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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their hill. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone here listens to them maximize the radio show weird change in the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC. And Stacy scan. Yes they seized my lovely wife of over twenty years. And high school sweethearts yeah gasoline that. We didn't authorize school and then on got married had kids and didn't like sort of backwards but component Loretta eloquent essays and I Kathy Chaney junior. And I. And I guess so here we are Max muzzle the radio this weekend you know we are going to be talking about one of our five essentials of the focus this week is actually go beyond nutrition. So while we are not just a nutrition clinic burner attrition office like some people think we are we are not. Nutrition is SARS is or thirty cents on the five things that we do and our claim to brilliant in that this quick thank you to the people that come out and attended our dinner with a dock last Monday. I see your stakeouts we had a full house. If you if you heard current listener you remember how law which we said well we we gave way to a ten sets of tickets of that or something like that and how we had a full house for that because. Because we we had low attendance initially because of the Tommy here and so we wanted to. We -- to pay for these dinners and endless has given toward listeners so we've we've still the rest of the house somewhere it would listeners so if hopefully you're there and I got to meet you in new got here a little bit more about maximize living indecent hoping you got to hear some stories from somebody. I believe I Judy share her testimony somewhat there ought talked about how she's been type two diabetic port 2030 years and couldn't. The doctors told her that she could never reverse type two diabetes but she comes Sami should she earn his tour radio show. I should come and she started a program in Iraq a week later it's starting our program she went back toward doctor for check up whatever he told her. I was a quack and there's no way that she can reverse type two diabetes and she was wasting her money or what blah blah blah blah blah that. Playing well and long story short what they know weaker tunes she stopped taking her Matt Foreman in their medications and Arab lecture is like down to normal when not taking any medications and says she's super excited basic approve this doctor wrong then so I'm excited for and so and yes that's the difference between. People some people. Pretty much in my opinion about 95%. Of diseases out there are reversible is just we don't think that because of the way the the medical model the system is set up the system is set up to just simply treat disease staying there is a pill for every deal. And if we were in the if if they that the the medical system for the pharmaceutical companies are all this this big business stuff. If they were in the business of church and disease there's no money in jurors think about that right if we cured cancer tomorrow which is smoke compare we can't but if we cured cancer Chamorro it would instantly overnight want to wipe away 800 billion dollar a year or trillion dollar a year industry right it would collapse our economy. So the so much money in this stuff there's never named makes they talk about cures they raise millions and hundreds of millions of dollars for cheers which you never see a cure because it never will be because they don't want to cure 'cause you have to cure you can't treat if you don't treat it. You don't have a lifetime patients are saying he does that temper her paces like you don't want sick sick people is big business these big businesses so what we do a Max Muslim or five essentials and again we're all focused on the third one today maximize nutrition but to all five of those Max mindset Macs are some climax nutrition Macs are usually muscle and minimizing talks is when you apply all five of those essentials you actually reversing cure disease sang you don't treat it. And that's what makes us different than all the other doctors out there is we are planning focuses on. Curing disease or given you the tools for you to cure the disease I don't cheer anything a pair must sing a cure anything you cure your own disease are simply follow on the protocols and the principles we share with our patients in the office or clinic everyday or on the radio you're on the weekends. Verses the alternative which is treating your disease with the with the medications are treating your symptoms for the rest of your life that Sony goes down to it there's no gray area here it's black and white either you want to continue. Treating your disease with medications which is just mentioned the symptoms you've stolen die from the disease there's no way around it you are still dying from the disease and it makes it coming off so today. She said her our father. Was taking he had a heart disease she was taken blood pressure medication cholesterol medication. Blood donors do. Everything is doctor told to do once of the doctrine animal that morning doctor claimed bill healthier just keep taking the medication or it is a great inning he dropped that a massive heart secondary that night to plan. Just ten hours earlier the doctor said he was fine you signals medications in his numbers look good. This has nothing to do with the pills gases are and how your body's healing and the only way to correct that is is from the inside out and that's would do a Max was living so. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired you don't wanna take medications for you must throw it just gets to the the cause of your disease and learn how to reverse type two diabetes had a reverse heart disease had a reverse high cholesterol Perry lurched higher reverse high blood pressure had reversed ED your emphasis had a reverse. Inflamed prostate gentlemen I mean IDS ladies depression just gives them the cause vs treat the symptom than you need to give us a call right now. Right in this is our claim mind. I think 864 iron to BT 16909. EPDs have questions are you might do more research we encourage she'd get on outlets cited an Allan green ball. Dot com if you rate Emeka planning on our clinic how we help I'm at peace at a clinic set effort actually just this week coming at. 8643. T 169. 09 and Cindy have questions on about an insurance and we. Including Medicare apparently a first days it will be 45 dollars and a packet. I'll still ringing when relocate where McCain only different grand am hi Mimi Japanese steakhouse and humane senate appointment. Please get this economy 643262909. I still stuck prize this week's topic nutrition so Stacy is our resident none nutritionists say she's won two via. Answering a lot of these questions and author writer throughout these next couple segments and in and don't argue sub McNamee about one thing I wanna talk about first. Excuse me. Excuse me. Is that this is what we are not OK number one we are not Weight Watchers are headed that totally different idea here we are not Nutrisystem and so we that you were not selling you figured all right there's not no no packaged meals you have to do when your involvement us. We're not Jenny Craig OK so were nothing light Weight Watchers were you you know counting calories or points where you wanna call it you're not you know I think in the white marsh and if you don't is what you gotta pay monies out our chest. Yeah. Make no mistake that made. About the business bodied got a lot of effort just slightly larger and make so much money right. Us or not Weight Watchers nutritious and Jenny Craig or any other commercials you hear on the radio were were not none of those those fat things that always coming goes seems like every time we turnaround there's a new challenge your program on the radios don't talk radio and how they always coming go it we've been around for seven years doing the same thing we don't he reinvent the wheel. If it didn't work we wouldn't be doing it so long we've been doing this seven plus years on talk radio so policy or strangle doing it so we don't know there were still here don't come and go like a milestone so. So basically our approach. Is it in Max positive thing is we want to educate our patients with a five essentials and again those decisions are maximizing nine maximizing nerve supply which controls everything which is than the number one missing link people always look over the trying to lose waiter reverse disease. Maximizing nutrition member sugary as the devil that's sort of talk about today a maximize auctioned lean muscle. And minimizing talks is because. The people always mr. Obama toxicity par sakes because. The thing is it doesn't matter how much organic or healthy Fuji because it's called Eads won how many supplements you take or what are related or latest rages in the supplement world. None of that matters if yourself so toxic you can absorbing that stuff so you spend your whole check your whole foods. And you never absorb any less a few days you're headed out for yourself can absorb anything nice and healthy because they're so full of toxins begin with from a lifetime of of that stuff. And so that is why are fit the center is actually minimize in the talks so we put our I saw action or sell your clans. We don't claim as the liver the Colin all that fat stuff is so I bliss cleanse every single cell in the body not just one organized Nestle are merged the whole entire thing now one point if you and I did that rank and riding back. So some basis if you could the sort get into that nutrition part so we have two in top of nutrition planes that we offer them our patients and worthless to. Nutrition plants and early Condit they explain and and and we had a court players so what is the difference between that the advanced plane in the core plan I would generally we tell people when they fresh start care we actually start him on the TV screen and generally act quickly and maybe it's plain silly. To miss the core claim in a nutshell is just maintaining your current health right thing and asked personally what station I follow as the core plan in our house all right hasn't worked somewhat healthy individuals right in any and so we eat healthy food throughout the week you we have achieved in the week anyway not and that's why I love it. But that's just the court playing just to maintain. The type of health your behalf that most people we sort of off on what. They start the money the globe and right. IMS plant that I high name and fat. And yeah actually doing 65 to see any fat per cent tax on this thing. I don't I don't pass attempt to help him or tell people making these 65 the setting 5% fat in their diet that's what you're saying yet. Yeah and you yes here right here makes the radio guys and actually that is the truth because that's what we tell our patience a deputy 65 the city 5% fat in their diet I mean what other nutritional permit their does that frank Hanna and that. So this one actually tasting uniting embarking being aggressive enough Finley's like Phil if you have been yeah. But it it it's a certain type of fat guys are not talking about mcdonalds and tried demands. But will actually gets that little bit later on the show what type offenses are about other than the 65% of the sense that was the other percentages answered. Typically only that fifteen to 25% a parent teen news and then ten to 12% from carbohydrates and we like to tell. I patients can you wanna be on the lower end of that person age if you're not someone here. I guess he kept an exercise they aren't higher and this percentage is if you are currently exercising right hand. I just want to repeat this T consider Penske and and lose stays this percentages say ten to 12% carts. Fifteen to 25% thirteen 65% fat percent fact that since xmas right not beyond the constraints NAND. I only strict engineering you're eating habits his current team. In the purpose of that advance clemency strips out what you're dive basically how we get placed at town online edition grand and that's why I always say sugar is the devil I Sony comes to nutrition for those you that are to straight to the point like me and you don't care about the debt that that near the devil's in the details. Always simply say it is sugar is the devil you strip out everything that that this sugar or the body breaks down into sugar. Then you'll lose weight is that simple and so one of us all of those things of the body checked she breaks and ensure that people won't realize that. And that's just saying stay here you're Craig after our priority telling ET the rats are more like grains. I seal as her near home and instant MS pac event and packaged meats and any sense and and pasta is prize at Cannes lack grants. I even smell of fresh start chief fitted sank to attain is in steep hated missing care. I blitzer hi all I you guys still when I read this in check or she can't break him down as a sheriff's. And it and that's what drives me insane his. As we see so many type two diabetics are clinic that's one of the things Max Muslim is known for instance. Getting people off third nerd to Matt Foreman there insular in their their type two diabetes medications are reversing type two diabetes. And the number one thing that they all tell me what I wanna meet with a camera Stacy is that when my doctor told me to eat lots of whole grains. And it didn't you look at yourself and you just want to you know pull the trigger sometimes. And what they don't realize. Is they tilt the lots of whole grains because apparently they think whole grains good for them because this guy great Farber and I get balanced diet but the problem is a whole grain I don't care as the darkest. Bar kissed you know tastes like dirt bred out there itself before you the body still looks that is as a car and it breaks it down into what Stacy and check out a sugar so if you're goalie Brigham motherly the Weiss of the six are topping your mouth that actually has some flavor mercenary I don't stuff right track. I alt breaks in the sure the same way yeah. And yes the whole grains may have some better benefits like the five or anybody is stolen sugar it's on the what are your blood sugar is still high even though you're taking your medication scheduling Granger eaten breads are not supposed to be because you're being fed. A true that lets you meet deadlines not true so we don't take a quick Marcia Wright will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living golden holiday 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone here this is the Max Muslim regular show we are changed the way people. View him as a health time there was doctor starts were there at DC. And you can't those stakes again guys just joining us this week we are talking about ice our third essential out of the five essentials. Our third essential is actually maximizing nutrition. Another words sugar is the devil that's what I want you know during the last segment we actually Stacy gave some numbers out you argue those numbers out again really quick these are the the percentages of the breakdowns of Fuji should be eating every single day. Manny and gets me 65 to 75%. Fat bestseller by loves at fifteen to 25% pay eighteen won't ten to 12% carbohydrate. Right and so yes god we did say a lot of fat. And so after the break after the segment during the next governor makes segment states who actually go through some different types of fast actually achieve that much fatty and act as people think that they got to cut out fats or lose weight that's not the case. Look around you how is that working ever buys fat free but look around us restore fat and so we actually got to put test back in or die in India and the bad fast but the good fats in them before we jump to that during the next segment. We do is get lots questions about water there's others as big trade out there now wouldn't you know and so I do out. Well our mineral water tap water bottled water blah blah blah blah blah there's water water right in so so listen go through Stacy if you would just quickly talk about water and how it affects the body and how to actually it's a spending so much money on fancy expensive alkaline water or buying these 2000 dollar filters were processors each packet they dismay drone waterways was we do our house strange it's a socialist talk about water was important to watery and what should they be doing not doing comes to water. Right well let's fire fresh silly hats remembering game your body's a clean and Senator Clinton says she not handing in a flattering in here. In your body's. Pensions and fatigue is an ambulance saints and typically. Lee and especially this generation only day straight to the gas station think it is a couple monsters. Are San rebels and and start taking minutes. That advice not to fishing nets have price sensitive fishing wider channel is to create very. Alcatel have patience EP and discussed today all you need defiantly heavy rain right now and half. I should be about how many house is teaching need to concede nothing hotter every single day. People look at me like I'm my passions image why are they just think about it and there are drinks it chatting and more than maybe even two liter drink. I can just and you don't get it out and have wider distance debate in saint. There pound lighter and stories and to make it out Klein thinks I took that literally going to. Did aggression stormy that at that time being Thai airlines ING so wider impact obviously is to date industry. I'll when he kind of stick to water container and I Palestinians and and moneymaking playing in Arab eyes checked them bottom wire these days senator. Ultimately we want a fun and and Al claimed had acquired that thing you always question about the plastics and thanks to the white pairings and I thought to have patience and he just can't cheer and get wider I feel he had water filter. I EC teacher filtered water leisurely when Ali season have Turkey asked their care. The changes to any payments continue pond liner in the heat in their take everything out. And those aren't that expensive on the on Amazon and he had he had to target customer kind Turkey and her keys detainees has had Darren can't pass it. He can answer a few watcher I wanted to be at Lancaster Turkey does not mean systemic out clean water. Whaley says at Allen until it and let us keep our eye and then in that state senate race. Thanks ashtray is outside that I need that Alan she can see me I'm actually tanks came out clan. I incidents complained that that fast this thing in my economical lane and making you know Weiner. Current. So instead of spending all that expensive money on our Auckland on our allies are buying jugs of apple and water they can simply cut up. A thirty cent limit and thank him squeeze editor of the water and when you drink get the body breaks it into our planet makes out on the water here yes this it's a Citic outside of the body but in the body when the wind of the digest system hits in our our saliva or or what have you breaks breaks the lemon that it actually turns into an hour Clinton. So just doing out clean water morning when lemon is one of the best things you can actually do you know it's it's it's an expensive. Pray he actually and he sings I hear and got a sense of humility she continues her despite adding that Clementi a lot. Goodness so we're gonna take a quick Marcia breaking innocent Max Muslim radio and be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized Lippman called reality 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living up maximize life. Welcome back everyone else and maximize Liddy radio show we are change in the way people. View and manage health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC. And your car has Stacy Deanna doesn't you're just joining us this week we are talking about our eighth. The root of the root word of health is eighty's he'll HE a L not PI LL. So you gotta keel from the inside out not the outside in if you wanna get better. Look around in my second appeal for real they're not getting any better we're really sick this country on the planet right now even though we take all the most appeals your success solemn day. The average American fifty years or older takes twelve prescription medications twelfth twelfth. S if I'm taking none that means somebody in my famous taken 24 to make up from a different threat and that's just insane twelve many cases they only average further sum I think it's your shoulder which is the majority of our listeners on talk radio. And so big guys is that you need to do something different you need to pay close attention we have the say in need to call in and actually do something radically different your life but so the first essential is maximizing your mind learning this knowledge understanding healing comes an inside out. The second one it is maximizing our supply understand all healing is controlled by the brain the spinal cord the nervous system. If you have pressure on that from trauma doctor talks is I don't care what you do nutrition exercise supplementation prescriptions whatever I mean you know genome. Didn't we Jews Jews Jews Wear your college you know any type of fat out there enough as well work until you fix how the body's control which is this the brain and the nervous system that's we focus on on day one and our right. The third essential which were talking about this this this weekend is actually quality nutrition. Sugar is the devil. Number four is maximizing oxygen lean muscle and number five is not maximizing anything is actually minimizing toxins. So you can absorb the good things we talk about it and tell you putting your body saw a nutshell those are the five essential so. If you want to know more about those five essentials and you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and what you're doing is not working then you need to give us a call and the way you know if what you're doing is not working is you think about our right now for doing things. How did you look and feel five years ago. Vs how do you look and feel now. Speed is as easy as is simple black and white how did you look and feel five years ago and here five years later do you look and feel better same or worse so if you're the same or worse than Clinton which dog is now working crank the definition does say he's doing the same thing over and over again so now imagine. If you still look the same or feel the same or even worse now how your life almost five years from now he thinks that's the kicker. Right and so if you don't want if you don't wanna feel the same look the same or feel worse an hour later than you need to do something differences clothes which Dylan's not working it's not hard and if you if what you do is not working than you need try something different and you got to try something radically different. And that's why we're here and Max buzzing with a five essentials we get to the cause a disease not just treat the symptoms so if you're it is something different you're tired of being an adding to your pills. And looking at that bucket at pills everyday thing give us a call right now. I mean this is planning and I folks and that number is 8643. T 16909. We can have punished for coming at this coming week. I feed ten mark question and sorry you went and our research we encourage you get on our web site. And found we pull it dot com why you on that lets thank you actually have the option to make up on me act clinic as well if you read it Colleen I nail. 8643. T 169. Easier and add folks but has me asking well look how that claim there. Yes Timmy listeners daily innocent aren't there that's our show for five years or longer. And they're just now making appointments are maybe maybe your way it is now. In this today's issue game and leaned her she is a sit com. I don't beat the wrap this on that same Lil doing the same thing a fan as ranking that's Ali's time violent. And your health is your falling K Il really came on many in the bank and retirement. This person know that my knee and after eight years you're sick and broke into nursing home right now. And even between Perry she'd take ownership of your health so if you re can make command in name only crazy it's just Conde seeks more. 326290. And nine next appointment time. So I guess back in some attrition now. To Stacy really quick repeat those percentages we talked about the beginning 'cause we always get Los questions always say how should the it will give them more details and amount of aware of those percentages of breakdowns in the type of physician. I sit fat he wanted to hear 65 to 75%. Fat you anti nicotine he wanted to be about fifteen to 25 personal. Carbohydrates he might be ten to 12% can really turn only one beyond lower in the bank cannot currently exercising. He ought to be on high airing in this for skinny jeans and you are currently exercised. All right so let's talk about fatten and so. People always say well I can make this much fat and and because that's completely back virtual weren't taught were tolerant society that is that force were taught as a society to eat fat free everything is fat free thing about it. But in the seventies when everything was full fat we were a skinny country of Ireland and had a good time right hanging and now everything's fat free look around where everybody's miserable RO overweight now lacking is not arguing is that we gotta get back to the Fed generation OK eating that lead in the get bats and so. Always talk about putting lots of fats in your diet it's not McDonald's it's not Burger King or it's not bad fried foods. It's what sings so what are the engage in forms of fats that we teach incurred are patients today and. I am and to relate facts is more last night kind the next thing you look at and may be Jackie would be adding and and Lisa lands eating a grilled steak glanced at at having. Now let's say can rapper does give up there to thank red means that for you just keep Bowman and try and keep moving along visit it's not bad for him to tell actually actually has done more good properties two of them that brought this and don't let somebody tell you can he meet look I am not a vegetarian never will be if you're vegetarian great more parity. That's not me I think god put me on your trusty and that's I need lots of that and I am unhealthy is a horses like everybody else you don't have to be visitor and be healthy banks and it is neither right -- meet with to talk about in a minute let's -- let's ask me that Omar Ranariddh. He likes to make excellent at this. As much left him and so on and. The nagging iniki is tricky to get that definitely out of her thanks for coming conceived charity and that kind of keep him. Think that he lane house starring Natalie steaks if you have a stake and they have had and I Palin's constant 57 sauce adding some real black hair. I really matters at the eerie ear good fat. Drama real fashion churned butter is this what you all right the way we live and real pattern I think it comes in has plastic container and larger and is not good for sure margarine is plastic. Do me a favor go home again as if you're if you're to get home you don't need to look up how I make margarine. Chair and CEO they're my Marky mark and again have a good. Makes me feel like tea as plastic had a real better. And cook an adult is just killing etiquette when Ali talked about I coconut on last slash share last week is on TV cook an analyst Victoria. Alley like test chain you need to have at least twenty TK listings of coconut Cologne. Each game. Taylor let me address the colonel because I there's always a male listener says well I just saw on the news last night that. Co grown now bad for you it's it's a saturated fat and saturated fats are bad for your blah blah blah blah blah right on guys there's no truth to that at all there is saturated fat is bad for you but there's so there's four main types saturated fat and that type of saturated fat Diet Coke and all this is actually the good one high it's a medium chain which is means your body can use a 100% of any can turn in burn as energy and fuel so you don't store it. It's so with some might says he Coco is bad for because it's a saturated fat. You can tell them no list the good this the only good saturated fat out there that she can help lead I do a spoonful cardinal for breakfast or more actually gives me energy it's a good fats in my body can burn it throughout the day. Craig is different and lack a Starbucks or second. And and say see or talk about could almost a quarterly earnings look for and it comes comes as a coach I don't know I Al -- if you can find our Guinea that's great if you can Fallon says I'm doing fine that's even better. And he wanna make sure it's cold pressed. I visited three criterion when you are looking for coconut on just hammer at ten industries people are mistaken many. You know one against it to hand in many times and this might change the competitive right coconut on estimates current event best difference and organic. And they find cold pressed. This is going to be the best cook an analyst at Karen Martin. Five suppan just means they bleach it. They took all the stuff out as they keep on the shelf and every finance know where they bleach it. Next themselves supposedly killed a bad bacteria and it went into the secure on the inside I'm so you can digest and annoys and that's what's we're that's why refined is actually about four. He iniki and eat it really actually just now I concur connect entirely apparent that. And we find and cook that alone is not even gonna have to cook than any I smell to it. And then I'm refined Lakshmi had that kind of connect suns want to see you can't tell if there's nothing on the label is routinely she got home. I'm Connecticut facts that they lack and a kind of nice I if you don't like Hannah Qaeda is trying to tell my. In personally guys I don't like avocados myself but you know Stacey does she Charles what the small pieces and she puts him at two to finish that I have for lunch sometimes is so you don't really taste on. But their in there and that way she can put a whole half of avocado down my gut knowing tasted. Because she's why it's not been small pieces as she put some in my salad or she puts a minute into an officially ought to tune in our house. And so you don't really takes some at all when you cut about what they have put immense Infiniti sort high it is based US consumes. And there's even great and speedy recipes out there even our let's thank you chicken hat and a of ripe avocado and skill and I can't stay don't wreck Havoc Pattinson may have no I didn't they eat at a I didn't think anything I don't racing instead right. And that they act and then today shake sun times TP KC one and makes it taste that it isn't a good consistency. And Tina can send you don't even taste act as a cut in and it doesn't make you shake clicking green in spots he says it's suppressing our house. They can seeking its. I think to be like next and I can't cut coming and on names and lawn that says a great pains and Marty he fits app called them. There's just things and not an amount in your car he'd be batting glove compartment they're selling you dying of hunger and in the town arts and Capcom now. I start and and they listen you are cream light comes on it's it's hot now huh. Partner Eddie PNC you have imagined he fees they're they don't mount Kenya cracks in mr. simply facts to panicky she coined. I for playing the attack to plane these are team. I smell a big cats and B and adding and and and angst isn't as Elaine skins king in some market facts. I only practiced sound gay Hanks has earned some big fat steak and we wanna keep the gay Canon payments and I'm moderation. I'll when he can steer and picking and cats you can have sun they don't have regularly. It element you must still under a quick I guess he should moderate because it is atop a sugar it's a milk sugar is where it is that this this guys if you were drinking milk. You need to drink the red topped the full fat milk right. This is why. So milk is nothing but sugar in fact destitute things milk is made up of sugar and fat. So when you drink the skim milk and eat drink to 2%. The purple or blue TARP where they they do these days doesn't taste like Jeanine yet all eager simply doing. Is drinking sugar water. That's it because they strip all the fat out of it because it's low fat or skim over 2% therefore all you're drinking is pure sugar water that's all fat that's all milk is a sugar and fat so if you're going to drink milk. Italy streaky and get the good benefits of the good type of fat does Jerry is a good type of fat and so if you are drinking milk drinker red top simply because you're action at least getting the good facts. If you're drinking the other stuff. Milk is very acidic so look the ladies is making you osteoporosis all right it is cause of the Yasser prose that is very acidic and you're not getting any benefit from him but drinking sure which causes inflammation. So if you're drinking milk full fat red top. Policy the best type of milk is raw raw milk it or draw it's possible because this'll as the enzymes and as the U by connects you break it down that is why people are lactose intolerant -- it does have enzymes in milk anymore this pasteurized. We drink milk and our house that is unpasteurized or or been past president hello he's whistle has the live -- times to break it down it's so full fat. Raw organic. Milk is what you want not to skim milk for those of the other stuff. I am the last thing on land and then I always kept him patsy sees it fatty things even like ants down home. I that he simply while car right while cut salmon in the I am a big fat and TP can consuming must say think about meet. I only just tapped it and pat again I just violent day he likes to make. And we can have eye steak and make sure we're looking for beef and how beef products like insurance against cracks at fanned. If he can finally actually has crashed any stone mantel Stephen better here. Allen had until at a time these things and member firmer generally gets paid and that Pam and still they screen and that he can actually legally can't. And fees cows and grass Alia cannot 70% of his class for about six weeks so slaughter. Just straight at crash and then the last six weeks before slaughter. He in feedback count. Right he says and you are like to eat since he can find when they actually has only able grasp enhanced. Even better forty and I think he can find grass finished. Amy confinement. And you know you read or supermarket you have to go to any special market to find these seats this is more land and that's what our passion he listens to educate our patients what to look flash so you can continue to get shopping and regular rest says hello to all wars eat hello I'm smile. Yes candles Eagles different places and he has caddied anti target and they get a sense I think it starts getting out. It was on cigarettes they re able Rask finished it yet it was a target page address some of them right. Consensus Morales just kidding I'm Ali say is Karen you goggles tingling anti read our market and I you know what you're looking for and that's not just pallor and genie can't take Kelly fan anybody at nine extend. I don't steps and the power rather just be routine to teach you what to eat and had a good shot Frey and I had a clean foray says it and even in the best doctors and try to feed it doesn't matter we can give you so much information near record Erica king TV so much information. They know playing Asia by no more better thing you do yourself soon knowledge is countersuit. And dieting dispersant that I see you have to education trademark books can outlets night ask for more information Hamlet. Tourists visit our website and says so much to rescue six and he ends and now let's sanctions and found queen bullet that com. I T get on there he just had to make a plan to acclimate. Execution that option and I kind if you're not every round and IP Dolan again behind please just give us a Conley can set it. The clinic four he had and 8643. T 16909. He won't be calling in to make a clinic. And to speak just for nutrition and you're calling you to make a permit for all classes in Tuscany I'll come and then you. And so this week completely clear about that we are not a nutrition clinic do you Blackhawks come to us just if you want to nutrition program now we don't offer just nutrition. Program to people when you come to look at and become a pace of ours we go through all five of those essentials seed you have just is must attrition as you do you mind just as much attrition as you do detox just as much interest as you do nerve supply and exercises everything else so it's five equal parts it's not just one and so we wanna be completely clear about that we're not an attrition program where five essentials program. It just happens people like teachers or talking about this week so but a word or take cookbook quick commercial break out your lessons or maximize their radio or change the way people. View and mr. health our states and this will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome everyone you listened to maximize living radio show we are changing the way people. View and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua dairy. DC and you come this case began guys this week we talked a lot about nutrition Stacy went through the different percentages of the type of suit you should need we spent a long time talking about fat because the majority of the through we tell our patient sees actually high amounts of Butte fat 60005%. Fat should be your diet. Are right now at sixty cover city 5%. Car herbs in sugars. If you look at our current recommendations by the government the base of the the that the food pyramid is all the brains. I guess what the body does to grains they reckon breaks them down it recognizes them as a sugar and you wonder write your fat you when a lawyer right away you wonder why can't get bluster bluster and control and you wonder writing for the disease that you listened to the government was last some government of right. Right they that's one of us out what I right. Once on time or there right. They're never right. So flip that pyramid upside down so the fat which is at the top action should be at the bottom meaning it should be the most part of your dies we tell you take defeat Peerman flip it upside down. Bonus tip in the net and that's how you should look at the the food pyramid right there right usgs so guys are we went to a lot of different things like that and simply won't ask this question what would six Hebrew supper in the break what would life look like outside of the votes. I we're all familiar with the story. You know that wouldn't the certain also stepping out on the water in Jesus out there I just have faced at Bauer right so what would life look like if you stepped out about handsome face that you couldn't you need to do something different what life looks like if you actually did something. Are completely radically different than what you're used to what you got out of your comfort zone and tried something new. Right you would have completely different results for any and that is why we can we expect completely different results. And that is why we are a result oriented practice to proof is in the pudding. Right we have benchmarks and placed it to make sure you're hitting your goals and so you can see this along the way and so station I come along side you with our programs. And how would you have for life for proper term we OJ and so is Phil proof. And we just could we want you to succeed. And when you succeed you're able to fulfill your purpose in life whenever that happens to be and you can still fulfill whatever gods put on your life to do but if you're sick and suffering you can't do that so and so next week guys are dozens of maxim does any radio or change the way people view and manage yourself. He remembered obvious so does everyone else is taken. Thank you for listening to maximize Liddy. We're we're changing the way people view and manage their health. Called reality 643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next week for another edition of maximize living.