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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host. Doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone your listened to them maximize living radio show we are changing the way people. View and manage your health I'm euros doctor Joshua Darren DC and your cousin Stacy yet. Just think you're turning this weekend now we have a great show lined up for you guys. We're actually going to be going through throughout the show work or are we talking about different. Alternatives. To medicine and torture reading ailments more natural remedies. Things that people are realized that actually can cracked a lot of things are happening gets in the dark urine and getting a prescription medication to fight. A bag tear or virus or a skin condition or. Or whatever it is we were going give you some natural things you can find around your house to actually. It's taken do end to it it has exact same effect as the medications does just without the side effects. And so we want us our goals to save you money in save you time vs having goes to our little solitaire. I don't know like Kansas or just things that she can eat just as trigger foods they'll be time to render to do that thanks to you as well. That's the best way trash but ABBA also what I wanna kick to show this morning this gives me this weekend with is this. We actually have a listener appreciation day coming up this Wednesday in our clinic. Which are really excited about his sex yet patient appreciation day for patients are so if you're patient or is that means are gonna walk on the beauties and snacks and and did samples of different things and loss of going on the clinic but if your listener. That means sides it's called is were actually calling it the listener appreciation day for our radio listeners that same thing different name for listeners. Thank what does that mean Stacy. Alone the press found that means is going to be in this coming Wednesday 1828. And paint and we did have morning and afternoon at times available. That first appreciation day that's a sappy TD for our listeners to economy and Seles and make up claimant for that Wednesday riches to 1828 L Wednesday. I 25 ballots if he make a planning some time during the week he's grameen America FE 45 dollars. I've to see doctor Dan. They Teaneck a permit for this coming Wednesday may eat it too safe twenty bucks Amy get some good samples and see it. Aunt Cindy 25 times for this coming on Wednesday plan if you make and we have some morning and after needs which obviously they're an acute case. We only ten spots for the whole day actually makes me it's really aren't ten upon his time slots offer that the ranking Pakistan into speech when he found I asked her and an impression when the economy and that she had to make that climate we have ten and set that can slash and the last McCain's people. While Canadian dealers and end it just DK I senate gave back in May he give this comment members say 64. Three T 169. Is zero and nine. If he speak good meanest greatly consent then at fifteen get police found displays a message at getting comeback concedes that canceling consent Kaplan town that's funny and give him. However you gotta tell Stacy that is for the pace of appreciation day appointment correct. Brad if not if somebody else answers or as a staff there are scuzzy for regular format throughout the week which is over the full fee of 45 dollars but if you Colin. So the pace appreciate it should be the listener appreciation day appointment for 2.5 dollars and they know you're scheduling for Wednesday Wednesday only changing it that discount. I can now embrace its fourth three T 169. This year and nine. As of this is for all you longtime listeners out there that have listened to those on the radio for years and years. I just never done thing about it for a reason now we see I've actually become a classic been listens those for five years Stacy and I see if I decide to come in and services for those do you have let's is a strong Tom keeps saying you're gonna come in. But there's always in his future shop becomes so this is your day in time. So you some money and an excuse to get you in the clinic to say someone is well. And so a 643262909. For the listener appreciation day appointment. We have ten of those that we're going give out throughout the show. Conference of for the first time caller is that a book of home for that Wednesday. You get amiss not we apologize we'll have threw for ten so you me him getting appointment at a different time. Throughout the week but I David Obey the 45 dollars or not that's when he focus was weeks goes ten up. How we get the so often don't have enough time to see more than that throughout that. Are busy schedule we've put those times it and that date aside just for our listeners so. That number again 86432629. You can now and ask this is a Cano went to Fred Graham behind manes Japanese steak camps. And again that first play making act upon for this coming Wednesday on Arista appreciation day. I've thirteenth when he ain't going to be 25 times and the last to be 45 dollars like normal. Again our office and there are radian members say 64 or three T 169 easier and not into this dip into senator Barack testimonials. And really share every week I only had drained me. She's off as the top and X took iMac hasn't. And so I have spent tough and I took an X richest man for migrants he and some prescription from my grains. She's. Let's embrace had mongering for years and years and years and her mother is a patient her mother is actually. Teresa you guys heard me talking already before she she lost. Oh she's lost almost a hundred and splash a 165 pounds thus far container goals lose 200 pounds. And trees is lost a 165. Pounds so for the last year year and a half us. And so she got her daughter she's actually for a lot of people in arms because our results in her daughter come in because of chronic migraines and whatnot it was taken took the Max everything else in. Within a few weeks probably a month or so now she's off our top of maxim Harley has any headaches or migraines now so if you have headaches you have migraines. That's your that's a shot out you guys there's no reason you should get through life with headaches or migraines when we can prevent them you don't need taken medication let's just get to what's causing them Irina had taken as we to a Max Muslim and address the cause not treat the symptom who lost pitcher is under for the rest of the life and I do want to be a slave to the appeals right. Let's just fix what's causing it her case her migraines are headaches. Hi and then here at the deal that McGinn that just makes more sense and I listened with skits at the cause a disease not just treat the symptom. And I tennis will only take this vacation since this is not helping this I get better. And that my life sustaining and they made ever in problem not necessarily at coming up in Britain causing the problem the gain him. If you re making Alec to Kosovo problem means they encourage you get this economy its export. 326290. N nine again this is half plant and mine if you want more information and we encourage you get on outlets citing an island queen for a path Connie asked have been happy T I to get on and sketch and planning is well. And if you may make a Clinton may Valentino racetrack and his credit he hasn't headaches are having taken the tip the next lean crazy get this economy 64. 318169. Easier and nine. I nearly had scary it looks like tape piece of the other's blood pressure medications. No problem pressure. And you know a guy as those you got there and another have that are taken blood pressure medications for high blood pressure what what are the side effects. ED. Weakness fatigue tired this sluggishness. All these other different things right. And so who won't take a blood pressure medication to lower your blood pressure or is causing you not to be a man anymore it's it makes you feel hold. Slowed rugged slowdown and you can't perform anymore so who wants to take these medications and so. Terry's been her thing now eight to twelve weeks and he's off all his blood pressure medications and he's. Slow starting come off his his type two diabetes medications to sewage trying to get off in reverse that type two diabetes and not having high blood sugar. But the biggest thing we get our reexamine him last week was the fact that he no longer has high blood pressure he stopped taking all his blood pressure medications and his energy is going up everything's working now in the he feels like command again. Yeah a faction. And Allie had and I'm BA odds says he was eleven point three his ailing seamless island point 32 diabetic they wincing and now he's and then point four. Didn't think Barry is is Isa is a USC was eleven point three. Now it is side down a simple one of the past ninety days. And sounds like great may we met last week I was like Greg you've been doing everything live in the fog a son he's like actually dock. I have them that we talk about he has a while been doing is coming here getting the treatment from you did just the so why not but I have I've been so busy with my side business and things like that that I haven't. I'll follow nutrition is much is I would like to and so even though he's not doing their nutrition at a 100% like he should invest the fastest way to get their guys. I just invite him coming in. Doing the treatments taken the pressure off has never system like you were talking about that's actually causing his tankers to work a lot better in he's actually is a was he's been from eleven point three down to those decisive 77 point 17 point one and ten and dissent in ninety days because he simply. Starting getting to what's causing the disease which is. Interference in the brains was tankers was regulation butcher and so we took the pressure off as nervous system they're like we do it that's our second essential out of the five. We actually got to the cause of him being type two diabetic not just treat the symptom. Rice says he'll iron currently tattooed and then a and you want to be IB eight. I pain and reduce the ailing senior levels and be able to start kicking off this in this medications they encouraged to get this economy ticks for. 3262909. Began a six or. Three to 169. Easier and night and I turn remind you of our listener appreciation day week. Next week for one day only richest teen trying to take it to sell planes daily have morning and afternoon times available. Just for that they only are planning to be 25 died she summer she calling and they can't playmate. Let us know that your calling in for amnesty appreciation day. He schedule are planning for this coming Wednesday June 28 morning or afternoon times for 25 times. SP calling names say he can't come in on Wednesday had to be teased day are. Monday and Thursday. I it's going to be at 45 guys which is their bread garden almost cost. They peak time pro and coming from Wednesday's Cummings 25 gallons of paint I see him as appreciation day even prior patient still hasn't AME traits. And snacks and shakes and a candid casings test there and taking that is Monty since Cisco me great fine day's commute. Basic Gaza is what happened there unless it now with you go to the problems is you're going through C was medications you're taking what diseases you're battling what diseases you want a reverse. On alternatives you would like to hear from us. And now will Doug and get a plan together I'll take television nervous system which ultimately controls everything it regulate your heart beat your blood pressure your blood sugar. Digest assist someone so we look at that nervous system on day one we take those X rays of the spinal corps and the nurses and so we can see how that brain is communicating back and forth so we can locate and pinpoint what's causing your that organ or that party by not to function at a 100% as we can get to the cause of the disease not just treat the symptoms so I would do all that on that that first visit. It's not a base which were not Melissa you gotta pay more than desist point dollars that's at these X rays or did this. It's a flat if you make it easy for everybody regardless insurance or not include and we take all insurers including Medicare. But we make it easy and affordable and just a flat fee of 25 dollars for this day only. Cuomo Wednesday June 28 which is this Wednesday we have morning in action in the homes available so make sure you call and and get biscuits and if you would like one of those days were times. Sarah again you castigate our web site he's got more questions or he wanted he wanted to restart train crazy ballots had to end Aaron green bullet that comes. And so I ask them and good nutrition recipes things like etiquette and placed an ad payments like every week. Asked if he wanted to down and Wisconsin did I healthy alternatives I kiss and snack percent. And it kind of recipes think Tracy Canada lives had it in the green fault and began an equity C one makeup went in there clinic. I just click on the little tad there and and making a planet and now let's get to skated in for this week and if he want to come in on that Wednesday. We courage to give this to cough or listen appreciation day a 64 or three T 169 the united. They were about that's only have another minute left before you go routes Thomas segment for we go to commercial rate went up so strategically this and we're not talking what talk about we come back but. Others is new research article come out it was actually posted on green med info dot com. And they discovered that Stevie leaf extract. Has an antibiotic. Property unit that actually. Kills Lyme Disease better than any in about a on the market right now so those you to have Lyme Disease or heard of you without Lyme Disease you know deadly that is and how it sort it stays in your entire life. And I said let's take he's in a box it don't work. This or what's wrong what's hard about after the break is did have the actual steel leaf extract bin belief of a steel plants which is a sweet your we've taken our country. Actually gives true Lyme Disease and has an N about a property better than the leading in a volatile market right now so this is just one of several. Natural safe alternative were only going through after the break coming up so stay tuned to your listens and maximizes your radio we are changed the way people view and many Israel. The results are equipped to Marshal right he will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living. Gold validate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living to change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listened to the Max Muslim radio show we are changed the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua there. DC and yet 'cause Stacey get. Our guys this week we're actually going to be getting into safe natural alternatives to treat disease in conditions and symptoms. And all that gets us a you have an alternative in your cabinet. What I how to reach for a prescription targets that doctor and get up. He does spend your hard earned money in this huge co pays and deductibles just to get a pill that really doesn't doing thing you think about it. The bacteria last about seven to ten days in the body and we take a medication like analog for the bacterial infection is how we had to take a more sevens and basically the that's a coincidence that you know is not okay. Has a lot of volatile do you better on your own but there was bestselling game works out but our women give us and we did some tests Karzai earlier. And before jumpers of these alternatives I wanna share testimony of from Ximian. Who's been a patient of mine for awhile and I use actually Cummins Michael many years and years ago. And now Ford ever reason he didn't start care because of insurance issue or that this worry was in line for the time it didn't work out form a us we come back a couple of years later. It's homicide and high blood pressure high blood sugar a lot of other different things. And so he actually come in and the day in he gave me a written testimony on mass market share in the rated he said he would love to do it because he's getting these amazing results and he wants to tell the world about maximize living so. This is a word for his testimony on that he gave me. Says I am so thankful that I responded to your radio ad. A huge thanks to you in all your staff for the direction guidance and care that she provided. Is such a wealth of knowledge and I feel blessed that I had and still have the opportunity to be engaged in maximize living. It would definitely be part of my lifestyle going forward and almost 71 years of age. I was never felt better so he's seventy noise never felt better I'm off my diabetic medication use taken Matt Foreman. And therefore he's been often now for about a month and which now makes him medication free saw a 71 years old he finally off the last one these that a lot smaller taking any medications for diabetes or anything else. Being diagnosed with severe back injury as a result of an auto accident in 1982 it so I mean this long to find alternative method to address my challenges I will spread the gospel which means good news to others about Max Muslim thing. In appreciate in appreciation. And with great thanks again god bless Ximian. So that was his testimony there oh and that's the only thing different twins seem meaning you guys out there is the fact he's actually done something about it so if you venison mean she usury in paying your year taken medications you've been looking your whole life for a solution. We've been doing the same thing over and over and over again we wanna help we wanna give me alternative we wanted to achieve better and we wanna cure the disease not just treat disease so if you're ready to make a difference. Give us a call right now. I am and embrace a 64326290. And nine. Eileen mentioned are there again next week we had listener appreciation yes for an appreciation day which is this coming Wednesday June 28. I hope he's calling an anxiety TY to make in a climate for that game Wednesday only. He's going to be 25 times normally it's 45 dollars and it will be 45 dollars. If he say he wanted to Clement on Monday RTs gainers Thursday that if he Colleen and they say you wanna make an employment trend this appreciation day for this coming Wednesday teenage when he. Alan Hannah ten and Clemens and then girlfriend that day that's 25 times so that number I say to explore. Three T 169. Easier nine out this is a Cano went to Fred Graham hi Mimi Japanese take cast. And if you whining about insurance they did participate in the science trans companies including Medicare however if he can't make an apartment on Wednesday it still be 25 dollars out of pocket. As far as if you want calling trainee at a gala be 45 dollars yes you. Yeah it does America have a Coke traders outpouring thing is so flat fee of twenty policy yet with into our co pay or 45 dollar co pay like a lot of you have would you men and things like that's a forty dollar co pay. It is a flat point dollar fee for this visit sort you charge your company for this visit. I consider that snow is cases and number 8643262909. Began a 64. Three T 169. Easier and. Hi guys wrote that while more commercial right do you Cinemax miles and radio and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back at you on your list is the maximize living radio we are changed the way people. Viewed him as a help I'm your host doctor Joshua there in DC and yet 'cause nastase began. Our guys now to last promised the the safe natural alternatives to treating certain diseases and common ailments so we wanna throw some of these out for you right now so pay close attention off first won't talk about as well I teased you before the break quit or the last segment first thing rather. Was this thing we're lined disease. We see a lot of fuel lines he's come for a clinic. And for some reason most traditional doctor for Madison. Doesn't treat Lyme Disease Israel laugh that off when you think you have they sort of laughed it off. And if they do are treated is treated with an antibiotic right up but the problem is Lyme Disease has this sort of shape shifting. Sells cell wall whether meaning you can go with or without in so what happens is when you treat Lyme Disease would traditional and Abacha and Lyme Disease is when you bit my ticked has carries Lyme Disease not all ticks carry a bus almost six carry Lyme Disease when you bit by ticking yet Lyme Disease and you pretty much feel like Joan your entire life after the tick by and you know realize this because of this virus that from the disease this is going going going or this is this a bad thing that that you got from the tick. And so when you are gonna salon disease they give you the that you are innovative products rather for the for the bacteria from Lyme Disease. And what happens is. That the Lyme Disease itself sort of judge changes our morphs into different. Things in the body it's sort of fired off an against and a box that your receiving. So a lot of times in a blog doesn't work and so with these researchers did in this is published angering many info dot com. They actually started looking at Steve via root extract so Stevie is a plant you actually can girl in your backyard playing is what's in a lot of it's that it's that's a natural swing here's what we use in our house is what we encourage our patients to use. And it is called Steve yeah. And so and it's that steel leaf extract they took apart the steely extract. That access and discovered axes and about he kills bad bacteria as well and so they started treating people would like disease with Stephen a leaf extract now and that that the research goes on a point it was not your typical. Over the counter herb you do. Bolt stuff like you know my cup true view and those the Coca-Cola brands this deal like true you have things like that those are pure studio those are those are simply melted extra which is on a bad artificial sweetener with a little bit Stevie in there and they call it trivia which is Coca Cola's brand. And so is sport or all natural SD media and all these other different things seminarian had sugar and these. The Internet plays so they have a tiny bit steamy in there. Real raw studio but they have artificial sweeteners in sugars everything else in there to makes it that's it's a diluted basically as a result filler is what it is and it is not delivery also there article goes on let's say that they did not use true view of these other mass market brands they actually use it pure steel from the plants highway and you can actually get that if if you just look for pure Steve yet in the way you do if you look at this meeting other ingredients of a label and you don't wanna see anything misty extract -- can't see anything else it's and it's not pure. Successfully used and they discovered this this says though on the street part of the article four assists. The study pointed out that according to the CDC about ten to 20% of Lyme Disease patients treated with antibiotics for the recommend two to four weeks. Experience adverse health effects such as fatigue pain or joint muscle aches in some of these patients the adverse effects last for more than six months. These pages are often labeled with chronic Lyme Disease. Or post treatment lime disease syndrome while the adverse effects of in a box including their destruction. A beneficial microbes in the gut may account for this syndrome another possibility is that the drugs drive that antibiotic resistance form of the disease deeper into the system. Resulting in hands disease associated Mali's. Given the well known challenges of eradicating beat. Bird bird and Dora Fareed which is the that this official neighbor line as these against. Through prevents antibiotics the researchers explore the potential of for steam yet as a natural anti microbial. Steve is not normally considered. And anti microbial agent but all plans possess an in built Fido a chemical defense system. That protects them against infection. And wits by an M by consuming them are we ourselves can sometimes harvest of benefits from them the researchers elaborate on this point. Don't leave it the leaf extract a steadier possesses many product chemicals which include. And I can't pronounce half these things that Austro newly end being current team don't go aside Nelson. I guess goes on and on about all these different things that veteran Steve via. And this is the researchers for Steve has potential of tightness against this. BR Berger for early whatever you call it cultures comparing to a and they compared to Steve gets a three common antibiotics sometimes used to treat Lyme Disease and they named those. In the study results were this. Basically the Stevie extract I had a 40% more. Kill kill kill kill rate if they wanna call that then the traditional and a box in over seven of fourteen they appeared so Stevie extract. Chills Lyme Disease for dissent better than Gregor shoeshine about a status and has no side effect whatsoever and you can buy regular purist tea extract and vitamin shop whole food's pretty much anywhere is always just the pure form of that and so simply put. You have something you're accusing Israel Lyme Disease where you can give it that at the local. Something the store whole foods verses that earlier than doctored taking a prescription medication has that side effects. Brian Gay because you backyard and I had a heart to stay there that's always do I mean we did a sweetener or else. Frank says it can't cool and it she said about how are par planes actually have a self protective and mechanism an incentive to keep and found. I Katie Barrington zagging stickam sales. I to picket the plane yet again that we can actually had that benefit is quarantined since they somehow I science and math. Howland is similar plan balanced at this preliminary talks and begin and. Is this decisive where some actually before we go into the the rest of these. What are if you would remind her by about our cut our listener appreciation day. Yes analyst appreciation days and I mean this coming Wednesday 1828. What you do is come and see wanna make a plan from listener appreciation may riches Wednesday again 28. I am mad at Clinton I'll be 25 gun she paid at when you come in free airplane met. Announced he kind and say can't coming down Wednesday I can come in counties stand Monday. Face on medium red Garcia 45 ballots to pay that if you wanna Colleen in and participate in this appreciation day. And schedule plan for this coming Wednesday eighteen to 28 we have morning enact contains. I give this tiny ticks for a three to 16909. I if you just want more information you can get and I let's say MM green for a pat comp if he may make a Pontiac honey that's going to be 864. Three to 169. Is UN nine again just beasts and paste this I think I if you wanna make a clinic for that when stay. I asked her analysts appreciation day and I feel he's being as a babe Adams and cousins coming in different. And prior restraints I can't explain five dollars if you make upon this coming Wednesday I piece get Tony and it may be 45 ballots. I'm so so tell our listeners some other NASA so discuss it through some of these these natural jurors if you will so it if I get sick and I get a virus reverie fungus was the best instead of having to go to the doctor in getting something for my viral infection or must this fungus I have rarely cases. What's the best thing that that people can take to get room virus naturally. Right when there's a lot of different and and has tangles are anti amounts out there I'm just natural lands that you sent. A typical land in a B I'm pretty readily be pretty easy to comedy all of oregano. I'm actually even helps with east. People who have palace that he spent her cancer feet south of east. I seriously can eliminate the eastern our bodies is tore TU. And then kind of keep this from time and did nothing intense quarantine event of king's Cheney might that. Not seen Hillary and it keeps you from getting cancer her pace and dummy Danny into it that is denying that Al over Reagan and it is anti viral anti fungal. And in Las Vegas for it'd be silly Tammy psychic analyst sentiments. As I racecars and then. Or break you know because you take it can can help unbeaten schools. Al Harris and Gary Staley saying Heston. I ran its course can earn the Reagan efficacy has and have our own properties. Amber hunt can encourage sat under any system to kind of high end and direct punch toward that Paris. And in the way you know if you have a virus first is a bacteria is a fever okay. And so if if your child or you order or having if you have a Phoebe just thinking you get a fever that means you have a virus on a bacterial infection and because this is why. The body has a natural mechanism to kill viruses as well as call heating it up right thing about it Alyssa back in the day when you had to sterilize the need to would you be put up to a flame lighter right in his sterilizing it kills all the germs are in the us because of he had burns them up. The buys the same way a virus cannot survive at a certain high temperature. Cries like a 1050403. Whatever it is I think sex yeah 10203 for us viruses that you destroys in the virus. And so when you get a fever or your child gets a fever that is simply your body doing what is supposed to be doing it's heating up to kill the virus. So when asked parents you freak out when your kid gets a virus and you go given once. Talent ultra bright fever can they have a paper and when you break the favor by taking the time on all the medication guess what happens the virus survive. Perhaps another round right and so guess what happens is the fever it comes right back with a medication wears off because the bodies still trying to fight the virus. And you keep interfere with what god designed with EU China but what man designed in their liked them that that that towel and all right or so on the break the fever when god designed the body heat is he smarter than us on the bodies more than you think it is a set let the fever take his place letting you know 20203. Because this simply killing the virus for you. So if you just let the fever takes its course. Yes and maybe it made me horrible for several hours with his fever but guess what when the fever breaks guess what that means. Secure the viruses and I don't have borrowed friction so this slid his newest thing vs dry out for two days going back and forth with a towel and our challenge here that the fever when the virus is letting go for a few hours let your kids suffer through all of his horrors that sounds and then it kills about our senior longer have the virus and you deal well on your own and I haven't any medications and also that's just a little a quick sign when it comes a viral effects and your kid getting sick let him get sick let them build up a favor and don't interfere that he resolved is under a 105 there's no damage to the brains -- don't worry about that are right. Just letting you hot enough in their so it kills the virus naturally. I I am an as an IV and Turk terminate her to return to our tumor. Yeah court was out of the pick is your for a yes or has heat. And that they had estimated time inflammation in the body is among teens and arthritis -- that's the biggest thing if you if you guess if you have arthritis. When the bases you can do to get that information especially first thing in the morning is take tumor. Right in you can add could click that as well tailored to steal undertaking and found a settlement secretary canal kind of help blink and any information and I am rich and my answer is just pain and I needed sorties. Yet if you're someone has chronic arthritis. Look up to side effects of the men in the medication if your prescribe you're seeing. And I'll try to stalked her for that are rheumatologist. Look at look at the medications you're taking a look at the side effects you'll see that actually causes cancer. And so why are you taking the medication that's gonna cause cancer. To treat your arthritis and because it weakens the immune system when you can simply go down to the healthiest or takes into Rick. Or get some of the or Kirk human right word comes from the sprinkler on your figure either naturally or to take a supplement for crying out loud vs something that's gonna cause you to have cancer when you get older I mean come on it doesn't make any sense but we're just. Where she leans a slaughter were worse she pulls what we are reduced the Stoner miles is doing and we look crown winner while we're all sick. I mean look around. If you want me like they're my asking do whatever else is doing if you want something different do something different estimates say you're crazy and it's it's witchcraft and doesn't work but guess what you're doing something different and what they're doing policy is not working so how are you say hey what they're doing is wrong now which are doing because what they're doing is now working. Frank I'm NFL and it would be I cinemanow which is simple really probably I have and NR. I kids and actually turn a host of our ship like chatter against him I mean sprinkle that sent men and thereafter. You can't see if he will whenever they he get ten that John marriage or craving any channel cut out is that they shivers you have and should clearly drawn us. No limit it's an NN ITF big there. Drain current whatever is gonna help to actually help balance has let cherished. And make your thanks to Nike that's a completely new mini game gaining anything sweet it is kind of cool. I am an ad giant BI special hasn't summertime now gene and Alec sunblock and there's so I mean different son not sat there on the market can summon scary. I'm determined it'd I'm of the belief in this is my opinion but probably this skin cancer is not caused by the sun is caused by the stupid somewhat we put our money stink about this. You take a plant out of the song what does it do. It Wilson dies right now there's nothing wrong when the sun right. Nobody's ever proven that it cause anything right but boy when you take a plant out of the sun it can't survive and it dies you taking human being out the sun. You get sick right. But look at the ingredients of all the sun screen suffer putting on nobody heard of skin cancer took Coppertone come out Coppertone created a billion dollar a year industry treating a fake disease skin cancer wanna wasn't around until they come out sort of put their products and everybody else are if you look at all the ingredients. And some blocks there are all cancer causing agents think about it so you spend your whole summer or about the sun because you've been led this like jerks people you've been led the slightest skunks to sun causes skin cancer yet you're putting on all these chemicals on your body to permanent chief from the sun that actually causes cancer itself just look at look at the ingredients there could known carcinogens. It caused cancer when and just key one mile district fray if anything it starts with a CTI. Anyway gets pressured and TT just not a good day is known Carson Jan in 99%. In honor of our. Some blogs out there and a market he's gonna had to key ingredient in the camps and Pakistan and that tiebreaking Weiner confession on blogs and other alternatives. I guess I'm not would be coconut Alonso is second to your foray as PS. Personalities and then add Hammond so for MacKey is a fast on the mountain sandman pulled from our. Regular raw Coker told us nothing fancy PX and then if I was gonna be banned beach camp announced her. He Nancy exercise in an outlandish family killing tear zinc oxide which is like to step down. He mom college town is the white stethoscope and I had this is a smear is can he that he a learn and learn. Nothing bad was income excess of your sign saying if you're looking for a pay out a safe sun screen this summer for you or your kids look for zinc oxide is which you'll basically. Frank I and I can say DPs to cook and on institute of points PM sun if you understand the sentence for a couple eighteen hours and. Yes that is forever guys take a plan out the son and dies by it withers away cans of power are sunlight human being is the same way. I think what's causing all these skin problems as the stuff we're putting our skin not the sun itself right just makes common sensory thing about it. While we got put a big giant star up there and just to keep us warm that just won't make a sick is this this is not a mildly systems sorry so I think it's all the chemicals are put her body cousins skin cancer not to sign itself sub portals and a quick commercial break out your listens to maximize. A radio show we are changed the way people view and manage your health and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listened to the Max was living radio show we are changed the way people. View and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC ten year 'cause the states began so does this week he and we went through a lot of different safe alternatives are things from. From Coca are all too zinc oxide firfer sun screen all of oregano to getting rid of Gator and viruses. Two cinnamon lower blood shall bounce him butcher. To Rick for those who have arthritis still even taken Steve you're bound leaf extract a fight Lyme Disease for crying out I don't know that right horses. Have a go through all these expensive treatments and never getting die never getting an attack cure for this is treating you for your whole life and you can simply sixty leaf extract to get rid of Lyme Disease. So this is what we do WiMax Muslim in this is our heart is our mission. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired I give us a car right now. And embrace a 64 at three T 169. Easier and I miss her plane time a 643262909. I want more push further listener appreciation day this Wednesday June 28 sexy. Yeah slams and indeed this coming Wednesday June 28 we have morning and after named. Japan's available I can make implement that day only 25 guys turn on our listeners. He schedule NN day is coming 45 guys have for Wednesday only be 25 dollars on a packet. The people's pain and I signed Chinese companies that her staff stay fresh so there's an on Wednesday he'll be 25 dollars. I hear coming in Tempe and first listen appreciation day again a 643 T 169900. Thanks only got ten of those have you call it and there'll full and you got to give a different date. And you had to pay that extra Tony for the 45 or since its point 51 that wins is so don't hesitate to do that we only had ten slots for that but. So guys bottom line is this. Are we want to be healthy we want you have a full field healthy Lochte wants you live to be a 120 years older that your goal Fisher goal salute to be honored. More parity about we want you live as long as you can. Medication free six tree the average American takes twelve prescription medications per day if you're fifty years or older you take twelve prescription medication per day to us that's not normal best unacceptable. Clearly what you're doing is now working clear of the current health care system we have is not a health care system by any means it's a sick care system. We have a health care system Max puzzling not a secure systems so until next week. God bless you. Thank you for listening to maximize Liddy. Where we are changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next week for another edition of maximize living.