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Jul 13, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is great. And Steve Russo who prospered and grew welcome tour showed the stress free time. And it today had we used to be one. Fourteen shoes that you food and long time. We're gonna go into more detail. About something that's very very unique. In the retirement world and that. We used to prosperity group advisors LLC is probably one of the only groups that using this technique and strategy. And and throat first of all what you know our phone lines are actually opened during the show. You can reach us at 8649890176. That's 8649890176. Now the operators will be Manning the phones the show is not alive but if you hear any of these concepts that. Interest you. Give a call and we will follow up and said at the time to conveniently go over some of these strategies and a so you can also email should Greg at my money is safe dot com that's great at my money is safe dot com into your website which is WWW my money is safe dot com. Hey folks this show airs every Saturday at 7 o'clock and Sunday at 11 o'clock. So. Without further reduce Steve Tom I'm going to introduce a good friend of mine and somebody that I've been in business with for. Almost I would say just over ten years and this is Tom McDermott of the prosperity capital group really like his name of the company either Steve and author yeah. Tom welcome how are you. And thank you are great they're great and glad to be on the subject. Well listen I really appreciate I know how busy you are in and our affiliation actually started with asset protectors who and advisors group. And that's when we first met and he brought some concepts to our company to prosperity group. Where it really I think brought some things to the table to really help clients understand. How did investor money how to protect their money. And I would say silly if your software. Is probably some of the premier software in the industry. And you have over thirty years of experience I think you've got me by about four years Tom. Hit an a long time there and at and I actually started the software side because. I want to show people the concept so we're talking about that so they can shoot the numbers. It actually feel about some of these programs actually work in some cases they don't work sort of software to prevention and late in the day. Where from an analytical side as surrogate. We know one of the concepts that we used at our company is effective. We believe in using income writers that are real money and now we don't Lotta shows about that is. And most of the other companies that are pushing income ridership that's been the big push in the industry is you know income income income. Is the fact that these income writers a lot of folks have it's not real money they cannot pass down onto their heirs. Uniformity. Clients actual work were actually called phantom money. The Santa money they're great great great name. Yeah I've made it doesn't really access it and it's. An accumulation value testes or just to calculation of Ning com. And once you turn on the income that value virtually disappears. There is never an error and sectors and whether you'd never withdraw the money other than through. On the income stream and then you have to live long enough to even know hope to get that money. So the income earners that your use and actually have debt Pinochet. And have ways of go into the beneficiaries so it is real. Money's worth. Neil Thomas still get people that are. The other come and see us and they're convinced that they're getting your guaranteed seven point two were guaranteed 8% on the money that's unfortunate. We had to send. That's mr. Phelan. The products that are out there they're called Lola. They're not interest rates. The team people and our industry I saw him there earnings call as six or Saint Louis 6% guaranteed interest rates in our environment and that just does not exist as sister role I didn't know the company and the policy they were talking about that you have to be careful when you're looking at income writers. The make sure you're getting one this satisfies what your exact Easter during. Don't know I agree with you completely now folks you can reach us at 86498901766649890176. Now. Actually that the subject of today's show that the title of today's show is using a bank to help fund retirement. Using your bank to help fund retirement now Tom we've been talking about this summer or last few shows. And I'd love to get your input and perspective on this because I'm very very excited about this program it's one I plan on using for Michael retirement. And I don't know if you know this but we've just gotten two cases one just got approved. And another one looks very you know very very promising for a person that this fits. This really fits the the mode so how would you want to introduce this segment we've got about four minutes on this segment right now so I know we're just starting that. If you wanna go head start on that. Yeah like you're an analogy there it is in the dying to. Help with your retirement. Usually it's other way around you put money into it the bank in the bank and labor is there any. MI liberty and that many that take care early retire right very true that you're not mr. an opportunity by eight years of one of the best financial products out there. The retirement planning of the attacks. Keep all tax avoidance. Cash accumulation. And intact freeing income stream coming out of bed and you're going to be able leverages. Using the bank to copy do that would out happen to put up any collateral. Well you know that's the thing that's amazing and and and I'll tell ya think I have a friend of mine. He's a prominent tomato farmer and when I mean a prominent tomato farmer. His company sells over thirty million dollars of tomatoes per year. And a lot of that a lot of tomato significant and Tom I can vouch for his tomatoes are great. He we hear our plea Tennyson and collagen and you we've had a longstanding friendship. And he's gonna ask me questions about what I do and and I typically don't talk to people about my business because I wanna keep my friends my friends and so. I just made it a principled. Not to approach to holistic approach me. But on the same token I think that sometimes when you have something that's so good I hate for friend to go plain sheet to her family members say why did she tell me that you had this available. Because you know nobody has this available showed this to. His CFO. And honestly what the hardest thing for the CF photographs was that this wasn't too good to be true. Well I love it what people tell me that what waited too good to be true because what we do is we have to bring things that are better than authority exist out there. And I have a little phrase that different no better but better is always different. I like that I think I think we need to trademark that fridge say that say that again please. And different isn't always better. But better is always different. Bettors always are like that I really do that's that's very good thanks very good. You know it's it's exciting to me because. I had a 37 year old gentleman that listen cure program he's involved in in. In business visa entrepreneur. And he definitely got the concept of pain himself. But we really got the concept was. Paying himself with leverage. And to me that's the most exciting thing of this particular program. He is really getting somebody else to pay him for his retirement. Where it alongside with him doing his own payment to themselves. And you'd actually get in the 75 to 25. Leveraged. And this particular program. So so basically what we what you just said I want our listeners to really focus in on this beach and do their listening on the radio. But that means that Tom is and I know it's a five year program so in five years I put in 250000. Dollars in the bank. Is gonna put in anywhere from 615 to 750 into the program. If I meet the criteria. Yeah. And and and Tom we've got about one minute left in this segment and the question that I want to expound on when we come back. Is why in the world as the bank going to add 75%. To my retirement. Are they crazy I mean this is what I know our listeners are hearing right now. And so we've got we're going to be running out of time with the segment Steve. You know what he had the this is fascinating I know this is something we've been talking and working on the what do you think of this concept I think it's amazing you know we sat down with somebody. Even last night and you know when you look at the numbers. The numbers are just absolutely amazing and so I can't wait to hear what comments to say about why the banking on to us to do this all right well folks Stephen appreciate that Tom state stayed on the air please we don't want to lose you here and appreciate you being on the show. Folks tune in this is Greg how we the prosperity group with our guest Tom McDermott and that's my associate Steve looks. Need. Smile. Folks welcome back this is Greg Elliott Steve Lewis he prosperity group advisors LLC. And that was a song that my wife and I sing back in the 1986. And it was called it's called we've got the music can so we we use our music on the air it just kind of let people know what we do in the what we did there in I'm excited because we've got Tom McDermott of prosperity capital group. Personal friend of mine and and you know just as innovator. In the insurance and investment world in fact Tom. If if you just wanna touch very briefly on. The platform that we're going to be introducing into the prosperity group shortly if you know you don't thirty seconds or less than you can do that. Chair prosperity capital group as a whole effect all financial planning firm and then one of those things that that involved with this security. And we have a very unique investment platform that we all these little strategy. And based on this these little strategy you entry to the market turned the ball console normally go up. And we avoid the volatility of the market when it normally going down I do and that's. Just nineteen. Eighty we've only had one losing year and that was only 6% drop back back in 1994. And 2002001200220072008. When people don't lose and literally 40% of their retirement savings. That it would not lose money but most of this year as a reaction made double digit returns it's a great concept and the people are so that there ought to start that conversation. And when you guys are properly setup rating Gary you'll be able to help them. Well and in the meantime if there's any rush we can certainly. You know refer some stuff to you so that's something we can definitely talk about and we wanna offer that because I'm able to channel in the other day he had about two million dollars and you know he liked her safe money strategy that he actually handles his own accounts. But he thought he was making a little bit more money than he was and we were able to calculate what his actual returns were. In what he didn't take into consideration was what Steve two and a half percent or so is going to fees there. And so he was in disarray strategy Tom where he was netting four point 23%. So what you're talking about is is his net of fees or little bit higher than that. Now come and Tennessee is we're talking about just about any ten year period you're talking about it and our attempt percent plus. Later returned. And that's some (%expletive) and here aren't popular now becomes bears are feasible or not will be less and ask what you just said that that individual. Gentlemen rate that is investing. Well listen we are definitely good to have you back on the show to talk about this as we win we unveiled this program which hopefully will. Be able to do and just a couple of months so. Again Tom we were we were talking about using a bank to help fund. Your retirement and just reminder list or you can richest and Atrix 49890176. 8649890176. The phone lines are open if you were out of the year you can call 1804400434. What 8044004. 34 so talk. The question that everybody wants to know why in the world is the bank and and 60s75%. To my retirement. You know every things that happens in the financial industry. There about these street letters both BM. That stands for other people's money and everything that down and had to deal with other people's money and they escaped we actually have a way to do it there on the reverse side. There's always you make gave minimum payment error the first five years the bank is going to kick in and make payments for you for the next ten years. Given year a 75 to 25. Ratio war the investment. Now anytime someone's gonna make an investment. Wanted to considerations mentioning I don't know if you ever watch this show called shark tank. I'll order my daughter was on it Tom. He thought she was and yeah I'll have to show you that the show she actually in effect this is that your story. She was a model on the show for the girls which is brought a product called hyper watch. And it's organic deodorant that actually works in fact she is now doing marketing for them as she got the deal done because she talked about a real life event. Ought to want to talk about that was December 11 of 2000. Fifteen. And the girls are doing quite well with this piper why and it works like yum I'm living proof if works. Sort of like an exciting experience for your daughter. Yes yes so yeah of the SARS are gonna die die aggressive that their from their that other divested from that so he should talk about shark tank. That's servicer saying you know I'm certain progress personally show Russia yank it saying that the sharks come back and ask is. I don't I get my money back and lords lord of the guarantees. And I can hear invest in their generally no guarantee that you're ever gonna get your money back to dissect and analyze. The risk vs liberal war well this particular investment program actually had guarantees built into. So that the bank itself can never lose their Manny and there are more than willing to throw money at an investment that they can never lose my. I have to think about that the bank isn't losing money. Guess who else is not losing money and that Abbott rest from very fact too they're being investor of one of the Saban so their retirement. Give a great way to make. Very nice trader return. But you have a lot of guarantees that are built into. Well and there's one component which I think gist. Not only the component that the bank is is funding some money for your retirement but on the back and it's it's the outage and we talked about this car show you wanna pay tax on the seed or the harvest. Well this case we wanna pay tax on the scene in every case to architects on the seat because the harvest should be greater than the seat. But this harvest is a tax free rate of return. Tom that would be correct. And the way the program as accurate map to actually return. Is for the individual they're saving for retirement but the bank also has a tax free bet a chip that they're getting out of this as well. So any return that you get automatically goes up by whatever your tax bracket is will it be 2530. Or 38 or 39% greater return that actually juices up near term by those percentages. Chatted even realize that so the bank. So when we were looking at an illustration or will do that next segment. But when we're looking at an illustration and I see the the were below the rate which is. I believe Libor plus one and one point 75%. Hitting a maximum of near maybe 5% in fifteen years. The bank is getting a tax free return also. That is correct when they pulled her when they get paid back it is automatic feature that they get paid back after a ten year period of time. Everything undertake an act of structuring. Steve I just got more excited about the spurred a powerful especially I mean unbelievable. Folks eat it listen I I'm not one to sit here and showboat and try to get people just to call on a bunch of hype we like to give you substance. We don't like TV acronyms fancy acronyms that actually you're talking about what we're talking about. We're talking about eight indexed universal life policy debt is designed for income. Intel that's kind of what I wanna talk about next segment you still have time I know you've got things on here are you good all the time. I'm all year while while I'm I'm I am forever thankful thought and think it's. Listen we're gonna talk about. Tito just using. Life insurance hasn't been common retirement vehicle and you know you've got very popular radio show host that. Still are telling buy term and that's the difference and I spent a lot of time re educating those folks for thinking that that's the way to go. 1976. And a half all right we're out of time this segment folks tuning in as we have Tom McDermott from the prosperity capital group as our guest today. It's. Yeah hey. They all lanes and so let me end. Savannah. And I. Is this man a mean game. And citizens of this thing he's so funny bit on the back. Welcome back for his great Elliott Steve Lewis of prosperity and I was any song that so my daughter any L Lee wrote. Many view when he called prosperity group it'll be her voice that answers or set up appointments for us and this is a song assure call second favorite and you can go to any Elliott sound club dot com and listen to some of her music and to date we have as our guests and were were were very very excited about having Tom McDermott president prosperity group. Who we had us sold at the prosperity group we have affiliations that help us help you. And Tom's group has been at really one of our major affiliations the last three years are we started shifting to some of these concepts that. Tom talks about some of the software that he has to analyze fees as I really salute the premier software in the business so. Listeners if you want to know which are truly paying for something. We can run this integrated Intel that stuff runs real time but before I get. Off track you mentioned something last segment you said other people's money. And that brought up Warren Buffett to be Warren Buffett I think he's been a master of using other people's money has he done. He can go along water just send out there and saw bill done and other people's money. Well okay because Steve Steve you wanted to have a question about your point you know trauma saw an article actually of the day that that was trying to paint sharpen a negative light and and said you know chunk of those 300 million dollars and thought well again he's worth multiple billions of I would expect you know more than that is because he knows leverage and that's all this is all about leverage that's the thing that's important for people now. So Tom thank you derby and on the show and you've been very mining Heredia one of the things that you. Brought up earlier was was really talking guarantees from the bank's perspective and also from. The investor's perspective. And you know one of the questions I would assume that people are. Are thinking about is collateral well if you know five buy a house. Or if I have a a big mortgage or using something that's attached to that. That the banks getting get in on so I'm thinking I'm gonna have to put up my car my house my kids and everything else to be a part of this program. Can you kind of define. Or take that myth out of them under the concept. Throw it out there. That the collateral is the actual count. It shelf that we're actually sitting out. So there is no sidelined collateral or letters of credit or anything like that they had a person have to put up it's simply that when you play as. This program together as long as your Sunday net. The bank has the first right to take their money back out first. And then you get your money back after that. Based on the projections in this doesn't sound like a little bit of an inside story I was. Part of an inside group which this particular I'm program and they can go on all the way back in 1960. They analyze all of there illustrations. And there illustrations did at the illustrated grade or better than me illustrated grade. I think about that that's about eighty years ago back. That they've never been wrong on her illustrations. Yeah thank looks at that it's very credible. The bank look at that and say hey why would not investing something like that. And the bankers. And asserted that they're gonna get their money back as long as we're sure that. They elect determining a different projects. So should come to to bring an analogy then this is very very similar. To me buying a house. I have been down payment of 620000 dollars on buying 300000 dollar house so I immediately from my 20000 dollars. Have 300000. Let's say a potential equity because the equity mayor me either the house might be higher might be lowered depending on market conditions. But now the policy in this case or the person's retirement or the leverage that they get. So for instance if they're putting 50000 dollars a year for five years. They're gonna have a one point five million dollar death benefit on this policies it is does that not director grew close. Nuggets aren't close there will be different based upon everybody's. Situation. On the because that death benefit is on Eric called a guaranteed completion. And that's that the assembly of that individual be taking here and so wealthy person lend the money to the opium part of it. We'll talk I think or come and hang around you for a week I'm I'm I'm I'm learning so much. You know I've I've got a long time in this business but I think here you're taking things to another level. And I really appreciate that guaranteed completion clause are such a great way. To communicate that the show in SS. They're the client has access to his future equity they want what's he's approved in the policies he's Dziena. These days future equity he had access to it. Over time you know district. Well bit I mean if if the that he became disabled sick. And he wants he's proven he's you know the underwriting is is good. Then if you think he has a life he emergency something that would disrupt the plan he he may have access to all that equity approach we. Perhaps they're actually called living benefits and there are the absolute best thing that you can have inside of their retirement plan. And hey rob and give history and tradition are able to get history oral came and give this serious. Somebody if you have something major that happens you dispense certain brought morality and values not beginning Barry you can all be endowed you. City to make sure that your business continues to run. What you don't own a business that you make sure that your household continues to operate and you've saved herself from financial devastation. You know Tom every business owner should have one of these programs and I'm locating that we talked about this. Off the year we've appeal to business owners on this radio show but unfortunately. Maybe they're sleeping in during when the show is airing because they're working 67 days a week and the reality is most business owners are spending so much time. Running their business they forget to pay themselves in upstate cardinal mistake that. Business owners may. Yes there is not only just ten himself was also protect and their employees. And their family members should be saying that we just talked about called looking better. Tom without going too deep into this isn't an air way that we can take this for a small company has not even a small country a large company. And we could incorporate this for some other key men and women to go heading give proof protection and potential tax benefits to some older and their employees. It about five different programs. They are talking about you know sir business owners and there are people that board beautifully done and what their current situation there's absolutely. As is they can use this leveraging strategy is in that situation as well. I. I mean this just gets better and literacy so I ERI and I'm sitting here I'm I mean I know that this program obviously we talked about it on the show but I'm getting more excited just listened to you talk about it as well. And and I I know that there's people out there I'm gonna play the senate permanent because I know there's people out there that still sane it is too good to be sure you're telling me that. You know if I if I wouldn't be a part of this from a part of this program the bank is gonna invest three dollars to my Juan basically is what he said. And I'm going to be able to take a tax free income when I retire. I have living benefits in the sense that if I become sick or disabled I'll be able to take an advance on on that. And also have a death benefit that guarantees the completion in my in my program. Where is the host Tom where's that where's the where's that pitfall where's the hook. Other giant appears that you don't call Greg and start talking to about it you're never going to be able to have access to it. The right answer I got back up water and steam better that. But I thought. A great answer and to remind her listeners for if you can call the phone lines are open during the show. At 86498901768649890176. If you are out of the hearing you're listening to this. If you're driving in your first of all you might wanna pull over we don't want shake you up too much when you start saying oh my goodness what would it edges here. You can call 218044004341804400434. You can also go tour web site WWW my money is safe dot com now FaceBook listeners as well we are on FaceBook with the prosperity group. Look at this give us a call on this this is a fantastic. Program that can really change ones life. And for our radio listeners you can go to you prosperity group and then look us up on FaceBook and like this and then you can actually watch the show live when we're recording so. Make sure you like the page and then he also gets some great information about the economy and different things are gone on. That you need be and paying attention to Steve they're gonna get to see a step might that might not be so good if they get to seal this well at least half of its ability. And I'll I'll leave it there and let us. Imagining OK I think the Tom so so really. There's there's really no downside in EL one of the things we've explain when we talk about indexed universal life is. The concept of using life insurance for retirement. Most people. You don't like we're talking you'll seventies Sheila dale Williams concept by term investor difference my experience. After doing this 26 years. Most people buy term they never invest the difference. Yes and I of that view. First set yourself up debt nor for that to really work you have to be a very good investor. Yet to really understand that and best scene and companies and EPS does them all and the other terminology out there. If you're really going to be an investor. Otherwise that just doesn't work out is here talking about the concept look then indexed universal life you are actually hiring. Some of the best financial. Planners and the world these guys manage trillions and trillions of dollars. Every single day out there on the market. They allow you to go live there reach terms while getting a great tax benefits that you can't get on your own by buying term investment. They have one quick thought on that and not to give early as a total class and and universal life but I. Bomb when the market tanks and these guys have seen have been betting that the market's gonna go out these investors these these great guys have with the insurance companies. What happens to that account. So they account cannot get down because that downturn in the market which is one of the reasons why in the bank love this program. So in 01 or two and 3070809. When the market is down by 45%. Our clients' losses zero dollars on their count due to the stock market. The answer we get a lot of zeros is my hero that's right and it it works I think we have the chart that you won't I think ran through your shield analysis and in five in that lost decade he market the S&P lost 2.5 percent in the stretch and they almost 5% folks. We're out of time this segment you did is we. Have Tom McDermott of the prosperity. Capital group with us. Coach welcome. We're back this is great willingness to move prosperity fidelity and I saw that are we saying years ago called we've got I'm sorry. With you I'm born again. Which young boy yet all right listen we don't have a lot of time Thomas got to places to go in and into work. Because he's got people who he's putting into these concepts and Charlie get I want to thank you for being part of our show. And I hope you can George yourself would you be willing to do this again. Are always open and honest with Dugard. Well I appreciate that so much. Just a quick question before you go if food because we've we've talked about the benefits and and all the great things that go along with the program. Who would be we talk a business owners being in a great potential candidate for this who else is a good candidate for this. I would say anybody who has. Money that they're looking to save or retire. Certainty and executives could be highly paid an employee. Somebody had extra money at the end of the man that they're looking to. Money and chipped it must not forget even some of those people who were actually retired. But they wanna leverage further turn assets that would be a perfect situation for them as well. You know Tom there's a lot of executive people that we we run into. And I would say 90%. Of their money isn't qualified Molly's diary is for one k.'s those type of things. What what's nice with this program as they are creating a bucket that's completely separate that is completely gives them tax free return on for income. So we're using life insurance. As a vehicle for income can you comment on that and and I know you'll leave after that. That's actually. What they're do and we actually call this well monster it's. And we caught raw Hans Erik did you get the benefits of the raw and and by the time you throw in everything else like the guaranteed completion clothes that living benefit. Been able to leverage and no bank could elaborate on a rocker traditional IRA but it will leverage on something like that. So it all these extra benefits you can register your retirement. Tom we had one of one of the people your company that ran a Roth vs IU will comparison because. The CPA of this particular 25 year old lady said Felder she wants to do Roth. We ran the numbers. Heat index universal life outperformed the Roth. 750000. Dollars to 450000. Dollars it was significant surge truly. They Roth on steroids and the young lady. Is already putting in 2500 dollars a year starting at age 25. And she ran out of money with the Roth hit eighty years old Jersey are you well she never runs out of money. Get the idea what you had today right here on their. To guarantee that you'll always get a guaranteed income restraint no matter what happens to them no matter what happened politically. I believe that's the only company that I know of that offers that is the. They are the only ones to none of those current. Fantastic quote Tom listen I know you've got to get going. I want to thank you personally appreciate our friendship appreciate our affiliation. It's been it's been a great relationship that I. Continue to see the growing and we are going to definitely unleashed the that the securities platform very shortly which are really excited about. The game didn't fit clients made in 2008 with this particular security strategy what did you say they they've made. Well Adam all the years go on a two or 3078. Or nine most got more double digit. You know to RC you know hey that was our lowest form which is right at 2%. Again we're very also losing forty. Actually lost 40% of the securities program that was 2% that is phenomenal great made sure they didn't lose 2% yet they may hate 2% are very launch. My goodness. Well Tom listen think Q begins so much we're looking forward to talking to you very shortly. And Steve penny our dollars us Tom thanks for being with us a great information and none of great both heard this. Excited even though we know about the plan you added more excitement to us those I give the this is Tom again from prosperity capital group. Really appreciate he and god bless you have a great day. Could they gonna do you guys. Thank you Tom. Folks this is this has been a really great pro am I believe I mean you know we did the key I believe in life. Is always keeping your brain open to learn. I think that when we stopped learning that's where we start dying I really believe that's the way life is I believe that that way. In god. It's my relationship with the lord grows as I continue to learn and grow into his. And you know at the prosperity group we wanna prosper we want our class prospers virtually on improved to prosper financially we want prosper. Health wise some of the things are going to be talking about a future shows I'm going to be bringing some doctors on board and in fact we may be dealing some events in the area. That we will bring us some health professionals talking about some of these things so that many of the seniors may be can get off some of the approach scripture medications that her on and you just get a better quality of life. The other thing you re we have some seminars that are coming up. And you can go to our website WWW my money is safe dot com. And you can look at the dates work we're doing some an Arizona steakhouse and Simpson Phil and also the peddler will be coming up in the next couple weeks and Steve. You know what I'm I'm almost speechless when I hear all of this because my mind is racing and absorbing some of the stuff I know I'm sure the listeners are as well. And you know the thing that I want to make sure that people understand is it just because you think it's too good to be true doesn't mean that it is. And you need to hear these firms have been around a long time they just haven't always been accessible to everybody and we're trying to make remarks that's what everybody so that's why you need to cause. That's claiming that Saddam of this because we have a lot of an event innovative ways to help you in your retirement your. Well and when you hear about this program with a guaranteed completion clause which is that the person is guaranteed to complete the program that's also 99 point 6% success rate. What was it that he said about. About better. And we're. Again if you get settled their bit I didn't right and but no that is an Ito that the reality is if you can find something better. In your life that improves your position. In Enron validate that it's authentic didn't do it why not. You don't pay yourself that your business owner put yourself in the situation rehab guarantees. That's what we focus on at the prosperity group we're not a one trick shop where we show you one type of things we do choose to do each. Listen rescued you guys just do annuities we should absolutely not. If programs like this are very very unique. They they standout but. Our crux is that we are focusing on guarantees. Today your retirement stick save to making your retirement stress free. So folks we're out of time this segment I really appreciate you tuning in our number is 9890176. Call phone lines if you just she did this program call and give us a call would love to get together with few. God bless you have a great day this is great millions Steve Lewis of prosperity.