client that had about a million dollars. And they wanted to do is this particular person who's married to you know. Secular there was a second marriage. This may have had a million dollars in his portfolio espouse how about 800000 dollars in person in the room recognized I'm talking about women untold story. But this man had a friend that was a broker that he'd known for years. And he felt that he was in good hands and they didn't need to worry about the market correcting. You know his guy I was watching. The thing to watching the accounts the thing they can hand what happened is 2000 acre. That man who lost. Close to 46%. Of the value of his accounts. Now he ended up dying. To kids got to step up in basis but it. They didn't really get a step up in basis I mean they get as much of the game because it was 40% less. So because of the fact that he didn't have any of physics. Outside of that basket. His family took a 40% hit now by contrast. His wife was very market adverse she decided to listen to our strategies. And she's won over her longtime client she didn't lose any money in 2008 she ends up having more net worth that he'd. Absolutely and then also was a horse story with the kids because. They didn't have a trust we didn't read well the joy and attorneys that DA needs talking attorney. You know you might want it is all the kids get along great. Because what Steve. It didn't work out that way because the kids were greedy they wanted her money to. You know it's funny and I'm here talking about it and I was you had talked to her one point in as sort of half. Jokingly. Ask her question was a sarcastic question access that so you know even occurred along time how much money have you lost. Because we're talking about her and her husband in the situation that happened and as much money you lost with Drake is you know I mean you know he's been managing your money for years. As she got as a real weird look on her face you know very questioning and she said. Who lost children lost anybody like I can't lose any money she's at a polling gains in I should I I knew the answer the question I just wanted to hear you saying. A bit yeah obviously she she was very comfortable in this situation knowing what the pain that she felt before verses the come for the chiefly it feels now well. It dinners and other side of the corn tears she she had money that even though was with us it's still. She wasn't gonna spend that. Is she still like to spend it to this day so one of the things that we did is I shall we doing with your require admin distribution money. And she goes well you know sticking in the bank and listen. She the issue isn't well I know not to do CDs. I should be sticking to think you're not making money on it and I said he spent nearly no he don't like to reinvest in what can I do to reinvest in actual what if we could. Turn that into a tax free lump sum of money for the kids. So basically what asserted dealing Steve is we're taking her record and distribution which is about 9000 dollars now. And worst she's put 8000 dollars into an account is gonna leave 150000. Dollars tax free your kids while she's got two kids. And the reason that's important that I bring it up is because. A chunk of her money is IRA but the other child she's done so well aware that she had an account with us Steve. But she still getting 8% we openly count in 2009. In effect we have a lot of clients that we open an account for 38%. Undermines. I've got a client. That told me he said you know I'm taking minority. But because of the 8% were were ahead. Were head before we started with you I mean that's pretty strong. Because you know these are taken a requirement distribution of seven years also contain about seven years. So there it. Three and a half Ford 4% now that they're taking out that's about the percentage that they need to take her record and distribution to make an 8% and that's that's the principal. I have not touched a principal and the principal is a safe and guaranteed guaranteed it and it's gonna pay out their kids situated to kids can do what's called inherited diary. You'll pay him over five years so the kids Walt get eaten up by the tax. They'll this other person we are talking about some of her money was not qualified and if there's many people who listen to what I'm saying folks. You have the duties out there and and different advisors have told you do duties and that's a good move but now you have decent duties for years and you're not spending the money. Do you know there's a way we can show you how to pass that money to your children tax free. Tax free in. Absorbed middle lies the taxes that you'll end up having to pay. That's powerful. Steve it is that we talked about it all the time it's so easy to do so you don't. We can you can give us a call folks at 9890176. 9890176. And if you go to our 800 number 280440. 0434. This is great though he did Steve Lewis of the prosperity group advice. Well let coaches. Great Kelly of the prosperity group advisors as. We're here talking teacher gave up 41 K and Social Security planning. You know many if you have a 401K. And you're happy it's gone up and I'm happy discussed he's happy it's gonna. You don't wanna see it get affected down. Especially if you if you find out that there's a way to protect 41 K. And we can protect and make that money stable without. Messing up your future contributions are the company's contributions. So let me ask your question. I work at a company and uninteresting because I do you wanna make you know I got a substantial amount of money that that's put into this for a one K. And I wanna talk to you but I'm concerned. About a couple of things I am how difficult is it to move my money. And and also am I gonna make my existing employer mad because. I wanna keep me or having them match my money back on the same token and taken my lump sum out early in the anatomy. Now now that they have no sense of the rules are the rules. Unless there's a rule prohibiting you from doing that. Though an idea man if you at all you know that the weather there matted or not it's irrelevant really it's not gonna affect your job because. The other the numbers look good on their books which you know. Who's better to protect your money than you are sure they're not gonna give you were you know they don't have a red flag disable the market's gonna crash. You need to move the Moline I need to do an in service roll over so. Eight again folks when you hear the term sell high buy low this is the right time to consider this. You know you want to sell high Obama also if you right now the market is up while it's hit records in in plain old. A lot of the flow that's involved and why the market's been up and all of this. It's not necessarily an economic indicator and in the context of everything is great there's. There's jobs that are that are doing well I mean the job market I think I was listening. Some stage the job market was really good I think he was. I don't know if it's New Jersey or Kentucky. There is one of the one of the states you're talking about how well the job market is healing old Fella is Colorado. Then it's Colorado and it's because of all the candidates Allopod farmers the health and well you know where did the reality is they're not just marketing putt in the context of what we think. It's not like she should shock you know that everybody's got to of amateur driving you. I'm dating myself with this Arianna I mean I don't even are for losers remember she should show you held at the bit that was a big popular group in high school that. Category five get behind smoking pot well the reality is Canada's oil. Has so many medical benefits that they were talking at the medical benefits. Well now there's employment benefits because. The economy in Colorado is booming. In effect organ is starting to boom in Colorado. A meeting in California has had a big windfall because there economy's been horrible. Because of this day in and most likely would it would people need to learn is the benefits of Canada's oil. My wife fought cancer for five years and Steve I realized that wish for whatever reason she stopped taking the Canada's oil. If she didn't like smoking are doing to vaporize or she took the oil in which you put it against your cheek in your mouth and her cancer readings were going down. And I realize I don't know wake you why she did this she stopped taking the Canada's oil has religiously she was and that's when she took a turn for the worse. So we we're looking at economies that are being built right now. So it just goes to show you that in this case it's a form of manufacturing. Manufacturing boobs the Great Depression occurred because the agricultural. Sector of the market was taking here. And guess what history just repeat itself the agricultural market now is taking a hit our farmers you know that somebody has not been addressed. Wasn't and I think the point pitcher or one of the points you're trying to make is. You know that we know the economy goes in cycles you can look at it it's it's the up and down and then all of that stuff. And you know even when the market tanks they're still in which you will. There's still a driving force under the economy and it will recover at some point that the problem is if you're moving into retirement. Will you have time to make that point happening you know if you and we we talked about it we had a guest on the show not too long ago lost a ton of money. In 2000 namely asking the question you know have you. Have you recovered from that and he said no and he's got somebody watching his money I think he had a margin is money when he went down there are asked to go all the way down. So the point is though that if you're moving into retirement you you've got to. You gotta know what you know and and what you know is what you have there protect that so you have a steady stream of income and then as a market this is the good news. As the markets are moving back up. Your money now starts at the point you're at now 40% lower it starts at the board Girardi at and then moves up from there. That's huge Steve how I used to love history who loves social studies in school. And if vice if I am a student of history and I see that the depression took. I think fifteen years for people to recover from okay. We've had nine years of a bull market. If that hit comes like it me. It may take twenty years right for the market to recover. And that's what people that are in retirement age your listen Kosher listening to the show you're thinking on these guys are crazy. Oh what the talking about the market's doing well but let's say there 556. Years old. And they they you know they feel like they've done pretty well. Now's the time to consider putting some of the money into the safe bunny strategy. To protect themselves from them and then there's going to be strategies were people do prosper where the market goes down so they're going to be steps. That we can take everybody thought it was precious metals. You know we we hold folks couple years ago. Back off on the process precious metals right now. Because the markets being so manipulate the precious metals market that. That two it may be a safety valve down the road right now the leader of their dear doubts that this might be. A way to hedge but the problem with precious metals how practical they are. Right now there's a push for new currency Steve. It's a new dollar it's a new type of US currency and I think that we may see that in our lifetime when they see the next 45 years if not before our. There's no doubt about that. So folks listen we are pretty much out of time which you. Hello we've enjoyed being on you our FaceBook blisters eager to prosperity group that FaceBook and you can watch the show life. You know he Wednesday night's is her Wednesday mornings at 8 o'clock is when we record this usually packed and they found some things quicker. Prosperity group at FaceBook that. Not come. And now that you can look at that in in now will be glad to share some stuff which you. Go to our website my money is safe dot com folks we enjoy being with you every weekend and we look forward to talking to you soon. Make sure that you go to our archives and listen to some of the shows you will want to tune back and listen to the money into the where that they put 75%. Of their money into your retirement and that's not a misquote folks god bless you have a great day. This is Greg Kelly Ed and Steve Lewis of the prosperity.