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Jul 13, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is great tell you the prosperity we could. Advisors LLC and I hear what my associate and friend Steve Lewis. Morning Steve how are you doing. Hope you had a great Father's Day I did in happy Father's Day US saw a picture on FaceBook where you look like you were carrying some weight around. FF FF yeah I had my two boys who used to be babies they're not so much anymore and I think I'm one of the chiropractor after yeah I think so and so I think this what somebody said they ask you how your back was doing it and carrying my can you spot on the uneven and try to carry mine you know on the small guy and both of my boys having about a three or four inches and so when you obviously they need to be carrying that around. Well and can carry me that's for sure. Well folks we are here today and word we're talking about to see what is your real rate of return this is the title of today's show. And you can reach us at 86498901768649890176. Our phone lines are open although it's all I showed you can call an operator leave your information or you can go to our website. WWW. My money is safe dot com and we're on every Saturday morning at 7 AM and also. Some days at 11 AM. And so you can tune in every weekend analysts are what we're talking I can also go to FaceBook life and if you go to the prosperity. Group. On FaceBook. You can find is that way as well and also security first. You to show airs through that website which we handle property casualty. And now homeowners and things of that nature automobile insurance I think Steve you're supposed to save me some money in my automobile insurance I think Kara I'm hold you left. And having a lot of success actually have been. It's just amazing and not only am I saving people a lot of money but they're paying too much money for not enough coverage and so I've been able to you or raises the coverage instilled decrease the premium and make it so that it's a better and in people's interest so no that's that's good but cheerful April quick. You need to go to FaceBook you know you gotta get a sneak preview of the show you don't have to wait until Saturday or Sunday idealism of the show you can actually watch it live and you can hear you can see our. Radio faces than and I think. And then hear us talk about that they fire so here and you also get a chance to interact with a slotted as well. Fantastic fantastic folks and we've been doing this stuff for some time organ and quite a lot of folk. Responses Lotta people are actually going to see the show and and learning about what we do the prosperity group or we show you. How to have a stress through retirement that's actually the title of our show we show you strategies to make your retirement stress free. Free wind you know what's interesting Steve is his people are listening since to some other things were talking about you know we had that show where we talked about Jim Rogers whose. Predicting a major major correction we certainly got people's attention. That Ito today we're gonna focus on something that we ran into. In the field this week and what is someone's real rate of return or the proper way to determine is there a effective rate of return. And a lot of folks. Don't really realize they think they're making more than they are just like it if you run an average rate of return I think we showed this yesterday we haven't but chart. When that shows the DS and PO lost decade. And what that is hoax is it's ten years. Where the market out of the ten years we have five down years in the market incredibly that was between 20012011. And we had five down years in the market and the S and p.'s rate of return. Was negative two point 85%. So if you had done on buying whole strategy. And indeed you know you follow the Dow or the S&P were actually down on your account as many people work. But when we calculated the average rate of return. The average rate of return was showing a higher rate it was showing in negative. One point 5% well either waits in the negative but the average rate showed a higher return now be easier we're giving you positives but the point would be like this. If somebody showing you your average rate of return it might show 5%. But you're effective rate of return we consider the fees. And he what's called the undisclosed piece all the they're disclosing them but most of the statement stole. Give those fees that are undisclosed you have to calculated yourself. So the undisclosed fees effective rate of return would be maybe three and a half percent that's pretty significant. That's real significant and you know we actually met with a gentleman yesterday. And this guy is is very sad in the market he's very savvy and why does he handles a lot of his. Investors just kind of interest think he's he's paying a guy to manage his portfolio but he does the managing sorry it's an interest think. Shut up but when we started really crunching his numbers. He's been in this particular account for seventeen years and was very proud of the fact that he knew his interest rates. And then when we really started they're really doing the numbers that we went from a really good interest rates down here. A true effective rate and it was amazing. He he's literally had socket is either at how little he had earned in and had missed. All of this sub fees and authorized a Verizon there. And she goes 25 dollar a year fees you know they add up a little bit but those so account fees. Kim very and that's what each of some of the account that US interest sixty. Most people don't really pay attention to those fees until the dirt celts are losing money. Well that was my point with this guy is that that he was paying attention. I think you know I mean this guy that he are always on top of the counties he's checking it every day he's doing training and Alice can step he's paid attention any missed it came just a guess so yeah it's very easy to miss that so here's the point folks one of the things we've been talking about here to prosperity group. Is that the right now I think this week the market hit an all time high. And and so it's just funny how people become like lemmings are sheep and they figure oh everything's hunky dory the market's going up. Yet you've got to Washington going desert trying to get rid of the president of the United States and ways I've never seen. And the new normal is strange yet this democratic race where. They spent millions and millions of dollars they were. Calling it a referendum and the most in history about playing the most in history most historic for congressional race yet well and and the interesting thing is that Democrats didn't win. Get an insult our races in both South Carolina and Georgia while in this is the part that did the media. Is wrong version of reality is very very different. Than reality I mean it's just getting weirder and weirder and we're also the point. Where I'm I'm I'm about to shut down the news because I'm not you know it's all fake. We really is all fake candidates you know armies we go to different sources we've talked about we look at different financial sources. You know that the client asked us how do you all keep up on the step what do you do to keep abreast of things that. Basically we don't stick our head in the sand and just agree with the pundits and you know. This is something that's very very important and so one of the things that we seniors there's there's a lot of retirement companies that are out there. And we believe in a reasonable rate of return so here what we're saying folks that you can make a reasonable rate of return which you're safe money. And what is a reasonable re rate of return. Depending on wind begin in it's gonna be anywhere from four to 7%. This is what our clients have consistently been. In the range of not now not every single person but the majority of folks are doing that. The other thing that we've we've done is we've shown clients ways we're taking into account where they have no fees. An example that we have Steve this Klein said he was paying two and a half percent in fees so in seventeen years that's nearly 40%. Of the value of his account has gone to feast he still made money thankfully. But does the reality is those fees add up until we can run a report to actually show you folks which you're real rate of return is. What's your real rate of return is so it's important that you understand what you're earning on your money. C.'s Steve right now the month the celts going up the market's going up people aren't paying attention like they should. That's right we do a report that goes in and it assesses all the fees. It assesses everything and gives you what you've been talking about which is you're you're effective greater return what is the real. Rate of return in your account so and that's something that that even this gentleman we're doing that for him today at right there that he was totally unaware of yes we can run that report so you can see what the internal fees are what it's costing. And this goes beyond that disclosures now and and folks. The prosperity group we are acting as a fight do you Schering. Now with the new Department of Labor law. And so we we give disclosures to that effect we've been acting that way anyway. For our clients doing the the best job for the impossible putting them the right accounts but. You need to tune in you can reach a city 649890176. We can call 1804400434. Phone lines are open give us a call this is Greg Elliott the prosperity grew. You. Me. Yeah. It's. Okay. Eight games. Okay. Okay. Ha. All right folks welcome back this is great. And personality beautiful song written on my daughter Annie L you can actually a lot of people asking about her music you can go to any hell we duck I mean and sat sound club dot com. And that CNN IE EL IE and sound club dot com and you can listen to your music we are working on a CD for her. Or EP whatever they call it now. Tom I almost say cassette but that I would be dating myself and since nobody has a cassette. At least you didn't say a track that kept him out good movies you know and an eight track are real Dario is I drove a car the other day and had an interest in who yeah. There was an old car there was no car and was in great shape. Think it was eight wasn't GTO one of those sort of race car looking things and all the kids that were played driving confessed schoolgirl. I never drew when he went under of Steve. A Renault car. While. It looked like a matchbox or my friend would move it in high school there you have your knees like in your chant I had I had plenty room I can go to like you go to Cocoa Beach to Miami for ten dollars worth again that's why I'm miles a gallon. The promise I went to McDonald's. I would think my car was one place and in routier's under the parking lot that was kind of aggravating. We will go into more detail and coach Larry that. So there is so folks you know we are talking today about a real rate of return. What are you really earning on your accounts if you want to find out. We'll give you an unbiased opinion C can see it thankfully the market is gonna people are making money the other thing we've noticed Steve. A lot of folks haven't made any money like they could have. Because they just stay conservative the whole way through and these are folks that have exposure in the market which. Really are safe money strategies are gonna probably give them a better return. They would they would be getting with debts mentality in the market we'll certainly they're probably gonna get a better return on the outside but they're also getting your safety on the downside will talk zero as our hero all the time. And that your most definitely will not lose anything in the market tanks. Well and next next week are we talking about pension like in coming and going into detail on that folks we can show you how to do have a guaranteed income for your life. And not only your life that your spouse's life but here's the other thing too folks if you have a 41 K. And we got a lot of calls for this you can do what's called him in his service roll over pure over typically over 59 and a half. You can do and and service roll over make your money safe and only expose your future money. So what is an in service stroller just so people understand that so let's say somebody's working at you know let's say there working at Michelin OK and and I'm not I'm just throwing out there I don't I'm not even sure where all the rules are we have a lot of Michelin clients but basically assists. Let's say some he has 400000 dollars in their 401K. They're over 59 and a half. Their little concerned about the markets that now what they've done is they've gone conservative in their accounts. So you know there freighters in mere correction well when they can use what we do or safe money strategies. And let's say they are allowed to move the entire account without closing the 41 K they take a hole 400000 dollars to move it over to us. In an oddly enough folks. They'll have more money after they move it over to us usually the strategies we use. They would make a significant amount of money right up front. But now that money's no longer exposed to risks and the only thing that's exposed to risk is her future contributions now. Some companies might see at least 20030000. Associates of the company's rules. But for the most part most people are able to move the majority of the money or. A portion of the money subjects that are rules so they can mirror than the money that's in there and if I heard you correctly they can still continue to participate. In the program with the matching and everything else absorb one K is is normally part of absolutely and and that's important because. A lot of folks don't know that it's there the other things Steve. Is let's say they worked at a firm before now they moved. The biggest mistake that many of these people make is they roll their old for one came to the new 401K. And they have exposure. Where is that they took the old 41 K put into a safe money strategy would guarantees. Now what they've done is they've diversified we're not all their eggs are in one basket. Not all of their money is subject to risk. And in fact with one of the clutch we were talking about earlier were doing a risk assessment to see how much exposure they actually have to the market. And just judging at first glance I would say close to ninety to 95% of their money. Is at risk and they don't know that they sense that they've heard us enough to realize that that's true but the other thing Steve the rate of return that our clients make. We are not falling asleep at the Helm another is we're not just falling asleep sticking into a safe money account create make one or 2% barely better than the CD. We're talking. A reasonable rate of return somewhere between four to 7%. Last year we have some class today 1415%. On their accounts obviously the market was up but here's the difference Steve they get to lock in their games kept. You are talking about this individual and with 95% exposure in the market and it was interesting his comment that again this is the guy that's. You know very detailed in the market pays attention. And the comment that he made over and over Dallas that he was comfortable. You know he's he and he has he's done a great job of building his portfolio. So that he's got nice amount of money there he's comfortable and I and I kept thinking we should and we sort of talked around the fact ball. You're comfortable now but with 95% of risk in the market if the market tanks which it when it tanks is traditionally 4050%. You know if you're forty forgive percent of your account is instantly gone. On how comfortable are you going to be then and then does that change your lifestyle and my guess would be that it that it wouldn't sit out. So they went well it and it's so true it's so true one of the things he also asked to Steve. It is well is our deal is the only thing your showing annuities. If he acted in there at the answers now it's not just in duties in fact. Folks we don't show about this and this isn't the purpose of this show pursue a but we have an account they'll listen to me very carefully. We have an account where a bank. This is not some scale this isn't some you know fly by night thing where a bankroll. Had close to three times but it is very similar to your 401K. Three times the value so dollars if you make a contribution. Over five years of 200000. Dollars the banks can add and approximately 600000. Dollars which injure earning. Interest on their money. Now Steve. What we do question their listeners are asking us right now by the way coach you can reach us at 8649890176. We are a local company of one point that out. We've been here 25 years. Cut our office we've been ten years it parkway Conner story parkway commons way. You'll meet with Steve were higher fully show or occasionally Stewart are CPA. The fact is we are locally based here where I can send you some guided lives. In. Charleston. To come over here and talk to you about this table local presence. I believe that's important so again you can go to our website WW. W my money is safe dot com. But Steve witnessing counter adding 321. But the beauty. Is the income that he'll be able to get the future is a 100%. Tax free. And it sounds too good to be true and I think you're going to hear about before you did the Paula there. You're gonna XY YY. Why would a company do that why would the three times the value. Well it's the same reason that that a company would give you a mortgage on a house. The other day they don't just give you. Money to buy a house and and hope and pray that they're gonna get that money back they know they if you default they they own the property they they have the collateral. To own that they they they have it. So the property is the collateral that's right and in our case we've what we're talking about the policy. Is the collateral for the bank that's exactly right so if you if you died. They get it if you live. Think they get their money back first position to get there don't you back here in the family has been fixed and all of those situations as well but just like in the home when you think I'm clear no no that's OK let's hold that thought we beat it to continue and his folks to within that this is exciting we're showing you how to protect your mind. Yeah. We'll. And in welcome back poses as Greg Ellis and Stephen Lewis I think the prosperity group advisors LLC. And folks we're talking to date about. What's your real rate of return is we got software. That's unparalleled and can actually show you your real rate of return you bring your statements to us. Oh plug in the numbers. Will come up with some goals for YouTube genome of we'll hear what your goals are which you want to achieve and see if we can help you with that but you'll know your real rate of return. Also we can showing an income plan to see exactly how much income you wanna have in and folks if you wanna get a Social Security Max report. And we need to stress this because you can actually get a report haul us. You can actually go on our website now and get a lot of information there's some stuff you can download on that go to WWW. My money is safe dot com portal a lot of activity through a website Steve Henn and you know people can get these tools they can get to the of the report to get ideas from some basic of racial Social Security. We can help guide you as to the best time to take your Social Security we can all shoot the show you how to make social security and NASA. But Steve we were talking about just in just the last segment about how people can actually get a bank they'll go. 321. On their accounts very similar mortgage where you're buying a house that's working 500000. Dollars the chilly 120000 dollars to put down. Well why are they willing to put in the 480000. Dollars on a 500000 dollar house because there's equity. It exactly and and you know it on the on the backside of it. Just like when you pay your mortgage off you now have complete ownership thing complete control of your home you own it. And the bank gave me that opportunity that's the same way this program works is. Then the other bank once they've they're paid off from the money that that you borrow from them in essence. Then you know you have complete control of the account so is it builds its its basically leveraging other people's money which is a great content that many people including our current president have used very successfully. And so when you leverage you're using somebody else's money T take care of that that opportunity now it's important to note in this and other show isn't about this particular program but. The collateral is the life insurance. So you know you don't have to worry about them coming after your homer coming after your cars are you know your bank account or whatever it's all about this program if you live they're taking care if you die they're taking care so they're collateral is the insurance program portfolio has nothing to do with anything else you know to put anything else up your children or anything else. So it's almost similar to a 41 K. In the sense that the company makes contributions in this case debate. Makes contribution as the great way to look at an FDA and here's the other thing though unlike the 41 K where they're gonna roll into an IRA and pay taxes on forever. This account. Becomes tax free when they take in company. So as they take history having county which for this particular company or one of the particular companies we used it as they guarantee streaming account is tax free for their material and and Steve they are using. Companies that her as someone was a huge amusing huge. Yeah companies have big financial companies big insurance companies I mean this is not. So little you know little set up in him in the back office somewhere this is these are prominent companies that are there. This program is one of the exclusive programs that we use at the prosperity grip you know it's interesting Steve. We got some young folks taking advantage of this and you can be 25 years old you could be thirty years old and you could do this. As long as you mean the income criteria with what is income criteria. They're looking for 100000 dollars a year to qualify for this program. And this is for folks that are below 65 years old. So this particular program we we we have some exceptions but this this program is very very unique and so. Honestly it's unmatched by anything I've ever seen. It really is. So let's say you hostility within that 64 years old but they have a wife that's 52. Her big vehicle for them here because they want to protect their spouse they can do so and I mean it works really well it's hard to be tax free money. That's right so you know the huge huge huge companies has been all you Walsh you'll benefit big glee vaguely pathetic really that big league. I think think this is typically yeah I've got his big league but it's big league she skipped on me and I under the guise intelligent rewind the words he seemed vaguely the sunny I don't know how big league big league. I see -- I listened to those hotels and yet turn I know we're we're talking about this particular program I don't want to forget the one other thing we we talked about doing and service thriller while wanna flip back and you're just a second because I want people understand if you do an in service rollover. We know we are obviously very big on making sure that people are gonna benefit the most and we're not gonna tell you cannot contribute to a 41 K ever if they're matching we tell you to make sure that your hundred did you go to the match yeah sure that's a 100% return on your money why in the world when he went exactly so if you get an answer to throw over to protect the amount of money that you've you've saved and earned. And then we are obviously tell you to keep contributing at least that churn out the thirty. Sure and here's the thing folks let's let's look at a scenario here. You've got some very Smart people that are saying there's going to be a correction by the way are phone lines are open during the show it worked saying something that stoking your interest in you wanna get together were. With those Collison each 6498901768649890176. You can also call 800 number 1804400434. We are a local company we are here in the Greenville area just about a mile and a half from the Michelin building off of the parkway commons which is just on that blocks southeast of the parkway. But we are locally based and we can show you these strategies that here here's the thing it's very interesting. Let's say you have money in a 41 K you don't follow what we're saying the market takes a correction. And an ego or here's the problem Steve we are an uncharted territory you know what that is. Dick government below the last regime if you will that stick was in the air well under bush and Obama. Dumped 10-Q. And you know that's proper market up. If she'd gone beyond the fundamentals of reason and we don't know what the net effect this. So a lot of these folks that are talking like Jim Rogers are saying is because we don't know what the effect is going to be he's we never seen it happen although. He's given different times in history when there's been some money propped up by the governor it's never worked. It's always backfired because basically you're borrowing money you don't have your creating wealth it's not real. And only certain people benefit from these things usually the people that are in the know that no one of these things are gonna hit. The person that has to risk is the average Joseph American out there. You know this sounds like it sounds like a bubble because that's exactly what it is and every bubble has today adversely first and and QV for those that are listening cancer quantitative easing you can Google it bit basically it's just the way that the government pumps money into the market to hold it up. A one and we we reference or talked a lot about the article last week with Jim Rogers. And again for the unit didn't listen I think it's a great show talking about. You know this this man who really knows the economy the great commodities dealer and and he's always. Ahead of the market he stays ahead of the trends. I wanted to read a quote for sure quick because this says everything I don't listen real carefully to this he says you know every four to seven years. Since the beginning of the republics since that since the beginning of time with the United States right every 47 years there's been a correction. And he says this what we're in right now is the longest releases second longest. In recorded history as far as we're a long time frame in between corrections 2008 was the last what. And he says you know that was all because it dead any says the debt we have. Now. It did or that we had then pails in comparison to the dentist or have it now because the quantitative easing and everything else so the point is. That that there are so many things there leading to hear it history repeats itself and. Sure the market share and earnings were right there were wrong and here's the thing folks if we're wrong and were not fear mongers were not trying to say oh my goodness disguise for the so we're saying. I mean I've read some articles where some people think the dells can go to 50000 but here's the point if you can take a chunk of your money. And make it foundational make it safe have guarantees. Then you're not risking all your money and you can still make a reasonable rate of return we're not talking CD rates. Then again I just a reminder listeners folks we have accounts for people with cash. You know person called me the other day they said Greg. Yeah I get a 100000 dollars sometime in the bank I don't want to tie it up too long right now what can I do we put into an account Steve. Korea as a tax free death benefit. Where the company gave a double digit money up front towards this cash value. And after two or three years that they wanna move the county can pull it all out dirt guaranteed their principal. And they still get their games that they're guaranteed that's the they've averaged close to five to 6% on average on this account so a whole lot better a CD while it is they want transferred seem to something for income. We can do at 1035 exchange so they don't even though they end up having to pay taxes on the goes withdrawals that that they could have proved that they just rolled over the account. That's amazing you know IE is something and I know we're up against the clock here on this segment but I want you would listen to this through carefully. If we are right. And and what we're saying about the market you know tanking have been within and what Jim Rogers says tanking by the end of the year the beginning next year if we're right and you move to us. The worst you do is zero. Right now if we're wrong the worse you do is you sleep well at night and you still as you said before you still make great returns in the programs that would that we have. Well that's what our history we say the worst is zero the worst is zero on the return by the when they moved the account. They gave me more zero pentagon bought cases they've made. You know anywhere from six to 20%. And we can go into detail because that's going to be depending on your needs or the company. That's right folks in these are strategies that are tried and proven. But we'd do things a little bit different. We don't sell blew the latest hot product that's there we try to find something that fits your needs now. Now we have rules to say you have to do that the folks we've been doing this entire time and that's why I think her clients are very happy with our strategies are safe money strategies folks. It is you're making a reasonable rate of return. And your money is safe you have access to the money. The money doesn't go through probate when dying so it it works really well there's a great transfer or something happens your spouse can get it. So folks again we're out of time this segment Putin calls that 990176. Local number. This is Greg Elliott Steve Lewis the prosperity grew. Go back folks this is grew older students across spirited group. Even talking today about the real rate of return. Go listen folks this is our call to action if you want to get a real rate to find exactly which Serena return in his. And we can do an analysis showed what is the the last five years last ten years last twenty years. Give us a call 98901769890176. Do not fall asleep at the Helm. Right now this is a crucial time because. There are people that are talking about corrections. You know everybody just thinks everything's hunky dory but you need to know which you're doing. And the best person watcher monies you will help you do that in in the very easy way. You know client NASA's ago and well being of regular quarterly statement do I get this event and we should know you want statement a year if you don't have the volatility of what the market is doing. Steve I wanna read something and this is Wikipedia. And this talks about the Wall Street cash crash of 1929. It says Wall Street crash in black Tuesday. Well the Wall Street crash of 1929 also those black Tuesday. October 29 the great crash or the stock market crash of 1929 began October 24. 1929 was the most devastating start to stock market crash in the history of the US. We taking into consideration the full extent and duration of its after effects. The crash which followed the London stock exchanges crash of September signaled the beginning of the twelve year Great Depression affected at all. Western industrialized countries. Did roaring twenties to decade that followed World War I and look to the crash was a time of wealth and access. Building up post war optimism rural Americans. Migrated to cities in vast numbers throughout the decade with hopes of finding it more prosperous life do you ever growing expansion of America's industrial sector while the America's cities prosperity overproduction of agricultural produce created widespread. Financial despair among American farmers throughout the decade. This would later be blamed as one of the key factors that led to the 1929 stock market crash. Do you know that right now oddly enough farmers are being effective big time by GMO. Things that are going on it's changing farming as we know not only in this country but in the world. We are seeing such so many of these things it goes on to say despite the dangers of speculation. Many believe that the stock market we continue to rise forever on March 25 nineteen tween and after the Federal Reserve warned of excessive speculation. A mini crash occurred as investors started to sell stocks at a rapid pace. Exposing the market's shaky foundation two days later banker Charles Mitchell announces company the national city bank would provide 25 million dollars in credit. Stop the market's slide so familiar. Mitchell's move brought a temporary halt to the financial crisis in there and a money declined from twenty to 8% however the American economy showed ominous signs of trouble steel production declined construction was sluggish. Folks might get a read through the whole article you hear the similarities of what's going on. We are watching the potential history repeating itself and the reason. Is the government stopped money in there to maintain the quote unquote status quo of wealth. And how many things in life for free. Now many salvation. Yes the salvation in Montreal there really well let you do this and address the pens right and three does but there was a costume to Jesus but hey this is the problem folks is that. People have this mentality has so. We're not saying this huge to be pessimistic. We're just saying that right now you need to know what your making you need to know what your real rate of return is. Give us a call at 8649890176. Go to our website WWW my money is safe dot com. Will help you prepare. For the future. 1 quick point 01 as it was you were reading that article I kept thinking about you know the crash happened in October. And I can't think and I wonder what people were saying in September you know that Dave mentioned the roaring twenties may and the economy was booming days are happening and everything's going great and probably in September before the crash are ready Hussein may not ride this wave let's just keep on going. And then October hit. You know there is a local builder there it through that I had done some investing within he was worth close to forty million dollars on paper. And that was in July we started talking in 2006. And you're seeing greater is so more holes are gonna sell more homes less a year cheer pay yourself. I should you gotta protect yourself watch gonna sell more homes. 20072000. Market crash in 2008. About a month before people were buying and selling house is like crazy. And do you know what happened a month later every single investor stopped buying up homes guess what happened. His net worth in a matter of six month went for forty million dollars. Down to less than four million dollars mile. Because the value of the holes had declined significantly. So all the equity he thought he had. To which was where to most of his wealth was how he paid himself Steve he would probably secured about twenty million dollars of his money if you followed our advice. Our tax free basis mount. The point is if you and we say this all the time and I hope people are listening if you're getting close to retirement if you're moving through that time frame. Take some chips off the table be safe with one be Smart be safe with what you work so hard earned. Don't gamble with that anymore you camera with a long enough now it's time to be safe with the at least some of real people heard us say this before but the in if you go to the casino who usually wins. What do they have big casinos were reason to write anything if you she were so the owners of the casino where where we wind up. When my wife was getting treatment Reno Nevada to my son we took him to play tennis and dispositions house and his son was playing tennis with a and we look at the top of the hill we showed whose house is out of their nationalist the owner of the casino and there's so he was at the very top of the hill overlooking Rio. And the small little shack I'm sure a small shack you know maybe you know 181000. Feet in Upton hit a major open extravagant probably a third the size of the casinos. But the point is. He wins most of the time into effect 90%. Of the time the casino wins the house went. The analogy were drawing is a Wall Street casino folks do not get caught up in the frenzy. And not hedge your bet. You've got to protect yourself. Yeah you can make your gains while you can. But take advantage or tax free strategies of our pensions like strategies. Get our Social Security naturalization report folks. He need to do that and make sure you know which are real rate of return is if you wanna find out give us a call. At 86. Or 990176. Or go to our website. WWW. My money is safe dot com we are on every Saturday morning it's seven pins Sunday mornings at 11 o'clock on WORD. And FaceBook blisters it's great having you this morning we're we're going to be talking Q some more. Folks go to the W or.