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Jul 13, 2017|

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Folks good morning this is Rick billions of prosperity group that there. My assistant Steve Lewis is here with me. We are talking today about me. Tension like he. Time to try how to create pension liking. Come for retirement. You know it's it's very interesting to hear about that in a lot of people talk about guaranteed income and things like that. You're gonna learn today how to take your IRA and 41 K. And literally build your own pension the strike by using an account it's a 100% safe and guaranteed. Free for market risk that we get market gains. Where you're able to lock in your games typically on an annual or biannual basis depending on which strategy that you use. And where your principal is guaranteed. So this is something it's very very important in and Steve. Yeah we talk to people about this we've been using this term for a long time. And there's a lot of gimmicks out there but I say that we've probably been able to achieve the best. Pension like you become strategy that I've seen since subscription and suddenly the visit our complete agreement you know for those listener since the show is really about pension liking come. Tell me were what you mean when you when you talk to somebody about creating a pitcher like income what does that mean. What I'm talking about is okay if somebody's got to Nyerere 41 K all right. If they've got the money in the market. You don't build they'll be given like to Monte Carlo playing they have all of these exotic plans. That will will tell you were to guarantee an income but the reality that can't be guaranteed income. Because something could happen to affected significantly. And if it happens early on it could really drastically affect their plans to what we're talking about. Is taking a chunk of your money your 41 K you're hiring putting it into an account. Where the the owner is able to guarantee Inco for himself with its that he. Or his wife which is a spouse so value takes somebody's irate realistic 200000 dollars as a person's name. Now this 200000 dollars is guaranteed not only for the owner but for their spouse. Tying it into it then they cannot lose it. Now the market can't cause them to lose the money. Their principle is guaranteed at the very worst and in most cases these accounts. I have no fees. Now is in a pinch and is. If I have a pension. And then I'm getting money from it every month and then I die. A lot of times my spouse doesn't get any money or she would she make it have for something that she gets less than what I was getting before that is that they. Great point that she makes me you've. They're very very good at you know the reality is you're right we've look at people would have pensions from one of the things we typically not always that we tell folks. Is that if you have the option of taking lump sum. Of your pension you're better off taking along some input into one of our vehicles and the reason for that is is this. You are now secured debt money see a lot of people that Iran thought well but he's never gonna run out within Iran but guess what Enron ran out of money. It's a lot of those pension holders lost their pension. They had those safeguards but if they had followed our strategy has and even if they took a portion of their money. Or if they took if they only hello some options they did that Enron could've gone south like it did because what their money would have been secured for themselves very very important. So that's one of the reasons we tell folks to do that in most cases so it's really important that there's sort of threw things are taught. And about here is. If you have a pension with the company. There is a way to protect that so that if if the if the owner of the pension dies then the spouses continually taking care and that the math works out incredibly well for them. But the the other side is if we're creating a pension liking come. As sought aid if I create if I do you use your services and created a pension like you govern me and I die. Then what happens to that money that it does it do well and a pension bill. A 100% of it now goes in control of the spouse. And in most cases a 100% if both spouses die the kids get control of it as well. Mile so the money is no loss and that's the thing he brought out. Is that many cases. Person loses half of the money so the husband dies. The wife let's say that the income was 2500 dollars a month now look like it's 12100 dollars a month or 1250. And then what happens when she does is not the left. Well if you follow our strategy. There's still something left the kids will get the money. And it's so it also passes it to accuse tax favored way. Where they can create what's called a stretch hire me out of their pension. So these strategies work now folks or remind you our phone lines are open you can reach us at 8649890176. 8649890176. We are a local company were twenty parkway comments way. In career it's agree mailing address but we're just south southeast of the public's it thorn blade and just down the road from the Michelin building. We've been there for lush jolly ten years eleven years and now actually last twelve years. And so we're here in town now our phone lines are open during the show although some light show. You can call the operator you can request. If you would like. A pension. Strategy session and others will show you how to create potential I can come give us a call. You can call 804400434. For those that view out of the area she would get a lot of calls from Spartanburg. A lot of folks that are there you we've we've toward Iran may be will do this. Pictures setting up a satellite office of the Spartanburg area for our listeners down there is restarting a lot of activity from there. And in folks many of your retiring this summer. And you're not sure what to do a lot of your retirement companies will sticky to a bank for the sticking to the bank to stick you in the market. Selling guilty is released are cute the safe money strategies they just stick you in the market. There's no difference between your local bank. And a brokerage firm it's really synonymous in many cases the brokerage firms do in the money for the bank. Where is that intentional or your use of the word sticky in here that you kept saying that. Those does that what I say Q they stickier. Well yeah this is you have I think it was a Freudian thing that made most of them but you know what's in the best interest in because you know had a a client that I'm at several years ago. Has she said Gregg wind wind you know they transition this over to sit eager to go with this well known bank starts with a W we won't go into detail. And she was into these accounts sheer ability what she was it. In fact. The person made a severe mistake. Because she had what's called net unrealized value. Which means that a portion of her account would have been taxed a free it of taxes in the sense that she or pay taxes on it. But because of the way they transferred the money she paid taxes she's paying taxes. Them on the again. While yeah. And innocent then that's a great time to point out the fact that we have away a CPA that works with us right we also have a team of CPAs on their work with us outside of the office. And we have a team of attorneys so. You know when we take a look at your portfolio we're not looking at where we are definitely not a one trick pony we'd know what to do and want to look for. And how to best take advantage of you and if we don't if it's something beyond our expertise we have tons of experts. At our Beck and call it can help us tell me well. You make a great point it's who we call it integrated approach we we put different eyes on it that if if there's something complicated we can sure he's safe money strategies that work. You know folks tax freeze hard to beat. And a lot of folks they think oh that's not possible but these are strategies that the rich and wealthy use on a daily basis but folks. We are making these strategies affordable for listeners and our area you can take advantage of these strategies. Some of our younger listeners we have we've had some response for younger listeners they can take advantage of this. Leveraging we've talked about and they can create a potential like income for themselves hey here's the difference Steve. We have a 37 year old. Manages a well known restaurant in this series 37 year old and he is working on a tax free strategy. Steve Hill have access at 53. Years old for tax free income if you want to trigger at that point. Or he can wait where's your kid that money and an IRA. He's gonna get penalized until he's 59 and a half to even touch the fonts. Here he's got access to continue building his business maybe who wants to start his own restaurant he'll have the money to do it. And he's not putting that much money into it and if I heard you correctly text three. Tax free that's not money that he have to report on his income tax has taxable money no it's tax free it Dziena calculate to the Social Security. And the reason is because of I think it's code seventy. 702 of 7703. The IRS code I may have misquoted that that basically. It's it's it's a code that works which some type. Of the insurance type policies so you know people some great insurance is lousy way to events not true. Not true I talk to a manager of hedge fund New York City was in New York. And we got to talking about our strategy he loves it we're gonna talk about it you know that in fact he wants to find out how they can incorporate this in their petrol. I'll bet. But we're out of time this segment shooting it is we talk about how to create pension like income from your retirement. You know. It's. It's time these days sale and so. Done this year and seeing defense. This father's diet can sand. This mom is adding it's. June stance and there's not stand sorry. Slow. In noon a. And folks well I got back this thing's great ailing Steve Lewis of the prosperity and advisors LLC. We are talking today how to create pension like income for your retirement strike how to take your hiring your 401K. And guarantee the money for both you and your spouse and house what's left your children. This is an article that was written in 2013. By force magazine rob Russell has has retirement income the only right way to create. It's as well many retirees and soon to be your charge continue to rank third number one fear as a living her money very few financial advisors and money managers. Know how to address to sphere head on creating retirement account used to be simple and straightforward by using a balanced portfolio stocks and bonds. Often called a 6040 portfolio. And only with throwing a reasonable 4%. A year to supplement your Social Security or pensions. Unfortunately what was once investment gospel is now investing is now investment war. As the 6040 stretching 4% rule have proven to be ineffective and even dangerous. A recent study conducted by Morningstar recently underlined the fact that a balanced portfolio is ill equipped. To resolve the fear of today's retirement retiring because they 4% initial. Real withdrawal rate has approximately 50% cross probability of success. Over a thirty year period that's a coin flip chance did you go broken retirement if you follow the traditional advice. Outlook balanced portfolio and withdraw 4%. The lesson here is that if you're young twenties to forties you need to save more but if you're near. Or in retirement fifty's plus to your approach to creating income. Need some reconfiguring. Their folks. This is the mindset still of many of the brokers this is what they're telling you to do. What this article doesn't say doesn't even offer it as it because it's still sticking you a 100% in the market in some variation. Is that we have tools right now. After prosperity grew that we can put you with a company that's one of the top companies in the world not just the country but in the world. And you can even get increasing. Income. Increasing income if you want that. If you don't need all of that you can even store some of it so Steve this is a tremendous program but somebody let's say they want 25000 dollars a year. They come back to listen to see you guys we really. You know we only 25000 or you're paying a tax on it we just want 151000 dollars a year. That we can take 101000 dollars a year put it aside funds in the same account that they have. And it five years we can go to companies say hey you know that side front go so let's check for 50000 dollars and they continue to receive their 151000. Dollars a year man. That's awesome to see this that's what we're talking about where we are seeing creating your pension like income but it's better than a pinch. You know you in in the article you talked about talked about the 4% rule which we talked about a lot. And I've never heard that statistic until you discredit say you have a 50%. Chance of success. Maintaining your your lifetime income over thirty year period. By using the 4% rule which most financial professionals use as a kind of rule of thumb so you have a 50%. Chance. Does this stuff did that we promote. You have a 100% chance of success for your life is they guaranteeing come there is no way that you cannot get. The income for the rest release are for the double negative but you know if you're guaranteed to get that lifetime income. Well listen to what this this this article goes on the senate says many pros. Constantly turned to a duties for that much needed income guarantee but only for portion of your overall income needs. So it's mutual funds out of the picture is a viable choice for predictable retirement income where he turned. The answer as it is turns out isn't so simple the most difficult financial decision in your life. His how to take cure cute little life savings increase a personal pension that you can dot outlived. It's a totally different way of looking at your money to focus goes from how to accumulate more time how do I. DQ Lleyton taking kind of the best place to start is with some. Angel was so that still holds true today and he goes on to say diversification. Here's the problem we we didn't show talking about diversification or delusion. Delusions that Dellucci who thought that well could be delusion that the whole idea is is that folks. These. Folks when they give you these articles they go on to put you into accounts they're charging you fees. They are charging you fees on your pension like income. Most of the accounts that we use part of devoid of Fiji don't have the fees that eat away your income. You have the possibility of increasing income XT for those people who need a bigger chunk of income up front we have tools for that as well. And two income they can't outlive regardless. Of market conditions. And in many cases it either count do well older income goes. So I PI go back to my question before would you rather have a 50% chance of success in your retirement years. Would you rather have a 100% chance of success and I don't really think about it Steve let's throw that around I think a 100% beat fifty per side and wish you all the time especially in retirement especially when you're talking about a fixed income over a period of time it is here's the other danger Steve let's say somebody retires in its list or safe folks we're talking about. Rolling over your 41 K into an utter a word because pension like income for. If you don't do that and here's the mistake that happens to a lot of people. A lot of people and we used the living analogy. They see the market going up they feel they need to get their chunk of it urged you're going into the market now because they think OK happy days are here again. Here we go here's the problem Steve. If the market takes a correction right as soon as they retire. And they just lost thirty or 40% of their account. How do the week you're probably going back to work where they're certainly not very comfortable with what happens it. Folks you can call us or phone lines are open during this time 86498901768649890176. You can go to our website WWW. My money is safe dot com he is Social Security information. Give us a call and we will sit down and go over with these strategies with you one of us were you know one of the we met with the gentleman a couple of weeks ago and he was actually. Various Steve with his portfolio and everything and we were telling him you know we like to promote that you're gonna get summer between four and 7% return we wanna be real. Conservative with what's out there and he is blowing up at 6% I don't I don't want any part of it because I can do better in my portfolio and the truth is when we sit down and analyze that portfolio. If I'm not mistaken I think is greater returns like three and a half or 4% or something he was shot and will win the war and this accounts. That he thought he was making more money I think into being 3% yet. In the other his overall return was 4%. He was very very surprised today he thought he was getting 6% net yeah. So we we can do an analysis for you that we'll show you you or your effective rate what after all your fees and everything else what is it that you are actually earning. Vs what you would be you know with something that we offer Steve another thing to. Is in many cases. These folks can take an income while preserving their principal. It will show that strategies on how to protect your principal folks. In other words if if that's the lead if it matters she if you wanna leave some legacy your family we can show you way to protect your money. Folks were almost out of time to signal what you did to visit to the next segment were to talk about this. We're gonna tell a story about. My son does so at our lady came to see him she thought. There portfolio's worth the 600000 dollars she can draw income from this. And her husband who managed the account. Did not protective hedge himself. We 2008 occurred. She had much less money than what she thought she had her house was paid for. Because he used the money instead of paying off the house to speculating about it. We will talk about how we help this person. Folks to do this is Greg Elliott the prosecutor Steve Lewis. I. Welcome back folks this is great goalie of the prosperity through that. That those song written by Billy Preston. They sing it with say a singer named Serena back in the eighties and that was my wife and I singing I was the first song we actually recorded together when we were. First married him in fact if you go to that some of our FaceBook things we've got some photos of that and he seemed much younger version of Greg and I had darker hair yes of you actually said to me the other day Steve. You're actually had dark hair from a I should. I said I resemble. That remark that if the wildest. I'm happy and you know in the 1880s I thought they have a black and white pictures so I don't know how they would be able to tell you has done well in L got it's absolutely true 1880 you don't know I cowboy hat on and you that's right that's right I didn't end up I could lessen the best. Well of folks listen we're talking about some pretty fascinating things. Oh I wanna read the last segment of the circle have been reading from Forbes magazine you gotta tell the story team. Who won't go to Steve tell your story is the story about your son you were talking about oh yes yes I think he thinks remind me keeping on track here. We're talking at the last segment about a lady came to a seminar she thought shared a 600000 dollars. And what she discovered her husband who put a 100% of his money in the market traded himself. You know the accounts. And I say it was pretty successful at the trading well here's the problem would be traders. Third there really good when the market goes up. I mean you know everybody's pretty good when the market goes the mark of a good day trader the market would give it brokers what they do the markets are correct how you're protected well. She thought she has 600000 dollars and instead of paying off his home the brutal in the market. When my son met with dispersant. Hurried countless she's 59 years old her count was down about 300000. Dollars. Her she had a mortgage of about 225. On a 300000 dollar house. Very very different situation so what he did. As he took the 300000. Dollars put into an account that's giving her growth because she has a really median income until she's 66. And guaranteed that money regardless of market conditions and her 41 K she was able to use. Tax free strategies. By slowly what we called the funding to 41 K she was able to do it in service roll over. Use another account for growth. And she wanted leave a legacy to her kids so he did a legacy account for kids they'll. Steve you know I can protected himself. He could've gotten herself for life insurance. Policy. To protect that principal there was very good jobs of the covered at least 500000 for pennies on the dollar for pennies on the dollar. Because he had his he had a solely for the market. Had another client in fact. As she's she we she did an interview for us and and then it's on our website that she can look at an interview on our web site of the cross on the prosperity group. Certain FaceBook. A prosperity group that FaceBook dot com. And this particular client. Had it her husband was that the second marriage and her has 100% of the market he had a broker that was a personal friend of his doing all of this. And I met with them that this was back row 2006. And I see you've got too much exposure to the market don't you think. He says no don't like the market really comfortable with that and we we talked forever about. A year. He was trying to recruit me to any religious organizations that I was not willing to get recruited by we will go into that. She didn't even adhere to that so it was kind of a little bit of a not a meeting of the minds. The other thing I told them to do was actually you know you need to talk to the attorney and the attorney just do you recommend that he get a trust because it was a second marriage today. So what ended up happening. Is he CEO of interest is this bill always targeted are California he goes to California gets a heart attack he does. It's wife had to go get the body. And horror story. She did not put she had her money in the market but she had a more conservative. We ended up moving her entire portfolio over time because she wanted it to be safe if she wanted to safe money strategies. She's never lost a penny. She in any hears that the worst part Steve Wynn and he died. What do the kids showed up with a notebook. It started writing down this is ours just as our sources are shipped to pay an attorney 30000 dollars. If she hit got the trust like the first attorney that we recommended her. Had told her he didn't they were had no issues to the kids couldn't have done it so it cost her 30000 dollars. She has no relationship with the the second kids and that was a question I have to say how do you get all they get along great. Until somebody doesn't want the money. You watch the kids were upset because 2000 you know when he died. The his stocks had gone down tremendously. So they had much less money than they thought. While it's so all of this could have been present that prevented. And all the money should have been protected. Well we were able to helper she's OK she's really nice money your kids she took her vices of the street tax free strategies to lead to the kids. If I mean there the reality is most people listen to me folks you've got the hiring. You're taking your required the distribution even have to take it seven years also be reinvested in the market. Follow our strategy we'll show you way. To take that money and create tax free money for your kids to leave them a legacy that's what you want that Steve they're not just do it for their kids. To get nursing home benefits they get living benefits that they become sick so not only does this pitch like income just didn't come they've got. Ways of protecting your state that are very different than the north. You know another seduce them random by Tom actually sort of keeping bees not too long ago. Did you know that yes I have I do I have to I noticed that your face is really popular. Well it didn't you say that so you know one of the things they say about beekeepers is at some point you're gonna get stung Armenian rice do you need it's a foregone conclusion island not me I'm always gonna. Suit up and I'm gonna protect myself Reno and a move in the the high around and all kind of stuff how he lives do you have I have 22. And I can't wait to get honey but unfortunately got away I have to invest to get my honey so it's going to be next year before us are reaping the reward bad. Are you like mail ordering the hunt here. None. Enough but I have to Tom I have to feed them and and that takes care of him at the moment till they get strong enough to take care of themselves but. You know one of the things that that happens with highs is you know grass grows to. Around hives just like you rose anywhere else right focus so again have to cut the grass so he it I've cut the grass around behind several times. And listen to the experts on how to do it what to do and all that kind of stuff will. One of the things that you're supposed to do is is it just kind of counterintuitive you'd think they would be more aggressive during the day that you wanna cut remember herb or bother them. Around the middle of the day because all the workers are out saw the ones that are that are more likely to protect the driver are out Al sidewalk you know I didn't listen to the experts it was a little later at night. It was seen on a quite dark kid bit and we've been raining so. Most of the high was at home they weren't out foraging at the moment. I didn't care and on and Donnie publicity experts could have done this many times you're not never gotten stung I'm I'm I'm good right. So I do my thing and I cut around the the aggressive I've. And I look up behind me. And it looks like that's scene from the movie swarm like there are those bees are just pouring out of high and uses black cloud probably exaggerating a little bit but there is black cloud of bees just. Like moving my direction and I'm as fast as I can argue about little bull riding mower on zipping away from that high and I'm thinking oh my goodness I'm not gonna make English just leave tomorrow where I probably should have prices jumped up and taken a running threat. She bees flying around mean everything and you know just in a panic mode. And then all of a sudden I feel one on my leg and I went down and about as fast as it hit me espionage flintoff. And I'm still driving a lion but I think that the old yep did stung me I mean my leg throb for you know a couple of hours I mean it was brutal. My point in telling you that story other than flotilla that Stephen is stubborn as. Is she tell you that I didn't listen to the experts I've done many times before Brian I knew what I was doing I had control the situation. No way am I gonna get stung and guess what I got he's got you guys don't. You know that's that's a great analogy because you know we've said this to people before. And one of the problems like when people are looking at their 41 K Steve is that companies making contributions. So when there's a correction. They don't really pay attention to correctional luster is a major major correction. Then if if so have you had 41 case in 2008. You know exactly what we're talking about when all the sudden he thought you threw 400000 dollars and it's down. You have to 75 or something like that here you're getting in a panic mode because you're saying my goodness all this money. I worked for is she's just too evaporated and so. This is why if you're nearing retirement age listen to the experts we're experts. To show you how to create a potential I can come let us show you how to transfer that I array. Protected. Her church treasurer forward can make it into admiring critic pitch like income for you and your wife. And unlike a regular pension as Steve pointed out earlier in the show. You can look past this money on your kids and a favorable way is well if that's what you wanna do you wanna spend every dime. That increasing income could spin down over you know if you look 200 you still. At the end come. You know I would encourage you to do that this Ben Franklin close to the pros and the cons. Because you know the upside is if you stay in the market yeah you might make though a few percentages more they you know opportunity there but as you just read that article before. You have a 50% chance of not being Arab outlive your income not being able to have enough income. And you know if the market corrects you've got this the downside of whatever the market Foley is. Well let me ask you some C what do you think we've talked about this or seminars and if folks need instituted these were going to be doing some seminars probably at the peddler. Later this month. So too did go to our website will be will be putting them out very shortly so I just wanna remind our listeners of this. There are seminars are well attended are usually going to be Tuesday night I think we're doing what on the eighteenth. The twentieth and the 25. Somewhere around their last two weeks in July so make sure that she too needed but the reality Steve. These people. Are being here. With things that we're warning them about it we can protect that we can make sure that their pension is protected if there is a correction that it'd be okay. That your spouse is going to be okay. And they can leave a legacy for their family that they don't want we've legacy they can spend all the money they they little hundred ex Soviet union college and have a stress free retirement payment. Jesus. Can. Bring you and yeah. We'll be you know the Bible says it's become like a little. Into the kingdom of god. And you lose. Okay. Welcome back this is great to tell you the prosperity group advisors LLC on her Steve Louis we are talking to gave her her. Pay pensions like income from your retirement accounts. And and you know we've been talking about ways to create a pitch like income how to have increasing income how to have a higher income up front. Depending on your goals were able to help all segments of the folks that want to get an income but it's. You when you hear about these income accounts d.s income strategies. That the tools that we use your principal is guaranteed. Your money is protected it and your games are locked him okay. We can also show you how to mitigate or eliminate fees entirely from your account. On an ongoing basis and and one of the things that we can do we can run a report. Just show you exactly what that that effective rate of return is on your account she's the real rate of return than that rate of return. Many people think you're making more money than they are Steve you were talking about the return of the market what do you think to return to the stock market is historically. I would guess probably historically around 7% result less than that surrounds six point 26 point 3% and you're close yet. But here's the point when we're telling people reasonable rate of return. We're seeing four to 7%. We're talking about a county never lose money on. So even though the markets return. Is that it's it's indicative of the factually about a lost 40% but if they hung in there they came back. The problem is many of the clients that we deal with their retirement age you might want to live long enough. To come back for a major correction especially if piece of the experts are correct. And there were looking at some correction this year later this year you know the fall October September. It's a funny way that history could repeat itself in in so. I think one of our investment companies talks about how they do a specific strategy we're in the summer they sell they totally get out of the market. Every summer and this is something that we can refer YouTube. I think in 2008. Paved the figures like a 7% return there but he lost money following the strategy. You know I recruited him on the show we'll we'll we'll have the show talking. We have a guest on the show a couple of weeks or few weeks ago that was my father in law and yet I just talked about in 2008 he lost a significant amount his retirement. And you know he said you because you're asking you civil you know have you recovered from that and he said no. And so you know the point in in saying that is that. You know he's had plenty of time to recover any hasn't and the whole advantage or or one of the advantages of of the programs that we offer is. You know you don't lose when the market. Tanks. But you also don't have to reset at that lost them out so if you're a 100000 you lose 40%. Well now I have 60000 in my count my growth now has the star from 60000. Instead of a 100000 with us you lose zero and when the market starts coming back and it will traditionally and always it always has at some point it'll start rebounding. Well I've started a 100000 I don't started 60 time I am 40% ahead of the got its in the market boom right. An inch guess what we're saying who forced you suddenly just retires. They'll officially retiring later this year and they don't follow the safe funny strategies and market does take a correction. They're bigger picture is very very different. Then what they expected and that's the problem that debt a lot of folks don't prepare for because they don't think it's gonna happen because you know everything is. Hunky dory it's business as usual you know that's a problem up until boil the. I was slowly thing you know the frog that actually that's not true about the analogy goes that if you boil a frog slowly he'll stay in the content. And a boiled to death and and not see the the imminent danger that's coming out and no you're actually right are true. You know we talked about the the Jim Rogers article and I wanna tune in this last segment just just references one more time because. There's an interesting article that came up on now Fox News not too long ago and one of the things that Jamal Anderson was if there were asking him what's good what's gonna trip the market what's. What is it it's gonna be his this cataclysmic event and he's off we don't know you know actually the one in I think since 2008 was started with Iceland and the people that he no Iceland had an economy with the Italian Iceland tripped in the near term and then it turned into this whole massive thing all right one of the things that he says is Jesus I don't know what's gonna cause an exhibit it could be an American pension plan goes broke and many of them are broke. Walls this article in Fox News actually talks about so if if I'm at Illinois employee of the government employee you'll ever see and you know I've got this pension I'm thinking man set for life. Because the government can't go away and you know I got this great pension won't the title of this article says Illinois careens. Into financial meltdown and not even though lottery is safe. And listen to a quote from the government he says the governor sorry. He says we're like a banana republic we can't manage our own money and when you have that Chief Executive Officer of the state. Saying that we're like the banana republic and we can't manage our own money. Bomb that's a huge red flag if I'm in an old my attention I'm freaking out right now because I'm wondered if my money's gonna be there when I needed. Won't keep you mentioned the people that want a lot of them. You know the one that use a lot of strategy for the redundant. It's gone yeah they I mean potentially as an either or these are the birth pains. Of some of the issues that are there because these things had not been corrected. California. I mean they're seriously talking about splitting up the state to try to take the burden off off of some of these pension accounts. What's the other state that having issues I mean Massachusetts is still having issues I mean so you're looking at the early birth pains of this. And and the president is correct we have to fix the infrastructure. But when I was reading an article on Wikipedia one of the things he talked about. Is the internal growth. That happened would businesses. Stopped. It right now these people in congress. They still want global growth you don't want because they're profiting from it themselves. They don't care about. I hate to say they don't care about you and on it's not a representative form of governing or. Funny how folks are getting political but I don't believe they're representing us they're representing themselves apart as far as I'm concerned. We can fire all of them and start over we probably be better off because. We're there's two people trying to bring reason into Washington there's no reason he would Washington unfortunately. You're tied internal growth in and we're not time to go into enough because we are almost out of time. But that is one of the huge symptoms of what's going on right now is that companies don't have internal growth they have paper growth there I wrote from the the market and and that's not real growth. It's not as if so folks do you want to use companies that are true. Tried and true. Why do we use insurance companies folks because they assumed upon risk for you let them listen to bond risk you don't have to worry about the interest rates volatility. His company has done and can achieve different strategies like this. Folks we're out of time we enjoy so much can we count the privilege to be with you. God bless you tune in next week to the stress free retirement. To get on FaceBook you can watch as life or you can watch the tape god bless you have a great to.